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*Version 1.03 (Feb 21 2007) - Fixed table of contents and some
formatting errors

*Version 1.02 (Jul 3 2006) -Update Dynamite info

*Version 1.01 (Apr 18 2006) -Several minor corrections

*Version 1.0 (Apr 16 2006) -Guide Completed


To use the index codes for quick navigation, open the search function in your
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1.0 - Introduction.....................[INT000]
1.1 - Characters.....................[INT001]
1.2 - Locations......................[INT002]
1.3 - Differences in PSP version.....[INT003]

2.0 - Gameplay.........................[GMP000]
2.1 - Controls.......................[GMP001]
2.2 - Riding.........................[GMP002]
2.3 - Combat.........................[GMP003]
2.4 - Doing Missions.................[GMP004]
2.5 - Stats..........................[GMP005]
2.6 - Navigation.....................[GMP006]

3.0 - Gameplay Tips....................[TIP000]

4.0 - Walkthrough......................[WLK000]
4.1 - The Hunt......................[WLK001]
4.2 - Steamboat Massacre............[WLK002]
4.3 - Honest Tom....................[WLK003]
4.4 - The Red Hand Gang.............[WLK004]
4.5 - Quick Killer at the Bridge....[WLK005]
4.6 - Whore Coach...................[WLK006]
4.7 - Law and Order.................[WLK007]
4.8 - Escape the Jail...............[WLK008]
4.9 - Ambush the Train..............[WLK009]
4.10 - Defend the Hideout............[WLK010]
4.11 - Take Down Hoodoo..............[WLK011]
4.12 - Save Soapy....................[WLK012]
4.13 - Hollister's Fort..............[WLK013]
4.14 - Attack the Fort...............[WLK014]
4.15 - Battle at the Steamboat.......[WLK015]
4.16 - Across the Badlands...........[WLK016]
4.17 - Escape the Ambush.............[WLK017]
4.18 - Magruder's Mine...............[WLK018]

5.0 - Side Missions....................[SDE000]
5.1 - Bounty.........................[SDE001]
5.2 - Pony Express...................[SDE002]
5.3 - Poker..........................[SDE003]
5.4 - Deputy.........................[SDE004]
5.5 - Federal Marshal................[SDE005]
5.6 - Hunting........................[SDE006]
5.7 - Ranch Hand.....................[SDE007]

6.0 - Weapons..........................[WPN000]
6.1 - Pistols........................[WPN001]
6.2 - Rifles.........................[WPN002]
6.3 - Shotguns.......................[WPN003]
6.4 - Sharpshooters..................[WPN004]
6.5 - Bows...........................[WPN005]
6.6 - Melee..........................[WPN006]
6.7 - Thrown.........................[WPN007]
6.8 - Stationary.....................[WPN008]

7.0 - Shopkeeps and Items..............[ITM000]
7.1 - Dodge City.....................[ITM001]
7.2 - Empire.........................[ITM002]
7.3 - Indian Trader..................[ITM003]

8.0 - Gold Locations...................[GLD000]

9.0 - Frequently Asked Questions.......[FAQ000]

10.0 - Restrospective..................[RTR000]


"My name is Colton...and GUN is my story."

Games set in the American Old West haven't been too common. Take a look at
something like the World War II genre. As material for gaming, the Old West
offers a lot of potential, but unfortunately we've only seen some mildly
successful ones. Before GUN was a title called Red Dead Revolver, which
featured a lot of gunslinging through the views of several characters. Despite
the film-like presentation of Red Dead Revolver, the plot wasn't up to the epic
standards of the classic Western movies, leaving a bit to be desired.

Then came Neversoft (of Tony Hawk fame) and their brainchild, GUN. Following
the story of Colton White, a hunter out for revenge against a ruthless one-eyed
tycoon and dealing with corrupt officials, bandits and hostile Indians, GUN
placed players in a free-roaming Old West environment. Players could mount a
horse and ride into the sunset, play a few rounds of poker, hunt some
criminals, dig for gold and even work on a ranch. It was toted as the Grand
Theft Auto of the Old West, something that no other Western title can claim.

Despite it's short length and lack of replay value, GUN does the sandbox genre
some justice, more so with its epic presentation, including an all-star cast of
actors. GUN feels just like a movie, especially with it's immersive soundtrack
and brutal, mature-themed storyline. It's also very easy to pick up and play.

This guide is written as a FAQ/Walkthrough to the PC version of the game. It
can be used for the console versions of the game, as they are essentially the
same apart from the controls, although the PSP version might differ in some
aspects. The sections are designed to be as comprehensive as possible, and
while I do emphasise some recommendations throughout the game, the walkthrough
caters for alternative gameplay styles to suit a wider range of players. While
the missions are fairly linear, there are certainly various ways to go about
achieving their objectives. This walkthrough outlines the simplest, most
effective methods of going through the game.

Note that this guide is not intended to be a spoiler-free walkthrough. I will
make efforts not to refer to essential plot developments, especially through
cutscenes, but I will be referring to characters and locations by name, which
may or may not reveal critical plot details.

1.1 - Characters [INT001]

Throughout the game, you will encounter a wide variety of characters, both
major and minor. Unfortunately, most of the minor characters literally last for
a few minutes before something happens to them. This section is intended to
provide a brief list of the characters that appear in GUN.

Colton White
The protagonist of the game. Raised by Ned White to be a hunter, Colton is
adept at using firearms and has a strong survival sense. His gruff but
proactive attitude makes him a natural leader of all people.

Ned White
Colton's father. Old and rugged, Ned is a healer and a hunter. He takes care of
Colton and teaches him the survival skills of the wilderness. While seemingly
an honest, caring father, Ned tends to be pragmatic and has a much deeper past
than Colton is aware of.

Reverend Reed
A suspicious preacher with a crazy voice, Reverend Reed is first encountered on
the Steamboat with his own hidden agenda.

Thomas Magruder
A former Major of the Confederate Army during the Civil War, Magruder is a
huge mining tycoon taking over local and native lands to further his business.
However, his goal is far deeper, drawing back to a secret mission in the last
days of the Civil War that might have turned the tide of war and changed
history as we know it.

A barmaid in Dodge City, Jenny is a friend of Ned White and carries a stash of
Ned's posessions to give to Colton. She travels with Colton to Empire, and is
not afraid of wielding a rifle to ward off raiders.

Hoodoo Brown
The mayor of Empire and owner of Empire's casino. Hoodoo Brown is well-
presented, but rules the town in whatever way he sees fit, assisted by his
loyal deputies J.J. Webb and Rudabaugh.

Clay Allison
A former Corporal in the Confederate Army under Magruder, Clay Allison is the
leader of the local resistance against Magruder's firm grip over the land.

Sergeant Hollister
A former Union soldier in the Civil War, Hollister leads a band of renegades
against the local population. Hollister is feared by his victims and his men,
appearing to be more of a beast than a man.

Many Wounds
The leader of the Apache Indians in the area, Many Wounds appears to be a
formidable enemy as well as an invaluable ally.

1.2 - Locations [INT002]

Despite the free-roaming nature of GUN, the world map is actually quite small.
The game only features two towns and a few open areas, but very little in terms
of exploration.

Dodge City
Located on the east side of the map, Dodge City is a one-street town with
numerous alleys behind the shops. The Deputy, Pony Express and Poker missions
are based here. You won't be able to leave Dodge City until you complete enough
story missions in Dodge. You'll be coming back here quite often.

Empire City
Empire, New Mexico, due west of Dodge City. Unlike Dodge City, Empire is a MUCH
bigger town. Unfortunately, that just means more streets to ride through to get
to where you want. There's nothing of particular interest in Empire. The Poker,
Federal Marshal and Pony Express missions are based here. Most of the game
will take place in and around Empire.

The plains between Dodge City and Empire. A railroad runs through this area,
and it contains a couple of mines, an old cottage and plenty of buffalo.
Hecht's Ranch is accessed off this area.

Hecht's Ranch
A private ranch south of the Badlands. Nothing here but horses. The Ranch Hand
missions are based here, and you will run past this place several times
throughout the game.

Piper Lake
A small lake north of Empire. Nothing of particular interest around the lake
itself, although it leads to the Resistance base.

River Canyon
Hidden Resistance base on the west side of Piper Lake. Nothing much here but
gold, tents and outlaws.

Lots of rocks and narrow passages around here, with a couple of railroad
tracks. A couple of mines are active here, and plenty of gold lying around.
Several canyons are named, including Ten Fingers Canyon and Devil's Slot
Canyon, even though the whole complex is known as "Devil's Canyon".

Magruder's Mine
Large industrial complex at the top of the map with plenty of empty ground and
horses around it. The mine itself is inaccessible until the end of the game.

Blackfoot Camp
Home of the Blackfoot Indians. This is actually where you first hunt with Ned
and parley with Honest Tom, and you will later return here to assist the
Indians. Funny how they can re-use the same part of the map without you
realising it.

Hollister's Fort
Big fort with lots of gatling guns, cannons and zombie-like renegades. Scary
place. Not accessible until the later part of the game.

2.0 - GAMEPLAY [GMP000]

2.1 - Controls [GMP001]

General and Movement
Move Forward.....................[W]
Move Backward....................[S]
Move Left........................[A]
Move Right.......................[D]
Crouch...........................[Left Shift]
Drink Whiskey (Heal).............[G]
Scalp............................[T] + [F] over dead body, Scalping Knife
required (Note: there is no point to this)

Draw Weapon......................[Left Mouse Button]
Holster Weapon...................[T]
Fire.............................[Left Mouse Button]
Melee attack.....................[Right Mouse Button]
Grab Enemy.......................[F] (Only while stunned)
Release Enemy................[F] (While grabbed)
Execute/Subdue...............[Right Mouse Button] (While grabbed)
Switch to/from revolver..........[Left Alt]
Switch primary weapon
Rifle........................[Left Alt + G]
Shotgun......................[Left Alt + T]
Sharpshooter.................[Left Alt + Q]
Bow..........................[Left Alt + E]
Throw explosive..................[V] (Hold to throw further)
Switch to Dynamite...............[Left Alt + V]
Switch to Fire Bomb..............[Left Alt + Left Click]
Switch Targets...............[A] or [S] (During Quickdraw)
Lean Left........................[Q]
Lean Right.......................[E]

Move Forward.....................[W]
Move Backward....................[S]
Move Left........................[A]
Move Right.......................[D]
Spur.............................[Left Shift]
Gallop...........................Hold [Left Shift]
Skid.............................[Right Mouse Button]

2.2 - Riding [GMP002]

No planes or cars here; just good ol' fashioned horsepower. Apart from walking,
riding is the only other way of getting around, and it would be incredibly
silly not to take a horse at every opportunity. Horses can be found practically
anywhere, from the streets of Dodge to middle of the plains. Very rarely will
you be left in the middle of nowhere without a horse, but it can and will
happen. In that case, you can either walk, or you can reload the game and hope
a horse spawns nearby.

There is no actual difference between the horses. You can pick any colour
horse, saddle or no saddle, anywhere anytime and it will have the exact same
speed and health as any other horse. Unless you're really picky about what
colour horse you ride, just jump on any and it'll do whatever you need it to

The exception to this is Reverend Reed's horse, unlocked at the end of the
game, which is faster and has more health.

Control Overview
Move Forward.....................[W]
Move Backward....................[S]
Move Left........................[A]
Move Right.......................[D]
Spur.............................[Left Shift]
Gallop...........................Hold [Left Shift]
Skid.............................[Right Mouse Button]

The mount a horse, walk up to it and press the Use key (Default: [F]). Move
around using the same movement keys as on foot (Default: [W],[A],[S],[D]).
Press the Use key again to dismount. Press [Space] to jump over obstacles such
as fences.

Note that you can dismount at anytime, so if you need to jump off from a full
sprint, you can do so without taking any damage. This is essential for
completing Pony Express missions. Avoid dropping from heights, as this will
damage both the horse and the player.

Remember that movement is not based on direction. Pressing forward will move
the character towards the top of the screen. Pressing right will move him to
the right, pressing down will move him downwards, and so on. It's logical on
foot, but on horseback it can be a bit deceiving. If the horse is facing down
and you want to go up, press up; don't use left and right to turn the horse

Press the [Left Shift] button to spur your horse and hold it to gallop.
Obviously, galloping is much faster than trotting, but controlling your horse
becomes more difficult. Note that holding the Sprint button will allow you to
gallop indefinitely, as there is no stamina limit. Steer the horse by using the
left and right keys. You do not need to hold the forward key while sprinting.

The initial spur will give a boost of speed. Tapping [Left Shift] again will
spur the horse, giving another "turbo" boost. However, spurring too often will
damage your horse, killing it if you exhaust its health.

A horse's health bar (surrounding the player health bar) is grey. When you spur
the horse, the health bar will change to green. If you spur again while it is
green, it will lose a chunk of health. After a few seconds, the bar will return
to grey, after which you can spur again without a damage penalty. The health
bar will only regenerate while the horse is not galloping. The Horse stat (see
Stats [GMP005]) will decrease spur damage.

Horseback fighting works the same way as fighting on foot. You can use any of
your weapons, Zoom with them and Quickdraw from horseback. The only difference
is that you cannot use your melee weapon. Pressing the [Right Mouse Button]
will force your horse to trample what's in front of it.

You can kill enemies by shooting from horseback or by trampling them to death.
Small targets on foot (eg. people, wolves) can be damaged simply by running
over them. Larger targets (eg. buffalo, riders) can only be damaged by using
the Trample attack. Trampling is also needed to break down certain barriers.

Unlike dismounted combat, you cannot hide behind obstacles. On the other hand,
you will not take any damage yourself while mounted; all damage is taken from
the horse first until it is shot out from under you. In contrast, you can pick
off riders or aim specifically for their horse.

Texture Loading: Speed Can Kill
You might be wondering why this is here and how it relates to riding. It's
actually quite important to keep this in mind.

As with most games, GUN features two types of textures: high resolution
textures for nearby environments and low-res textures for distant textures. To
save processing capacity, the game only loads hi-res for nearby objects, but
has to process them as you travel through various areas. This is fine when
you're on foot, but when you're riding, you're travelling much faster.

Depending on how powerful your machine is, you might encounter this problem
frequently. When you're riding, you'll suddenly notice that all the land and
objects around you are blurry. This is the first warning that your computer
isn't loading the textures fast enough. If you continue further, the textures
will simply disappear and you will be riding on air. Go past this, and your
game will most likely crash.

There isn't any real way to avoid this problem. The only preventative measure
you can take is to slow down or stop when the textures start losing pace with
your travelling speed.

2.3 - Combat [GMP003]

This is a no-brainer: the point of fighting is to kill the other guy. Granted,
it does get a *little* more complicated when you actually get around to it.

Engaging in combat simply involves pulling out your weapon, pointing at an
enemy and pressing the fire button. Repeat until the enemy is dead. Of course,
the enemy will most likely be doing the same to you, and that's where the
difficulty comes in.

This section will look at the different aspects of combat and its related

Control Overview
Draw Weapon......................[Left Mouse Button]
Holster Weapon...................[T]
Fire.............................[Left Mouse Button]
Melee attack.....................[Right Mouse Button]
Grab Enemy.......................[F] (Only while stunned)
Release Enemy................[F] (While grabbed)
Execute/Subdue...............[Right Mouse Button] (While grabbed)
Switch to/from revolver..........[Left Alt]
Switch primary weapon
Rifle........................[Left Alt + G]
Shotgun......................[Left Alt + T]
Sharpshooter.................[Left Alt + Q]
Bow..........................[Left Alt + E]
Throw explosive..................[V] (Hold to throw further)
Switch to Dynamite...............[Left Alt + V]
Switch to Fire Bomb..............[Left Alt + Left Click]
Switch Targets...............[A] or [S] (During Quickdraw)
Lean Left........................[Q]
Lean Right.......................[E]

The health bar is represented by a green bar surrounded by a gold engraving in
the bottom left hand corner of the screen. As you take damage, the bar will
drop until it reaches a critical red colour, and your character will mention
that he "needs a drink". Damage is obtained through being shot or falling from
high distances. If the bar drops to zero, you are dead, though you get to
respawn to an earlier checkpoint. Death is never permanent.

Horses (see Riding [GMP002]) have their own health bar, which surrounds the
player health bar. Horses will take damage in lieu of the player when fighting
from horseback.

Health can only be increased by improving the Health stat, which is done
automatically after completing a few Story missions (see Stats [GMP005]). You
take a substantially amount of damage at the beginning of the game, but as you
progress through the story you will be able to withstand far more damage. Note
that dynamite explosions will most likely kill you in one hit, and cannon shots
will take off huge chunks of health.

To recover Health, drink some whiskey by using the [G] button. You will
instantly recover all of your health. Be warned though: you can only drink from
your flask four times before you run out and need to find more. This can be
increased by buying the Health slot item from the Dodge City Shopkeep.

Using Weapons
You will have a reasonable selection of weapons to choose from, each with their
own uses. For a more comprehensive list of weapons, see Weapons [WPN000].

The different weapon types you can use include:
-Revolvers: Quick-firing close-range weapon
-Rifles: Long range, medium-speed, powerful weapon
-Shotgun: Very short range, very high damage
-Sharpshooter: Very long range precision rifle
-Bow: Long-range silent weapon
-Melee: Close-quarters attack
-Thrown: Tactical explosive weapons

Most of these are not available from the beginning, and will be procured
throughout the game. Ammunition can be obtained in towns or off dead enemies.
The ammunition count can be seen in the bottom left hand corner, as well as any
rounds still in the weapon's chamber.

Each weapon has their own characteristics and aiming reticule. Using them
basically involves point, click and fire. Note that each weapon has a limited
range. An enemy is in range when the reticule turns red when aiming at them.
Otherwise, the hit will not register.

Quickdraw is a special mode that slows down time and switches the view to
first-person, allowing the player to use their revolver to shoot much faster
and more precise than they normally could. Quickdraw is activated by pressing
the [C] button.

Quickdraw has a limited duration. When activated, this duration is seen as a
gold bar at the bottom of the screen. Outside of Quickdraw, the bar is seen in
the bottom left hand corner of the screen along with the health and ammo bars.
The duration of Quickdraw can be increased with the Quickdraw stat and the
Medicine items bought from the Indian Trader.

The bar cannot regenerate by itself. Rather, it can be slowly recovered by
killing enemies. Various "special" shots can speed up recovery, including:
-Weapon shots (shooting the weapon out of the enemy's hand)
-Multiple kills (in quick succession, including non-revolver multikills)
-Arrow shot (shooting arrows out of the air)
-Multiple Melee kills
-Shooting riders off horses
-Explosive multikills
-Dismemberment (blowing off a limb, usually with a shotgun or Ferguson)

Incidentally, most of these are most easily done using Quickdraw, so you'll be
relying on regular kills and headshots to recharge your Quickdraw. Note that
scoring those shots will increase your Quickdraw DURING it's duration.
Eventually you'll run out of things to shoot, so you won't be able to sustain
Quickdraw indefinitely.

While in Quickdraw, aiming will be much slower. If there are any enemies in
range, you will automatically lock onto them. Multiple enemies are indicated by
red arrows indicating their position. Use the [A] and [D] buttons to quickly
scroll between targets. This is recommended, since aiming manually is painfully
slow. This is incredily useful for taking out mobs and multiple arrows,
although it can be disorientating.

Once activated, Quickdraw can be toggled off. You are not forced to use up all
your Quickdraw, and whatever amount you have left can be used again. This
allows you to tap Quickdraw for one or two accurate shots before snapping out.
Conserving Quickdraw this way can greatly extend the amount of time you can use

Note that you essentially have unlimited ammo during Quickdraw. You can fire
away as much as you want and you won't reload until the Quickdraw is over. The
ammo will be deducted from your chamber, but if it exceeds the number of rounds
already there, it will reset from full. Use Quickdraw to your advantage as a
"tactical reload" while taking out enemies. Be very liberal in its use: you
WILL be relying on it for practically any difficult situation until you can
rapid-fire one-hit-kill with the Ferguson rifle.

Bows, Rifles and Sharpshooters can be aimed with the Zoom button (Default:
[Z]). This will allow you to take far more accurate shots at the cost of
reduced peripheral vision. You can aim on foot and on horseback, and is
essential for taking out distant targets.

