Hitman – Contracts (walkthrough)

Hitman - Contracts


                              Version 1.0



All of this content is based on my own observations. If you write in with a 
useful tip, and I include it in a future version, you will, of course, be 

Now that I'm up to version 1.0, I give permission to post this anywhere as long
as I retain credit.

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4. If something is working differently for you than I describe it I don't 
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I included a brief description of each map, and some general tips to keep in
mind. If you're having trouble, I'd suggest trying a few more times with 
those in mind, before skipping ahead to the walk-through. 

I've broken each level down into a number of challenges, and provided 
different methods for beating each challenge. You can pick and choose which 
ones suit you best. I've also noted, at the end, what methods you should use 
if you want to score Silent Assassin on each level. Then, for grins, I 
included data on what Loot you might want to take with you at the end, for 
the trophy room.

My guide is written assuming you want to play this game the way it was meant
to be played. How was it meant to be played? Just look at the title. Hitman. 
Not "Gunman", not "Shotgun-toting-thugman", etc. Sure, violent sprees are 
sometimes a viable option, but if you rely on them, and never learn the ways
of the Silent Assassin, then you're missing out on a great gameplay 
experience, and I feel sorry for you.

                                  GAMEPLAY TIPS
This game plays very differently from standard 3D shooters, and, in more 
subtle ways, differently from the original Hitman. The controls are a little
odd, but if you play the first mission a few times, you'll be used to them in
no time.

1. Sneaking up on people-
       This is so much easier than the last two games. Everybody seems less 
       supicious in general, and Hitman sneaks MUCH faster than before, even 
       if he does look a bit like a mincing ballerina this time.
2. Disguise-
       Disguises are a bigger help than they were in 3, mostly because
       enemies don't automatically open fire if they get into the red.
3. Hiding-
       Hiding is a major factor in this game. Even a dark corner of a room 
       can be enough to cloak a sneaking Hitman from prying eyes. Look for 
       things to hide behind on levels, like crates or dumpsters.
4. Timing-
       The patrolling guards in this game have routes that take different 
       lengths of time. Thus if some of my recommendations aren't working for
       you because a guard isn't where I said he'd be, then you probably 
       arrived earlier or later than I did. All I can advise for those 
       situations is wait in a safe spot until the alignment of the guards 
       turns in your favor.
5. Ratings-
       At the end of each mission you receive data on how well you did. Your
       stealth and aggressiveness, as well as how many non-targets you hurt 
       are considered. A perfect score nets you a "Silent Assassin" rating. 
       Typically, this means you need a total of 2 enemies killed, shots 
       fired, and alerts. If anybody shoots at you, regardless of the math,
       you cannot get SA.
6. Running-
       Thank goodness the enemies in this game don't suffer from Run-a-phobia
       as much as the ones in Hitman 2. 
7. Knock-out attacks-
       If you thought the chloroform from the last game was bad, hoo-boy. In 
       this game knock-out attacks can last as little as a minute, and since 
       you don't get to pick your kit for each mission, you basically only 
       get one syrringe of knock-out juice per mission. Also in this game, 
       when someone wakes up, they WILL blow your cover if you're wearing 
       Whenever you knock a guy out, if you take his clothes, make sure 
       you've changed into something ELSE before he wakes up.
8. Weapons-
       There's quite a lot of weapons in this game. Apparently they didn't 
       want to pay for licensed gun names, so everything has a pseudonym. 
       Alas, that's all sort of pointless now since you can't use collected 
       weapons unles you're replaying a mission from the extremely clunky 
       missions menu. So, alas, you get to start each mission with only the 
       ballers, silenced baller, one syrringe and the wire.
9. Bonus weapons from SA ratings-
       As far as I can tell, every mission has a bonus weapon. Again, it 
       defeats the point when you don't get to select weapons, but, hey, 
       what do I know?
10. Made you look-
       Stationary guards will turn to face footsteps they here, and will 
       sometimes stay facing that way for hours. Use this to your advantage 
       to divert enemy attention away from the scenes of future crimes.

                        MISSION 1- ASSYLYM AFTERMATH
Hitman enthusiasts will recognize this is a continuation of the last level of
the first game.

1. Don't let this mission fool you. It's REALLY simple.
2. There's tons of fun weapons to collect here, but they don't seem to stick 
	with you, so don't go out of your way to get them.
3. Don't worry about the cameras. They don't seem to do anything.

PATIENT- You have impunity to wander as you please, but you can't go out the
	front door. A good costume for learning the level, but do not carry any
	visible weapons. If you try to leave, you will be told to "wait in the
	lab", which I took to mean "go back where you came from", but they act-
	ually mean the lab to the left, so you CAN walk right past them and into
	the lab wearing this disguise.
ORDERLY- The orderlies seem to be under close scrutiny by the SWAT guys, so I
	don't reccomend it. They will also shoot orderlies because they visibly
	carry stunguns.
SWAT GUY- You need this outfit to walk out the door and escape. You can 
	visibly carry either the SPAS-12 shotgun or the AUG carbine.

FIRST CHALLENGE-        Not really challenging
Uh, move through the basement til you can't any more. Notice the guy with the 
minigun? There IS a way to reach him, but you can't do it on your first go.
If you've obtained Orthmeyer's Key, you can get through to him and grab the

Also, if you have the key, there's another door with a key-card reader here 
which conceals dual golden eagles.

Get the the elevator and save. You can kill any patient down here to get a 
disguise and make life a little easier on yourself, but there's no real need
once you're familiar with the layout.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	The part where you do stuff
METHOD A-		Quick and easy
The easiest way to deal with the level is to simply go to the 2nd floor, and 
run to the left. Grab the shotgun and drag the SWAT corpse into the nearby 
office. Grab his clothes. If you missed the car keys in the very first room, 
there's another pair on the desk. Now you can simply walk out the front door 
behind the four SWAT guys who form a barricade, and over to the car. 

METHOD B-		Have patients
Don a patient's outfit. The easiest one is one of the many by the 2nd floor
elevator. Nobody seems to mind a naked patient lying around, so you can leave
the body right where it is. If you're feeling adventurous, there is also a dead
patient on the third floor, and a spare outfit on the first floor you can get.

Of course, an even easier option is to syrringe or pistol-KO a patient in the
basement beforehand.

As you try to walk past the blockade at the front, they'll tell you to wait in
the lab, meaning the room to the left. There's another patient in there, so you
know it's ok for you to be there in that disguise. However, if you wait long
enough, the SWAT team will come in and execute any patients in the lab, so let's
not hang about.

You'll see a spiral stair. Go up it. There's a SWAT guy upstairs whose patrol
varies based on difficulty. On easy, you can just sneak behind him when he's
facing the wall in the darker room, and go out onto the balcony. On higher
levels, you'll most likely need to take him out. The good news is that the 
stungun lives up to its promises, and a single zap from any side will drop him,
before he gets to sound an alarm, if you were quick.

The western balcony has a ladder down to the car, which you should take. You can
either don the last SWAT guy's outfit, or just sneak down the ladder when the
guy by the car has his back to you. Walk up to the car and the option will 
appear to escape in it.

METHOD C-		Just to use our stungun	
Make sure you have a stungun before trying this. Or at least a knife.

Obtain a SWAT disguise in the manner of your choosing, and go out the balcony
and down the ladder. Run along the wall, and you'll see three guys out here on
the map. The one on the left and right are under trees, and the third is in the
middle, by the bright lights near the cars. 

Sneak up behind the two guys under the trees, one at a time, and zap them with
your stungun. No stungun? You're going to have to start knifing, then! No, 
knife? Weren't you listening?

Remember that to zap people with the stungun, you sort of have to come at them
from the diagonal, almost side on. Once the two snipers are down, sneak up 
behind the last guy by the cars. You'll be able to observe teams of SWAT guys
running in and out and taking up positions by the front door. When there are
NONE THERE, zap the last guard (or shoot him from the shadows.)

If all 3 of those guys are down, and you did it without getting caught, you'll
be able to leave simply by walking out the front gate.

Since you can get a SWAT uniform right at the elevator, there's no reason you
shouldn't be able to get zeroes across the board on this mission. You get dual
CZ2000s for SA here.

Stungun-	On orderlies. You can obtain one easily enough simply by 
		finding an orderly who's already dead. The sucky part is you
		don't get to keep it. Of all the weapons in the game, I'd have 
		to say this is one I'd MOST like to have on other missions.
Knife-		A patient downstairs has one. There's also one on the floor.
Syringe-	There are spare syringes everywhere. Downstairs in a lab room,
		upstairs by a dead orderly, in the big pile of bodies, etc.
CZ2000-		On the dead "brothers."
Aug SMG-	Carried by some SWAT guys. Easy to escape with if you're 
		dressed as one. The dead SWAT on the third floor also dropped
SPAS-12-	Carried by some SWAT guys. Also on the floor by the elevator
		on the second floor. Easy enough to leave with if you're dressed
		as a SWAT guy.
Enforcer-	There are three. One is in the office on the second floor, one
		on the balcony on the third floor, and one in the small office 
		out front. The latter is th easiest to escape with, if you take
		out the SWAT in that room, you can grab the rifle. Drop it off
		the balcony, the climb down the ladder. When the SWAT near the
		car has his back to you, grab the rifle and quickly hop in the
Druganov-	The snipers outside have them. If you follow Method C for esc-
		ape, you can just grab one and take it with you.
2x Gold eagles- If you have Orthmeyer's key (see Mission 8. Yes, 8) you can 
		replay this mission and use it to open the two keycard locked
		doors in the basement. One yields this weapon.
Minigun-	If you have Orthmeyer's key (see Mission 8. Yes, 8) you can 
		replay this mission and use it to open the two keycard locked
		doors in the basement. One yields this weapon. The ctach it,
		there's no way to walk out with it without having a bloodbath, 
		and even then, it'll take forever and a day to walk there.

                        MISSION 2- THE MEAT-KING'S PARTY
Please refrain from making any Fat Bastard jokes or quotes. They were old 4 
years ago and they have not aged well.

1. This is where you'll make your first aquaitance with the short duration of 
	knockout attacks. Sometimes you won't even make it in the front door 
	before a guy in boxer shorts coming running up.
2. The best way to avoid this is to lock him in the truck. There's a green 
	light on the side which closes the door. The good ol' bullet to the 
	face trick works too.
3. You will be frisked at the front door. Exactly what you're allowed to bring
	in depends on your disguise, but either way, guns are OUT. Drop 'em!
4. After the first challenge, the events of the mission can be done in any 

PARTY GUEST- Worth it just for the fun of looking like a Mexican Wrestler 
	going to a wedding. Can't carry a weapon or go anywhere terribly 
	interesting. Isn't allowed ANY weapons at the first check point. They
	need a VIP Invite to go up to the Meat-king's area.
BUTCHER- Can go in the kitchen, and is allowed to carry the meathook past the
	front door. No visible weapons. Not allowed on the roof.
GUARD- The guys in Kato masks. They're allowed to carry MP9 SMGs, and can go 
	pretty much wherever they want, except the kitchen. 
ELITE GUARD- The guys with jester masks. They don't seem to be much different.
WAITER- Really only useful for one task, though it is the only disguise you
	can get just off the ground.

FIRST CHALLENGE-        Fitting in
METHOD A-		viva la razza!
Leave the butcher where he is, and lock him in the truck. Might as well drop
your guns now. Sneak out and stick to the shadows. When you get to the corner
where you can see the entrance, you should see one guest walk towards you, 
then go stand behind a set of boxes with his back to you. In this game, an 
exposed back is AI-speak for "Please kack me." So let's! Sneak behind him, 
arcing from left to right to keep out of the line of sight of the front door
guards, get behing the guy, and meathook him.

Leave him where he lies and take his clothes. Remember to ditch the meathook
before going in. This is probably a good time to tell you that Hitman now has
several animations for strangling. One, the backwards-shoulder-pull one, can 
leave the body far enough back that people will spot it. Try holding a different
direction on the keypad when you choke.

PROS- Guests are largely above suspicion, and will be warned away from 
	sensitive areas rather than shot. Plus you get to use the meathook.
CONS- Arguably the less-useful initial disguise, and you have to kill an 
	innocent. There's no way to get to another permenant costume in time
	without having to kill someone ELSE.

METHOD B-		freeze!
Strip the butcher at the start, and lock him in the truck on your way out. 
Ditch all your guns, but feel free to hang on to the meathook for now.

PROS- Really easy, and a handy disguise to have.
CONS- None, really.

SECOND CHALLEGE-	The only good lawyer...
METHOD A-		suck on this
On the map you will see 3 (!) marks on the first floor. Make your way to the 
very first one. Eventually, a guy in a red shirt will come in and sit down, 
and a girl will come dance for him. You need to change into the red outfit 
lying on the bench, but you also need to make sure the other guy won't show 
up while you're doing your thing. If you start this challenge just as he's 
walking in here, it won't be a problem. Alternatively, you can get behind 
him as he enters the locker room and syringe him, and hide his body around 
the wall just behind the spare uniform. Don't let him see you change clothes,
and if you DO knock him out, don't take his clothes. 

