Gunman Chronicles (walkthrough)

Gunman Chronicles

  ______  _     _  _    _  __  __  ______  _    _
 /  ____|| |   | ||   | ||  /  ||  __  ||   | |
 | |     | |   | ||   | ||      || |__| ||   | |
 | |   _ | |   | || |\| || |/| ||  __  || |\| |
 | |__| || |___| || |   || |  | || |  | || |   |
 ______/ _____/ |_|  _||_|  |_||_|  |_||_|  _|
  ______  _    _  _____   ______  _    _  _____  ______  _       ______   ____
 /  ____|| |  | ||  __  |  __  ||   | ||_   _|/  ____|| |     |  ____| / ___|
 | |     | |__| || |__| || |  | ||   | |  | |  | |     | |     | |__     __
 | |     |  __  ||  _  / | |  | || |\| |  | |  | |     | |     |  __|    __ 
 | |____ | |  | || |   | |__| || |   | _| |_ | |____ | |____ | |____  ___/ /
 ______||_|  |_||_|  _||______||_|  _||_____|______||______||______||____/


Gunman Chronicles FAQ/Walkthrough
For PC
Date started: 14/12/06 (DD/MM/YY)
Version: 1.0
Created by: Monocrome

This guide is copyright 2006 by Malan cronje

Just some notes I want to add-

*GameFaqs ( is the only site that will have the most recent 
version of this guide. If you ask me very nicely if you can put this on your 
website, then I just might let you do that, as long as everything that I typed 
on this guide stays the same and nothing is altered and/or removed. Check the 
Author's details at the bottom of the guide on how to contact me. For more info 
on the copyright, see below.

*There are bound to be some spelling errors in this guide. My home language is 
Afrikaans, I live in South Africa so please let me know if you find any 

*Just note throughout this guide, I use the word big and large. Big is greater 
than large and so large is smaller than big. For example, I used the word big 
to discribe a big xenome that breeds xenomes and a large drone is smaller than 
the big xenome. I don't know if I explained it correctly but just know that big 
is more great than large.

*A lift and elevator is the same thing, so don't look for a lift instead of an 

*Some weapon names are not all the same on the internet, this guide and the 
game console. The beamgun is also the polaris blade, the meckagun is also the 
mechagun and minigun. The mule is also the M.U.L.E and the rocket launcher. The 
explosives are also mule rockets or M.U.L.E rockets. The chemical gun is also 
the chem gun. The pistol is also the gauss pistol, the blaster pistol and the 
standard issue lazer pistol. Also, buckshot ammo is the same as shotgun ammo.

*When you fall off from where you're standing on to a lower area, you'll always 
lose 10 health no matter how high. Although you won't get hurt from falling 
about 2 meters, any more than that will make you lose the health. On some 
missions like the west, there are narrow places where you must walk and when 
there isn't anything right beside you where you can drop onto, like a rock or 
something, you'll fall to your death. 

| 1. Copyright Info                                                    [COPY] |

Disclaimer: This guide is copyright(c) 2006 by Monocrome. This guide is hosted 
excusivly by It is just as good as stealing when you copy this 
guide and put it in a magazine, on a website any other thing that I was not 
personally contacted about. If I see this guide on any other site than and any magazine or any other publication, I will contact law 
enforcement authoroties. Believe me, I am very serious. If you find this guide 
on any other site than, please let me know me ASAP. 

| 2. Version History                                                   [VERS] |

0.1- 14/12/06 - The first version. I started the guide. Added the art at the 
top of the guide, the copyright info, version history, started thinking of what 
to put in the table of contents and done that. Also added the introduction and 
began the walkthrough and completed the Training.

0.2- 16/12/06 - Went on with the walkthrough and got the first mission about 
halfway complete. Also began with the tips and tactics section. I began and 
completed the cheats section.

0.3- 19/12/06 - After a long time, I completed the first mission and began on 
the second one, but didn't do much work on it. I also added the Game Characters 
section if someone doesn't know much about that subject. 

1.0- 22/12/06 - This is the first relese! I got really far with the seccond 
mission and I am pretty confident it will be done in the next version. I added 
lots of stuff to the tips and tactics section. I corrected some mistakes and 
spiced the look up a little.

                       T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S    

NOTE: For quick search function, press Ctrl+F and type in the [****] next to 
the section you wish to find and press enter.

1. Copyright Info...........................................[COPY]
2. Version History..........................................[VERS]
3. Introduction.............................................[INTR]
4. Game Characters..........................................[CHAR]

5. Controls.................................................[CONT]
6. System requirements......................................[SYST]

7. Walkthrough..............................................[WALK]
 7.1 Training...............................................[TRAI]
 7.2 Mission 1- The Uncharted Planet........................[MIS1]
 7.3 Mission 2- Science Facility, Ferrin Moon...............[MIS2]
 7.4 Mission 3- The West....................................[MIS3]
 7.5 Mission 4- Rebar Facility..............................[MIS4]

8. Tips and Tactics.........................................[TACT]
 8.1 Main Tips and Tactics..................................[MAIN]
 8.2 Weapon Tips and Tactics................................[WEAP]

9. Cheats...................................................[CHEA]

10. Contact details.........................................[DETA]
11. Conclusion..............................................[CONC]

| 3. Introduction                                                      [INTR] |

It's high noon in deep space
It's been five years since you took control of the Gunmen, after the General 
fell in battle fighting the alien Xenomes. Now the Xenemes are back in force, 
but this time there's a sinister presence controlling them. The infestation has 
taken a new, deadlier form and they're wiping out your forces. You're on your 
own, facing a gang of genetically engineerd aliens and the desperados 
contolling them. Luckily you've brought your guns. Lots of them.

Hi and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Gunman Chronicles. I decided to write 
a guide for this game because I didn't see any guides for it on the net and 
just because I love this game so much and it's very chalenging and requires 
lateral thinking througout the game. This game is built on the Half-Life engine 
wich is just great. Everyone loved Half-Life and I think they will like this 
game too. The graphics aren't all that great for a game of 2001, but don't let 
that put you off, the gameplay is awesome and I think the sound has much 
improved scince the Half-Life series. 

The story is kind of weird but it promises for lots of action and adventuring. 
This game is now part of the Best Seller series wich means that the game can be 
bought for a few dollars. Anyone who wants to help me in some way with this 
guide will be greatly appreciated. I really want to add a section on the 
multiplayer of the game in my guide. If anyone wants to do a section on that 
for me, I will be extremely thankfull. Just remember to check out my contact 
details at the bottom of the guide for info on that. Well I think that is all, 
I must be getting on with the real part of the guide. Thanks for reading until 
here, please read further.

| 4. Game Characters                                                   [CHAR] |

The General
The General is the person that you faught with on the battle of Banzure Prime. 
On this battle, you ordered your men to retreat but the general, a few gunmen 
and scientists were still alive and were almost eaten by monters. The General 
wants to kill you now because you left him and the others behind. He will be 
using xenomes, turrets and other stuff to try to kill you.

The Scientists are the guys who created and modified some new xenomes and they 
are working for the general. As like any other science fiction game, the 
scientist made their lifeforms, but now they became too smart and are turning 
against their makers. Their creations, the xenomes will hunt you forever. 

Evil Gunmen/Bandits
These guys also work for the general and were also left behind with him on 
Banzure Prime. They love their guns and will of course try to kill you, just 
like everyone else. They were once the guys who you faught with on Banzure 
Prime. They are very evil but mainly carry pistols and meckaguns to kill you. 
They also control some turrets if they like to.

Major Archer
In short, Major Archer is you. You were a gunman fighting with the general and 
the other gunmen on Banzure Prime, but you left them behind because the alien 
lifeforms (xenomes) were killing the gunmen very, very quickly and everyone 
would be dead in a short time if you hadn't aborted the mission. Wise move, but 
you thought all the gunmen and scientists were dead, but some of them still 
live, including the general and they are out to kill you.

This mainframe will help you fight off the xenomes in a later stage of the 
game. The mainframe contols the drones on the science facility and it first 
thought you were also a bad guy, but later saw where your loyalties lie. When 
it sees this, it will use the drones and other mechanical stuff to help you 
fight off the xenomes, bandits and of course the general.
| 5. Controls                                                          [CONT] |

This is the defualt control configuration. It's very important that you set up 
your controls so that it suits you right.