Note that there is a graphical glitch where the end of your weapon will clip
with objects that are a few metres in front of you. There isn't much you can do
about this besides aiming elsewhere.

When looking at a target, the reticule will turn red if the enemy is in range
and will automatically track the target for a short distance. If the target is
not hostile, the reticule will turn blue. Allies will be shown in green.

Melee Fighting
You will always be equipped with a melee weapon, which can be used with the
[Right Mouse Button]. You can use it repeatedly to for a 3-hit combo, which can
be repeated infinitely. Melee attacks are usually poor in damage and should
only be reserved for desperate situations.

Additionally, if you stun an enemy by wounded them with a gunshot or melee
attack, you can grab them using the Use ([F]) key. Grabbing them allows you to
use them as a human shield. Your hostage's health appears around your own
health bar in the same way as a horse health bar appears. When the hostage's
health bar depletes, he will obviously die. Note that enemies won't be any less
aggressive even with one of theirs held hostage.

You can release hostages by pressing the [F] key again, or execute them using
the [Right Mouse Button]. When doing Bounty missions, you can subdue criminals
using the same method to capture them alive, and earn more money in the

Enemy Behaviour
Dealing with ruffians of the Wild West can be tough. To help you manage the
most persistant of enemies, I will list out all their actions in order to help
you prepare to fight them:

-They will stand still and shoot at you
-Sometimes they have horses and ride around you

...that's pretty much it. A sore point in GUN is the lack of any complex AI,
meaning that every enemy in the game is essentially Quickdraw fodder. To give
them some credit, at close range they will try to dodge and roll out of the
way, but that usually makes them easier to shoot.

Basically, most enemies will be armed with rifles or revolvers. Revolvers will
close in due to their range while riflemen will fire at you at further
distances. Either way, they're more or less stationary targets while firing, so
you can easily pick them off with your own rifle or revolver. Riders will
charge towards you and fire, but will circle around aimlessly after doing so.
They CAN trample you though, so it's often a good idea to get out of the way or
shoot off the rider.

A few exceptions:
-Indians armed with tomahawks will charge on foot to engage in melee combat.
Don't try to match them in hand-to-hand combat; just shoot them with your guns.
-Indians armed with bows will stand still and shoot you. See above.
-Some enemies will throw dynamite or whiskey bombs. Obviously, you should avoid
-Some enemies will be operating cannons or gatling guns. Kill them ASAP with
rifles or Quickdraw.
-Bosses tend to have different behaviour. See their respective sections in the
walkthrough on how to beat them.
-Enemies will never engage in combat unarmed. If you shoot their weapon out of
their hands, they will either attempt to pick it up or will pull out another
weapon. Sometimes enemies will pick up a dropped weapon if it's better than
their current one (eg. an axeman will pick up a bow, a revolver-armed enemy
might pick up a rifle).

2.4 - Doing Missions [GMP004]

There are two types of missions in GUN: Story missions and Side missions. Story
missions are available one at a time, each progressing the plot of the game.
Side missions are usually available in batches, with several being unlocked
after certain story missions are completed.

For more information on story missions, see the Walkthrough section ([WLK000]).
For more information on side missions, see the relevant section ([SDE000])

Locating and Starting Missions
To find a mission, open up the World Map. Available missions are represented by
tokens with icons on them. You can flip through the available missions and see
their starting locations on the map. The story missions will be represented by
a star and red/black token.

In the real-time world, each mission will have a person or place to talk to in
order to start the mission. These people are designated by a large name over
their heads. Story mission starters will have their name in yellow text; side
missions will have their names in brown text. Bounty missions are triggered by
reading the Wanted posters littered around the world.

Walk up to the starter and press the Use key to talk to them (Default: [F]).
For side missions, the person will give a briefing on the mission, and you will
be given a choice as to whether or not you want to start the mission. Accepting
the mission will turn off all other NPCs and missions, and you cannot perform
other missions until you complete your current one. You can end the mission
anytime by selecting END MISSION from the menu.

Mission Types
-Story: Can involve anything from eliminating people to laying
-Bounty: Kill or capture wanted criminals
-Pony Express: Make emergency deliveries under a time limit
-Law Man: AKA Deputy missions; maintain the peace in Dodge City
-Rescue: AKA Federal Marshal; stop gangs and help travellers
-Hunting*: Hunt down the great beasts of the land
-Poker: Play Texas Hold 'Em poker in casinos
-Ranch Hand: Herd cattle and fight cattle rustlers

*NOTE: The Hunting mission is the only mission type that has no definitive
beginning or end. Talking to the Indian Hunter will allow the great beasts to
spawn. You can hunt them down anytime you want.

Failing Missions
Depending on the mission you are doing, there are several ways to "fail". The
most common method is to die (obviously). Failing a mission will not result in
permanent failure. Instead, you will start the mission at certain
"checkpoints". These are never identified explicitly, but are usually after
doing something important or beginning another section of the mission.

Completing Missions
After completing a mission, the game action will pause and you will be
presented with various bits of information. For a side mission, you will be
given a list of stat improvements. For a story mission, you will see any items
that you have earned.

Note that you will be left at your last position after completing a mission.
You will be not be taken back to your starting point. This can occasionally
leave you without any horses to use.

When completing a story mission, your new starting location will be fixed.
Whenever you load the game, you will spawn at this point no matter what until
you have completed the next story mission. This can be very frustrating in some
cases, and convenient in others.

2.5 - Stats [GMP005]

Theoretically, you could go through the whole game without improving any of
your stats, but let's face it: it's a hell lot easier if you do beef your
stats up, especially when the game progresses and enemies become more numerous.
Better stats = faster killing speed.

Stats can only be improved by doing side missions (See Side Missions [SDE000]),
with each side mission improving a certain set of stats. The only way to max
all the stats is to complete all the side missions. Health is the only stat
unaffected by side missions, as it is improved at certain intervals during the
story missions.

This section lists the effects of each stat, which missions improve them and
general comments.

Effect: Improves power, accuracy, fire rate, reload
Improved by: Hunting, Deputy, Federal Marshal, Bounty

Gunhand is probably the most important stat. A higher Gunhand stats means that
you can shoot faster, shoot more accurately, kill is less shots and reload
faster. When combined with better weapons and upgrades, it takes half a second
to reload most weapons, compared to the 3-4 second reloads early in the game.

Case in point: Ned's Ferguson rifle. At the beginning of the game, this single-
shot rifle is awkward to fire because of your slow reload speed. When you get
this weapon towards the end of the game, it can fire just as fast as a revolver
and take down riders at long distance with one hit. Compared to barely being
able to hit a target twenty metres away, that's a substantial difference.

Having a low Gunhand stat requires you to manually aim accurately and use the
Zoom function to get headshots, whereas a high Gunhand stat means you can close
your eyes and still be able to knock down several targets in a row. Upgrade
this stat as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Effect: Improves focus and duration of Quickdraw
Improved by: Deputy, Federal Marshal, Bounty

Fairly straightforward stat. A higher Quickdraw stat means more time to take
out enemies Matrix-style. A handy stat to have, especially early in the game
when you require Quickdraw to make those accurate close-range shots, but
eventually it reaches a point where you have enough Quickdraw time to take out
dozens of targets...if there were dozens of targets.

Effect: Improves melee damage and reach
Improved by: Deputy, Federal Marshal, Bounty

Improves melee effectiveness. Not a huge amount of difference made by improving
this stat, and you won't be using melee at all with a good Gunhand stat. Might
as well improve this stat since you need to do the same missions to improve
Gunhand and Quickdraw.

Effect: Improves horse health and spur
Improved by: Pony Express, Rancher

Like Melee, a handy stat but no dramatic difference. The Horse stat will
increase the amount of health a horse has and decrease the damage taken by
multiple spurs, but the difference is negligible, and you will rarely need to
spur from Empire to Dodge. If you're sharp with your rifle and Gunhand stat,
enemies won't get much chance you shoot your horse out anyway. Note that the
Horse stat does NOT increase speed; only the Quality Horseshoes item can do
that, apart from using Reverend Reed's horse.

Effect: Increases health
Improved by: Story missions

Self-explanatory. More Health means being able to take more hits. The
difference is quite significant when Health is maxed out, as you will be able
to stand there and absorb dozens of shots, whereas at the start of the game
five shots will easily kill you.

Health can only be improved by doing Story missions and at certain intervals,
so you can't train this one individually. However, the Story missions give
large chunks of health, usually +25 at a time, so the improvements are easily

2.6 - Navigation [GMP006]

The world of GUN isn't very large, but it can be easy to get lost for a
newcomer. Thankfully, the game provides some easy-to-use navigation aids to
find your way around.

Accessible from the pause menu, the map shows the surrounding area. There are
several maps, with smaller, detailed maps available for certain areas:
-The Pass (Hollister's Fort, Blackfoot Camp)
-Dodge City

Every other location will display the world map, which is probably more
helpful. Press the [Z] button to zoom between local and world maps.

Places of interest are marked on the map. The three Shopkeeps are always marked
on the world map, as well as the next Story mission. Unlocked side missions
will appear as well. Other than that, there isn't anything you can do with the

In the bottom right-hand corner of your screen is a compass. The compass will
display a minimap of the nearby area and mark various people and places.

-Important characters or mission starters are identified by a blue dot.
-Enemies are marked in green.
-Horses are marked in brown.
-Objectives are marked by red/orange crosses in a black circle. Distance to the
objective is designated by a flashing orange wedge. The closer you are, the
thinner it becomes.

People who are above or below you will be marked by a small arrow on the map
pointing up or down respectively.


-Don't be too picky about getting killed. You won't lose any money or items,
and dying will allow you to restart from the last checkpoint with a full bottle
of whiskey. Sometimes, it can even be beneficial to fail a mission just to
refill all your health. Of course, that removes some of the challenge.

-Similarly, don't be to picky over using your whiskey to heal yourself. It
refills after every missions and there are plenty of extra pickups around.
Smack the [G] button when your health meter sinks below 1/3.

-Mine gold whenever you can. You don't need to, and mining gold does not count
towards your game completion total, but doing so allows you to buy most
upgrades and items when you run into their respective shopkeeps.

-Don't concern yourself with stealth. There are very few missions that require
stealth, so feel free to run around. This isn't Tenchu or Metal Gear Solid.

-Always do side missions when they pop up. You can survive without doing them,
but they seriously make your life easier with the stat bonuses.

-Follow the directions on the Compass. Often it's a little too helpful, so make
the most out of it.

-Beware texture loading, especially when travelling on horseback. If you move
through areas too quickly, the game won't load textures fast enough, and you'll
notice that you're running on air. Slow down and wait until your computer can
load the textures; otherwise the game will crash.

-While there are plenty of innocent people to shoot, there isn't anything you
can gain from doing so. While GTA allows you to shoot people for money at the
cost of Wanted stars, shooting innocents in Empire or Dodge will get you
nothing. Instead, a "Town Patience" bar will appear on the screen. Kill enough
people, and a "Showdown" will occur. Several waves of gunmen will attack you.
Apart from target practice, there's nothing you can gain from engaging in a

-When riding a horse, always equip your rifle unless you're out of ammo. The
rifle is the most well-balanced in terms of speed, power, range and accuracy.
Second preference should Sharpshooters, and then Bows. If your rifle runs out
of ammo during combat, whip out your revolver. Forget shotguns; they're useless
on a horse.

-Fighting on horseback protects you from most damage until the horse dies. Use
this to your advantage when attacking large mobs. You can also trample enemies
with the horse, so use that to your advantage too.

-Conversely, fighting on horseback can be awkward when dealing with multiple
incoming enemies. You might like to ambush on foot instead.

-Don't rely on melee combat, especially against bosses. Use it to quickly
finish off a close enemy, but don't charge with your tomahawk. You won't do
enough damage quickly enough to stop yourself getting shot. Bosses aren't
stunned by melee attacks, and they WILL return the favour twofold.

-When in doubt, use Quickdraw. You can use Quickdraw anytime the bar has
anything in it. Using it will give you more time to make decisions and take out
enemies. Quickdraw regenerates quickly anyway, so be liberal in its use.

-If you're using a mouse/keyboard (and since this is for the PC version, I hope
you are), you can afford to manually aim to score headshots. The crosshairs for
most weapons aren't accurate, but imagine where the point of impact is and use
that to aim for targets. Use a point of reference and fire at heads, causing
riders to fall off like they've been decapacitated by piano wire. Ditto with
Quickdraw shooting: don't waste time and shots on torso and limbs. Go for the

-Similarly, aim for the head when using the Zoom function. The only thing the
noggin' is good for is to put a bullet in. You also get faster Quickdraw
refills with headshots.

-Don't be conservative with your ammo. There are ammo crates in every town, and
you can pick up ammo from fallen enemies. If worse comes to last, you've still
got your revolver.

-Avoid exposing yourself too often. Crouch behind cover to prevent yourself
from getting hit. If there are many enemies around the corner, use Quickdraw to
get them first.


This section is the meat of the guide: the walkthrough to the whole game. The
walkthrough will be divided into the story chapters in chronological order. The
instructions in this section are only for the story missions. For side
missions, see the respective section [SDE000].

While side missions can be undertaken anytime, it is generally recommended that
you should complete them once they are made available, as they are the sole
source of stat bonuses and a good way of making money. Likewise, you don't HAVE
to mine all the gold available, but putting the time to do so will allow you to
purchase more items sooner.

This walkthrough is NOT intended to be a spoiler-free walkthrough. I will
refrain from revealing critical plot details, but I will be referring to
characters by name as they appear in the game. If you do want to risk spoiling
the game for yourself, do not read beyond what you want to read.

4.1 - The Hunt [WLK001]

Starting a new game will show a brief prologue cutscene concerning Coronado's
second expedition in 1542. A missionary and group of Spanish pikemen are
travelling across the plains when they are caught in a sandstorm and ambushed
by natives. The last of the men to die, the missionary begs for mercy before
being slaughtered like the rest, dropping a golden cross splattered with blood.

300 years later, we go to Colton White, a hunter making a living with his
father, Ned, and this is where the game picks up. The first chapter is
basically a tutorial on the basic elements of the game (the following chapters
will also introduce gameplay elements). In this chapter, you will be introduced
to moving and shooting skills.

When Ned wakes you up, follow him up the ledge. Ned will bend down to track an
elk, and a cut scene will show him shooting said elk. Follow Ned down to the
grassy area, and he will spot some quail.

Press the [Left Mouse Button] to pull out your revolver. Ned will run through
the grass flapping his arms to spook the quail. Shoot three of them as they fly
into the air and you will complete that objective.

Ned will then test your Quickdraw. Press the [C] button to activate Quickdraw
and shoot three more quail. Being the animal-loving person he is, Ned will get
you to shoot five quail in a row using Quickdraw by using the [A] and [D]
target switching buttons.

Soon afterwards, you will be attacked by wolves. Several of them will come down
from the west towards you. Use your revolver to take them out, either regularly
or with Quickdraw. Aim for the head for a one-shot kill. If you are injured,
use the [G] button to heal yourself.

Walk up the ledge. Ned will crouch and warn you not to fall off. Walk up to the
ledge and switch to your Rifle (default: [Left Alt]). Ned will tell you to
shoot two elk. You can direction of the elk on your compass (there are around
three you can pick from). Use the Zoom function to get a better shot. Seeing
the elk can be tricky with the trees in the way, but once you see them shoot
them in the head. If you fail to do so, the elk will run away for a few steps,
but they will stop again and you can finish them off.

More wolves will move in to take your kill. Drop down from the ledge into the
clearing. The wolves will be identified on your compass and you will need to
take out several waves. Your rifle will easily take them out at range, and
whip out your knife if they get too close.

Ned will check out the elk, but will get surprised by a grizzly bear. This will
be your first "boss" fight.

Boss: Grizzly
The only "bossy" thing about this adversary is that it won't die in one hit.
Its health bar will appear on the left side of the screen. First off, pick up
Ned's rifle using the [F] button when standing next to it.

You can shoot the bear whatever way you want, but aiming for the head is most
effective. Ned's rifle is powerful but somewhat slow. Use Quickdraw and unleash
as much lead into the bear's head as you can to quickly drop its health and
finish it off with Ned's rifle.

The bear will try to charge at you and take a few swipes. Avoid the bear and
keep your distance. Do NOT fight it in melee combat; the bear is substantially
stronger than you. Drink from your flask if you need to.


After defeating the Grizzly, there will be a cutscene with Ned passing on some
fatherly advice to Colton before spotting the steamboat on the river.

4.2 - Steamboat Massacre [WLK002]

Another lengthy cutscene plays. Ned instructs Colton to wait on deck while he
speaks with lady behind closed doors. Meanwhile, Colton has a quick talk with a
crazy preacher before Ned returns. Ned tells Colton to keep an eye on him. Soon
enough the ship is attacked by renegades (though they look more like something
out of a Resident Evil game).

You start off on the bottom deck with Ned, a couple of civilians and a lot of
renegades. The first batch of renegades are armed with knives and axes. The
revolver is ideal for this part, but you'll need to reload often. The rifle
will be better for you if you take things nice and slowly, but either weapon is
fine. If you're being swarmed, use Quickdraw. You can quickly get rid of nearby
enemies with your knife.

After another wave of renegades, the steamboat will come to a halt. Ned will
tell you to go to the back of the boat to clear the wheel. Move down the side
of the boat (there's only one clear path; the rest are blocked with crates) and
you'll encounter another handful of renegades hiding behind boxes. Clear them
out or use Quickdraw to pull off some headshots. There are two Whiskey refills
in this area, so fill up if you need to.

Head down to the other side of the boat. There will be one renegade using a
hostage as a human shield. Shoot him with your revolver (or Quickdraw). Around
the corner there will be one more renegade hiding. Take him out, the press the
[F] key to remove the plank blocking the wheel. This will get the boat moving

The boat will drive past a fort with cannon and several keelboats heading your
way. Head back to the middle and take out the renegades that appear. Head left
to the keelboat attached to the steamboat and press [F] to use the cannon. Use
the cannon to take out the rowboats and keelboats. Each keelboat with have a
gunner manning the cannon, and takes two direct hits to blow up. If you're
good, you can take out the gunner himself, rendering the keelboat harmless.
Similarly, you can sink the rowboats with one direct hit or wipe out its
occupants with...well, headshots.

After the boats are sunk, the pilot of the steamboat is blown up, causing the
boat to lose control. Ned calls for you on the upper deck. Move towards the
front of the boat taking out any renegades on the way and head up the ramp
there. A renegade will be blocking the ramp, so shoot him. Head down the deck
towards Ned, taking out any enemies that pop up.

Ned will be defending the platform at the end of the upper deck. Three
renegades will climb the railing. Use Quickdraw to take them all out. A few
more run towards you from the far end of the boat. Use your rifle or revolver
to take them out. Several more will attack Ned's side of the deck. Once all
enemies are dead, a cutscene will play, ending the chapter.

4.3 - Honest Tom [WLK003]

The chapter starts off with a rather gruesome cutscene with the rather obvious
villains of the game. I'll leave the details to you to find out.

Colton is woken up on the riverbank by some ragged bum. He introduces himself
as Honest Tom and offers a horse to Colton to ride to Dodge City if he can beat
him in a race. This is where you come in.

Press [F] to mount the horse next to Honest Tom. Walk around a bit to
familiarise yourself with horseriding if this is your first time. When you're
ready, meet Tom in the clearing in the middle. Tom will go through spurring and
jumping before getting ready to race.

Follow Tom to the starting point, move next to him and point your horse in the
same direction. Tom will start the race, but will jump the start, leaving you
in his dust. If you're lucky you can outspur him at the start and maintain your
lead. Otherwise, you have a couple of options:

-Spur your horse until you are warned to stop spurring. This will probably put
you ahead of Tom, as he never spurs (like every other AI character). However,
the speed burst is quite short and you'll need a lot of spurs to catch up.

-Use the shortcuts. The regular course is around the perimeter of the clearing,
over a stream and leaping over a couple of fallen trees. You can't cut across
the middle, but you can take the inside path at the start. After the halfway
point, there's a split towards the middle that involves leaping over three
trees in a row before going back to the normal course. Using this will put you
way ahead of Tom.

After three laps, Tom will declare you the winner (if you fail, you need to
redo the race). Head back to the clearing and Tom will go through mounted
combat. You need to kill five buffalo by using the Trample attack (Default:
[Right Mouse Button]). You can't run over them, and each buffalo takes two
tramples to die.

