Icewind Dale 2 (walkthrough)

Icewind Dale 2



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- General hints (will come with one of the next versions)
- Prologue
- Chapter one
- Chapter two
- Chapter three 
- Chapter four
- Chapter five (translation until the end of Dragon's Eye)
- Chapter six (walkthrough in progress)

+--Legal Stuff--+

This walkthrough is copyright 2002 by Michael Berg. 

+--Version history--+

0.3 - This is the very first version of this walkthrough. Only 
the walkthrough of the prologue and the first two chapters are 

0.7 - I have worked a lot for the walkthrough. Now it goes 
until the end of Dragon's Eye. Since I wanted to post only 
Chapter 3 and 4 at first the general section will not be 
updated/created this time. But this will come in one of the 
next updates, I promise.

Preview: I hope the next update will contain the complete 
walkthrough. I also want to split the text into more minor 
chapters to make it easier to find a special point in the 

Please contact me if you have any suggestions for this 
walkthrough ( 

+--About this walkthrough--+

I have written this walkthrough for 
initially. The original version is in German and has many 
screenshots. I am working much with maps and waypoints. On this is not possible. I may only use text and 
I didn't want to draw maps with ASCII. This is no real fun. So 
I translated the walkthrough and re-wrote some parts so it 
works well with

The final version of this walkthrough will contain a 
walkthrough for all the six chapters and the prologue, some 
common hints and some hints for the character choosing. It 
will not contain a list of all items (DSimpson did that well 
anyway) and there will be no list of all the spells (this is 
explained in the manual and I'm not a big fan of magic in 
these games, I mostly use fighters and some basic spells like 
burning hands, fireball, lightning bolt, haste, improved 
haste, etc. And of course all kinds of healing spells.

I'm sure somebody will write a very detailled walkthrough some 
day but until that day this has to be sufficient. My 
walkthrough is meant for frustrated players who are struck at 
a certain place and who want to know what to do next ;-) .



Targos Harbor
After a long trip we finally arrived in Targos. We talked to 
the captain, then we met Reig Redwaters. He gave me a sword 
and an armor. His arm was wounded and because of me being a 
paladin I was able to give him first aid.
A little further to the south we found Jorun Tamewater who 
told us that his house was a safe place. It was in the 
southwestern corner of the harbor area. Inside our thief 
disarmed the treasure chest and broke the lock.
In the northern warehouse we found in a north eastern placed 
chest two healing potions, in the other chests were several 
more helpful items.
Near the northeastern warehouse was Brogan. He asked us to 
talk to the fighters in the tavern which was in the southern 
part of the town. There we talked to all the people and then 
we retured to Brogan. Now it was our job to clear the 
northeastern warehouse of goblins. Of course we looked in all 
the chests as well.
By opening a trapdoor we arrived in a cave system. Our group 
killed all the goblins. When a message was displayed that all 
the goblins were dead we left the caverns. If this message 
does not appear you must run around and look for more goblins 
- even in the town streets.
Now we reported our success to Brogan. We also visited the old 
lady in the southernmost house. If we brought her a dead cat 
(must be found in one of the warehouses, is not too important) 
she was able to tell us some interesting storys.
Now we left the town's haven quarter. The exit was in the 

Targos city
In the first house we met a man who talked to ghosts. He told 
us that we should return by night (but when we did so nothing 
happened). We talked to Ulbrec Dinnsmore in the town hall 
which was located in the southern eastern part of the map.
After that we visited the inn (southwest). The owner talked 
about a ghost and gave a bottle to us. Our mage identified the 
bottle, after that we talked to the innkeeper again. Then we 
headed to the town hall to show the bottle to the mayor's 
wife. We shared the gotten information with the man who talked 
to ghosts (western house).
Our next goal was to talk to the ghost in the inn. So we 
waited until nightfall and went to the first floor of the inn. 
We found the ghost in one of the rooms and talked to her, then 
to the innkeeper who told us to go to the tavern in the harbor 
district. The owner of the tavern gave us a piece of the ship 
in which the ghost's husband sank. We showed it to her and 
asked her for a tear. After that we spoke to the innkeeper 
again and then to the mayor's wife who bought the bottle.
Now we visited the store (next to the town hall) and bought 
some equipment. Then we left this part of the town in the 

In front of the town
In the southeastern corner we met drunken Niles and had a 
serious talk with him. He ran away to report to the soldiers. 
In front of the round wall we talked to the armsmaster, then 
our paladin smashed the barril and gave some instructions to 
the soldiers.
In one of the warehouses we have found a warhammer. A 
character with a high dipolmacy skill was able to persuade 
Caulder (northwest) to make use of it.
In the house in the southeastern corner we met the leader of 
the forces. He sent us to the northeastern part of the map, 
where we talked to Olap, a dwarf. He sent us to Lumbar 
Grundwall in the town (next to the store) who told us that the 
crane was out of order. We talked to Olap again who sent us to 
his brother standing on the street of the docks. We got a 
wheel from him which we put into the crane (this works just 
like a treasure chest: Just put the wheel into it). We 
reported our success to Olap and returned to the leader of the 
This time he ordered us to talk to Isherwood at the western 
wall. He needed 300 arrows urgently. So we went to the store 
where we got these arrows for free. But we had to put some 
persuading skill in it. After talking again to Isherwood we 
reported to the leader. He sent us to Koluhm, the man who 
spoke to ghosts. Once we did that we spoke to leader Shawford 
- again. This time we had to go to the tavern in the docking 
district. By using some pretty nice threattenings we were able 
to persuade the lazy soldiers to return to their posts.
Back to Shawford. Suddenly the goblins attacked! We left the 
building and moved into battle. The first guy to be killed was 
the goblin mage. Then we cared about the minions. When we 
proceeded we soon met Vghotan, one of the goblin's leaders. 
After his death a new wave of goblins broke the wall in the 
northeast section. We ran there and bet the green creatures 
(quicksave!). Now the most powerful goblin force invaded at 
the northern gate. We had to take out the leader Caballus at 
first, then the goblin soldiers.
After that hard fight we talked to Shawford who had returned 
to his house. Then we visited the store to buy supplies and 
Then we had a talk with Ulbrec in the town hall. After a long 
rest we left town through the shattered gate...