Once attired, make your way to the southern-most (!) from inside the party 
room and grab a pipe. Talk to the bartender if you want a hint about this 
part. Go into the southeastern-most little side room, behind the red curtains,
where you will find the lawyer awaiting a pipe. Give it to him, and he will 
soon pass out.

Search him, and find a silenced pistol and VIP invitation. If you've picked up 
a knife or if you still have the meathook, you can whip them out and whack him 
with them. One stroke will do the trick. Alternatively, you can shoot him in 
the face with his very own silenced pistol. Once finished, calmly walk back to 
where you got this uniform in the first place. Change back into whatever you 
had on before. If you knocked out the other waiter, he'll be waking up soon, 
but since you've already changed back into the other outfit, it doesn't 

You can also bring pipes to the guests in the next room, but it doesn't seem
to  accomplish much. All you can do is steal their clothes, and they wake up 
really quickly.

PROS- Relatively easy.
CONS- Requires a gunshot. If the second waiter comes back before you are 
	finished, people will get suspicious.

METHOD B-		that's what bathrooms are for
While dressed as a guest, go and wait in one of the stalls in the bathroom. 
After being served a pipe, either by you or by the REAL waiter, the lawyer and
his bodyguard will go to use the facilities. The guard checks all the stalls, 
but if you're in guest disguise, he won't kick you out. When he checks the 
stall your in, and he starts to leave, quickly sneak, and pounce on him with 
the close-combat weapon of your choice.

Once he's dead, sneak up behind the lawyer and give him the same. 

If you DON'T knock-out or kill the bodyguard, then after you exit the 
bathroom, he'll come back in and systematically check all the stalls again, 
thus finding the body. 

PROS- None, really. It's both harder and sloppier than method A.
CONS- Unless you do it dead last, you're going to have to kill the bodyguard
	rather than drug him, unless you want him to find the body. Also, you 
	probably had to	kill an innocent to get your outfit in the first place.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	A helping hand
The goal of this challenge is to find the girl, and there's really only one way 
to do it. Make your way up the stairs near the first part of the level in any 
disguise, tho it's probably a good idea if you have a gun by now. The Meat-
King's brother (the Meat-Prince?) will spend a long time in the corner room with
his back to you, so it's quite easy to simply run into the (!) room, grab the
severed arm, and run out. If you're feeling like dispensing a little justice, 
sneak into the brother's room while he's looking out the window and wire/hook 

If he catches you in his area, he will attack without pause, but a simple bullet
to the face can solve that problem. If you do the rest of the mission cleanly 
enough, you can dispose of this guy and still get silent assassin.

FOURTH CHALLENGE-	Morbidly obese or obesely morbid?
METHOD A-		chicken gun
While dressed as the butcher, walk into the kitchen. If you have a firearm or 
blade, you will be ordered to take a plate of chicken up to the boss. When you
pick it up, a hint tells you that this chicken can be stuffed, and, as you 
may've guessed, they don't mean with cheese and sausage. Duck into a side room
out of the way, and drop the chicken. Pull out a pistol, a knife or the meat-
hook, and an option should appear to hide it in the chicken.

If you don't already HAVE a butcher's disguise, the easiest place to get one 
is the large room to the north of the map. Take the guy further to the east,
and just make sure the wandering guard isn't looking. Hide his body in the far

Make your way up to the VIP area, and into the boss' room. Feel free to run.
Once there, Jabba the Scotsman will dismiss his hoochies and demand the food. 
Press the button on the left-hand wall to draw the blinds, retrieve your 
weapon, and let him have it. The chicken that is. Once he starts eating, you
can either shoot him with the silenced pistol, or walk up beside him and swipe
him with the knife or meathook. I prefer the meathook, for irony's sake.

PROS- Pretty easy. Also, it makes a funny story.
CONS- The guards find the body when the girls come back in.

METHOD B-		rsvp
After you take out the lawyer, you'll have a VIP invitation. If you're dressed
as the guest, drop ALL your firearms and bladed weapons, and head on up. You'll
be searched, but let past. Now, how to get a weapon. Go out onto the nearest 
balcony, and keep jumping over them til you come to the one furthest right. 
Sneak, and open the door, and you'll find a guard's back. Wire/drug him, and go
inside and get the knives. If he sees you pick them up, he will shoot you, hence
the need for his removal.

Make sure the chicken man isn't on his way, and head into the Meat-king's room. 
Lower the blinds with the switch, and sneak up to him. Slash him in the face 
with your knife or cleaver, then run like hell. The girls will wake up, which 
means finding the body is inevitable, but if you got out of there quickly, 
nobody will be on to you.

PROS- No bullets fired.
CONS- Does cost you an alert because the body is found very quickly. If you do
	it right at the end of the mission, you can drug the guard by the 
	balcony, so he at least won't impact your record at all.

METHOD C-		death from above
After you've gotten a firearm, and are dressed either as a guard or guest, go 
onto the roof from the stairs at the end of the hall you first enter. Climb up 
the ladder and run all way around the rail to the other side. Open the skylight,
and shoot fatty in the head. If you don't use a silenced gun, the guards will be
alerted, which means TWO alerts when they find the body.

PROS- It can take quite a while for them to find the body if you use the 
	silenced pistol, since the girls don't wake up. They won't discover it
	until the guy with the chicken comes in, so if he's just been, you can
	easily beat the rest of the mission before anyone finds the corpse.
CONS- Requires a gunshot.

METHOD D-		smokin'!
On the map you will see 3 (!) marks on the first floor. Make your way to the 
very first one. Eventually, a guy in a red shirt will come in and sit down, 
and a girl will come dance for him. I reccomend you do the lawyer first, other-
wise he might abscond with all the pipes before you get a chance to do this.

Drop all blades and guns, and take a pipe upstairs. Go into meaty's room, and
press the button to close the shades. One of the girls will demand you give her
the pipe, so drop it (there's no option to put it down or give it to her) and
go hide behind the wall. Pretty soon, both girls will be out for the count.

Now we need a weapon. Go out on the balcony, and jump over to the one on the
right, facing the door. Go in through that door to find a guard's back. Wire
him, and help yourself to the knife or cleaver. Go back into the king's room
and smack him in the face with your blade.

You can also knock out the guard if you're careful with the timing re: the
waiter, and save your syringe.

PROS- Since the girls are out, and the blinds are down, nobody finds the body.
	Even the guy with the food waits outside.
CONS- None, really. 

To start, use the butcher's uniform and lock him in the van. Get the arm before
you do anything else, and make sure you avoid a confrontation with the brother. 
Do the lawyer using the opium pipe and the meathook, and then the Meat-king 
using the chicken and the meathook. It's clean but for one alert. Doing this, 
you can afford to kill the brother with a melee weapon if you so choose. Dual 
micro-uzis will be your reward.

Meathook-	Start the level with it.
Kitchen knife-	Kitchen. Also upstairs in the VIP area, and carried by some
Cleaver-	Kitchen. Also upstairs in the VIP area, and carried by some
CZ2000 pistol-	On some guards.
Baller.S-	On the lawyer.
MP9 SMG-	On most guards. You can conceal it, so if you want to get it
		without losing your rating, just KO a guard and grab it.
Druganov-	There's one in the large butchering room. It's by the first
		stationary butcher. Jack Miller was the first to point this out
		to me. I don't see how it's possible to get out with it without
		being seen. What's even wierder is that there appears to be no
		real use for it on this level.
The bolt gun-	A lot of people have missed this. It kills instantly, but only
		seems to work from melee range from behind. It's very fast, and
		it'd sure be nice to have on other missions, but it doesn't go
		on the wall, alas. You can find two in the rooms with dead 
		horses, and one in the large butchering room.

                           MISSION 3- THE BJARKHOV BOMB
This mission can be tricky, because you'll need to change costume frequently. 
It's also HUGE, so expect to do a lot of running.

1. You might want to brush up on your sniping in the training area.
2. Spend some time getting cozy with the map before trying to do well on it. 
	It's just too big and complicated.
3. You should make contact with the mole (he's the guy in the mess hall 
	kitchen) at least once so you know what to do, but it's not required to
	beat the mission.
4. The sniper rifle is inside the hangar in the first area. You can retrieve it 
	while disguised as a Russian soldier.
5. After the first challenge, the rest of the mission can MOSTLY be done in any 

RUSSIAN SOLDER- Carries an AK74 or the SVD sniper rifle. Can move pretty much 
	with impunity, except onto the boat.
FUCHS' BODYGUARDS- Carry AUG SMG's. Works pretty much exactly the same as the 
	soldier	outfit.
CIVILIAN- Can pretty much go anywhere, but doesn't get to carry a gun. Also, 
	the sniper on the boat sometimes will start shooting at you. I don't 
	know why. 
RUSSIAN ELITE- The guys with the black berets. They can go anywhere, including 
	on the boat.	
RADIATION SUIT- Fun to waddle around looking like a giant talking peanut M&M. 
	Useful for going onto the sub, where it's the only outfit that won't 
	cause an alert. I haven't tried going anywhere else in it, but I don't 
	imagine it works out so	well.
FUCHS- The best disguise for a good rating on the second part of the mission. 
	See below.

FIRST CHALLENGE-        Deplane, boss!
METHOD A-		eskimo die
We need a disguise. Wait behind the spools for the guy to come get the crates, 
and shoot him with the silenced pistol. You just killed an innocent, but it's 
the easiest disguise to get.

PROS- Easy.
CONS- A gunshot and a dead innocent. Good-bye silent assassin!

METHOD B-		is that a real parka or a Sears parka?
Run back through the boxes to the far end of the plane, but don't go down the
ramp. Move near the right hand wall, and you can see one of Fuch's men (in the 
purple) patrolling that side of the plane. When he has his back to you, sneak 
out and drill him with the silenced pistol. You can pretty much leave him where
he is, after you take his gear.

PROS- He's not an innocent.
CONS- Still a gunshot + a dead guard. 

METHOD C-		run, Hitman, run!
Run back through the boxes, and down the ramp. Turn 45 degrees to the right 
and run along the fence to the control tower. If you were quick, you should've
made it without being spotting by the guy mentioned in method B. Climb down the
ladder, and you'll find a guard and a civilian with their backs to you. You 
wire or drug your choice of either. Sometimes the guard doesn't load in his 
chair correctly, making it impossible to wire him. 

PROS- Possible to get a disguise with no kills or gunshots.
CONS- If you drug them, you'd better find another outfit really quickly.

METHOD D-		let me help you with those
When the civilian has gone, run out and grab the boxes. Move all but one out of
sight, and put that one near a convenient hiding place. When he comes back, 
he'll get it, and you'll be able to syringe him before he gets away.

PROS- Sokar468 suggested this, and it's really quite clever.
CONS- Very time consuming and dull compared to method C, which gets you the
	same disguise with the same amount of mess.

SECOND CHALLENGE- 	Another Fuchs bites the dust
Go into the kitchen in the mess hall and grab the laxative. Talk to the contact,
and then taint the borsht when he leaves. Sometimes he'll blow your cover when 
he sees you doing this. The key to this seems to be tainting it just as he 
starts to walk toward the double doors. I advise saving before you try it, and
restoring if you're busted.

Once this is done, go into the bathroom. If you're dressed as the civilian, 
grab the fireplace poker from next to the furnace and take it in there. If you 
are dressed as anyone else, they will shoot you when they see you pick up the 
poker. I guess that's their way of saying that it's already warm enough in here.

Anyway, wait in the bathroom and Fuchs will come to you. Once he's in, you have 
three choices to kill him. You can either shoot him in the face with the 
silenced pistol, or you can hit him twice with the poker, if you carried it in
there in civilian garb. The third option is to wire him as he's walking in, but
for some reason he notices and it counts as an alert, even if you kill him.

You can also wait for him to finish and get up. He stops at the sink and is much
easier to ambush there, but it takes a very long time.

PROS- The cleanest way, especially if you use the poker.
CONS- Tainting the borsht is a little sketchy. Probably pretty smelly too.

METHOD B-		sniper of the century
Acquire a soldier's uniform, and get the sniper rifle from the hangar. Run back
to the tower, and go all the way up. Using the binoculars, you'll be able to see
that if you zoom all the way in on the mess hall's right-hand window, you just 
barely see the back of Fuch's head. Carefully snipe that corner of the window, 
and he'll die. 

PROS- Makes you feel like a sniper-stud.
CONS- A gunshot + an alert. Plus, it means using Fuch's clothes as a disguise 
	is out of the question.

METHOD C-		mercy for now
If you leave Fuchs alone for the time being, you can take care of him and
Bjarkhov at the same time. See the fourth challenge for more info.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Bjarkhov up the wrong tree
METHOD A- 		the direct approach
Obtain an elite uniform. There's an elite who wanders near the entrance to the
sub who is easy to take out unobserved. Alternatively, after you detonate the 
bomb, you can simply run to his corpse and take his clothes without having the
kill count against you.