Movement Controls

Move foreward..........................Up arrow
Move backward..........................Down arrow
Turn left..............................Left arrow
Turn right.............................Right arrow
Move left (strafe).....................A
Move right (strafe)....................D
Swim up................................V
Swim down..............................C
Look up................................PgUp
Look down..............................PgDn
Look straight ahead....................End
Strafe modifier........................Alt
Mouse look modifier....................;
Keyboard look modifier.................Ins

Combat Controls

Lazer pistol...........................2
Polaris blade..........................5
Chemical gun...........................8
Ai core................................9
Next weapom- config up.................Mwheelup
Prev weapon- config down...............Mwheeldown
Last used weapon.......................Q
Primary attack.........................Mouse 1
Customize weapon.......................Mouse 2
Use item (buttons, scientists...)......E


Take screen shot.......................F5
display multiplayer scores.............Tab
Pause game.............................PAUSE
Quit game..............................
Spray logo.............................T
Chat message...........................Y
Team message...........................U
Quick save.............................F6
Quick load.............................F7

| 6. System requirements                                               [WALK] |
Minimum system requirements

Windows 95,98, ME, 2000, XP or Windows NT 4.0
Pentium 233+, 32 MB RAM
SVGA, high color (16-bit)
2x CD-ROM drive
Windows-compatible sound card
Mouse, keyboard

Reccomended system requirements

Windows 95,98, ME, 2000 or XP
Pentium 400+, 64 MB RAM
SVGA, high color (16-bit)
4x CD-ROM drive
Windows-compatible sound card
Mouse, keyboard

On this system the game runs well, but stutter lag can appear when the video 
mode is set to 800x600 or higher.

| 7. Walkthrough                                                       [WALK] |

As you play through the game, you'll maybe sometimes notice that I didn't tel 
you about some ammo and health kitts that are around, but you see them. That is 
because when I'm being attacked by enemies, I run over the whole place dodging 
their attacks, and as this happens, I pick up the ammo and health kitts and I 
don't see or hear it happening. Though this happens rarely, I am pretty sure 
that what I wrote up in this walkthrough from where I told the ammo and health 
kitts are, is close to 98% correct. If you see that I forgot about something 
like this, please drop me an e-mail about it. I will correct my mistake and 
post the new version online ASAP. 

7.1 Training                                                 [TRAI] |

Okay, when you start a new game, someone will tell you a long story about what 
happened to the gunmen and what the xenomes are. You can't do anything exept 
walk around in the elevator wich you are in. When the person says Mojor Archer 
three times in row, there will be a loading and the game will show some 
movement controls for you. Then look down in the center of the elevator and go 
down the open hatch.

When you're at the bottom, you'll see a guy working on a panel up ahead. You 
can't do anything in this room so go ahead and follow the way to the briefing 
room. When you get there, you'll see a lot of gunmen in the room and and one 
gunman will tell the others some stuff about you. None of the things he says is 
really important. just some background on your past. When he is done talking, a 
few gunmen will say that there is some time left until their mission starts and 
they can go practice on the firing range. So, go back to where the guy was 
working on the panel and follow the way to the firing range. On the way, a 
gunman will open the gate for you, to pass through.


As you come into the next room with a window, a gunman will be standing at it 
and say that a another damaged ship is about to dock. The ship will crash and 
you'll have to follow the gunman. He will crouch to get under the obstacle, do 
the same as he and then jump over the next obstacle. After that, you'll have to 
climb up the ladder. When you get to the top, look to the other platform where 
the gunman is standing and jump on it. Then go turn off the forcefield and go 
through. Now go over the glass and pick up the knife, the crouch near the glass 
and break it with the knife and go down. You'll get a little hurt by the fall, 
jump up to the medical stations and use them to heal yourself.

Just when you're about to enter the next room, a forcefield will go off and a 
gunman will go flying into space. Shame.
Anyways, go and push the box against the higher platform. (Be carefull not to 
push the box against a wall) When you've done that, jump on the box and onto 
the higher platform and go through the opening and break the vent cover with 
the knife. Drop down into the next room and then you'll have to jump over the 
container to the other side. This is very easy. Get a running start and jump 
just before the container and while you're in the air, hold in the crouch key. 
It's easier than it sounds, all it takes is timing. The next part is the firing 


The first hologram target will be shot with the PISTOL. Pick it up and set it 
to RAPID fire with the weapon customization key destroy the hologram. (be sure 
to pick up the ammo on the counter behind you) The next target will be shot 
with the SNIPER. Pick up the sniper kitt and destroy the target. (to zoom with 
the sniper, hold the primary fire button and release it to fire) The next 
target will be shot with CHARGE mode. Set the pistol to charge and destroy the 
target. When you're done with that look to you right. There will be hologram 
wich will need 400 DAMAGE POINTS to score. I found the best way to do this, is 
with RAPID fire. Destroy the target and move on to your left. There will be red 
recepticle wich you'll need do return you pistol to.

The next room is the SHOTGUN training course. Pick up your shotgun and do 300 
damage points to the hologram to score. If you need ammo, there are some to 
your left. The best way to destroy this target is to set the shells to 4 and 
the spread to rifle. When you're done, go the red recepticle to return your 
shotgun and go to the next room. This is the MECKAGUN training course. Pick up 
your meckagun and the ammo to your left and press the weapon customization key 
once to spin up the gun. This target requires 500 damage points to score, you 
must overheat your weapon to do this. When you're done, go the the read 
recepticle to return your weapon. Follow the way and go up the ladder. The next 
area will require your flashlight if you can't see well. Just go over the 
walkway, if you fall, you can go up again with a ladder from the bottom. 

The next area is the TANK section. A gunman will open the forcefield for you. 
Enter the room and go the left behind the large containers, then go to the 
right to where the tank is standing. Then enter the tank. if you shoot the 
gunman in some way, you'll have to start this section over. O yes, and your 
main gun is disabled. Drive the tank foreward and go to the left, the go little 
to the right and park the tank in the corner where the gunman is standing. Exit 
the tank with the jump key and jump onto the platform where the gunman is 
standing. when you're done with that, follow the gunman and start the 
explosives training course. 

Here you'll use the MULE and hand thrown explosives. when gunman is gone, 
you'll get a explosive on the counter, pick it up and throw it to the hologram. 
(you don't have to hold in the primary fire button to throw the explosive 
further) When it is destroyed, pick up another explosive using the weapon 
customization key, set the payload to CLUSTER and and throw the explosive in 
the cage with the hologram. Pick up another explosive and keep the trigger to 
TIMED and the payload to CLUSTER, then throw it in the room with the hologram.

Now pick up the explosives on the counter again and to your right, pick up the 
MULE. Then turn around and look for the drone in the cavern. You'll have to 
shoot it out of the sky. The best flightpath for airborne targets is HOMING. 
Use this setting to destroy the drone. Just be sure not to use the CLUSTER 
setting against airborne targets. Use it in a small area with lots of enemies. 
The SPIRAL flightpath mode does double the damage. Listen to the instructions 
from the gunman. You can destroy every target with any setting, but from my 
experience, the best way overall is: LAUNCH -when fired, FLIGHTPATH -homing, 
DETONATE -on impact, PAYLOAD -explosive.

When you're done, the gunman will let you use other weapons, as you finished 
the explosives training. You can play around with them as long as you like. 
When you're done, go into the elevator on the left side of the cavern, where 
the gunman left.


When the door opens, a gunman will tell you to not forget your armor, that is 
on a path to left. Go to the gunman and pick up your armor. Now go back to the 
first gunman and enter the large door infront of you. Follow the way to the 
dropship waiting in the docking bay, and go inside where another gunman is 


7.2 Mission 1 - The Uncharted Planet                         [MIS1] |

When you first arrive, go to the squad near the other dropship. The squad 
leader will tell you that their first task is to search for the orrigin of the 
suspicious signal. After that, a gunman will go off infront of you into some 
ruins, go to him and he'll say something about how long the ruins have been 
there. Go into the ruins and follow the path to the left. You'll see a dinosaur 
infront of you, but don't worry about it attacking you, it won't do it. Go to 
the gunman and he'll say that they found something to the left, follow the way 
and go up the platform far over the water. There will be gunman in there. He'll 
say that a bomb just activated and you need to get out of there. Quickly go 
outside and run away. There will be a big explosion. Some ruins will fall over 
and the gunmen and the dinosaurs will be killed.