Shaengarne Ford
Here we met the ork's leader - Torak. He sent some of his best 
warriors after us who caused big problems for our still 
unexperienced fighters. Bows were helpful while the fighters 
tried to break through the wall of barrels. They retreated 
sometimes to recover.
BUG WARNING: If Torak does not disappear DON'T TALK TO HIM! 
This might cause an endless cut scene and there is no way to 
shorten it. Just kill him.
We arrived at another wall of barrels. An ork fired an arrow 
at a barrel and we ran away because the barrel exploded 
several seconds later. Luckily some of the orks were killed in 
the explosion. We executed the survivors and finally met 
Dareth Sprijngsong in the north. He asked us to kill all the 
orks in this area, especially these at his house which was in 
the east. Then Dareth cleared the path near the entrance of 
the map. A little north of Dareth's prison we destroyed a 
wooden plank.
We explored the new path and found Dareth's wife in the very 
western part of the map. She told us about the ork's camp in 
the east and opened the path for us. Our party went here and 
killed all the orks. Then we went back to the western area and 
destroyed a second wooden plank a little east of the women's 
hideout. The exit was in the north, but before we left we took 
a rest.
On the next map a hard battle took place. Luckily a strong 
female warrior was by our side. She ordered us to fight a 
special troll and to bring her the sword he stole from her.
Right after that we met Kaitlin who asked us to save her 
village. In order to do this we had to open the gate. So we 
went east to Torak's camp. Torak was a coward. If we attacked 
him he would slay all the villagers. So our thief sneaked into 
his camp (using shadow ability) and moved the wheel that was 
next to the big gate. He used the shadow ability once more and 
left the camp.
Then we entered the northwestern camp and killed all the 
enemies. After that we destroyed the barrels that were placed 
around the villagers' prison. Now we entered Torak's camp once 
more and killed all his followers. We took the key Torak had 
with him and entered the cave in the north.
Inside we hacked through the masses of monsters. Our strongest 
weapons granted success. But finally we reached the 
southeastern room. Here the troll lived. The first thing we 
did after the dialogue was running away! Outside the cave we 
used some preparation spells and entered again. We were lucky 
- all of the troll's followers were shattered around the cave. 
The troll itself was a very mighty opponent. His attacks were 
devastating. Our mage used his most powerful spells to kill 
him. Once he was lying on the floor he cast a fire spell to 
kill him (you can use burning oil as well).
After this terribly hard battle we searched the troll's room 
and found the sword the warrior outside wanted to have. We 
returned it to her.
With everything being done we went to the locked gate. Using 
Torak's key we were able to open it. We left the area.
Soon we met some rat-looking humans, a big battle started 
which we were able to survive because of bless and our strong 
We didn't find too much in this area, except of a huge 
spider's web. The exit was in the west.
In the next area our group was surprised by enemies, we 
destroyed the nearby wooden pillar and hacked through the map 
until we found another pillar. We destroyed it as well and 
took the wood. We used it to repair the bridge in the west.
Finally we arrived at the bridge! But the enemies were about 
to destroy it! Nevertheless we had to proceed carefully 
because there were many enemies in this area. When we 
approached the bridge we met a mage called Xuki who had many 
powerful spells. One of our characters walked next to her and 
she cast all her spells on him. After she had cast the most 
powerful ones the othere came to her and killed her. After 
every enemy was dead a message appeared. But the bridge was 
destroyed nevertheless. We collected all the treasure and left 
the area in the west.

We talked to Ulbrec Dinsmore in the town hall. Then we bought 
several spells at his wife's shop (haste is a very useful 
spell). In the store we bought some new armor and weapons, 
some shields as well. We stocked up our arrows. Right after a 
relaxing night in the inn we left town again, prepared for new 

