Hammer and Sickle (walkthrough)

Hammer and Sickle Walkthru:
1: Introduction
2: General hints and tips
3: Walkthrough stage by stage

2: General hints and tips.
On the first time you play this game I cannot emphasize enough that you need to play
through on the easy difficulty. It is even advisable to go through the custom game
settings and bump all of the difficulty levels down to the lowest possible. You will still
die frequently, just not as frustratingly as the sniper you didn't see across the map snipes
you dead three times in a row. If you are a glutton for punishment you can try the hard
level after you have beaten it and know what to do and have a feel for how the ai
reward is extra points at the end of the game, and otherwise does not affect anything
except your frustration level. Also, turn on the easiest healing option. The skill based
selection is just exasperating and doesn't offer much reward for choosing it. Also, save
the game just before completing an objective or talking to a quest important character or
the radio to report the end of a mission. Label this save and do not erase it. You will
often find a need to backtrack as there are several spots in the game that if you do not act
promptly or make the right decision you will be stuck with the "bad" ending.
Find a good weapon and stick with it. Towards the end you will find some extremely
powerful weapons, but until then stick with the basic equipment you find early in the
game. You find perfectly adequate sniper rifles and sub machine guns early, and you
should keep them with the weapon familiarity bonus feature, which rewards you with
extra accuracy for keeping the same weapon. Find a weapon with a high durability, a low
weight, a low as possible action point use amount and then good range and damage.
Keep this weapon and resist the temptation to change every time you see a new one. One
critical shot in the head with the extra accuracy from a familiar weapon is more than
worth the few extra damage points from that fancy new fire hose you found. (This
excludes the MG42, the best machine gun in the game and a must buy as soon as you find
Don't overload your characters. Even being a few % points overloaded will
drastically lower your AP points in combat. You can even overload yourself to the point
that you will be unable to act. You don't need a lot of money in this game (About 15000
is more than enough to get everything you need) Don't feel obligated to lug everything
you can to the shop, as many times you will be ambushed on the way. It really sucks to
beat a tough combat, only to walk into another laden like a donkey and be unable to act
for the first turn. Sometimes you must overload your machine gunner or point man with
body armor, but a 150% should be the absolute max that you should have. Your
characters will complain and let you know right away when they think they are carrying
too much. Listen to them.
Use Machine Guns. These weapons have the highest penetration values of any
weapon other than explosives. You can use one character (a scout) to spot the enemy,
and then use your machine gunner under cover to shoot right through walls, bushes, trees
and even houses to reach your target. A couple bullets from a MG are usually more than
enough to put down several opponents. It's quite satisfying, try it some time. The heavy
mg bullets don't deflect like the smaller rifle and especially smg bullets do. Don't be
afraid of grenades either. There are a large amount to choose from and they provide good
area effect damage, can blow down walls and even floors to provide new entry points and
snipe opportunities. They also can go over cover that would stop a bullet.
Choose any character you want, but the game provides you with a soldier that is a
better medic than your character even as a surgeon will ever be and a good engineer early
in the game. You also get a good grenadier midway. You don't get a good sniper unless
you screw up though, and you don't get a scout until very late. The scout makes for a
much easier game experience, in my opinion, and the sniper for a very powerful one.
The scout can hide and provide spotting for other units, who can blaze away without fear
of being spotted (and shot at;p) and the sniper can pick away at approaching units well
before they become dangerous. These two are my recommended choices.
Don't be afraid to start combat even in non-hostile situations. All this does is put you
into an ap based style for fighting and movement. It doesn't affect npc reactions to you
but as some of the scenarios are time based and have enemy reinforcements after a set
time, using the combat mode gives you unlimited time to decide tactics, pick up weapons
and heal your characters. Whenever you want to peruse a new weapon, or examine a new
map, press the start combat button to give yourself some breathing room.
Use cover! Enemy characters will go around rather than blow up cover, and will often
miss you even in mediocre protection. Crouch behind walls; hide behind buildings and
doors, run back into the woods even. He that chickens out and runs away lives to chicken
out another day. Also, leave yourself some AP points after a turn. Interrupts can turn the
tide of a tough battle and give you a free pot shot at an unsuspecting enemy. Also, do not
leave yourself wide open just to get off one more shot at a baddie. You'll just get shot to
doll ribbons.
Machine gun running; normally characters can't run with a machine gun unless they
have the Rambo perk. To get around this hold z and click the walk to button. Then hold
z and double click where you want to go. It doesn't always work, but some times you
can get your machine gunner to run instead of walk. Hit escape to stop his action if he
starts to walk to the desired location and try again.