Tom will then challenge you to a shooting contest. Pull out your revolver and
shoot the bottles. Don't bother with Quickdraw; they're just bottles, and Tom
is a horrible shot.

Wolves will attack. You can either shoot them (remember, they die with a shot
to the head) or you can run over them with your horse. If they get too close,
use the Trample attack to spook them. Once you kill all the wolves, Tom will
hand over his horse.


Instead a couple of his buddies will turn up and will try to eliminate you. Two
of them will be very close, so use Quickdraw to dispatch them. Tom will most
likely have left the clearing and will circle from a different direction. He is
marked on the compass, so simply cut him off and shoot him.

---Missions Unlocked---
*Bounty, Pony Express, Poker

4.4 - The Red Hand Gang [WLK004]

Interlude: Find Jenny
Finally, we get some free-roaming time. You start off in the clearing where you
dispatched "Honest" Tom and his lackeys. Your objective is to find Jenny in
Dodge City. That can wait, but you'll need to head to Dodge anyway. Head south
out of the clearing and follow the trail to Dodge (marked by bright yellow
text). There is some rifle ammo on the ground if you need it.

Go through the trail towards the ferry. You'll come across some gold, but you
can't mine that yet, so ignore it. When you approach the ferry, a cutscene will
play. The ferry operator will inform you that no other ferries will be running
until further notice, so you're stuck on Dodge's side of the river for quite a

When you get off the ferry, you will be advised to perform some side missions.
That would be a very good idea, especially as these missions are ridiculously
easy. Read the Wanted Poster on the wall to activate the Bounty mission, talk
to Earl by the bridge to start the Pony Express mission, and play a couple of
rounds of Poker in the saloon.

If you do all the missions, you should have $95 to spend (including your
starting $40). Buy the pickaxe first and foremost. I recommend you spend the
rest on pistol upgrades, especially the speed loaders; they'll help a lot.

There are four gold deposits you can mine at this stage:
1: At the ferry, follow the river bank west. A gold vein will be by the rocky
2: Cross under the bridge. Head down the ramp on the north side, and one gold
rock will be by the cliff on the way down.
3: Continue north along the river. Another gold deposit is in a small cavern,
along with three Whiskey refills.
4: Head back along the river to the south side; there's one gold there.

Now you've got another $40 to spend. Buy what you need (if you can't afford
anything else, buy a Health slot), or get the Shotgun Speed Loader if you want
to rely on the shotgun for the next chapter, then go to the Alhambra Saloon.
It's marked on your map and has big letters on the side, so you can't miss it.

Rescue Jenny
Approach the bartender in the Alhambra and talk to him. This will initiate a
cutscene, and you will meet Jenny. Soon afterwards, a few of Jenny's clients
will get impatient and abduct her.

You'll start off crouching behind the bar. The fighting in this area is a bit
too frantic for a rifle, so equip your pistol and begin shooting. The bartender
will offer some covering fire, but won't follow you any further. Once you clear
the ground floor, head upstairs. You'll run by some more ladies and a lot of
gunmen. Clear out the storage room and the guy outside the door to the balcony.

On the balcony, there are three men not expecting you to come up. Use Quickdraw
to take out all three of them. Turn right into the next room and take out some
more enemies. Moving down the corrider triggers several more enemies, and each
room on the side will contain 2-3 gunmen. Clear them all out and move down the
hallway into the next (and final) room.

Rude, one of the Red Hand Gang, is holding Jenny hostage. He will release Jenny
when you walk and in she will run across your line of fire. Either use
Quickdraw to nail him or shoot him normally; he dies like the other dozen guys
you blew through.

Protect the Alhambra

---New Weapon---
*Schofield revolver

After dispatching Rude, a cutscene will play. Jenny will give you a stash of
Ned's gear, including his Schofield revolver. After a brief talk, Rude's
brother, rather unhappy, will toss a whiskey bomb into the room. Don't these
guys ever give up?

Now you've got a new revolver. If you've bought both Pistol Speed Loader
upgrades, your reload speed will be incredibly fast ). Run downstairs, taking
out the enemy that comes up. In the boiler room, a couple of lackeys are trying
to blow up the boiler but get killed trying. Run into the main area of the

The Gang is trying to set fire to the Alhambra! Jenny will join you in the
fight. Jenny's health bar will appear, as well as a health bar for the Alhambra
Interior. There will be several gunmen, including one behind the bar, while the
rest will be holding torches to set fire to the inside. Jenny says she will
take out the gunmen, but you can do that a lot quicker. Gun your way through
the lot using your revolver. The bar is a good place to fight from, but you
might need your rifle if any firebugs run along the opposite wall. Use
Quickdraw if you need to.

Once the inside is clear, head outside. Crude will ride across town rallying
more of the Gang to burn the Alhambra (doesn't it bother you that there are
more Gang members than there are townspeople?). Crude will open fire as he
rides past. You can't hurt him at this point, so take cover and grab the horse
that's conveniently left in front of you.

More firebugs will torch the outside of the saloon. The Alhambra Exterior
health bar will appear, and you need to prevent that from reaching zero. Jenny
will appear on the balcony to give some covering fire. Ride around the side of
the saloon and trample over the firebugs and gunmen. You can shoot them, but
trampling them is faster (and cooler). Swing around to the back of the saloon
and take out the rest. Another wave will appear in front of you. Trample those
and head out into the street to deal with the final wave. Once all the gang
members are dead, dismount and go back inside the Alhambra.

Boss Fight: Crude
Still a bit ticked off about you killing his brother, Crude challenges you
outside. A cutscene plays showing Colton and Crude facing off in what looks
like a good old-fashioned duel.

Of course, you'll realise that honourable dueling is a load of crap. When you
regain control, Crude will pull out a shotgun and more Gang members will shoot
at you from the rooftops and throw whiskey bombs.

Immediately use your Quickdraw (Crude will coincidentally taunt you about it).
Fire off as many rounds into his head as possible. Crude will most likely roll
to the right, so compensate for his movement. You should be able to take out
1/2 to 2/3 of his health bar if you hammer the Quickdraw into him. When your
Quickdraw runs out, start running circles around him and fire with your
revolver; he'll die soon enough. His shotgun hurts big time, so avoid standing
still in front of him.

Finish off the rest of the Gang on the roofs using your rifle. Once you wipe
the floor with them, a cutscene will play introducing you to Sheriff Patrick
Denton, ending the chapter.

---New Weapon---
*Shotgun Model 1887

4.5 - Quick Killer at the Bridge [WLK005]

Seems Pat Denton needs a hand with some of the local Indians delaying the
repairs to the train bridge. If you haven't done any side missions, you can do
them now, but no other missions open up at this point. The only thing to do is
to head over to Denton by the bridge.

Secure the Bridge
Denton will send you to clear the bridge by yourself. The game will recommend
that you use a shotgun in this section, although you don't have to. If you're
sharp with a revolver, you can get through this section quite well, but if you
have the Shotgun Speed Loader, your shotgun will rip through the Indians.
Careful with the stack of TNT barrels near the beginning.S

The Indians will be armed with tomahawks and fire bows. Try to avoid fighting
hand-to-hand; the Indians will swarm you and hack you to pieces. Instead, shoot
them with your revolver or shotgun. Continue down the bridge and more Indians
will climb over the railings and fire arrows at you. Take them out as soon as
you can. Even though the fire arrows might not pose a huge threat, but the
flames can disorient you.

One you reach the end of the bridge, head down the slope on the north side and
to the lower level of the bridge. A couple of hatchet-armed Indians will run at
you supported by three rifle-armed Indians. Take out the two melee fighters and
take cover behind the nearest rock. You can lob a couple of whiskey bombs at
the riflemen, or you could storm them or use Quickdraw. Either way, there is a
Whiskey refill and whiskey bomb ammo at the bottom. Wait a few moments for the
transport to come across, get on it and press the [F] button to move it.

Once you get to the centre of the bridge, the transport will stop, and you'll
spot the stash of TNT the Indians stole. Apparently they want to blow the whole
structure up.

A couple of Indians will make a beeline towards the TNT with torches. Shoot
them before they get there or else you will fail the mission. Avoid using the
shotgun; it's too slow to take out the runners. Use the revolver or knife

Walk up to a barrel and press [F] to pick it up. Walk to the edge of the
platform, hold [V] and release it at full power to throw it into the river.
After you throw a couple of barrels, two more Indians will appear. Take them
out, and repeat with another pair of Indians. Once you're done defusing all the
TNT, return to the transport and press [F] to continue back to Dodge.

When you get to the end, you'll notice a large group of archers hiding behind a
rock. Drop a whiskey bomb or shoot them, and some rifle-armed Indians will
attack from the other side. Take them out too. If you need to replenish your
ammo and whiskey, there is a huge stockpile under the bridge. Otherwise, head
up the path and talk to Denton.

Protect the Workers
The game might suddenly lag a bit with so many non-combatants on the screen.
Denton and the Chinese will head down the path to work on the bridge while the
Indians rush the opposite path and head towards your side of the river in
rafts. Denton is armed with a rifle and will assist you. He can take out some
of the raiders on your side if they appear, but he's a lousy shot otherwise.

If you fire from the bridge, you should be able to take out a few Indians on
the path. Take out the ones on the raft once they're in range or else they'll
run up behind you. The Chinese will cower in fear while the Indians attack.
Take out the archers first, then deal with the axemen. Each worker can take a
couple of hits, but you don't need to save them all. Take out the Indians
before they wipe them all out. After several waves and a second raft attack,
Denton will declare the bridge secure.

Boss Fight: Quick Killer
In a cutscene, Denton will supervise the completion of the bridge. However, the
Indians will attack again, this time led by Quick Killer himself. The battle
comes in two parts.

The first part involves protecting a few barrels of TNT from enemy fire arrows
(who the hell put TNT there in the first place?). Use Quickdraw when they fire
their arrows and shoot them down. You can't scroll through them and need to aim
manually, but they're easy to hit. After firing several volleys, the Indians
will leap over the barricade and run towards the TNT with torches. There is
plenty of Shotgun ammo nearby, but I recommend using the revolver since it's
faster, or you could Quickdraw to finish them quickly.

Finally, Quick Killer himself will fight you in one-on-one combat. He will be
armed with a tomahawk and will rush you mercilessly. Open up with a Quickdraw
and shoot him in the head as many times as you can. After your Quickdraw runs
out, use your shotgun, rifle or revolver to finish him off. If you don't have
the Shotgun Speed Loader, the weapon will be way too slow. Only use your knife
if you can finish him off in a few hits; he will murder you in hand-to-hand.
Chances are you've exhausted most of your rifle ammo and your Quickdraw, so use
whatever weapon you're fastest with.

If you have enough Quickdraw remaining and are fast and accurate with your
firing, you can take Quick Killer out before he even gets to you. Otherwise,
finish him off with the methods above.

After Quick Killer is...well, killed quickly, a cutscene will play, ending the

---Missions Unlocked---

---New Weapon---
*Quick Killer's Tomahawk

4.6 - Whore Coach [WLK006]

Interlude: Talk to Jenny
What an aptly named chapter title. No, you don't get any "fun" in this section,
but you do see a lot of mounted combat.

Before you go, I heavily recommend you complete all three Deputy missions that
just opened up. They will give a much-needed boost to your stats, and as you'll
be facing a lot of enemies in mounted combat, you'll need that Gunhand stat as
high as you can get it. If you haven't already, do the other side missions as

When you're ready, talk to Jenny by the coach in the middle of town.

Armed Escort
You'll start off on a horse. You'll need to stay mounted for this mission or
else the coach will outrun you. Equip your rifle; this whole mission is based
around your ability to use it (hence the recommendation on completing the
Deputy missions).

Ride across the bridge. The Coach's health bar will appear and will drain
whenever Indians fire arrows into it. Try to stay ahead of the coach and take
out enemies before the coach gets close to them. Avoid staying still unless you
want your horse to have a dozen arrows stuck into it.

The Indians are launching a raid on the hut across the bridge. There are around
half a dozen of them armed with bows, so take them out quickly. Continue right
towards the canyons and more Indians will appear armed with bows and rifles.
Take them out with your rifle and proceed around the bend. Be careful of how
much ammo you're expending; there's plenty of ammo to pick up later on, but the
rifle's reload time is awfully slow.

After you clear bend, the coach will run into a wreckage blocking the road.
Dismount your house and head through the gap on the right side of the
barricade. There are a couple of Indians on the left in the dark corner and a
few above you. Move further down and take out the other Indians that come out.
After you're done, grab one of the TNT barrels and carry back to the barricade.
Put it down, step back and set it off with a shot. Get back on your horse
(another horse will spawn there if you need it) and continue through the

As you go around the curve, you'll come across another Indian raid on a
homestead. Take out the archers and the mounted riflemen that come from the
north. Follow the path across the bridge and below the house, and you'll run
into Indians on rafts. Take them out too.

Once you go under the bridge, the driver will indicate that he's going to make
a run for it. Stay ahead of the coach; around the corner are two bowmen.
Further down the path are two more archers. Take them all out. Once the coach
passes this area, a cutscene will play.

Defend the Coach
Looks like the coach is out of action. You need to hold off the Indians while
the driver repairs the wheel. Jenny will grab a rifle to help defend the coach.
Jenny's health bar will appear under the coach's; if either depletes to zero
then the mission is failed.

Three Indians are immediately in front of you. Pull out your weapon and take
them out. Four more bowmen will run across the ledge above you, so dispatch
them as well. The rest of the Indians will come in waves from the south,
usually in groups of three bowmen and two riders. Jenny will fire on them, but
again you're a much better shot.

Once all the enemies have been eliminated, the driver will place some TNT by
one of the rocks blocking the path. When you regain control, you'll be on top
of the stage coach. Fire a shot into the TNT to clear the path.

Riding Shotgun
Since the previous shotgun messenger met an untimely end, it's up to you to
provide the covering fire for the coach. The driver will give rifle ammo and
whiskey when you run out, so don't worry about wasting supplies. Try to take
out the targets without Zooming; you'll aim too slowly and you'll be flustered
with enemies all around you, and it's good shooting practice. A good Gunhand
stat will show its usefulness here.

Take out any riflemen and bowmen that oppose you. There's some TNT barrels
around the next bend, so shoot that to take out the enemy group. Further down
the road, an Indian wagon will cut you off. Aim for the TNT barrels on the
wagon to take out the threat. As you go through the canyons, some enemies will
be on the ledges getting ready to jump down. Shoot them before they do so using
your rifle or Quickdraw. If they get on the coach, use your melee attack to
kill them.

Continue down the road, and a couple more wagons will attack you before you
reach Empire. Shoot the powder kegs on that to quickly end the threat and
finish off any riders. You'll have some support from the Empire locals, but
they can't hit anything.

After you clear the outskirts of Empire, a cutscene will play, introducing you
to Empire's mayor, Hoodoo Brown.

---Bonus stats---
*Health +25

---Missions Unlocked---
*Ranch Hand, Federal Marshal, Hunting, Bounty

4.7 - Law and Order [WLK007]

Interlude: Bargain with Hoodoo Brown
After that tough ride, you've unlocked a stash of other missions. The game will
recommend you to complete the side missions to increase your stats against
harder enemies. I would heavily recommend you do so; there's plenty to do and
Hoodoo is in no hurry. There is also a LOT of gold to mine if you have the
patience, so stock up in items from the Shopkeeps around the world. Just as a
benchmark, you should be able to take out an enemy with a single rifle shot
without zooming. Don't worry if you're not quite there yet, but it'll help a

When you're ready, talk to Hoodoo's Deputy at the Hoodoo Casino.

Bar Fight
A cutscene will play. You will meet Hoodoo's deputies, Rudabaugh and J.J. Webb,
and he will deputise you to maintain law and order while he looks for Reed.
Grab a horse and follow Webb and Rudabaugh to the saloon on the east side of
town. Enter the saloon and talk to the Barkeep.

You'll run into a couple of Resistance members who get the jump on you. You
start the fight behind the bar with two gunmen directly opposite you and three
more coming in from the street. Try to get all five of them with one Quickdraw
or else it'll get messy. Once they're all dead, a cutscene will play, showing a
rather surprised Chavez y Chavez making a run for it.

Follow Chavez!
Webb and Rudabaugh will follow Chavez from a distance. Grab a horse and join
them in their pursuit. As you pursue Chavez across the Badlands, a group of
Resistance riders will ambush you. Take them out and resume your pursuit. The
chase will lead to Hecht's Ranch, where you will run into a lot of Resistance
defenders. Take them all out, and a cutscene will play.

Boss Fight: Webb and Rudabaugh
Colton isn't too happy with Webb and Rudabaugh, so he's decided to take both of
them on. You start off in the barn, and it's probably best that you stay here
for the first half of the fight, as it offers good protection. Webb will be on
horseback with his pistol while Rudabaugh starts on foot with his double-barrel

Rudabaugh will either engage you with his shotgun or he will attempt to mount a
horse. Pull out your rifle and fire at him from the barn. If you've been
keeping up with your stats, you should take him out in less than 10 shots. Once
he's down, head out and engage Webb.

You can Quickdraw Webb and try to take him out in one go or finish him off, or
you could shoot out his horse and fight him on foot for an easy battle. Either
way, with only one of them to deal with, the fight should be very easy.

---Missions Unlocked---
*Federal Marshal, Pony Express, Ranch Hand

---New Weapons---
*Volcanic 10, Colt Double-Barrel

4.8 - Escape the Jail [WLK008]

Interlude: Find Hoodoo
Hoodoo isn't going anywhere, so take your time. You've got some nice new
weapons that will last you quite a while, and there are plenty of side missions
to go through. Beef up the stats and make some money to buy some helpful items
(if you haven't already mined all the gold). When you're done, head to Hoodoo's
Palace. A cutscene will trigger when you enter, and you'll have your first run-
in with a certain Thomas Magruder...

Escape the Jail

---New Weapon---
*Apache Bow

After being knocked unconscious by a few old friends, you wind up in the
sheriff's jail in Empire. You'll meet some new allies: the Resistance member
Port and a certain Soapy Jennings. They'll assist you in breaking out of the
jail in exchange for freeing them.

Talk to Port and he will tell you to grab the guard when he walks past. Press
the [F] button when he moves in front of Soapy's door. Soapy will tell you to
use the deputy's badge to pick the lock. Move to the door and press the [F] key
a few times to open it. Walk to the sheriff's desk to get all your items as
well as an Apache Bow. Make sure you grab all your gear and ammo before
following Port out the back door.

Now you need to find three horses and place them under the bridge. It's
recommended that you use the bow for silent kills, but no one's going to be
complaining if you use a gun. Take out the sentries guarding the horses (it's
possible to ride the horse out without them noticing, but you might as well
waste some arrows for the fun of it).

Once you place three horses under the bridge, head to the livery and throw a
whiskey bomb at the marked door. When the guards start heading there, head over
to the powder store in the middle of the town and carry a barrel back to
Soapy's wall marked on the compass. Shoot the powder keg to free Soapy, then
grab the horses under the bridge and run for it.

Soapy will leave you outside of time. Follow Port to the Resistance camp to end
the mission.

---Missions Unlocked---
*Bounty, Poker, Pony Express

---New Weapons---
*Dynamite, Apache Bow

---Stat Bonus---
*Health +25

4.9 - Ambush the Train [WLK009]

Interlude: Working for the Other Side
Welcome to the Resistance. Despite what Clay Allison says, you can still get in
and out Empire freely. Now would be a good time to do the new missions.If
you've held off the Hunting until now, you've got a bow to make short work and
more money out of the beasts.

Note that one of the Poker missions will be located in Hoodoo's Palace, which
is currently locked down. Disregard the mission; you can do it later and you
probably don't need the money that badly anyway.

If you've got a keen eye, you'll notice that your new army uniform has two
holsters. That's an obvious sign that you'll get the Dual Peacemakers pretty

Whenever you're ready, talk to Clay at the Resistance camp. He's right next to
your spawn anyway.

Ambush the Train
Grab a horse and follow Clay out of the Resistance camp to the site of the
ambush. When you get there, Port will be unloading some powder kegs. Grab the
TNT barrels and place them next to the rock indicated by the gold ring. Clay
will confirm that it's in the right spot.

