Insaniquarium (šifre)


Submitted by: RM

Sandbox effects (free play online version): 
Press one of the following keys to activate the cheat function.

Result                         Key
Free new baby guppy          - 1 
Free carnivore               - 2 
Free starcatcher             - 3 
Guppy with star potion in it - 4 
Restart level                - R 
One eyed alien invades tank  - Z 
Lion-like alien invades tank - X 
Clear saved game             - C 
Robot invades tank           - V 
Fat alien invades tank       - N 
Return to main menu and save - I 

Sandbox effects (v1.10):
For v1.10, at the main menu you have to have the silver trophy to access the 
sandbox level. Once you have the silver trophy go to the sandbox level by 
pressing [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] B A. 
Once in the sandbox stage you can press the following keys to make things 
happen (they are free):

Result           Key
Regular guppy  - 1 
Carnivore      - 2 
Star Guppy     - 3 
Star Catcher   - 4 
Guppy muncher  - 5 
Beetle Muncher - 6 
Breeder        - 7 
Ultravore      - 8 
Brinkley       - A 
Seymour        - a 
Cylops         - B 
Type U         - b 
Gus            - C 
Type G         - c 
Walter         - D 
Gumbo          - d 
Itchy          - e 
Stanley        - F 
Blip           - f 
Rhubarb        - g 
Nimbus         - h 
Rufus          - i 
Amp            - j 
Gash           - k 
Angie          - l 
Bilaterus      - M 
Type II        - m 
PshycoSquid    - N 
Type P         - n 
Meryl          - o 
Wadsworth      - p 
Stinky         - q 
Prego          - r 
Nostrodamus    - S 
Shrapnel       - s 
Zorf           - t 
Vert           - u 
The robot thing- V 
Type D         - v 
Niko           - W 
Balrog         - X 
Type Lion      - x 
Clyde          - y 
Sylvester      - Z 
Type Blue      - z 
Presto         - ;

Christmas fish:
Buy a regular guppy from the store, then name it SANTA. It will turn red and white, 
and Christmas music will play.

Eleven pets in Virtual Tank:
Enter Sandbox mode. After you exit the Sandbox, you can display eleven pets in 
your Virtual Tank.

Level 2-3: Defeating the new monster: 
In level 2-3, the way to defeat the new monster is to feed it. A Star Potion will 
help make it weaker. You can feed it with fish food. The higher quality of the food,
the faster it will be killed.

Alien Signature Type-D:
If you encounter Alien Signature Type-D, once you destroy it click on the torpedoes 
that are still flying. Your fish will not die. 

Stars are not the only things that Brinkley throws. He will throw money in any form, 
including treasure chests. Note: The more valuable the item, the rarer. 
Also, he will not throw coins or beetles.

Four Active Pets:
You can buy this upgrade for 40,000 shells, but it is only available after buying all 
four bonus pets. This upgrade allows you to bring up to four pets in a tank instead 
of three. 

Multiple Nostradamus fish:
Get Nostradamus. Go to Adventure mode and let your fish turn green. When he drops snot 
the hungry fish will become Nostradamus. If you keep doing it you will have tank full 
of them. 

7 Active Pets (Virtual Tank Only): 
This upgrade is not really very helpful, but it is fun having seven pets in your 
virtual tank. Buy this upgrade after buying the Four Active Pets upgrade for 45,000 shells.

Easy coins:
Work your way up the food chain as fast as possible. First, feed about three guppies until 
you get enough money for a carnivore. Buy a carnivore and feed it guppies until you get 
enough money for another carnivore. Keep buying carnivores whenever the money is available 
and get maximum food upgrades sometime after you buy the first carnivore. You only need 
about Food x4 or x5. There is no need to get all nine because you should be focused on 
getting creatures higher up on the food chain. Continue to buy carnivores whenever available.
Eventually you should have about twenty carnivores and about ten to thirty small guppies 
swimming around. By then the diamond drops will become overwhelming and you would have 
probably complete the level. You can get up to 20,000 coins by doing this in Time mode.
That is 1,000 shells every five minutes. Just do not focus on guppies; focus on the 
larger fish.

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