Go to the left of the fallen pillar to get pistol and some ammo. There are some 
more ammo at the next pillar. Now go to the gunman you see infront of you. 
He'll say that the enemy is guarding the ruins with a gun turret and a tank. 
You will need to find a way to destroy the turrets. Now go and crouch under the 
pillar to your right and follow the path.


when you see the next area, a tank will fire over the whole are. wait for about 
10 seconds and go to the two genmen behind a large green container. (one of the 
gunmen is sitting) Don't go to the gunman standing behind the pillar, it will 
fall over when you get close to it, so walk far away from it. when you get to 
the gunmen behind the container, follow the gunman who goes out infront of you. 
When he stops, he'll tell you to destroy the turrets. (you've probally seen 
them by now) To do this, go quickly to the left forest wall and go to the 
bunker where the turrets are. Go up the ladder and get in the bunker. Shoot 
each turret about three or four times. Then quickly go back and crouck to go 
under the wall. You can't jump on the higher platform so just stay there. 

A tank will come in a few secconds and it'll fire at the bunker, don't worry 
about getting hurt by the blast. There will be an explosion and the bunker 
floor will fall through. There are some fish in the water below the bunker. 
Don't go in the water until you've shot them all. Then go in the water. You'll 
soon see a few more fish. No fish must stand in your way! You'll then come into 
a place with a dino, but don't rush in and start shooting it. Wait for the tank 
to appear, it'll shoot something far above you so don't worry. When it's gone, 
go ahead and shoot the dino, it takes a few hits, use the rappid mode to make 
short work of it. Now go into the hole in the wall. 


Go into the next room, there is nothing of interest in here, exept a health 
kitt in one of the urns, so follow the path to the right. Go into the next room 
and up the ladder. You'll then see a turret shooting a dropship out of the sky. 
Don't worry about anything attacking you here. Drop down and go to the left, 
there will be a fallen pillar there. (there are some health kitts in the urns 
to the right). Go up the pillar and walk on the ruins and jump to the other 
side. Go a little to the left but don't fall off. Go a little forward and look 
to your right to see a hole in the wall,  go into it. There will be three 
monkey-shooting-things in this room. Here is a map showing where the monkeys 

  	 ________________________      Key: O  - Monkey shooting things       
      	   |            |	 |          
   exit    |          __O__      |          -  - Shooting direction
      	   |         /          |
         __X____     |     |----O|          |  - Monkey shooting upwards
           	----O     |     |          O
           	 |   _____/     |
           	 |               |          X  - Monkey that shoots very fast
           	 |                |
           	 |___________   __|
                             | |

The best way to get throught here is to go through the left monkey and then of 
course the one at the exit. It would be pointless to go through the monkey 
infront and then the one on the left, as you could get hurt more times than you 
would if you take the first route.

when you go past the last monkey, a dino will come out of a hole in the wall, 
don't worry, it won't attack you. If you look to your left, you'll see a 
dropship and a dino, and this one will attack you. when it's killed, go to the 
right and enter the opening where there is a red monkey painting on the wall.


You'll enter a room with nothing of interest, so go a little foreward and then 
to the left, go into the opening in the wall and follow the path. When you go 
into the next room, you'll see this freakishly large dinosaur breaking the 
roof, but it won't attack. Go back to whre you came from, the dino will again 
break the ruins to the left, so you can enter it. Isn't that nice? Before you 
enter the area, set the pistol to rappid mode because there will be a very big 
scorpion in there. Don't worry about falling into the lava. The scorpion will 
come from the right so keep your corsair aimed there. If you take any damage, 
there is a health kitt in one of the urns. 

After the scorpion is dead, follow the path to your left. You'll see a scorpion 
get crushed by the big dino. Look to your right and go under the wall. Here 
you'll be attacked by 2 dinos, one hides by the far right wall and the other 
one is far to the left. When they are dead, go into the opening in the wall far 
to the left. Take the path to the right and follow the way.


This next area you'll see the general, the hero of Banzure Prime, but he's 
dead?, isn't he? Actually he isn't. But now he's here to tell you a story. 

"Helo Major Archer. I feel certain you remember me, think back five years. You 
might recall the little scene that unfolded on Banzure Prime? Scene of a crime 
I should say. You weren't even a Mojor then. You had no authority of the order 
to retreat. Not while your General were still alive. If you read your science 
report more carefully, you had known that silicon life had no way of digesting 
fello gunmen, or the scientists. But you left us all to rott in the gutts of 
those silicon beasts. After crushing the monsters hard with my bare hands, I 
struggled tooth and nail to free myself. Litterally. As you can imagine, an 
experience like that changes a man. I felt from within that terrifying power of 
that beast, I had my first insight into what an awesome weapon it can become. 
When I had freed the undigestid science team, he chose to light up my vision 
and they had layboured well to engineer a new host of xenome species. You're 
very important to me Archer, I wouldn't have gone into trouble if you new where 
I was. science would be nothing without its guinee pigs. But try not to fear as 
your slow death has no meaning, we intend to learn a great deal from your 
suffering, and we'll put all this hard known knowledge to work. Ensure The 
slauthering of the rest of your gunmen. Treacherous self centered brutes! Now 
I'm not much generous myself. I left you some basic supplies, and I'm betting 
your will to survive is strong enough to provide some valuable data. But with 
all honesty, we should all die in an interesting fashion. Yes my friend, now it 
is your turn to feel what it is to be eaten alive."

when the general has finished talking, he'll walk away and the floor of the 
ruins infront of you will break and there will be lava under it. This time you 
can fall into the lava, so watch out. Go up to the right. There is a health 
kitt in one urn and some shotgun ammo in the other one. Here you'll face the 
big dino, but you can't shoot it, you'll have to avoid it. Watch out when he 
puts his head in the wall, then quickly run outside to the left, there will be 
a small ladder there, go up it and go up the steep steps. Shoot the two small 
scorpions here and then run to the left. Push against the block on the wall and 
quicly go down the ladder. 

Just beside the ladder will be another ladder, quickly go up it and then run to 
the wall on the right, push the block on thw wall and then quickly go down the 
ladder again. Look to your right and go into the opening in the wall with a red 
monkey painting above it. Woo hoo! you are free of the big dino.


Follow the way into the next room, you get two health kitts and some shotgun 
ammo in here. You'll hear two evil gunmen talking outside. Shoot the broken 
wall and they will free the dino that is cought in a net. The dino will attack 
the gunmen and they will be killed. Shoot he dino and grab the meckagun ammo on 
the boxes to your right. A dino and two gunmen will attack you in the next 
room. When they are killed, go to your right to find some meckagun ammo in the 
urns, to you left you'll find alot of ammo and health kitts. Go to the right, 
and down the stairs that will break when you walk over it. There will be five 
little dinos that come from the left, luckily they die easy. Go back to the 
stairs and look to you left, there will be a opening in the wall where you can 
go in.

Drop into the water. Here will be 4 crocs, they are really fast, so keep moving 
around them. when they are all dead, two gunmen will want to blow you up. so 
get out of the center of the room quicky or you could be dead. There is also a 
health kitt in this room if you need it. There will now be a hole in the floor 
where the explosives were droped. Go in the hole and swim foreward following 
the way. shoot he fish in the water and go up to surface for air. When you get 
on your feet, you'll be attacked by five ficious little scorpions. On the wall 
behind you will be two urns containg a health kitt and some shotgun ammo. Turn 
the lever on the wall on the right and jump on the stone block on the chain. 
Continue following the way.


There will be a gunman in the bunker to you right. Go behind the bunker to 
shoot him more easy. Grab the ammo and health kit in the bunker. There is 
another health kitt on the walkway behind the fallen pillar and some shotgun 
ammo on the walkway in the upper right corner and another health kitt on the 
walkway  to your right. Go on the walkway and walk to the hole behind the big 
tree. Jump over the rubble and follow the way. You'll see a gunman, and then 
there will be an explosion and some ruins will fall down. Go into the hole you 
see to your right and go around to kill the gunman. Follow the long path to the 
landed spaceship. Kill the two gunmen talking to each other. The two urns 
infront of you will have health kitts.