Once attired, run to the boat, and amble inside. Make your way up top, and by 
now the target will have gone into his office. Walk to the door, and open it. 
He'll start yelling at you when you come in, and will eventually open fire, 
but drop him with the silenced pistol before he gets the chance. Take his stuff
and exit.

PROS- Relatively simple.
CONS- A gunshot to count against your total, plus a kill unless you let the 
	explosion take out the elite guard you disrobed.

METHOD B-		further adventures in sniping
In a soldier's uniform, with the sniper rifle, climb up the tower near the 
train depot. You can see and snipe the target on the boat. 

PROS- Very straightforward.
CONS- The problem is the sniper who guards the target. He'll shoot back. I don't
	know it counts as an alert, because I've never survived his wrath. You 
	can snipe him as well as the target if you want, but that puts you way 
	over budget for Silent Assassin, unless you snipe the both with the same

METHOD C-		let's make a deal
Remember back in challenge 2 when you killed Fuchs in the bathroom? Change into
his clothes and leave. The guard will tell you it's time to see Bjarkhov.

Go to the boat and the guards will let you in. You'll be frisked up on deck and 
relieved of any guns you might have. Go into the targets office, and before 
long, he'll go to pour some vodka, standing with his back to you. Wire him. Or, 
grab the gun off the desk and shoot him. He'll take a second drink if you don't,
but after that, he'll figure things and yell for his guards.

PROS- Very clean.
CONS- You really only have one chance to kill the target, and you don't have 
	your guns to rely on if things go sour.

METHOD D-		two-fer-one special on bullets
This method assumes you've left Fuchs alive. If you took the train through the
tunnel, make SURE to send it back so Fuchs can ride it through. Hang out and
wait up in the tower mentioned in method B. The best time to snipe Fuchs and
Bjarkhov together is after they meet and walk out to the jeep.

The order and pacing at which they emerge is pretty random, but I find that
usually the first one's head will usually be in front of the second one's
heart on their way to the jeep. Failing that, you can usually get them both as
they climb into said jeep. 

You can, of course, snipe them both one at a time if you want. The nice thing
about this is that you can put yourself on the left side of the tower and use
the tower itself to hide from the sniper. Just make sure you can't see him and
he won't be able to see you.

PROS- Easy and relatively clean, if you get them both at once.
CONS- Sometimes one of the guards by the railway will see through your cover
	for no adequately explained reason, plus there'll always be at least 
	one alert when they find the bodies.

METHOD E-		bombs gallore
Hit the sub first, but save one of the bombs, and put it on the jeep. Explode it
via the remote once both targets are inside said jeep.

There's only one problmem, but it's a big one. The best way to get the remaining
bombs from on the ship is dressed as Fuchs, and the explosion leaves no bodies.
You can do it in the elite guard disguise, but it only works if you sneak in and

PROS- Kaboom!
CONS- Makes finishing the mission really sloppy.

METHOD F-		a better bomb
Ser Jinn was the first to tell me about this idea. 

Plant the three bombs from the lab around the sub. Let Fuchs and Bjarkhov drive
over to the sub and get out. When they are near the dock area, set the bombs 
off. Kaboom. Three birds with one stone. Well, three stones, really. 

PROS- Quite easy to knock out all 3 objectives at once, and relatively clean.
CONS- Getting both targets dead can be a bit iffy.

Okay, if you talked to the contact, you should know what to do, and this is 
boring, so I'm going to gloss over it.

In any disguise, run through the tunnel or ride the train. At the other end,
run to the big warehouse in the far corner of the area, passing behind the 
barracks. Go into the first little room on the right and change into the 
radiation suit. Remember to drop any visible weapons. Run to the sub, and pick
up the 3 bombs inside. 

Ira Hermanson pointed out that you can also get the three bombs by walking into
the ship dressed as Fuchs. They're in the store-room on the first floor past 
the room with 3 guards in it.

Place them at the 3 points around the hull. Run back to the warehouse. Change 
back into your last outfit, and retrieve your rifle, if you had one.

The key here is Fuch's clothes. It's the only way to get a permenant disguise
without an unnessecary kill, and it's the only way to do Bjarkhov cleanly.

Use method C to get a disguise, and DRUG the CIVILIAN in the tunnel. RUN to the
mess hall, and kill Fuchs using the borsht and poker technique. Open the door 
to get rid of the guard, and change into Fuch's clothers. If you were fast, 
you'll have ample time to do this before the civilian wakes up. You'll get a 
message that your cover has been blown, but it really hasn't. Do the rest of the
mission in Fuch's clothes (with the obvious exception of changing into the 
radiation suit.) Zeroes across the board, unless you get unlucky and they find a
body at the site of the sub explosion. Dual silenced ballers are your reward.

SVD sniper-	In the warehouse. A soldier can carry it without alarms.
Poker- 		In the messhall.
AK74-		On most soldiers.
AUG SMG-	On most bodyguards.
CZ2000-		On a few soldiers.
SG220.S-	In the final target's room.

                          MISSION 4- BELDINGFORD MANOR
Another big, confusing map. The real trouble with this one is that getting 
around inside the house is very convoluted.

1. Don't go near animals. They will give you away with noises.
2. Running makes the guards a bit more suspicious inside the house.
3. Keep a decent amount of space between you and other guards, especially 
4. After the first, the challenges can mostly be done in any order.

OUTDOOR GUARD- The easiest diguise to get, and it's certainly eays enough to do
	the whole mission in it. They carry shotguns or enforcer sniper rifles, 
	and the	inside guards get a little suspicious of them inside, especially
	if they run.
INDOOR GUARD- Roughly the same as the outdoor guard uniform, but no shotguns for
	the most part. It's a little easier to move around inside, but not much.
	The only place it's harder to get by is in the stable.
STABLE BOY- Useful for one purpose, otherwise blech.
BUTLER- See stable boy.
HUNTING PARTY MEMBER- Hard to say. They seem to see through this pretty quickly
	no matter where you are.

FIRST CHALLENGE-        Blending in
METHOD A-		be vewy quiet
When you start, there are two hunters just on the opposite side of the ruins 
from you. Turn around, and go left along the outer wall of the ruin. Wait here 
until the hunter walks past, and follow him. If you time it right, you can catch
up with him just as he stops under the lamp, and wire him. If not, shoot him 
with the silenced pistol before he sees you. Tuck his body into the reeds and 
take his kit.

PROS- Pretty easy. Arguably the best disguise on the mission.
CONS- Ugly hat. Tricky to pull off without using a bullet.

METHOD B-		amazing
At the very start, turn around, and run left, sticking to the edge of the lake. 
When you get to the end, turn right (south) towards the maze. You should see a 
guard ahead walking away from you in front of a door into the hedge maze. Sneak,
and go through it. 

Use the map to navigate to the (!) mark in the maze, and drop into the basement.
Run up ahead to the door. You'll eventually see a guard enter the basement. 
When he passes in front of your door, sneak out and wire him. Make sure he's not
visible from the whisky caske area where the butler will come down.

PROS- Also pretty easy. Best way to get a costume without firing a shot. Also
	this guard can be a pain later, but he's already taken care of!
CONS- Can't think of any, really.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Getting the stable key
METHOD A-		All this sex on the telly! I keep falling off!
Head over to the stables and go around the back. You'll find a switch 
controlling the satelite TV. Turn it off, and three guards come to investigate.
Depending how much you get in their faces on their way out, you shouldn't have
any trouble with them. Walk into the room they were in and take the key off 
the wall.

PROS- Pretty easy. 
CONS- The guards might get suspicious when they see you.

METHOD B-		an unstable boy
Watch the stable boy on the map. When he's done futzing with the horses, he 
move to the supply closet, then up the stairs into the loft. Follow him up the
stairs and syringe or wire him. Take the key.

PROS- Doing it this way means you've already solved the next challenge.
CONS- Either another innocent kill or you have to deal with him waking up. 

METHOD C-		I'll take that
If you're wearing the outdoor guard uniform, just walk in and take it. They'll
get pretty suspicious, but it won't blow your cover.

PROS- Very easy.
CONS- Raises suspicion.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Freeing the hostage
METHOD A-		an unstable boy part 2
Take out the stable boy as described in the above challenge; method b. Change 
into his clothes. The horses won't make a fuss when you walk by them, because
you smell like someone they're used to. 

PROS- Ties in nicely with solving the above challenge.
CONS- You have to drop the stable boy. If you knock him out, you should have 
	plenty of time to free the prisoner, then change back into your prior
	outfit before the stable boy wakes up.

METHOD B-		just don't beat them afterwards
In the supply room you'll find a can of weed killer. In the back room you'll 
find the source for the horses' automatically refilled water trophs. Let's put
two and two together and make nine dead horses, shall we? Put the weedkiller 
in the tank and very quickly drop the can. You can now stroll with impunity to
the prisoner's stable.

PROS- You don't have to deal with knocking out the stable boy, or any trouble 
	he causes when he wakes up.
CONS- 9 dead horses. It doesn't count against you, but still... Sheesh!

FOURTH CHALLENGE-	The Lord of the Manor
METHOD A- 		since we're in the stable already...
Upstairs in the front stable loft there's a window marked with a (!) If you've
got one of the two sniper rifles on the level, you can shoot the old coot from
here. The trick is that you can only shoot him as he gets in and out of bed, 
so the window of opportunity can be quite narrow, but nobody finds the body. 
They will, of course, hear you fire, but it's easy enough to act innocent and
avoid blowing your cover.

PROS- Quick, and pretty easy if you're good at sniping.
CONS- 1 shot fired + 1 alert is more than you can afford on this challenge.

METHOD B-		up and over
Most of this and the next method involve REACHING the Lord in his bedroom, 
rather than methods for killing him. Once you GET there, all the same tricks 

From inside the house, on the bottom floor, enter the corner spiral stair on 
the northeast corner of the house, and go all the way to the attic. Go through
the attic, and down the ladder on the other side. This will put you in the 
study adjacent to the bedroom. When the old man is either in the potty, or 
sleeping, sneak into the bedroom and hide either on the balcony, behind the 
secret door down to the maid's room, or behind the screen.

The Lord periodically gets up to use the bathroom, and also to have a glass of
milk. Your options are to either shoot him with the silenced pistol, sneak 
behind him and wire him while he's up and about, smother him with the nearby red
pillow, or poison his glass of milk. All of these options should work without 
waking his lady friend.

When done, you will have to exit the way you came in.

PROS- Enables you to snuff him without a gunshot.
CONS- None, really.

METHOD C-		under and around
Most of this and the last method involve REACHING the Lord in his bedroom, 
rather than methods for killing him. Once you GET there, all the same tricks 

Go into the servants quarters though the door on the front, near where the 
laundry is hanging up to dry. In the rain. At night. Hang a left into the room
with the furnace, and turn it off. You can grab the gas can here if you want 

Quickly head out, through the next room, and into the room with 2-3 guards. 
They will get suspicious, but if you walk you should be able to make it by 
them up the stairs. On the way, the girl in the absurd outfit (anyone else 
think they look like some weird hentai version of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and
the Beast?) should pass you on her way downstairs. You can grab the poison from
the nearby room if you need it, if you haven't already gotten it by climbing in
and out the window.

Go through the room with the running shower, and open the secret door behind 
the mirror. At the top is a door into the target's room.

The Lord periodically gets up to use the bathroom, and also to have a glass of 
milk. Your options are to either shoot him with the silenced pistol, sneak 
behind him and wire him while he's up and about, smother him with the nearby red
pillow, or poison his glass of milk. All of these options should work without 
waking his lady friend.

When done, you will have to go out through the attack as described in method A, 
as the girl in the shower will be back by now.

PROS- Enables you to snuff him without a gunshot.
CONS- None, really.

FOURTH CHALLENGE-	The son and heir
METHOD A- 		the old standby
Get the poison from the far side of the house. The easiest way is to simply 
climb in the window near the hanging sheets, and climb back out. Alastair keeps
repeatedly ordering more whiskey, so at some point, make your way to the 
southeastern corner spiral stair, and go down to the basement. Make sure the 
guard on the other side of the basement isn't looking, and that the butler 
isn't right behind you.

Now poison the caske. You can now go about your business, and eventually, 
Alastair will snuff it.

PROS- Enables you to snuff him without a gunshot.
CONS- Takes a while. It's surprisingly easy to be caught poisoning the whiskey.

METHOD B-		the butler did it.
Make your way to the same spiral stair I describe above, but this time, wait 
for the butler to come past, and pounce on him. Either syringe or wire him, 
and take his clothes and the caraf. Fill the caraf and poison it, and then go 
uptairs. You'll have to stand behind Alastair and his friend for a while, and
wait for him to ask for more whiskey. Don't let them get a good look at you, 
because the subterfuge won't last.