When you pick up the third barrel, a cutscene will play. Chavez tried to attack
the train in Dodge and is getting pummelled. Follow Clay to Chavez's location
on the Dodge City bridge.

Chavez and his men will be fighting off riflemen on the train. A health bar
will appear showing Clay's health and the Resistance's health. Kill the two
rifleman on the train carriage. Magruder's riders will come out of one of the
carriages in pairs on both side of the train. Take out the one on your side
while the other circles around, and then kill him too. If you're too slow, his
riders will stack up and surround you.

When all the riders are dead, the train will start moving, and a Distance bar
will appear. Don't worry about it and head back to the ambush point. You don't
have to follow Clay, so move as fast as you want. When you get back to the
tunnel, Port will tell you to place the last barrel by the rock. Do so, then
move up onto the ledge. Pull out a gun and get ready to fire on the barrels.
You'll see the train approaching, but don't worry about timing. Port will tell
you exactly when to spring the ambush. Shoot the barrels when he tells you to,
and a cutscene will play, showing the train smashing into the rockslide.

The train guards will come out from the carriages to attack you. They will try
to make a run for the Gatling Gun, fire at you with rifles from the carriage or
run up the ledge with dynamite. Position yourself on the ledge between Port and
Clay and fire on them with your rifle. There's plenty of ammo and dynamite on
the ledge if you want to use them. Clay and Port have health bars, but they
should be fine as long as you take out the enemies running onto the ledge.

Once all enemies are dead, a cutscene will play, ending the mission.

---Missions Unlocked---
*Federal Marshal, Deputy

4.10 - Defend the Hideout [WLK010]

Interlude: Go to the Hideout
You start off at the ambush point by the tunnel. The game will recommend that
you do side missions to beef up your stats. Naturally, this would be a good
idea, especially since the Deputy and Federal Marshal missions boost your ever-
important Gunhand stat. You still won't be able to do the Poker mission in
Hoodoo's Palace, but that doesn't matter. As a benchmark for stats and items:
you should be able to take out most enemies with a single rifle shot, and
reloading times should no longer be problematic. When you're ready, talk to
Guards in the River Canyon.

Defend the Hideout

---New Weapon---
*Sharps 1874

After a long and rather important cutscene (and personally, one of my favourite
in the game), Magruder's men will interrupt the rebel celebration. Clay will
give you his sharpshooter rifle. Head to the bridge over the canyon and pick
off the enemies from there.

The enemy militia will attack. Your Winchester rifle would be better if it the
distance wasn't so great. Use the sharpshooter rifle and restock your ammo on
the bridge. Clay's gatling gun will jam and you'll need to protect him until he
fixes it. Don't concern yourself too much with using the Zoom function. It's
great, but you'll have an easier time firing without the Zoom.

Clay and Chavez will ride out to see if the enemy is in the foothills. Chavez
will return and warn you of a wave of enemy cavalry. Man the gatling gun and
rip into the riders as they come. You have unlimited ammo, so don't be trigger-

Talk to Port on the path behind the Gatling gun. The enemy howitzer on the hill
will commence firing. Equip your rifle or pistol and hide behind a rock. The
howitzer fires slowly, so use the delay to run out, gun down some enemies, and
hide behind another rock. Flank the cannon and use Quickdraw to take out the

Man the Howitzer and point it north. Enemy gunmen will head your way. Aim at
the path and blast them when they come up. Once they're all dead, a cutscene
will play.

---New Missions---
*Federal Marshal, Bounty, Pony Express

4.11 - Take Down Hoodoo [WLK011]

Interlude: Clay Captured
You start in the Resistance camp in River Canyon. As always, you have a few
Side missions to go through if you want, although by now you should be quite
formidable. When you're ready, talk to Port in the camp.

Assault the Town
The first phase of this operation is to assault Empire City as a diversion.
Follow Port to the rendezvous point in the gulch outside of Empire. A couple of
resistance members will be waiting next to the Howitzer.

Port will begin pushing the howitzer into position. You'll need to move on
ahead to clear the streets to prevent Port from being killed. Use your rifle
and take out all the enemies that appear. Two of them will on the road in front
of you, two will be in the saloon windows and the rest will run across the
street south of you. It's faster if you can knock them out without using the
Zoom function, and if you Gunhand stat is good enough that should be easy. It's
recommended that you move on foot to keep pace with Port.

When Port reaches the intersection, more men will appear in the saloon and the
alleys. Take them out, and another will appear on the roof to throw down TNT
barrels. Take him out or let your allies do so. Pick up the TNT and move them
out of the way, or throw one ahead to take out the next wave of gunmen. When
you reach the corner in front of the Livery, more men will spawn. Take them
out, and move through the alley to take out more gunmen. Finish off the
remaining enemies around the east side of the bridge. Riders and gunmen will
appear from the other side of the bridge. Take them out while Port moves the
howitzer up to point directly at Hoodoo's Palace.

Man the howitzer and blow up any enemies that appear. The splash damage isn't
perfect, but it'll do the job. Once you blast all the reinforcements, Port will
declare that Hoodoo's men are pinned down. This is your cue to head through the
Chinese laundry behind you.

Rescue Clay
A few men will be hiding behind the counter. Kill them and proceed through the
underground tunnel behind the laundry, taking out any enemies you see. I
recommend you use a pistol for this section, although the shotgun can be very
devastating. You'll hear a lot of laughter, as it turns out to be an opium den.
Continue past the objective marker and to the last room, where some Chinese are
having a deal. Take them all out and refill your dynamite and shotgun shells if
you need to. Grab a TNT barrel and place it next to the objective marker and
blast it.

Walk through the tunnel until a cutscene plays. Continue into the torture room
and shoot the two men torturing Clay. Press [F] to free him and he will tell
you that Hoodoo is upstairs. Restock whatever ammo you need and head up. Your
mission is pretty obvious: Kill Hoodoo Brown.

Press [F] to open the door into his casino. Your men will send a cannonball
into the casino itself and set it alight, making it difficult to see. Use
Quickdraw to take out as many gunmen as you can. Hoodoo himself is on the same
floor firing at you, so take his health down as far as you can. Once he reaches
50% health, he will draw his sabre and run upstairs. Take out the remaining
gunmen on the bottom floor and head up. This section is quite difficult, so be
fast on your trigger finger to get them before they get you. You can shoot down
the chandeliers to cause fires to burn the enemies.

More of his lackeys will run down to fight you. Either blast through with your
pistol (Webb had a good taste in pistols, I tell ya) or cut through them with
your shotgun (courtesy of Rudabaugh). If Hoodoo isn't injured enough, he will
fire at you from this floor too, otherwise he'll be in his office. Go around
the counter to reach the staircase to his office. A cutscene will play once you

Boss Fight: Hoodoo Brown
This isn't really much of a boss fight. If you've wounded him enough in the
previous section, you can take him out with one shot when he begins to attack
you in his office. As with most AI at close range, he will probably roll before
shooting. Just Quickdraw and plant a bullet in his face.

A cutscene will play showing the death of Hoodoo and his "funeral" by the
Resistance. And while we're at it: DUAL PEACEMAKERS! Hell yeah!

---New Missions---

---New Weapon---
*Dual Peacemakers

---Stat Bonus---
*Health +25

4.12 - Save Soapy [WLK012]

Interlude: Talk to Denton
Not much to do at this time. Hoodoo's Palace is finally opened up so you can do
the remainder of the Poker missions, although for some reason they don't
appear. You can do them later when the rest of the Poker missions are unlocked.
Finish off anything you want to do (your stats should be 3/4 full) and talk to
Pat Denton on the Dodge City bridge.

Save Soapy
Looks like Soapy's in a bit of a jam. Follow Denton to the back of the water
tower. There are half a dozen gunmen standing around. Use your Quickdraw to
nail them (and enjoy your well-earned Dual Peacemakers). A couple more are
under the tower itself. When they're down, climb the ladder onto the tower. A
cutscene will play once you get to the top.

---New Weapon---

Denton will give you a better sharpshooter rifle. Zoom in and shoot the rope
when Soapy is hung. Take out all the enemies that swarm towards him, and cover
him as he crawls to safety. Enemies will appear from the south side of town and
under the gallows, and riders will come in from the east. More enemies will
appear on the rooftops on the south side.

While you are meant to use the sharpshooter rifle, I would recommend you switch
to your Winchester rifle instead. It's much faster and the gunmen are in its
range. The Remington is just too slow for the amount of shooting you need to
do, unless your Gunhand stat is too low for the Winchester to kill in one hit.

Climb down from the tower and grab a horse. Follow Soapy north to the Ferry. A
few more enemies will appear from the saloon and on its balcony. Take them out
and head to the ferry, where more gunmen will ambush Soapy. Talk to the Ferry
Operator and he will start taking you across. Enemies will appear on the other
side of the river to pursue you with the other ferry, and sharpshooters will
appear on the ridge. Use your Winchester rifle to take them all out (again, the
Remington, for all its qualities, is too slow). When you get to the other side
of the river, Soapy will tell you to get on top of the rocks and shoot the
ferry rope. If you've been using the Winchester, you've probably picked off all
the enemies anyway, so it's unnecessary.

Once everything is clear, a cutscene will play.

---New Missions---
*Ranch Hand

4.13 - Hollister's Fort [WLK013]

Interlude: Get to the Steamboat
You can mine the gold around here if you want, but there isn't much point as
you can't go back to Dodge yet, nor can you do the Ranch Hand missions. Just
follow Soapy and continue with the story. You'll be heading past the Blackfoot
Camp where you and Honest Tom raced at the very beginning. This time the fort
gates on the west side of the Pass are open. After a conversation with Soapy, a
cutscene will play, and you'll find yourself as guests of a certain Sergeant

Escape the Fort
Hollister's men have taken all your guns. The only thing you have left are your
melee weapons, and those aren't going to get you anywhere fast. As Soapy tells
you, you'll need some help to get out.

Face the north-west corner of the area. You'll see a renegade beating up an
Indian. Grab him and slit his throat. The Indian will thank you and will ask
you to find his brothers in return for his aid in escaping. Follow the punching
noises to find the Indians. They're both in rooms under the northern rampart.
The renegades are too busy beating up the Indians to bother with you, so just
execute them to free the Indians. Move further down the wall to find the third

The prison gates will open to allow some renegades in. The leader will order
one of them to watch the gate. Grab him and execute him to proceed. Crouch and
follow the Indian and listen to everything he says. If you don't, the alarm
will be raised and you'll have to restart. Slit the throats of the guards when
he tells you to (never engage in combat, and don't worry if the game plays
their shouting lines) the garbage chute at the end. Execute the last guard and
Soapy will pick the lock, allowing you to reach the underground cavern.

Follow the cave until you spot two guards on a ledge talking about the weapons
they procured from you. There's a dead Indian on the rock. Pick up his bow and
use it to take out the guards silently after the second guard leaves for his
post. Retrieve your weapons by walking to the dead guard. You'll have no ammo
apart from your infinite revolver supply, but you have to use your bow anyway.
Take out the other guards when they're in range. They shouldn't give you any

Search the bunkers for ammunition. You should be able to refill your shotgun,
rifle and thrown ammo, although you won't get any sharpshooter ammo yet. Grab a
horse and follow the path back to the Indian camp. You'll need to trample the
gate to open it before you get to the camp.

Protect the Indians
What a coincidence, you run into Hollister's men attacking the Indians. The
renegades will be busy fighting the Indians, so ride behind them and shoot them
off with Quickdraw or your rifle. Several more riders will appear from the
northwest, so take them out too. Once they're all dead, a cutscene will play,
ending the missions.

---New Missions---
*Pony Express, Bounty, Poker

---New Weapon---
*Blackfoot Fire Bow

4.14 - Attack the Fort [WLK014]

Infiltrate the Fort
Whoa, no time for a break here. You're thrown right into the Indian's assault
on the fort. And you're in cool Indian attire too.

You'll be taking hits straight from the start, so pull out your rifle and take
out the enemies on the forward fortifications. They have several gatling guns
and numerous riflemen, so take them out with your rifle. The cannons from the
fort will be bombarding you, so don't loiter around. Hiding behind rocks will
only protect you so much, so neutralise what you can and run towards the

Once you're in the canoe, you will head down the stream under the fort towards
the hidden cave. More enemies will appear on either side above you. Watch your
compass for their locations and take them out with your rifle. Once you reach
the cave, run towards the end. Several groups of renegades will appear in
groups of three. You can blow through them with your Dual Peacemakers, so they
shouldn't pose a huge threat.

Capture the Cannons
Climb the ladder and you'll be behind a couple of guards wondering how the
assault is going. Take them out and another guard will appear from the barracks
to your left. Take him out too. There will be a LOT of shooting in this area,
so I recommend you use your Dual Peacemakers or Shotgun instead of your rifle.

Fights-at-Dawn will tell you to capture the first cannon. Five renegades will
appear straight ahead. Quickdraw them before they can do any harm. There's a
gatling gun covering the open area, so head through the stables on the left
instead to flank it. Take out the men inside and take out the gunner. There are
a couple of whiskey refills inside as well.

When you head towards the rampart, several men will appear from the stockade in
front of you and five more from the building to your right. Quickdraw the whole
lot of them or otherwise fire away with your revolvers or use your shotgun if
you're game. When you head up into the stockade itself, there will be two men
inside, so kill them.

Man the cannon and use it to destroy the four forward bunkers. You'll need to
compensate for your cannon's trajectory, and each bunker needs one direct hit
on its roof to take it out. Once they're all down, proceed the next cannon.

There are several renegades here, so take them out. Man the cannon and use it
to destroy the keelboats. Each boat takes two direct hits to sink, but they
won't be firing on you. Once they're down, proceed to the stockade area further

More men will appear below. A single stick of dynamite should take them all
out; otherwise take them out with your rifle. Head down to the stockade and
dozens more will come out. Blast through the lot with your revolvers,
preferably with Quickdraw. When they're all down, man the cannon on top of the
rampart and fire it into the ammo dump. You'll need a direct hit through the

One more cannon to go. Head through the exposed tunnel and take out the enemies
in there. To your left is a mess room with another dozen men. Use Quickdraw to
take out as many as you can and blast through the rest that come in from the
next room. There are a couple of dynamite crates here, and you'll need the
dynamite for the next section.

Equip your rifle when you head up and take cover behind the barricade nearest
to the cannon. Take out the enemy riflemen on the other side and throw dynamite
at the cannon to destroy it. If you're behind the barricade, aim your throw at
a 45-degree angle at full power and it will reach the cannon. Beware though,
enemies will spawn indefinitely until the cannon is destroyed. They can throw
dynamite at you, and the cannon can still damage you behind cover. Head back to
the previous room to get more dynamite if you need any.

---New Missions---
*Deputy, Federal Marshal, Ranch Hand

4.15 - Battle at the Steamboat [WLK015]

During the aftermath, Hollister seems to have escaped. Back in your hunting
attire, talk to Fights-at-Dawn to proceed to leave the fort. A cutscene plays,
and Hollister will make his dramatic reappearance with a bang.

Boss Fight: Hollister
As you can probably tell by your clothing, you're reaching the final leg of
your quest. Our good friend Hollister isn't keen on that idea though, and so
you have to deal with him. Equip your Dual Peacemakers before heading into the
next area.

Hollister's location is marked on the compass. Head to him quickly, as he will
throw dynamite when you're not in sight. At close range, he will shoot you with
Ned's rifle, which is VERY powerful. Ideally, you should give him the drop, tap
the Quickdraw button and unload as much lead as you can into Hollister's ugly
face. He should either die or have a slither of health left to finish off. If
you can't Quickdraw his health down, dodge his rifle shots by running around
corners, pop out and give him a few shots from your revolvers, but you're far
better off using Quickdraw.

Once his health is down, Hollister will do a suicide run. Head down to the
ditch he's in and he will run towards you with as much dynamite as he can
carry. You can't kill him, so you have to stop him from killing you. Start
running backwards and unload your revolvers into him non-stop. This will slow
him down until the dynamite blows him up. If you're too slow, the dynamite will
kill you too. Don't use Quickdraw, you're trying to end this as quickly as you

---New Weapon---
*Ferguson Rifle

A cutscene will play, and you will gain Ned's rifle. This is by far the best
weapon in the game, and will be invaluable in the next section. It might seem
slow, but the power and fire rate are more than worth it. Head towards the
steamboat wreckage, and you'll get thrown into yet another battle.

Kill Magruder's Riders
Magruder's well-equipped riders will blitz from the east. They'll easily circle
around you and cut down your health. Try to pick a place that forces them to go
through a bottleneck or delays their movements, such as between a rock or
around the wreck, otherwise you'll spend more time drinking whiskey and less
time shooting.

Use the Ferguson rifle to pick them off from a distance and Quickdraw when they
get close. They're very fast and take a couple of hits to take down with your
revolvers, but be persistant. There are plenty of supplies around the wreck if
you need to refill. After several waves of riders, the battle will end, so head
towards the middle of the wreck to find the safe. Press [F] next to the safe,
and Soapy will open the safe in a cutscene. While he's at it, an old friend
will make his appearance.

Boss Fight: Reed
Colton's in a no-BS mood when it comes to Reed, and Reed is just as ready to
return the attitude. You'll start the battle off next to river with a horse in
front of you. Mount the horse and start heading east. Reed will appear from the
wreckage and cut you off. If you're sharp with your Quickdraw, this is where
you can take out 90% or more of his health as he rides past. Just mash at that
fire button until you run out of Quickdraw.

Reed's horse is covered with armour, so you can't immobilise him. Pull out your
rifle and fire on him as he rides over the hill behind the corner. He'll wait
until you follow him before he runs out again. Lure him out and open fire with
your rifle until he is dead. The key is to stay on your horse, as he will ride
all over you if you fight on foot.

After you defeat him, a cutscene will play, ending the mission and giving you a
stack of bonuses.

---New Missions---
*Bounty, Poker

---Stat Bonus---
*Health +25

---New Weapon---
*Cavalry Sword

4.16 - Across the Badlands [WLK016]

Interlude: Find the Cross
Soapy will head off to the Apache Camp ahead of you. You can head straight to
the camp yourself, but since you've unlocked the rest of the side missions,
this is a great opportunity to max out your stats and mine the rest of the
gold. The missions are going to be quite tough from here on, but you've got the
best of everything. In fact, you won't get any more Interludes from here on, so
do whatever missions you need to do.

When you're ready to proceed, head to the Apache Camp north of the Canyons and
talk to Soapy, and a cutscene will play. You will meet the Apache Chief, Many
Wounds, who will reveal some more important bits of your past.

Across the Badlands
Many Wounds knows the location indicated on the cross. Take the small path from
the Apache camp to Many Wounds down below and follow him. He will take you to
the Badlands to the abandoned house on the prairie, and you'll join up with his
warriors. You'll get attacked by Magruder's riders, so you'll need to fight
them to protect Soapy and Many Wounds. Two waves of riders will attack. Keep
moving to prevent being hit, but if you've maxed out your stats this battle
should be a cinch with the Ferguson rifle. When the battle is over, Many Wounds
will leave you. He will tell you to head to the Mountain north of Piper Lake.

Soapy will lead the way. Follow him along the railroad to the mountain north of
Piper Lake. Meanwhile he'll keep you entertained with his life story. When you
get to the entrance to the mountain, dismount and head up on foot up the site
and past the destroyed buildings. A couple of mountain lions are here, so take
them out to proceed. A cutscene will play when you get to the top.

---New Weapon---
*Loco Dynamite Bow

4.17 - Escape the Ambush [WLK017]

Whoops, looks like you attracted too much attention. Soapy's gone flying down
the mountain and Magruder's got his men coming up it. You've got one heck of a
bow to use, but the Ferguson rifle is just as good. Blow up the TNT barrels to
make short work of the enemies, and a cutscene will play on Magruder's train.

When you regain control, you'll need to continue down the mountain. A bunch of
enemies will be around the corner with a gatling gun. Take them out with
Quickdraw or some dynamite. Continue down and more mobs will come up. Blow them
away and head to the exit. A few more men will come up, but they're easily
dispatched with your rifle or Quickdraw. Take the horse you left outside and
ride to the tracks where Soapy is.

Boss Fight: Dutchie
Magruder's right-hand man is manning the cannon and will give you no mercy.
Meanwhile, some riflemen will fire from the train and riders will circle you.
Tap Quickdraw and you should be able to kill Dutchie straight off. Otherwise,
use the Ferguson rifle to take him out and the other enemies. A couple more wll
head in from the north, but they're no match for your Ferguson. Once all riders
are dead, the mission ends, and you'll be thrown into the next one.

