Line Rider (šifre)

Line Rider

Land all jumps:
Submitted by: RM

Go on to 2.0. Go on to the pencil with the arrows make a spiral/ If you do 
not fall off, make a ramp. If you land this successfully, as you land you 
will hear a noise. This means that you can land every jump and never fall off.

Head over heels on line:
Note: This only works with the later versions. with the eraser and the acceleration 
and scenery lines. Going at a high speed, click on the straight line drawer, then 
click on the acceleration lines (the red color). Put the pointer at the end of where 
your character is going to be. Holding [Shift], draw the line to the place where your 
character is going to be coming from. Note: If you draw the line at a sharp angle, 
your character will crash. When your character hits this line, which should be made 
somewhat long to make it look better, he will go head over heels until he has 
corrected and running on the lines normally.

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