3: Walkthrough
Insertion: This is a very tough and frustrating level and indeed has driven off more than
one person who started the game. The first level is probably one of the toughest levels of
the whole game. Suck it up. The game does the opposite of most games and gets easier
instead of harder as you progress. The border guard commander tells you that he will
distract the US border guards so that you can clip the wire and run across. Immediately
go into stealth mode and stay near the bottom edge of the map. As warned, even the
soviet troops will shoot at you, and in your early weak state you can only take one or two
shots before dying. After the tank rushes the border clip the wire and crawl or crouch in
stealth mode towards the exit. If you hear your character say that he's been spotted go
into combat mode and run for your life to the exit. You are probably dead anyways, but
it's worth a try. If you use the scout character, choose see in the dark and hide in the dark
perks. This makes this level much easier. Otherwise, get prepared to probably load a
couple times, as the border guards will see you without you seeing them and kill you with
one or two shots. It often takes several loads to beat this tough and unfair level, one that
should have been toned down in player testing. Just before you get to the exit equip any
grenades that you have and a dagger if you have one, you will be dropped into a combat
on the next level and if you already have them equipped it will give you a few extra
action points for combat. There is really nothing else to do on this level. Perhaps a lucky
soldier on the easiest setting could defeat the border guards, but your character is so weak
to start that it would be unlikely at best. A very good scout without scruples could
probably sneak into the soviet side guard house to loot the two lockers there, but it would
be very difficult to do. Just sneak through is all you need to do.

Firing Squad: (The stages don't actually have names; I'm just naming them as I see
appropriate). In this stage you walk upon your contact being shot by firing squad. There
goes a chance for a clandestine meeting. Next they bring out a woman dressed in bloody
fatigues and shoot her as well. Your timing sucks, as this is where you walk out, almost
directly behind them. (It sure would have been nice to have been about five minutes
earlier). You are pitted against five armed guards and your only advantage is that their
backs are to you and you have the advantage with the first round. Relax; this is the last
cattle pen combat with few options that you will have to fight. There are basically only
two ways to win this fight. Your character is too poor of a shot to get a critical on all of
them, and even if you had a SMG it is unlikely that you could kill more than two or three
of them on the first round. If you have a surgeon character you can take a shot of
Benzedrine and this will give you about 200+ action points, enough to get them with
melee attacks if you are lucky. However, your best bet is to use grenades. You
equipped them in the mission just before like I asked didn't you? Now you will have
them ready to use without the cost of AP. Crouch to get the best accuracy with grenades
and throw one at the leftmost soldier in the group of three on the right. You should have
one more grenade. Throw this one at Captain Treadwell if your last one did not stun him,
and if it did throw it at the soldier at the far left. This will stun all of them for usually
several rounds. Run up and grab any weapon that they dropped and pot them away at
extreme close range or finish them off with melee attacks. If both your grenades miss
you might as well start over, as you are dead. After you beat them immediately run and
grab the woman that was shot and carry her into the first room on the right of the house in
front of you. There is a surgeon there that will tell you what has been happening. Don't
be a cheap skate; pay to have him heal the woman. She will join you the next day, and is
probably the best character in the whole game. She is a good sniper and a great medic
(better than your character even as a surgeon will be for a long time). You would be
dumb to pass her up as she will cost you only 150 a week. As soon as you do this, run
across to the house across the street. Resist the temptation to pick up the rifles your
enemies dropped, only pick up the pistol the captain dropped. When you get to the other
side a citizen will call out to you. If you left all the rifles the citizen will form a defense
brigade that will help you in the upcoming combat. As your character is about as strong
as baby milk you need all the help you can get. Run to the back of the garage. There is a
tree there that is in between the house and the fence. Equip the pistol and go into hiding
mode. If you are lucky three baddies will drop right into your lap, surprised, and give
you one free round on them. If you stayed close to the tree they will be easy shots for the
pistol you found. Shoot each one in the head and collect their weapons. Run up to the
fence and help your comrades pot away at the enemies, using the fence and tree for cover.
If there is a surprised look on the icon above your enemies head you can rush them
without fear of being interrupted. Run back into the house if several of them congregate
fire on you. Your civilian defense forces are quite good shots and are tough. They can
almost defeat the sentinels without help, and after this fight they will never help again, so
don't be afraid to let them carry their own weight. After you beat the sentinels (there are
ten of them) go into loot mode and take what you want. The SMLE is a good rifle that
you can outfit a scope on, making it good enough to carry you through the entire game.
The Sten smg isn't bad either; scoop one of those up. Talk to Conrad and accept his
mission (you don't have to do it, and you have to kill him if you outright refuse). He
gives you a new location which is where his competition is, and he wants you to
assassinate them. Go to sleep on the upstairs bed until morning and then go down and
collect Elizabeth into your team. Go back upstairs to talk to command on the radio to get
some experience points; do this after you have completed any major objective as you
usually will get more. Congrats, you are now done with this very tough level.