4.18 - Magruder's Mine [WLK018]

No break for you here. You'll crash Magruder's train through his steel gates
and you'll come under fire immediately. Use your rifle to take out the loose
rifleman standing around, but take cover from the fortified gatling guns. Clay
will cause a distraction, allowing you to man the cannon on the mine cart. Use
the cannon to take out the two gatling guns above you.

Clay will start the mine cart, but you'll need to run ahead to switch the
tracks. Quickdraw the three men around the corner and use your rifle to take
out the two gatling guns above you. The last one is fortified, so jump back on
the cannon and blast it as the cart comes around.

A couple of rifleman will fire from the building to your right, so lob a couple
of cannonballs into the windows. A cart will appear around the corner with two
riflemen, so blast that too. There are couple of gatling guns and riflemen on
the ledge to your left as you round the corner, so knock those down. The mine
entrance has a cannon above it, so destroy that. The entrance doors takes two
direct hits to blow open, and some men will be behind it. Fire at them with
your cannon or your rifle. You'll need to run up to use the junction switch, so
shoot the remaining enemies and do so.

Jump back on the cannon to continue down the mine. Shoot the barricade to clear
it. Enemies will appear further down. Shoot the keg next to them to clear them
out. There's another mob around the corner with a powder keg next to them, so
blast the barrel to take them out. More men will come in from the side tunnels.
Blow the entrances to seal them off. Destroy the mine carts ahead to continue.

TNT barrels will roll down. Blast them before they get too close to you. When
you get to the top of the gradient, a group of enemies will appear from the
smoke. Try to lob a shot to the powder kegs behind them, as the incline will
make it difficult to hit them directly.

Run up to pull the switch around the corner. If you need more shotgun shells or
whiskey (which you probably do), run past the switch into the dark tunnel to
find a couple of bottles at the end. Jump back on the cannon. Use it to take
out the two gatling guns around the bend. To your right (this feels like a
amusement park tour) are three enemies and a few whiskey refills. Some men will
appear ahead of you, so shoot them, get off the cannon and grab whatever you
can. Get back on the cannon to proceed.

Another ton of men around the corner. Shoot the powder keg to blow them up and
finish off the barricade. More men will appear around the corners, so aim for
the rocks behind them to kill them with splash damage. Rounding another corner
will present you with three gatling guns. Pick them off with your cannon, and
shoot the next powder keg when you see it ahead of you.

The mine cart will come to a stop before the next section. Get off the cannon
and shoot the remaining men, then head to the turntable. There are a few
whiskey bottles around the outside if you need them. Press [F] to unlock the
tracks, and Clay's men will start turning the turntable. Magruder's men will
approach from various tunnels around the turntable, to take them out when they
appear. Watch the compass to see where they're coming from and use your rifle
to knock them out. Once the turntable is set, Clay will return to the mine cart
and tell you to man the cannon again. Grab whatever supplies you need and do

Around the corner is another blockade with a gatling gun. Shoot the blockade
twice to destroy it and silence the gatling gun. A cutscene will play, and
Colton will proceed to the next area alone. You'll be running through some
ruins with a nice golden glow in the background, with plenty of Magruder's men
with dynamite and TNT barrels. Shoot the men or the barrels to clear the
enemies out, and be careful of incoming dynamite.

Head up the ruins to finish off the last of Magruder's men. You might want to
throw the TNT barrels out of your way just in case they get you blown up in the
firefight. Blast through the last tunnel with your rifle or shotgun, then
proceed to the last area.

Boss Fight: Magruder
This is it. After a long cutscene, you'll finally fight the one-eyed bastard.
The battle has two parts, and appropriately is the hardest battle in the game,
mainly because Magruder is wearing armour and can't be killed in Quickdraw. In
fact, he can't even be DAMAGED with bullets. Time for some ingenuity.

First things first, Magruder is armed with his Nock Gun, a multi-barrelled
shotgun. This thing has a fast rate of fire, rarely needs to reload and will
tear you up at close range. The only thing you can do to harm Magruder is to
use the sulphur patches (the grey ones dotted around the floor).

Magruder will shoot you at long range, and when he's stunned from sulphur
explosions or gunfire he will throw several sticks of dynamite at you. Either
dodge them or use Quickdraw to blow one up, which will scatter the others

The key is to stick to the outside of the arena and lure Magruder into
following you. When he gets a few steps away from a grey patch, either shoot it
with your Dynamite Bow or lob a stick of dynamite onto it. By the time Magruder
steps onto the patch, it should explode, igniting him. Be warned: the sulphur
patches can work against you too if you're not careful. Repeat this until he
only has a slither of health left. There are plenty of whiskey refills and
dynamite ammo lying around the outside.

When Magruder is crippled, he will run up to a stone balcony above you to shoot
you and throw dynamite. Take out your Sharpshooter rifle (finally, a use for
it). Aim for his head either with Zoom or without (the sharpshooter is accurate
enough without Zoom). This will stun Magruder, and he will throw a large chunk
of dynamite. If you run out of Sharpshooter ammo, you can use the Rifle, or you
can run under Magruder and use your revolvers or Quickdraw.

The game will give you this vital hint, which is the key to beating him: use
Quickdraw to destroy the dynamite when it's near the roof. Magruder will
immediately throw several loose sticks of dynamite before switching back to his
Nock gun. You can Quickdraw one of the sticks to scatter the rest. You can make
your life easier by headshotting him before he throws this batch of dynamite.
This will force him to throw another large chunk, which you must blow up.

As this is a very hard battle, I'll summarise this:

*Part One
-Lure Magruder into walking over a grey patch
-Ignite the patch with dynamite or dynamite bow
-Repeat until Magruder runs up to the platform

*Part Two
-Headshot Magruder
-Quickdraw the large TNT he throws
-Repeat until rock falls on him

When the battle is over, a long ending cutscene will play, ending the mission
and the game.

---New Weapons---
*Nock Gun
*Cannon Nock Gun (only if 100% complete)
*Reverend Reed's Horse (only if 100% complete) (Will spawn at Magruder's Mine)

Game Over: Now What?
You can continue to roam around after you defeat Magruder. If you want to
finish off any sidequests, you can still do so. Other than that, there isn't
anything you can do other than ride around on Reed's horse and shoot innocents
and bandits with your Cannon Nock Gun. Unfortunately, this is a failing point
in the game, with practically no replay value after you go through all the
missions. You could start a new game and do everything from scratch, but I've
think we've enjoyed enough of our experience with Colton White and GUN.


As part of its free-roaming nature, GUN features various missions that are not
essential the game's plot, but are available to provide the player with
substantial bonuses in stats. Additionally, side missions are the only method
to obtain money needed for weapon upgrades. Side missions are only unlocked at
certain intervals after doing plot missions, and are marked on the map. Talk to
their respective starters to begin the mission.

You can go through the game without doing any side missions, but they are
HEAVILY recommended, as the later stages of the game will be very difficult to
do without any stat upgrades.

5.1 - Bounty [SDE001]

Bounty hunting is straightforward: read one of the Wanted Posters around the
world (they all give the same missions, so it doesn't matter which one), and
Colton will read the criminal's details. Accepting these missions will place
the location of the criminal on your compass. Most often, you will have to
travel a fair way to get to them.

Bounties usually have two levels of reward: Dead or Alive. Killing the criminal
outright will get you a lower reward, whereas capturing them alive will gain a
bigger reward (stun them, grab them, then right click to subdue them). Some
missions involve wiping out gangs, or ignore the criminal entirely and focus on
regaining a missing valuable.

Bounty missions increase the following stats:
Gunhand: +2
Quickdraw: +3
Melee: +4

Mission #01: George "Whiskers" Mahonee
The first bounty mission you do; unlocked when you go to Dodge City for the
first time. This is as straightforward as it gets: Mahonee is in the Alhambra
saloon right behind you. Just walk in, shoot him in the leg and capture him.

Cash: $10 (Dead), $15 (Alive)

Mission #02: Butch Mainard
Unlocked when you get to Empire for the first time. Butch is located in the
Northern Rockies, so grab a horse and follow the compass there. He will be
mounted on a horse near a mine and armed with a rifle, so you'll need to take
out the horse in order to subdue him. Use Quickdraw or aim carefully to shoot
the horse in the head. Or you could simply kill him, but you won't make as much

Cash: $10 (Dead), $15 (Alive)

Mission #03: Johnny Greed
Johnny Greed can be found north of Empire in the canyons. If you just did the
Butch Mainard mission and read the poster by Piper Lake, Greed will literally
be a few strides behind you.

When spotted, Greed will flee towards the Resistance Camp, where several of his
accomplices will ambush you. Shoot out his horse (if you're having trouble
getting a headshot, Quickdraw and empty your revolver into its backside), rush
him and subdue him. Take out his men if you need to.

Cash: $10 (Dead), $15 (Alive)

Mission #04: Shifty Scholz
This one's a bit different. You don't have the option to subdue Scholz; he's
specifically wanted dead. The horse he's riding, however, is wanted alive. Head
to the Canyons; Scholz will be there with a handful of gunmen to protect him.
Shoot Shifty off his horse and take out his gunmen. When clear, take the prized
horse and ride it back to Dodge City and speak with the owner in the middle of
the street.

Cash: $15

Mission #05: Lee Hop Dong
Unlocked after the Escape the Jail mission. If you happen to start this mission
immediately after coming from the Resistance camp and read this at Piper Lake,
you're in luck. Lee Hop Dong is pissing his pants back at the Resistance camp

Head to River Canyon. There are quite a few bodyguards with him, so dispatch
them with Quickdraw. There's a few TNT barrels in front, so blow that up to
wipe them out quicker. One of them is manning a Gatling Gun on the bridge. You
could throw an explosive up there, but that will kill Lee as well. Instead,
just run up and Quickdraw the gunner. Lee is harmless, so just grab him for
some easy money.

Cash: $10 (Dead), $15 (Alive)

Mission #06: Bloody Belle
Wanted for castration of a public servant. Ouch.

Bloody Belle can be found in the Badlands. She'll be mounted and with a gang of
female riders. Thankfully you won't need to take her alive, so just shoot them
all with your rifle or Quickdraw them.

Cash: $15 (Dead)

Mission #07: Toby the Torch
The former mayor of Dodge City is, appropriately, still in Dodge City. He'll be
in the middle of the town holding a torch (usually not a good sign). Talk to
him and you'll see that he's gone nuts.

You'll be surrounded by his gang armed with rifles and whiskey bombs. Quickdraw
to kill Toby, or you can slash at him a few times and subdue him for the extra
cash. Use your rifle to take out the other gunmen. Try to keep moving to avoid
getting hit by the flames. Once Toby and his gang are neutralised, the mission

Cash: $15 (Dead), $20 (Alive)

Mission #08: Mad Dog McGrady
McGrady is found on the east side of Magruder's Mine. Head there, and you'll
find him on a horse along with three other riders. Use Quickdraw to take out
the riders and shoot out his horse. Dismount, stun him and grab him. You're not
allowed to kill him, but his gang is easy prey, so subdue him and get your

Cash: $15

Mission #09: Wayland Payne
Found in the Blackfoot Camp. This mission will be a night mission, so head
across the Ferry to the camp. You can ride in to attack immediately, or you can
wait and his gang will be attacked by Indians. Quickdraw his gang and subdue

Cash: $20 (Dead), $30 (Alive)

Mission #10: The Bandit Brothers
This one's a bit different. There are two targets, and you have to kill one and
subdue the other, and their location is unknown. Despite what the poster says,
the brothers will always start off at the Devil's Canyon, so head over there.
They'll both be mounted and open fire on you. Use Quickdraw to kill James Booth
and shoot out Bob's horse, then subdue him. Their names and required action are
printed on screen so you know which one to kill.

Cash: $20

Mission #11: The Blackbird Boys
One bounty, fifteen targets. Now we're talking.

The gang is located in the secret base in the southern side of the railroad
east of Empire. Most of the gang will be hanging around on foot. Use Quickdraw
to take them all out. The rest of the gang will ride in from the north, so take
them out too. Despite their numbers, they won't pose much of a threat.

Cash: $30

Mission #12: Bob the Blade
The last Bounty mission, and again this one's a bit different. Head to Devil's
Slot Canyon east of Magruder's Mine. Blade will be surrounded with around a
dozen gang members spread across the canyon. Once you take them all out, Blade
will jump down and challenge you in hand-to-hand combat. His health bar will

You don't have to use a melee weapon, but he gets stunned after a combo and
since you have to take him alive, you might as well slash at him and subdue

Cash: $30

5.2 - Pony Express [SDE002]

Pony Express missions involve carrying messages or packages to various people
around the world under a strict time limit. Like the Bounty missions, these
people tend to be in the middle of nowhere.

There are Pony Express officers in Empire and Dodge, although only one will be
giving out jobs at any one time. They will send you to the needy client, who
will then send you to the destination. Each mission starter will have a horse
next to them, so you don't need to bring your own horse.

In order to meet the deadline, you will usually need to spur your horse very
often. Don't be afraid of spurring until the horse is nearly dead. Most
missions will force you to detour to pick up a fresh horse, and you MUST get
these horses regardless. Doing so will also reset the delivery timer, which is
what you need most.

The later missions will involve running through a LOT of armed opposition. Rule
of thumb: Never stop to fight; you don't have time for it. Use your rifle (it's
the fastest long-range weapon you've got) and take out all enemies while on the
run. You may need to work on your mounted combat tactics, and you definitely
need a good Gunhand stat.

Pony Express missions upgrade the following stats:
Horse: +5

Mission #01: Tiny Tubbs
Start the mission by talking to Earl near the Dodge City bridge. He will send
you to Tiny Tubbs on the east side of Dodge. Go to him, and you'll discover
that the fat guy is starving and will surely die if you don't get him food.
Grab his horse and spur all the way to the Shopkeep down the road. Talk to the
Shopkeep, and then sprint all the way back. Talk to Tiny Tubbs to end the

This is the most straightforward mission, but it can surprise new players if
they aren't used to the sheer amount of speed required.

Cash: $10

Mission #02: Johnny Calhoune
Unlocked after Law and Order. Talk to Daryl in the Empire square. He will send
you to Johnny in West Empire, south of Hoodoo's Palace by some tents. He will
send you to the livery in East Empire.

The distance is very short, but the time limit is even shorter. Sprint most of
the way and cut across the river. Leap over the livery fence and talk to the
man at the end. Don't take the road; you won't make it in time.

Cash: $10

Mission #03: Stumpy McNubbs
Speak to Daryl in Empire and he will send you to Stumpy in West Empire, where
the Shopkeep normally is. He will give you some tools to give to the railway
workers near Piper Lake. Follow the railroad east and break up north at thef
first junction. There will be an Indian rifleman attacking you from the tunnel,
and another Indian on the other end. Shoot them while on the move, head across
the the tracks and talk to the foreman to end the mission.

As the first long-distance run, this one's actually somewhat easier. You don't
have to push your horse as hard, but you'll need to take out armed threats
before they drop your horse's health. You should be able to clear this mission
with 1/3 of the time remaining.

Cash: $10

Mission #04: The Gunsmith
This mission set is available after the Escape the Jail mission. Talk to Earl
in Dodge City, and he will send you to the Gunsmith in east Dodge. This is the
first of the more challenging Pony Express missions, as you will need to travel
to multiple locations and take out numerous enemies along the way. A high
Gunhand stat is recommended, and definitely use a rifle.

The Gunsmith will tell you to go to Hecht's Ranch south of the Badlands. You
will be attacked as you cross the bridge, and once more as you enter the
Badlands by a group of bowmen and riflemen. Take them out on the run and don't
stop. Veer south to the Ranch and leap over the fences you need. When you reach
the Rancher, leap over the fence and talk to him.

Next, you'll need to go to Doc Stilton north of Piper Lake. Head west and
follow the railroad through the north tunnel at Piper Lake. There will be four
Indians at the tunnel to attack you and a couple more on the other side. Take
them out as you go in, follow the railroad, then break off west along the shore
of Piper Lake. Doc Stilton will be there in a red shirt. Talk to him, then grab
his horse and run back to the Rancher. You'll be attacked by remnants of the
previous group on the way back.

You should be able to get through the missions without being desperate with
time. The main threat is taking out the enemies before they drop your horse's

Cash: $10

Mission #05: Cletus
Talk to Earl in Dodge to start this mission. He will send you to Cletus in
Empire. Follow the railroad to get to him; you won't be attacked until after
you start Cletus's run.

Cletus will tell you to get the borrowed tools off his worker in the Northern
Rockies. Take the bridge north through the canyon to Piper Lake. Several
enemies will attack you along the road. Head around the west shore of the lake
and take out some bowmen on the way. Head around to where the Indian Hunter
normally is to find the Worker.

Grab the horse by the Worker and head east. You will be attacked by a rider, so
take him out before he causes you trouble. Take the south road that weaves
through the Old Canyon Mines. There will be a stack of enemies here. Take out
as many as you can but keep running through. Be careful of your horse's health,
however, as they can easily bring it down. You'll run into Barton on the way
down. Talk to him to end the mission.

Cash: $10

Mission #06: Marcus Billings
Talk to Earl in Dodge and he will send you to Marcus Billings on the east side
of town. He has an urgent message for Edgar Meriwether's auction in Empire, but
you'll need to stop by Hecht's Ranch to pick up a new horse.

Ride over the bridge and gun down the enemies there. A rider will appear from
the train tunnel and half a dozen riflemen and bowmen will occupy the railroad
cutting. Just run by and shoot whatever you can. Detour south to Hecht's Ranch
and talk to the Rancher to start the next leg.

Head west to Empire. You'll run into another half-dozen spread-out Indians and
a rider. Take out the rider and run past the gunmen, shooting out as many as
you can. If you spurred most of the way, you should have plenty of time to
reach Edgar at the Empire Bank across the bridge to West Empire.

Cash: $10

Mission #07: Jesse
Earl in Dodge will send you to Jesse a few metres away. An urgent package was
sent to the Old Canyon Mines by another Pony Express rider, but the package
failed to arrive.

Head due west to the Badlands mines. A rider will attack you and many Indians
will take up positions on the ledges above you. Several more will be in front
of the mine entrance. Enter the mine and talk to the Pony Express rider, who
will be rather shocked at your pragmatic mission.

Ride the horse out. Don't bother shooting the Indians, although they may injure
your horse. Take the hairpin bend north of the mine and take out the enemies
you encounter during the ride. Head east, jumping across the twisted road to
save some time if necessary. Talking to the guy standing next to the mine to
complete the mission.

Cash: $10

Mission #08: Speedy Pete
Talk to Daryl in Empire, and he will talk about how Speedy Pete's been bragging
about how fast he is. Talk to Speedy Pete by the Empire Bank just behind you
and he will patronise you. Well, guess you're here to prove him wrong.

Forget about Pete's count, grab the horse and sprint out of Empire. Remember,
you main worry is the amount of damage your horse takes from ambushes. There
will be a few loose riflemen along the train tracks, so take them out. Follow
the tracks to Magruder's Mine. Talk to the Express Rider and he will give you a
fresh horse. An enemy rider will appear behind you, so shoot him off. Follow
the tracks through the tunnels until you get to Ten Fingers Canyon. Hope off
the tracks and head east through the Canyons, taking out or running past any
enemies you see.

You should be able to reach Dodge with plenty of time remaining. Talk to Speedy
Pete (how'd he get there before you?) and he will concede his defeat.

Cash: $15

Mission #09: Shopkeep
Talk to Earl in Dodge. If you just did the Speedy Pete mission, you might as
well do this one. Talk to the Shopkeep in Dodge, and he will send you to the
Canyons to deliver medicine. This one's a tough ride, so equip your Ferguson
rifle and get on out there.

Head north through the canyons, taking out any enemies you see. The distance
isn't too far, but time is very short. When you reach Devil's Slot Canyon, talk
to Willie. He will tell you that the Indians stole the horse. Your timer will
restart, but you'll need to procure the horse from the Indians just ahead of
you. There are several riflemen and bowmen, and the rider is marked on your
compass. Shoot off the rider and take the new horse, which will restart the
timer. If you accidentally kill the horse (easy to do with the Ferguson, mind
you), there isn't much you can do other than to end the mission.

