LMA Professional Manager 2005 (šifre)

LMA Professional Manager 2005

Recommended players:
Submitted by: Haspa

Start a career in a lower league team in two players, with one being your chosen 
team and the other a wealthy team such as Manchester United. Sell some of your 
unwanted players to the your other team for lots money. When have the desired amount 
of money, retire from the other team. 
Here are some great young players to buy.

L. Podolski: 7, 500,000. Best striker on the game. 
Up to level 99 within four or five years. 

S. Carson: 850,000. Great keeper, one of the best. 
Up to level 89 in three years. 

L. Baines: 3,000,000. One of the best young Defenders in 
the game, can also play at Left Back. 

N. Ellington: 3,000,000. With the correct amount of training, 
can be world class. 

S. Wright-Phillips: On loan or  4,000,000. 
One of the best Playmakers on the game within 3 years. 

Robinho: 6,500,000. Quite expensive but well worth it. 

J. Bullard: 3,000,000. Great Centre Midfielder and Playmaker.

Submitted by: RM 

Players never age:
Enter LMA2005A as a code.

Players run fast:
Enter LMA2005B as a code.


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