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By Exodist
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Title: Gunz The Duel
Developer: Maiet Entertainment
Publisher: Maiet Entertainment
Platform: PC
Release: 29th November 2006
Genre: Online Third Person Shooter RPG


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 13KB
Document version: 1.0
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 20th December, latest version 20th December
Document © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for Gunz, the North American version, made by Maiet in 2006.






Gunz is an online, third person shooter with some RPG elements hacked on, which
actually work pretty well. So sooner or later, there had to be a quest mode.
Promised for International Gunz, appearing in North American Gunz, quest mode
can be a blast. Although its not a good source of training at all, its still
pretty fun to play. I am no master at Quest mode, if there isn't anything in my
guide which is in the game, then sorry, I didn't know about it. Currently, there
is only one quest level, but more quests and such are soon to come, so whenever
Gunz quest mode gets updated, hopefully, this guide will be too. Good luck with
quest mode, and enjoy the game!





First off, you will want to be a decent level, or just be extremely skilled at
Gunz before attempting a quest. Then, make sure you connect to either Quest West
or Quest East servers, you cannot do quests on any other server. Now, go to
whatever channel you want, and create/join a game. First you might want to
create your own with a password to get used to it, but I don't recommend it. OK,
select QUEST from the game type selection, the other options you cannot change.
The level HAS to be Mansion, the max players are 4, and you can't have a time
limit. Now, to the left, you can see slots for items. If you use a page, which
you can buy from the shop (only on a quest server) you can get to different
quest levels. Thus far I have only played on Quest Levels 1 and 2, and am not
certain if there are currently more. You can use items gained in the actual
quest too, but these don't seem to be useful at the current time. Once every
one is ready, its time to start.


Once the game starts, it will place you into a random room, based on the current
level (which would be Mansion). All of the players will start at the same place,
and are given a couple of seconds to get ready. Soon, the monsters will start
to spawn all over the level. Now, you must try to kill them obviously. Once all
of the NPCs have been defeated, a portal will open up, giving all of the players
around 30 or so seconds to get there. The portal will take the players to the
next stage, where it repeats itself, but of course, at a different location. You
may fight in the same locations again, and the stages can vary from 6-8 (at
least, thats how many I have seen). If a player dies, they cannot respawn until
the next round, if all players die, the quest is over.


OK, so what else is there in quest? Well, you may expect to run out of ammo
quickly, which in most cases, you do. Around the levels, health restorers, AP
restorers, and also Ammo will respawn randomly, in different places. The harder
the quest level, and higher stage level your on, the less they restore, mainly
the health though, which can restore very little at times. Also, you may notice
chests randomly spawn, although these are a lot rarer then the HP, AP and Ammo
upgrades. These contain quest items, at the moment, your just best off selling
them, check the items chapter for more detail in them. Also, in the future,
you will be able to fight special bosses, you may be able to fight one now, but
if so, I haven't. Watching the Gunz trailer, toward the end, you will see some
people fighting a giant goblin with a massive hammer inside the library part of
the Mansion level. Maybe this is in the current version, although I do not know.
Also, when the players get to the next stage, all of their HP, AP and ammo is
fully restored.





Currently, there is only the mansion level playable. Once into the mansion level
you will go through 6-8 or so stages, fighting goblin after goblin after goblin.
When playing, the game will put you onto a random location, which is similar to
the mansion, to fight in. Currently, I have seen these rooms.

Garden Hallway:
 _      _     _
| |____| |___| |
|              |
|  __________  |
|_|          |_|

This is a hallway, similar to the hallways found in the Garden level. Above is
some dodgey ASCII map thing, its meant to be the stage. Thats about all I can
remember of it though, so if its not completely accurate, don't blame me. The
players will spawn at the bottom right location, and the portal, usually just
across from there, although I think it may just be random. This stage is usually
an early one, and never really causes much trouble, even when the harder enemies
run loose on it.

Garden Hallway 2:
|  ____________  |
| |            | |
| |            | |
| |            | |
|_|            |_|

This is another hallway level, similar to the Garden level hallways. Above is
another dodgey ASCII map thing, which may not be very accurate, but again, its
a rough drawing of the stage. This stage usually appears (for me at least) very
early on, and is fairly easy. The players will start to the bottom left part of
the map, and the portal usually appears either side.

