Jeep Mountain Madness (šifre)

Jeep Mountain Madness

Submitted by: Haspa

Enter the following codes to unlock the bonus.

Bonus                                           Code 
Bonus Games: Skee Ball                        - Freedom  
Bonus Games: Snowman Bowling                  - Gutter Ball  
Bonus Games: Hockey Shootout                  - Pond Hockey  
Bonus Games: Curling                          - Winter  
Bonus Games: Auto-Cross                       - Adventure  
Jeep Garage Wrangler Unlimited: Flame Red     - Trail Rated 
Jeep Garage Wrangler Unlimited: Solar Yellow  - Capable 
Jeep Garage Wrangler Unlimited: Patriot Blue  - Rugged 
Jeep Garage Wrangler Unlimited: Bright Silver - 4x4 Leader 
Other Vehicles: Willys                        - Authentic  
Other Vehicles: Tomb Raider Rubicon           - Genuine  
Other Vehicles: Police Vehicle                - Security  
Clothing Select: All American                 - Timeless  
Clothing Select: Leather                      - Tough  
Ski-Bike Shop: Flying Tiger                   - Downhill  
Ski-Bike Shop: Screaming Eagle                - Extreme  
Driving Levels: Uphill Drive                  - Avalanche  
Driving Levels: Off road Drive                - Legendary Spirit  
Driving Levels: Ski Bike                      - Fresh Powder

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