Just Cause (šifre)

Just Cause

Submitted by: conner54

Grapple hook:
After level 2 there are territories you can take over. Once you have 
done about three of them you will get the grapple hook.
When you get your grapple hook fire it at a passing or attacking helicopter. 
Then, just reel your self in.

Bald Eagle Persuader boat:
There is a boat that looks oddly like the Gungan submarine in Star Wars 
Episode 1. It is called the Bald Eagle Persuader. It travels ridiculously 
fast on water. If you drive it in a straight line for long enough it takes 
off and wings grow from the side. When you land it, wheels pop out underneath. 
It is very difficult to control. It appears about one in every ten visits to 
the mansion near a safehouse. Note: it cycles in this order: sea, air, land. 
If you go from the air to the sea it will just explode.

Agency jeep:
After you kill the man on the boat and finish the mission, you will get the 
agency jeep.

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