Special burn victims unit: Travel to the hideout on the map. You will come up to a fence
and a thug standing guard behind it. You don't have to start this one violently unless you
want to. Talk to the guard and he will tell you that you have to disarm if you want to see
Sigmund. Put your guns out of active inventory and walk up to the left shed. Sigmund
the Crispy is there (I love his accent). He offers you a job stealing some dynamite from a
convoy. Agree and he will give you the services of Larry, an ex Hitler youth. Larry isn't
a bad shot, but not as good as Elizabeth. He is the first engineer that you get however.
The bandits have some nice loot, but if you attack them now or walk past the fence with
weapons Larry turns against you, and you lose Sigmund as a source of income. Leave
instead for the convoy; you only have five hours to spare.

Thugs R us: You are interrupted in a forest by Mr. Klaus, a local gangster and his men.
He demands some vig moola if you are to operate in his territory. If you have a smart
character you can talk him into helping you with the convoy. As he waits until several
rounds of combat to help and wants the hefty price of $2000 to help he is not worth the
hassle unless you want to cheat him out of the money. You can also give him the rest of
your money if you want to avoid combat. The final result is to just show this small time
hood what a couple of professionals think of ignorant bullies and just open up on him.
You will get the first round of combat and it is more than enough for the three of you to
stomp all of them. I really don't know why every npc acts so afraid of him. However
you decide to finish your business with him next down to the cabin in the corner, there
you will meet Forrester, the only character that will modify your weapons and that will
sell you engineering tools. Do not waste your time trying to open the basement door, as
it is unpickable for Larry or your character even as an engineer. You could blow it open,
but as this usually detonates the propane tanks and destroys his house, Forrester gets
understandably shooting mad if you do so. Forrester talks of a desperado that he is
harboring, and there is a chest of weapons down there that belongs to the man. Don't try
to steal them; you will get them for free a little later. Have some patience, as there is
nothing else of value in the basement. Have Forrester put a scope on your SMLE and if
nothing else get a silencer on one of your weapons (a silenced weapon is crucial for a
scout). I would advise against sawing down any weapons. Basically all you get is a very
powerful pistol that is not very accurate. Sawed off weapons do look cool though.
Forrester will only work on one weapon at a time; he isn't cheap, and you only have five
hours until the convoy leaves, so don't try to upgrade all your weapons now. You can go
to the portapotty and read the smg manual you found at the house across the street from
the firing squad to pass the time. Make sure that Larry has at least two and preferably
three grenades and leave.