Horde Fortress
We talked to Ennelia about everything possible and offered a 
strong healing potion to her. After that we approached the 
valley carefully. Our heroes destroyed the drum which was 
located north of the eastern side of the bridge. The bow 
experts went to the northeast and shot the next drum which was 
placed on the other side of the valley. The bridge west of 
that point had three traps on it. Our thief was able to disarm 
Now we went to the small village in the east and killed every 
monster there. The leader had a key. Finally we went to the 
east. There was a third drum and another orc camp. There was a 
lot of treasure to collect in this area. We went to the very 
southeast and opened the gate. After a small battle we entered 
the cave.
We granted us a relaxing rest. Then we explored the southern 
room where we were expected by hordes of goblins. The heroes 
searched the camp very carefully and found loads of nice 
The next room was full of orcs. They were no real problem, but 
there were the mages as well. They were tough opponents 
because it was difficult to reach them.
The most difficult room was that in the very southwest. We 
fled to the cavern's entrance to be able to leave it as soon 
as the characters got too much problems. This battle lasted a 
while, then we went to the tiny room in the middle of the map. 
Pondmuk, a goblin, lived there. He knew about the secret 
password for the door near the entrance but he only wanted to 
tell us if we brought him some spiders. We found them in the 
western room. We also got the spider's queen for the goblin 
and he told us the password.
But we didn't use the door at all. It seemed better to go to 
the northwest and use the back entrance to the camp. Once we 
were inside (near the door) we immediately destroyed the drum 
in the west. Then we killed all the monsters.
In the southwest a very powerful monster called Ypuog lived. 
Once we killed it it left some leggings which we put into the 
inventory. After that we left the map in the northeast.
In the next area we went west. After a while we met a goblin's 
leader whom we offered the leggings we found before. 
We returned to the entrance and went northwest this time. On 
our way to the stairway we met several monsters and found two 
I'm still not quite sure what makes the barrier at the stairs 
disappear but I killed all the monsters and took many of the 
items I found with me so I must have done anything right.
Finally we were inside the castle. Hordes of monsters 
attacked, so we were forced to retreat to the cavern in order 
to recover sometimes. After some time all the monsters 
perished and we entered the castle.
In the first room several battles took place. After we killed 
the old ork we took the key he lost and unlocked the door. 
Then we moved to the center of the map and confronted the 
leader of the castle. Once we defeated him we explored all the 
rooms in order to find more items. In the southern eastern 
room Braston was imprisoned, we escorted him outside. Then we 
went through the main entrance to the big area in front of the 
castle. We talked to Ennelia near the exit and left.

It was a long trip, but it finally seemed to have come to a 
good end. Exhausted we told Ulbrec Dinnsomore what we had 
achieved. But he had no mercy and got the next mission for us. 
Before we went to the airship (north of the town hall) we 
bought some equipment and spells and slept in the inn.
Then we visited Oswald and told him that we really intended to 
fly away.


Western Pass
Right after we killed all the beetles inside the airship we 
talked to Oswald and took the book which was on the table. In 
it was detailled written what he wanted to have.
We left the ship, took some planks and went north where we 
destroyed the beetles' lair. We took all the potions that were 
inside the lair.
Further in the north we met several traders. At first we 
traded with them but then I talked to him about his evil aura. 
He transformed into a werewolf, a tough opponent. Our reward 
were many gold coins and some emeralds.
A little to the southeast we found the dead bodys of some 
traders. In their chest there were some emeralds (there should 
be also a diamond).
In the center of the map was Captain Yurst who was bombed with 
stones. South of him some spiders existed (spider silk!). We 
went to the east and confronted the giants. After we had 
killed them all we returned to Yurst.
Now we went to the north. Soon some people blocked our way. 
Well, we proceeded anyway and met the leader of the town at 
the glacier. A battle followed. We returned to the south and 
fought the enemies who came for us. After that we moved on the 
hill and killed some more foes. Then our strongest warrior 
passed through the barrier. We left the area in the northeast.
After several battles we proceeded to the north. We met a 
crystal golem which was only weak to blunt weapons (hammers, 
axes, flails, hands). In the south (middle of the map) we 
found three levers. We pushed all of them and went back to the 
entrance. One or two powerful croaching monsters attacked us, 
we were really lucky that we survived!
From the entrance, we went northeast and found an amulet near 
the human statues. Now we were able to open all the doors on 
the glacier.
We went a little back and chose the first door. Here the queen 
of these croaching monsters expected us! Our mage threw every 
spell towards her he had. When she died we fled (there is 
another powerful enemy right behind the barrier). After a rest 
we challenged him. Then we went to the little northeastern 
room and fought the two religious peolple). Now we went 
southeast and fought another crystal golem (axes, hammers, 
flails, ...). Then we killed the croaching monster and freed a 
dwarf who had a belladonna plant (for the airship).
Now it was time to proceed to the ice temple (northeastern 
path). The door was locked so we talked to the dwarf (south) 
and asked him to open the door for us. Important: All your 
character's HP should be maximum!
Inside the temple we met several gargoylelike monsters who 
told us about their fate. Here we were not able to do 
anything, so we left.
We headed for the main entrance where we met Sherincal, the 
mysterious foreign person who had talked to the keeper of the 
goblin fortress.
In the battle we found out that she was not too tough at all. 
In order to repair the stairs our bow specialists shot several 
arrows at the levers on the top of the stairway. Now we were 
able to proceed.

