Guild Wars Nightfall (šifre)

Guild Wars Nightfall

Submitted by: conner54

Hero's Ascent:
In the qualifying round of Hero's Ascent, you can order your heroes and 
henchmen to attack the Zaishen without triggering the timer. 
This makes it possible to always earn a 10% morale boost.

Missing heroes:
After completing the final mission you will able to pickup quests that 
allow you to add any heroes you previously missed to your party.

Reducing Elementalist damage:
There is a high number of Dervish an Elementalist bosses that can 
easily deal over 200 damage. Taking a monk with Protective Spirit 
will only cause them to damage 10% of your maximum health.

Sixth God Statue:
Successfully complete the game. You will now have access to the sixth 
God Statue in the Chantry of Secrets.

Spell interruptions:
The AI can interrupt skills and spells in a split second. If you think 
you are about to be interrupted, stop the skill with [Esc] then re-cast. 
This stops you from having to wait for the skill to recharge.

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