Convoy: Your character will send Larry or Elizabeth to the house on the left and keep
the other to help him. Either way, as soon as the opening scene closes, run your two
characters to the middle of the map in a clearing in the forest (you might have to restart to
tweak the exact position). This sets you up to get free shots at about four soldiers on the
first round. Don't fret; they are Thor agents, not British troops as your main character
first thinks they are. If Elizabeth is in the house on the left use her to comfortably snipe
the enemies around the first jeep. Just make sure to leave enough action points to
interrupt any soldiers that come charging around the Jeep. If Larry is in the house
though, he is too poor of a shot to kill all of the soldiers around the jeep without getting
shot up. Quietly mine the window you are at and the door to the left with grenades (you
did give Larry several grenades didn't you?). Run through the next door to the left, close
it behind you and mine it as well. Stay outside the explosion radius of the grenade and
fire off a shot into the wall. The enemies around the jeep will come into the house to
investigate. By the time they set off the grenade on the second room they will probably
be dazed and have dropped their weapon as well, easy meat for Larry's pistol. One time I
had critically injured the last of them, and they tried to run out the entrance door to the
house that I had just mined. Kaboom! The enemy went flying, much to my satisfaction.
Alternatively, you could have made a deal with Klaus and let him soften things up for
you, otherwise just use cover, try not to attack more than two enemies at a time and finish
off the opposition. Be careful not to overload your troops, you are going right into
another combat as soon as you finish this level. You can always come back later to get
the weapons you left behind. Don't forget to get the uniforms and I.D. that are left.

Checkpoint: By now you see how dastardly the enemy is. They are dressing up in soviet
uniforms to attack U.S. checkpoints. Keel tham awl!! One is hiding in the little
bathroom/bunker structure to the top. If you beat the convoy you shouldn't have much
trouble with them. After you beat them run into the guardhouse (watch out for booby
traps) to talk to the drunk in there. He will tell you what happened. Gather up as much
weapons as you can carry as you will be able to sell them now to either Conrad or
Sigmund. Do this in combat time, as reinforcements are coming from the US, and they
will quite happily shoot it out with you. This is counterproductive. Just run to the edge
of the map and leave.

Decision Time: Now you have to decide who you want to give the dynamite to. Conrad
just annoyed me, and you really don't need him anymore, so I took the truck to Sigmund.
You could be sneaky and have Larry take a nap, go and bump off Sigmund and collect
the reward from Conrad, but I never tried this. Whoever you choose sell off all the
unwanted goods, returning to the Convoy level to pick up everything that you were
unable to last time. When you are ready, go and talk to command on the radio to get
orders for Z-berg.

Z-berg: Before you go to Z-berg outfit all your troops in allied uniforms. If you send
anyone there in soviet or civilian clothes the local police will arrest you. You can bribe
your way out once, but the next time they take all your money, weapons and possessions
and throw you in jail. If there is a way out, I could not figure it out. Starting a fight with
your comrades will alert the guards and they will come into the cell area, but they are too
smart to actually come inside the cell. You can also fight it out with them, but after you
finish off all the police the occupation forces rush in to duke it out with you. Save
yourself some grief and put on allied uniforms. Z-berg is the biggest town in the game,
but the only thing you can do at this time is talk to the bartender, who is in the basement
of the first building on the left. He tells you of a suspicious English man upstairs that
leaves every night on some secretive business. If you try to go into his house during the
day he calls the police on you for trespassing, yet if you try to go in at night you find that
the doors are too difficult for Larry to pick the locks on. Don't be stupid and try to
machine gun or blow the doors down, the police look down upon such behavior. You
need a master engineer and lock picker. You need Fidel. Leave Z-berg and go back to
the Convoy area. There you will see allied troops arresting a bearded man with a Spanish
accent. They blame him for blowing the convoy up. You learn that he is being taken to
the allied prison. Get ready for a jail break.

Prison: If you really want to be devious, go back to whoever you chose to be your
weapon supplier and buy a bunch of cheap weapons. Drop one in front of each cell, you
will see why in just a few minutes. Go to the back of the prison near where you started
and clip the wire fence there before you do anything. Go upstairs to the second block
level and look for Fidel, who is dressed in black and is in the cell on the upper right
corner as you come up the stairs. Ignore the safe; there is nothing worth duking it out
with the guards over. Position one behind the guard in front of his cell, and another
behind the guard near the stairs. Take your main character and give him a lock pick and
position him directly in front of the cell. If you have a couple shots of Benzedrine now
would be a good time to get them out. Have your two characters behind the guards take a
shot of Benzedrine and knock the two stationary guards out as soon as the patrolling
guard is on the other side of the cell block from you. Pick the lock on the cell and get
ready for a scrap. You don't have to fight all of the guards. When you opened the cell it
short circuited all the other cells and freed all of the other prisoners. If you dropped
weapons in front of their cells, they are ready to make life miserable for the guards. Have
your main character get out a shot of Benzedrine and talk to Fidel. If your main
character's medicine level is too low to use Benzedrine, you might have to have
Elizabeth administer it to you and jockey positions around. You don't have to use the
drug; it just makes this level easier. After talking to Fidel administer a shot of
Benzedrine to both of you and haul booty for the edge of the level where you started
from. Run down the stairs out the back door and through the wire you cut earlier. You
finish the level and Fidel leaves you for Forrester's. Meet him back there, he will have
outfitted himself with the weapons he had down in the basement. Buy an advanced lock
pick, put him in an allied soldiers outfit, and head back to Z-berg.

