GTA Grand Theft Auto 2


General Advice


Strictly speaking your only real objective in the game is to make an incredible
amount of money, and this is done in pretty much any way you like. What makes
the most money, though (and realistically the only way to complete the game) is
by doing jobs for the various criminal gangs in the city - jobs are given to
you by answering phones around the city, provided you have enough Respect from
the relevant gang.

Once you have enough money, to advance to the next area you have to get back to
the church near where you start. The location is always pointed out to you once
you have the required amount.


This is therefore one of the few games in which score is a crucial factor - you
need to earn enough to progress and spend it wisely on resources.

The amount of money that you get for doing anything is multiplied by the Bonus
Multiplier at the top right of the screen. This is incremented every time you
complete a mission or pick up a Multiplier bonus, but is halved when you're
caught by the police. (I find it worth reloading from a save when busted,
because you lose a lot of potential money unless you do so.)

The most significant cash income you'll have will be from the missions, but
once you've got a large bonus multiplier you'll find it extremely profitable to
just cause chaos as well. You get the following amounts of money for actions in
the game (the bonuses are cumulative with each other - for example, running
over a policeman in his own car will give you a score of Multiplier x 100 x 10
= Multiplier x 1000 points).

Action Score (x Multiplier)
Ramming another vehicle at low speed 1
Ramming another vehicle at moderate speed 10
Ramming another vehicle at high speed 100

Victim was a pedestrian 10
Victim was a gang member 20
Victim was an attacker 100
Victim was a policeman/medic 100
Victim was a soldier 1000

Victim was shot (as opposed to run over) 2
Irony Bonus (running them down with their car) 10

If you get multiple score bonuses quickly, you'll also get a multiplier of the
score's position in the combination chain - x2, x3, x4 up to x5.


Save points in GTA2 are the churches which are placed fairly centrally in each
district. Look for the flashing "Jesus Saves" signs, which fade to read "U
Save" - I thought that was rather clever. If you've already got enough money to
leave the area then they'll be easy to find, as the flashing arrow will point
in roughly their direction - though be careful not to leave the area by mistake
instead of saving. $50,000 is required to save your progress each time.

Finding the save point before you have this arrow is slightly more difficult.
Something that was pointed out to me recently that I'd never noticed before is
the way that the aerials on the TV vans always point at the church - if you see
one, head in the direction that its aerial is pointing, or alternatively
carjack it and use it to guide you all the way back.

How often you save is up to you - to avoid frustration I tend to save after
every mission once I have the minimum amount of money. Even though this does
tend to eat away at your score a bit (roughly 20 saves comes to a huge
$1,000,000), this is easily recoverable through causing some chaos when you're
at the maximum possible multiplier.

Job Structure

Jobs are divided in to three types for each gang - Green, Yellow and Red,
getting progressively harder as you would expect. You must have a sufficient
amount of Respect from a gang to undertake jobs (their availability is shown by
the lights on the Respect meter at the top left of the screen).

For each gang, there are two Green jobs, three Yellow jobs (the third becomes
available only after the other two have been completed) and two Red jobs again.
Both green jobs are always available if you have the necessary respect. You
have to pass one Yellow mission before being given the third one (it will
replace the mission on the phone that you passed). There is only one Red phone
per gang, so you have to do them one after the other - no choice is given.

You can retry any job that you fail by coming back to the phones and starting

There are also three Blue phones in each section of the game - these provide a
brief introduction to each gang and tell you which gang members to eliminate if
you want to gain their respect. This is always the gang below them on the
meters at the top left of the screen.


As the game itself says, "Respect is everything" - to be able to get jobs from
a gang you need respect from them. The most obvious way of earning respect is
killing off the members of another gang (as said above, this is always the gang
below the gang you want to gain respect from on the meters at the top left). Of
course, eliminating them will decrease your respect from the gang that the
members belonged to.

Gang members are easily identifiable because they wear the colours of their
gang, and most of them carry visible weapons. Running gang members over will
increment and decrement respect slowly, while shooting them will make the
respect meter react more quickly. By far the most effective way to transfer
respect is by using a flamethrower.

Respect can also be gained and lost through the jobs themselves - completing a
job will earn you respect from that gang, and failing one will lose you it.
During the course of a mission it is often necessary to eliminate other gang
members, affecting your respect from them dramatically.

Job Ordering

Because of the way that the multiplier system works in GTA2, doing the green
jobs for all gangs first, then yellow, and finishing with red will give far
more points than just completing each gang sequentially. It makes the task take
a bit longer because you have to keep killing rival gang members to win
yourself respect from other gangs, but the difference in cash is clear. These
calculations are for the first area of the game.

Ordered by colour: Ordered by gang:

( 1 x 20,000) Loony Green ( 1 x 20,000) Loony Green
+ ( 2 x 20,000) Loony Green + ( 2 x 20,000) Loony Green
+ ( 3 x 20,000) Yakuza Green + ( 3 x 40,000) Loony Yellow
+ ( 4 x 20,000) Yakuza Green + ( 4 x 40,000) Loony Yellow
+ ( 5 x 20,000) Zaibatsu Green + ( 5 x 40,000) Loony Yellow
+ ( 6 x 20,000) Zaibatsu Green + ( 6 x 60,000) Loony Red
+ ( 7 x 40,000) Zaibatsu Yellow + ( 7 x 60,000) Loony Red
+ ( 8 x 40,000) Zaibatsu Yellow + ( 8 x 20,000) Yakuza Green
+ ( 9 x 40,000) Zaibatsu Yellow + ( 9 x 20,000) Yakuza Green
+ (10 x 40,000) Yakuza Yellow + (10 x 40,000) Yakuza Yellow
+ (11 x 40,000) Yakuza Yellow + (11 x 40,000) Yakuza Yellow
+ (12 x 40,000) Yakuza Yellow + (12 x 40,000) Yakuza Yellow
+ (13 x 40,000) Loony Yellow + (13 x 60,000) Yakuza Red
+ (14 x 40,000) Loony Yellow + (14 x 60,000) Yakuza Red
+ (15 x 40,000) Loony Yellow + (15 x 20,000) Zaibatsu Green
+ (16 x 60,000) Loony Red + (16 x 20,000) Zaibatsu Green
+ (17 x 60,000) Loony Red + (17 x 40,000) Zaibatsu Yellow
+ (18 x 60,000) Yakuza Red + (18 x 40,000) Zaibatsu Yellow
+ (19 x 60,000) Yakuza Red + (19 x 40,000) Zaibatsu Yellow
+ (20 x 60,000) Zaibatsu Red + (20 x 60,000) Zaibatsu Red
+ (21 x 60,000) Zaibatsu Red + (21 x 60,000) Zaibatsu Red
------------------------------- -------------------------------
$11,040,000 in total $9,840,000 in total

If doing the missions by colour, the order of doing each mission within the
colour is not important, but it's usually easier to do them in the "zig-zag"
order shown because of the respect already gained from the gangs.

Final Jobs

After completing all the available jobs in one game area (all 21 of them, seven
for each gang) you'll be automatically put on a Final Job. You only get once
chance to complete this.

The idea of all three of the final jobs is the same - kill the three gang
leaders. They'll be driving around the city hunting for you. When you get the
Final Job, get in to a vehicle as soon as possible, because some of the leaders
have lethal weapons. Drive around until one of them spots you, then encourage
him to get out of his car and drive over him. Repeat the process for the other
two and you should be fine.

Sometimes it's better to lead the gang cars through another gang's territory
instead to kill them - it saves you doing the work. The gang that a gang is
most likely to attack is the gang below it on the meters on the top left of the
screen - the same gang that they ask you to eliminate if you talk to them on
the blue phones.


Sooner or later your crimes are going to attract the attention of the police -
this is necessary for some missions. Various things will increase your Wanted
level, such as driving over pedestrians, causing explosions, and so on. You
will get an instant Wanted level if you crash in to a police car or harm a
policeman on foot - carjacking or running someone over while a police car is on
the screen will also attract their attention. Strangely but mercifully, they
won't go after you for other things such as hitting other cars or driving
through red lights.

Police attention in the game is divided in to six Wanted levels. You can only
get up to level 4 in the first area of the game and 5 in the second, but once
you reach the third, all levels are possible.

Level 1 involves only one police unit after you. If you find yourself with a
Wanted level of 1 when you'd rather not have police attention, it's not a good
idea to turn on the police - it's far better to bravely run away, as shooting
or running over cops will only give even more police attention. At this level,
the cops can't run as fast as you, making them far easier to avoid, and if you
lie low for long enough without seeing a police car they'll forget about you

Level 2 is similar to the last level, but the original police unit will have
called for assistance and a number of other cars will arrive. The police are
still slow, but more difficult to deal with.

At Wanted levels 3 and above the police will also set up roadblocks to catch
you - obviously it's better to aim yourself at the cops in these roadblocks
rather than the cars, which are significantly harder. Better still, drive on
the pavement or the central reservation to avoid them.

If you're running away from police on foot at wanted levels 3 or 4, where
they're as fast as you, there is rarely enough time to get in to a getaway
vehicle. Try jumping over cars to slow them down, or better still, run in to a
gang territory where you have respect and the gang members will eliminate the
police for you. If you have Molotovs and they're a little behind you, let go of
the Forward button and tap Fire, then immediately hold Forward again - with
luck, they'll run straight in to it.

The SWAT will be called in at level 4 - they wear armor and aren't afraid to
shoot you. You'll need a decent weapon to deal with them - sometimes destroying
their vehicle can eliminate them all in the blast radius, and this is a better
approach to take as shooting them is slow. Either that or use a flamethrower.

At level 5, the Special Forces arrive. These are similar to the normal police
officers, but they drive black cars and are armed with silenced machine guns.
It's better not to confront them on foot, instead getting a vehicle with which
to run them over or escape.

If you're unfortunate enough to get to Wanted level 6, the army will begin
patrolling the streets. You most likely won't last long up against them as they
have armed land roamers and even tanks at their disposal, and their soldiers
carry automatic weapons. Stealing yourself a Tank can help for a while (and
it's great fun), but they're not invincible - four rockets will destroy them.
You can only steal the tanks that are patrolling, not the ones set up as parts
of roadblocks.

To clear your Wanted level, you can visit a respray shop (Max Paint). This will
cost you $5000 regardless of area or wanted level. However, emergency vehicles
cannot be resprayed. If you find yourself in a normal police car and can't
afford the time that it takes to pull over and jump in to a vehicle that you
can respray, head to a crane instead - you'll get a Cop Bribe for delivering it
which will remove your wanted level without the cost.

Gang cars can't be resprayed either, so try and make your getaway in a normal
car if at all possible.

Other methods to remove your Wanted level are passing a Kill Frenzy and
completing a mission.


Most pedestrians in the game are law-abiding citizens and behave as you would
expect - they walk around aimlessly, run away when you shoot, and so on.
However, there are a couple of special cases.

Muggers wear red tops with white sleeves. If one of them starts running towards
you, he'll take an amount of money from you if he touches you. The amount that
he takes probably won't make a dent in your earnings, but it's quite satisfying
to shoot him for it.

Carjackers wear green. These pedestrians are likely to run over and steal cars
driving by, much like you do in the game. It's not uncommon to be hauled out of
a vehicle yourself by one, so be careful around them. They can be useful in
stopping vehicles so they can carjack it themself - you can re-steal it from
them before they drive off.

Another special kind of pedestrian is always seen in groups - the Elvises. I'm
not sure why Elvis was chosen to be victimised in this game, but if you run all
the Elvises in a group down quickly, you'll get the "Elvis has left the
building!" bonus. Shooting also works, but is more difficult. The Elvises tend
to be rather twitchy and will run away if you so much as hint that you're
lining yourself up to run them over, so try and be quick.

If you're driving a taxi, some pedestrians will attempt to hail you and get in.
They don't care much where they're driven, but if you drive carelessly then
they'll get out at the first opportunity. You get $1 per second multiplied by
your bonus multiplier for driving a taxi with a passenger.

Additionally, when you carjack a vehicle, sometimes the occupant won't take
kindly to you and will either try and pull you out again or start shooting at
you (the second of these usually applies to gang members) so be prepared to
make a quick getaway.


These buildings are dotted around each area of the city - they're distinctive
because of the logos on their roofs and the short lanes that lead in to each of
them. A garage is composed of a set of various services which upgrade or change
your car in some way - their most common use is to respray your car and clear
your Wanted level.

The garages in the first area of the city have only four services each - Gold
Mines doesn't appear until the second area.

Smith and Weston $25,000: This attaches machine guns to the front of your car,
and they can be activated using the normal Attack
button. They're expensive but can be useful for
shooting things from within the safety of a vehicle.

Gold Mines $50,000: The most expensive service in the game, Gold Mines
gives you ten mines to drop behind your car. These
mines are especially good at destroying vehicles -
they have the same force as a blast from a rocket

Max Paint $ 5,000: This is the service that you'll be using most often.
It resprays your car a certain colour, dependent on
the garage - the garages nearest to each gang spray
your car to match the gang's colour, and the others
use alternative colours. The colour of your car
matters in any mission, though - what's important is
that changing your car's colour will remove any
Wanted level that you have. If your car is already
the colour provided, the plates will be changed
instead, having the same effect. This service also
fully repairs your vehicle.

Red Army Surplus $ 5,000: Vehicle bombs are sold here - your money allows you
to blow up your car after a short delay by pressing
Attack while inside. Make sure you're a safe
away by the time it explodes, as the blast radius is
surprisingly large. It's useful for taking out a
number of vehicles at one time. I found that it also
causes hilarious results in multiplayer if you fit
one to a tank, find another player, arm the bomb and
inexplicably run away, leaving them to climb in to
the tank you left behind.

