Hitman: Blood Money (walkthrough)

Hitman: Blood Money SA Pro Walkthrough
Version 1.3
Written by Garrett MacDonald (garrett.macdonald@gmail.com)

If you find this FAQ on any other site please contact me.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Guidelines
3. Level Walkthroughs
 a. A Vintage Year
 b. Curtains Down
 c. Flatline
 d. A New Life
 e. The Murder of Crows
 f. You Better Watch Out...
 g. Death on the Mississippi
 h. Till Death Do Us Part
 i. A House of Cards
 j. A Dance With The Devil
 K. Amendment XXV
4. Closing, Copyright, etc.


Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth installment of the nearly (as of
writing) six year old series starring everybody's favorite clone, Mr.
47. This FAQ is meant to assist you in getting the highest ranking in
the game, Silent Assassin, on the highest difficulty, Pro, the
easiest way possible. The routes suggested by yours truly will be what
I believe are the safest and least risky routes possible.

The purpose of this guide is to get the Silent Assassin rating, meaning
the tutorial mission and Requiem are left out. 


In order to obtain Silent Assassin, you must:

1. Have no covers blown.
2. Have no witnesses.
3. Not get caught on camera.
4. Leave no evidence (suit, custom weapons).
5. Kill only your targets (I haven't confirmed this).

Anything less will net you Professional or worse.

Some tips:

- Sneaking is rarely needed. In most cases you can simply run up to 
someone and syringe/fiberwire them.

- If you kill someone via an "accident" then if their body is found 
it won't count towards your rating.

- When undercover, only people with the same suit as you can blow 
your cover, so if you have a sailor suit, stay away from sailors. 
But if you have a waiter suit you won't have to worry about them.

- I'll add more as they come to me.


Here we go. I'll be using a numbered step format as opposed to 
paragraphs as they're easier to both read and write.
_____________________________________________________   1
| a. A Vintage Year                                 |  11
|ITEMS USED                                         | 1 1
|Syringe Sedative x1, Syringe Poison x2             |   1
|___________________________________________________| 11111

1. Go straight and around the estate until you reach the cliff. Go 
around the trees on the left side to avoid the single patrolling 

2. Go down to the hanger and sedate the single guard. Quickly hide his 
body behind the crate and take his clothes before the guy comes down.

3. Take the elevator all the way up and turn right. Go up the stairs 
to the first floor. Go across into the room with the sleeping guard 
and pick the lock.

4. Go up the stairs and into the hallway. When neither of the guards 
are looking, pick the lock on the door to the right.

5. Poison the first target and exit the same way you entered.

6. Back in the lab, go through the door into the wine cellar and wait 
by the box in the room with cocaine on the table.

7. Wait for the second target to finish snorting his crack and walk 
past you. Poison him and hide him in the box.

8. Take the elevator back down to the hangar, take your suit and 
escape via the plane.

_____________________________________________________ 22222
| b. Curtains Down                                  |     2
|ITEMS USED                                         |   22
|Syringe Sedative x1, Remote Bomb x1                |  2   
|___________________________________________________| 22222

Prior to starting this mission, buy the Remote Detonator upgrade.

1. Enter the building and talk to the guy on the left to get the Real
WW1 Gun. Don't skip the conversation as the painters won't come.

2. Wait for the painters to stop talking and follow one of them into
the bathroom. Sedate him and hide his body in the clothes bin. Take his

3. Run downstairs and to the right past the painter and go to the 
dressing rooms area. Hide in the closet of the closer one on the right.

4. Wait for the exectutioner to come and practice his lines. When he 
leaves quickly switch the guns.

5. Head up the metal stairs backstage and plant a bomb on the top of 
the chandelier in the next room.

6. Retrieve your suit and wait in the bathroom. Watch the second target 
on your map and when he trips and falls blow the bomb.

7. Exit through the front door.

_____________________________________________________ 33333 
| c. Flatline                                       |     3
|ITEMS USED                                         | 33333
|Syringe Sedative x2, Remote Bomb x1                |     3
|___________________________________________________| 33333

1. Run forward and left past the two guards talking up to the 
compound. There will be some stairs and another guard walking past 
them. Pick the lock on the door that looks like a window.

2. Go straight and pick the lock on a second door. Outside, break 
the Utility Box and sedate the guard when he comes out. Take his 
clothes and hide him in the dumpster.

3. Take the video tape and the keycard on the guard's desk and go 
through the two keycard doors.

4. Turn right and down the stairs. Go all the way down until you 
see a clothes bin on the left. Wait by it for an Orderly to walk by 
it and sedate him. Take his clothes, key and hide him in the bin.