Ice Temple
There was not much to do on the first floor. In the central 
room we killed a high priestress who had a key on her. We 
explored the whole floor and discovered two secret walls (one 
in the east and one in the west), but they were not too 
important at all.
We arrived at the prison (eastern section) and had a talk with 
Nathaniel. We went north and killed the second high priestress 
(Lysara). She had another key on her which we used to open the 
cells with the prisoners. But Nathaniel still missed his 
We went back to the room where we fought Lysara and looked at 
the Deis. I moved it to the east, then I went on the other 
side of it and turned it to the west. The antimagic-field 
disappeared. Now I got left of the Deis and turned it to the 
north, then I got to the right side and turned it to the north 
again (one whole round). The three huge northern doors opened. 
In order to open the room in the very center of the map I 
stood left of the Deis and turned it to the southwest, then I 
stood right and turned it to the northwest.
In the now accessable room we found a collection of spells, 
two rooms further north we talked to the man about the 
imprisioned ghost. The northernmost room we explored very 
carefully because there were many ice trolls inside. In the 
center of the room some stairs were hidden.
On the next floor we explored all the rooms at first. There 
was not too much to discover on the first view. In the room 
west to the stairs we found a diary with some interesting 
information in it. 
We returned upstairs and "talked" to the picture in one of the 
eastern rooms and answered: "Lysan". We waited for the effect 
and went down the stairs. Now we were in a room with a shadow 
painted on the floor. I tried to open the northern door but it 
was not possible. Then we discovered a secret wall to the 
west. We went out of the room. Now we went northeast, then a 
long way to the southeast until we saw a mirror (above the 
central room). We moved the mirror so the front side showed to 
the east. Then we entered the central room. There we moved the 
machine with the lower lever so it showed to the northern 
exit. We pushed the upper lever so that a flashlight was shot. 
It hit in the room with the shadow. One character moved there 
and was now able to open the upper door. He entered and talked 
to the spirit. A whirlwind appeared and the door slammed shut. 
When the whirlwind disappeared the doors opened again.
In the central room there was a locked door. Our thief broke 
the look so we met Nickademus. We walked around a little and 
he woke up. Now he ansered us a lot of questions.
We went to the southeastern room, the play room. There we 
moved the three lower levers until the golem said "Battle 
sequence activated". By using one of the upper levers we could 
set the difficulty level. Once the game was activated it was 
the job of our strongest warrior to move on one of the plates. 
When he did a battle took place. He had to defeat his enemy in 
60 seconds. He wan if he managed to win a row of three fields 
(horizontal, diagonal, vertical). Now we got a key. We used it 
at the locked door in the northeastern part of the area, then 
we confronted Oria, the last high priestress. Short before her 
death she cast a powerful spell and short after that she 
appeared again - invulnerable to all of our weapons! We rushed 
to the game room and played with the three lower levers the 
"inner sanctum". Now we were able to hurt Oria. Once she died 
we returned to our usual form of existence.
We went to the imprisioned gargoyles in the northern part of 
the first floor and talked to them. After that we left the ice 

Back to the ship
I had the six ingrediences for Oswald: Some wooden planks from 
the ship, two diamonds, a bottle of thrym extract (hopefully 
you didn't use it), fresh spider silk, a belladonna plant and 
a sword of our choice (it should not have too much magic in 
it). To give these ingrediences to Oswald simply put them on 
the table in the ship. If you did right a graphic effect 
should happen. Then we talked to Oswald and moved back to the 
ice temple.

Ice temple revisited
Now it was time to test all the possible answers you can give 
the picture on the wall. Here is a list:

- "Death to Kuldahar" - downstairs
- "Andora" - the place where the druid was
- "Lysan" - the room with the shadow on the floor
- "Auril, shower the..." - game room
- "In Auril's name..." - treasure room (you find loads of gold 
pieces there and Nathaniel's ring of ram)
- "bedroom" - Nickademus' room
- "from the sea" - the room with these gargoyles
- "hmmm..." - the airship

Especially the treasure room should be interesting.
Now only one thing remained to be done. We had to get 
Nathaniel's things. So we visited the mirror room 
(southwestern section of the lower area) and shattered both 
mirrors. A furious battle took place. We had to take out the 
mages immediately. After we wan the battle we explored the 
room with the many coffins. Our thief looked around and 
noticed that one of the upper left coffins could be opened. So 
she opened it.
We went to the central room and moved the heavy machine so it 
was facing to the southern door. We pushed the other lever so 
that a flashlight was shot. It hit in the mirror room. Now we 
were able to open the door to the storeroom (southwesternmost 
room), where we found Nathaniel's belongings.
We got Nathaniel his bag and the ring (he is still in the 
jail). Now we followed him to the outside where we met some 
Neverwinter warriors. We left the map.


The Wandering Village
After a welcome battle in the new region many wolves came from 
the cave in the north. Once we killed many of them the wolf's 
cave seemed to be empty. The skeleton in the south was missing 
its drinking horn. We moved to the village in the east.
Nym told us what might happen to us in this chapter of our 
journey. We had a talk with Suoma in the north of the village, 
after that we talked to Tahvo and Venla. Jari has a mission 
for us as well.
After buying some supplies and selling unusable things we left 
the village and left the map in the southeast.

The Fell Wood
We met some ice trolls who had to be killed by fire or venom 
once they lay on the floor. The leader of them was immune to 
fire so we had to kill him by poison.
In a tent in the east was an ork we could talk to. But after 
the talk Limha appeared. She told us why she kidnapped the 
children. After that we fought her minion and left the tent. 
Limha sent four ice trolls after us who were not too difficult 
to kill. After that we confronted her personally. But that was 
not easy at all because she cast herself away all the time. 
But finally, we wan.
We left the area in the east and lissened to the skeleton's 
warning. Then we left this area in the northwest. There we met 
some white wolves. We took their skins with us (for Jari). Now 
we chose the southwestern exit. We returned to the village.

The Wandering Village
Jari was happy about the wolves' skins and Venla was happy 
about the returned children. We talked to Suoma who sent us to 
Tahvo. From him we got the mission to take care about the 
skeleton near the village. Our journey took us back to Fell 

Fell Wood
This part of the game did cost our party about two hours and 
you get the solution for free!
So here the short version: We took the following exits (from 
the map with the skelleton in it): Northeast, north, east, 
east. Now we met a druid. Then we exited southeast, northeast, 
southeast, northwest, southeast. Here we found the drinking 
horn we were looking for so long. We took the southwestern 
exit to leave the wood.

