HL2: Episode 2 odložen

PortalValve nastavlja svoju tradiciju odlaganja igara, pa tako ove godine neće biti ni HL2: Episode 2, Portala, a ni Team Fortress-a 2 koji je najavljivan već duže vreme. Kraći intervju izmedju Eurogamera i Douga Lombardija iz Valve-a to i potvrdjuje. Što se tiče cene Episode 2, Valve planira da "paket" koji sadrži HL2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 i Portal, prodaje za cenu izmedju $20 i $60. Pomenuti intervju možete pogledati u nastavku teksta.Eurogamer: Originally you said you'd hoped to get it ready this year. Is there a particular reason you had to change that?

Doug Lombardi: No, it's just sort of classic Valve being overly aggressive on our dates. But we're aiming for Q1 right now and we're really far along in the playtest stage. You know, our thing is always that we're trying to make really good experiences and so we're going to manage to that rather than the schedule.[…]

Eurogamer: In terms of gameplay length, what are we looking at for Episode Two?

Doug Lombardi: For Episode Two the initial idea was that it was going to be the same size as Episode One but it's sort of meandering to be slightly longer. I don't think that it's going to end up being as big as Half-Life 2 but I think probably it'll end up being a little bit longer than Episode One was.

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