Pour him his drink when asks, and make your exit. Assuming you only knocked 
the butler out, change back into your prior outfit before he wakes up.

PROS- Faster and more hands-on than above.
CONS- Sometimes guards wander in and see through your disguise.

METHOD C-		where there's fire...
Grab one of the two gas cans from either out front by the car, or the room with
the hot water heater. Make your way up to the attic. The best route is probably
that described in third challenge; method C, since few people will see you 
lugging the can around.

Once in the attic, huck it down the chimney.

PROS- It's fun! It's also the best way to get Alastair's friend's gun off him
	without ruining your rating.
CONS- They find the body really quick, and the guards tend to run around 
	frantically for a while afterward. If they bump into you, they may
	blow your cover.

I got SA my first time through. I shot a groundskeeper for his uniform, then 
poisoned the horses, poisoned the Lord, and poisoned Alastair. After planting
the last poison I ran to the exit, so the mission ended before anybody found 
the body.

You can make it cleaner by using the wire to get a disguise at the begining.
Just remember that if you knock-out the butler or stable boy, to change back
into your original disguise before they wake. You get dual Magnums for your

Enforcer-	A nice sniper rifle. There's one on an enemy and one in a 
		cabinet. You can leave with it by wearing an outdoor guard 
Shotgun-	All over the place. You can leave with it by wearing an outdoor
		guard uniform.
Sawed-off-	On the Lord and his son.
Gold D.eagle-	On the son's friend. Use the gas can to acquire it.
GK17-		On the inside guards. Seems to be an analog of the 9mm pistol 
		from 2.
Pool cue-	Upstairs. Not useful, and I dunno how to go anywhere with it. 
		And again, I don't really care.

Bikers, bikers, and more bikers.

1. You can tell the difference between fully-fledged bikers and the junior biker
	scouts by their jackets. The big boys have the full logo on the back, 
	but the prospects are missing the word, "flaming."
2. Nobody seems to be allowed in the counterfeit printing room. In fact, just
	avoid any room on the first floor of the factory with people in it.
3. These guys all walk a bit faster than you can sneak, so forget sneaking up
	behind anybody who isn't standing still.
4. The REALLY big bald guys with the tattoos guard doors. Usually, you won't be
	able to get past them dressed as a gang member.
5. Making your exit is pretty easy. If you take out the guy in the booth near
	the gate, you can open the gate there and get out that way. Otherwise,
	make your way back through the factory without getting too close to
	anybody. It's really not hard if you use the map to keep track of the

BIKER PROSPECT- Good enough, but you can't go inside on the second floor. The 
	one advantage of this disguise over the real biker get-up is that you 
	seem to attract less attention when trying to slip into the basement.
BIKER- There's a couple variations, but the best seems to be one with a helmet.
	Although some bikers carry visible AK74's, the best weapon to sport is
	none at all.
REPORTER- The reporter is completely above suspicion in the few places he's
	allowed to go.

FIRST CHALLENGE-        Getting a disguise
METHOD A-		stealth
Get out of the hideout and run over toward the truck. You'll see two bikers
walk around it and go inside. Follow the last one, and start sneaking when you
pass the doorway. Break right, and go through the door, then turn left and go up
the stairs. You're now basically following the first of the two bikers that
walked inside. Take a look at the map at the top of the stairs, and you'll see
your path is clear of to the (!) point. 

Make your way there, and sneak, hugging the shelves in the center, and change
into the clothes lying on the floor.

PROS- Completely clean.
CONS- None.

METHOD B-		violence
Of the two bikers who walk inside from near the truck, shoot the second one with
the silenced pistol. Drag his corpse way back into the alleyway, otherwise the
bikers will find it when they come back out to walk near the truck.

PROS- Easy.
CONS- Costs you a gunshot and a kill. 

METHOD C-		running like hell
I actually discovered this method myself. It was the first thing I tried doing
when I played the map. However, for some reason, when I went to the gate, the
bikers didn't open it for me, and going back through the factory doesn't work,
so I gave up on it. Quite a few people wrote to me about it, so I tried again.

At the start, run like hell out the right-hand door, and waaaaaaay around the
other side of the map, where you'll find the reporter hanging out. Run up and
jab him with your needle. No need to bother sneaking up; like most innocents,
he'll simply scream and run away, and guess who runs faster?

Quickly change into his clothes and grab the envelope. Drop all your guns and
knives, and walk over past the gate. They should open it for you, but, as I 
mentioned, sometimes they don't, or it takes a while. You'll be frisked after
you enter.

PROS- Something different.
CONS- The problem with this method is that you really have to RUN to do the
	entire rest of the mission before he wakes up. I reccomend talking to
	the bartender, wiring the leader as he opens the safe, then running
	down the stairs to the basement, and changing into the spare uniform.
	See below for more details.

SECOND CHALLENGE- 	Killing the prisoner
When disguised as a biker, make for the basement entrance. This part works a 
little funny. If you're dressed as a PROSPECT, it's easier to get past the guy
who guards the top of the stairs. If you're dressed as a BIKER, you can move 
around IN the basement without being shot. Either is workable.

If you're having trouble sneaking past the guy at the top of the stairs, you can
distract him by shutting off the crane in the garage, or shutting off the power
to the crane. The downside to this trick is that it causes an alert.

Once you go down the stairs, peek through the keyhole to see if anybody is
coming your way. If not, you should be able to safely pick the lock as long as
the guy at the top of the stairs isn't looking. If someone IS coming, either
before or AFTER you pick the lock, hide to the left of the door. If a biker has
walked out from the basement and gone up the stairs, do NOT pick the lock until
he goes back inside.

You can also get down here from the top floor via the stairs if dressed as the
reporter, but you have to make doubly sure not to be spotted.

Once in, it's a good idea to stay out of sight, regardless of your disguise. 
Turning off the power in the first room causes the biker in the room with the
target to come to you. It's not really useful, though.

Three bikers walk through here, although one frequently walks upstairs, so you
should be able to pretty easily use the map to get around. I reccomend stopping
only in the rooms with the (!) and the room with the power switch. Wandering
patrollers sometimes go into some of the other rooms.

When the coast is clear, run from the power room to the room with the dead 
bodies. If you do not yet have a proper biker disguise, you can take one off the
corpse here. 

Again, when the coast is clear, run into the room with the prisoner. You can 
obviously either shoot or knife him, but both of these options cause an alert
when the guard comes back and finds the body. Instead, turn on the electric
chair, and just leave. Again, on the way out. use the map to make sure the coast
is clear and hide in the side rooms if you need to.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Upstairsification
METHOD A- 		sneaky pete
Go into the large open warehouse area on the left. It doesn't matter which 
disguise you are sporting. In here, you'll find a power switch, and a large goon
guarding a door.

Throw the switch, and the goon will come to investigate. Run around behind the
boxes so that you don't bump into him on his way to the switch, and go out the
door he was guarding. Right beside the door is a ladder for you to scale. At the
top there's a door into the third floor.

PROS- Sneaky, and doesn't require any particular outfit.
CONS- None, really.

METHOD B-		a mild mannered reporter
Once you're clad as a full-fledged biker, head in through the garage where the
blue car is up on the crane. See the above challenge for the stealthiest way to
get a proper biker disguise. Also, there's a guy in the booth by the gate in the
fence who is quite easy to take out, and nobody finds his corpse.

Go on through the garage, and head past the bar to the bathrooms. A biker will
occasionally go into the stall on the left, so just give him a wide berth if 
he's there. The reporter will come and throw up in the stall on the right. Make
sure there's no bikers on the way, and sneak in behind him. Jab him with your
syringe and take his clothes and envelope. Drop all blades and guns that you
might have on you.

Go and talk to bartender, and he'll lead you upstairs to the boss's office.
Remember to go back to the bathroom and change back into your prior outfit 
before he wakes up.

PROS- Stylish and sneaky.
CONS- Timing is tricky, and you run the risk of the reporter waking up before
	you're done.

METHOD C- 		the old fashioned way
If you have a proper biker costume, you can get to the third floor by simply
taking the stairs up from the basement. Don't try to go from the second floor
because the big bald guy is guarding the door. 

PROS- Direct!
CONS- It's surprisingly easy to run into a biker in the stairs and blow your

FOURTH CHALLENGE-	Killing yourself a biker
METHOD A-		deep cover
When disguised as the reporter, you will be led to the target's office. You can
either sneak behind him and throttle him as he goes to the safe, or simply 
complete the buy, and then find another way to kill him.

PROS- Pretty cool, and one of the cleanest ways to do it.
CONS- None, really.

METHOD B-		some seriously powerful poison
Thanks to Chaknor for finally helping me find the actual poison. It's in the
alley between the factory and the yard, between the two dumpsters. Just a small
box of rat poison.

Once you've got it, make your way to the corner room with the tattoo equipment
and poison the small pot of ink on the table. Eventually, the leader will come
in here to get a tattoo, and he'll be killed.

If you came up disguised as the reporter, it works out very well if you complete
the buy with the leader, then run over here and poison the ink.

PROS- Nonconfrontational.
CONS- Sort of silly. Plus, the tattooist brings up the bartender, who runs 
	around the floor for quite some time looking for you. It's also pretty
	tricky to get the combination off him and then get the photos afterward.

METHOD C-		interception
The leader occasionally strolls around the top floor to get some tattoo work 
done. He walks a bit too fast to sneak up behind, but if you hide in the side
room with the chain-link fence, you can step out and drill him from behind with
the silenced pistol. Remember to hide him, in case the bartender comes up look-
ing for him. Don't forget to take his combination and go get the photos.

He follows a pretty predictable pattern up here, so you should be able to think
of a dozen different ways to kill him, since he's unguarded.

PROS- Relatively simple. You don't have to worry about timing issues.
CONS- Costs a gunshot. It also only works if you get to the top floor with a
	weapon, and pretty early. Too late and the reporter will make the buy.

Pretty easy, really. It's possible to get your first costume without any alerts
or kills, and then get the upgrade costume off the corpse in the basement. If
you then knock-out the reporter and replace him, you can throttle the leader,
grab the photos, and make a quick exit. You get dual silenced SG220s for it.

Druganov-	In the basement. VERY hard to get out with it.
AK-74-		In the basement and on a few guards. Despite the fact that some
		guys have it, they seem to go ape if they see you carrying it.
Magnum 500-	On most bikers, in the basement.
Sawed-off-	On some bikers, in the basement.
Knife-		In the basement.
Gold d.Eagle-	On the target.

                         MISSION 6- DEADLY CARGO
A combination of two missions from the first game, this is the most radically
altered of the retreads. You had to kill something like 20 people total between
the two original missions, so almost nothing from the original missions works
the same way.

1. If the stuff hits the fan too early, the cops will storm the boat, and Boris
	will arm the device. From then, you have what seems like 5-10 minutes
	before the cops give him a get-away copter.
2. If you disarm the bomb before the copter arrives, it never seems to land.

BIKER- Helps you blend in around the bar, but ultimately pretty useless.
DOCKWORKER- Pretty good. You'll be allowed into the guarded area after being
	frisked, but the boat seems to be off limits. A good transitional 
COP- Makes life pretty easy in the early part of the docks, but obviously can't
	go near the boat. Can, however, move with impunity in the two ware-
	houses occupied by SWAT guys. Again, a transitional disguise.
SWAT- Much like the cop disguise, but you get to carry an M4. More on this
BORIS' GUARDS- If you make it to the boat without setting off the SWAT ambush,
	this is the disguise to have if you want to move about on board. You
	can carry an AK visibly.

At the start, simply walk into the bar and find your way to the dancer standing
in the front room. Talk to her, and she'll distrct the guy out by the car. You
can place the GPS on it while she's dancing.

This is actually OPTIONAL based on how the rest of the mission goes.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	The art of disguise
METHOD A- 		because we haven't poisoned anyone in a couple hours
Watch the upstairs map and you'll see a couple bikers in the halls up there.
When the coast is clear, run up to the bathroom upstairs and grab the rat 
poison. The bikers here will shoo you away if they see you, but may open fire
if you dilly-dally.

Take a look at the basement map, and you'll see a biker down there who some-
times walks into a side room. When he's going in there, go down the stairs and
poison the bottle of whiskey on the shelf. Eventually, the bartender will serve
it to one of the dockworkers, who will go upstairs to an unused room to die.

When the upstairs hall is clear of bikers, head up and grab his clothes.

PROS- Keeps you bsuy.
CONS- Kills an innocent, even though it doesn't technically count. Plus, it's 
	quite a lot to go through for a relatively weak disguise.

METHOD B- 		officer hitman
Two ways to go here. The first is run to the power symbol and shut off the tv
signal. The cop in the booth by the gate will come to investigate, and you can
either knock him out or slip by him. Alternatively, go down to the basement of
the strip club, and out the side door. This takes you to an open area, and then
to a bypass hallway that puts you out by the trucks. Hang a left behind the 
truck and sneak toward the side door into the police station. The only real
problem is the cop who sometimes comes out of that very door. 