The Wandering Village
We now returned the horn to Sordirsin, the skeleton. Then we 
looked into his grave. We told Tahvo about our success, then 
we talked to Suoma who sent us to Kurttu. This woman asked us 
to find out something about the disappearence of Kyosti.

Fell Wood
We talked to the ghost at the entrance. He wanted us to kill 
three will-o-wisps. Great! Some more exploring in the big, 
dark forest. At first we returned to the place where we found 
the drinking horn (northeast, north, east, east, southeast, 
northeast, southeast, northwest, southeast). After that we 
chose these exits: Southeast, southeast, northeast, northwest, 
northwest, northeast, southeast. Here we met the enemies. They 
were powerful creatures. Once the clerics were not able to 
heal the fighters any more we had to leave the area and take a 
rest. The trick in the battle was to attack only one of the 
will-o-wisps at a time. They cast themselves away all the time 
but we tried to find out where it went and chased it.
After killing all three of them we chose the southeastern exit 
to return to the starting point.
We had a talk with the ghost and asked about Kyosti. Then we 
left the forest and examined the northwestern part of the map 
with the big tent on it. Here we met the restless ghost. We 
talked to him.

Wandering Village
After the talk with Kurttu we spoke to Suoma but we were 
interrupted by the powerful leaders of the Legion of the 
Chimera. A fairly easy battle against some undead foes 
followed. They were best attacked with fire magic (burning 
hands, fireball). We talked to Suoma again, then we visited 
all the traders and bought some ropes (IMPORTANT, BUY 5 OF 
THEM! You will thank me later). After that we left town.

Fell Wood (for the last time)
In the area where the ghost used to be we simply moved to the 
east (no, not a maze again ;-) ). There we had to fight a 
horde of treelike beings. Compared to the battle against the 
will-o-wisps this was very easy. A new exit in the northeast 
appeared, we finally were able to leave Fell Wood!

Cold Marshes
The next area was full of monsters. Near the starting point 
two hordes of spiders attacked us. In the middle of the map 
(south) we found some troll caverns, in the east we were 
attacked by barbarians.
A little further to the north we found several stones:

        /  /  /  
4th row  L   M   R
         /  /  /
            /  /  / 
3rd row      L   M   R
             /  /  /
        /  /  / 
2nd row  L   M   R
         /  /  /
        /      /  / 
1st row  L       M   R
         /      /  /

While the fighters fought against the incoming monsters our 
thief moved the blocks: 1M, 2R, 1M, 2M, 3L, 1M, 2M, 3M, 4R. 
Now the path was free. We left the area.

River Caves
In this rather small area we met several soldiers. They told 
me that the cave was inhabited by a huge dragon. They also 
promised us full support in the battle against this powerful 
creature. But when we got near the cave they all ran away. But 
that was no real problem: The dragon looked more powerful than 
he actually was. Some fireballs and burning hands killed him 
After the battle we had a serious talk with the soldiers. We 
soon found out that they were agents of the enemy. Suddenly 
they showed their true form and became undead warriors. These 
weaklings were no real threat for our group.
We entered the caverns. It was a surprise to find out that 
another dragon inhabited them. But luckily he was not stronger 
than his brother. After the fight we looked around and picked 
up some interesting things that were lost by unlucky warriors.
In order to access the deeper regions of the cave we used one 
of the five ropes we bought in the Wandering Village (you did 
so, didn't you?).
In the area below many enemies walked around. On the northern 
wall we were able to move a rock in order to find a locked 
door. We first went northeast (watch your step - at a certain 
point many, many enemies will attack you!), after winning this 
long and difficult battle we went throuth the last door on the 
southeastern wall to encounter more monsters.
After a long relaxing rest we went back some screens. 
Eventually we found a passageway which led to the southernmost 
area of the map. Here we encountered many more monsters. Our 
mage used fireballs against the green slimes (but watch out! 
You do not have too many fireballs at this stage of the game. 
Don't waste them on only one or two slimes). In the eastern 
end of the path we found a key.
This key fit to the locked door in the northwestern area of 
the map. We had a talk to the dwarves but we didn't provoke 
them because we had other things to do. They offered us a 
place to rest. In the storeroom we found some mining tools we 
had to use on the northeastern rocks in order to clear the 
The next map was relaxing at first. But then we met a group of 
fighters with there warbears. They had been waiting for us and 
they have prepared themselves. In the battle we tried to take 
out the dangerous mages first (if that does not work retreat 
some meters and you will face only few opponents for a short 
while. Repeat this tactic). After the battle we picked up the 
key one of the mages lost.


