Liquidator 2 (šifre)

Liquidator 2

Submitted by: conner54

Open the file autoexec.cfg from the folder dataconfig with a text 
editor and add a line

bind ` "toggleconsole"

If there already is a line that binds the [`] key like

bind ` ";"

delete it. Save and start the game. Open the console with the [`] key 
(on QWERTZ keyborads with
the [^] key) an you might now type in

pl_noDie 1   -   Health may fall only to 1, the player is immortal 
(disable with pl_noDie 0)
pl_health 100 - 100% health
pl_armour 100 - 100% armour
game allkeys  - Get all runes
pl_God 1      - God mode (disable with pl_God 0)

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