I strongly reccomend using the bypass hallway, and saving at the other end.

With luck, you can get to the side door and park yourself to the right of it
before he emerges. Sneak inside as he walks away. If you're lucky with the 
timing, the other cop will be in the bathroom, so run to the locker room and 
take the spare uniform.

PROS- Nice and stealthy!
CONS- Kind of tricky, since the main cop you have to worry about isn't even
	on the same map as you.

METHOD C- 		dock dock goose
Two ways to go here. The first is run to the power symbol and shut off the tv
signal. The cop in the booth by the gate will come to investigate, and you can
either knock him out or slip by him. Alternatively, go down to the basement of
the strip club, and out the side door. This takes you to an open area, and then
to a bypass hallway that puts you out by the trucks. There's a cop who likes to
stop right near where you are, so make sure he's walking away or not there, and
run down the dock. As you get away from the first few cops, move left and duck
around behind the back of the little shack, so that the cop down here doesn't
see you.

Inside the shack, you will find a spare dock-worker outfit. Remember not to let
the cop see you on your way out either, or you'll be asked to leave. If you plan
to go directly toward the ship, leave your guns here. There is a tool-box here,
in which you can stash one weapon, but it isn't nessecary. You've really only
got two choices for disguises for the rest of the mission; One requires no
weapon and the other comes with one.

PROS- Stealthy and pretty easy.
CONS- Still not the greatest disguise.

METHOD D- 		TV rots your brain
Run to the power symbol and shut off the TV signal. When the cop comes to turn
it back on, knock him out. Just be sure you can make it to one of the free
disguises before you wake up.

PROS- Probably the easiest option.
CONS- You won't be able to get a SWAT outfit without killing someone, but you 
	can make it to the free thug or dockworker disguise with ample time to
	spare. For info on reaching the thug disguise, read method A of the 
	next challenge.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Boaties is fun
METHOD A-		looking good in black
If you're disguised as the cop, go out the other end of the station, and into 
the back door of the middle warehouse. If dressed as the dockworker, go into
the area near Boris' ship (warning; you will be frisked!) and down the sewer/
tunnel entrance. From there, emerge in the middle warehouse. Either way, hide 
from the thug who patrols the small room, and get to the stairs north of him.

Up those stairs, you should find a suit of their clothes lying on a box. If
you're having trouble sneaking past the first guard, feel free to take him out
or syrringe him.

Don them and sneak back out. You won't have an AK, but you'll be able to pass
for a guard anyway. Simply stroll onto the boat and head for the kitchen. Hide
yourself behind the counter, and pick up the knife if you want. Eventually, 
Boris will come stand in here, primed for the slicing or wiring. Alternatively,
he also stops in a room on the second floor. He's somewhat easier to ambush 
there, so if nothing else, you can just trail him up from the kitchen. The
upstairs room does a better job of concealing the corpse. Now simply walk back
off the boat and off the level.

PROS- Very, very clean
CONS- None, really

METHOD B-		squad-based tic-tacs
Once disguised as a cop, make your way into either of the warehouses with SWAT
guys in them. They'll get a little suspicious of you, but not so much that 
they'll open fire, unless you try to go up on the roof, or into the room marked
(!) in the first warehouse.

There's no spare uniform, so you'll have to make one. Take your pick of SWATies
and stand right where they stop on their short patrols, in the stealth position.
It's damn near impossible to sneak up on the SWAT guys, so you'll have to do it
this way. When your target walks up to you and turns his back, jab him with your
needle and take his kit. Tuck the body behind a convenient box, too.

If this is too hard for you, go to the western 2nd floor of the northernmost
warehouse. There is a SWAT guy in a room with some computers who will see past
your disguise if you let him, but he's very easy to sneak behind and KO.

As soon as you don the disguise, you'll hear over the headset radio that the
SWAT teams are about to move in. 

If you're out for silent assassin, hang back from your squad and let them take
care of all the guards. However, if you're just out for fun, try keeping up with
them and shooting any guards that get in the way. A little while after the SWAT
teams "initiate phase two", Boris will arm the device and make his threat. When
this happens, make your way quickly to the cargo container with the car, and
disarm the bomb. You will get a message that your cover is blown, but it won't

Once the bomb is disarmed, go to the northern cargo hold, and through the door
at the north end. Up the stairs, then up the ladder, and you'll find a set of
stairs with a SWAT guy at the top. Go up them, and turn left. You'll find a set
of stairs and a ladder up to the bridge. Go up the LADDER, and you'll be able
to sneak into the bridge and get behind Boris. Wire him, and make your exit. 

If something goes wrong, and you hear "we're been infiltrated", grab Boris'
detonator, and nobody will mess with you as you run to the exit. 

PROS- Very cool. The best part is you can be as stealthy or aggressive as you
	want to be while still maintaining your cover, plus walking out with the
	detonator held high is just awesome.
CONS- Things can get hairy if you run into live thugs onboard.	

METHOD C-		because it's there
There's this wonderful sniper spot just begging to be used. So let's use it.
Once dressed as a cop, make your way to the southernmost warehouse and go up-
stairs on the western side. Go up the ladder.

Alas, before the SWAT team moves in, the sniper faces the ladder, and will 
attack you regardless of your disguise. If you're not concerned with ratings,
just draw your silenced pistol as you scale the ladder. The instant he moves
(if he can see you, you can shoot him!) plug him. Grab his rifle and let Boris
have it when he crosses the balcony on the front of the bridge.

If you're looking to do this with SA, it can be done, but it's not pretty. The
only way to get the sniper to turn around is to get the SWATs to invade, but if
they do it before you disarm the bomb, then you can't shoot Boris from here.

Start out with a cop disguise, and then get a black outfit ala Method A. Board
the boat and disarm the bomb. Leave, without worrying about Boris, and go back
to the cop disguise you just changed out of. Change back (sneaking out past the
guard if he's still awake) and go to the southern warehouse. The best way I've
found to start the SWAT team moving without doning a uniform is to run off one
of the 2nd story ledges in either SWAT-occupied warehouse. I don't know why, but
that sets them off. Once they're moving, go up the ladder and KO the sniper.

After Boris addresses his admiring public, you'll have a narrow shot at the top
of his head in the bridge. Blam-o! Now let's get outta here.

PROS- The only Pro is that this is the cleanest way I know to obtain the R93.
CONS- Either you have to kill an innocent, or take a VERY round-about route.

Either of the plans I present can get Silent Assassin, both with zeroes across
the board. A pretty easy SA, really, once you learn how to get to all the free
disguises. A silenced M4 is your reward.

AK-74-		On Boris' men.
Sawed-off-	On some bikers.
Magnum 500-	On some bikers and Boris.
M4 carbine-	On the SWAT guys, and in the northern warehouse. You can take it
		with you if you're in the SWAT outfit.
GK17-		Cops, also in the police station.
R93 sniper-	On the SWAT sniper. See Method C for how to get it. You can 
		sneak it off the map if you are very careful.
M60-		Carried by the SWAT member on the chopper. You can snipe him to
		make him drop it.

                       MISSION 7- TRADITIONS OF THE TRADE
This was my favorite mission in the first game because it was the only one you
could really do cleanly, which, unfortunately, means it has changed very
little since then. There's a couple new features, but they really don't change
the mission much.

1. The western elevator only has a metal detector at the 2nd floor. The 1st and
	3rd floors are clear.
2. There's a balcony skirting the outside edge of the lobby connecting the two
	wings of the hotel which is also clear of metal detectors.
3. The northeastern staircase in the east wing is clear of metal detectors on
	all floors. Using these three avenues, you can move anywhere you want
	in the hotel, carrying whatever you wish.
4. You can get a knife from the crime scene by going down the northeastern
	stairs and sneaking behind the cop guarding the door. If you need a cop
	uniform, this is also the easiest place to get it. There is a cop 
	outfit lying on the bed in the nearby room, but I've been unable to 
	reach it without being spotty.
5. If you really want the shotgun, you can get it via methods E and F of the
	first challenge.
6. The two kills can be done in any order.
7. There's really no need for a gun on this level.
8. Lamajazz points out that there's another bottle of poison in room 208. You
	can get it using the master key.

NONE- Really the best disguise for this mission is none at all.
SECURITY- You can walk through metal detectors while armed, and enter the
	security office. Probably the best way to use this outfit is to knock
	out the victim, turn off the detectors, then change back into what you
	had on before he wakes up. The other perk is that you can use it walk
	around with the bomb, sans case.
THUGS- No discernable difference from your own suit.
BELL-HOP- Semi-useful for one purpose.

FIRST CHALLENGE-	Death of a dentist
METHOD A-		notice there is no p in it
Unlike last time, the bath area is locked off. The door on the right is guard-
ed, but the one on the left if clear. A guard does occasionally come to look at
it, but if you wait until he's just been, you can pick the lock safely. Head on
in, and through the locker area. The guard here should have his back to you, so
sneak out and jab him with your syrringe.

Bring out your wire, and sneak up behind the target floating in the pool. Use
the wire to drown him, and grab the x-ray room key. You don't need to worry
about the unconscious guard being found, and he doesn't seem to find the corpse
when he wakes up.

PROS- Floating in the pool is what Fritz does for most of the mission, and this
	is the cleanest way to get him while he's there. 
CONS- None, really.

METHOD B-		old school
Unlike last time, the bath area is locked off. The door on the right is guard-
ed, but the one on the left if clear. A guard does occasionally come to look at
it, but if you wait until he's just been, you can pick the lock safely. Head on
in, and through the locker area. Wait here until Fritz gets out of the pool.
This could take a LONG time, especially if you come here first thing on the 

The guard here should have his back to you, but unlike the last method, we can
simply sneak past him. While he's looking northward, sneak out and go around 
toward the sauna room marked with a (!). Fritz should already be in there, but
it doesn't matter if he sees you. He doesn't seem to react to your presence.

Turn the handle to give him a lethal overdose of steam. Those things can be
dangerous to guys with heart conditions. Grab the key when you're done, and
retrace your steps to get out.

PROS- Has that old-skool flavah! Actually a little cleaner than method A, since
	you can save your syrringe for elsewhere, and nobody will EVER find
	the body.
CONS- Hard to time since the target spends SO long in the pool compared to the
	amount of time he spends in the sauna.

METHOD C- 		slippery when dead
Follow method B's plan, but instead of sneaking into the sauna, sneak into the
western changing room. In here, you can ambush Fritz from behind when he's in
the shower, or changing, or just walking. It's quite easy since he doesn't seem
to mind your presence at all.

Bonus points if you kill him in the shower with the knife.

PROS- Can be as clean as method B, and it's easier to sneak in here than to the
	sauna room.
CONS- Again, hard to time unless you don't mind waiting for him to get out of
	the pool.

METHOD D- 		beware of falling bullets
Once you have a firearm, go onto the roof from the third floor eatern wing. 
The easiest way is to get the gun in Franz's room and go up the northeastern
stairs and out the door to the roof. There's an open skylight here through
which you can see Fritz if he's still in the pool. Plug him with the firearm of
your choice, but be advised the guard down there will hear anything that isn't

Using the silenced pistol, he doesn't seem to notice, and never even finds the

PROS- None, really.
CONS- Messier than other methods, and you still have to break into the pool 
	area via method A to get the damn key.

METHOD E- 		drink with the fishes
Go onto the roof, and over to the windows leading into the dentists office.
Sneak through the one on the right, and grab the poison. Sneak out again, and
make your way aaaaaaall the way around to the bar. Talk to the bartender, and
he'll decide to take a break. When the cop here has his back to you, slip into
the back room and poison the whiskey.

If you want to get the shotgun, now is your chance. Sneak, and pick the lock on
the door through to the flower shop. Grab the box, and sneak back out. You DO
need to sneak back here, or sometimes the cops develope psychic powers, and see
you through the walls. 

Anyway, eventually, the good dentist will drink his fill and keel over.

The only hard part is getting the key. I went out next to the body, and crouch-
ed down innocently next to it like I was tying my shoe, and waiting until no-
body was looking, and grabbed it. It is possible to do without being seen. The
only person you really have to worry about is the cop.

PROS- Something different. Relatively clean, too. The nice part is you can just
	drop the poison and get on with the rest of the mission, and not have 
	to worry about timing.
CONS- Getting the key is tricky, and it's pretty round-about to have to go all
	the way up to the office, then back down to get the key.

METHOD F- 		drink with the fishes 2
Go onto the roof, and over to the windows leading into the dentists office.
Sneak through the one on the right, and grab the poison. 

Go out to the area in front of the flower shop, and you'll see a cop guarding
the entrance to the conference room. Eventually, the woman on the cel phone 
will walk up to him and talk to him, taking him a few precious steps away from
the door. You can use this chance to sneak to the door, pick the lock, and make
your away around to the room with the bottle of whiskey. Poison it.

