Leisure Suit Larry 7 (šifre)

Leisure Suit Larry 7
Easter Eggs 
These tips will add a little spice to the game. After you 
turn Victoria Principles into a sex craved maniac. And I 
mean right after. Click on the bathing man on the left on 
the computer screen and at the same time hold down CTRL on 
your keyboard. Then ask Victiria about the weather. Then 
you will get a little treat. 

Go to the Boning Cabin, and click on the buldge of the 
third statue on the left(counting from the top). Go to 
other, then type "unzip". Kill the old man, and when you 
return the next day, ring the doorbell, and you get to 
see Annette Boning doing a little celebration. 

In the Captain's Ballroom, where you meet Jamie Lee, go 
to the right side of the room, click on yourself, and go
to other. Type in "dream". You're in for a treat ! 

When you visit Drew, click on the leaf branch, and at 
other, type in "push". You will get to see them. 

Go into the library, click on the beaver, and under 
other, type in "milk". Then sneak into the Juggs dressing 
room, and get a little surprise. 

Put orgasmic powder on Drew's drink when you're talking 
to her. Then click OTHER on her drink. When you mention 
her suitcase and she gets up, Larry will not block your 

After the Juggs have left the stage, go to the back 
section of the stage, and click on the console and go 
to other. Type in "feel". Then go to Drew and talk about 
Fokker. Suddenly she won't seem to mind your wondering 

After viewing the seven easter eggs above, finding all 
the dildoes and getting all the points, you'll get see 
a brief shot of Captain Thye nude before the aliens 
come down. 

Liar's Dice 
While playing Strip Liar's Dice with Dewmi, 
press Control-C to take a peak at Dewmi's dice.

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