Hell Oil $10,000: I don't use this service at all myself, but there
be some use for it - it provides ten oil slicks each
time, which can be deposited behind your vehicle to
make others swerve off course. They're fun around
water, but I find most of the other vehicle weapons
much more effective.


At certain places around each area of the city (one in each gang territory)
you'll find cranes with car compactors next to them. Parking any vehicle here
that isn't too large for the compactor will allow the crane to pick it up and
compact it, giving you both bonus score and an extra pickup as well.

The pickups will appear on the conveyor belt near the compactor - make sure you
know how to get up there before a pickup passes you by.

Different vehicles will yield different pickups - usually the more rare or
faster cars will give the best bonuses. Driving a police car here, for example,
will produce a Cop Bribe.

Area 1: Downtown District

The Downtown district provides a gentle introduction to the game, with
relatively easy and short missions with only one or at most two objectives
(although some of the Red ones are still rather tricky if you're playing the
game for the first time). The gangs you'll be working for are the Loonies,
Yakuza and Zaibatsu.

You can only get up to a Wanted level of 4 in this area, making escaping the
police a much more easy task compared to the later levels.

The Training Mission

When you start the game you'll be given the option of getting a training
mission by answering the nearby phone. This will take you on a short tour of
the city, providing you with a car and a pistol at the start, and a submachine
gun and GTA2 token once you finish going around the phones. However, it's not
really worth doing the mission for the rewards unless you're going for all the
GTA2 tokens.

Loony Jobs


The Loony Green phones are placed quite some distance away from the others, at
the South side of their territory. Unusually for so early in the game, the
arrow is quite deceptive - you have to ignore the arrow that points to their
territory and instead follow the green arrow that appears while you're within
their boundaries and go in to the enclosed park, entering from the South.

Top Phone: Radio Za-Za!

This is a short mission in which you have to go to a guarded Zaibatsu area and
plant explosives, then escape.

To begin with, drive to the arrowed place. The compound consists of a bridge
over water with Zaibatsu throwing down Molotovs, and a walkway on the right
over to the other side.

I prefer to drive over the bridge to begin with and leave the car ready for my
escape, but take care not to get hit by the Molotovs if you decide to do this -
don't stop until you're well clear of the bridge.

Run back along the bridge if you're there, avoiding the Molotovs being thrown
down, and jump over the stone at the bottom of the walkway to climb up it. Pick
up the explosives and run North.

There is a set of Molotovs on the walkway to the West with which you can
eliminate one of the guards - this makes getting out slightly easier, but it
isn't necessary.

Make your way North and off the end of the walkway to the West, then plant the
explosives next to the radio tower and get away from them. Once they've been
set off the mission will be complete, but you still have to get out - run or
drive over the bridge, and you should be safe by the time you get out the
archway to the South.

Bottom Phone: Pizza Cake!

Once you've answered the phone, get out of the park and get yourself a vehicle.
You have to first pick up the explosives from the University - try not to run
too many people over while you're doing this, because you may attract the
attention of the police.

When you've got the explosives, the place to plant them is nearby - follow the
arrow to the designated spot and once they've been planted, run away.

After the ineffective explosion, you're told to destroy an approaching van
instead. Get in your vehicle and drive to it, then block it by parking across
its path. Stand some distance away and shoot it continually, or use an
explosive weapon for much faster results.


The Yellow phones are at the bottom of a set of stairs, in a sunken courtyard
on the West side of the map.

Left Phone: Who's Mad?

This is a very short mission - its difficulty presumably comes from the
suddenness with which the plan changes.

You're first instructed to drive to a courtyard across the city, but once you
arrive you'll only find a suit of armor. When you touch it you'll be told the
call was a hoax and that three hitmen are out to get you.

Get in to your vehicle again (or the provided one nearby) and drive out of the
courtyard. The hitmen will soon arrive - to deal with them, it's best to slow
down to coax them out of their cars, then lead them away from the car and turn
round to run them down. This is certainly the safest way, as they'll be armed
with silenced machine guns.

If you're still having trouble you could always lead them in to Yakuza
territory, because they'll shoot them on sight as they're driving Z-Types.

Right Phone: Destroy J-Lab!

Even though the guards you'll encounter during this mission are only armed with
pistols and therefore aren't much of a threat, it may help to have some respect
from the Yakuza before starting. Remember to take the health and armor provided
along with the weapon.

Drive to the University to pick up the provided explosives - they're in an area
that isn't far off the road, approachable from the East. Once you've got them,
unusually, you won't get another message, but head to the J-Lab anyway.

Once inside, head up the left hand side - abandon the car if it's too awkward
to get round the crates, but you might find it useful for protecting yourself
and running over the guards. Once you get to the stairs you'll have to leave it
behind and jump over the stone to get up.

Continually fire if you have the ammo for it, and take out the guards on your
way. Once you reach the top, go around behind the generators to take out the
guard standing still from behind, as this will mean he won't damage you as
much. Once he's down, walk to where he was standing to plant the explosives.

Walk up to the top of the walkway by using the stairs on the left and the lab
will explode beneath you, completing the job. To get out, just follow the route
that you came in by, but be careful of any Yakuza if your respect from them is
now negative.

Last Phone: Dimentia To Go!

That's an unfortunate spelling error in the title, unless it's a very clever
joke that I'm missing somehow. This is one of the longer yellow missions, split
up in to a number of minor objectives. Most of them are quick to describe,
however, as they simply involve driving from one place to another.

First of all, drive to the University and meet the contact that you're directed
to - he's in a secluded courtyard that you can get in to from the West. Once
you've met him, you'll find some weapons - a sub-machine gun and a set of
Molotovs - behind a hotel elsewhere in the city.

Now you need to pick up Lance, who is at the docks in the South. Approaching
him on foot won't do anything - you need a vehicle in order to pick him up.
Once he's inside, drive to your destination and get out of the vehicle. Lance
and the guard will have a conversation, then drive off together.

You can now get in to the compound by climbing the nearby stairs. You're told
to not let the guard see you, but it doesn't really matter either way - to make
sure that the guard doesn't see you until he's in your line of sight, keep to
the South side of the stairs and walk around the back of the limousine before
shooting him.

Now you have to take out the door lock - the first of many in the game.
Molotovs are the only weapon which can do this, because they gain height before
exploding - stand a small distance away from the wall and tap your Shoot button
to destroy it.

All you have to do after that is take the Dementia (N.B. not Dimentia)
Limousine back to the Asylum and the job will be over.


The Loony Red phone is on the roof of the asylum itself. It's quite awkward to
get to in a vehicle without running down a lot of Loonies and therefore losing
a lot of Respect on the way, so unless you're prepared to go very slowly it's
probably better to walk it if your respect level is a bit suspect.

First Job: Taxi Drivers Must Die!

The mission from which the game's theme song takes its name is quite
straightforward, but the difficulty lies in getting rid of the taxi drivers
themselves once you've stolen taxis. It also makes your life easier if you can
stop the police from becoming involved - there's a respray shop near the crane
that you'll be directed to during the mission.

You have to steal and crush three designated taxis. The trouble is that some of
the taxis will be quite resistant to being stolen - when you park across their
path you'll find that they desperately try to get out of the way. The solution
is to approach them at traffic lights, park next to them and steal them then.

Once you've got the taxi, you'll have to run over the taxi drivers - there's
one in the first, two in the second and four in the third. Reverse and swerve
left to get the lone one, but for the ones with multiple drivers in them you'll
have to drive a little away from them then turn around and run them down.

When the taxi drivers have been eliminated, drive the taxi to the crushers in
the Southeast. Park the taxi under the crane and run back to the road to get
yourself a vehicle to find the next taxi, respraying it at the garage to the
West if you need to get rid of your wanted level. After you've repeated the
process three times, the mission will be over.

Last Job: Gang War A-Go-Go!

The premise of this mission isn't too bad - steal a Z-Type and run over three
designated Yakuza, then do the same to the Zaibatsu in a Miara.

This is another mission in which you're not given an arrow to guide you -
you'll have to steal the cars yourself. Fortunately they're both rather common
vehicles and you should see plenty of them driving around if you're anywhere
near the relevant gang's territory. Head to the Northeast and get a Z-Type.

To make things more difficult, once you're in a gang vehicle you can't get out
again without failing the mission. Try not to get too many scrapes on the car
before you arrive at the Yakuza territory, because otherwise it will have been
slowed down, and you also risk your car being destroyed by bullets if you don't
have a lot of respect.

Hunting the Yakuza is fairly easy - drive around on the roads until you're
somewhere near them, then drive off and run them down. Don't waste time
precisely following the arrows and looking through every alleyway - they'll
usually be obviously near a road somewhere.

Once you've run down all three of them, if you need to get rid of your Wanted
level then switch cars to a normal vehicle before entering a Miara (you can't
respray gang cars). After you've done that, park the car across a Miara's path
and take that instead, then drive away with it and repeast the process for the

Yakuza Jobs


The green phones are at the top of a raised block in a courtyard in Yakuza
territory. Of the three gangs here, the Yakuza arguably have both the hardest
and easiest green jobs.

Left Phone: Get Zitzaki!

There's some pretty stiff competition for the easiest mission in the game (and
it seems all the more exaggerated because I'm writing this after writing up the
Red missions in the third area) but I think that this has to be the one. Your
objective is to get a designated car, pick up Zitzaki and drive him to the safe

To get to the car, get out of the courtyard and head through the alley to the
South. The car is just East of where you emerge - drive it a short distance
South and sound the horn at the arrowed point to get Zitzaki.

Now all you have to do is drive him to the J-Lab, and the mission will be over.

Right Phone: Bank Robbery!

Of the six green jobs in the city, this is probably the most difficult, only
because it involves the police.

You are provided with a reasonably fast car and 10 units of machine gun
ammunition, which will be more than enough. Drive to the bank and park facing
West so that you can make a quick getaway later, then jump over the stone at
the bottom of the stairs and climb them.

Two guards will come towards you, but they're unarmed - just shoot them to get
rid of them. Go forwards some more to meet Hiroshi, and lead him back to your

At this point the police will arrive, so get in to the vehicle as quickly as
possible and drive West. You will be provided with $5000 so that you can get a
respray. The game mechanics for this section seem to be rather strange - you'll
first be provided with $5000 multiplied by your multiplier, then after you've
resprayed at the nearby garage you'll have $5000 times your multiplier put back
on again. Because of this, it's possible to make quite a significant profit
from this mission if you leave it until the last green mission.

Anyway, drive to the nearby garage, avoiding the police, and drive through the
respray section to clear your Wanted level. All you have to do now is to take
Hiroshi to the safe house, and that will be the end of the job.


The Yellow Yakuza phones are in a building which you can get to from the North.
Health and armor are provided as usual.

Left Phone: Happy Gas Smash!

First of all you have to meet up with a Loony delegation to get money. Take any
vehicle you like and drive to the meetup spot, then sound the horn to get the
Loonies' attention.

As soon as you sound the horn they'll attack you. They're not armed apart from
one with Molotovs, so get out of the vehicle and run North before you turn and
fire upon them - this way you'll avoid the explosions and keep yourself safe.

After they're all down you have to find an ice cream truck, and unusually for
this early in the game, you're not pointed to one. It seems that ice cream
trucks turn up all the time except when you need them, but if you drive around
the main roads for a while then you'll come across one eventually. Park across
it to block it, then get inside.

You're driving quite a slow vehicle now, so try and avoid police attention if
possible. You'll first be instructed to take it to a bomb shop to arm it, then
the last objective is to take it to the Loony territory and detonate it next to
the happy gas tanks. You can get to them by taking the side road North near
where the arrow points upwards, then going off the road East and North again.
Press Attack to arm the bomb then run away before it goes off.

Right Phone: Get Gama Rei!

This is another situation where you're given an objective but not an arrow to
follow - you have to steal a Medicar. To encourage one to appear, shoot or run
over a couple of pedestrians in an easily accessible place from the road - just
outside the courtyard with the phones is fine. Try not to overdo it and attract
the police as well, though.

Once the paramedics have arrived and are off attending to the injured, take
their Medicar and drive off. Now go to the hospital where you're directed and
pick up Gama Rei by the familiar method of going to the arrowed spot and
sounding the horn. You might want to turn around first to make a quick getaway.

Once Gama Rei has been picked up you will be pursued by Loony assassins, but to
be honest you'd be hard pressed to even notice as long as you're driving
reasonably fast. Just stick to the main roads so that you don't end up in any
dead ends and you'll be fine - bring Gama Rei to the safe house in order to end
the mission.

It's possible to stop the car and eliminate the assassins if you want, but it's
risky, particularly as some have sub-machine guns, and there's no bonus for
doing so.

Last Phone: Follow That Traitor!

This mission is easy, but the detection for the first part seems very arbitrary
- the phones are just across the road, though, so this isn't much of a setback.

After answering the phone, go on foot to the Northwest in the direction of the
arrow and you'll see the traitor that you have to follow walking away. Don't
approach him, but instead keep him just on the edge of the screen - wait until
the arrow returns to you rather than his side of the screen before you turn a
corner. After walking around the building, he'll enter a doorway a few metres
away from where he started.

You now have to meet up with an ancient torture master, who happens to be
called Refried Noodle. He'll be standing on a set of stairs next to a station -
take a vehicle there to pick him up, then meet him on foot and drive him back
to the building.

Even though he's given you a weapon it's many times easier just to run them all
over in your vehicle. This shouldn't be too much of a problem - once they're
all down the job will be over.


To get to the Yakuza Red phones you have to go to the island in the South of
the map. Both missions are fairly tricky for this late on in the game, making
up for the rather easy Yellow ones.

First Job: SWAT Van Swipe!

The objective is simple - steal a SWAT van. However, this means going up
against the maximum wanted level for this area, and it's difficult to keep
police away from you if you're not used to it.