Go into the crate at the other side of the spaceship to get the meckagun and 
some ammo! In the left corner of the area is another health kitt and there will 
be another gunman and some ammo for the meckagun in the bunker on your right. 
When your in the bunker, turn to the left and go up the stairs, but don't go to 
the top, there will be a gunman waiting for you to your left so you know where 
he is. When he's dead go to the left and go foreward and down the stairs. If 
you need some health kitts, there are some on a box to your left. Now just look 
to your left and go into the open green box. Then the spaceship will fly away 
and the mission will end.

7.3 Mission 2 - Science Facility, Ferrin Moon                [MIS2] |

When you gain control. You'll see two drone things hacking and slashing one of 
the little dinos. Shoot them, before they can kill the dino. Two dinos will 
come out of a box a few seconds later so watch out. When you go outside the 
container that you're in, quickly look to your left, there will be a drone 
standing there, these do some damage so make sure you quickly kill them. When 
it's dead, go grab the ammo, behind where the dinos and drones were fighting, 
there is also a health kitt behind you on a box. Go to the top left corner of 
the area and up the ladder. There will be a scientist there and two drones. 
Kill them and the scientist will set his xenome free to kill you. Kill it and 
go into the box from whereout it came. Look to your right and you'll see that 
the side is cracked, break it and go inside. 

There will be two drones here far infront of you. There are also few drones 
down on the lower platform. There are some pistol ammo in the far right corner, 
jump over onto the other side to get it. To go down onto the lower platform, go 
to the far left of the area, there will be box there and some armor and ammo. 
Drop onto the box and grab your stuff. Kill the drone, if you havn't already 
done so and drop down onto the next lower platform. Grab the health kitt if you 
need it and go foreward to see a vent, go into it and break the cover that 
you're standing on. The scientist will tell you something that the general left 
him to die. There are some health kitts and meckagun ammo in this room. Follow 
the way and you'll come to a celing camera and a voice will 'intoduce' herself. 
When she says "and you are dead" two drones will come out of the door infront 
of you so watch out. 

Follow the way and you'll see a drone cutting up a scientists, shoot it and go 
to the right and drop onto the large container. There are about six health 
kitts down here and some meckagun ammo. After a few secconds you'll hear that 
voice again and a xenome will break open the small container near the large 
one. Quiclky kill it before it sees you. Go into the opening where there is a 
dead scientist on the ground. When you go in, the door will open and you'll see 
a scientist doing something over the large red thing. When he tells you to not 
just stand there, back off quickly because the red thing will explode and the 
scientist will be dead of course. When you hear the voice again, look to your 
right, there will be a large door that will open and there will be two more 
drones for you to kill. Enter the door.


You'll see a drone running off infront of you, go after him and give him what 
he deserves. Follow the way to your left. You'll come to a place where there 
are alot of xenomes and drones fighting, but don't just jump in and start 
killing, wait untill some are killed to save ammo. When the remaining drones or 
xenomes are killed, open the door and follow the way. You'll come to an area 
with three lasers poiting to a central beam. Don't go into the lasers, they'll 
hurt alot. Shoot the under part of the central beam (it looks like a glass) and 
stand back. The whole thing will fall down and you can go down a vent on the 

Once in the hole, grab the health kitt if you need it and follow the way and go 
into the opening. Go up the ladder and go up the pipe you see to your right. 
Follow the walkway. Open the door and you'll see a scientist sitting by a dead 
person on the floor. He'll say that the xenomes are out of control. Then out of 
the door in the upper right corner will come two xenomes and another two will 
stay in the doorway. Another xenome will run on the walkway far above you, so 
kill it before it can attack you. Go into the door where the xenomes came out 
from and break the lock on theweapons locker to get some shotgun and meckagun 

Turn the wheel on the wall to open the hatch obove the ladder. Go up. There 
will be another xenome here on the walkway if you havn't killed it already. 
Follow the way into the next area and and go into the room with lots of red 
lights. A xenome will come from the left, kill it and go up the upside down 
table and break the metal cover and drop down. Go into the next room and you'll 
see a scientist working on something on a table. He thinks you're someone else 
and when he sees you kill hima dn grab the beamgun on the table along with lots 
of ammo. This gun packs quite a punch. There are two health kitts in the tent 
to your left and some beamgun ammo. walk around the container and go into open 
container with the ammo box in it. There are some more beamgun ammo in there. 
Follow the way into the next area.

There is a health station infront of you if you're low on health. There are 
some ammo boxes on the ground with beamgun and shotgun ammo. To the left is a 
xenome with some more beamgun ammo. In the next room, you'll see more drones 
and xenomes fighting, once again wait fot them to kill each other first to make 
it easier for you. Go into the next room and get some shotgun ammo and a health 
kitt. In the next room, a xenome will be waiting for you. Go into the next room 
and you'll see a drone on a bridge, he'll see you very fast so be prepared. Go 
over the bridge and go to the left.


You'll see a large xenome and a small one chewing on a corpse on the ground. 
When you killed them, go to them on the ground and look behind you, there will 
be another large xenome. Open the door and follow the way. There will be a 
scientist sitting on the floor, he'll open the door for you. When he does, go 
back quiclky so the xenomes doesn't see you. A drone spaceship will kill them. 
When they are all dead. Go outside and quickly go into the opening in the 
floor. Push the button on the wall, a door infront of you will open very 
slowly, so wait for it to first open completely and make a run for it. Once 
inside, go to the right and you'll see more drones and xenomes fighting. enter 
the door far infront of you and take care of any drones that attack you. There 
is a health station and some ammo and explosives at the far left of the room. 

Go to the control pannel in the center of the room and use the lever to lower 
the bridge in the back of the room and go up it. You'll come to docking bay 
tipe thing. Run to the right and use the static gun to kill the drones that 
come from the walkway on the opposide side. When they are all dead. Go to the 
opposide walkway and use the health station on your right if you need it. Then 
turn around and follow the walkway. You'll be attacked by four xenomes that are 
eating on corpse. When they are dead, open the door and go down where you'll 
meet a large xenome. Break the lock on the weapons locker and grab the stuff. 

Go down the ladder beside you and when you get outside, look on the rocks 
infront of you, you'll see a large xenome. But you don't have to kill it 
youself, the drone spaceship is there again, but unforunatally it will try to 
shoot you again. When the xenome os dead, quiclky run under the rocks that 
where the xenome was standing. Then run to you left and follow the way to whre 
the dead scientist is on the ground. There is also a health kitt if you need it 
and a little xenome-thing. It's easy to kill. Go foreward and look to your 
right, you'll see the asteroid roof from where you were first in. Run on the 
roof and look to your right, there will be an opening in the in the asteroid 
that you can hide behind. Go to it and go up on the platform. There is some 
pistol ammo on the right of the platform. Go into the opening and follow the 

Kill the drone and break the lock on the weapons locker and grab the stuff. 
shoot the green plasma tube on the wall and open the door. 


Open the door and there will be a drone running away from you. There is another 
fight between the drones and xenomes. Kill the remaining ones, there is a 
health kitt in the box behind you. Go get the stuff in the weapons locker and 
move on. You'll come to a control room where there is xenome stuck in a door to 
your right. When you come close enough to it, The xenome will be crushed and 
the door will open. At the same time a laser will ativate and any xenome that 
will want to come through, will not make it. When all the xenomes anre dead, 
look in the room and you'll see another green plasma tube on the wall, shoot it 
and go up the stairs behind you. 

You'll eventually come to a room where a drone will run off a bit and then 
shoot you. There is another one just beside him. Go back and go up the stairs 
to your right. There is another drone there, then to your right will be the 
last plasma tube, once again shoot it. There is a health station in the next 
romm if you need it. After that, go back to the room where the xenomes ran 
through the lasers. The lasers should be off now, so go throught the door that 
the lasers were pointed at. Look to your right and a large piece of the wall 
will fall down. Go over it and follow the way. You'll come to a room where two 
drones will be teleported to kill you. Quickly kill them and go into the 
chamber where the big drone was. Press the control in there and you'll be 
teleported somewhere. 


