Gothic 3 (walkthrough)

Gothic 3


This walkthrough is intended for anyone who has never played the game, or who 
wishes to start a new game and wants a step by step guidance. You cannot 
expect to find random answers in this walkthrough after you've already been 
playing for some time. This work is point A to point B and everything is in 
sequence with as little guesswork as possible.

***If you've already been playing and have a few saves, if you start a new 
game, some things already found will not be there in the new game. Things like 
the King's Sorrel plants. If you want to keep your saves, move everything out 
of the save directory and put them in another special directory. But leave 
your preferences file so that you don't have to redo the options.


The game starts during a fight with the Orcs. You won't die but you'll get 
knocked down a lot. Just keep getting up and continue helping out in the 
fighting. When the fighting is over, pause and carefully read the following 
four paragraphs.

***Learn how to view and use your compass because many directions in this 
walkthrough are mentioned. The main pointer end always points north. When you 
swivel away from north, you'll be facing a new direction away from north.

***This walkthrough is based on being against the orcs and liberating towns, 
but you can switch sides when it comes time by deciding which of the three 
methods you use to destroy the 5 Devine Artifacts of Adanos. In some towns, 
such as Faring, even though you have at least 75 reputation, you can't always 
get permission to see the Orc boss. In Faring, you also have to have political 
reputation of 75 with the Orcs by doing a few things for the Orcs in other 
areas. See the end of this walkthrough for a quick list.

*** Many items in this game are used in quests. Exploring caves gives all 
kinds of minerals, especially Magic Ore and Iron Ore, Gold Veins for nuggets 
which you need lots of for other quests, and Sulphur lumps. Pick up all the 
pieces you find because at least 5 are needed in buying a slave for someone if 
you don't have 1100 gold to spare at that time. Five pieces of iron ore is 
also needed for another quest. You'll need a pickaxe in order to mine 
different mineral veins and maybe someone will have to teach you about mining.

***Throughout the game, consider yourself a super scavenger. You have an 
unlimited inventory and there is no limit to the weight you can carry. Take 
all hides, horns, teeth, or whatever any creature may have. Any type of meat 
you get, roast part of it at a campfire by simply getting near the campfire 
and left clicking, then choose how many pieces you want to roast.

After the Orcs are defeated, search the Orc boss to find a world map. Get all 
items and the Ardea teleport stone from the table in front of the main 
building. Talk to Hamlar standing behind the table. Before talking to anyone 
else, look all around the buildings and inside them for items and chests with 
items. Everywhere you go, read all lecterns (books) to learn about different 

***Another bit of advice, grab all the bread, meat, saws, hammers, pickaxes, 
and weapon bundles, ore blanks, raw ore, etc. When you eventually get inside 
VENGARD, there's at least three side quests that requires 30 bread, 30 roasted 
meat, 15 saws, 10 hammers, 20 pickaxes, and 20 bundles of weapons. Every time 
you talk to someone new, always trade with them and buy any of these items 
they might have. Often, when returning to the same person later, they'll have 
more items you can use.

Go out the east gate and immediately turn left. Stay next to the wall and just 
past the second large boulder, find a King's Sorrel plant. They are rare and 
you need at least four of them as quest items during the game. Pick all other 
plants you find because several are also quest items. Some plants and animal 
parts are used for making potions. Also, before long, you'll need 10 healing 
plants for a quest in Reddock.

Kill all Bloodflies you can and take their stingers, because after learning 
the make poison spell from someone and having enough alchemy skill, you can 
make a poison, at an alchemy table, with 10 stingers and an empty vial. Five 
lizard tongues can also be used, or a poison sack. As a matter of fact, kill 
everything you can and take their items. Simply put, pick up anything that's 
not fastened down. You have an unlimited inventory capacity, and the more junk 
you have to sell, the extra gold will pay different npc's to teach you a 
certain skill.

Go back to the east gate and head ESE past the small rock to find another 
King's Sorrel out in the open. Off to the south at the lighthouse, talk to 
Jack and accept his quest to get rid of the bilge rats (three bandits). Go 
east to the cliff edge, then NNE along the cliff edge and kill the three 
bandits. Take everything and loot the chest. Go back to the lighthouse and 
talk to Jack again for a reward. You can sell him items for gold.

Just up the first section of steps of the lighthouse, on the N end of the 
bench you can get a teleport stone through a hole in the roof of the house.