5. Go back up the stairs and unlock the door. Go down the metal 
stairs and enter the room where the agent is located.

6. Get the information and use the fake poison on him.

7. Go back through the two keycard doors into the main clinic and 
go up the stairs.

8. First, go into the room with the stove and sabotage it. Second, 
plant a bomb on the chain holding up the chandelier.

9. Go into the weight room and wait for the target to start 
benching. When he finishes and nobody is looking kill him with the 
bar. This is done by standing behind the bench. When he finishes 
an action prompt will come up.

10. When the second target sneaks a drink from the globe, trigger 
the bomb. The third target will be taken out automatically.

11. Go back to the dumpster and retrieve your suit. Head all the 
way back to the beginning, wake up the agent and leave.

_____________________________________________________ 4   4
| d. A New Life                                     | 4   4
|ITEMS USED                                         | 44444  
|Syringe Sedative x1, Syringe Poison x1             |     4
|___________________________________________________|     4

1. Use a sedative on the doughnuts when nobody's looking. Wait 
until the caterer gives the agents in the van and take the clothes 
off of one.

2. Head over to the backyard and pick the lock to the shed. Take 
the lighter fluid and sabotage the grill. Be sure that the wife 
doesn't see you as she'll follow you around.

3. Go back into the house and upstairs into the room on the right 
with the computer. Wait for the target to come in and poison him.

4. Grab the necklace off the charred corpse and retrieve your suit 
on your way to the exit.

_____________________________________________________ 55555
| e. The Murder of Crows                            | 5
| ITEMS USED                                        | 55555
|Syringe Sedative x1, Syringe Poison x2, Fiber Wire |     5
|___________________________________________________| 55555

1. Follow the red bird until he's alone. Sedate him, take his 
clothes and hide him in the closest dumpster.

2. Take the case and go to the building in the Northwest. Go 
upstairs and put the case on the table. When the yellow guard goes 
away strangle the target. Take his walkie-talkie and hide him in 
the box before the yellow guard comes back and throw the case over 
the balcony.

3. Run back down and retrieve the case.

4. No matter which building the shooter's in, the strategy is still 
the same. Go into the alleyway behind the building and sneak in. Run 
up and poison the shooter when he's not looking. The only difference 
is the bar where the waiter's making out with his girlfriend. In that 
one just throw a coin and hide in the closet while they leave.

5. Follow the woman until she's alone and poison her. Hide her body 
in the nearest dumpster. Be sure not to take her out in the same 
alleyway as the carrier as that dumpster will already be taken.

6. Retrieve your suit and exit. 

_____________________________________________________ 66666
| f. You Better Watch Out...                        | 6
| ITEMS USED                                        | 66666
| Syringe Sedative x2, Syringe Poison x2, Fiber Wire| 6   6
|___________________________________________________| 66666

1. Go straight and walk behind the guard into the elevator to avoid 
the camera.

2. Once upstairs, run over to the main room and talk to the bartender.
 Take the Aphrodisiac and put some in the glass to your right.

3. Head all the way around to the door next to the pool that nobody's 
using. Go through the door and quickly run behind the waterfall.

4. Walk to the other side of the waterfall and wait for the guest to 
leave. Sedate the camera man, drag him behind the waterfall and take 
his clothes.

5. Exit the waterfall from the side you entered, turn left and go 
through the door. Wait for the woman to enter the bedroom and when the
door closes you get a cut scene. When it's over quickly head butt her 
then get behind her and strangle her.

6. Exit the room and wait for the first target. When he enters the 
other bedroom with the woman enter and he'll get up and leave. Follow 
him and when he's far enough away from the door poison him.

7. Wait by the door for a guard to come. Sedate him and take his 
clothes. Go to the kitchen and take a sausage and a kitchen knife. Go 
upstairs and into the guard room. Pick the lock on the door when it's 

8. Go upstairs and take the video tape then wait until the target is 
in his room. When the dog sees you drop the sausage and throw the knife 
at him when he's still. Push the second target off the ledge.

9. Retrieve your suit from behind the waterfall and exit.

_____________________________________________________ 77777
| g. Death on the Mississippi                       | 7   7
| ITEMS USED                                        |    7
| Syringe Sedative x2, Ballers                      |   7  
|___________________________________________________|  7

Prior to beginning this mission, upgrade your Ballers as much as 
possible. You need the best available silencer at the very least.

1. Wait where you are and when the first target is behind the guard 
shoot him in the back of the head. Quickly dump him overboard.

2. Go forward a bit and a guard will come out of the door upstairs. 
Follow him into the next room and sedate him. Take his clothes and 
the key on the table.

3. Go back to the front of the boat and up the stairs to the right. 
Go all the way down and jump to the back of the boat.

4. Sneak behind the smoking guard and climb up the white fence. Run 
over and shoot the second target in the back of the head when he 
turns his back.

