Leisure Suit Larry 7 – Love for Sail (walkthrough)

Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail

Submitted by: Dj Simo

CAPITALS indicate menu choices.
"Quotes" indicate text you must type in.

Shamara's Bedroom
After the opening cartoon ends, TAKE the hair weave
kit and the vice grips. In inventory, OPEN the hair
weave kit, then USE the vice grips on the needle. USE
the bent needle on the handcuffs to free Larry.

Shamara's Front Room
Left click on glass door, choose OTHER, type in
"break". Resulting animation ends with Larry on the
cruise ship.

Purser's Desk
Get key card and map from purser. Use map to go to
Cabin 0, Larry's cabin.

Larry's Cabin
Take toilet paper and lubricant. Use map to go to The
Proud Little Seaman Lounge.

The Lounge
Watch Thygh's Man Trophy Meeting, get scorecard. Use
map to go to Sexual Prowess Competition.

The LoveMaster 2000
Use scorecard on machine. Get score of two. Way to
go! Use map to go to swimming pool.

Changing Cabana
Talk to cabana steward. Change into the swimsuit he
gives you. Enter swimming pool area.

Swimming Pool
Read magazine on table. Talk to Drew about her book
to get it. Talk about Clothes. Listen to Drew order a
drink. Choose drink and listen to Larry order a
drink. Use map to go to library.

Read books until you read the book on
electromagnetism and Anton Fokker. Go to Victorian's
desk by exiting to the right, just past the bookcase.

Prude Vicki
Click on Victorian, choose TALK, OTHER. Type in any
subject. While Victorian is turned away, take
mucilage and book from stack. (If you don't have time
to take both, type in another subject to make her
turn away again.)

In inventory, click on Prudish and Proud, choose
REMOVE JACKET. Click on The Erotic Adventures of
Hercules, USE P&P cover. Close inventory. After VP is
done typing, exit room. She will ask for book and
Larry will leave it behind automatically. Exit the
library to the lounge, then return.

Wild Vicki
TALK to Vicki about the weather. Have sex. After sex
Larry will automatically return to his cabin.

Return to library, TALK to Vicki about "sex", then
choose "prove it". Choose "Lovemaster". She will go
with Larry to the LoveMaster 2000.

LoveMaster 2000
Watch Vicki get a record high score. Use map to go to
swimming pool.

Swimming Pool
TALK to Drew. Choose "Fokker", then talk to her about
all other topics. Go to Promenade Deck.

Promenade Deck
TAKE the fire hose, then find Peggy on deck and TALK
to her. Choose "cabin boy" in conversation topic. Go
to the employees' break room.

Employee Break Room
Take the jumper wire (hanging on the bulletin board)
and the KZJelly (on the counter by the sink). Read
the message on the bulletin board regarding "shaved
dice". Click on the locker bay and look at the
lockers. Return to the Promenade Deck.

Promenade Deck
Find Peggy and TALK to her. Choose "locker", and then
"combination". Go to Employee Break Room.

Employee Break Room
Click on 2nd locker bottom row and choose OPEN. Type
in the combination "38-24-36". Larry will enter
Xqwzts' stall.

Xqwzts' Stall
Talk to Xqwzts about all topics. Buy dirty pictures
from him. Return to the Promenade Deck.

Promenade Deck
Find Peggy and TALK to her. Choose "Xqwzts" all
topics concerning him. Find out he needs a passport.
Go to Purser's desk.

Purser's Desk
Talk to the Purser about passports. Larry needs a
photo ID to get his passport. USE mucilage on dirty
pictures, then USE sticky photo on cabin keycard to
create a photo ID. USE the photo ID on the Purser to
get Larry's passport. Go back to Xqwzts.

Xqwzts Stall
Give Xqwzts the passport and get master key. Use the
map to go to the forward hold.

Luggage Bulkhead Door (Forward Hold)
USE master key on door, enter and get Drew's
suitcase. Use map to go to pool.

Swimming Pool
TALK to Drew about suitcase. Watch cartoon of Drew
going to Larry's room and getting in shower.

Larry's Cabin
USE fire hose on toilet. Larry will connect hose to
overhead pipe and toilet. FLUSH toilet. Drew will
scream and run from the room. TAKE the mold from the
shower. Use map to go to the horseshoe competition
area, then exit to the right to reach the Poop Deck.

Poop Deck
TALK to Juggs about their show. Use map to go to the
Heaving Ho' Restaurant.

TALK to the meat carver. TAKE S'pork until Wang
leaves. TAKE carving knife. TAKE bulb from heat lamp.
Use the map to return to the lounge.

TALK to Johnson, order a cocktail; choose "gigantic
erection". While Johnson is mixing the drink, go into
Juggs' dressing room.

Juggs' Dressing Room
USE silicone lubricant on deodorant can on dressing
table. PUSH button at the rear of the dressing room.
Return to the lounge.

LOOK at the spotlight, then TAKE the spotlight bulb.
USE heat lamp bulb on spotlight. Use the map to go to
the horseshoe competition area.

