Interactive Buddy (šifre)

Interactive Buddy

Submitted by: RM

Unlimited money:
Get $400 and buy the scripting engine. Then enter the following: gx+random 
and press Run once. Your cash should read NaN.NaN. Note: Do not tick run every 
frame or the game will crash. 

Easy money:
Select "Open Hand". Click on your buddy with it so that $ pops out. Right click. 
A menu from Flashplayer will open with a list of options. Ignore it and click 
somewhere other than the flash box. Your buddy will still be spewing out cash 
as if your mouse pointer were still there. You can go on to do whatever else 
you need to do.

All items:
Press [Space] [Right] [Down] [Left] [Down] [Right] [Up] [Left].

+1000 money:
Press [Space] [Up] [Space] [Up] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right].

Vortex still working:
When you have the strong gravity vortex, pick up your buddy and move him to 
the outside. Take your mouse outside the box of the game. When you bring your 
mouse back into the box, the vortex will still be working, as if you were still
holding the mouse in.

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