Having a flamethrower will help a lot on this mission - it helps if you save
using it until the SWAT team arrives, because it will be useful for eliminating
them instantly - their armor can take a lot of bullets before they go down.

Attract the attention of the police by shooting pedestrians - try and keep
within the general area of the junction left of the red phones, because this is
near where you'll have to deliver the van. When the police arrive, shoot them
as they step out of the car and wait for the next load to arrive.

Remember that the police will run as fast as you on Wanted levels 3 and above -
it's not worth trying to run away, but back off as you're shooting to avoid
them getting to you and reducing your Health.

When you get to wanted level 4 and the SWAT van arrives, stand back so that the
team have time to get out, then eliminate them all as they run towards you.
Make sure that you can actually get the SWAT van out of the place where it was
left, otherwise you risk getting stuck and being hauled out by the police.
After getting rid of any more police that are about and clearing the way
forward, get in the van and drive off.

After you've got the van it's a short drive to the garage to park it - this
part of the mission should be easy once you've got going.

Last Job: Stop the tank!

This is another unusually difficult mission - the advantage that you're given,
however, is that the tank won't fire on you. It has six men defending it, but
your real enemy on this mission is that of time - you have to get rid of them
and destroy the tank before it reaches the end of the road that it's travelling

After answering the phone, go down the stairs and take the provided rocket
launcher, then get in to a reasonably fast vehicle as quickly as possible. Head
West then North over the bridge, and follow the main roads (East then North
once over the bridge) until you're at the East end of the road that the tank is

Drive on the third lane down as fast as possible towards it - one of the rows
of men defending it are walking on this lane, and will hopefully be instantly
run over on your first pass. Once they're down, carry on for a screen or so and
then handbrake turn around, and accelerate in to the other group that will be
heading towards you, eliminating them as well.

If you miss anyone on a pass, then get some distance away and try again - you
have enough time for a few more attempts to get them all.

Once the tank has passed the railway line overhead, you'll have to do something
about it. Get out of your car and hit it with the rocket launcher four times to
destroy it - make sure that you're standing far enough away, and try and make
every shot hit it because the rocket launcher is very slow at reloading.

Zaibatsu Jobs


The green phones for the Zaibatsu are located inside a building at the top of a
set of stairs - get out of your vehicle on the ground floor, because it's not
worth the trouble of trying to take it up.

Top Phone: Wheeler-Dealing!

Even though this mission is slightly longer than the other green job, it isn't
really much more difficult - first pick up the case that you're directed to,
then you have three minutes to deliver the contents to four dealers waiting on
street corners.

The most important point in this mission is not to run over the dealers, which
will instantly fail you - drive on the road rather than the pavement, and take
the mission slowly - you will have plenty of time to make deliveries to all
four of them within the time limit. When you get the chance, drive on the
central reservation to avoid the traffic.

Bottom Phone: Cop Car Crush!

This is a very easy mission that involves a simple drive across to the station
and then to the cranes. Drive to the police car indicated by the arrow, then
take it to the station and sound the horn or siren to attract your contact.

Once he's inside the car, drive to the cranes, stop the car and get out. And
that's all there is to this job!


The Yellow phones are rather difficult to get to - they're in a small courtyard
over some stairs on an island in the North of the map. The way to get there
isn't totally obvious - try heading East as far as possible before going North.
There's a nearby garage which you can use as a landmark - you get the hang of
where to turn eventually.

Left Phone: Lick Those Loonies!

Drive across the town to get to the particular Dementia that you have to steal.
When you arrive at the courtyard opposite the yellow phones for the Loonies,
stay in the vehicle for a while and run over any nearby guards to make life a
bit easier. It may also help at this stage to climb the stairs to the right and
go around the wall to pick up the Flamethrower if you don't have one already -
this is an advantage later on.

Once you're in the Dementia, drive it to the bomb shop to the South - the arrow
will direct you again. After that short journey, take it back to the same
garage that you got it from and drive it in. Once you emerge outside, run away
from the building to avoid the resulting explosion.

The mission isn't over yet, though - now that Loony hitmen are after you, you
need backup from the Zaibatsu. Drive across the town to pick up the black van,
then meet the delegation of Z-Men. Get them in to your vehicle by parking next
to them and sounding the horn.

Drive back to the courtyard where you blew up the building and you'll find a
group of Loonies waiting for you. They're all armed with sub-machine guns,
which make them lethal in a group - drive straight through the group of them to
eliminate as many as possible at first, then get out of the vehicle. If you're
feeling cowardly then you can run on to the wall and let the Z-Men take care of
the rest, but in the event that they can't, run in with a flamethrower to
finish them all off.

Right Phone: Yutes Must Die!

This mission involves a lot of stages, but all of them are fairly simple
driving tasks. As long as you drive reasonably sensibly and don't get your
wanted level up, this should be easy.

Your first task is to meet up with Lefty. When you arrive, you have to select
no weapon and then attack him by punching to get information out of him.

After you've found out where the Yutes boss is, take your vehicle to the South
Docks and steal the car there. A couple of Yutes will be around, but they
really aren't much of a threat. Ignore, shoot or drive over them, and take the
car to meet up with the Yutes boss.

Use the familiar method of sounding the horn to attract the attention of the
boss and he'll come running out. Take him to the Zaibatsu HQ in Omnitron - it's
quite a large area and is only accessible from the East side, so it can take a
bit of driving before you find the way in. Once inside, head South and under an
archway to get to the meeting place.

Once he's talked, you have to bring the car back to where you got it from - the
docks. There won't be any Yutes this time - all you have to do is leave the car
next to the crane and it'll pick it up. You're instructed to wait for a while
to watch, but it doesn't affect the mission at all.

Last Phone: Big Bank Job!

Find the Bank Van driving around the city - it will be pointed out to you.
Steal it by getting it at a set of traffic lights or parking across it to block
its path.

Once you've got it you'll soon realise that it's one of the slowest vehicles
possible - try and drive sensibly to avoid police attention, because there's
very little chance that you'll be able to escape them in it.

Your first destination in the van is the Zaibatsu territory, where you'll have
to pick up two Z-Men (that seem to play very little part in the mission from
this point forward). Afterwards you have to get to the bank itself.

Drive slowly through the security check, then turn the van around so that it's
pointing at the exit before you pick up the package - this makes escaping a lot
easier. Once you have the package an alarm will go off and you'll get a Wanted
level of 2, so quickly leave by the way you came in.

Coping with any police in the van is rather difficult, but if you head in a
general Northwest direction you'll find a garage next to a four-lane road with
a central reservation where you can get rid of your Wanted level. After that,
head in the direction of the arrow to get to your destination - again it's in
Zaibatsu HQ, meaning you can only enter the area from the East.

Once you've got it in to the garage, you have to do another part of the
mission, which seems to be a bit of an afterthought. Take a vehicle and follow
the arrow to meet up with your contact, who will exchange the cash you got for
the payoff to the cops. He's standing in a pedestrianised courtyard.

Now go South to meet the police officer. Give him the package and stand back
from his car when he attempts to leave. Your Wanted level will rise to 4, so
quickly get in to your vehicle and drive to the Safe house. You shouldn't have
to respray, as the journey is reasonably short.


The Zaibatsu red phone is located in a courtyard and is only accessible by
climbing a set of stairs at the right hand side and working your way around to
the left.

First Job: Armored Car Clash!

This is one of the most unusual missions in the entire game - you're told what
to do but not how to do it, and you have to use your intuition to work out how
best to destroy the two armored cars. Firstly, if you park across them they'll
attempt to escape, and they're rather good at that. Secondly, they're armored,
so most weapons won't have much effect on them.

The answer is to find a bomb shop that you can keep coming back to without
wasting too much time - I use the one near the Zaibatsu yellow phones on the
East of the map because I find that the easiest one to get to reliably. You
have quite a generous time limit, but it's a limit all the same, and you don't
want to waste too much of it.

Once you have a vehicle armed with a bomb, you'll have to find an armored car.
Follow the arrow to get to one, then drive parallel to it around its route
(don't go in front of it or it will try to escape) until it stops at a set of
traffic lights - preferably a set that has just changed to red because that
will give you the most time to destroy it.

Draw up in the lane next to the armored car quickly and set off the bomb, then
run away. Take care not to go in front of it at this stage because that will
make it drive off - you need the driver to suspect nothing.

Once one has been destroyed, it's a simple matter of repeating the same process
for the other one to complete the mission.

Last Job: Big Bank Job!

You have to steal a bank van in this mission, but not immediately - go to where
you're directed, get out of your vehicle and wait around until the guard comes
to get the van. As soon as he's inside, pull him out before he drives off.

When you get back on to the main roads you'll soon find that the bank van,
which is one of the slowest vehicles possible, is very awkward to use to run
away from anything, especially the pursuing Yakuza vehicles. Do your best to
stay out of their way and not run in to them when they swerve around to block
you - drive on the pavement to avoid traffic if you have to.

Once you've reached the safe house you'll be told to just get rid of any Yakuza
that remain - some of them have rocket launchers, so be very careful when in
vehicles. Don't drive straight towards them, but curve around to run them over
at the last moment - if you drive straight you're an easy target.

Area 2: Residential District

The Residential District is home to the Rednecks and Scientists along with the
Zaibatsu. When you first enter this area, a short scene plays out with one of
the Rednecks shooting a Scientist, then being run over by a Z-Type.

There is a car nearby when you start, and there's something unusual about it.
It may not look that spectacular at first, being only an Arachnid, but try
driving it through a traffic jam - the car behaves as if it's made of solid
granite, and can easily ram even the heaviest of vehicles out of the way. This
strange property is even kept once you've resprayed it, so it's worth keeping
this car for as long as possible. You can always pick it up again after saving.

The save point is dead easy to find in this area - just go to the respray shop
at the northwest of the map, next to the Mobile RV park, then head South along
the road with four lanes until you get to the church.

Strangely, the "Job complete!" messages in this area are replaced with "Mission
complete!", like in the first game.

Redneck Jobs


The Redneck Green phones are located deep within their territory in the mobile
RV park. A sub-machine gun is provided alongside them. They have one very easy
mission and an unusually difficult one.

Top Phone: Double-Cross Crush!

This is a good mission to do if you're entirely neutral with all gangs, because
it alters the respect from them quite a bit.

Your first objective is to steal a Zaibatsu Z-Type - go to the East to do this,
and you should find some driving around. Once you're inside the car, go to the
Scientist area (south of the Zaibatsu) and run over fifty of them.

This is quite a tall order, especially as they'll begin shooting at you when
your respect level drops, so your aim is to go as quickly as possible so that
you take minimum damage. I find that a good place to do this is the stretch of
pavement on the East side of the long North-South road (near the Green phones
for the Scientists). Drive up and down here running them over until you've
reached your quota.

The good news is that you can change cars at any time - if your vehicle catches
fire then it's probably a good indication that you should run away and steal a
different Z-Type instead. The game won't penalise you for doing this - you can
take as long as you need using as many Z-Types as you like.

Once you've got all fifty of them you have to steal a Meteor and repeat the
process for the Zaibatsu. The Scientists will probably be shooting at you by
now, so get out as quickly as possible.

My favourite place to complete the second part of the mission is just South of
the ramp that leads to the Village - there is a thin stretch of pavement that
goes between it and the cranes where a lot of Zaibatsu seem to congregate.
Driving up and down here should get the mission over with fairly quickly - if
not, you can always go in to the Village itself.

Bottom Phone: Blow Job!

This is the easier of the two green missions for the Rednecks. Head North from
the phones and go in to the pickup truck that you're directed to. Take it
around the park to the arrowed trailer and park alongside it, then press your
Attack button to arm the bomb. Run away before it explodes.

You now have to repeat the same process, but on the nearby gates to the
Zaibatsu Village. Go back to where you got the first pickup, and a second will
have been prepared - take this out of the park. Go East rather than South - it
looks like there's a way out that way, but it's blocked off.

Once out of the park, go East a little more and head down the four-lane road
next to the plaza. The gate will be there - again, park the pickup alongside
it, arm the bomb with Attack and run away to complete the job.


The Yellow redneck missions can be found at the phones on the East side of the
RV park, handily right next to a respray shop.

Top Phone: Benson Burner!

This is quite a long mission, but none of it is very difficult. The only real
problem is driving the truck cab complete with trailer, as this is very awkward
if you haven't tried it before.

To start off with, you need to steal a Benson - usefully, one is pointed out
using the arrow. Once you've carjacked it, bring it back to the bomb shop at
the East side of the Mobile RV park and park it next to the crane inside.

Now you need a truck cab - hang around on the nearby main road until one comes
past, then carjack it. Take it to the trailer pointed out by the arrow and
reverse in to it to hook it up.

Driving carefully, take the complete truck to the crane where you parked the
Benson, and it will be loaded on. Now just take things slowly to avoid police
attention (because that's the last thing you want when you're driving a large
heavy truck), following the main road all the way East then South, and enter
the arrowed building from the South side to get inside. Once you've parked the
truck, the Benson will be taken off by the crane and the job will be complete.

Bottom Phone: Greatest Hits!

This job involves fending off a number of hit-men, then a reasonably easy
second part.

As soon as you leave the Mobile RV park after getting this mission, the first
of the Zaibatsu hit men will arrive in a Benson. The best way to deal with all
the hitmen is to find a vehicle as quickly as possible, then wait until they
leave their cars and run them down. In this way you avoid being shot quite so
much (but remember to change vehicles every so often - the Z-types that most of
them leave behind are ideal). Drive up and down the main road next to the RV
park so that the Zaibatsu are also hit by the nearby Rednecks, and this part of
the mission should be easy.