If you want to get the shotgun, now is your chance. Sneak, and pick the lock on
the door through to the flower shop. Grab the box, and sneak back out. You DO
need to sneak back here, or sometimes the cops develope psychic powers, and see
you through the walls. 

Anyway, eventually, the good dentist will drink his fill and keel over.

The only hard part is getting the key. I went out next to the body, and crouch-
ed down innocently next to it like I was tying my shoe, and waiting until no-
body was looking, and grabbed it. It is possible to do without being seen. The
only person you really have to worry about is the cop.

PROS- Something different. Relatively clean, too. The nice part is you can just
	drop the poison and get on with the rest of the mission, and not have 
	to worry about timing.
CONS- Getting the key is tricky, and it's pretty round-about to have to go all
	the way up to the office, then back down to get the key.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Death of a man in a thong
METHOD A-		old reliable
Find yourself a bell-hop and start trailing him. When he goes into a room to
clean it, he leaves the master key in the door. Sneak, make sure nobody is
looking and grab it.

Go to the room to the LEFT of Wulff/Fuchs' room, and let yourself in. Go out on
the balcony, and you'll most likely see a bodyguard on the next balcony over.
If you don't, wait until one appears. When he goes back inside, jump over to 
his balcony, and sneak in through the door. Wire/knife/syrringe him, and take
whatever booty you desire.

As long as you were quiet enough, the target should still be showering with
his back to you. Sneak in and wire/knife him, then grab the bombcase and get
out the way you came in.

PROS- Classic. Clean, too!
CONS- A little boring. As cool as this hit is, I've done it before.

METHOD B-		a towel obstruction
Near Fuchs' room is a supply closet. You can get in either by picking the lock,
or using a bell-hop's master key. Change into the bell-hop uniform and grab the

Walk up to Fuchs' room and bring up your map. As soon as the guard inside goes
onto the balcony, talk to the door guard. Once inside, sneak into the bathroom
and wire/knife Fuchs. You probably won't get the time to do anything else 
before they throw you out.

PROS- It actually works for killing the target, unlike in the first game.
CONS- There's no way to get out with the bombcase. You have to go get it via
	method a, thus defeating the entire point, or carry the bomb out SANS
	case in the security outfit.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Death of not having the bomb
Once you have the key, and either the case or a guard's uniform, go up to the 
third floor and out onto the roof. Watch the third floor map to see what the 2
guys in the dentists' office are doing. As soon as the one in the nearer room 
stops, climb in through the left-hand window, and make for the door on the left,
into an empty room. If you still have your syrringe, or you simply don't care,
feel free to dispose of these two guys in the manner of your chosing, so long 
as it's quiet enough not to attract attention.

Once in the empty room, watch the map again, and when the next guy is looking
out the window, sneak into his room, and into the x-ray room.

Once you have the bomb, retrace your steps out. It's not TOO hard to sneak past
both these guys without shooting them. Either the bomb isn't made of metal, or
the case somehow shields it from the detectors. Feel free to simply run out the
front door with it.

Try NOT to get it. You can get straight zeroes by killing the dentist in the
sauna and using the balconies to get to his brother. It's really pretty easy.

SPAS-12-	In the flower-shop. As with most of the guns on this level, 
		you can't really take them with you at the end because of the
		damn metal detectors, unless of course you either wear a guard's
		clothes, or turn them off.
GK17-		On the security guys and in the security office.
SG220.S-	In Fuchs/Wulff's room.
Magnum 500-	On the thugs.
Knife-		Murder scene.
WA-2000-	Start with it. To keep it; run to near the exit at the very 
		start of the mission, and unpack it. Drop it, and then pick it
		up again at the end. Hitman will drop the case, but you can
		just grab it again, and he'll put the rifle under his arm.

                       MISSION 8- SLAYING A DRAGON
It's nice that there's a little more to this mission than the original, but
it's still way too simple for a game with so few missions.

1. Try not to beat it too quickly, so you get your money's worth.
2. There's a building you can enter with green lanterns outside. It has a few
	stories, and some fun stuff inside, including the car-bomb. 

NONE- Just fine, unless you want to get in the park. 
BLUE LOTUS- Not as useful as you'd might think. You can walk into the park with
	a weapon, but that's not as useful as you might think. You need this
	outfit to plant the car-bomb, but who knows what the point of that is?
	Despite the fact that some of them have AK's, you're not allowed to
	caarry one.
GARDENER- Quite useful. See below.

FIRST CHALLENGE-	Pretty much the entire mission
METHOD A-		tea for two
One new wrinkle on this mission is that the target drinks tea during the meet-
ing. In the sewer nearest to where you start is a box of rat poison. Near that
same sewer at the VERY start of the mission is a man in a hat. Run over and jab
him the neck with your needle.

Sometimes, a civilian will see you and freak out, but he never tells anybody.
Hey, the only guards around are Triads. Would YOU tell them?

Alternatively, sometimes, the group of Lotuses (Lotii?) near the car will hear
the gardener's yell and spot you. Just restart if it happens.

If you're having trouble getting that gardener, there's one who occasionally
stands near an open sewer to the west, and a spare gardener's outfit on the top
floor of the apartment building.

Drag the body into the sewer, grab the poison, change clothes, and drop all 
guns and knives. Climb out, and walk into the park. After the frisking, find 
the tea. Feel free to crouch by the grass and pretend you're picking weeds 
until the target walks away from it, then scurry over and poison it. Nobody
looks at the tea, so if the two negotiators are on the other side of the 
pagoda, you should be free and clear.

You can also do this if you're dressed as Blue Lotus. 

PROS- Sneaky, and very clean.
CONS- Seems way too easy, otherwise, none.

METHOD B-		okay, I'm padding this out
Infiltrate the park as discussed above. The two negotiators walk halfway around
the pagoda, then split up. When they do this, the red guy stands by himself for
a little while, before walking to have some tea. As soon as they split, follow
the red guy and wire him, or shoot him with the silenced pistol if you've got
one. Now leave.

Sort of a depressingly simply mission, isn't it?

PROS- A little more hands-on.
CONS- There's a chance a gardener will notice you with a weapon and scream.

METHOD C-		original flavor
You'll see a lotus member hanging out in an alley by a ladder. He patrols very
slowly, so it'll take some patience, but get behind him and wire him. You can
also shoot him, but that requires some patience too, since you have to wait for
him to move further back in the alley so he won't be seen.

Climb up the ladder, and open up your suitcase. I reccomend you zoom in with 
the binoculars first to try and get your barings. You should be able to find 
the little table with the tea on it. That's probably the best place to wait for
the target to appear, since he stops there. Drill him as soon as he's stopped.

The catch is that a helicopter will come and try to find the sniper. The gunner
has an M60, which you don't want to get shot with. Drop the rifle and hang out
where you are, so that the big yellow sign masks your presence. Climb down when
it flies away again, and get outta there.

PROS- An interesting challenge.
CONS- Kind of hard to see where you're shooting, and you have to deal with the
	guard to get up there, and dodging the helicopter can be a pain.

METHOD D-		sniping made simple
There's a set of stairs leading to a raised area north of the park. You can 
snipe the red dragon from there, but there's a couple of catches.

First, the sniper in the apartment building window tends to see you do it. The
simple answer to this is to countersnipe him before he clues in. The other 
problem is that you have to unpack the gun on level ground, which means pretty 
far away from where you take the shot.

PROS- Relatively easy for the impatient.
CONS- Taking the shot without being spotted is pretty inconsistant, plus the 
	other drawbacks I mentioned.

A lot of people wrote to tell me about the car-bomb, but they didn't tell me
anything I didn't already know. The first time I tried it, I planted the bomb
but lost the mission as soon as the red dragon fled the park. Go fig.

Anyhoo, there's a car-bomb in the apartment complex. You can either pistol-KO or
syringe the innocent in the room, or just run there really fast at the begining
and beat him there. Either way, get the bomb and remote. Say, how innocent IS
this guy up here making bombs in a room full of machine gun ammo?

Now we need a blue lotus disguise. There's 3 to consider. The first is the one
discussed in Method C. #2 sometimes goes around behind the apartment building to
piddle by a sewer. You can syringe him and drag him into the grate, but some-
times the civilians see you. #3 is the guy in the hall in the apartment. You can
surprise him from the stairs and drop him with a shot to the face. Anyway, once
attired, go to the SOUTHERN limo, and plant the bomb.

Now, the hard part; making the target leave. The only reliable way is to fire a
shot from a noisy weapon INTO the park, which pretty much means you're going to
have to get to one of the sniper locations, and if you're going to do that, you
might as well have sniped the guy, eh?

Anyway, once he's in his limo, press the button and 'splode it. 

PROS- Makes an interesting challenge.
CONS- Dressing up as a blue lotus makes this mission harder than it needs to be.
	Also, it's really sloppy. You're looking at an alert and a gunshot just
	to make the negotiator run away before you've even blown anything up.

METHOD F-		a better bomb
Plant the car bomb on the SOUTHERN limo as per Method E. Now, explode it 
immediately. Yeah, you heard me. Immediately. Is it exploded yet? Good.

Now, the red dragon will run away to the top floor of the apartment complex.
Make sure you're either not carrying the AK, or have changed back into your
civvies and go up to the top floor. He's waiting in the end room facing the
door. He'll bolt as soon as he sees you and run into the hall, then oddly turn
back and draw his gun, blowing your cover. 

I had a bizarre glitch where I shot him multiple times in the head and he didn't
react at all, so if you're going to shoot him, let him start moving first.

Alternatively, draw the wire before opening the door, and move to the right as
you open it. Then you can drop the wire on him just as he runs past you.

PROS- Much cleaner than the other way of using the bomb. Also, this is the
	cleanest way to make the helicopter appear if you're trying to get SA
	and obtain the M60.
CONS- Still more trouble than the methods that DON'T involve using the bomb.

Any method works, but the cleanest way would be to use the poison wearing the
spare gardener's outfit from the apartment complex.

GK17-		On some of the lotus members.
Magnum 500-	On the red negotiator.
Micro Uzi-	On most of the lotus members.
AK74-		On most of the lotus members. Getting out with it is quite a
		trick since they'll open fire on you. The best way is to come at
		the western exit from the north, sneaking as far to the west as
		you can, and slipping behind the 
R93 Sniper-	The 2 snipers have these. The easiest one to get is from the
		guy in the apartment complex. You can smuggle it away easily
		enough by stashing it in the suitcase that stores your W2000.
W2000 sniper-	You start the mission with it.
M60-		On the gunner in the helicopter. Kill him and he drops it.

                       MISSION 9-  THE WANG FOU INCIDENT
It's a bit tricky to break this mission down into challenges, so I'll just list
things you can do, and it'll be up to you to put them all together to add up to
seven blue corpses.

1. The big problem with this mission is the two targets who never leave the 
	little round room. They start there, and they stay there after the car
	leaves. Wierd, huh?
2. I break the targets down as follows; 2 limo guards, (they stand by the limo
	and only enter the resturant to use the bathroom) 2 road guards, (they
	stand way down the road by the exit ramp) 2 inside guards, (they start
	inside and never leave) and the negotiator.

NONE- Just fine if you stay outside.
BLUE LOTUS- Utterly useless. Everybody sees through it.
RED DRAGON- Good, just don't go near the car. Or touch the hair.
DRIVER- Very good for one specific purpose. See below.

OPTION A-		A room full of goodies
The first thing you should do is run to the ladder marked at the map. Climb it,
and sneak along the balcony. Pick the available lock, and you'll find a free
red dragon disguise, a car bomb and remote, and sniper rifle. You can also make
your way into the resturant proper from here. 

KILLS: nobody.

OPTION B-		Old school
After the limo stops, the driver will walk into the alleys across the street
and piddle into an open sewer. When he starts to walk that way, go hide behind
a nearby dumpster, and sneak out and syrringe him. Dump him in the sewer, and
take his clothes. Get the car-bomb first, or after, via option A, and go to the
driver's side door of the limo.

You should be able to plant the bomb. If not, you will need to restart the 
mission. Conveniently, as soon as you do this, and change back into your old
clothes, the lotuses will leave. You must detonate the bomb manually. When it 
goes off, it will kill the negotiator and the two limo guards.

If you wait until it's JUST passing the two guards down the road, you can kill
those guys with the blast, also, leaving only the two guards inside.

KILLS: 2 limo guards, 2 road guards, negotiator.

OPTION C-		Indoors sniping
Go in via method A, and sneak past the guard in the next room, using the 
screens. Go into the large, square room, on the 2nd floor, until you can see the
round room where the targets are. If you're in the right spot, and you aim for
the head of the closer guard, you can actually kill both with one ticket. 

If the negotiator is still here, you can snipe him as he runs out.

This is the only remotely stealthy way I know of to kill the two inside guards,
which is pretty lame, really. What I'd REALLY like to be able to do is put the
car bomb in there.

KILLS: 2 inside guards, optionally negotiator.