5. When the caterer comes out sedate him and take his clothes. Go 
into the kitchen and take the cake.

6. Go up to the top of the boat and all the way to the back left. 
Pick the lock to the captain's bedroom and take the stuff from the 

7. Kill the five targets on this level.

8. Go back down into the VIP area where the final target is with his 
wife (girlfriend?), Get his attention so he goes into his room then 
turn around and go outside from the door to your right.

9. If a woman is there go near her and she'll leave. Wait for the 
target to come out and when there are no witnesses push him off the 

10. Retrieve your suit and run through the engine room towards the 

_____________________________________________________ 88888
| h. Till Death Do Us Part                          | 8   8
| ITEMS USED                                        | 88888
| Syringe Sedative x1, Syringe Poison x1, Ballers   | 8   8
|___________________________________________________| 88888

1. Go to the burned out hut and wait for the drunk guest to come in. 
Sedate him and take his invitation.

2. Run in and poison the cake when there are no witnesses.

3. Go to the bathrooms across the hall and pick the lock into the 
other room. Sedate the guard inside and take out the target. Drag 
him into the same room that the sedated guard is.

4. Go back to the exit and wait until the second target dies.

_____________________________________________________ 99999
| i. A House of Cards                               | 9   9
| ITEMS USED                                        | 99999
| W2000, Fiber Wire                                 |     9
|___________________________________________________| 99999

Prior to this mission upgrade your sniper rifle as much as possible. 
You're going to want the best silencer and scope at the least.

1 Enter the hotel and go to the right of the lobby. Here talk to the 
woman and obtain a cardkey for the 7th floor.

2. Go to the left elevator and climb up the hatch. When the scientist 
comes strangle him and take his cardkey and suitcase. Leave the rifle 
case in the top of the elevator.

3. Take the diamonds case to the exit and retrieve your rifle case. 
Enter the hatch in the right elevator and strangle the second target 
when he comes.

4. Go to the 8th floor and pull the fire alarm. When the guards are 
gone go to the scientist's room and call the third target.

5. Go down to the 7th floor and enter your room. Unpack your sniper 
rifle and snipe the third target when he goes outside. Put the rifle 
in the ICA and exit.

_____________________________________________________ 1 00000
| j. A Dance With The Devil                         | 1 0   0
| ITEMS USED                                        | 1 0   0
| Syringe Sedative x1 Ballers                       | 1 0   0
|___________________________________________________| 1 00000

1. Enter the building to the left and talk to the guard. Follow him 
to the back room, sedate him, and take his clothes.

2. Go out to the guard station and take the video tape. From here go 
down to the garage and drop the Ballers out of site. Take the Angel 
suit when the guard isn't looking.

3. Take the right elevator and enter the hatch. Wait for the target 
to use the elevator and strangle him. Take his clothes and retrieve 
your Ballers. Go back upstairs and into the office to the right. Take 
the information and when the woman goes in shoot her before she stabs 

4. Go downstairs and talk to the bartender. Follow him into the back 
and kill him. Take his key and go past the bar down the hall.

5. Sabotage the pyrotechnics and go back to retrieve your suit.

6. Run to the van and exit.

_____________________________________________________ 1    1
| k. Amendment XXV                                  | 1    1
| ITEMS USED                                        | 1    1
| Syringe Sedative x2, Syringe Poison, W2000        | 1    1
|___________________________________________________| 1    1

Prior to starting this mission, be sure that you have the Foil 
Padded Suitcase. It's in Misc. Equipment.

1. Walk in and put the rifle case on the belt.
2. Sedate the red guy in the bathroom and move his body behind the 
door. Take his uniform.
3. Go straight then take the second door on the left and sedate the 
Marine. Hide his body behind the bush and take his uniform.
4. Retrieve the rifle case.
5. Go into the guards room and take the video tape, the card key, 
and a pistol.
6. Run all the way to the room right next to the VP's office and pick 
the lock on the door before the Marine turns toward you.
7. Poison the vice president and hide his body in the box.
8. Exit the VP's office, turn left and through the door and go until 
you're outside.
9. Climb up to the roof, pull out your pistol and take the janitor 
as a human shield then knock him out. Take his clothes and leave the 
rifle case here. Make sure you drop the pistol.
10. Go to the President's office and confront the Albino.
11. Follow him up to the roof, but don't get too close as he may shoot 
12. At the roof, unpack your W2000 and snipe him. Then put it back in 
the case and go all the way back to the bathroom at the beginning.
13. Retrieve your suit and escape.

That's all eleven of them.


5. Version History

1.3 - Thanks to D Brown for pointing out that I forgot about the video 
      tape in You Better Watch Out... I updated the Introduction.

1.2 - Turns out my Curtains Down route was impossible on the first 
      playthrough as the bomb upgrade isn't available. Thanks to 
      Lawrence Bishop for pointing that out.

1.1 - I fixed some spelling errors and rephrased some stuff (So it's 
      HUMAN shield not BODY shield!

1.0 - Full version released.


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