Return to Z-berg. Wait until night to sneak into the Englishman's house. You could do it
during the day in combat mode, but you might as well wait until he is gone. Give Fidel
the advanced lock picks and have him pick the front door to the house, and then the
Englishman's quarters. Have Fidel remove the booby traps from the safe and the chest in
the bedroom and then lock pick them open. You learn of a terrorist plot and find a bunch
of passes and allied uniforms inside. You also find a picture that you do not understand.
You really don't need the passes to win the game, but if you want to you can take the
passes to Conrad's mother, (Upstairs of Conrad's house). She will tell you about Gunter,
who can make you some allied passes. Gunter is by some bookshelves outside of the
house of the corrupt Englishman. You only need three passes, as you already have one
from the convoy, but you might as well get all four. Take the picture to Forrester, who
will identify it for you as the water scoops at Wenzburg. He will advise you to take the
train there, as it will save you lots of time. You must do this immediately. If you try to
go anywhere else other than Z-berg and get on the train to Wenzburg you will be too late
to stop the terrorist attack on the pumps. This leads the allied forces into believing the
soviets are behind the attacks and causes WW3. This leads to a level where Elizabeth
leaves and you get a couple of soviet soldiers to help you hold a bridge against US troops
which once beaten results in the ending of atomic warfare. You can tell that this game
was Russian made, as I think the final is a little overly optimistic as to how the Russians
would have done against the allies without atomic weapons themselves. Interesting, but
you want the good ending, don't you? Talk to the head engineer of the rail road and to go
to Wenzburg. He is a jerk and charges you $600 to go. You could be cheap and try to
intimidate him in to letting you on for free, but if you fail you have no choice but to hoof
it. Don't worry; he gets his just rewards later in the game. Bring your passes and make
sure that everyone is in allied uniforms.

Wenzburg: If you were cheap and did not want to buy the passes you would be well
advised to go into combat mode as soon as you enter town. If you stay in regular mode a
patrol of US troops comes up and asks you for your papers. Your character can bluff his
way out if he has a high intelligence but you need not bother. Just go into combat mode
and use action points to get to where you are going. The guards will never be able to
catch up to you to pester for passes. This is another large map, but there is only three
points of interest for you. In the mega large building in front of you there is a weapons
locker that holds the only heavy body armor that I have found in the game. Put it on
Fidel unless your character is stronger than him. The heavy body armor is just
that...heavy. It will put a weak character over the weight limit just by itself. A large safe
holds some allied uniforms (Clothing must be expensive, as it is never for sale). Just pick
the lock on both, right under the noses of the guards there. They notice your uniforms
and think that you belong. The last thing to do is go to the blue shaded area to the left of
this large map. Assemble your squad there and prepare for combat.