OPTION D-		Outdoors sniping
From the cover of an alley, simply snipe the two road guards, starting with the
one on the left. You can pretty much kiss SA good-bye if you do this, since you
need to expend at least one bullet to kill the two inside guards.

KILLS: 2 road guards

OPTION E- 		Up close and personal
Once attired as a dragon, go to the bar area of the resturant and hang out in
the bathroom. Both limo guards do eventually come in here to use the facilities,
but they seem to only do it once, so you'll need to get here very quickly to be
able to do this.

When the first one comes in, wire him, and hide his body as best you can in the
left-most stall. It seems as long as the door is closed, nobody notices the 
body, even if a leg is sticking out.

Eventually, #2 will come in here to pee as well. Give him similar treatment.

KILLS: 2 limo guards

OPTION F-		Long distance wiring
Go down toward the road guards, staying to the left of the road. When you get
close, sneak, and get behind the guy on the left. His friend occassionally 
glances over in your direction, and you need to wait until he does this before
you wire your friend.

Once he's down, drag the body and pull it to the left, to reduce the odds the
other guy will see it if he glances left again. Sneak over behind the remaining
guard and wire him.

KILLS: 2 road guards

OPTION G-		Yet more wiring
Once the negotiator is dead, go inside dressed as the red dragon, via the back
doors. Go into the large resturant area via the northernmost door. The guard 
with his back to the door should ignore you. Make your way thought the empty 
half of the resturant, sneaking past (in front of) the guard facing north, so
that you reach the round area with the targets having snuck BEHIND the two red
dragons nearest the door.

Save. Sneak around the corner and go behind the two targets. With some luck,
neither will see you. Quickly wire one, and then the other. There's a glitch
here with wiring enemies in chairs, that makes it REALLY fast. Again, with luck,
you'll be able to wire both of them without either noticing.

Yes, technically this is the cleanest way to do it, and it kills these two 
guards without having to snipe, but it relies on a glitch, and that seems sort
of cheesey.

KILLS: 2 inside guards

The only way to kill the 2 inside guards is to snipe them. As long as you use
option F or the car bomb to kill the two outside guards, you can get Silent
Assassin. Anyone else think it's really odd that the only way to kill those two
guys without inciting a riot is to snipe them?

It really seems like this level isn't working properly. Oh, how I wish we could
put the car bomb under the table, especially because putting it in the limo
doesn't really accomplish much. I can easily wire the two limo guards AND the
two road guards, so the only guy we kill with the bomb who we can't stealthily
kill another way is the negotiator.

I'm really hoping "fixed missing features in Mission 9" is at the top of the 
list of fixes in the first patch.

AK74-		On some of the red dragons.
WA2000 Sniper-	In the free gear room.
Micro Uzi-	On the lotus guards.
S.Micro Uzi-	On the two lotus members in the resturant.
Keycard-	Used on the first mission, the keycard is on Lee Hong's desk.
		I'll just leave it to you to figure out how to get there without
		a map, but it can be done without impacting your rating.

                       MISSION 10- THE SEAFOOD MASSACRE
Don't let the name of this level deceive you. You don't actually massacre 

1. There is a sniper on a rooftop. You can see him on the outside map. Be very
	wary of him, as he has a bad habit of seeing everything you do.
2. As with all the Hong Kong missions, if you mess up, prepare to have to fight
	EVERY enemy on the map. There's no middle ground here. Silent Assassin
	or Mass Murderer.
3. Those of you used to the first game may have some trouble dropping the 
	amulet since, before, anywhere in the resturant would do. Now you have
	to walk up to the small table at which the two targets where sitting,
	and an option will appear to place it.

NONE- Just fine if you stay outside.
RED DRAGON NEGOTIATOR- Pretty much vital. You can do quite a lot without it, 
	but ultimately, you need to be able to place the amulet, and you can't
	do that without playing dress-up.
CHEF- Works well enough for its one task.

FIRST CHALLENGE-	first things first
It's important to get this out of the way quickly. I don't think there's a
way to do this mission without doing so. Run to where the red dragon guy loads, 
and you'll find he stops to piddle into a sewer opening. Sneak up behind him 
and wire him. Drag him into the sewer, and pick up his clothes and amulet.

I don't actually think there's another place on the map (except maybe the other
sewer, which is out of the question) where the game will count his body as
"hidden." I managed to quietly kill all 3 targets in the resturant once, and it
wouldn't accept hiding him in the bathroom.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	A two-person massacre
METHOD A-		be prepared
From the cover of an alley, shoot the red taxi near the west entranceway. The
two cops nearby will walk over to investigate, so they'll no longer be looking
at the fire-escape ladder. Climb up it, and shimmy in through the window. Drop
your gun of choice. Might as well drop 'em all, actually, including the suit-

Go back down the ladder, and go in through the front door in your red dragon
disguise. Ask the bartender for the bathroom key, and go upstairs. Talk to the
targets to heighten the drama if you like, and go into the bathroom to get your

When you emerge, I reccomend sneaking toward the top of the stairs, and stand-
ing just on the right-hand edge of the very top step. If you switch to first
person view, you should see the two targets more or less lined up.

You can kill both with one shot from the sniper rifle, or quickly drill one and
then the other with the silenced pistol.

Put your guns away BEFORE going to plant the amulet, unless you like being

PROS- Has that classic style.
CONS- Requires two gunshots at least. You can still make Silent Assassion using
	this method, but it's the messier option.

METHOD B-		this round's on me
In the sewer marked with a (!) you will find a box of rat poison. Grab it,
either before or after killing the red dragon.

From the cover of an alley (make doubly sure the sniper can't see you) shoot
the north red taxi with the silenced pistol. Two cops from the resturant's back
area will go to look, and stay by the car for eternity. Scurry down the stairs
to the basement and pick the lock. Inside, you'll find a spare chef's outfit 
and a switch for the gas stove. To avoid having to waste a bullet on the car,
simply run here right at the begining and pick the lock, then run to take out

Tamper with the gas. The chef will come to investigate. The best bet is to 
wait for him in the side room, and sneak out and needle him when he passes you.
Take his clothes and key, and go into the kitchen. The cops here won't pester
you if you're wearing the chef's clothes and use his key. If either one of
those isn't true, shoot the other taxi to distract them.

Remember, if you took the chef's clothes, to change back before he wakes. If 
you knocked him out, but wore the SPARE outfit, then you don't need to worry
about that.

Anyway, once in the kitchen, get very close to the drink tray and poison it.
Pick it up and place it on the counter near the door. Be careful the bartender
doesn't notice you, and ring the bell. Wait behind the door to make sure he
can't see you as he gets the tray. Head back to the basement and retrive your
earlier outfit.

Alternatively, simply wait until the bartender is facing the cop, and sneak
out of the door CARRYING the drink tray. Upstairs, place it on the table, and
drop off the amulet after the targets die. Just make sure the bartender has his
back to the kitchen before you try sneaking back out that way.

Steve Dibbs points out that you can simply place the amulet on the drink tray
before serving it.

PROS- The cleanest option available.
CONS- It's surprisingly easy to be spotted by the bartender in the kitchen.

METHOD C- 		drilling a hole
Once reddie is dead, grab your suitcase, and make your way to the ladder mark
on the lower left-hand corner of the map. Climb up as far as you can, and stop
behind the white banner as soon as you can just barely see the two targtes at
their table. Sneak, and open up the suitcase. 

If you're in the right place, nobody should see you. Zoom in on the targets,
and you'll see that as they talk, they move back and forth. When their heads
are lined up, drill 'em both with a single bullet. If you fail to kill both,
try to quickly tag the surviver before he gets out of the room. Luckily, with
this rifle, anything to the torso will probably be deadly.

Again, you'll still have to go inside to place the amulet.

PROS- Sniping is fun. Also, probably the easiest option.
CONS- Sometimes, an innocent or a cop will notice you or notice the shot. Save
	before you fire.

Again, any of the methods I list work. Sniping is the easiest, and using the
poison is the cleanest.

GK17-		On the cops.
Micro Uzi-	On the blue lotus negotiator.
Magnum 500-	On the chief of police.
SG 2000.S-	On the red dragon negotiator.
R93 Sniper-	The sniper has one.

                      MISSION 11- LEE HONG ASSASSINATION 
Ah, Lee Hong. We had some good times together, didn't we? It's been fun doing
the old missions under the new design scheme, being able to get silent assass-
in on them and find new solutions, but I think, all in all, I'd have had even
MORE fun with new missions.

1. You don't ever want to be in the same place as Lee Hong if you're wearing a
	guard or red dragon outfit. He'll see right through it.
2. The order in which you do this level has a lot to do with where the jade
	thingy loads, so I strongly reccomend freeing the prisoner first. You
	don't have to, and might prefer finding the combination first.
3. Why do they keep making Mei Ling uglier and uglier in each game?
4. Don't try to open any safes until you know which one is which, and have the

NONE- Works fine for most of the common areas, such as the bar and brothel.
RED DRAGON MEMBER- Vital if you want to move around in the basement, the
	resturant proper, or the mansion. Oddly, despite these guys carrying
	AK's, you aren't allowed to.
RED GUARD- Not very useful. They aren't allowed in any of the really sensitive	
	areas, and most of the places they ARE allowed, your own suit works
	just as well.
CHEF- Surprisingly useful. They're allowed in the early parts of the basement,
	and the resturant proper.

FIRST CHALLENGE- 	yes, this clown again
METHOD A- 		sneaky does it
At the start, go to the big back gate and open it. You're allowed to be in this
area, but let's hide behind the trash bins on the left anyway. Eventually, a
guard will emerge. When he goes back in, follow him while sneaking. Take the
stairs down to the basement. 

In the laundry area, ignore the waiter, and grab the spare waiter's uniform 
from the next room over. Go on through the basement until you reach the first
pair of guards guarding a door, and duck through the door on the right to reach
the weapons dept. Stock up if you like, and go through the door at the back,
behind the curtain, into the secret passage. Run through this until you reach
the first side door on the left, and go through it. Sneak, and go through the
next door, to find yourself behind a guard.

Free the agent to discover where the safe is. If you aren't happy with the spot
the only way to reset it is to completely restart the mission. Go back out the
way you came in.

PROS- Super stealthy and clean.
CONS- None, really.

METHOD B-		playing dress-up
At the start, go to the big back gate and open it. You're allowed to be in this
area, but let's hide behind the trash bins on the left anyway. Eventually, a
guard will emerge. Take him out in the manner of your choosing, and stash the
body behind a dumpster. 

Alternatively, go in via the ladder like you did 2 missions ago. There's no
free disguise this time, but a red dragon stands near the next door with his
back to you, which is practically the same thing. Once attired, simply stroll
right up to the prisoner and free him.

PROS- Easier than above.
CONS- You'll rank up a lot of suspicion this way, and of course, you had to
	make a kill. It IS possible to do this via syrringe, but not if the
	safe is in the mansion; you're going to be needing that red dragon
	outfit for that. 

SECOND CHALLENGE-	combination nation, what's your location?
METHOD A-		looking for a good time
You may wish to do this first, since it's easy to get out of the way early on.

While still wearing your suit, go to the bar, and talk the bartender. You'll be
given an invite to the brothel. The entrance to it is in the rotunda via the
door with the two big, red lamps. A guard will escort you through the warehouse
and into the brothel. Talk to the madam, and eventually, Mei Ling will lead you
to a side room and beg you to help her escape.

If you are spotted by the madam after this point, your cover will be blown, so
we need to be sneaky on the way out, even if you decide to be a total jerkwad
and just KO Mei Ling and take her combination.

Go out the other door, then either way around the building. When you get to a
gap in the balcony, you can jump it. Mei Ling will jump, too. If you don't help
her up onto the ledge, she falls to the street below and runs to the exit, never
giving you the combination. 

Sneak by the entrance and back over the bridge. As much as it seems like you're 
supposed to keep going around the balcony to the right, there's no way to jump 
to the other part, so we're going to have to go through the warehouse.

Walk in, and sneak behind the boxes immediately to the right. Wait near the top
of the stairs until the red dragon guard below starts to go down into the 
basement. Go down the stairs, and veer off to the right to go out the door. 
You'll probably have to run to make it.

If you decided to do this first, you'll now be in prime position to do the
first challenge, but if the safe turns out to be in the mansion, you just 
wasted your time.

PROS- There's no real pros about it. If you don't want to mess with Hong yet,
	this is the only way to get the combination.
CONS- Sort of time consuming, unless you just knock her out and take the damn
	thing. I haven't yet discovered if this has any negative ramifications.

METHOD B-		Lee Hong learns to share
If the safe turns out to be in the mansion, or if you don't want to mess with
Mei Ling, you can get the combination off Hong's body. Refer to the next
Challenge for info on how to kill him. If the safe is in the mansion, you'll
need Method B. If it's anywhere else, use Method C. Method A is not useful for
getting the combination.

PROS- Saves time.
CONS- None, really, if you use the proper methods to kill the target.