Strangely, sometimes the Z-Men seem to stop arriving during this mission. If
this happens, it seems that the only solution is to die or reload from a saved

After eight or so Zaibatsu hitmen are down, you'll be given a second mission -
to kill Flambo Cortez. He's at the station right next to the save point,
defended by four more Zaibatsu on foot. The easiest way to get to him is to
drive down to the save point, then over the rails (make sure no trains are
coming first) and through the first two Zaibatsu, then to curve around and run
over the second two.

Once this is done, the rest of the mission is simple - go to the bomb shop in
the North and back to the armored limousine, then set it off.

Last Phone: Tanks-giving!

This has to be the greatest job name ever!

First of all, drive to the army base in the East using a reasonably fast
vehicle. To open the gate you'll need an explosive weapon - mind the tree if
you're using Molotovs. Once it's open, get back in to your car and drive North
until you reach the tank. Try and park your car to act as a shield for any
machine gun bullets heading your way, then run to the tank and climb in.

Once you've left the base, you'll have your first experience of the army being
after you - the streets will be cleared and populated with jeeps, tanks and
soldiers with machine guns. While inside the tank, only the other tanks will
really be a problem, as bullets won't be able to harm you much.

Roadblocks will have been set up throughout the city and mostly on the main
roads, so going back via the road to the North isn't an option. Instead, head a
little North then turn down the two-lane road to the West, and keep heading
along the minor roads in this direction. Feel free to drive on the pavement, as
your Wanted level can't get any worse, and it will make you avoid any jeeps
that happen to get in your way.

I'm not sure how much the tank roadblocks are randomised, but I found the
following route to be the best way of avoiding them. From the army base, go on
to the road heading North then immediately turn West on to the two-lane road.
Turn North on to the first two lane road, then West again on to a four lane
road. Keep to the North side pavement and you'll pass another four-lane road
heading North. Ignore it and keep going, instead turning up the next two-lane
road to the North. At the junction, turn West and North again. You'll meet
another four-lane road - turn West here, then North.

You'll now be just Southeast of the Mobile RV park, but there will be a tank
blocking the way in. You can afford to dodge around it to get in. Once inside,
there is one more tank in the middle of the park, but it's easily avoidable.
All you have to do is keep driving down to the South side of the park and in to
the garage to complete the mission and cancel that huge Wanted level.


The Redneck Red phone is located on an island in the North. To get to it, go to
the extreme Northwest of the Mobile RV Park, then drive over the wooden bridge.
The good news is that one of the red missions is relatively easy - the bad news
is that the other is incredibly difficult.

First Job: Gang Car Bang!

The premise of this mission is simple - destroy five Scientist Meteors then
five Zaibatsu Z-Types - but it is made difficult because of the amount of
police attention that you'll attract while doing this. You're provided with a
rocket launcher to get rid of the cars, but you can do it in any way you like -
mines are quite effective because you can keep the same vehicle for a while
rather than wasting time getting in and out and accidentally blowing it up. Of
course, the danger of mines is that you'll forget where you laid them and
destroy yourself anyway, so make sure that every mine you lay is triggered by
something else.

In summary, if you respray often in this mission so that you avoid the police,
it should be fairly easy.

In fact, for the Zaibatsu part of the mission, I found that a simple way of
doing it was to go to the dark minor road on the East side (it leads to the
hill to the Village). A lot of Z-types seem to appear here, and not many
Zaibatsu on foot - this is certainly an advantage if you don't have a lot of
Zaibatsu respect.

Last Job: Penal Ties!

This is an unusual mission in that it takes place somewhere you can never get
to normally - the Alma Mater prison. Make sure you take the available armor and
health, because you'll certainly need them. To get inside the prison, just meet
the contact in the car pointed out by the arrow to convince the police that
you're selling Beany Liquor. Going down!

Once you're inside, follow the arrow to meet another contact, who will give you
a keycard to get in to the Guard Room, where you'll find a uniform and a
machine gun.

Now comes the hard part - you have to kill the eight guards, and as soon as you
start shooting, a riot will begin. Some prisoners will target you because
you're now dressed as one of the guards. To save some time, try and follow the
guards so that as many of them are in one place as possible (to be honest, two
or at most three is just about the best you can do) before you start shooting,
because once the riot has started things get very difficult for you indeed.
Shoot the guards from behind to prevent them shooting back at you.

The enemies are relatively easy because most of them have no weapons - however,
your main problem is the lack of ammo. Keep an eye on your ammunition, as you
can only top this up by eliminating the guards - fire in short bursts only, and
only shoot prisoners if they're running for you. Most prisoners get distracted
by fighting with others. Be careful not to let any of them get near you,
because they'll drain your health very quickly indeed - sticking to walls will
help with this because you'll be defended on at least one side.

Once you've got rid of the eight guards, you have to destroy the two locks on
the prison gates - to get up to them, go in to the centre rather than where the
arrows tell you, and follow the ramp upwards. Ammunition is less of a critical
resource now, so you can afford to shoot any prisoners out of the way if you
have it left over.

Once you've destroyed the gate you need to get in to one of the Special Agent
cars to cross the gap - wait until no prisoners are around, then jump down from
the platform down the stairs from the second lock and dash for the vehicle.
Jump over to escape the prison.

Your problems aren't over yet, though, because the police are looking for you.
Fortunately you only have a Wanted level of three, and this car chase section
should be very easy compared to the rest of the mission. However, remember that
your destination, Disgracelands, is completely sealed off - you need to use the
ramp in the Mobile RV Park to get in to it, and it's easiest to find this by
entering the park through the East entrance and turning South. This prevents
the arrow pointing you in to a dead end.

One last point: If you still have difficulty with this job, try turning the
lighting to "Noon" in the GTA2 Manager. I find that this makes it much easier
to see what's going on in the prison.

Scientist Jobs


The Scientist Green phones are in a useful place to memorise, because they have
a rocket launcher provided. Both of the missions are fairly straightforward
driving tasks.

Left Phone: Sink or Swim!

You have to find a taxi for this mission - for the first time you're given a
hint on the best way to go about the mission, and that's to try not to cause
too much destruction on your way. The actual state of the taxi doesn't matter,
but if you drive too recklessly the police will get involved, making the job
much harder.

You have to pick up four Zaibatsu operatives from around the city, which is a
very easy task as long as you don't run them over once you're there. Some are
near gang-controlled territory but none are actually deep in the bases, so they
shouldn't be a problem here either.

Drive reasonably calmly and you'll be able to pick all four of them up with no
problems at all. Once you've got them all, drive to the crane as directed and
leave the car next to it.

Right Phone: Fake Truce!

This is another driving mission, but this time you have to take the slower and
more unwieldy bus rather than a taxi. You'll be taking it in to some hazardous
areas, as well - it may help to respray between gang pickups if you've been
shot, or to have a reasonable respect from both gangs. In fact, this mission is
ideal to do first in the district.

Walk South to collect the bus, then head to the Mobile RV Park. Try and ignore
any Redneck antagonism if they're shooting at you, and head to the green phones
in the Southwest. Sound the horn to get the delegation on board.

After you've got them, head North to find the second delegation and repeat the
process for them. Go out of Mobile RV Park and to the Village.

Here, you'll have to do the same as before - collect two delegations. Try and
keep moving if you're worried about being shot, just slowing down enough to
allow the Z-Men on board rather than stopping. This way you won't have to lose
time by accelerating from a stop.

Once you've got them all, bring the delegations to the Scientist Research
Centre and park where the arrow points. Four clones will then arrive and
destroy the bus.


The location of the Yellow phones is slightly confusing because they're not in
the direction the arrow points to get to the Scientist territory - instead,
they're on the Southwest side of it, next to the cranes. The Yellow Scientist
missions seem to be the easiest of the three gangs in this area.

Top Phone: LaBrat's Plan!

The "plan" mentioned isn't very intricate, but it does make for a relatively
easy mission - you have to go to the Village and kill 47 of the Zaibatsu
(LaBrat is more interested in keeping the population down to a median than
eliminating as many as possible). This makes it very similar to the Redneck
"Double-Cross Crush!" mission.

You're given a large number of Scientist accomplices on this mission, but their
kills don't count towards your total. It's therefore quite a lot easier to
ignore them and just take a fast car to the Village, maybe fitting it with
machine guns, then just going on a mad spree yourself. Remember to change
vehicles if it gets too much for the one that you're in - it's a lot easier to
escape in a vehicle rather than risk fending off hundreds of Zaibatsu on foot.

Bottom Phone: Gran'pa We Love You!

The objective of this mission is to get the Redneck called Gran'pa and return
him to the Research Centre. The mission is in two parts.

In the first section you have to beat the record for running over escaped
Loonies - you're given a choice of three vehicles, and I always pick the middle
one for this as it's the fastest. Remember that once you're in a vehicle you
can't get out again, so try and keep it in good shape.

What's most important in this part is not to attract too much attention from
the police. You can afford to take it slowly because you have plenty of time -
the only slightly awkward part is finding the third Loony as he is in a
building's courtyard (the entrance is in the North). Once they've all been run
over, drive back to where you got the car and exchange it for the pickup.

Collect Gran'pa by using the familiar method of driving up to him and sounding
the horn, then turn around and drive out of the Mobile RV park. You have to get
to the Research Centre on the East of the map - it's easiest to do this by
sticking to the six-lane road that circles this part of the city. The pickup is
annoyingly slow, particularly as you'll probably be chased, but overall it's
fairly easy to get safely to your destination. Drive in from the North side to
complete the mission.

Last Phone: Redneck Attack!

I've never found protection missions particularly enjoyable, but this one is
fairly easy. Plenty of scientist guards are provided, and they can pretty much
do the job for you.

To set up an extra line of defence on the generators, leave a vehicle stopped
on the road on the front right of the generators, and carjack some more
vehicles to create a barricade. A traffic jam will form behind them, creating a
wall of cars that the Rednecks have to jump over to get to your generators.
Leaving the rest of the work to the Scientists is advisable, as I find myself
shooting them by mistake too often. With the traffic wall in place, they
shouldn't have any difficulty fending them off.

As the last few seconds of the mission count down, you can use an explosive
weapon to destroy your barricade to get some money - any police attention will
be cancelled when the mission is completed.


The Red phone for the Scientists is in the South of their territory, inside one
of their large buildings. Unlike the other two gangs, who have an easy and a
hard Red job each, the Scientists have two that are really quite simple.

First Job: Taxi for Traitors!

The first Scientist Red job is what I'm tempted to call astonishingly easy - it
wouldn't be out of place among the Yellow or even Green jobs in this area.

Anyway, to start it off, go up the ramp in the Southeast corner of the building
where the phones are, then follow the walkway up and West until you see the
unique Remote Control pickup. Take it and you'll have control of the remote
control taxi.

Your first task is to drive it around the test track for five laps in two
minutes. The time limit is no problem, as a lap should take around fifteen to
twenty seconds - you even have time to go back and line yourself up for the
jump if you miss it, because it's preceded by two quite awkward turns. Slow
down when you reach the top right corner and go through both of them while
avoiding turning - this way you'll be perfectly safe.

After that, you have to drive three remote control taxis out of the SRS centre
and use them to pick up three traitors, then destroy the taxis. There really
isn't much to say about this, it's as simple as driving to them and picking
them up. To destroy them, you can drive in to water - a more creative way of
doing it is to drive to the territory of a gang that disrespects you and
letting them take care of it. That's all there is to it.

Last Job: Water Carry On!

This job involves shutting down the H2000 Water Company by destroying four
turbines and a generator.

Doing the first part of this mission in a vehicle is slightly awkward, but
there's nothing to stop you doing it, and it makes it a bit easier if you do.
Take a car to the North side of the Village and head West along the high bridge
until you reach the entrance. Pass it by the first time to lure the guards out,
then come back along the road and up on to the pavement at the point where the
road and pavement are level (just to the right of the entrance), then run over
the guards.

Take the car over to the West side of the area and follow the path around North
and East. Again, drive past all the guards to lure then out, then turn around
at the end and run them all down. Destroying the turbines will then simply be a
matter of using the provided Molotov Cocktails.

Once all four of the turbines have been destroyed, you need to get to the
Generator across the road. This part is slightly more difficult, but still
shouldn't cause any problems if you have plenty of machine gun ammo.

Go back to the entrance and East until you see the sign to the South, and go
down the stairs beyond it. Follow the incredibly long walkway around until you
reach the generator - here you'll be provided with extra health and armor,
which is usually a bad sign. Sure enough, as soon as you destroy the generator
with another Molotov cocktail, an alarm will go off to alert the guards.

Run all the way back to the stairs again. Just before you reach the long
straight on the North side of the walkway, select your machine gun and hold
down Fire - this way the guards that approach you as you run East along this
section won't get the chance to shoot back. Run up the stairs and back to the
sign again to finish the job.

If you want a shortcut through this mission, it's possible to hit the generator
just after going down the stairs, as it's South and slightly West of you. If
you have a few Molotovs and a good aim, you can hit it and run back to the
entrance without the guards troubling you at all. For even more shortcutting,
try hitting the turbines in the earlier part from the road instead of inside
the compound.

Zaibatsu Jobs


The Green phones are at the Northwest of the Village. The two easiest routes
there are via the ramp at the South or on top of the railway tracks from the

Top Phone: Fire Truck Fun!

This is one of the most entertaining missions in the game, but to get the
reward you have to go through an rather difficult series of tasks.

First of all you'll have to steal a police car. It's easiest if you get one and
then get rid of your Wanted level, although it's possible to do the rest of the
mission with police attention. I recommend shooting at a police car then taking
it when the officers run out to get you, and driving to near a garage (the one
at the Northeast next to the Village should be fine). Taking a civilian
vehicle, respray it, and then get back in to the police car without any Wanted
level to worry about.