Continue riding through the canyons and run through any ambushes you come
across. The curvy trail will make sprinting and shooting difficult, so don't
concern yourself too much with fighting. Once you reach the mines, talk to Dan
to end the mission.

Horse: +10
Cash: $20

Mission #10: Councilman Webster
The final Pony Express mission and probably the most challenging side mission
in the game. Daryl in Empire will send you to Councilman Webster in front of
Hoodoo's Palace.

The Mayor has the plans for the completion of the railroad that needs to go to
the foremen on the line. However, they're being attacked by Indians, so you
need to get the plans to them ASAP. I heavily recommend that you do all the
Ranch missions to get your Horse stat up and use the Ferguson rifle to gun you
way through. You'll need to literally tear past countless Indian attacks to get
to your destinations on time, practically spurring all the way.

Follow the railroad east of Empire and head towards the tunnel towards
Magruder's Mine. When you spot the tunnel, you'll see that the workers are
being attacked by numerous Indians. Take as many of them out as you can before
you get there, but don't stick around. The timer's ticking very quickly, so
talk to the first Foreman and grab his horse.

Go through the tunnel and follow the tracks past Piper Lake. More Indians will
be around the area and several riders will cut you off. Shoot them off and
follow the tracks to Magruder's Mine. Sprint east through the tunnels towards
Ten Fingers Canyon. There aren't any Indians here, but the timer is still
short. Talk to the next Foreman, and be careful not to fall off the bridge.

Sprint through the tunnel and talk with the Foreman on the other side, and he
will send you to the last Foreman in Dodge City. Run past all the Indians and
riders, cross the bridge and talk to the final rail worker.

The mission isn't over yet! Now you have 60 seconds or so to run the fifteen
metres to the Alhambra Saloon and get a drink from the Bartender (oh noes!). He
will congratulate you on your efforts, tell you that your job is now obsolete,
and will give you a pair of silver spurs that have been left out of the game.
Well done!

Horse: +20
Cash: $20

5.3 - Poker [SDE003]

As you progress through the game, several Poker tournaments will open up. The
first few area available in the Alhambra Saloon in Dodge, while the rest are
available in Hoodoo's Palace in Empire. The game is Texas Hold 'Em Poker (not
regular poker). If you know how to play the game, it should be easy for you. If
you don't, you're going to have to learn as you go.

It costs nothing to do the Poker missions, and you get more money after each
round. Still, there are better ways of getting money, and since you can't play
more rounds of poker outside of the missions, there isn't much point in doing
the missions other than to get 100% completion.

Note that after the second round in Dodge, the other rounds open up in Hoodoo
Palace. Despite the game telling you that the Poker missions have been
unlocked, you can't actually reach the them until after the Hollister Fort

You don't lose any money if you are eliminated, but you have to restart the
mission if you are.

The Basics
-Each player is dealt two "pocket" cards that only they can see.
-Players engage in several rounds of betting.
-The five "community" cards dealt in the middle will be revealed in turn.
-More bets are placed or withdrawn.
-The player with the best winning combination with their pocket cards and the
community cards wins.

The Itty-Gritty Details
At the beginning of each round, one of the players is designated with a marker.
This player must lay the first bet, so there's always something in the pot. The
next players either lay the same bet, increase the bet or Fold (give up).

Once the betting round is over, the game initiates the "Flop" stage. The first
three community cards are flipped over. This is where you need to determine if
you have a decent chance of getting a good hand or if you're better off
quitting while you're still ahead. Players can make additional bets to force
the others to fold or increase their stakes.

In the "Turn" stage, the fourth community card is turned over. Again, bets are
made, leading to the "River" stage, revealing all five cards. Following this is
the "Showdown" stage, where everyone's cards are revealed and the best hand is
awarded the pot.

Each round presents you with several options:

Check: Proceed to the next turn without raising bets. You can only do
this if your opponents haven't raised the bets.

Call: Raise your current bet to the same amount as the previous bet.
You have to do this if the previous bet is higher than yours in
order to continue.

Raise: Raise the stakes after each round to force the others to fold or

All In: Put all your credit into the pot, forcing others to do the same
or fold. You will not be able to take any action after this.

Cheat: Swap cards in your hand for a better combination. Note that this
can only be done after the first play, and only in the Dodge City
tournaments. You can't cheat in Empire.

Fold: Give up. Only do this if you feel you have no chance of winning
and want to cut your losses.

Winning Combinations
The following need to be made using your two pocket cards and any three
community cards. In descending order of priority (i.e. a Straight Flush will
beat a Full House):

*Royal Flush: 10-J-Q-K-A in the same suit

*Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards of the same suit (eg. 3-4-5-6-7)

*Four-of-a-kind: Four of the same card (eg. 8-8-8-8-1)

*Full House: Three-of-a-kind and a pair (eg. 10-10-10-4-4)

*Flush: Five cards of the same suit

*Straight: Five cards in sequence in any suit (eg. 5-6-7-8-9)

*Three-of-a-kind: Three cards of the same rank (eg. K-K-K-3-5)

*Two Pair: Self-explanatory (eg. Q-Q-8-8-5)

*Pair: Two cards of the same rank (eg. A-A-2-5-10)

*High Card: The highest card you have

If two players get the same combination, the one with the higher card wins. If
both players have the same high card, the pot is split between the winners. If
no player has a winning combination, the one with the highest value card wins.

Luckily, the opponents in GUN aren't that good at Poker. You'll need some sort
of plan to win through the game though, so I'll list out a few observations.

-Don't go All In. Even if you have a good hand at the start, it's just as easy
for someone else to get a better hand and knock you out.

-On the contrary, use the All In function if you want to play chicken with one
of the other players. This can knock out an opponent at the beginning of the

-If you have a poor starting hand, I still recommend you put in bets. The
opponent AI tends to be defensive, so you're far better off being more
aggressive in your betting. Stop raising the bets when the other opponents fold
or opt to Check, but raise them again after all the cards have been revealed if
you think you've got a good a winning combination.

-Of course, if your cards can do no better than a High Card, fold to cut your

-Opponents CAN be intimidated. If you place a very high bet, your opponents
will usually assume that you've got a winning hand and will fold to cut their
losses. This is especially true with All In attempts, although one or two
opponents will be game enough to continue. You can use this to bluff opponents
out, although this can easily backfire.

*Note that you'll face two different sets of opponents: one in Dodge City and
one in Empire. In general, the Dodge opponents will be much easier and
defensive than the Empire betters. There are a few more things to note:

-In Dodge, you can Cheat (see above), making it much easier to win the rounds.
In addition to being more spooked by All In attempts, the Dodge crew are
susceptible to a death spiral I call the "Fold syndrome". This happens
frequently when there are one or two opponents remaining. They will instantly
see their hand as hopeless and will Fold, ending the round and only losing the
$10 or $15 they were forced to bet. Oddly, they'll keep on folding until they
eliminate themselves. This is a slow and tedious way of winning, but there's
nothing you can do about it.

-The Empire players are noticeably more risky than their Dodge counterparts.
They'll be less shy with their bets and a couple will stand toe-to-toe with
you. That usually makes them easier to eliminate if you've got good cards.
They're less likely to go into the death spiral of Folding, but it can still

5.4 - Deputy [SDE004]

The Deputy missions (aka Law Man) are based in Dodge City. Talk to Pat Denton,
and he will deputise you to take care of town while he's doing whatever
Sheriffs do (other than taking care of the town). Dodge being Dodge, you'll
have to deal with several outbreaks of fighting and robbing in a row. Due to
the rather fast-paced nature of the missions (probably containing the most
action out of any mission), you should get a horse to ride around and fight

Deputy missions provide bonuses for Gunhand, Quickdraw and Melee. Because so
many Deputy missions are available in each batch, it is essential to complete
them to gain a significant boost in stats.
Gunhand: +4
Quickdraw: +5
Melee: +2

Mission #01
Unlocked after defeating Quick Killer.

-Three highwaymen are riding around on the east side of town. Once you get
close enough, they'll ride towards you. Take them out with your rifle.

-There's a brawl on the east side of town behind the shops. Ride over there and
use your Quickdraw to take them all out. If you fail to do so, use a whiskey
bomb or fire from horseback. It can get a bit messy if you're really bad at
shooting. Plenty of whiskey and ammo around here though.

-Opium pusher in town. Head to the barkeep designated on the map, and he will
tell you to head behind the old bar to the north. Once you get close enough,
the dealer's bodyguards will run out to engage. Kill all the gunmen. At least
one of them will throw whiskey bombs at you.

Cash: $10

Mission #02
-Protect the Whore in the Alhambra Saloon. Be quick with this one; the whore
loses health very fast. Head into the bar and Quickdraw the three men inside.

-Hostage situation in the north west under the water tower. Since SWAT wasn't
around in the 1880's, you'll have to do. Head over to the tower from the rear.
There are three gunmen and the hostage-taker. Use Quickdraw to eliminate them
all without harming the hostage.

-Hold-up in the alley on the south side of Dodge. The victim's health bar will
appear, but they won't actually do anything until you get there. One of them
will smack the victim down, leaving him with a scrap of health. Quickdraw the
three men to prevent them from killing the victim.

Cash: $10

Mission #03
-Gang members spotted on the east side of Dodge. Head around from the north
side to catch them off guard. Either through a whiskey bomb or Quickdraw them.
There are quite a few, so watch yourself.

-Pick up the TNT barrel from the Ferry and carry it to the store. This one's a
bit slow, as you need to go on foot. You will be attacked twice: once before
you reach the outskirts of Dodge, and once in the main street. You can spot the
enemies on the compass and on-screen before they attack you, so put the barrel
down and fire with your rifle. Don't with the TNT in your hands, obviously.
Bring the barrel to the designated building and leave it there.

-Raiders coming in from the east! There are a lot of them. When they approach,
drop a couple of whiskey bombs to set fire to their horses to slow them down,
and pick off the rest with Quickdraw and your rifle. They will circle around
you endlessly until you kill them all.

Cash: $10

Mission #04
-Meet the Wealthy Citizen on the west side of town by the bridge. You'll need
to talk to her to get her going. You'll need to protect her from assailants as
she enjoys a walk through town. Several groups of gang members will lie in wait
for her to pass. They're marked on your compass, so it should be easy for you
to ride ahead to take them out. I recommend a pistol for this, as the range is
very close, and you should Quickdraw them to prevent the lady from being hit.
Once the Wealthy Citizen reaches her destination, you can move onto the next

-The Alhambra is being robbed. Run upstairs and take out the three gunmen in
the storage room. You can use your shotgun or Quickdraw to take them out.

-Gangfight in the streets. You can take them out with a rifle from the balcony
of the Alhambra, but you can jump onto the street to Quickdraw the lot of them.

Cash: $10

Mission #05
-Two powder kegs have been stolen. They're hidden behind the buildings on the
east and west sides of town. When you pick one up, enemies will spawn in the
alleys and streets. You can see them walking in the street, so use your rifle
to take them out, and bring the barrels to the Sheriff's office when the road
is clear.

-A family is being held hostage by desperados. Head to the far east end of the
town. There are four gunmen behind some crates with the hostages behind them.
If you have a sharpshooter rifle, this is too easy. Otherwise, use your rifle
to engage them. You should be able to pick them off before you get near the
family. Move to the family to secure them.

-Gunmen are firing at townsfolk from the water tower. Head to the rear of the
tower and pick them off with your rifle or Quickdraw. You should be able to
take them all out from the ground without needing to climb up the ladder.

Cash: $10

Mission #06
-Gang members have taken hostages in three separate locations. One is in the
Saloon, which you can kill with a rifle from the doorway. Another is in the
building across the saloon. This one's a trap, and you'll need to kill both the
gunman and the "hostage". The third one is on the west side of town behind the
fence. You can go around to face the gunman, or you can shoot him through the
hole in the fence.

-A snitch is waiting by the Ferry and is willing to provide information
regarding a Red Hand Gang operation (who have mysteriously regained its members
after you wiped the floor with them at the beginning). Head to the Ferry and
talk to the Snitch, and he'll start moving towards the Dodge Bridge. His former
"associates" are trying to take him out. Gunmen will appear on the ridge on
both sides and from the alleys. Take them all out to prevent the Snitch from
being killed.

-The Snitch will direct you to the Alhambra Saloon. Assault the saloon and take
out any enemies you see. Head upstairs and take out more Gang members. When you
reach the end of the hall, you'll run into two ladies. They're part of the Gang
too, so kill them when you can. Denton will congratulate you on completing all
the Deputy mission, and you'll get a bigger stat bonus:
*Gunhand: +11
*Quickdraw: +5
*Melee: +7
*Cash: $20

5.5 - Federal Marshal [SDE005]

Federal Marshal missions (identified as "Rescue" in the menu) generally involve
running around the world to rescue people, as opposed to the Deputy missions
being based solely in Dodge. The Marshal is always located in Empire whenever
the missions are opened.

Federal Marshal missions increase the following:
Gunhand: +3
Quickdraw: +5
Melee: +5

Mission #01: The Miller Gang
Head east towards the ambush point, located on top of a roof. Get their by
climbing the stairs behind the building and jumping onto the roof. Grab the TNT
barrels and throw them into the intersection. Try to arrange the barrels to
spread across the road for more effect.

The Miller gang will ride in. There are around seven of them, so they'll be
quite tough to take on. If you're sharp with a rifle, you can nail a few before
then get to the ambush area. When they get to the intersection, blast the
powder kegs. A few will usually survive, so finish them off with your rifle, or
jump down and Quickdraw them. If they escape the ambush, the mission is failed.

Cash: $10

Mission #02: The Vaccine
Some renegades have taken some smallpox vaccine and are hiding it on the
rooftops in East Empire. Head due east and equip your rifle. Circle around the
buildings and pick off the enemies from afar; you shouldn't have any problem
taking all of them out except one.

There's a ladder on one of the buildings near the stream. Press [F] to climb
it, then use the planks as bridges across the rooftops. If you killed all the
enemies before getting up, you won't meet any resistance; otherwise it will be
a messy fight.

When you get to the last plank, an enemy will man the Gatling Gun on the last
roof and open fire. Use Quickdraw to headshot him. Jump over the Gatling Gun
onto the roof and press [F] to retrieve the vaccine.

Cash: $10

Mission #03: Mine Rescue
Some Chinese are being held hostage in the Badlands mine. Grab a horse and
follow the compass east. Enter the mine, but be careful, this mission isn't so
straightforward. Whatever you do, do NOT use a shotgun here.

As one of the hostage takers yells out, "This mine is filled with TNT!". Use
your pistol and Quickdraw your way through. Most of the enemies are using the
hostages as human shields, so you'll need to Quickdraw them to pick off their
tormentors. Once the first chamber is clear, head down and left. Behind the
crates are two more hostage takers. Quickdraw them as well. Once they're dead,
the mission will end.

As noted above, this mission can be tricky if you're a poor shot. One stray
bullet can set off the whole mine, which would obviously fail the mission.

Cash: $10

Mission #04: Lost Stage Coach
A stage coach was supposed to have arrived, but it hasn't. Grab a horse and
follow the compass east towards the Canyons. When you find the coach, talk to
the driver.

You'll probably notice some suspicious movement behind the coach. Your hunch is
correct: the driver is an outlaw and the bandits will spring their ambush. Take
out the driver with a Quickdraw to save the hostage and take out the other
gunmen. Three riders will arrive from Dodge, so take them out too.

Talk to the real driver when he comes out. He will tell you to blow up the
boulder blocking the road to Dodge. Head east and head up the grassy slope to
reach the TNT on the stony ledge above. Grab one, bring it to the boulder, then
blow it up. The mission will end once the boulder is cleared.

Cash: $10

Mission #05: O'Malley Wagon Train
Head east towards the Badlands. You'll spot the wagon train in a circle in the
plains where the buffalo usually are. The train is being attacked by riders,
and you'll probably run right into the rear of their attack. Pull out your
rifle and shoot all the riders. Several more waves will come from the
surrounding area. Take them out, and the mission will be over. This isn't a
particularly hard mission unless you've been getting lazy on stats and items.
Use Quickdraw to save some time if you need to.

Cash: $10

Mission #06: Opium Dealer Wachowski
Head towards the Livery in Empire. Wachowski is hiding and won't be marked on
your map, but once you reach the livery he'll call out to you from behind a
building corner. Talk to him and escort him to the jail.

When you get to the jail, Wachowski will chicken out. A group of five men will
appear on the road leading north striding towards you. Use your Quickdraw to
pop them all. Grab Wachowski and drag him to the cell in the jail.

Wachowski's friends will attack the prison. The Deputy's health bar will appear
and he must not die. Rather than shoot the enemies with a rifle from inside,
walk outside and Quickdraw them. There are three waves of 5-6 men, and they're
all bunched up, so you can take out the lot in one go. Once they're all dead,
the mission is complete.

Cash: $20

Mission #07: Protect the Settlers
A family's stranded west of Dodge. This one's a night mission, and you'll be
shooting more wolves. Head to the Dodge bridge and you'll find the family with
their horses dead. Dozens of wolves will approach from west and north. Take
them all out (Ferguson rifle works best) and another wave will come. Remember
that your Trample attack can spook the wolves. Once all the wolves are dead,
you'll need to ignite the hay bales with whiskey bombs. Note that you CANNOT
light them with your fire bow. There are plenty of whiskey bomb crates lying
around, and all the hay bales are marked on the compass. Once they're all
alight, the mission will end.

Cash: $20

5.6 - Hunting [SDE006]

Hunting works differently from other missions. First off, talk to the Indian
Hunter north of Piper Lake and west of Magruder's Mine; he will inform you
about the beasts you need to hunt. While taking a side mission locks you into
it until you end the mission, Hunting is something you can do at any time. That
is, you don't have to go out looking for the target specifically; you can run
into it during your travels. Granted, you'll probably try to seek them out

Each great beast spawns in a certain area of the map, and some will only spawn
when you approach from certain directions. The game will tell you if the beast
is nearby. If you're riding a horse, dismount or else you'll scare it off. Walk
towards the beast until the game tells you that you are getting close. Press
[Left Shift] to crouch and sneak up to the beast. When you're a few metres
away, you will be told that you are within range. Shoot the beast in the head
in order to complete the hunt. You then need to return to the Hunter, who will
inform you of the next great beast.

The Indian Hunter recommends that you use a bow. This is heavily recommended;
as the bow can kill with one shot to the head whereas a gun will take several.
Furthermore, using a bow will give you the most money for each kill, whereas a
gun will destroy the pelt and give you only a fraction of the reward. You get a
bow soon enough, so there isn't much gain in shooting animals. You can use
either the Apache Bow or the Blackfoot Fire Bow. Do NOT use the Loco Dynamite
Bow, for obvious reasons.

All Hunting missions are unlocked at the beginning, so it's an easy way to beef
up your Gunhand stat.

Hunting increases the following:
Gunhand: +4

Grey Wolf
Found by the Dodge City bridge. It's probably easier to take it out from the
western approaches. Sneak up to the wolf and fire an arrow into its head. The
wolf is slow and will not attack you. Easy target.

Cash: $10

Great White Buffalo
Found in the plains in the Badlands. The White Buffalo is an even easier
target. It stands still when it grazes. Approach it from the west (the Old
Canyon Mine works very well), sneak up to it and take it out.

Cash: $10

White Wolf
Found on the west side of Piper Lake. As above, sneak up to it and kill it.

Cash: $15

Great Mountain Lion
A.k.a. the Cougar, the Great Mountain Lion is found south west of the Indian
Hunter in the Northern Rockies, on a brown dusty road. As above, sneak up to it
and put an arrow in its head. Be warned however; the Mountain Lion is actually
aggressive and will attack you if you spook it on foot. This can work well for
you though, as you can run backwards and have more opportunity to kill it.

Cash: $15

Black Wolf
This is probably the trickiest beast to trigger. The Black Wolf is found behind
the Badlands mines. Trigger it by approaching the hairpin bend from the Old
Canyon Mine.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT bring your horse into the hairpin bend. Due to direct
distance between the bend and the wolf, it will automatically spook it. It may
be a bit of a walk, but it's the only way you can approach it.

As with the Mountain Lion, approach is carefully and kill it. The wolf will
attack you if spooked.