Follow the way to the left and go in the next room where more drones and 
xenomes are fighting. Kill the surviving ones and grab the shotgun ammo on the 
floor. Then go up the ladder and go to the vent in the wall that says CAUTION. 
Break the cover and go in. You'll see a conversation between a scientist and 
the mainframe voice. Wait until the drones have killed the scientist and then 
kill them. Use the pipe to go down to the drones and go behind you, there are 
some ammo, a health kitt and two small xenomes things there. Take the box on 
the floor and move it to the other side where a large xenome is behind a laser 
shield. Move the box infront of the lasers to the left and go through. Go up 
the stairs and you'll come to a room where the mainframe voice will be talking 
to you. It will then fire a laser tipe thing at certain area in the room the 
whole time so watch out. Crouch and go to the weapons locker and grab the 
stuff. then turn around and go to the left. Go down the ladder. 

Drop down the vent in the center of the room and follow the way. Crouch to get 
under the blue laser. Follow the way opening the doors. You'll come to a large 
room- the meteor defense shield reactor. Before you enter it, two drones will 
attack you. In the room, on the other side will also be two xenomes. Kill them 
all and go press the button on the left wall. Wait for the bridge to come over 
the large shield reactor and go accros. Follow the way and you'll come to a 
broken control panel type thing on the wall with sparks coming out of it. Stand 
back and shoot it to make a hole in the wall. Go in an up the ladder and go get 
the stuff in the weapons locker and the health at the station if you need it. 
Turn the lever wheel on the wall infront of you and go in. Go down the ladder 
to face your first boss. Woo hoo!

The Big Drone Robot Thing

Strenghts: Quite fast, lots of rockets to shoot at you
Weaknesses: Turn its back on you and runs past you

This one isn't so hard to beat. When you first go down the ladder, quickly turn 
around and run to the right, it will fire lots of rockets at you, after it has 
done that, it will run past you so get some fire on him. It goes down even with 
the pistol on rappid mode. You can also use the meckagun and overheat it but 
that can lead to loss of ammo. When it turns around and sees you again, quickly 
strafe far to the left or right and shoot it when it passes you. That is the 
big tactic here. Finally, when it's dead/blown up, go up the metal stairs and 
press the button in the elevator.


When the door opens, there will be four drones behind the elevator, Shoot hem 
all quickly and grab the health kitts if you need it. There is another health 
kitt and ammo behind the small wall pillars with red lights on them. Press the 
button on the door on the other side of the room and go in. A drone will run 
away infront of you. Go get it and also the other drone that follows. 

By this time, if you havn't already realised, there is meteor shower raining on 
the facility and you have to get out. 

Anyways, follow the way and kill the drone near the control panel. The 
mainframe voice will tell you to not interfere with the drones, I don't think 
that is our mission so go ahead and kill the next drone waiting for you. Follow 
the way and you'll come to a control panel. Pull the lever on it and watch the 


Okay that was pretty cool. Now three hours later you are on some other planet 
or asteroid and there are some lava infront of you. Look to your left and go 
down the rocks. When you're on the ground, turn around and go to the other side 
with a dead drone and scientist and some ammo and a health kitt. Follow the way 
into the cave. You'll come to dead scientist on the ground, three xenomes will 
come from the left to go munch on it so watch out. when they are dead, go into 
to where they came from to get some shotgun ammo. Follow the way up the cave. 
You'll soon be attacked by two xenomes. As you go further, you'll come to large 
cave with a very big xenome on the cave roof, you'll be attacked by lots of 
xenomes in here. when they are dead. Take a look at the big one on the roof. I 
think it breeds xenomes and use them to kill you, that will ceratainly not do, 
so kill it with a few shots. 

Follow the way up the cave and shoot the xenome on the left. Go further and 
also kill the one coming from far infront of you. There will also be another 
one right beside it. Look out for another one outside on a canyon. There are 
two health kitts to the right if you need it. Follow the way around the narrow 
canyon and and drop down on the rocks to your right. If you havn't killed the 
xenomes down on the ground already, now's your chance. (To get the ammo and 
health kitts there, Go back to where tou first killed the big xenome thing that 
was on the cave roof. Just when you go past it, there will be two paths, the 
main way (to where you are now) and a small opening in the cave wall right 
beside the main way. Enter this small opening and follow the way that will lead 
you to the ammo and health kitts). Fall down onto the pipe and walk on it, run 
of the pipe and you'll fall into the other one. Follow the way. When you go 
around the thrid corner, don't run, the pipe will explode and you are stuck on 
this side and will need to get to the other side with lava under you. You'll 
need to make a duck-jump. You did it in the tutorial. What you do is, make a 
running jump to the other side and when you're in the air, press and hold the 
crouch button. If you fall just load the savegame.

You made it accross. Follow the way, you'll fall into a dark hole, shoot he 
vent underneath you.


There is a health kitt beside you. There will be another fight between the 
xenomes and drones. One of the drones will see you and not long after that the 
other one as well. Shoot them, and the xenome if he's still alive. when they 
are dead, go up the ladder and wal on the platform and jump to the other side 
where the dead scientist and grab the ammo and health kitts. Go up the next 
ladder and when you're on top, the mainframe voice will tell you that you won't 
survive the media storm (or something like that). Go over the walkway behind 
you. A drone will run off when you get there. There are lots of drones in 
there. After you've killed them, some xenomes will also come looking for you. 
When they are all dead, go grab the ammo behind the wall and go into the broken 
vent cover that the xenomes came out from and pick up the explosives. Quickly 
look to your right and shoot the xenome.

The explosives work extremely well here. Set the DETONATE - when triped and the 
PAYLOAD - cluster and go place one infront of each of the two drones that are 
behind the forcefield. Now go back and power down the forcefield and quickly 
get out of sight. When the drones walk over the explosives, they will explode 
and no more drone. When they are gone, follow the way and brek the vent cover 
and go down. There are some pistol ammo and a health kitt behind the pipe. Go 
through the door and you'll hear more drones and xenomes fighting. Shoot he 
drones on the highr platform and go up. There is a health station on the left 
wall if you need it and also grab the shotgun ammo behind the boxes. You'll see 
two drones shooting something up ahead. Shoot the rockets behind them and 
they'll blow up. Go into the room that they were and go throught the gate. 
You'll be attacked by three xenomes, kill them and go through the next gate. 
There is another health station in here. Go up the stairs and get the meckagun 
ammo at the dead scientist. Break the vent cover on the wall and go in. Go up 
the really long ladder and follow the way.


Grab the ammo and armor and open the hatch above you. Don't wory about the 
scientist, he'll be okay. Go up the ladder and quickly go to the left and hide 
behind the ladder. The drone spaceship is once again in the vacinity. When it's 
gone, go up the ladder and get the health kitts behind you if you need it. Now 
walk over the walkway to the left and go press the button on the wall that says 
FILL PLASMA CHAMBER. Now go to to the opposite walkway (there is a control 
panel and red painting on the wall). There is button there that says OPEN 
PLASMA CHAMBER. When the drone spaceship appears again, press this button it 
will be shot down, Yay! There are some health kitts to the left and right. Now 
go to where the spacehip crashed and go behind the fallen wall piece. There are 
more health kitts in the boxes. Go down the hole and follow the way. 

Break the cover infront of you and go down. The walkway over the lava will 
break when you get near it so don't go to fast. Jump over the lava onto the 
opposite side and follow the way. Get the beamgun ammo on the floor and go in 
the hole that the drone fell through. Get the explosives behind you and go go 
open the door and the next one.


There are some lava underneath you, you'll have to go up the ladder above it, 
the door beside you can't open. Just save your game here and try to jump on the 
ladder. Go up and turn around, a drone will attack you, kill it and break the 
cracked glass to the right, go through and walk around the lava to open the 
door. Follow the way. There is another big drone robot thing infront of youm 
but you won't fight it. Turn on your flashlight and ro to the right, there is 
xenome there in the darkness, shoot it and turn your flashlight off again. 
There are more xenomes down to your right, but a laser will shoot them if you 
have patience, If you havn't got any patience just kill them and wait for the 
laser to turn off. when you drop down, a xenome will also come down, shoot it 
and jump over the fallen wall piece to the left and you'll see the laser will 
cut you a nice door for you to go through.