Water Scoop and drains: You are dumped onto the ending scene of a battle. Hammer
troops have killed the workers and the guards and are doing something odd to the water
holding tanks with large unidentified canisters. There is no reason to hold back on these
dupes. Blast them all, your characters are starting to get more powerful and should be
starting to have less trouble in combat. The only problem area is in the plant itself. If
you climb down the ladder you will likely be seen and shot off. If you go through the
large roll down door you will be blasted as soon as you poke your head around the
corner. Position one character over the ladder and then have another one go outside and
throw a powerful grenade at the door. The enemy inside will be distracted by the
explosion. Sneak down the ladder to blast the remaining opposition. Immediately go
into combat mode and do not exit it. US reinforcements finally arrive and they see only
you to blame. Don't stick around to mount your legal defense. The journal tells you to
scoop up all evidence of soviet involvement (the hammer troops were planting Russian
weapons, cigarettes and most notable, canisters of cyanide with Russian labeling). I
never picked up the poison and was still able to get a favorable ending, use your own
judgment. That darn poison is big and heavy and will weigh down your troops. In the
basement of the water plant is a trench with a manhole in it. Gather your troops there.
This brings you to the drains. This basically is a sewer system leading out of the plant
and is your only exit. Crouch or walk, don't run and you should be able to take out the
hammer troops guarding the exit without interrupts. If you brought some mine probes
you can disarm and gather some of the mines that are down here, but you can either just
walk around them or shoot them (there must have been a mine sale at Thugs R Us, as
there are a bunch of them). The only difficult section is a guard post. You will recognize
it by the chest in the corner. If your character walks around the concrete wall it you will
likely be interrupted and shot for your pains. Take Fidel with his machinegun and use it
to shoot through the wall at the enemies there or just whip some grenades around the
corner. The chest is mined, and will blow if you hit it with blasts or bullets, so be careful
if you can. There is some hammer uniforms inside, but I was unable to find a use for
them. Not much stops you from the exit, so like exit this place dude.

Water scoop exit: You surprise a hammer soldier here. His name is Siegfried and if you
are willing to jump through a couple hoops, he will make a valuable addition to your
party. Your character knocks him out, all you have to do is pick up his body and carry
him to the exit. Use combat time, as some very unhappy US troops are coming out of the
drains right behind you. Carry him to the exit and leave for your home base. Siegfried is
a grenadier and very strong. He is a good packhorse and a good recipient for the heavy
body armor. He promises his loyalty to your party and as he points out, where can he go?
He can't go back to the hammers without being shot and the allies would put him right in
jail. His only hope is with you and he makes a valuable addition. Give him a chance.
His hands were crippled by his treatment by my main character, but that soon heals. He
tells you the location of the local hammer headquarters. I would advise you to buy
whatever you want from Sigmund, Conrad or Forrester now, as you will not get another
chance. I would advise to pick up a rocket launcher with some reloads now, any body
armor, some dynamite and make sure that Fidel has some lock picks. You may have to
go to Sigmund or Forrester before going to your home base, because once Siegfried tells
you of the hammer headquarters, you have to go there immediately or they will abandon

Hammer sub headquarters. The hammer troops here are no tougher than any others that
you have faced, but they use a deceptive wrinkle on you that they plan to use to start the
war. Some of them have disguised as civilians and will creep up behind you. As soon as
they are right behind you they will unload with their machine pistol, usually killing the
character they followed. You can't just go blasting all of the civilians either, as some of
them are innocent and give vital information after the combat. If you see a civilian
following you too closely do not turn your back on them and do go in pairs or in groups
of three. If you can catch one trying to attack you let them have it. They have a very
nice machine pistol which is very light, reasonably accurate and with low action point
cost. Shoot all of the hammer opposition and you will find that they have already started
partially evacuating. Question the local citizens and you will find that they have not gone
far. Head back to home base. The informative cut scene after leaving forecasts trouble.
V-, a fellow H&S gamer I met on game spot says that if you give the hammers time to
evacuate that you do not egg the hammer command into killing all your friends. I have
not tried it yet.

Bashed Bandits: If you want to get the most powerful machinegun in the game, go to
Sigmund's and Forrester's first. At Sigmund's, leave two characters in the forest clearing
on the bottom left and two on the bottom right. Equip them with grenades and either a
smg or a pistol. Send your main character in to investigate the compound. Sigmund has
been killed by the hammer troops who will happily show you the power of a long volley
by the MG42. The entire place is impressively shot to rags. Poor Larry is quite upset by
the death of his foster father; give him revenge. Immediately go into combat time and
run to help the team on the left. If you positioned them correctly they will be right on top
two squads of hammer troops. Here you can learn why cops carry pistols, as someone
with good accuracy can dispatch most of the villains with headshots in just one round.
Grenades work well too, as they can stun for several rounds. After you have wiped them
out hide in the tree line until the troop group in the upper left corner works their way
down to you. You should be able to snipe them without much difficulty. Usually the
named characters carry a neat or original weapon. One of them usually has a either the
MG34 or the FG42. Either of these weapons is very powerful and you should take them
now. Now leave for the sad scene at Forrester's