Once you've got the police car, you'll have to make your way to the yellow van
near the Scientist area. Put the siren on by tapping the Horn button and drive
near the van for a while - it will stop and the occupant will get out.
Eliminate him before you get in to the van yourself - otherwise he'll use his
sub-machine gun on you. Once you've got the van, take it back to the village.

You're now given another similar task - steal a fire truck. There are a couple
just South of the army base at the East side of the district - if they're no
longer there then you can encourage one to appear by causing a lot of
explosions. If you have to use that tactic it may be helpful to clear your
Wanted level in the same way as you did for the police car earlier.

Either way, get the fire truck and drive it to the designated spot in the
village (take care not to run the technicians over) where you'll get the
flamethrower fitted.

Now comes the best part - go to the Mobile RV park and use the flamethrower on
the Rednecks. The best way to fulfil your quota of thirty is to angle the
cannon so that it's perpendicular to the direction you're facing - hold down
Horn and press Left and Right to do this - and then hold down the Attack button
while driving up and down the roads. The best road to do this is an East-West
one which you can get to by taking the turning South after going in the East

Your respect level from the Rednecks will dwindle very quickly, so make sure
you're prepared for a quick exit after you've finished the mission. As you have
infinite ammo for the flamethrower, you'll want to keep this fire truck for as
long as you can, but because it's an emergency vehicle it cannot be repaired.

Bottom Phone: Science Friction!

Compared to the other Green mission for the Zaibatsu, this is very short. It
does, however, have one moment where it's rather unclear what to do.

Your first task is to get Montana's pickup truck from the Mobile RV Park. No
matter how good your respect from the Rednecks, there will be two guards on the
roof throwing Molotovs at you - the best tactic here is to park reasonably far
away then run in, get the car and run out again.

Once you're safely on the road, check to see if you have an explosive weapon.
If you don't, take a detour round to the Green phones for the Scientists -
they're on the East side of the map next to a narrow road bridge that crosses
over the main road. Take the rocket launcher here and go to the clone test
centre - the entrance is on the West side of the compound and is locked by a

Park a reasonable distance away from the generator so that you don't destroy
the pickup inadvertently, then get out and explode the generator. Get back in
to the vehicle and drive to the South side of the building, then arm the bomb
with Attak and run to the South side of the complex to be safe from the
resulting huge explosion.


The Zaibatsu Yellow phones are also on one of the roads in the Village.

Left Phone: Operation Z!

This is rather a long mission - it comes in four parts, and in each part you
have to steal a certain vehicle from around the city and return it to the
garage in the Village.

The first of the vehicles is parked outside the Bowling Alley on the West of
the map, and is guarded by a number of Rednecks. They should be easy to deal
with as long as you're quick - get a reasonably fast vehicle and just drive
straight through the entire group. With them out of the way, take the vehicle
and get back to the Village.

The second vehicle is easier because there's no one guarding it. You just have
to park a car across the arrowed Meteor's path and then get in to it and drive
back. Watch out for the Scientists if you don't have their respect, though. The
vehicle should be fast enough to get away from them.

Thirdly, you have to get a red limousine from the Rednecks. This isn't too
difficult, but getting in to Disgracelands at all is the tricky part. There are
no roads in or out - instead, to get in, take the entrance on the East of the
Mobile RV Park and follow the road South until you get to a ramp. Drive off
this ramp and over the fence to get to Disgracelands.

There are no Rednecks here, so you're safe even if you respect from them is
negative. Take the limousine and drive it West - there's another ramp that
leads South. Drive up it and you'll land back on the main road, and with any
luck not on top of another vehicle.

If you landed on another vehicle and by some chance are still alive, quickly
take it to the garage on the East of the Mobile RV Park to get it repaired
before going to the Village again.

The final part of the mission is the most long-winded - you have to first find
a truck cab. They're fairly common, but they never seem to appear when you need
them - drive around the main roads until you find one, then take it. Drive it
to the back of the police station as you're directed, then hook it up with the
trailer by reversing in to it from the North.

You have to take the combined truck and trailer back to the Village, and it's
an awkward journey particularly if any other gangs are going to shoot at you. I
recommend turning West out of the police car park and making your way to the
main road that circles this area - that way you can drive pretty much
undisturbed on the central reservation.

When you reach the crane, park the truck near it and the car will be unloaded.
Take this car to the garage to complete the job.

Right Phone: Law Enforcement Larceny!

Similar to "SWAT Van Swipe!" in the last area, the object of this mission is to
steal a SWAT van - however, once that's done, you'll also have to steal a
Special Agent car.

You'll find it very helpful to have a flamethrower on this job to quickly get
rid of any high-level law enforcement agents that come to get you - one is
provided next to the Zaibatsu Red phones.

To attract the attention of the police, just cause some chaos - destroy
vehicles, run pedestrians over, shoot the police that arrive to stop you, and
so on. Don't go over the top just yet - make sure that the SWAT arrive and not
the Special Forces.

When they arrive, wait for them to get out of their vehicle and then use the
flamethrower on them. Take the SWAT van and go to the garage in the village
with it - don't bother clearing your Wanted level at the moment because you'll
need to get it up again shortly anyway.

Continue your rampage, but don't stray too far from the garage, and the special
forces will soon arrive. I find them slightly easier to deal with than the SWAT
because there are only two of them - get rid of them and any other police in
the area before you climb in to their car, then drive it in to the nearby
garage to finish off the job.

Last Phone: Valdez Alert!

I don't want to sound pessimistic here, but this is an incredibly hard mission,
especially for only being Yellow. The objective is to get in to the SRS
research centre and destroy two Cold Fusion reactors, while avoiding the
hundreds of Scientist guards.

Having Respect from the Scientists can help on this mission, but only a little
- try and maximise it as much as possible before starting. The good news is
that if you have a Respect level above the minimum from them, the guards won't
use flamethrowers - it's very frustrating to be hit by a lick of flame and be
instantly killed. However, no matter how much respect you have, the guards will
use machine guns on you anyway, and you'll be eliminating so many guards that
sooner or later your Respect level is going to drop very quickly indeed.

The vehicle of choice for getting in is a Limousine, though most any vehicle
will work - this just gives a good balance of carrying capacity and speed.
You'll want to take along as many of the given Z-Men as possible (seven) and
getting over the jump to the base needs a vehicle with some degree of
acceleration. To get to the series of rooftop jumps, head right from the phones
and South past the crane, then jump South and keep going until you're in.

I find that the best pace at which to move through the base is very slowly
indeed - if you edge forwards by tapping the key, your Z-Men should keep around
you at all times. They'll get a bit distracted when there are too many
Scientists around, but overall you should be safe. Head to the reactor to the
South first, edging your way along and trying to keep everyone around you. Make
sure that you eliminate the Scientist who runs over the bridge towards you from
the West, it will make things easier later on.

Once your Respect level has dropped to about +3, run for it! Try and avoid the
scientists' bullets rather than kill them, because this will only make your
respect drop even further. Get to the generator, then jump across the gap on
the crates at the South side and use a rocket laucher to blow up the device on

If you've been lucky, your Respect level won't have dropped enough for the
Scientists to be using flamethrowers on you. This makes the trip back to the
North then over the bridge a little easier - again, run for it and don't
retaliate. Go to the bridge to the West you saw earlier, and once off turn
around to the South and go up the ramp on the crates. Go North, jump East to
the other crates, then jump North to the walkway. Walk around it and destroy
the second generator.

In fact, I had a respect level of 0 by this point, and the Scientists seemed to
have forgotten about me entirely - they weren't trying to attack me at all. I'm
not sure why this was, but I didn't feel like trying to replicate it! Head back
to the bridge, go over it, run back to where you started and jump back down to
street level (or use the car you had earlier if it's still in working order and
you don't want to lose half a point of health). Phew.


The Zaibatsu Red phone is on a platform surrounding a building in the middle of
the Village. Annoyingly, it's right next to a pool, which I've stupidly driven
in to a few times while getting to the phones. To make up for this, though, it
has a flamethrower provided next to it - and it respawns every fifteen seconds,
meaning that you can have 99 flamethrower ammunition in just over a minute.

First Job: Murder at the Mall!

From the description, this is undoubtedly the hardest job in the entire game.
The objective is to go to The Mall and shoot one hundred scientists - running
them over in a vehicle doesn't count towards the total.

The Z-Men that you're provided with do some good in that they'll protect you
from any Scientist fire for a while, but their kills don't count - only
scientists that you personally shoot will affect the total. There are also a
few pickups scattered throughout the area - Invisibility and Invincibility are
both on the West side of the large building in the centre. If you use these,
keep an eye on their icons at the top right, because when they run out you'll
need to get out of there.

One small mercy is that scientists won't be actively hostile towards you -
they'll behave as their normal respect level to you suggests, so if you have
high respect they won't use their heavier weapons on you. This means that you
can alternate between Scientist and Zaibatsu territory, killing enough Zaibatsu
each time to earn back your Scientist respect. This is an incredibly long-
winded way of doing the mission, though.

Thankfully, there is a loophole in the "no vehicles" rule - you are still
allowed to fit a vehicle with machine guns and shoot scientists from within
that. This instantly increases your chances of passing this mission by hundreds
of times, because on foot if you're touched by a flamethrower you're instantly
dead - in a vehicle, as long as you can drive away fast enough, you will be far
safer. You can even leave the mall at any time and come back with a restocked
and resprayed vehicle.

Therefore, I find the best tactic is to ignore the Z-Men entirely. To give
yourself a little advantage, at the start of the mission take the flamethrower
provided and run around the top platform of the building toasting Zaibatsu
until your respect from the Scientists is at maximum. Now you need to get a
vehicle - it doesn't matter about the speed of it because you'll need to go
fairly slowly through the mall anyway, and you want something with a lot of
armor... in fact, the ideal vehicle for the job is the unlikely Bank Van.

It sounds surprising because the Bank Vans are so ludicrously slow that you'd
never choose to actually drive one - however, this otherwise useless vehicle
finally gets its chance here. It can take a lot of punishment before you'll
have to return to the respray shop, and it drives at just the right speed to
make good progress while being sluggish enough to give you the chance to shoot

Head to the mall and drive around the bottom layer shooting - be careful not to
drive yourself in to a corner, because you'll probably die before you get the
chance to back out. Drive reasonably slowly so that you shoot scientists before
you run them over, but watch your damage - as soon as you see flames coming
from your car, get out as soon as possible and back to the respray shop.

The last thing you want to do is hit a wall with your vehicle, especially if
you're using something slow and heavy that takes ages to back up and move
again. The Mall doesn't have a circular route on the ground, instead going up
and down some awkward stairs, so I find the best way to do this is to make
multiple passes from the right entrance to the left, taking the flat route
along the North edge of the mall.

The only disadvantage of this entire method is that it's an incredibly
expensive way of doing the mission - you'll probably have to buy about 60 units
of vehicle maching gun ammunition, which comes to about $150,000. Nevertheless,
you should be getting about $70,000 x 16 = $1,120,000 for completing this
mission by now, so you're not likely to spend as much as you'll earn, and it
really is the only feasible way to pass it. Good luck.

Last Job: Distraction Action!

Fortunately, this job is a lot easier than the last one, and I managed to
complete it fairly easily on my first try.

First of all, go to the video store as directed and you'll be given some
Molotov Cocktails and some more instructions. The objective of this job is to
climb around the rooftops of the police station, destroy the generator, then
escape with the truck and distract the police for one minute.

The rooftop guards have other ideas, though - they're armed with machine guns,
and rather awkward to deal with. From the start, shoot the guard in the box,
then run right, shooting constantly. With any luck you'll hit the next guard
before he hits you. Keep running right, past the walkway heading North,
shooting and disposing of any other cops that are around. You'll find an
Invulnerability pickup at the far East of the wall.

Here, the task becomes a lot easier - dash back to the North route and keep
going North, eliminating any guards along the way. Go as quickly as possible so
that you get the maximum use out of your Invulnerability - follow the high
route around to the West and throw a Molotov over at the generator. Once it's
deactivated, it will set off an alarm.

Run down to ground level by using the route you passed on the way to the
generator, then run to the truck and take it. Turn carefully out of the police
station and you'll be told you have to keep the truck for one full minute.

Head North as soon as you can, heading for the six-lane road, and turn East
along the central reservation. Drive the truck up the ramp that leads to the
Village, and wait here until the mission is complete - the police won't bother
you at all.

If you take the truck to the crane in the Southeast part of the Village, you'll
even get the special agent car as a bonus for completing this mission.

Wang Cars

Throughout this area of the game you'll find eight numbered cars. They're in
hard to reach places, often found on rooftops or through hidden tunnels.
Getting in to any of these cars will make them vanish, and you'll reappear at
Wang Cars near the Army Base (having presumably driven it there).

The cars that you have collected aren't saved along with your progress, so you
have to find them all in one run - however, it seems that a bug in the game
will give you the final bonus if you collect a car, save, then go and collect
the car again (at least, this works for car 2). This section shows their
locations and how to get to them.

1. Even though I didn't find this car for a while, it does have an obvious
route to it. Just South from the Army Base, at the North of the Scientist area,
is a collection of crates on the East side of the road with a set of steps
leading up to the top of one. Climb these steps, then jump from crate to crate
until you get to some more stairs. The first car is at the top of these.

2. This car is on an island on the North side of the map. To get there, take a
fast vehicle to the Redneck Red phones - go to the extreme Northwest of Mobile
RV and take the bridge over. Get a good run up and jump across the gap a couple
of screens to the East of the phone.

3. Again, this involves a jump - this time, head to the extreme West of the map
then go South until you reach the seafront. There will be a wooden ramp heading
West here - jump across the water and you will find the third car waiting at
the South side of the platform you land on.

4. Go to the East end six-lane road on the South side of the map. Here, there's
a ramp down to a tunnel that goes all the way across to the other end of the
road. Follow it West until the parallel road to the North tilts upwards to form
a bridge - at the part where the sloping section joins the flat one, there's a
connecting tunnel to the South. Follow this tunnel and you'll emerge on an
island with the fourth car.