Shoot he drone infront of you and drop down the broken walkway beside the dead 
drone. Shoot the two drones down here and grab the explosives and health kitt 
to the left under the pipe. Also get the meckagun ammo far infront of you. Now 
go up the ladder behind you to get up the pipes. Walk along the pipe to the 
right and go through the opening that leads to it. Break the vent cover and 
drop down. Get the armor and ammo infront of you and go up the ladder and shoot 
the drone at the top. Go up the next ladder and shoot the large xenomes here, 
two on the ground and one climbing on the wall. There is also one high above on 
the rocks but it doesn't pose a threat. Get the stuff in the weapons locker and 
go through the door.


As you open the next door, you'll see another one of those big xenomes things, 
they breed xenomes, but this one takes them out one by one from a big pipe 
right beside it. You can't attack the big xenome, only the smaller ones. There 
are lots of ammo and health kitts in the room that you're in. After a while of 
shooting 15+ xenomes, the big one will climb over the cliff beside it and walk 
away. Pretty wierd actually. Anyways, go through the large opening behind where 
the big xenome sat and follow the way. Shoot the drone here and get the stuff 
in the weapons locker, and the many health kitts laying around. Go down the 
stairs and shoot he drone up on the higher platform.

Now you'll face the Big Drone Robot Thing again. After you shot the drone on 
the platform, quickly go down and shoot he other one aswell. The Big drone will 
then come up with a lift. It's exactly the same as the first one but this one 
will stand in one possition the whole time, though it will turn around. From my 
findings, the best tactis to destry this one is to go around the lift that it's 
standing on and strafe around it and at the same time shoot it. Yes yes I know 
I made it sound complicated but it's very easy. There aren't any health kitts 
around, but there is a small opening infront of the lift with a ladder leading 
down to health station. From here the drone can't shoot you, but you'll have to 
go up again. Once it's destroyed, go to the metal pilars holding up the walkway 
and go up the ladder beside them. Go up and turn around, walk to the left and 
get some meckagun ammo. Now turn around and follow the way into the next room. 
There is another health station in here. Now go to the left wall, there is 
button there for an elevator down. But don't press it yet, I'm sure you've seen 
that a window is getting broken by some asteroids. Directly underneath it is 
the elevator. So go press the button and run onto this and when you're at the 
bottom, follow the way. Shoot he drone(s) and xenomes benath you in the next 
room and get the stuff in the weapons locker. Drop down onto the ground and go 
into the pipe in the wall.


Get the ammo on the ground infront of you and get ready for the Big Drone Robot 
Thing Mk2. Yes my friend, this one is vicious and very deadly because 1- the 
battle area extremely small, 2- our friend has lots of rockets (again), 3- he 
is very fast, and 4- he makes some scary sounds. If you know how to overcome 
all of those obsticles, then the drone will be destroyed easily. But there is 
another big tactic here. When he chases you around, run back to the hole that 
you came out from into this area. The robot will stand at the hole and he can't 
see you but you can see him! Although he can shoot rockets into the hole, it 
won't come far and you just have to sit far back so that the rockets can't hurt 
you. This is the best way to destroy it. 

When it's destroyed, go up some low rocks on the ground and follow path. You'll 
later come to am area where you see two xenomes running to drone. But there 
will be big explosion and the xenomes and the drone will be gone. Go outside 
and go up the large fallen rock on the ground. Go up on the metal roof and go 
to the left. Drop in here and follow the way.


Go in the next room and there will be health station to your left. You cant go 
furter so go up the ladder and follow the way on the pipe. Break the vent cover 
there and go in. You cant go down the next ladder so go foreward and break the 
vent cover underneath you and drop down. When you go down and go little 
foreward, there will be one heck of an explosion in the distance, luckily it 
cant carm you. There will be some small xenomes things around you, kill them 
and grab the ammo lying around and then go far to the left and go in the opeing 
you see there. You can't break the covers to the left, so go to the right.

There will be some pistol ammo and a health kitt on the floor.Now go to the 
right, you'll come to a crasher train or something, on the other side is 
xenome, shoot is and jump on the train to get some ammo, there are more on the 
platform where the xenome was. Now go back to where the pistol and health kitt 
was on the floot, this time go to the left. You'll be attacked by three xenomes 
and a large one to your right on the platform. Now go up onto this platform to 
get some armor and a health kitt. Now follow the wat, you'll be attacked by 
lots of xenomes on the way. 

You'll come to a place where two big pillars are holding up a train track type 
thing above you. Go to the right and up the ladder and follow the way.


Break the vent cover underneath you and drop down. Go foreward and get the ammo 
in the weapons locker. Now follow the way and you'll come to a very bright big 
lazer thing, I don't know what it should be named but I'll guess that you can 
see it. There are three large xenomes on the rock faces, one down bellow, one 
almost infront of you and one on the rocks a little higher than you. There are 
two smaller xenomes on the ground. When they are all dead, go down the ladder. 
Four xenomes will attack you from the right. When they are also killed, go get 
the ammo and health kitts to your right at the boxes and then go back up the 
ladder again. Take a running jump over the red laser and follow the way.


There will be an explosion infront of you and you can't cross over. Stepp a 
little back and go through the opening to your left that leads down and then 
follow the way. Get the ammo to your right and turn around and go to the other 
side where you hear some xonome noises. There will be a big xenome on the rocks 
above you. There are also two large xenomes beside it and another one a little 
to the right. There will be an explosion behind the big xenome and it will fall 
into the lava. Shoot the large xenomes and go to your right. Jump on the rock 
there and on the next one and follow the way around. You'll come to a vent but 
there is a laser right beside it. Stand as close to the right as possible and 
break the vent, then run in, there is a chance you will be hurt by the laser.

Follow the way. You'll come to a room with some ammo and health kitts. Jump up 
on the big fallen wall piece and go to the right and drop down. Go through the 
opening here, there will be alot of drones here. Throw an explosive to your 
right around the corner. Shoot the remaining drones and then go up the fallen 
wall piece where the drones were standing. When you're at the top, go to the 
right, there will be alarge xenome there, kill it and go in. Follow the way. 
There will be three xenomes in the next room. shoot them and go foreward. Go 
through the opening and shoot he large xenome to your left.

| 8. Tips and Tactics                                                  [TACT] |

In this section I will show various tactics that can be used while mainly 
playing through the game as well as weapon tactics that show how to customize 
the modes for the weapons to get the most out of it and also how not to lose to 
much ammo while using them.

8.1 Main Tips and Tactics                                    [MAIN] |

O)Always use the knife too break open urns and boxes that could hold items like 
ammo and health kitts. Never use a gun, it uses too much ammo that can be 
spared in case you get attacked.

O)Always make sure you customize your gun too suit the combat situation. For 
example: when there are lots of enemies in a small area, use the explosives and 
set it to cluster. Also when you need to kill an enemy that is vey fast, don't 
use the charge mode for the pistol, it takes to long to reload and shoots very 
slow. Use the pulse or rappid modes.

O)when you are being attacked by a static enemy like a turret, always keep 
moving, always be a moving target. When you stand still, you'll be dead before 
you know it. Also when you spot a turret, try to get up close with it, the 
turret wont fire at you because it can't. Most turrets take a few hits from 
even a pistol to go down.

O)Never heat the beamgun up to much that it says 'warning'. If you do this for 
too long, the gun will overheat and it will send a electrical surge right 
through your body. Not something you really want, so when you fight a boss or 
lots of enemies in one place, shoot with the gun untill it says warning and 
then quickly switch to another weapon and shoot with it for a while until the 
beamgun has cooled of. This also goes for the meckagun.

O)When you fight enemies that shoots stuff with homing capability, it's a good 
idea to strafe in big circles and keep your eyes on the enemy the whole time.

O)This isn't really a tip or tactic but in this game, seneaking doesn't really 
work, it's all more action like Doom or Call of Duty or games like that.