Forrester's: Like Sigmund, Forrester has suffered at the hands of hammer troops. Hide
your troops in the tree line behind the cabin and use the outhouse and the bottom edge of
the cabin for cover. Send Fidel in with a machine gun to inspect the damage. A machine
gun motorcycle pulls up, immediately send Fidel through the basement door (you will
have to pick the lock) and hide for cover half way down the basement stairs. You will
now see why I asked you to do so. The MG car opens up and destroys the front of
Forrester's house, and if you had been inside, you would be gone too. Hide in the tree
line and pick off advancing troops, using one character to spot and having Fidel shoot
volley fire through the walls at the troops he cannot see. Don't be afraid to retreat behind
the cabin/outhouse if things get too hot. By now your characters should be getting fairly
powerful and you shouldn't have much trouble winning. Oddly, Fidel doesn't bemoan
Forrester's death; he either is a stoic or an ingrate. Take your pick of the weapons from
your fallen enemies, now it is time to go home.

Havoc at Home: As soon as you enter you see one of your poor civilian defense dudes
get tossed through a window by a SMG blast. The hammer forces have arrived and have
killed everyone except for Henry, the doctor. You will be ambushed from either side of
the road if you walk up it; enter either house one at a time and sneak around for a little
house to house combat. Don't be afraid to keep your Machine gunner outside to shoot
through the walls at spotted enemies. These houses looked like downtown Detroit before
you arrived; demolishing them would just save construction crews money. As you
approach the main house you see an explosion and an enemy scout running away. He has
just destroyed your radio, and with it your only hope of contacting your base and warning
them of hammer's plans. Buy what you need from Henry (the bullet extractor is nice,
and a couple benzedrines); you won't be coming back. Gather everything you think you
will want to keep; it is time for a new headquarters.

Z-burg part 3: Leave and go to the only place left to really go, the Convoy again. You
will have another cut scene that has Siegfried telling you of another radio in an old Nazi
base beneath the police station in Z-burg. You really have no choice but to go back. You
can go nuts and blow a hole in the police station floor if you like, and sure enough there
is a manhole in the hidden basement down there, but the police tend to look poorly upon
having their headquarters dynamited. There is a quieter way. Go down into the sewers,
you will find a wall that has a lot of rubble in front of it and looks bricked up and
different from the rest of the sewer. Get everybody well out of harms way and toss either
a powerful grenade or some dynamite at the wall. It will open up to reveal a small room
with a skeleton in front of a vault door. There is a code lock there as well as a scrap of
note paper near the skeleton. Your character will question Siegfried about it and he will
act a little uncomfortable. He eventually will give you the code to the door lock. Enter,
and you will find out why Siegfried was a little nervous. You find a hidden bunker with
some good weapons, a working radio and a pay book that proves that Siegfried was a
member of the SS, a notorious Nazi group during WW2. Your group gets quite worked
up and clamor for his blood. You have the choice of killing him, but he has been quite
useful so far and you need every hand you can get for the last battle. I advise forgiving
him, especially since he gets on his knees and begs for his life. Don't repay cruelty with
cruelty. Radio control; they tell you to go back to Wenzburg and meet up with the agent
there alone. You automatically disengage from your group. Bring a couple of grenades
if you chose the grenadier as your character, otherwise bring the rocket launcher. They
might prove useful.

Wenzburg revisited: Ride the train again to Wenzburg, paying the gouging engineer for
the ride. He'll be sorry soon. Go to the first house on the left, opening the window from
the back of the house. Leave it open and talk to the man in black. This is Pavel, the first
scout that will join your group. Tell him what is happening, he will leave to see what he
finds out. When he returns, he notices something is wrong, you have been followed by
hammer troops! These mooks start out by taking it out on anybody they see, including
what I think is the gouging engineer from the train. You can just run to the back window
and to the bottom of the map with Pavel to end this level, or you can fight for some exp.
Points. Hehe, I bet I know by now what you choose. If you are a grenadier you might be
able to wing a couple grenades out the window or front door at the truck full of hammer
troops. Be careful, it is dangerous to poke your head into view. Failing that, you can just
blast them with a rocket or two from the launcher you brought. The first time I
successfully fought I positioned Pavel on the far left of the house and my character on the
right. Pavel has a crappy little pistol but he is a great shot with it. Position him by the
corner of the house and wait for hammer troops to get to the corner. With the silent run
perk your scout can usually pop around the corner and kill them with headshots(as you
might have figured out by now, pistols make up for their poor range and penetration by
having a low ap cost). I also had fun once by mining the path I knew the hammer troops
were going to take(You don't get a lot of chances to effectively use mines). Whatever
you decide, just leave after killing the hammer soldiers. Otherwise you once again have
to shoot it out with US reinforcements. Not productive, just scram.

