Hellgate: London dobija ekspanziju

Hellgate: LondonIz Flagship Studia nam stiže obaveštenje da će prva ekspanzija za igru Hellgate: London izaći 21 januara. Ekspanzija će nositi ime The Stonehenge Chronicles i u igru će doneti nove dungeone, raid oblasti, bossove, PVP arene i sl. U nastavku teksta možete pročitati spisak nekih od promena koje The Stonehenge Chronicles donosi.

The Caste Caves – Unlock four unique dungeons, one for each caste of enemy – Beast, Necro, Spectral and Demon – to seek and destroy a powerful overlord that resides in each cave. Defeating them and collecting their heads will allow you to continue the adventure

Moloch's Lair – Only after collecting the heads from the Caste Caves will heroes be allowed entry into the lair, with a chance to defeat the legendary Moloch, one of hell's most imposing minions who carries very unique items that can only be obtained by defeating him in combat. And because Moloch's soul is eternal, this quest and its rewards can be a never-ending challenge

The Wild – These three mini-raid areas present players with difficult obstacles but also huge rewards with three levels that get increasingly more difficult even with the recommended full party size – you will need a small army to get through these challenges

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