O) Head-shots doesn't work on any kind of enemy, even bandits and other gunmen. 
But when you shoot an enemy dead with a shot to the head, it's head will be 
shot of its body. So you can shoot at any area of an enemy's body and the same 
amount of damage will be done.

O)Whenever you hear xenomes and drones fighting, it's best to wait untill the 
battle is over when either all the xenomes or drones are dead. Use this tactic 
to save precious ammo. 

8.2 Weapon Tips and Tactics                                  [WEAP] |

Knife tips and tactics

The knife cannot be customized but when you press the customize button, you'll 
switch between your fists and the knife. The knife is not meant for fighting. 
It should only be used if you have no ammo for any gun and for when you need to 
break containers and vents. If you really need to fight with it, don't let 
anyone stand in your way. Here's something you can try, see how long you can go 
through the game with only this weapon.

Pistol tips and tactics

The pistol is one of my favorite weapons, mainly because it does more damage 
that most people might think. The pulse mode is not so good alround, it shoots 
three rounds fast and then pauses for about half a second and then shoots 
again. It feels asif it doesn't do as much as the rappid and sniper modes but 
if you havn't got much ammo and it feels to you asif the mode does fair damage 
and is pretty good, don't let anyone stop you.

The rappid mode is one of the best modes alround for the pistol. It does lots 
of damage and shoots pretty fast. It can only be used mostly when you have lots 
of ammo, 100+ but as said before, it does lots of damage. This mode does have 
another con, it's not very accurate at medium to long range and when the enemy 
is at this range, it's best to go to it and get near. But overall, one of the 
best modes for this weapon

The charge mode is also a pretty good mode if you have lots of ammo and it does 
lots of damage. It is extremely slow to reload and the blast travels more 
slowly that the other modes. As I said before, this mode does use alot of ammo 
and it's sometimes difficult to aim because the blast travels very slowly. The 
best tactic to use with this mode is to only use it on big static enemies that 
takes lots of hits to go down.

The last mode and the one you need a kitt for is the sniper mode. It is an 
extremely powerfull mode that does lots of damage. It does use alot of ammo but 
that is understandable for the damage it does. Don't use this mode on the usual 
targets like the small xenomes and bandits you encounter throughout the game, 
use it on semi-big to big enemies. Also as this modes name says, you can zoom 
in with it. Make sure you have a valid target and hold the primary fire button, 
your view will zoom in and you'll have an extremely accurate shot. Though 
throughout the game there aren't many enemies that you can see before they see 
you and the use of this mode is somewhat limited. You can also use this mode on 
static enemies, though they will attack you while you're trying to get a shot 
in, it's very difficult. If you master this mode, you will be fairly good with 
the other weapons that shoot accurate as well.

Shotgun tips and tactics

The shotgun is my favorite weapon in the whole game. It does a large ammount of 
damage if used correctly. You can change the shell ammount that gets shot out 
everytime you shoot. This is a very good mode to customize when you fight 
different types of enemies. For larger enemies, you can use 3-4 shells at a 
time but there is something to hold in mind. It's best to set it to 2 shells 
all the time because when you set it to 3 or 4 shells ans you miss your target, 
then those shells will be gone. If you shoot with two shells, it does lots of 
damage and when you miss, only 2 shells will be gone. It's a very usefull 
tactic and one that can be used with other weapons that can be customized in 
the same way.

The spread mode can be customized in a few cool ways. I found that the best way 
to use it is the rifle mode. This lets the shells travel very far and staight, 
and of course the more accurate and and how far the bullets travel greatly 
affects the gun and how fast the enemies go down. The other modes, riotgun and 
shotgun isn't that great because the shells aren't as close to each other as 
with the rifle mode. Although these modes can be used when you have lots of 
enemies in a small area to shoot is also a great use for them.

Meckagun tips and tactics

This gun is not so good as it seems to be at first glance. It can can shoot 
lots of bullets out when you spin it up, but when you do this for afew 
secconds, the gun gets to hot and lots of bullets can be lost. This isn't a 
great thing if your low on ammo and there are lots of enemies to handle. Also 
this gun doesn't do nearly as much damage as the shotgun.

For example, when you shoot 3 or 4 shots with the meckagun, it does a small 
amount of damage to drones and xenomes, as for the shotgun, it can take out a 
large xenome and a large drone each out with 2 shells. Also the meckagun shoots 
kind of slow when it isn't even charged up (spun up), and when you want to 
shoot faster, lots of ammo will be lost when it's used to long. The meckagun 
can be used when fighting static enemies and of course if you think it is 
better than I say it is. 

Beamgun tips and tactics

The beamgun is one of the most powerfull weapons in the game. The first two 
modes that can be customized is pretty self-explanatory. For overall, I thing 
the range should be set to medium beam. I don't think there people who actually 
use the short tazer for to shoot he enemies, because well, it's short and you 
need to get up close to your enemy to do any kind of damage wich is very bad. 
The long beam can be used when you want to shoot enemies that are furter away 
than usual and enemies that are slow-moving and you want to damage them before 
they get to close.

The lighting customization mode is really cool. The main mode and the one that 
most people will use is the beam mode. It's accurate, does a fair ammount of 
damage and doesn't use to much ammo. The chain mode is also pretty nice and 
does more damage than the beam mode. It can be used for any of the larger 
enemies that requires lots of hits to go down. Not very usefull agains the 
smaller ones because the beam mode uses less ammo and can take down the smaller 
ones with ease. Howerver the ball mode should only be used when you really need 
to. It is very dangerous and so it can hurt your body. It does lots of damage 
but as said before, it's dangerous and uses lots of ammo. 

Mule tips and tactics

The mule is the rocket launcher of Gunman Chronicles. It can be used im many 
ways. It can destroy an airborne target with one hit wich is really great. It 
can also be used to destroy ground enemies wich are semi-big to big. The modes 
that it can be customized with give you lots of power over the gun. The fired 
mode can be set to when targeted and when fired, the best one is the last named 
one, mainly because it gives instand fire to a target just like any other gun 
in the game. 

The other mode, when targeted is not so good overall. You can sometimes run 
into trouble when using this mode because, let's say you find a target on the 
ground that youy want to destroy, and just when the gun finds the target, you 
move behind a rock or a large obsticle that blocks your view. This can make 
that the rocket doesn't get enough time to home onto the target and it explodes 
on the rock. This mode doesn't give you all much power over this gun, wich 
isn't obviously what you want.

The Flightpath mode consists of homing and guided. The guided mode is great 
when you want to kill lots of enemies in a small area so you can guide the 
rocket to almost in the center where the enemies are. This will make sure that 
most of the enemies have each taken a fair amount of damage. The homing 
flightpath is great for airborne targets as well as enemies that move slowly. 
The spiral flightpath mode does double the damage but of course uses double the 

The next mode that can be customized is the detonate mode. When you set it to 
timed, the explosive explodes about 2 secconds after you launched it. This mode 
is great for setting traps and when you know where an enemy is. It can also be 
used for when you know when an enemy will come out and it can be killed before 
it sees you. The in-proxemity mode is pretty much the same as on-impact and 
uses the same tactics.

The last mode that can be changed is the payload mode. The explosive mode is 
the defualt mode, the explosives are then set to, well explosive. The other 
mode is cluster. This mode is also great when you need to destroy lots of 
enemies in a small area. When the explosive hits the ground or wall or any 
other thing, exept the air, the explosive will break into 4 smaller pieces and 
these will then explode each one after another.

Explosives tips and tactics

The explosives can be used when you find youreslf without a launcher (mule) in 
combat. Think of this weapon as grenades and mines. The modes that can be 
customized with this weapon are really nice although it's very limited. The 
first mode that can be changed is detonate. It can be set so timed wich will 
make the explosive explode about four secconds after you've thrown it. This 
modes can be used when you know where and when an enemy is going to appear.

The next one is when tripped. This is a really awesome mode. It's mainly used 
for setting traps, like when an enemy is chasing you and you can't shoot behind 
you, you can set up this explosive and when the enemy walks over it, kaboom! 
It's also great for when you see an enemy behind a forcefield or door or 
similar object and when you open the door or set of the forcefield, the enemy 
will run after you and will get blown up. Note that when you set up an 
explosive on this mode, you can also trip it when you walk over it, so watch 

The last mode, is on-impact. This one works like a grenade that you throw. 
Throw it into a bunch of enemies and the result will be radical. The explosive 
will explode when it hits anything else that the air.