Airport Ambush: By now you are probably skittish about waiting too long to attack the
airport that Pavel mentions. Don't worry, you have enough time to go back and get the
rest of your troops, you will need them. Sneak a sniper to the top of the control tower
and then sneak your troops into the lower building. You should have an interesting
running gunfight here. Use the skills you have picked up so far, you should have no
problem by now, as your characters are quite powerful. Defeat all of the troops here to
collect the secret documents you have worked so hard for. Head back to headquarters to
prepare for the final mission. On the way back you have a cut scene with Elizabeth. She
reveals that she is a CIA spy, but that she is working for the good guys. She admits that
corrupt CIA officers are part of the scheme but she requests that you trust her by giving
her some of the papers to take back to her superiors and prove that terrorists are trying to
incite war. If you don't give them to her she will attack you. Use your best judgment; I
gave them to her and got the good ending. It might be possible to not give them to her
and knock her out with the tranquilizer dart, but I never tried it. She leaves with a parting
flirt, and the ending of the game hints that your character and she was an item. Hey, she
might be about a 6 pack of beer from being beautiful, but she is talented and had to put up
with being the only girl in your party. Let her live and go back to your team in Z-berg.

Final Hammer Headquarters: If you have killed all the hammer units at the first
headquarters there will be none here. There are some good weapons and medical items in
the bunker, but they are trapped. No problem for Fidel if you have a mine probe.
Nothing else to see here folks, go to the mine entrance. Once in you will be spotted and a
door will slam behind you. No way but forward. If you have a scout, join Pavel with
silenced weapons and shoot out the lights in the mine. Then just sneak forward
crouching in stealth mode and snipe at the various troops in the mine with silenced
weapons. Around the first corner to the right you will see a hole on the left wall that you
can crawl through. Crawl through with Pavel and your character if he is a scout and
silently shoot your way to the room that overlooks the room the bomb is in. Push the
buttons to open up the control grates and then have your grenadier (Siegfried is one) get
as far away as possible and either lob grenades at the bomb until it is destroyed or shoot it
with a rocket launcher. Work your way quietly to the ladder at the end of the mine, this
level is done.

American Assault: This is the last enchilada and is a fairly tough battle. Not only are
you outnumbered, but one of the Russian officers must be kept alive for you to report to
at the end of the battle. By now you probably have your own style of combat, just
remember that there are phony American troops at the top left and the far right of the map
(looking as the Russian car is facing right). One thing that worked well for me was to
take Pavel, outfit him with Benzedrine and a combat knife and send him running to flank
the phonies from the bottom. With the silent run and always critical melee attack perks
and almost 300 action points from the Benzedrine he was like a crack fiend. I was able to
defeat 5 troops in one round with him and this setup. Don't get frustrated. Just try to
protect the Russian officer by drawing fire on yourself instead of him. By now your guys
should be so powerful that if you use cover correctly, as well as the buddy system, and
take advantage of interrupts, you should be able to win easier than you did the very first
combat. Talk to the Russian officer that you began the game with; he will recognize you.
Congrats, you have just beaten a difficult and challenging game. Get ready for a long and
rewarding ending that tells what happened to all of your surviving characters.

Thanks for reading my first walkthrough. If you have any questions or additions feel free
to email me at spongebobsquareconan@msn.com. Please, no flames, but I do like
constructive criticism. Thanks to V-, a fellow H&S gamer I met at game spot that
enjoyed this game just as much as I did. He tried things a little differently than I did and
had some helpful suggestions. I hope you enjoyed this rough around the edges but
genuinely good and different game.

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