FOURTH CHALLENGE-	aaaaaaaaaaaaand, safe!
LOCATION A-		in the brothel
If you went to the prisoner first, and the brothel second, you can just nip 
into the room with the safe from the balcony and pick it up. If you've already 
been, and need to return, just make your way there from the balcony without 
letting anyone see or hear you.

LOCATION B- 		in the basement
If it's down here, you can just go there on your way back from the prisoner.
If not, just make your way down there same as before. Remember you must be
dressed as a waiter or a red dragon to get there.

LOCATION C- 		in the guard area
The easiest way to get to this safe is to go out the big gates to the streets,
then up the ladder like you did in mission 9. Your disguise is pretty much
irrelevant. You could do it dressed as a rodeo clown if you wanted to. And if
you managed to sneak up behind the rodeo clown.

LOCATION D-		in the mansion
This gets a bit tricker. To make it easier, you'll want to snipe Lee Hong first
as I mentioned above. 

The most direct route is through the basement. If you're in the red dragon
disguise, you can just mosey straight to the elevator and go on up. Use the
secret passage if you want to reduce suspicion.

Alternatively, hop into the water in the bridgey area out back. On the right
side of the bridge going to the front door is a passage into the mansion's

The catch here is Zun. He keeps leaving his room, wandering to a random location
and then going back. The trick is to sneak behind him up the stairs and jab him
in the neck with your needle. Make sure to drag him to a flat spot so he doesn't
slide down the steps into plain sight. Once, he stopped moving and just stayed
in his room. I'm not sure why. Maybe he saw the body through the door when the
other guard walked past it, and then gave up exploring. 

Anyway, once he's out, you're just left with the remaining guard upstairs. He
wanders through a short set patrol. Just make sure he doesn't spot you looting
the corpse or raiding the safe. Otherwise, he should pretty much ignore you. 

Once you have what you came for, make your way out through the basement.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Assassinating Lee Hong
METHOD A-		It worked before...
Bring up the sniper rifle with you from the basement, and make sure to grab some
ammo, since the gun comes empty. Also be sure to be wearing a Red Dragon outfit.

Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor, and go out onto the second floor blacony
of the main resturant area like we did two missions ago. From the right of the
screen, you'll be ablt to snipe Hong when he's in the circular room. 

PROS- Easy and non-confrontational.
CONS- Forget getting the combination off the body, which Zun will, of course,
immediately find.

METHOD B-		Lee Hong learns to share
This method is going to be more trouble than it's worth unless the safe with
the figurine is in the mansion. That seems to cause Lee Hong to stay in his 
mansion the entire time.

When leaving the basement, go back through the secret passage and grab the 
sniper rifle and the ammo. Make SURE to get that sniper ammo, because the gun
doesn't come with any. In any disguise except your own suit (red dragon is 
probably best, since we'll be needing it later) go up the elevator to the top
floor, and go into the resturant proper. The guard near the door may follow
you a little ways, but just ditch him behind a screen, and run to the far side
and out the doors to the bridgey area.

If you are anything but a red dragon, the guard here may spot you if you aren't
sneaking, and that will be bad. Go left to the furthest door, the ones that let
you into the useless top floor of the bar area. Stay sneaking, and unfold the 

With the binoculars, observe that a guard exits the mansion to patrol the 
balcony, and, when he opens the door, Lee Hong's head is visible from this spot.

Wait until the door opens, and snipe Hong. If you're trying for SA, be sure not
to hit the guard. Quickly drop or stash your sniper rifle.

Now it's just a matter of making it into the mansion. I'll cover that in the
next challenge.

PROS- Again, this isn't so much an option as it is what you have to do depending
	where the safe is.
CONS- Arguably, this is the hardest safe location. You get one shot, one alert,
	and one dead guard doing it, but that's still okay for silent assassin.

METHOD C-		I wouldn't go in there if I were you
You might've found a vial of poison on the mission. You might've found a bowl
of soup in the kitchen. You might be thinking about poisoning Lee Hong.

As you'll probably discover, this is a huge red herring, and a great curveball
for those of us who played the first game. What you're SUPPOSED to put in the
bowl is the laxative. You can find it by the bar. The bartender gives you a big
hint about it with his bizarre lines about his stomach.

Once you have it, make for the kitchen wearing the free waiter's outfit from the
basement. Taint the soup (if you have BOTH the poison AND the laxative, only the
option to use the laxative will appear, but it will show Hitman using the vial
of poison. However, he WILL use the laxative, despite appearances.) and take it
out to Lee Hong. When Zun bolts for the potty, quickly sneak behind Hong and
wire him. You can also shoot him with the silenced pistol if you want. 

Get out of there quickly, Zun will be back soon.

You can, if you want, take out Zun while he's in the potty, but it's tricky.
The best way to get behind him is to stand (sneaking) in front of the stall 
door just to the right of him, then pounce on him when he leaves with the wire
or syrringe. The trouble is, there's a lot of innocenet traffic in here, and no
safe spot to drag the body.

Anyway, once Hong is down, grab the combination and get out.

PROS- very clean.
CONS- very smelly. Plus it may not be an option based on the location of the

It's possible to get SA using almost any combination of the methods I list. The
most challenging, is killing Hong while he's in the mansion and getting the safe
in there.

The easiest (and cleanest) is probably getting the safe in the basment and using
the laxative to kill Hong.

Micro Uzi-	On the guards and in the basement
AK74-		On most red dragons and in the basement
Gold d.eagle-	On Zun.
WA2000 sniper-	In the basement in the suitcase.
M60- 		In the basement at the end of the secret passage.

                      MISSION 12- HUNTER AND HUNTED
Now, THIS is a final Hitman mission. I enjoyed the final missions of 1 and 2, 
but this is really what they should be; an extraordinarily hard hit, but a hit
nonetheless, with one target, and a rating, like any other mission. This is it,
hitmen and hitwomen. An army of well armed, well armored, well organized,
alerted professionals, two all-seeing snipers and a van stand between us and
our target. Time to go to work.

1. If you get into a gun battle, change into a SWAT outfit as soon as you can.
	The extra armor it provides will help a lot.
2. For my money, the MP5 is the best gun for shooting it out. It's best to wait
	in a hotel room and let them all come to you, then you can just aim at
	their heads and pray and spray. 

GENDARME- AKA cops, the guys in blue. This disguise works well enough, but you
	need to give all other cops (but not SWATs) a WIDE berth to avoid 
	detection. Don't run, and don't carrry any visible weapons. 
FIREMAN- A much better disguise. You are pretty much above suspicion. You can
	run, you can go near cops, etc.
SWAT- Quite hard to get. The problem is that the SWATs are all monitored via 
	GPS, so no matter HOW you kill one, the others in his squad will always
	know, and will always find you, even if you do it with the lights out.
	After all that work, it's not even worth the effort; this disguise
	doesn't work any better than the Gendarme's.

METHOD A-		death from above-ish
The absolute instant the mission starts, run like hell out of the apartment and
into the hall. You need to go into the first door on the right. Go onto the 
balcony and jump to the other side. You might as well save here. This is sort of
the REAL starting point of the mission.

Go to the far end of the rooftop, and you'll find a missing grate. Watch the 
map. When one of the guards passes by, so that he's walking away from you into 
the alley, and drop from the grate into the open dumpster. You'll take some
damage, but as loong as you are behind the cop, even a foot behind, he won't

Now, the bad news, by the time you catch up to him to syringe him, his friend
will only be a few feet away around the corner. You can't hide the body in time.

So, as soon as you drop, pull out your silenced pistol and plug him. Quickly
drag him back and to the left, through the open door into the rear stairwell
of the hotel, and take his clothes.

PROS- The absolute easiest way to blend in.
CONS- A gunshot plus a dead guard. Not to mention the damage you take.

METHOD B-		lights out
The absolute instant the mission starts, run like hell out of the apartment and
into the hall. You need to go into the first door on the right. Go onto the 
balcony and jump to the other side. You might as well save here. This is sort of
the REAL starting point of the mission.

Now jump back into the next balcony along, to the left of where you came out.
Once inside, run to the door, and open it. There's a fuse box off to the right,
and you can run to it if you like. Nobody hears you. Shut off the lights, and
turn around. Although it doesn't SEEM that dark, nobody will see you.

You can RUN right past the SWATies if you want to. There's a staircase down, but
that's too obvious. Instead, drop down the elevator shaft across from it.

Open the 2nd floor door, and run out to the left. At the corner, sneak, and 
you'll find a Gendarme with his back to you. Take him out in the manner of your
choosing, but you have the time, so you may as well syringe him. Drag him into
the room on the right, or on the left (you'll have to pick the lock) if you're
looking for a new syringe or a SG220 pistol. 

Take his clothes. As long as he's in a room, the SWATs won't seem to think any-
thing of his naked corpse. Now get the heck out of there! There's a stairwell 
down to the street at the end of the hall that doesn't have any guards in it.

PROS- Clean.
CONS- A little roundabout and time consuming, but it's not like you have a 
	choice, really.

There's a fireman on the map. He's the only innocent on our side of the barr-
icades. His costume is very good, and he has the key to the ambulance. If you
have a syringe, and are dressed as the gendarme, walk out from the alley in 
front of him, and go all the way across the street. Now turn right and walk to
the barricade like perhaps you're going to tell the people. "rien voir ici."

Now sneak, and head north along the fence, so you get behind the fireman.
Quickly syringe him, as he sometimes catches on at the last second. Drag him 
into the alley and take his clothes.

If you have no syringe, you can try the pistol-smack from behind. He'll get up
not too long after you swipe his clothes, but nobody seems to mind him steaking
about the place.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Frenchy must die
METHOD A-		back into the frying pan
In any disguise, make your way BACK into the hotel, and back to the room where
you started. Get the suitcase, and go out the door, and then through the door
on the left at the end of the hall in front of you.

You might want to wait until just after the SWAT team has searched this room, so
you know you won't be disturbed. Go to the door, and unpack the gun, now, while
CROUCHING, open the door, and edge out onto the balcony. Move forward a little,
and right a little, and you should just barely be able to see the target's butt
and ankle under the van.

I can't stress how important it is to REMAIN CROUCHING this entire time. Snipe
the target in the ankle, and he'll react, but not die. Sometimes, he seems to go
into the "wounded rolling on the floor pose." Either way, a second shot, even if
it's just in the ankle, should fell him. Turning left, edge back toward the door
and drop the rifle. If you did it right, nobody will see you, but you might want
to save beforehand, because it's a little iffy.

PROS- Saves you having to deal with the hornet's nest outside. You can still get
	Silent Assassin if you do the rest of the mission cleanly.
CONS- It's hard to shoot the target properly with just two shots, and sometimes
	you will be spotted (usually because you were too close to the edge or
	let go of crouch.)

METHOD B-		alarming
Remember in mission 10 when we shot the cars to distract the guards? Once you're
costumed, hop in the sewer, and come out in the little wooden box area, closest
to the target. Go into first person view, and bring up your silenced pistol. You
should just barely be able to shoot the black sedan without being seen. Put your
gun away, and QUICKLY, exit the box, and hang a couple rights back around it 
into the alley. 

Run through the alley, and you'll find yourself behind the target, with his 
loyal SWAT buddies nowhere in sight. Quickly sneak up and wire him, or shoot him
with your silenced pistol. Quickly stash your weapon and run back into the 

PROS- The cleanest way to do the mission without having to abuse an unreliable
	game glitch.
CONS- Aside from the bullet it costs you, it's clean and reliable. As long as
	you're in the wooden square area, you're pretty clear to take the shot
	at the car. You don't have a LONG time to make the kill, but you have

METHOD A-		where's the fire?
While wearing the fireman's outfit, simply stroll out any exit. There are two
barricades with gaps visible on the map. You can simply walk out that way since
this disguise puts you above suspicion. 

PROS- Easy.
CONS- Requires you to take out the fireman.

METHOD B-		ambulating
Once you get the paramedic's key from the fireman, you can escape using the

PROS- Even easier.
CONS- Also requires you to take out the fireman.

METHOD C-		gendarmeless
Ignoring the fireman, go into the sewer, and exit via the northernmost exit.
You'll be in an alleway. If you sneak south out of it, staying as far east as
possible, you'll come out just barely behind the cops guarding the barricade.
Sneak through the gap and you're away, scot free!

PROS- Sneaky-pete. The only way out without disturbing the fireman.
CONS- It's not too hard, but it's certainly harder than just using the

As long as you take the uniform of the gendarme on the second floor, you can 
get SA using either of the methods I present for killing the target. A silenced
PGM sniper rifle is your reward.

GK17-		On the gendarmes and target.
WA2000-		In the suitcase in your room.
SG 2200S-	In the locked room on the 2nd floor.
Syringe- 	Same as above.
SPAS-12-	On some SWATs.
MP5-		On the other SWATs.
PGM Sniper- 	On the sniper. Good luck getting it and SA at the same time.

(c) Copyright 2004 Gareth Bowler

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