The last main mode that can be customized is payload. It can be set to 
explosive wich is the default mode. The explosive will explode just like a, 
umm, explosive. It does alot of damage. The next mode is cluster wich will let 
the explosive break into 4 smaller parts. Each one does a nice ammount of 
damage. Use this mode when you have lots of enemies to kill in one area.

Chemical gun tips and tactics

This gun is one that will suit probally every combat situation if costomized 
correctly. The acid is for killing organic enemies like xenomes and humans. For 
maximum effect, use as much acid as possible when fighting these enemies. 

The base chemicals are used to destroy mechanical enemies like drones, turrets 
and things like that. For overall fighting, use the same ammount of acid and 
base in one shot to make it all much easier so you don't have to customize the 
gun every time you see a differnt enemy. But note, the more purer the the 
projectile, the more damage it will do. For example. I want to shoot a xenome 
so I set more acid to the projectile that will do the most dmage to it and the 
base will make it explode on contact.

The neutral chemicals stabalizes the mixture when base and acid are mixed. When 
no neutral chemicals are used and lots of the other two. The projectile will 
explode just as it leaves the barrel, doing alot of damage. So I suggest using 
the same amount of chemicals wich each shot for best performance overall. If 
you use a small amount of acid or base and alot of neutral, the projectile will 
bounce around when it's fired.  

The pressure mode is just for setting how far the projectile will travel. 

| 9. Cheats                                                            [CHEA] |

How to activate the cheat mode
Right click on your Gunman Chronicles shortcut. Then in the target box there 
will be something like this:

C:Program FilesGunmangunman.exe

(defualt install)

Now after the .exe press space once and copy and paste this right after the 

-dev -console -game rewolf

If you've done it correctly, in the target box you'll see the following:

C:Program FilesGunmangunman.exe -dev -console -game rewolf

Now add quotes to behind the C and after the .exe

It should now look something like this:

"C:Program FilesGunmangunman.exe" -dev -console -game rewolf

The " ........" must be used otherwise the cheats wont work

When your done, click apply and then OK

when you're in the game, press the key to the left of the 1 in the top left 
corner of the keyboard.

when the console drops down, type sv_cheats 1 to activate the cheat mode
Now type in any of these cheats:

CODE                                                                     RESULT 
====                                                                     ======
/god                                                                 God Mode |
/noclip                                                     No  Clipping Mode |
/impulse 101                                             All Weapons and Ammo |
/notarget                                                        Invisibility |


/give weapon_fists                                                  Get fists |
/give weapon_gausspistol                                      Get gausspistol |
/give weapon_shotgun                                              Get shotgun |
/give weapon_minigun                                              Get minigun |
/give weapon_beamgun                                              Get beamgun |
/give weapon_dml                                                      Get dml |
/give weapon_SPchemicalgun                                    Get chemicalgun |
/give ammo_gaussclip                                          Get pistol ammo |
/give ammo_buckshot                                          Get shotgun ammo |
/give ammo_minigunclip                                      Get meckagun ammo |
/give ammo_beamgunclip                                       Get beamgun ammo |
/give ammo_dmlclip                                               Get dml ammo |
/give ammo_chemical                                      Get chemicalgun ammo |
/give item_healthkit                                           Get health kit |
/give item_armor                                                    Get armor |
/give player_armor                                                  Get armor |
/give vehicle_tank                                                   Get tank |


/map takeoff                                                    Go to takeoff | 
/map rusted                                                      Go to rusted |
/map meltdown                                                  Go to meltdown |
/map highnoon                                                  Go to highnoon |
/map frontier                                                  Go to frontier |
/map cinematic1                                             Go to cinematic 1 |
/map cinematic2                                             Go to cinematic 2 |
/map cinematic3                                             Go to cinematic 3 |
/map cinematic4                                             Go to cinematic 4 |
/map city1a                                                     Go to city 1a |
/map city1b                                                     Go to city 1a |
/map city2a                                                     Go to city 2a |
/map city2b                                                     Go to city 2b |
/map city3a                                                     Go to city 3a |
/map city3b                                                     Go to city 3b |
/map end1                                                         Go to end 1 |
/map end2                                                         Go to end 2 |
/map mayan0a                                                   Go to mayan 0a |
/map mayan0b                                                   Go to mayan 0b |
/map mayan1                                                     Go to mayan 1 |
/map mayan3a                                                   Go to mayan 3a |
/map mayan4                                                     Go to mayan 4 |
/map mayan6                                                     Go to mayan 6 |
/map mayan8                                                     Go to mayan 8 |
/map rebar0a                                                   Go to rebar 0a |
/map rebar0b                                                   Go to rebar 0b |
/map rebar2a                                                   Go to rebar 2a |
/map rebar2b                                                   Go to rebar 2b |
/map rebar2c                                                   Go to rebar 2c |
/map rebar2d                                                   Go to rebar 2d |
/map rebar2e                                                   Go to rebar 2e |
/map rebar2f                                                   Go to rebar 2f |
/map rebar2g                                                   Go to rebar 2g |
/map rebar2h                                                   Go to rebar 2h |
/map rebar2i                                                   Go to rebar 2i |
/map rebar2j                                                   Go to rebar 2j |
/map rebar2k                                                   Go to rebar 2k |
/map rebar2l                                                   Go to rebar 2l |
/map rebar3b                                                   Go to rebar 3b |
/map rebar3d                                                   Go to rebar 3d |
/map rebar3e                                                   Go to rebar 3e |
/map rust1                                                       Go to rust 1 |
/map rust2a                                                     Go to rust 2a |
/map rust2b                                                     Go to rust 2b |
/map rust3a                                                     Go to rust 3a |
/map rust4a                                                     Go to rust 4a |
/map rust4b                                                     Go to rust 4b |
/map rust4c                                                     Go to rust 4c |
/map rust5a                                                     Go to rust 5a |
/map rust6a                                                     Go to rust 6a |
/map rust6b                                                     Go to rust 6b |
/map rust6c                                                     Go to rust 6c |
/map rust6d                                                     Go to rust 6d |
/map rust7a                                                     Go to rust 7a |
/map rust7b                                                     Go to rust 7b |
/map rust7c                                                     Go to rust 7c |
/map rust7d                                                     Go to rust 7d |
/map rust7e                                                     Go to rust 7e |
/map rust8a                                                     Go to rust 8a |
/map rust9a                                                     Go to rust 9a |
/map west1                                                       Go to west 1 |
/map west2                                                       Go to west 2 |
/map west3a                                                     Go to west 3a |
/map west3b                                                     Go to west 3b |
/map west4a                                                     Go to west 4a |
/map west4b                                                     Go to west 4b |
/map west5b                                                     Go to west 5b |
/map west6a                                                     Go to west 6a |
/map west6b                                                     Go to west 6b |
/map west6c                                                     Go to west 6c |
/map west6d                                                     Go to west 6d |
/map west6e                                                     Go to west 6e |
Thats all the cheats I found, if you find any new ones, please drop me an e-

| 10. Contact Details                                                  [DETA] |

To contact me about anything about his guide, here is my address:

If I didn't came back to you within a weeks time, try sending it to:

Do e-mail me with

* Mistakes and spelling errors I made and
* Tips and Tactics
* Suggestions for future versions
* A multiplayer section to write for this guide
* Cheats
* Your own walkthrough you've written
* Questions

Don't e-mail me with

* Telling me how bad the game is
* A question that I awnerserd in this guide
* Telling me how bad this guide is (why don't you write your own?)
* Where you can get the game
* And don't spam me, infect me with virusses and bugs and worms and anyhing     
else that says 'I hate you'

| 11. Conclusion                                                       [CONC] |

Well I want to first thank the developers and publishers for making such a 
great game in the first place. 

I want to thank:

God- For giving me the ability to walk on this planet
You- For reading this guide
Dad- For helping me with my PC
My PC- For letting me type on it!

And everyone else that contributed to helping with this guide. Cheers

This guide is copyright 2006 by Malan Cronje aka Monocrome

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