Cash: $20

Hunt the Grizzly
The final great beast. This mission is different from the other hunting
missions in that it actually is a side mission you can start and end. The
Grizzly is found north east of Empire. While you are riding there, you will
most likely get the message that you've lost the trail. Disregard it and
continue to Empire. You'll find the bear lurking around the railroad.

Don't worry about spooking the bear. Ride into battle against it, because it
will charge at you the moment you get within range (remember the first Grizzly
you fought?). Forget about using the bow too; just use Quickdraw. The Grizzly
should die immediately; otherwise finish it off with your rifle.

You will automatically return to the Hunter, who will congratulate you on
hunting all the great beasts and proving that you are a great hunter. He will
give you an honourary shirt, although this seems to have been left out of the
game. You can't access it whatsoever, and you're done with the Hunter. Enjoy
your stat bonus.

Cash: $20

5.7 - Ranch Hand [SDE007]

Ranch Hand missions are located at Hecht's Ranch on the south side of the map.
These missions involve rounding up cattle and dealing with cattle rustlers.
They're not particularly challenging, but do add some variety to your day.

You will require a horse for all these missions. You can either bring your own,
or use one of the Rancher's horses in the barn. Incidentally, they're the only
named horses in the game (Storm and Cinnamon).

Ranch missions increase your Horse stat.
Horse: +5

Mission #01
This is a bit of a practice run from the rancher. Grab a horse and head to the
nearby pen to practice rounding the calfs into their pen. The cows will move in
the opposite direction to your position, so position yourself behind the cow
and steer them towards the right direction by moving left or right to them.
You'll often need to spur your horse to circle it around in time, but you'll
get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Getting the calves into the pen is quite easy. You can direct them across the
field, or you can make them follow the fences and they'll automatically slide
into the pen when they get there.

After you're done, follow the rancher to the Badlands to meet the rest of the
herd. You'll see one of the dramatic shots in the game when you see the herd
(and the rancher is quite a nice guy). Head down to the pasture and herd the
cows towards the Longhorn just as you did with the calves. The cows will
automatically halt near the Longhorn. When all the cows are by the Longhorn,
the Rancher will lead them back.

Stay behind the herd on the way back to the ranch. A cow will drop from the
pack several times, and you'll need to chase them and direct them back to the
herd. Once they're in the pen, you complete the mission.

Cash: $10

Mission #02
Unlocked after the Law and Order mission. Since you finish the mission at the
Ranch anyway, you might as well do this mission.

A couple of mustangs were taken from the farm. Grab a horse and follow the
compass west. Go under Empire bridge and follow the ditch to the very end until
you find the horses. Use the Trample attack to break down the fence. The
mustangs will sprint away to the Badlands by themselves, so chase after them.

Once they get to the plains, they will stop and you will need to herd them like
cattle. Direct them past the gate and up the road. Once they reach the farm
buildings they will run into the pen by themselves.

Cash: $10

Mission #03
Wolf hunting, and at night too! Grab a horse and check out the herd in the
Badlands. They're in the mine area in the west at the back of the plains.
They'll be attacked by a dozen wolves. The Rancher will suggest that you use a
small-calibre weapon (i.e. a pistol), but you can use a rifle if you want, as
that will take out wolves in one hit, or you can use the Volcanic 10 to great
effect. Use the Trample attack to scatter the wolves and Quickdraw to take them
out quickly. The mission ends when all the wolves are killed.

Cash: $10

Mission #04
Rustlers have made off with some calves. Head west to the secret base that
every generic gang seems to use east of Empire in the southern cliffs. There's
one lookout on foot when you go in, so take him out. As you round the corner,
three more rustlers will ride out. Take all three of them out, then use the
Trample attack to break the fence holding the calves. Guide them back to their
pen in the ranch to end the mission. The calves will practically make their way
there as long as you're behind them, so this isn't very hard.

Cash: $10

Mission #05
This one is ridiculously easy for some reason. The Rancher will drive the herd
around in circles in the pen. Meanwhile you need to drive three calves from the
herd into the calf pen. As the herd runs past, give the calves a little nudge
by standing on their left and they'll head into the fence into the pen. Once
all three are in, the mission ends.

Cash: $10

Mission #06
The Rancher needs to drive his herd to Dodge where they will be taken by train
to Kansas City. Head down to the Badlands and herd the cattle to the Longhorn
like you did in the first mission. When they're all ready to go, the Rancher
will guide the cattle east. You'll be ambushed along the way, so take the
enemies out before the Rancher gets killed. After they're down, two more riders
will come up from the rear. Take them out too.

When you reach the bridge, you'll find that it's blocked by crates. Use the
[Right Mouse Button] Trample attack to break all the crates. Make sure the path
is all clear, and then return to the Rancher. He will guide the herd into
Dodge, ending the mission.

Cash: $10

Mission #07
The final Ranch mission. With his business done, the Rancher is leaving, but
he'd like you to escort him to Empire. Follow him west, and he'll realise that
he's missed his train. Some bandits will ride out to attack him, but they're a
minimal threat, so just take them out at leisure. Once they're down, escort the
Rancher to the outskirts of Empire and he will bid you farewell, as well as
giving an extra stat bonus.

Horse: +10
Cash: $10

6.0 - WEAPONS [WPN000]

Colton White might have a tough attitude and a gruff voice, but he isn't going
to go very far in the Wild West without the iron and gunpowder to blow his way
out of tight situations. Thankfully, GUN features numerous weapons that can be
attained as players progress through the game.

Weapons are divided into seven types: Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns,
Sharpshooters, Bows, Melee and Thrown. At any time, players can equip one
"primary" weapon (Rifle, Shotgun, Sharpshooter, Bow), a Revolver, a Melee
weapon and a Thrown weapon. Note that players cannot switch between different
weapons within the same category (eg. players cannot switch between Dual
Peacemakers and Volcanic 10 revolvers) without going through the in-game menu.

Apart from Revolvers, all weapons have limited ammunition. More ammunition can
be obtained from fallen enemies, colour-coded ammo boxes or replenished at
permanent ammo crates.

Each weapon has their own unique stats and characteristics. Weapon performance
is heavily affected by the Gunhand stat (See: Stats). At the beginning of the
game, most weapons require several shots to kill a target while aimed, while
towards the end of the game it is possible to nail a rider at long distance
with one shot. The difference is significant, and it is worth doing the side
missions to improve the effectiveness of each weapon.

Weapon Stats
-Damage: How powerful the weapon is
-Fire Rate: How fast the weapon can fire
-Reload: How fast the weapon can be loaded

Damage is self-explanatory. Fire Rate and Reload may look similar, but they
affect different aspects of weapons. A weapon with a high fire rate will have
less delay between shots if you keep clicking the fire button, while a high
reload stat will reduce the time it takes to load the weapon when its empty.

Note that while you CAN cancel your weapon's reload animation after a certain
amount of time. The Reload stat will decrease this delay, but you do not have
to wait until your animation finishes. This is important for maximising the
firing speed of weapons like the revolvers and the Ferguson rifle.

6.1 - Pistols [WPN001]

Revolvers will be the bread and butter for most of GUN. Revolvers are always
equipped as a sidearm and have unlimited ammunition. Players can quickly pepper
a target with several quick shots, or take time to aim for accurate weapon- or
head-shots. Reload times are faster than other weapons, but reloading in the
middle of a firefight can be quite dangerous without a good Gunhand stat or
speedloader item. The reticule consists of a wide crosshair. The imaginary
intersection marks the approximate point of impact.

The revolver is the only weapon that can be used in Quickdraw, which
automatically switches to the revolver once activated. Note that during
Quickdraw the revolver as unlimited ammunition. Shots made during Quickdraw
will be deducted from the revolver's magazine, but the bullet count will reset
itself if the revolver exceeds the available number of bullets.

Note that walking over dropped enemy revolvers will register as the player
picking up "Ammo", though it doesn't seem to add any ammo to anything.

Dual Peacemakers
Damage: 6
Fire Rate: 9
Reload: 10

Obtained after defeating Hoodoo Brown. Strangely, this weapon is listed first
in the Revolver list despite being the last revolver obtained. These Colt .45
revolvers differ from the other revolvers in that the player wields two of them
simultaneously. High damage, fast fire rate, ridiculously fast reload time and
12 bullets in total, the Dual Peacemakers allow for crazy gunslinging action,
not to mention they simply look awesome.

Compared to the other weapons, the Peacemakers are obtained quite early, giving
Colton a solid weapon to use for most of the game.

Colt Navy Revolver 1851
Damage: 3
Fire Rate: 4
Reload: 6

Colton starts with this weapon. There is nothing impressive about this weapon,
and players need to aim accurately or use Quickdraw to make using this weapon
worth it, especially in the early stages in the game when players have no
Gunhand stat and no speedloaders. The Navy Revolver is quickly replaced by the
Schofield in Dodge City just after the beginning of the game.

Damage: 4
Fire Rate: 5
Reload: 7

Ned White's old six-shooter, given to Colton by Jenny in Dodge City. The
Schofield is a slight improvement over the Navy Revolver, with more damage,
faster fire rate and a faster reload time. Apart from that, the Schofield
handles exactly like the Navy Revolver. Sees slightly more service than the
Navy Revolver, but is soon replaced in turn by the Volcanic 10.

Volcanic 10
Damage: 6
Fire Rate: 7
Reload: 8

J.J. Webb's revolver, obtained after defeating him and Rudabaugh. The real-life
Volcanic is actually a short carbine rather than a revolver, and this can be
seen in the drastically different image of the Volcanic in contrast to the
other revolvers.

Point being, the Volcanic 10 is a massive leap over the Schofield. Apart from
the usual increase in power and speed, the Volcanic boasts a 10-round magazine,
allowing for more sustained fire and use as a pseudo-rifle. Suffice to say, the
Volcanic is one of the better weapons in the game and sees more use than the
first two revolvers combined, being eclipsed only by the Dual Peacemakers that
replace it.

6.2 - Rifles [WPN002]

Rifles are the medium- to long-range weapons. They are accurate, have a fast
rate of fire and have plenty of ammunition to load. Rifles can be aimed using
the Zoom ([Z]) button, allowing players to pull off headshots with relative
ease. The targeting reticule for rifles consists of a square with gaps in the
middle of each side. The imaginary crosshair that cuts through the gaps will
indicate the appoximate point of impact. Aligning the gaps with the desired
target will usually score hits and headshots, and a better Gunhand stat will
guarantee accurate shots.

Players can carry a maximum of 30 extra rifle rounds (45 with the Rifle Ammo
Belt upgrade). Rifle ammo boxes are blue in colour.

Despite the large variety of weapons available, players will seldom need to use
all of them. While each weapon type has their strengths and disadvantages, a
rifle/revolver combination is enough to get you through most of the game, with
the rifle for long-range shots and the revolver for close-range fighting. In
fact, with a good Gunhand stat and the Ferguson rifle, players don't even need
to use the revolver at all apart from Quickdraw and specific moments in the
game requiring other weapons. Sure, players can adapt their style to utilise
the other weapons effectively, but the rifle is truly the weapon that can do

Winchester 1866
Damage: 6
Fire Rate: 2
Reload: 4

Colton starts with this "rifle that won the West" and will use it for most of
the game. The Winchester is a solid rifle. The rate of fire is somewhat slow,
but it makes up for it with a whopping magazine capacity of 15 rounds. With a
decent Gunhand stat, players can aim and fire as fast as they can click. The
only drawback is that the Winchester takes a fair amount of time to reload, but
the speedloader upgrades and improved Gunhand stat can drastically reduce
reload time.

Use this weapon for targets that are too far for revolvers, but switch as soon
as enemies get close, as the Winchester lacks the necessary speed for close-in

Damage: 9
Fire Rate: 8
Reload: 6

Ned White's rifle. Colton will use it briefly in The Hunt after Ned is attacked
by a grizzly bear, but he will return the rifle to Ned. Colton is stuck with
his Winchester until he defeats Sergeant Hollister.

When players first use the Ferguson against the bear, the weapon may seem very
unimpressive and probably worse than the Winchester. With no magazine, the
rifle requires loading after every shot, although the reload time is
significantly faster than loading a Winchester magazine. The rifle is
incredibly powerful, however, and by the time you obtain this rifle, you should
have a near-maxed Gunhand stat and all the rifle upgrades anyway.

The result is a weapon that can kill in one hit and fire faster than the player
can click. As said above, it's more than possible to go through the rest of the
game using only the Ferguson rifle, as ammunition is usually plentiful, and the
sheer speed of the rifle makes Quickdraw seem like a backward step. Forget
about sharpshooter rifles; this rifle can be just as accurate and powerful, and
much faster. Ned White definitely had a good taste in firearms.

6.3 - Shotguns [WPN003]

Shotguns are statisically the most powerful weapons in the game, with all of
them boasting very high ratings in Power. However, due to the shotguns using
buckshot, the shot will disperse over a distance, making the shotgun a pure
close-range weapon. A shot to the upper torso at point-blank will kill
instantly, although less accurate shots at longer distance will require two or
three shots. The targeting reticule is a wide dotted oval indicated the
approximate spread. Note that you can kill multiple enemies with a single shot,
as well as score arrow and weapon shots if they don't die, so the shotgun is an
excellent crowd control weapon.

The game only has two shotguns, with two more "shotguns" becoming available at
the end of the game. Despite their power, the shotgun tends to have limited use
and are awkward to use without proper stats and items. The shotgun is arguably
overshadowed by the increasing quality of revolvers, rendering the shotgun
relatively useless. It can still come in handy, but there are better weapons
out there.

Shotguns can carry 10 additional shells, and 15 rounds with the Shotgun Ammo
Belt item. Shotgun ammo boxes are red in colour.

Colt Double Barrel
Damage: 10
Fire Rate: 6
Reload: 4

Obtained after defeating Rudabaugh and J.J. Webb. Speed and power ratings
aside, the Colt Double Barrel is a huge leap over the Model 1887 by being able
to fire two shots in quick succession. This is the most powerful shotgun
available until the Nock Gun and Cannon Nock Gun are unlocked at the end of the
game. Note that Double Barrel will chew through ammunition very quickly, as
players can only hold an extra 10 rounds without the ammo belt.

Shotgun Model 1887
Damage: 8
Fire Rate: 5
Reload: 3

Obtained in Dodge City after defeating Crude. The shotgun has high power but
very slow reload speed, even with the speedloader sold by the Dodge City
shopkeep. This shotgun will see limited use, with the only real opportunity
being against the Indians on the bridge. At this stage, however, your stats and
items won't make it worth using the slow shotgun, and using a knife or revolver
is more effective. The Model 1887 will quickly be replaced by the Colt Double
Barrel anyway.

Interestingly, exactly why Neversoft put this weapon in the game is unknown.
Since GUN takes place in 1880, the Model 1887 is seven years ahead of its time.

Nock Gun
Damage: 10
Fire Rate: 6
Reload: 4

Multi-barrelled shotgun used by Thomas Magruder. Don't let the stats fool you:
this weapon is devastating. The Nock Gun is essentially a semi-automatic rifle
with multiple shots. The shotgun reticule makes it difficult to aim accurately
and effectiveness decreases over distance, but at close- to medium-ranges, this
weapon rips apart any adversary.

The Nock Gun is only available after defeating Magruder in the final mission of
the game, making the weapon rather pointless unless you want to pick on

Technically the Nock Gun has a required reload while firing (usually after
seven shots), but reload time is very fast by the time you get it. While the
Nock Gun displays no ammunition counter, it still uses the limited amount of
shotgun ammunition you have.

Cannon Nock Gun
Damage: 10
Fire Rate: 6
Reload: 4

Mentioned as being an experimental multi-barrelled weapon developed by
Magruder. Thankfully he never uses it against you, because the thing is
literally an Old West version of a rocket launcher. This weapon can launch
explosive cannonballs to long distances with splash damage, taking out multiple
targets. Like other cannon weapons, however, the splash damage isn't as
effective as it looks, with some enemies simply being stunned if they are not
close enough to the explosion.

The Cannon Nock Gun is obtained by completing the game with a 100% completion
rating (i.e. all side missions are complete). As with the Nock Gun, the Cannon
Nock Gun uses shotgun ammunition, and being at the end of the game it is rather
useless unless you really want to show bandits what you're made of.

6.4 - Sharpshooters [WPN004]

If you were expecting a high-powered sniper rifle with a 10x scope, you're
looking at the wrong time period. GUN features two sharpshooter rifles with
improved sights and better Zoom than the regular rifle. Sharpshooter rifles
have limited ammunition and slow fire rate, but the targeting reticule is a
pinpoint dot sight and the weapon is very powerful. Use these to score
headshots on long-distance targets, but avoid close combat at all costs.

Keep in mind that rifles are often better than sharpshooters, as the game
rarely has situations that require long-range precision over speed, especially
after obtaining the Ferguson rifle. On the other hand, sharpshooters should be
the next in line for long-range use if you run out of rifle ammunition, since
bows aren't effective at range and shotguns are pure close-in weapons.

Players can carry an extra 10 sniper rounds, so use the sharpshooters
sparingly. Sharpshooter ammunition is found in orange boxes.

Sharps 1874
Damage: 8
Fire Rate: 3
Reload: 6

Given to Colton by Clay Allison. The Sharps rifle is quite an improvement over
the Winchester rifle, especially with the dot-point reticule, but has a very
low rate of fire and limited ammunition. First used against the enemy attack on
the Resistance camp, which involves some long-range shooting, but the night
battle and number of enemies makes using the weapon a bit awkward. The Sharps
rifle will be the main sharpshooter rifle for quite a while.

Damage: 9
Fire Rate: 5
Reload: 6

Given to Colton later in the game by sheriff Pat Denton. Overall an improvement
over the Sharps 1874, being more powerful and reasonably faster to operate.
Other than that, the Remington is used the same way as the Sharps.

Note that for some reason, you will not automatically equip the Remington when
you first get it. You'll need to go through the menu to do that.

6.5 - Bows [WPN005]

While most of the gunslinging will involve guns (rather appropriately, mind
you), your adversaries include Indians using bows. As you progress through the
game, you will be able to use several Indian bows yourself. Unlike the other
weapon types, the bows are substantially different in their use. Arrows take
some time to fly to their target, and have short range compared to rifles.
However, bows make no noise, allowing players to make silent kills. Despite the
rather low damage of bows, they can kill in one or two hits.

Bows can be aimed using the Zoom button and fired by holding the Fire button
and releasing it, although it's possible to fire an arrow with a one-click

Players can carry 20 arrows, upgraded to 30 after purchasing the Quiver
upgrade. More arrows can be obtained in arrow boxes in various locations on the

Apache Bow
Damage: 3
Fire Rate: 6
Reload: 6

Obtained from the Sheriff's desk in Empire when escaping from the jail. A
second bow is available in the cave when escaping from Hollister's fort. As the
first bow you obtain, there's nothing special about this weapon other than its
silent kill ability. Remember that bows don't have as much range as rifles and
are slower to fire, so don't rely on this weapon too much.

Blackfoot Fire Bow
Damage: 5
Fire Rate: 6
Reload: 8

Obtained after helping the Blackfoot Indians escape from Hollister's fort. The
Blackfoot Fire Bow, as the name suggests, uses a fire arrow, causing more
damage and being able to set off TNT barrels, but cannot set fire to haystacks
or anything else. There isn't much point in using the bow to blow up TNT
anyway, as a rifle or revolver will do a better job.

Note that aiming the Fire Bow is a bit awkward due to the flames blocking your

Loco Dynamite Bow
Damage: 10
Fire Rate: 6
Reload: 8

Obtained after climbing the mountain to the site of the stone plaque. Whoever
decided to tie a stick of dynamite onto an arrow and light it is a genius,
because that's exactly what this weapon is. One of the most potent weapons on
your arsenal, the Loco Dynamite Bow allows players to fire explosive shots at
long range. The arrow itself can kill on a direct it, but after a few seconds
the dynamite will explode regardless of what it hits, making it a very
effective crowd-control weapon.

Unfortunately, there isn't much use for such a handy weapon. Thrown dynamite
can do the job just as well without needing to aim, and by the time the fuse
runs out on the dynamite you could have used Quickdraw or the Ferguson rifle to
clear out the mob. The Loco Dynamite Bow is most useful in the battle against
Magruder to light the sulphur patches (regular dynamite works, but the bow is
SO much more fun to use).

Note that you can aim for as long as you want. The lit dynamite won't blow up
in your face.