5. Find the mall (from the starting point, go over the station and follow the
road South - it will be on the East side) and go to the South side of it. Go up
the stairs and on to the roof, then up the small ramp. Keep on driving along
the pipes connecting the rooftops until you get to the car - you will have to
drop down at one point, so line yourself up carefully. It's one of the longer
routes, but fairly obvious.

6. To get up to this car, you have to go South along the four-lane road just
West of the Plaza and turn along the raised road marked with a giant Zaibatsu
logo. This will only be open if you've already completed the Redneck mission
"Blow Job!" - if you haven't, you'll have to go around the other way from the
Northwest side of the Village.

Once you're up there, get to the long East-West section over the city, not the
one over the North of the map (a ramp heads North from the East end of it -
ignore this for now, but you'll need it for the car below). One of the
buildings adjacent to the road has a tunnel heading North - it's not that
noticeable in passing, but easy to see if you're looking for it. Go through
this tunnel then follow the pipes to get to the car.

7. You can see this car sitting on a roof just East of the Plaza De Panique
(Southeast of the respray shop on the East side of Mobile RV Park). To get to
it, get on to the raised road again.

On the raised road, just after a North-South section climbing upwards, part of
a building's roof forms a long thin ramp heading North over the road. Jump this
to land on the opposite building's roof, then follow the pipes around to the
seventh car.

8. This is one of the easiest cars to get to - it's in a small tunnel just West
of the entrance to the Army Base. It's quite difficult to see, but all you have
to do is find the gap underneath the raised section of the road and walk
through it - the car is underneath a wire mesh. This should be dead easy after
the other seven, as it's right round the corner from Wang Cars itself.

Once you have returned all eight cars, you'll be given the Wang Car bonus and
eight vehicles will appear outside it, each already armed with a weapon. There
are two Furore GTs armed with 50 oil slicks, and two with 50 mines each. The
tank and Land Roamer are the same as normal ones, the Special Agent car has
machine guns mounted on it, and - my personal favourite - the fire truck has a
flamethrower instead of a water cannon. Have fun!

Area 3: Industrial District

It seems that a speciality of the Industrial District is awkward routes and
unlikely bridges, meaning that you really have to either know your way around
or be prepared to explore a lot to get to your destination.

Here, you'll find the Zaibatsu again, and also the Hare Krishna (who have been
promoted from being run over repeatedly in the first game to being a full gang
here) and the Russian Mafia. The missions in this game tend to be very long
rather than insanely difficult like some of the missions in the Residential
District, setting you back a long way should you fail them.

The save point here can be slightly difficult to find at first, but as usual
you can use a garage as a landmark. When trying to get to the save point, find
the North-South main road on the West of the map and head North along it, and
turn East in to the second main road (six lanes separated by a central
reservation). You'll find a garage here - the save point is slightly Southwest
of this, just West of the four-lane North-South road.

The police are noticeably more competent in this area - they have many more
patrol cars and they tend to be faster and more efficient when trying to catch

Krishna Jobs


The Krishna have their Green phones located at the Hut on the Hill, which is
awkward to get to in a vehicle - it's safer to go on foot, otherwise you risk
running them all over and losing respect. You'll quickly find that once you're
in Krishna territory it's quite difficult to find your way out again.

Top Phone: Deconstruction Yard!

Even though this mission is quite long, it's not especially difficult,
especially if you have Zaibatsu respect. First of all, drive to the
Construction Yard entrance (finding your way out of the Krishna territory can
prove to be the most difficult part here) and you'll find it locked, so the
plan is changed - you have to pick up Leo the Locksmith.

You'll find him at the water towers in the Northeast - to get to him, climb the
long stairs starting from the Southwest of them. He'll be chucking Molotovs
uselessly down on to the generator and lamenting the fact that he's such a
rubbish shot, so help him out by throwing one of the provided Molotovs down

Leo will then agree to help you - drive with him back to the Construction Yard
and he'll open the gate. Drive through the construction yard in the direction
of the arrow, but be careful of the group of Zaibatsu in front of the manager.
They only have pistols, so they're quite easy to deal with, but don't crash
your vehicle in to a corner. Once they're down, go up and eliminate the
weaponless manager as well.

Your last objective in this job is to destroy the truck to the North - again,
this is guarded by a group of Zaibatsu, but with a machine gun you can deal
with them easily. Use a couple of Molotovs to dispose of the truck and the
mission will be completed.

Bottom Phone: Cop Car Crush!

This is another reasonably easy mission if it's done cautiously. It does
involve stealing police cars, but there are ways to keep your Wanted level from
rising too rapidly. You have to steal and crush three police cars at the
Krishna crane.

The easiest way to attract the attention of the police is to dunt a police car.
Once they've finished zooming around in circles and have got their bearings
again, they'll get out to arrest you. You can either shoot them or attempt to
steal their car and get away before they catch you - the second option is the
better of the two, because that will keep your Wanted level where it is. Once
you're in the car, go to the arrowed crane and leave the car there.

Go North to the main road and wait around for another police car to arrive. It
doesn't really matter whether you shoot the officers or not this time - get in
and drive it the short distance to the crane again. After that, repeat the
process another time to complete the job. (You'll only get the acknowledgement
that you've passed it once you leave the area with the crane).

What's most important in this mission is to make sure you're not caught by the
police while entering their cars - it can take a surprisingly long time. To
avoid this, try and enter the police car as the officers are getting out of it
- you'll get right in without performing the "entering car" animation, and can
just drive straight off. It takes practice to do this, but it makes things


The Yellow phones are located on the right hand side of the map inside a
compound - enter it from the East - and they're on a wooden platform. They're
reasonably easy to get to, but the armor and health are rather far away, so
make sure you remember to collect them.

Left Phone: Cossack Conversion!

This mission starts off reasonably difficult, but once you've got past the
first task the rest of it is simple.

You're instructed to steal a truck from the Russian territory - the compound
that you're aiming for can be entered from the North. Once you're inside, stay
in your vehicle for a while, because there are absolutely hundreds of guards,
and they'll come at you in packs. Run them down using your car for as long as
possible, but when it catches fire, jump out and eliminate the rest. It's
helpful to have a flamethrower here, not to mention incredibly satisfying.

Get in the truck and take it out of the compound. You're given the location as
near Mad Island, but thankfully you don't have to go to the island itself. Go
up the main road on the West as if heading there, then take the road West after
the ramp leading up. Drive down the road to the designated spot.

Wait here until all four groups have climbed aboard the truck. Now all you have
to do is drive across the map to the conversion house and drive the truck in to
the building there - just avoid police attention and this should be easy.

Right Phone: Sunbeam Contract!

You're given a gang of Krishna to help you on this mission, but they're not
really necessary. Your objective is to eliminate several cars full of Russian

In a reasonably fast vehicle, go to the long West-East main road in Krimea,
picking up some mines along the way at the nearby garage. Approach from the
West and drive all the way East so that you attract the attention of three of
the cars.

Now turn around and encourage them, one by one, to chase you - when they're
behind you (but not too close behind) lay a couple of mines and they'll drive
straight in to them. The cars seem to be tougher than normal, and need two or
three mines each before they're destroyed.

Once the three of them are down, you need to run over a couple of Russians to
encourage more to chase you - there should be a few standing around. Keep
alternating East and West along the road, and use the same tactic as before to
complete the job - you have to deal with three complete waves of Russians.

If you ever run out of mines or have attracted too much police attention,
respray and restock at the garage near the West end of the road.

Last Phone: Conversion Evasion!

The easy missions that went before are made up for by this - you have to
penetrate a line of tank defences during the first part of the mission. The
complex you have to get in to is to the right of the main Escobar entrance.
There are two approaches - either you can rush straight in and take the Tanks
out safely later, or pick off the tanks before trying to get inside.

To get right in, you'll have to dodge three tanks continually firing at you.
The route inside is straight on once you enter the complex, then inside the
building, and veering East a little past the tank to get through the other
door. This is very difficult to do without dying, but if by chance you make it,
dive to the left to avoid being shot from behind, and skip on to the next part
of this mission.

To try eliminating the tanks, swerve to the East from the entrance to get
behind the crate. Get out of your vehicle, as you stand a better chance on foot
than in a car, and run towards the tank on the right hand side. Don't approach
it directly, but go to the side, then jump over it so that it has to swing its
turret around. Use a rocket launcher to destroy it - it needs four rockets. Be
careful, though, because the tank at the left can still fire upon you.

Do this for the other two as well - to get to the left take the long way around
behind the crates, otherwise the middle tank will probably get you. If you
manage to eliminate them all, skip on to the next part.

If you die while trying to get in the first time (and this is a very likely
situation), you'll wake up in the Krishna area and be pointed towards an
armored garbage truck that will help you get inside. This isn't invincible, but
it does provide a lot of protection from tank shells. Just drive it in as
before, ignoring all shells fired in your direction, and take it South in to
the building, then veer East a little and you'll emerge from the other side.
Park round the corner to the West to avoid being shelled again.

Now on to the second part of the mission. If you haven't already eliminated the
tanks you can do so easily from here - there are three walkways that lead to
different parts of the roof, each guarded by a fairly easy to pick off Zaibatsu
guard. Once you've eliminated them, use an explosive weapon to destroy each
generator, and their explosions will destroy the tanks underneath them as well.

To get the Krishna out of the complex you need a Karma Bus. Take the garbage
truck again if you have it - the Zaibatsu will most likely hate you by now and
they'll be using rocket launchers, which are as bad as the tanks themselves.
Escape their territory and trundle all the way back to the Krishna area.

Here, take a Karma bus, and it's recommended that you get some respect back
from the Zaibatsu by picking off some Krishna as well. This makes the escape
later on a lot easier, as it's frustrating to be killed by a Zaibatsu with a
machine gun after taking a wrong turn.

Drive back to the complex and pick up all the Krishna, then escape from
Zaibatsu territory and drive back to the Vedic Temple. Use the main road and
enter it from the North to end the job.


The Krishna Red phone is located in the Vedic Temple, on the wall. The easiest
way to get to it is to enter from the West, pass through the first and second
walls, then go up the ramp to the North and follow the wall around.

First Job: Rooftop Rescue!

This is actually fairly simple for a red mission, but it does have a couple of
very awkward moments in it, and it seems that completing the mission involves a
fair degree of trouble.

Your first task is to drive to Zaibatsu territory and free some Krishna. This
section is best done with some respect from the Zaibatsu, as they have rocket
launchers as their special weapon, which are very bad news indeed for you if
respect from them drops to its minimum. If you have about -3 or -2 respect you
should be safe.

On arrival at the door, you'll find that it's unsurprisingly locked, and you
have to destroy the generators to get in. Go to the building to the North and
up the ramps, where you'll be provided with armor, and walk across to the roof
of the buildings.

Work your way around the rooftops - don't take the jumps too fast or you risk
falling. Try and jump across to the next roof when the Zaibatsu guards aren't
looking, then shoot them in the back to minimise the amount of trouble you get.
The generators are arranged in a triangle, with the Northernmost corner being
the generator on top of the building with the door you tried earlier. Molotov
them all to take them out.

Go to the end of the rooftops and drop down to the platforms to get yourself
some health and a GTA2 pill, then go to the door. As soon as the Krishna come
out, run with them across the road to the West, shooting any Zaibatsu along the
way to protect them. They'll run over the building to the Northwest and end up
in a courtyard with two limousines.

Why you have to use these limousines in particular is beyond me, because
they're heavily guarded. If you go South on foot (carefully) you'll find that
the way is blocked by three vans and four Zaibatsu armed with machine guns.

Run back North and go over the building again. Another guard will have appeared
at the top, so shoot him on the way, and when you reach the other side of the
building go up the side road slightly West of it to reach the area behind the

To eliminate the guards, it's best to jump over the vans at one side of the
pavement, then run towards them with a flamethrower. Hopefully, this won't get
you shot too much. If this doesn't work, try ramming the vans closer to them
with a heavy vehicle like a Bank Van or truck cab, then blowing them up using a
rocket launcher. They'll hopefully remain oblivious.

After that's done your problems still aren't over - you need to clear the road.
If you haven't blown up any of the vans this is easy, because you just need to
drive them all on to the pavement, but if they're not in a driveable state it's
a bit of a more difficult task. Get a heavy vehicle again and shunt them out
the way - to move them perpendicular to their wheel direction you need a fair
bit of force.

Once that's done, go North again and get in to the first limousine. Turn East
out of the side road and make your way out of Zaibatsu territory as fast as you
can by going North - they'll be shooting at you. When you're out of their
territory, all you have to do is follow the arrow back to the Safehouse.

Last Job: Power Station!

Similarly to the previous mission, this is rather forgiving although there are
a couple of points which will catch you. The objective is to go in to the
Zaibatsu power station and plant four bombs, eliminating the guards along the
way. Remember to take the armor - it makes the mission a lot easier.

Drive to the pickup point for the other Krishna and get in to the Shark parked
nearby - this is a fast and compact vehicle that has the carrying capacity for
all of them. Go to the power station and enter it from the North - go up the
hill on the main road and West slightly, then up the side road and follow it
around to the entrance.

You have to plant four bombs here, one in each of the places that a guard is
standing still. These guards are armed with sub-machine guns, so have to be
taken out quickly. They won't move from their guard posts, so that counts as an
advantage for you - you can just Molotov them over a crate or from another safe
place and they won't react at all. After taking out a guard, walk to where he
was standing to plant a bomb.

There are three bomb plant spots on the ground - one just below the conveyor
belt that you see when you come in, one to the right of the walkway on the West
side of the compound, and one that you can get to by following the path all the
way round to the East and North. The one remaining spot is on the walkway, on
the right hand side.

