Isle of the Dead (walkthrough)

Isle of the Dead

Walk Thru

This walk thru will answer the questions on how to solve the puzzles in
this game.  It does not include a map for the game.


1.  Save often.  This game has some time limitations towards the end
If you exceed the time limit, you may be forced to restart the game from the

2.  Pick up everything!  Anytime you can pick up an item, do so.  The items
will be used later in the game.

3.  Carefully draw out the map.  As you enter each section, bring up the
on screen map and make a note of where you exited the previous map and where
you ended up on the current map.  Monsters are generated each time you leave
a map section. So, if you clear out a map sector and return to it, the
monsters will reappear.  Undo wandering can cause you to lose a large amount
of ammunition.

4.  Bringing up the inventory will freeze current time.  Use this to your
advantage when fighting monsters.  If you see your health points drastically
low, you can bring up the inventory and eat some coconuts or bananas to
increase health points.


1.  Pick up the coat outside the plane entrance, inside of the coat is a
pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

2.  Pick up the wire cutters on the floor as you enter the door.

3.  Enter the plane and turn to the right.  Depending on which version of
the game you have, you will see either a bamboo cane or a machete.  This
will be used to hack into various sections of the forest.

4.  Turn around and you will see a body laying on the ground, pick up the
book in the back pocket of the jeans.  It is a language translator.

5.  Enter the cockpit.  Pickup the flare gun.  Use the wire cutters on the
wire by the compass and pick up the compass.


1.  The cave is the first beach after the airplane.  Exit the airplane and
go to the end of the beach.  Hack into the forest.  A few steps down, you can
hack into the forest on the right and find a cave.

2.  If you try to pick up the rifle, you will die.  You will first need to
use the pliers on the thin wire at the bottom of the screen to deactivate
the bomb.

3.  Turn to the right and you will see a rag and an oil can.  Use the oil on
the rag, then use the oily rag on the rifle.  This will allow you to use the
rifle without it blowing up in your face.

4.  Check the crates for boxes of ammo.

FIRST CHIEFTAIN:     (Smoking)

1.  To enter the village, you will need the translator book that you picked
up on the airplane.  Use this book on the natives guarding the gate.
You will also have to use the book on the chief to talk to him.

2.  Go thru the various huts until you find the Chieftain.  You will have to
use the translator book on the Chief to talk to him.  He will tell you
the story about the mad scientist.  He will then send you to find his brother
another chieftain.


1.  He will complain to you about a pounding noise bugging him.  If you go
through the compound, you will find a guy beating on some drums.  Kill him

2.  For solving this problem, this Chieftain will give you a medallion.  This
will be used to help open the Oracle doors.

FIRST CHIEFTAIN:     (Smoking)

1.  To obtain his medallion, look inside the coat that you picked up outside
of the airplane, you will find a pack of cigarettes.  Give him the pack of
cigarettes, he will give you some bolt cutters for the smokes, reach up and
grab the medallion off his neck.


1.  To enter the Oracle you will need to see both Chieftains and get a
medallion from each Chief.

2.  Place a medallion in each hole in the doors and the you will be able
to enter the Oracle.

3.  The Oracle will require a sacrifice.  In some of the caves, you can kill
a wolf like creature.  Pick this creature up and you will see it in your
inventory.  When you reach the oracle, enter and place the wolf on the
platform in the oracle.  You will then get the uzi.

Note:  Though the uzi is not required to finish this game, it makes a big
difference when you come try to kill the evil scientist.  It is extremely
hard to kill the scientist without the uzi...only the best players are able
to do this.


1.  To enter the compound, you will have to follow the clue, "Starve the
Humming box."  If you try to use the bolt cutters on the fence, you will be

2.  You will have to find a section of fence with a large gray cylinder/tank
behind it.  Shoot the tank with the rifle and this will turn off the

3.  Use the bolt cutters on the locked gate on the scientist compound to open.


1.  When you enter the main compound, don't go into the buildings right
away.  There is a large cache of ammunition on one side of the compound.  You
will have to fight thru a large number of monsters to get to this cache, but
it is worth it if you are low on ammo.

2.  SAVE your game before entering the building.  This will give you added
insurance in case you are killed.  Also, after killing the scientist, you
will have a time limit placed on you to finish the game.

3.  When you find the Scientist, he will turn himself into a monster.  Though
we recommend using the uzi on him - he takes a lot of hit points to kill - he
can be killed with just the rifle.

4.  After you exit the compound, enter the airplane and pick up the life


1.  After you kill the scientist, pick up the potion that he drops.

2.  Take the girl and exit the building thru the back way.  If you delay at
all, she will turn into a zombie and kill you.

3.  Bring her to the oracle and you mix a potion.  Use the following
ingredients to make the potion - flower, potion, crystal - in the beaker.
Use the potion on a syringe and give the antidote to the girl.  She's now


1.  There are two ways to get off the island.  We will cover the easy way.

2.  You will have picked up the life raft in the scientists airplane.  Use
the raft on the ocean and you will find yourself floating on the ocean.

3.  Use the flare gun that you picked up in your airplane.

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