Black Raven Monestry
Before getting over the bridge our thief looked for traps on 
it and fixed the bridge. We carefully got near the second 
bridge because the place behind it was full of yetis. Our two 
fighters blocked the bridge and fought the creatures, the 
clerics and the mage supported from the behind with arrows and 
By using the cave we arrived at the entrance of the monestry. 
We entered.
In the entrance hall a man called Salisam Harbash talked to 
us. He told us to speak with Aruma Blane and to report after 
that immediately back to him.
Now we explored the monestry. In the central western room 
Nonin told us that he was missing his ring. In the 
southwestern room we were able to rest a bit. The thief broke 
the door near the entrance and found the thief who had stolen 
the ring.
After bringing it back to Nonin we went to the southeastern 
room. There we had a talk with Aruma who did not grant us 
passage to the Underdark. We reported to Salisam (in the 
entrance hall) and he made an offering.
The thief now broke the door next to Aruma's room. There we 
found some interesting letters. We showed them to Aruma who 
left the monestry immediately (it is also possible to tell her 
what Salisam is planning, that's the "evil" possibility).
After some dialogue with Salisam the stairs to the next floor 
were accessable.
In the cellar we talked to the master of the eight chambers 
who sent us to Nonin. We got the key to the storeroom from him 
and our strongest warrior (the barbarian) put all his 
belongings into a chest.

The eight chambers
After doing so we returned to the cellar. The barbarian told 
the man that he was prepared to enter the first chamber (after 
completing a chamber you are able to heal your character).

Chamber 1 (Stone): I pushed the golden button and chose a good 
axe (my favorite weapon). Then I looked at the northwestern 
wall. The stones did tell me a special message: The bright 
stones looked like the numbers on dices. They said: I, V, III, 
II, IV. I pushed the levers in this order to proceed.

Chamber 2 (Shadow): I simply had to pass some portals in a 
special order. After some experiments I found out: The right 
order was upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right.

Chamber 3 (Sorcery): I got a blunt weapon and attacked my 
enemies. They were not too strong at all so it was possible to 
fight them without of any tactics.

Chamber 4 (Clock): I quickly got an axe and attacked the first 
monk. Once he was almost dead a countdown started and at the 
same time a lever was accessable. My job was to push the lever 
before time ran out. After the first monk was dead I did the 
seme thing with the other two.

Chamber 5 (Sand): A simple room. I just ran clockwise circles 
in this room and pushed all the levers on my way. Sand beams 
appeared and the sand monks were hurt. After repeating this 
strategy several times this room was complete.

Chamber 6 (Silk): I chose an axe and hacked the monsters. 
There were just many, many monsters to kill.

Chamber 7 (Battle): Again I took my axe. This time I let my 
enemy move onto the blue field. Then I knocked him out. When 
he was unconscious I pushed the right lever. A door opened. I 
went to the next room and knocked the fresh enemy out on one 
of the blue fields. Now the other enemy came (he recovered). I 
sent him on the second field and hacked at him. When both 
enemies were unconscious I pushed the left lever in the other 

Chamber 8 (Immolation): This was by far the most difficult 
room. The enemies were rather strong and flames were falling 
down. If I saw that the floor next to me turned red I ran 
away. But my job here was to slay the two enemies. Very 
difficult indeed.

We had another rest now and then talked to Salisam, who 
congratulated us. After that the barbarian fetched his 
equipment. Then all of us used the second set of stairs in the 

The Underdark
We did not lay our hands on the locked shrine which was 
guarded by the four iron golems. They looked way too powerful. 
There was not much to do on this map, we only needed to enter 
the door in the north. When we did so we IMMEDIATELY moved in 
as far as possible. So we had the chance of being in the back 
of our enemies when they started to attack. We took out the 
mages first. When the second wave arrived the mage sent a warm 
welcoming fireball to them.
On the next map Malavon Despana talked to us. He had a number 
of new missions for us and he sold some spells (buy IMPROVED 
HASTE, an enormous important spell!)
In the south we met several traders. Especially the dwarf 
standing on the east side of the camp did offer powerful +3 
weapons to us (Hint: Don't make one of the traders angry! They 
might attack you and after you kill them you won't be able to 
buy anything from them - there wares will disappear).
In the eastern part of the map we met a mind flayer who missed 
his blue stone. Now we left the map by the upper eastern exit.
Soon we met Ginafae Despana (north). We were able to convince 
her to return to the camp.
In the south we found the blue stone the mind flayer was 
looking for hidden in the mushrooms (use the ALT button).
Northeast of this place was the laboratory of a mage. We read 
in the books about how to destroy Viciscamera. Unfortunately 
the alchemist did not let us experiment with her table. So we 
had to kill her and all of her terrible experiments.
Now we took all the items from the northern table. Our mage 
who was skilled in Alchemie did use the alchemie table to 
create the potion.
Then we moved carefully north. There are many traps which 
shoul be disarmed and the party is being surprised by enemies 
sometimes. Finally we found the Vicisamera and used the potion 
(of course you can kill it with the sword as well. Then many 
enemies will appear and you will have a tough battle. Perhaps 
you will earn more experience points).
Our group returned to the camp of Malavon Despana on the other 
map. On the way we met eht mind flayer and returned the blue 
gem to him. Then we told Malavon about our success. He and all 
inhabitants of the camp left. We used the savety of the camp 
for a rest. Then we went to the northeastern section of the 
map. There we met an insulting mind flayer. By insulting him a 
tough battle started. These mind flayers are not too humorous, 
are they? We killed everybody and now the entrance to the mind 
flayers lair was accessable.
This was a maze, since we had an automap it was not too 
dangerous at all. Before we entered the maze's center we 
explored all the surrounding rooms and noticed that we were 
able to kill iron golems now (so you can return to the shrine 
with the four golems now and kill them. You will get 
experience and several magical items).
Once all the rooms were explored we entered the central room 
and fought the elder brain and its minions. Since we have 
killed all the monsters in the rooms around the center the 
battle was not too difficult.
The exit was in the northeastern region (rest before you 
Here we met Oswald with his airship again! But there was no 
time for warm welcomes now. Many creatures sieged the airship. 
We killed all of them and had a long talk with Oswald and his 
niece (now we finally know who speaks the introducions of each 
chapter). When we were ready to leave the Underdark forever we 
told Oswald that we were ready to leave...