6.6 - Melee [WPN006]

For moments where things get up close and personal, guns just don't cut it.
Rather than wielding shotguns and revolvers clumsily, you have the option to
lash out with your knife or tomahawk using the Melee attack button (Default:
[Right Mouse Click]). It's possible to perform a three-hit combo by tapping the
Melee button three times in a row. Melee weapons do not need to be manually
equipped, allowing players to quickly lash out at enemies that get too close.

Melee fighting is heavily based on the Melee stat (see Stats [GMP005]), which
increases damage and reach. The Hatchet Sharpener item increases melee damage.
It normally takes 2-4 slashes to take down a target depending on your stats.
Alternatively, you can grab a stunned enemy using the Use key (Default: [F])
and slit their throat them with [Right Mouse Button].

There are no differences between the weapons other than damage. In fact, there
isn't much use for melee combat overall, especially later one when revolver and
shotguns are more deadly and less vulnerable.

Bowie Knife
Damage: 5
Fire Rate: 10

Colton's starting melee weapon. Short reach and poor damage, especially in the
beginning. Useful for finishing off injured enemies when your revolver needs to
be reloaded, but don't rely on it to kill enemies. Quickly replaced by Quick
Killer's Tomahawk.

Quick Killer's Tomahawk
Damage: 6
Fire Rate: 10

Obtained after defeating Quick Killer on the Dodge City bridge. The tomahawk
has longer reach and does slightly more damage. It will be a while before you
can obtain the next weapon, so this will last you a long time.

Cavalry Sword
Damage: 6
Fire Rate: 10

Obtained after defeating Reverend Reed at the steamboat. The Cavalry Sword does
the same damage as Quick Killer's Tomahawk, but has substantially more reach.

6.7 - Thrown [WPN007]

In addition to Melee, Primary Weapons and Revolvers, players can also throw
explosive weapons (Default: [V]) to provide a quick method of crowd control.
Unlike the other weapon types, both thrown weapons have their own
characteristics and use different ammo pools, and both can be quickly switched
by holding [Left Alt]. Thrown weapons can be thrown further by holding down the
[V] button to charge the throw meter.

Whiskey Bomb
Damage: 6
Fire Rate: 9

Obtained after defeating Crude and the Red Hand Gang in Dodge City. The Whiskey
Bomb is essentially a Molotov cocktail (one of the Federal Marshal missions
uses Molotov cocktails, but they're the same thing), shattering on impact and
setting fire to a small patch of ground. The fire will burn for a few minutes,
lighting anyone who walks over it. This is very useful for the Deputy missions,
which often consist of you holding off raiders on horseback. Just throw a
Whiskey Bomb onto the main road and they'll ride right over it.

Despite the relatively high damage stat, the Whiskey Bomb does slow damage over
time, during which you can easily shoot them dead.

Players can hold a maximum of four Whiskey Bombs, which can be replenished at
green-coloured crates (note that they are different from the healing Whiskey

Damage: 10
Fire Rate: 9

The most powerful explosive, gained after the Escape the Jail mission. They are
thrown like Whiskey Bombs, but instead of catching fire, they create a large
explosion that can kill many enemies in an area. Be warned though, you can kill
yourself with your own dynamite if you're too close.

Players can carry four sticks of dynamite, but can purchase extra dynamite
slots to a maximum of six. They can be replenished by picking up loose sticks
of dynamite floating around, or from dynamite crates.

If you feel like your throw is suicidal and need to get rid of the stick, press
[F] while holding it to douse the flame. This will render the dynamite harmless
and you can throw it without any effect. Roman Harris (roman.harris[at] informs me that a doused stick of dynamite can later be detonated by
shooting it with a gun, allowing players to set up some creative traps.
Realistically, you might as well shoot the enemies, but there might be some
practical applications for doused dynamite.

6.7 - Stationary [WPN008]

Apart from the handheld weapons, GUN features a couple of stationary weapons
used at various points in the game. Obviously, they can't be carried with you,
and they are not seen outside of missions.


First encountered on the Keelboat in the Steamboat Massacre, cannons are small
artillery pieces that are dragged into place. They fire an explosive cannonball
to long distances. However, they fire in a curved trajectory, which means you
need to compensate for gravity. Cannons are mostly used against boats and

Cannons have no targeting reticule, so trial and error is the only way to aim.
In the Steamboat Massacre you will get a faint yellow ring in the middle of the
screen. This is *NOT* the targeting reticule; it's actually the glare from the
sun. Don't use it to aim your shots.

Fighting against cannon is usually very difficult, as their splash damage will
take off most of your health. When assaulting cannon, hide behind cover but
move as quick as you can between shots, as cannon can still damage you behind


The howitzer is deployed by Magruder's men during the attack on the Resistance
camp. It's basically a cannon with a big metal shield around it, making it
impossible to pick off the gunner without going around it. You will need to use
it to hold off another wave of attackers, and later use it to support an
assault in Empire.

It works just like a cannon, except you will be using it against people instead
of boats or forts. Be warned: the collision detection in the game is quite
poor. You practically need a direct hit to decimate a group. Near misses will
merely stun them.

Gatling Gun

It's not exactly a minigun, but a multi-barrelled crank-operated automatic gun
sure feels like one in the Old West. The weapons have unlimited ammunition and
a ridiculously fast rate of fire. You'll first use this against Magruder's
raiders at the Resistance camp. Use it while you can; it's an frikkin' laser.

Unfortunately, you'll run into them more than they'll run into you. Many of the
later missions involve gatling batteries concentrating their fire on you, so
you'll need Quickdraw to take them out effectively, or cannon for fortified


There are three shopkeeps around the map: one in Dodge, one in Empire and one
north of Piper Lake. Each shopkeep is marked on your map.

The shopkeeps will offer a large variety of items for you to purchase, mainly
to improve the effectiveness of your weapons. You require money to purchase
goods (obviously), which can be obtained from side missions or mining for gold.

7.1 - Dodge City [ITM001]

The Dodge City Shopkeep is located next to the Saloon, standing by a wagon.

|Pickaxe | $15 | Allows digging for gold |
|Scalping Knife | $25 | Allows scalping |
|Extra Health Slot | $25 | One more gulp from your flask |
|2nd Extra Health Slot | $50 | Your flask will hold an extra gulp |
|Shotgun Speed Loader | $25 | Reload your shotgun faster |
|Shotgun Speed Loader 2 | $50 | Reload your shotgun even faster |
|Pistol Speed Loader | $15 | Reload your pistol faster |
|Pistol Speed Loader 2 | $50 | Reload your pistol even faster |
|Cylinder Boring Kit | $15 | Increase pistol bullet power by 33% |
|Heavy Cylinder Boring Kit| $50 | Increase pistol bullet power by 50% |

*Priority items: Pickaxe, Pistol Speed Loader, Cylinder Boring Kit

-Get the Pickaxe as soon as possible. Buying that allows you to mine for gold,
which gives you more money to buy more goods.

-Don't bother with the Scalping Knife. Scalping is pointless in this game.

-Get the Pistol Speed Loader and Cylinder Boring Kit after the pickaxe. You use
your revolver the most, and they'll last you the whole game.

-I recommend getting the Health slots after that. The Shotgun is still too slow
even with the speed loaders. Your choice.

7.2 - Empire [ITM002]

The Empire Shopkeep is standing by himself in a street on the east side of

|Extra Dynamite Slot | $35 |Carry more dynamite |
|2nd Extra Dynamite Slot | $55 |Carry even more dynamite |
|Shotgun Ammo Belt | $30 |Carry more shotgun shells |
|Rifle Ammo Belt | $25 |Carry more rifle bullets |
|Rifle Speed Loader | $20 |Reload your rifle faster |
|Rifle Speed Loader 2 | $45 |Reload your rifle even faster |
|Barrel Extension | $20 |Increase rifle bullet damage by 33% |
|Long Barrel Extension | $50 |Increase rifle bullet damage by 50% |
|Quality Horseshoes | $30 |Your horse will run faster |
|Premium Horse Chow | $40 |More health for your horse |

*Priority items: Quality Horseshoes, Barrel Extension, Rifle Speed Loader

-Don't bother with Dynamite slots until you have everything else. You get
dynamite relatively late in the game, and you won't need to tote around six
sticks of dynamite.

-Get the Horseshoes. Faster horses = less time travelling around, although
you'll find that you'll become a bit too fast for escort missions.

-You won't be using the Shotgun nearly as much as the Rifle, so get the Speed
Loader and Barrel upgrades first.

-Extra ammo is nice, but you probably won't need so much at this point,
especially with the Winchester rifle.

7.3 - Indian Trader [ITM003]

The Indian Trader can be found north of Piper Lake, near the Indian Hunter.

|Hatchet Sharpener | $40 |Increase hatchet damage |
|Extra Quiver | $50 |Carry more arrows |
|Shotgun Barrel Choke | $30 |Fire buckshot with more power |
|Shotgun Barrel Choke 2 | $50 |Fire buckshots with extreme power |
|Premium Arrow Fletching | $30 |Fire arrows faster and farther |
|True Flight Bow Talisman | $50 |Arrows will fly extremely fast/far |
|Quality Arrowheads | $30 |Increase arrow damage by 33% |
|Obsidian Arrowheads | $50 |Increase arrow damage by 50% |
|Mild Herbs | $30 |Increase quick-draw duration by 25% |
|Powerful Medicine | $50 |Increase quick-draw duration by 50% |

*Priority items: Mild Herbs, Powerful Medicine

-The Herbs/Medicine drastically increase your Quickdraw time. Get as soon as

-The arrow upgrades aren't that important. They're nice, but you get bows
relatively late and you won't use them much.

-If you're a big shotgun fan, the Shotgun chokes are a must.


Once you purchase the Pickaxe from the Dodge City Shopkeep (and it should be
the first thing you buy), you can mine gold. Gold is dotted around the world
map and represented by rocks with shiny gold seams. Mine gold by standing next
to a gold deposit and pressing the [F] key. Each gold deposit will give you
$10. There are 44 gold locations, so you can get $440 from mining alone, which
should cover most of your expenses.

Note that certain areas are inaccessible until later in the game. You can only
mine four gold rocks when you first enter Dodge. After you repair the train
bridge, you can mine every other deposit except for the ones back at the
Blackfoot Camp (#37 to #41), since the Ferry isn't operating until you return
there later in the story.

Gold mining does NOT contribute to your completion rating.

For visual reference, the following map provides an excellent source of
locating gold:

This section will describe the locations of the gold, and are numbered to
coincide with the numbers on the map. I don't think the numbering on the map is
the most convenient order to mine gold in, but you can figure out the fastest
route yourself.

#1: At the ferry, follow the river bank west. A gold vein will be by the rocky

#2: Cross under the bridge. Head down the ramp on the north side, and one gold
rock will be by the cliff on the way down.

#3: Continue north along the river. Another gold deposit is in a small cavern,
along with three Whiskey refills.

#4: Head back along the river to the south side; there's one gold there.

#5: Drop down into the ditch behind the Empire Livery Stables and head
northeast. The gold deposit is beside a rocky cliff.

#6: Right next to #5

#7: Right next to #6

#8: Follow the path to the south side of Piper Lake. On the road leading down
to the lake, the gold is around halfway down beside the cliff behind a tree.

#9: In Empire, following the river dividing the town north until you reach a
narrow gap in the rocks. The gold will be there.

#10: Head south in the same river until you reach the tall train bridge. The
gold is under a bush on the left side.

#11: Follow the tracks east of Empire until you see an opening in the southern
cliffs. Enter the gap (you'll need to in one of the Ranch missions) and a gold
rock is just to the right of the entrance.

#12: Further into the hideout on the west side is another gold rock.

#13: Follow the road north of Empire. Through the first canyon when the road
bends west, the gold rock is on the north side of the canyon. If riding from
Empire, it should be obscured by a rocky outcrop.

#14: Riding east from Empire along the tracks to the Badlands, just past the
train tunnel on the north side is a gold rock.

#15: In the Badlands mine. Walk into the mine and head west when the mine
splits. The gold is behind some crates.

#16: Use the north fork in the Badlands mine. The gold is in the corner.

#17: North east of the Badlands mine. Follow the northern cliffs that surround
the plains until you see it tucked in one of the corners.

#18: Follow the tracks east to Dodge until you reach the triangular junction.
The gold is above the train tunnel on the north. You might need to jump to get
to the ledge its on.

#19: South east of #18 by the southern cliffs.

#20: Follow the Ten Fingers Canyon north until you reach the homestead. On the
east side of the cliff is an Apache camp marked by cliff paintings. As you head
up the narrow path, one gold rock is in the way.

#21: When you reach the top of the Apache camp, you'll need to drop down on the
north side. The gold is found on an otherwise unreachable rocky slope.

#22: Riding east down the Canyons towards Dodge. Just as you leave the canyon
and sight dodge, there's a broken rocky arch above you. Head up the grassy
slope to reach the ledge. You'll need a horse to jump over the gap and mine the
gold on the other side.

#23: By the south cliffs on the west side of the Dodge bridge.

#24: Northwest of Piper Lake, south of the Indian Trader. It's on a stone

#25: North of Piper Lake, near the entrance to the mountain. It's hidden behind
a rock with trees.

#26: On top of one of the mines in the Old Canyon west of the Devil's Canyon.
You need to approach the gold on foot.

#27: Head up to the camp and follow the river. Walk on foot into the cavern
under the camp; the gold is in the middle.

#28: In the River Canyon west of Piper Lake. Follow the river south of the
bridge and it's at the end.

#29: Head up onto the bridge in the River Canyon and follow the north ledge.
It's behind a rock.

#30: Follow the river in River Canyon under the bridge. It's under a waterfall.

#31: Northwest tip of Piper Lake in the waterfall.

#32: North of Piper Lake in the mountain. There's a small path that slopes up
towards a partially blocked and can only be accessed on foot. The gold is on
the left side of the entrance.

#33: West of the Indian Hunter behind a large rock.

#34: West of Magruder's Mine. Follow the northern cliffs.

#35: West side of Piper Lake itself in some shallow water, hidden by rocks and

#36: Follow the train tracks north of Empire towards Magruder's mine. Just
south east of the Indian Hunter is a tunnel with a ledge on the north exit.
Climb up the ledge and the gold is there. This spot is also used as an ambush
point in a mission.

#37: Around the corner north of the Dodge Ferry. This is probably the first
gold you see in the game, but you can't mine it until near the end when you can
return to the Pass.

#38: In the cave under Hollister's Fort in the stream. You'll probably mine
this during the escape from the fort.

#39: At the end of the river from Hollister's Fort. It's in plain sight. If you
don't mine it during your escape, you'll probably mine it during the Attack the
Fort mission. You can reach it and #38 afterwards by using the ledge to get

#40: In the northeast corner of the Blackfoot Territory, by the river, between
two rocks.

#41: Between the two tree trunks you have to jump over during Honest Tom,
there's a slope you can walk up. The gold is located in between two rocks on
this slope.

#42: In Devil's Slot Canyon following the stage coach path before it broke
down. It's on a ledge that can only be reached on foot by jumping.

#43: In Devil's Slot Canyon west of the Old Canyon Mines, where the stage coach
broke down. Follow the brown river north and the gold is tucked in the north

#44: Follow the road north of Empire across the bridge and head west along the
cliffs. There are a few ledges you can leap on. The gold is on the top-most


Q: How do I get Reed's horse? And the Cannon Nock Gun?
A: Complete the game with a 100% rating (all story and side missions). Reed's
horse will spawn at Magruder's Mine and will return there if you lose it.

Q: What happens if I run out of ammo?
A: You obviously can't use your weapons other than your revolver and melee
weapon. There are ammo crates in Dodge and Empire.

Q: What about arrows?
A: There are arrows by the Indian Hunter, the Badlands house and the Apache
Camp, as well as the secret ammo dump.

Q: Where is the "secret" ammo dump?
A: Head to the Badlands mine and grab a TNT barrel. Bring it to the abandoned
house and set it next to the chimney. The barrel should be on the north side
of the chimney next to the wall. Destroy the barrel to reveal a hole under
the chimney with infinite ammo refill for every weapon in the game.

Q: How do I beat Reed?
A: See the respective section in the Walkthrough. Quickdraw him and finish him
with the Ferguson rifle.

Q: How do I beat Magruder?
A: See the walkthrough. For a quick summary:
*Part One
-Lure Magruder into walking over a grey patch
-Ignite the patch with dynamite or dynamite bow
-Repeat until Magruder runs up to the platform

*Part Two
-Headshot Magruder
-Quickdraw the large TNT he throws
-Repeat until rock falls on him

Q: What's scalping used for?
A: Nothing. Nothing at all. Seems to be a pointless feature in the game.


First and foremost, this section assumes that you have played through and
completed the game. This section is not relevant to the completion of the game.
Rather, it provides some food for thought for the hungry gamer. GUN does a good
job of wrapping up its storyline, but there are still some questions that are
either unanswered or are hard to figure out. This section will shed some light
on these questions and hopefully some answers.

Be warned, this section will indiscriminately refer to plot details. Do NOT
read this section if you do not want the plot spoiled for you. I might be
misquoting some lines, as I don't actually remember the script word-by-word,
but hopefully you'll get the gist of it.


Colton White: How Old Is He?
The game does not offer a profile of Colton (or anyone), and neither does the
official GUN website. Looking at his character model, Colton certain seems like
a young adult, probably in his mid-20s by the sound of his voice.

But then comes a certain anomaly. Take some of the insights by Clay Allison
when he first meets Colton:

CLAY: "What's this? Do you know this man?"
COLTON: "He was my father, Ned White."
CLAY: "BULLSHIT! I served with him in the war and he died over ten years

Follow this up with Clay's revelation to Colton later on:

CLAY: "Magruder was our commanding officer during the war."
COLTON: "You're kiddin' me."
CLAY: "It was back in the summer of '64..."

Much later on, Many Wounds reveals his account of Colton's past, including how
he hid during the gunfight and later gave the baby Colton to the healer Ned. We
know the rest of Colton's past: Ned raised him as his own son as a hunter and
trapper along the banks of the Missouri River.

Taking a look at the information we've got:
*Time Period: 1880 (revealed in the opening screen)
*Earliest record: 1864 (Clay's and Many Wound's flashbacks)

In 1864, Colton was a newborn baby not more than one year old. If the timeline
is correct, Colton would be 16 years old during the events of GUN. This is
consistent with the way the other people in the game refer to him, as
practically everyone calls him "kid".

Nonetheless, for a teenager, Colton shows some obvious traits of a veteran
gunslinger at 30 years of age. We can only draw his youth in comparison to the
older characters in the game, namely Ned, Clay and Magruder.

Colton's Father?
As we gather from the first few minutes of the game:

NED: "That's what I've been trying to tell you! I ain't your pa!"

Surprisingly, GUN doesn't delve into the obvious question presented: if Ned
isn't Colton's father, who is? Understandably, Ned is the only father figure
Colton had, so he'd be quite caught up in avenging him and such. Still, for a
16-year-old (see above), Colton's curiosity to find his real father is
shockingly absent.

Colton's heritage is a bit vague at first. During the train ambush, Colton
discovers that he can understand the Indian languages perfectly (he can
communicate with the Apaches and the Blackfoot Indians), but can't speak the
language himself.

Some time later, Colton meets Many Wounds, the Apache Chief. Many Wounds seems
to know Colton quite well, and in his cold welcoming speech he refers to
Colton's "instinct", how the lost will come back home. Colton is given a bag
with some items in it, including a photo which we don't get to see.

COLTON: "I don't understand."
MANY WOUNDS: "These items belonged to a healer to helped our people, and

We're taken to a flashback of Magruder opening fire on Dr. Campbell and the
friendly Indians. The young Many Wounds takes the baby Colton and hides him,
and later gives him to Ned White to look after.

This revelation can be a bit confusing if one isn't keeping up with plot
development. It's obvious that Ned isn't Colton's father, but the distinction
between Ned and Colton's real father is not made clearly in the game. The
"healer" is Dr. Campbell, who apparently has taken an Indian wife and lived in
the old house on the prairie on the Badlands. Despite the image Ned portrays,
he is an Indian-friendly hunter and not a healer. Colton's father is Dr.
Campbell, who disappointly has minimal character development.

Copyright (c) 2007 David "Scottie_theNerd" Nguyen

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