   _____| |_____
 _|             |_
|_               _|
  | ____   ____ |
  |  ___   ___  |
  | |         | |
  | |         | |
  | |         | |

Yes, its a VERY poor drawing, but I can explain. This stage is pretty much the
garden part of, guess what, the garden level! Of course, all exits are blocked,
the players start at the bottom middle part of the level, where the fountain
usually is. The hedges are still there, and then there are steps leading up to
the main part, where all the action takes place. This level usually appears mid
quest for me, its not too hard, but it can get chaotic up top.

Mansion Stairs:
|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |

Well, er, thats pretty much it. Except there are pillars all along it, but its
more or less the main Mansion room, minus the stairs, minus any exits, the
colour is a lot more red, and there is a big door on a wall. Wow. You start at
either end, I can't remember which. This stage is usually pretty late, and has
a lot of the armoured Goblins. Its not too difficult, if your low, you can just
dash around the edge until power ups appear. Simple really.

Mansion Cellar:

OK, I don't have a map, I can't exactly remember the whole of it. But, its
basically, the cellar with a lot of stairs, leading to a giant grey/black wall.
You should know what I mean, this is a pretty early stage, usually when those
Goblin Gunners start appearing.

Mansion Cellar 2:

|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |

Again, this is just like the Mansion Stairs, its a big room, with pillars, but
has more of a cellar feel to it. Oh, and fire torches all around the room. So
yeah, same rules apply really.

Mansion Library:

|  ___  ___  |
| |        | |
| |        | |
|            |
|            |
| |        | |
| |___  ___| |

This is an annoying level. It seems really hard, especially if your trying to
solo quest mode. Basically, its a the library from mansion. The lines in the
middle of the room are bookcases. If your out of ammo, try to stay around the
edges, dashing, and be ready to collect pick ups! In the middle is where all
the action goes on, unless your good, stay away!

Mansion Place:

| _________  |
|            |
| |        | |
| |        | |
| |        | |
|            |
| _________  |

Mansion place hey? I don't know what it is, its just this random room I guess.
This is usually last, or very close to being last. Basically, the middle, is a
pit, but not really much of a pit. The gaps in the outline are stairs, the
players start in the middle. This is kinda hard, but not that hard. The stage
is pretty much the library, but seems to be much easier to me.

Mansion Dining Room:

|      |
|      |
|      |
|      |
|      |
|      |

This is a kinda annoying stage. Basically, its the dining room, complete with
the table straight down the middle. Usually, its pretty easy to complete, be
careful, it seems that many gunners are placed onto the table. Apart from that
it shouldn't be too much of a problem.




Yeah, this chapter sucks. Currently the Gunz server is down, so im trying to
go from memory. The next update will include more information though!


TORN PAGE 13 - Level 13 - 500 BP to buy

TORN PAGE 25 - Level 25 - ... (I forgot)

TORN PAGE 43 - Level 43 - ... (forgot that too)









Currently, there are only goblins, 4 types if I am correct (at least, thats all
I have seen). They are listed below.


Just a normal goblin, carries a small knife, or maybe a short sword. Easiest to
kill, and the most common enemy too.


These have rifle guns, which fire small bombs, the distance isn't that great,
but when the explode, the radius is big. These usually stay out of the battle to
try and snipe, if you can, kill them with a melee weapon.


These are bigger goblins. They have big clubs, and are heavily armoured. These
can do more damage then the rest, and take more hits to kill. Don't worry, you
can shoot them any where, just shoot! They appear often, mainly toward the end
of the quest.


These are in small brown cloaks. To be honest, they seem to do bugger all, they
do use magic, I have seen it, but I never really notice anything different. I
think they can poison you, and make you slower, but thats about it at the
current time. They are pretty rare, and die easily, so they shouldn't pose a




Currently, when im writing this, Ijji is down, so the information may not be
completely correct. Also, I haven't done everything quests have to offer, and
cannot provide everything about them at the current time. However, I can give
as much as I know, which I am. When the quests are updated, this guide will
hopefully be updated soon. Yeah, this guide sucks, but give time, and it should
be good in the future. When Gunz is running again, I can get the information
properly too.

This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK! You
cannot steal it in any form or way, nor copy not one little bit of it (directly
from my guide) for your own guide. You may however, save this document onto your
computer, as that is the main idea. From then, it may be modified, but the
modified version must not be put onto the internet. Nor can you modify it to
look like your own work. Anything copied from my guide is not allowed either.

Gunz the Duel © Copyright 2003-6 Maiet
This Document is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton.

END OF DOCUMENT - Exodist signing off...

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