Along with the stationary guards that protect the bomb plant points, there are
a number of guards wandering around the area - they don't respawn, and in fact
there are very few of them. I found one of the most effective ways to get rid
of them in a vehicle was to lure them to a long straight, then reverse over
them. It's worth keeping your vehicle for as long as possible even though the
walking guards aren't very lethal.

Once all four bombs are planted, all you have to do is go up to the top of the
walkway and watch the resulting huge explosion.

Zaibatsu Jobs


The Green phones for the Zaibatsu are within a torturous maze of boxes and
crates. You can get in most easily by approaching from the West side, going up
the ramp and jumping across. The traditional health and armor can only be
accessed by jumping across from a crate slightly East of the phones. Overall
it's one of the most annoying phone setups in the game.

The Zaibatsu green missions in this area are characterised by being incredibly
long, made up of many individual tasks.

Top Phone: Grand Theft Auto!

As the name suggests, this mission focuses on stealing cars. The first two are
all right in terms of difficulty level, but the third one is harder, and as if
that wasn't enough there's a fourth one after that as well. Each of the jobs
would be fairly easy separately, but the mission is made very difficult in
terms of length.

The first car is a Jefferson in Krishna territory. It's guarded by a few
Krishna with weapons of varying dangerousness, so the easiest way to get it is
to charge in with a vehicle and run half of them down, then run towards the car
and drive off in it before they have a chance to shoot you much.

Whatever way you choose to deal with them, take the car (if you have the police
behind you, you can respray it at the garage immediately South) and return to
Escobar with it. The best way to go is to follow the main road (six lanes with
a central reservation) on the West of the map all the way South until you reach
a minor road going West with the railway heading parallel to it. Take this
road, follow it South and East, and you'll arrive at the power station.

Your next target is a Bulwark in the North. It's just driving around without
any guards, so it should be easy to pick up. The Russian inside will be after
you after you've stolen it, though, so run him down as soon as possible by
holding back and right immediately after entering. If you don't get him at this
stage, he'll even go to the trouble of stealing other cars to chase after you!

Remember that you can't respray gang cars, so don't get the police on to you
while driving it back to the power station.

It's the third car where things get difficult. It's only accessible via Mad
Island, a place to the North where everyone seems to be out to get you. Drive
North as far as you can on the main road out of Escobar and you'll get there,
then go East, weaving your way through the gunfire, until you get to the
arrowed ramp to the roofs.

You can either take a car up here, which is difficult but not impossible, or
walk it, which exposes you to gunfire. I prefer the walking option because it's
easy to get cars stuck and blown up. If you choose to leave the car, leave it
away from the right hand side of the pavement because you'll need to jump the
target car down to here later.

The amount of hostility you'll encounter in Mad Island seems to vary, but just
be ready to shoot anyone who is obviously carrying a weapon and you should be

Once on the rooftops, just run along continually firing when the Mad Islanders
come in to sight and you should be fine. Bear in mind that you can stand on
stairs or ramps and shoot people above you, but they can't shoot you. When you
reach a courtyard area, climb the other ramp and head East, then jump down on
the East side of the boxes.

Once you've got to the car on the island, take it North and up the ramp - make
sure you're going straight, and keep to the right - that way you won't land on
a car and die. Once you've landed, quickly turn around and drive back to
Escobar before the Mad Islanders get you.

You'd think that that would be the end of it, but there's still another car to
be gathered - this time it's a police car on top of a trailer in the police
station. Steal a truck cab first - make sure you're near the respray shop when
you do in case you're noticed by the police.

Now drive slowly (not much choice there when you're in a truck) and carefully
to get to the trailer. The last thing you want to do is attract the attention
of the police and get arrested at this stage of the job. Avoid running over any
pedestrians - use the central reservations to speed things up a bit.

Once you have the trailer attached, make sure you don't run in to any corners
because you'll find it almost impossible to get out. Drive on the main road
South to Escobar the same way as before, but ignore the road heading West this
time and keep going. The entrance to the area with the crane is at the South
end of the road - turn in to it and the crane will unload the police car. It's
then a simple matter of taking the car and driving round and up to Escobar.

Bottom Phone: It was an Accident!

This job is slightly easier, but almost as long. In it, you have to eliminate
three operatives in a variety of unusual ways.

The first task is to pick up a package from Krishna territory. Follow the arrow
and enter the compound from the North, then leave the car and run to the East
side. Jump across to the conveyor belt from the crates, and drop down when the
Krishna guard isn't looking.

The guards here seem to suffer from short term memory loss in that if you're
out of their sight they won't come after you - it should be easy to just pick
them off. Take the package and exit via the ramp on the West, and return to
your car.

You have to deliver the package to a Russian - you're advised to be careful as
the package is unstable, but I didn't notice much difference. Take the package
to the North, where you'll find him shooting fruitlessly at a wall. Stand back
as advised and watch the demonstration.

Once he's exploded, you can find him lying on the road outside, but you can't
seem to take his weapon. While you're here, if you don't have respect from the
Krishna, you might want to shoot some Russians to make up for that as the next
task involves going in to their territory again.

The next objective is to find a Hot Dog van. Head West then South and try and
pick one up around there - they never seem to come when you need them. Once
you've got one, head to the car park near the Escobar power station and let the
Zaibatsu contact load it up (be careful not to run him over).

With the poisoned hot dogs in place, drive to the contact waiting in the East.
Once he's got in and out of the van, wait around to watch the poison take its
effect, and you'll be on to the last task.

You have to meet your last contact on a rooftop. To get up to him, take the
stairs at the West side of the building, then use the ramps to jump across to
the roof. He'll have a remote-controlled limousine for you.

You have to guide this car in to Russian territory and let a group of them see
you. Once they're behind you, drive down to the Krishna territory - there's no
rush, as they'll patiently wait behind you even if you're stopped. Make sure
they follow you all the way, as you have to go back and find them if they lose

Drive past the group of Krishna that you're guided to and watch them shoot the
Bulwark. At least, that's what should happen - during one attempt, they fired a
few times then chose to just run around in circles uselessly. If this happens,
just ram the Bulwark until it explodes - don't worry about damaging the
limousine. Either way, eventually they'll be eliminated and the mission will be


The Yellow phones are tucked out of the way, but they're slightly more
accessible than the green phones - you even get parking spaces! They're to the
North of the car park on the West side of the map, near Escobar.

Left Phone: Payback!

Yet another ludicrously long mission! This one takes even longer if you don't
know where you're going, as finding the route to the last part can take a

First of all, you need to meet up with some Russians to discuss a deal.
However, this is one of the few times you should ignore the arrow - they won't
talk to you unless you're driving a Russian car. Therefore, head North in to
Russian territory first and get yourself a Bulwark, then drive towards the
arrow and stop near the gang to meet with them.

The second task is to find a delegation of Zaibatsu. They're waiting at a
station - it's easier to park outside it and walk in rather than risk taking a
car all the way. They don't give you any problems, though.

Return to your car and drive to the next point, another gang of Russians.
However, they refuse to give you the money and will flee to the rooftop - when
you're given the order, drive up there after them and run them down. They won't
make any attempt to fight back.

The fourth group you have to meet is Zaibatsu again - this time, climb on to
the walkway where they're talking, then follow the one that breaks off from the
group. Eventually he'll drop a case and continue - pick this up.

Now on to the second half of the mission. You have to go to the sewage works
and steal a truck for payment. However, on arrival you'll find the front gates
locked - you'll have to find another way in.

This alternative route involves going over the railway line on the East side of
the map. Drive South parallel to it until you reach an opening in the gate,
then making sure nothing's going to run you down, go across to the other side
of the rails. Make your way North until you reach a wall that both of the lines
pass through. Here, it's safest to wait until a train has passed, then quickly
go through the wall and away from the tracks again.

Alternatively you can go to a different station and catch a train to bring you
to this point - it's a longer way to do it, but much safer.

You can take a vehicle up the stairs even though it doesn't seem like it - this
makes getting past the first two guards a bit easier. Once you've dealt with
them, leave the vehicle and run down the other stairs to the South.

Two Russians will be up on the walkway above you throwing Molotovs down -
you're safe if you stand underneath the walkway, but it's easier to run up to
the lock with Molotovs selected, tap the fire button, and move back to the safe
spot rather than try and position your throw exactly.

Once the gate is open, you need to get the truck out. That isn't exactly easy
while the guards are still around - make sure you know how to get the truck
directly out by swinging around past the walkway - if you catch yourself on one
of the pillars you'll probably die.

When you're out of the power station, drive South and try to avoid the police.
It helps to have Russian respect here (it will probably have dwindled after
shooting the guards) but it's not essential. Get to the safe house in the
centre of the area and you'll finally finish.

Right phone: Lock Out!

Finally, a short mission. First of all, drive to where you're directed by the
arrow - it will be a Russian-controlled dock near Mad Island. However, once
you've tried both doors you'll discover that they're locked, and you'll need to
go and pick up the contact that you're directed to.

However, don't pick him up until you've gone and found a Russian Bulwark -
you'll need this for the next part of the mission. Once you've got one, take
him to the back doors that you tried earlier. He'll open them both, but the
second will explode, so stand back.

Now drive inside and across the ramp, running down any Russians that bother you
along the way. You can now get in to the truck, but if you attempt to leave
just now you'll be told that the doors are locked and you'll need to destroy
the generators on top of the pillars.

To do this, go along the bridge on the East side of this area and return to the
road, then go up the nearby building (there will be a Russian throwing Molotovs
at you). Climb up the wooden walkways, eliminating the Russians along the way,
and pick up all the Molotovs.

From one of the walkways, you can walk on to a crate. Do this, then jump across
the rest of the crates around the truck until you reach one with a ramp. From
the top of the ramp you can easily throw Molotovs at the two generators to
disable them, and the doors will open.

The mission's not over yet, though - when you leave with the truck, two Bensons
full of Russians will chase after you. If you stop for too long they'll get out
and machine gun you, which will make the truck explode very quickly, so stick
to main roads and try not to get held up too much. Approaching from the North,
drive in to the safehouse to escape.

Last phone: Gang War!

This job is exactly the same as the "Double Cross Crush!" job from the
Scientists in the Residential District - run down 50 members of one gang, then
50 of another.

The first of these tasks is easier to do than the aforementioned mission,
provided you have Krishna respect. Take a Bulwark to the Krishna territory and
start running them down. A great place to do this is the Vedic Temple near the
Southeast corner of the map - enter it from the South, West or East, and you'll
find hundreds of Krishna.

With that done, escape from them before they use their flamethrowers on you.
Your next objective is to take a Karma Bus to the Russian territory, but I find
it advantageous to turn on the Zaibatsu along the way and raise my respect from
the Russians - it makes the next part a lot easier.

Unfortunately this part is more difficult than the last because of your
unwieldy vehicle, and there's no real equivalent of the Vedic Temple for the
Russians - just about the only place I found that came close was the docks
along the North edge. Travel along here trying to avoid regular pedestrians but
running down the Russians - about four passes should do it.

Another option is to go to the compound slightly South of the docks - this has
quite a few Russians and no other pedestrians, but the tangle of walkways above
you makes it rather difficult to see where you're going.

Don't worry too much about clearing your Wanted level, as you'll instantly lose
it when the fiftieth Russian is down, and the police don't tend to come up here
much anyway. Nevertheless, there's a garage at the East end of the docks that
you could use if you're prepared to get out of the bus and hunt for another


Ironically the phone with the hardest missions is the easiest to get to for the
Zaibatsu - it's located in the Escobar power core in a wide open space. A
rocket launcher is provided, and the health and armor are at the end of
corridors to the left and right. Both Zaibatsu missions involve tanks, and are
therefore incredibly hard.

First Job: I'd Like A Tank, Please, Bob!

I find this quite an unusual mission title, as it's a play on the catchphrase
of an old UK quiz programme called Blockbuster... I'm not sure how many people
will have got the reference.

Anyway, as the title suggests, you need to eventually steal a tank in this
mission, but before doing that you also need a SWAT van and a Special Agent
Car. It's therefore rather difficult.

You have to drive each stolen vehicle in to the garage at the junction on the
left of the map, where you would go North to get to the yellow phones and South
to get to Escobar. It's therefore easier to try and stay around this area
during the mission - otherwise you'll have to evade police on your way back.

Additional health and armor are provided right next to this garage, in a narrow
alley between the railway line and a building to the South. It's worth stocking
up here when you can.

A flamethrower will prove invaluable on this mission because it gets rid of
SWAT teams and special agents immediately - fortunately there is one slightly
North of the area where the mission takes place, on the long main North-South
road (look on the East pavement a couple of screens up). Take this on your way
to the mission if you can, and remember to collect the rocket launcher at the
phones as well.

To get the attention of the police, shoot a few bystanders. Continually rocket
their cars until the SWAT team arrives, then jump in to a vehicle and drive up
and down the road until they notice you. When they stop, leave the vehicle a
little away from them, then flamethrower them as they jump over it. Climb in to
the van once no police are around and return to the garage.

Now you need a Special Agent car. These aren't too difficult to get once the
SWAT van is in the garage - just shoot a few more policemen if you've not
already got their attention, then use a vehicle to drive around until they
arrive. As before, hide behind your vehicle and flamethrower them, then jump in
to a car and deliver it.

Now we come to a bit of a problem - stealing the tank. When your Wanted level
rises a little more the armed forces will be called in, and that means soldiers
with automatic weapons lining the streets. Therefore it's far safer to be in a
fast vehicle when they arrive - run more pedestrians or police down to get your
Wanted level up to 6.

You can only steal the tanks that are driving along the road - not those which
have been set up as roadblocks. A tank roadblock will probably eliminate you,
because they'll fire three rockets simultaneously, so you have to try not to
stray too much from your position so that you come across one, while moving
enough to avoid the automatic weapons of the soldiers.