Juggs' Dressing Room
PUSH button at the rear of the dressing room. Leave
the dressing room. Exit the lounge, then return.
Watch cartoon of Larry having sex with the Juggs,
then returning to his room. Use the map to go to back
to the lounge.

Go onto the lounge stage. TAKE the chase lights and
remote control. Go to sculpture garden.

Sculpture Garden
TAKE dice from Venus sculpture. Exit the room, then
return. Climb scaffold. TAKE screwdriver. USE chase
lights on iron stake. Descend scaffold. USE remote
control on spike. Use map to go to horseshoe
competition area.

Horseshoe Competition Area
USE scorecard on machine. USE remote control. Throw
horseshoes. Score big! Retrieve your scorecard from
the centaur. Use the map to go to break room.

Employees' Break Room
READ notice on wall about shaved dice. USE toilet
paper on souvenir dice. Go to buffet.

Buffet in Restaurant
EAT bean dip. Use map to go to casino.

Stand near group at craps table. Click on Larry,
select FART. Click on craps table, select PLAY. Take
dice offered by croupier. USE shaved dice on table.
Go back to Dewmi's room with her.

Dewmi's Room
Play Liars Dice and win. (To cheat at Liars Dice, do
Ctrl-C.) See Dewmi slip Larry the orgasmic powder.
Watch Larry's acid trip. Heavy, man. He returns to
his room. Use map to go to kitchen.

TAKE fish wrapped in Professional Hash Slinger
magazine. TAKE salt and pot. In inventory, READ the
magazine page, until you hear the recipes for beaver
cheese and quiche. Use map to go to lower aft hold.

Beaver Hold (Lower Aft Hold)
Click on a beaver, any beaver. Use the POT to get
beaver milk. Go to the lounge.

TALK to bartender. Choose "lime juice". Go to

TAKE kumquats from the kumquat tree. Go to kitchen.

USE beaver milk on cheese machine. In Inventory, USE
the kumquat on the cheese to make quiche. Use map to
go to Dewmi's room.

Dewmi's Room
TAKE orgasmic powder from dresser. USE powder on
quiche to make Quiche de Larry. Use the map to go to
cook-off competition.

Cook-Off Competition
USE the quiche on the conveyor belt. Watch Larry get
a perfect score - yummy! Use the map to go to the

Bridge Exterior
USE screwdriver to open junction box. USE jumper wire
on junction box. Climb the ladder to the yardarm.

The Yardarm
Wait for PA announcement to unfurl sails, look at
sails, then USE knife on unfurled sails. Spend the
night wrapped up in the sails. Go to ballroom.

Enter the large door at the lower right. Go into
ballroom and TALK to Jamie about all topics, then
choose "leisure suit". USE polyester on her. She
takes Larry's clothes, he returns to his room. Return
to ballroom, enter back stage door. Star in the
fashion show. Go to best-dressed competition area.

Best-Dressed Competition Area
UNZIP the mannequin's fly. Win best dressed contest.
Go to Xqwzts' closet.

Xqwzts' Stall
USE screwdriver on air vent. In the dark room, click
on Larry (he's near the lower right corner) and
select UNDRESS. Watch cartoon of Larry's first
encounter with Annette. Annette will leave her hanky
behind. TAKE it. In inventory, USE the KZJelly on the
handkerchief. Use the map to go to Aft Hold.

Pin-Setter Hold (Aft Hold)
Open the metal door. USE the deodorant on the pins in
the pin hopper. Go to bowling competition area.

Bowling Competition
USE scorecard on walrus to get a bowling ball. TAKE
the bowling ball, then in inventory, USE the treated
handkerchief on the bowling ball. USE the ball on the
lane in front of Larry (Or select play) and watch
Larry bowl a perfect game! Use map to go to
restaurant, then exit to the rear to enter the blind
dessert tasting room.

Blind Dessert Testing Room
Look at chairs until you find Annette's. You'll know
it's hers when you see the CyberSniff 2000 logo flash
"4". TAKE life insurance policy. LOOK at policy. Go
to Purser's desk.

Purser's Desk
TALK to purser about Boning. Click on lobby phone,
select "Call". Talk to purser on phone, talk to him
about "Boning". Hang up phone. Ask purser about your
account. While he's gone, LOOK at upside-down phone.
Choose REDIAL to learn number of Boning suite. Use
map to go to Owners' (Boning) Suite.

Boning Suite Door
OPEN the glass door and enter the Bonings' suite.

Boning Suite
Click on Larry and choose UNDRESS. Watch amusing
cartoon. Larry returns to his room. Use the map to go
back to the Boning Suite.

Boning Suite Door
PUSH the button to ring the doorbell. When Annette
answers, USE the insurance policy on her to get the
stock certificate. Use the map to go to the Captain's

Captain's Quarters
Click on the door, choose OTHER, then type in
"knock". USE stock certificate on Captain to finish
the game.

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