Kuldahar Valley
We had another talk with Oswald. Then we were surprised by the 
undead warrior Hiepherus. An easy battle followed. Now we 
explored the entire map, the battles were not too tough at 
all. The only problem was that the enemies used Energy Drain. 
Occationally a cleric had to cast "Lesser Restauration" on a 
The thief broke the lock of the tower in the middle of the 
map. Inside we met Jermsy and Nathaniel. They could tell us a 
lot about the situation in town and they opened the gate in 
the north. The clerics had ran out of "Restauration" spells so 
drained people were healed for rather cheap 60 gold coins. We 
were also allowed to rest. But after that we went to Hieperus' 
hideout immediately.
At first we arrived at a graveyard. More undead monsters were 
here. We destroyed all of them and touched the statue in the 
north. The exit was in the northeast.
Inside the cave a big horde of opponents awaited us. Spells 
with a huge range like fireball worked well here. Hiepherus 
himself was not easy to kill because he kept on healing 
himself. Right after the battle we explored the cave and found 
a secret box (eastern wall) where several good items were 
hidden in. Hiepherus had some things on him as well.
Now we visited Nathaniel and Jermsy again and got some items 
as a reward. Then we moved to Kuldahar.

The town was a battlefield. Most villagers have fled already, 
the houses were left and the doors nailed shut. At first we 
went through the entire town and slaughtered all the enemies. 
These snake-like Yuan-Ti monsters were not very tough at all. 
Most of them were not even able to cast a spell.
After that we checked all the houses: In the northwest there 
was a smithery, the inhabitant sold many spells to us (chain 
lightning was interesting, for example) and he asked us to 
find his father. This man lived in the house with the little 
docks (southeast of the smithery) and sold extraordinary good 
+4 weapons. 
The next person we met was Iselore in the southern section at 
the heartstone gem. We talked and were told that the Yuan-Ti 
invaded the town by a portal. Our next job would be to close 
this portal.
Last but not least we paid Gerbash a visit in one of the 
eastern houses. We got a key for the guard tower and brought 
it to Jermsy on the Kuldahar Valley map.
Now we took care of our new mission and entered the portal 
being in the big tree (northern section).

The Yuan-Ti's realm
In the south we met some soldiers. We did not lie to them and 
so they told us much about the Yuan-Ti. In the northwest 
(central part of the map) we found some statues. Because we 
didn't want to become victims of a bane we didn't touch it. A 
little further to the west a master tought his pupils facts 
about the cult. We had to fight him and his pupils. 
Unfortunaely there was a paladin in our party so we were not 
able to put on the capes to disguise us. We had to fight 
through the temple. The entrance was in the southwest.

Inside the temple
We found traps everywhere in the temple but most of them meant 
no harm to us. But of course it was useful to disarm them 
In the western room (after a long corridor) there was a trap 
on the floor. Once our thief steped on it the floor started 
burning. She had to immediately disarm and unlock the lever in 
order to survive.
The next room was a nightmare: It was full of Yuan-Ti. There 
were a lot of mages as well. We quickly retreated to the 
corridor and waited for the foes. In the corridor we were able 
to take them out one after another. Many of the mages carried 
magical items with them.
Now we left the temple for a short while in order to rest.
Our second visit lead us to the east and then a little to the 
north. We took one of the left doors to reach a special cult 
room in which the Yuan-Ti did praise their god. It was full of 
monsters. We retreated slowly to keep control. In the statue 
four hearts were hidden. The levers raised and lowered the 
We soon reached a room with several marked stones. We pushed 
them all (except of the easternmost stone) and continued doing 
so until all stones vanished. Now the door opened and a room 
with loads of interesting items became accessable.
In the southeast we found a round room with the four poor 
heartless creatures. They still lived as zombies. 
Unfortunately we were not able to return their hearts to them. 
So we used the lever in the room next to it and freed the poor 
creatures from their suffering. In the round room we found a 
pillar which should become very important soon.
In this region the leader of the clans walked around. Once we 
killed him a message appeared.
Now we left the temple and soon found out that the pillar we 
found fit on one of the bases on the round place where the 
temple entrance was.
We didn't find any other pillars in the temple but on the 
outer map there were several. Once we found all of them we put 
them on the bases. Before we installed the last one we had a 
rest, then the mage hasted everybody.
Now only the fighters were on the temple entrance area. One of 
them installed the last pillar. Then the guardian appeared - a 
huge, VERY huge dragon! The fighters started to attack him. 
The other characters had no chance because this monster was 
way too powerful for them. Only when one of the fighters ran 
low of Hitpoints a healer rushed to him and cast "Heal".
It took a very long time and it was a tough fight against the 
most powerful enemy our party has engaged until now but we wan 
it. When we did we ran to the portal as it was closing! Then 
we passed it and returned to Kuldahar...