Eventually, with a bit of luck, one will come past - get out of your vehicle
and run for it - they will be able to do virtually nothing once you're inside
it. If you make it, drive it back to the garage to finish.

Second Job: Army Base Alert!

Another tank mission, but thankfully you only need to steal one this time. Less
usefully, it happens to be in the nearby army base.

You're instructed to use "ingenuity" to get in, but if this is a hint towards
something, I can't work it out! Take a fast car like a Jefferson (I'm a large
fan of them) to the base and enter it from the West side. Go towards the South
and up the alley, and wait to the lower left of the large crate while a tank
fires shells at it.

What you have to do is go forwards just after the tank has fired a shell, then
go just fast enough so that the tanks don't shoot you, but slow enough so that
the third tank (to your right) will have just shot by the time you reach its
area. This is very difficult to explain in text. Your route should be to the
East, going reasoably quickly past the tank to the North of you, then veering
North a little to avoid the crate, and turning North and East again to avoid
the third tank.

If you can't get the route to work, you can try using a larger, tougher vehicle
- I've managed in a Limousine before, as it can take two tank shells rather
than one and has a reasonable speed. Strangely enough, the Eddy cars seem
rather strong as well.

One way or another, you'll arrive at the tank under camouflage. Ignore or run
over the soldiers and get in. Now you have to get out of the base, which is a
rather difficult task.

Your route should be the same as last time but backwards - however, the tank is
not very manoeuvrable, and if you catch it on a corner then you'll be shelled
from all angles. The tank can stand four shells before it is destroyed, but at
this stage you certainly don't want more than two to strike you.

This is probably the most difficult part of the mission. Try and stay moving,
because if you stop it takes ages to get going again. Use cover as much as
possible, and only come out once a tank has just fired, so that it takes a
while before it can shoot you again. Try not to start just as a tank stops
firing, but instead to arrive at the point where you're emerging from firing
just after the shell has exploded - the tank has a lot of inertia.

Eventually you'll make it out of the base. You have to avoid main roads at all
costs, because the armed forces are now after you.

Instead of going on the conventional route, go directly North next to the left
fence after you leave the base, and you'll find a small alley. This meets up
with an alley heading West before too long - turn down here, and don't catch
yourself on the diagonal building because there is a tank directly East waiting
to shoot you. You may take a shell at this point, but don't be discouraged.

When the alley opens out, go Southwest to another alley - go along here and
you'll reach the road next to Escobar, with a tank roadblock just North of you.
Drive past it and then go on to the road - the armed forces can do very little
to stop you now. The soldiers machine guns can eventually destroy the tank, but
it takes ages for them to do so.

One final point - don't try and run over land roamers when they're coming down
hills towards you! The tank will stop halfway.

Russian Jobs


The Russian Green phones are at the top of The Cross. Both of the available
jobs are rather simple for this late stage in the game.

Left Phone: Hot Dog Homicide!

You need to supply the meat for hot dogs in this mission, and to this end your
objective is to find a bus and start picking up passengers. Yuck. Well, it's no
worse than what we eat here in Scotland.

The nearest Bus Stop to the phones is slightly to the Southeast - go East to
the main road and then South, and it's on the right hand side. Wait at the bus
stop until a bus arrives, then steal it.

Now, instead of driving around different bus stops to pick up passengers, it's
faster to continually arrive at the same stop - repeatedly reverse, go forward
to the bus stop and stop the bus, and new passengers will get on every time.
When you have enough passengers, you'll be instructed to go to the meat
processing plant. It's down an awkward side road, but is otherwise fairly easy
to find. Drive slowly to avoid your Wanted level going up.

Climb up the stairs to watch the passengers being processed, and once it's over
go down and to the East side of the building to pick up the Hot Dog van. All
you have to do now is go back to the main road and continue to the Diner, where
you should drive the van in to the garage, ending the mission.

I'll never eat hot dogs again.

Right Phone: Mmm, Russian Sailors!

I have no idea why the mission is called that. The aim is to take a Z-Type,
pick up four Z-Men and drive them to a crane to throw them in to the sea, in an
astounding parallel to the mission "Sink or Swim!" in the previous area.

This is as simple as it sounds, really - all you have to do is take the Z-Type
provided and drive around the city picking up the Z-Men. Try and drive sensibly
to avoid police attention, because you're tied to one car for the entire
mission and gang cars can't be repaired.

The only difficulty you'll encounter is if you don't have Zaibatsu respect -
the third contact is quite deep within their territory (Escobar, in fact) so
you'll need to drive in quickly, sound the horn, then drive off as soon as he
gets in to avoid being shot too much.

Once you have all four, you have to drive them to the crane, which is miles
away - it's on the North side of the map, on a wooden jetty. Once you've
reached it, just park under it to complete the job.


The yellow phones are bizarrely placed in a tangle of walkways in the Sewage
Works. Why anyone chose to put phones there is a mystery. When here, it's easy
to forget to pick up the provided armor (top route) and health (right route).

Top Phone: Officer Down!

The full objective of this mission isn't explained fully to begin with. In
total, you have to destroy two cop cars, one SWAT van and two Special Forces
cars. A set of Molotovs and a Rocket Launcher are provided if you head West to
the docks after climbing down from the phones. Don't worry too much about the
time limit on this mission - it should be more than enough.

You've got to attract more attention from the police gradually, rather than
going on a huge spree and getting the armed forces after you. Not only does
this make things very difficult, it also means that the normal police will be
cleared and you'll have to respray and get the police back on to you again.

Instead, attract one police car first by hitting it or running over a few
pedestrians. Destroy it when the police get out, then wait for the second one
to arrive. You'll need to destroy both it and another cop car to get the SWAT
on you.

Once the SWAT are out of their van, it's easiest to dispose of them with a
flamethrower, but a rocket launcher will also work if they're close enough
together. Once they're out of the way, destroy their van and the Special Forces
will be alerted.

These are the most difficult to dispose of - their cars are stronger than you
might think, and they all have silenced machine guns. Use other cars for cover
(staying around the same place the whole mission can help here, as you'll have
the wrecks to hide behind). At this stage, be careful not to go over the top
and get the armed forces looking for you.

An easier way of doing this mission than on foot is by using a car rigged with
mines. This costs an extortionate amount from a garage, but will make life much
simpler for you - all you have to do is encourage a vehicle to give chase, then
lay a mine and they'll drive straight in to it. Make sure that the vehicle is
actually chasing you first - find a straight road to drive up and down and you
should have very few problems.

Two points about the mines approach - first, if a mine misses, make sure you
remember where it's laid so that you don't run in to it yourself later. When
laying them, make sure that the chasing vehicle isn't so close behind you that
it will destroy you as well when it explodes.

Bottom Phone: Karma Assassins!

Overall, this is quite easy compared to what you've been faced with so far.
It's also exactly the same as the Redneck "Greatest Hits!" mission from the
Residential District - I can only assume that the scriptwriters were running
out of ideas by now.

The first part of the mission involves disposing of the eight Krishna hitmen
that have been sent to get you. The safest way to do this is from in a vehicle
- fit machine guns to the front of one if you like. There is a garage next to
the yellow phones, on the docks, that can do this. Drive around the nearby
square and the hitmen will come for you eventually - all you have to do is run
them down or shoot them. You need to dispose of eight, and as long as you keep
moving around to avoid the Molotovs that some of them use, you should be fine.

If you've attracted police attention during the first section, you might want
to respray. You now have to assassinate a Krishna in an armored bus - this is
done by the familiar method of attaching a bomb to a car and detonating it
beside the bus in question.

However, things are made a little more difficult this time by the guards - they
use Molotovs, which are very good at destroying vehicles. Fortunately they're
not so good for people on foot - if you've got above minimum respect from them
and can safely go around without being flamethrowered, leave your car around
the corner and shoot them before driving to the bus and detonating the car.

More simply, you can drive up to the bus, press Attack to detonate the bomb
when you're round the corner, then quickly park the car and run away before it
explodes or the Krishna have a chance to get you. This is slightly more risky,
but quicker to perform.

Last Phone: Tanks A Lot!

Tanks are a difficult thing to destroy, and this time you're up against three
of them, complete with six guards armed with machine guns for each tank. It's
obvious from the start that this isn't going to be an easy task. It's even more
difficult to provide a good strategy for it, but I'll see what I can do.

By leaving your car you expose yourself to a lot of gunfire, so that's not
advisable - however, you need explosive weapons to defeat the tanks, so the
solution is to use mines. Take a fast, small car such as a Jefferson to avoid
being hit, and get 20 mines at the garage on the way to doing this mission.

Once you've got to the phone, get back to the main road as quickly as possible
by leaving the sewage works West, taking the first road South, then turning
West and South again. Turn East and drive to the tanks.

Approach the tanks in the second lane from the top and drive right past the
first one so that you run over the guards. Now swing round and try and run over
the other set as well - even if you miss, veer left and plant four or five
mines in front of the tank. The turret should be swinging round to try and aim
for you, and it's quite slow - hopefully you won't get hit by it.

Once you've planted the mines in front of the tank, run away and repeat the
process for another one - I find it easiest to do the last one in line second
for some reason. Don't worry if you don't get all the guards, as you can
hopefully just drive away from them.

Whatever you do, don't approach the tanks directly - this will get you hit
easily. It's sometimes better to approach them from the other side of the road,
then go diagonally over it to lead the turret around. Circle round as much as
possible, and don't let them get a good shot at you unless you want to delay
their fire for a while - slow down a little then speed up again and the shell
should miss you completely.

With a bit of luck and a lot of driving manically around, you should eventually
get past this mission. Try and plant the lines of mines starting as close to a
tank's current position as possible to make sure it runs over them more


The Russian Red phone is on top of a network of buildings and walkways in
Lubayanka - it's not quite as torturous as the Yellow phones, but the health
and armor are far away from the phone as usual. You're also only provided with
a sub-machine gun.

First Job: Vedic Massacre!

The object of this mission is quite simply to go to the Vedic Temple and
survive for two minutes. It may help a little to have respect from the Krishna,
but I managed it with next to minimum respect - and besides, the actions of the
gang members that you have to bring down with you will quickly drain any
respect you may have from them. There is a fairly easy way to pass it, however.

To start off with, find a large vehicle (for example a van or limousine) and go
and meet Ivan and the mercenaries. If you don't have a large vehicle when you
meet him, he'll make a comment about useless capitalist sardine cans and send
you back to find one. Once he's satisfied, bring him and his men to the Vedic

I find the best way in is through the entrance on the West side, then to keep
going East through another building before getting out of the vehicle. Getting
back in to the vehicle after this point will fail the mission, so stay away
from it!

Run North to where there's a wooden walkway leading up to a flamethrower, and
go up it. I find that if you stand just to the left of where the flamethrower
is situated you won't get much attention at all from the Kirshna - if one does
come up, move to the opposite side of the flamethrower and shoot him before he
gets a chance to attack. Here, though, it should be very easy to wait out the
entire two minutes.

After completing the mission, you'll still have to get out - run back to the
car as quickly as you can and reverse out of the temple to safety. And if you
think that hiding up on the wall is cheating a bit, you're welcome to try
surviving on the ground!

Last Job: Super Grass Rescue!

This job starts out surprisingly easy, but gets more difficult later on. The
first task is to go to Escobar to rescue four Russian informants.

On arrival at Escobar, you'll find it mysteriously empty, which is just as well
for this mission. Approach the door that you're directed to and you'll find
that it's locked, so you have to destroy four generators.

These generators are located at the four corners of Escobar and they're guarded
by two Zaibatsu each. The guards shouldn't prove difficult - for the ones that
patrol the walkways, just make use of the fact that you can stand on stairs and
shoot at platforms above you while they won't be able to do anything about you
below them.

The second guards can either be taken out with the provided Molotov Cocktails
(on the left hand side stairs) or by attracting their attention then running
back to the stairs and shooting them in the same way as you did the first
guards. Either way, Molotov the generators and you'll free the informants.

Pick them up and attempt to leave, and you'll find that you've been shut in and
three Zaibatsu hitmen are after you, though. This part of the mission, however,
is still astonishingly easy for being this late on in the game - just turn
around and run them down as they approach your car.

Once the door has been opened, go and meet Uncle Vanka as directed. He's quite
hard to get to, standing alone in a compound's corner - the easiest way I found
was by dropping off the nearby raised road just South of him. He'll get the
information from the informats.

Now you have to find the perpetrator. Steal a police car as directed, but take
the time to clear your Wanted level as well - the next part is much easier
without it. To do this, follow the familiar method of getting the attention of
the police near a garage, shooting the cops inside the car that arrives, then
driving through the respray shop with a normal car and picking up the police
car left behind.

Once you've got that done, you'll change in to a police uniform. Follow the
marked car and use the siren to get it to pull over - if you haven't done this
before, it's done by tapping (not holding) your Horn button. Sometime he'll
take a couple of bashes to convince him to get out of the car. Try and get him
to abandon it outside territories where the gangs are after you.

Now you have to catch up with him. He'll always try and run directly away from
you, so the best plan is to shepherd him against a building or in to a dead end
and then catch him there. Don't attack him at all - just touching him will do
it, and he'll follow you. Return to where you left the car and get back in to
it - don't get in to any other vehicle or he'll run off agian.

If you can't find your original car then it's a bit more difficult - you can,
however, shoot a passing police car and the officers in it, then take it
yourself. This will naturally raise your Wanted level, but this shouldn't be
too much of a problem now.

All that remains is to take him to Lubayanka Docks - the location you're
looking for is out on the jetty. Let him out there and four Russians will punch
him repeatedly while he sits there looking bored, then he'll be flamethrowered
to finish him off.

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