Kuldahar revisited
Our group became witnesses to the invasion of Kuldahar. We 
rushed to Iselore and helped him to fight the masses of 
enemies that attacked us. More and more of them arrived. We 
already thought we would not make it but then the attack 
stopped suddenly. We had won - for now.
We had a talk to Iselore and he marked Dragon's Eye on the 
map. Before we travelled futher we visited the smithery and 
sold all the stuff we had found on our journey through the 
temple (perhaps you should make sure that you have about 
100.000 - at least 50.000 gold coins money in cash. In one of 
the sections of Dragon's Eye you will need it. You also should 
have four ropes. You do? Then leave Kuldahar!

Dragon's Eye
The path to the entrance was full of traps. Our thief did 
great work here. Near the entrance was a powerful mage but 
since she was merely alone she was no match for us. We entered 
the perhaps most "famous" dungeon of Icewind Dale II!
IMPORTANT: If you find agate gems, pick them up. You will need 
them soon enough.
We had to fight many enemies from the beginning of this 
dungeon. But we had already gotten used to it. In the south we 
found three locked chests. Even the thief was not able to open 
them! A little further to the east we found the wyvern pit. We 
needed some rope to get down. Then we fought an ancient 
Our party marched over the northeastern bridge and went 
southwest. Soon we arrived at the torture room. South of it 
there was a locked door. When we tried to open it prisoners 
talked to us. They told us that they always heard special 
torture noises when the door was opened. So we examined the 
torture bed (I'm sorry I don't know the right word) and found 
a hidden wheel. We used it and freed all the prisoners.
The man in the western cell was Nheero who gave us some 
information about this place. He asked us to find his friend 
In the north there was a trap: The thief hid in the shadows 
and passed it. She went north and entered a big room. There 
she found a lever at the western wall and used it. The trap 
was disarmed and the other heroes followed. After a big battle 
we needed the agate gems: There were five pillars. We had to 
put a gem into each of the pillar in order to lit it. Once we 
did that at all of the five pillars the big statue moved away 
and a stairway became accessable.
On the second level we simply moved to the east, there we 
disarmed a trap and moved south. There was Mandal's dead body.
We returned to Nheero who now wanted us to look for Mandal's 
spirit. So we returned to the place where we found Mandal's 
body. Now there was walking around the spirit. But we were not 
able to talk to it - it just thought about its sword.
Since we had not found a special sword yet we returned to the 
fork between the stairway to Level 1 and the place where we 
found the body. There we went south and found another 
stairway. Before we went further down we disarmed a trap.
We now simply went southwest and found a room with many 
trapped doors and an iron golem and the sword inside. We took 
this monster out and picked up the sword (the trapped doors 
can be disarmed just like any other trap).
We took the sword to Mandal's ghost who was grateful. He 
showed several special places to us. So we returned to the 
level where we had entered Dragon's Eye and looked for the 
wyvern pit entrance (southwestern area). We moved down and 
found the modified mandrake root. We showed this to Nheero in 
the prison and took it into the alchemy lab on level 2 
(southwestern area, you will meet Nathaniel on your way). In 
the lab we soon found a table with a mandrake root in it. We 
quickly exchanged it with our modified one and watched what 
happened. The alchemist had returned and used his lab. After 
some light effects we examined the table and took the newly 
created potion. We also took the modified mandrake root and 
exchanged it with the normal one.
Now that we have done everything Nheero wanted we brought the 
potion to him in the prison.
It was time to explore the lowest area of Dragon's Eye. In the 
center of the area there was a room completely filled with 
snakes. When we explored the southwestern passageway carefully 
we stepped on a trap (I think this is anavoidable). Many green 
slimes appeared. These bastards were immune to almost 
everything but some fireballs did help (pay attention that you 
hit many of them when you cast a fireball). It was helpful 
that the magican had prepared some of these all the time.
Unfortunately we lost our luck soon: We had moved west, then 
north and again to the west. When we wanted to enter the 
northernmost room all of us startled and ran away. What should 
we do? We talked to Nheero who was now on the second floor in 
the northwestern corner. He gave us one of his potions.
Once back in the lowest level and standing before the 
inaccessable room our thief drank the potion and became a 
monster. Now she was able to enter the room. In one of the 
bookshelves she found a secret lever. She left the room.
The next place to go was the central room (with the snake 
statue). The drawbridge to the south was now lowered. We got 
over it and had to battle a horde of Efreeti, powerful if 
appearing in that number. The clerics had a lot of healing 
stuff to do.
Now we entered the southern room and met a little child. But 
soon we noticed that this child was one of the leaders of the 
Yuan-Ti. We had to battle him but he fled! Once all the 
enemies were dead we examined the southeastern wall and found 
a secret passage that lead to the treasure room in the 
southeast. We opened the door and went north. There was the 
last door we have not been able to open until now. We asked 
Nheero about it and he told us about poison being made by 
using wyvern stingers.
So now we had to look for these stingers: On the entrance 
floor I found them near the room with the tree locked chests 
(they may be at another place as well). We took four of them 
and went to the alchemy lab on the second floor. There were 
three tables but only on the middle one of them we were able 
to put something on. So we put the four stingers on it. One of 
our heroes moved to the room above and pulled one of the two 
levers (one of them is correct, it changes sometimes). Once we 
saw some light effects we knew that the alchemy lab was 
working. After the procedure we examined the table and found 
four wyvern poison potions.
We now walked to the lowest level (that with the inaccessable 
door) and visited the four water basins in the four corners of 
the level. We put a wyvern poison potion in each of the water 
basins. Once all of them were poisoned the door in the ease 
suddenly opened. We really hoped to be able to leave Dragon's 
eye now...

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