Go back inside Ardea, to the campfire near the west gate, and talk to Diego. 
Now talk to Milten. Finally talk to Gorn. Go out the west gate and head WSW 
past a small boulder and find another King's Sorrel in the open field. Be 
careful of the scavenger nearby. If you can kill it, take it's inventory by 
clicking on Take All.

Go back towards the west gate and turn right on the path. Just as you start 
downhill toward the pier, at the end of the log on your left is another King's 
Sorrel. Go on downhill to the two shacks and talk to Lester. Search inside the 
shacks for items and chests. Go between the two shacks and head SE to find 
another King's Sorrel. You should now have five King's Sorrel which is enough 
for the two quests later on.

Back at the two shacks, go down to the beach and head north. Go back uphill 
and inside Ardea's west gate and talk to Milten on everything.

Now talk to Diego, then talk to Gorn and follow him to Reddock.


Talk to Brenton on everything. Go up the steps, turn left and go 
counterclockwise around the camp's cliff edge to find 4 Boars and kill them. 
Be sure to look for some tall green healing plants with red blossoms (at least 
10 for right now, but get all you see around the cliff edges above Reddock). 
Later, a quest in Cape Dun requires healing plants. Get all other kinds of 
plants you may see. Go back and talk to Brenton again. Now talk to Gelford on 
everything, agreeing to take the two quests. For now though, enter the cave 
just to the north from where you stand.

***Remember, you're on the lookout for Magic Ore and Iron Ore in all caves, 

Start down and enter the first room on the left and talk to Sebastian. He 
wants the healing plants before agreeing to teach you. He has an alchemy 

On down and enter the next room on the left and talk to Marlo. On down to the 
lower level and talk to Javier about everything. Then talk to Norris on 
everything. Now talk to Copper, fight him in the arena but just knock him out. 
Once he recovers, talk to him. Talk to Joey, knock him out in the arena, then 
talk to him once he recovers.

Just east from where you stand, enter the tunnel. In room with goblins, kill 
them and any lizard, take its inventory. One of the two chests has a teleport 
stone for Reddock. Move through the tunnel, killing lizards and mine crawlers 
and take their inventory. Just outside the tunnel exit is a wagon on the left 
with several tools scattered around. Over on the right is another King's 
Sorrel. Go back through the tunnel and talk to Joey again.

Continue on up and out of the tunnel and up the steps. Just southwest is a 
small farm. Ignore the orcs, but talk to Kliff. Inside the shack, talk to 
Topork and first challenge him to a duel. When you win, choose Kliff as the 
reward. Go out and talk to Kliff on everything, and tell him to wait.

***What to do in actually killing someone. First you knock them out. While 
they're lying on the ground, get next to them, hold down your right mouse 
button to see the enemy name. While holding right button, hold down the left 
button to deliver the killing blow.

These orcs are part of Gelford's quest. Kill Topork and the orcs outside. In 
the shack are three bundles of weapons. Again talk to Kliff on everything. Now 
lead Kliff the short distance NE back to Reddock and talk to Gelford. Continue 
leading Kliff to the bottom level and talk to Javier. Now talk to Kliff. Go 
back up to the pit area and up the steps. Go east a little, then NE uphill a 
bit, then north up a steep hill to four orcs and kill them. Two bundles of 
weapons lie near the campfire. Nearby is a King's Sorrel, and another just 
south behind the large rock.

Start downhill to the south to the woodcutter's area and get any healing 
plants you see. There's several in the area above the Reddock pit. You should 
soon have 10. Return to Reddock and talk to Gelford to complete his quests. Go 
down the ramp to first room on the left and give Sebastian 10 healing plants. 
Now he will teach you ancient magic and alchemy. The next room down on the 
left, sell your scrap items to Marlo. Go on down to the lower level and give 
Norris 5 bundles of weapons.

You should now have 90 reputation. The remaining 10 percent involves Cape Dun 
(who's the rebel underground). Once you find that out, return here and tell 
Javier. For now, return to Ardea and talk to Hamlar. Back out the west gate, 
go back down to the pier and on down some worn stone steps to the beach. Head 
east till the beach ends and climb around the edge or swim around and continue 
along the beach. After a long way, you come to a cave on the left with lots of 
goblins and two ogres. Lots of experience. Move easily and let them come at 
you one at a time.

Outside, continue along the beach in a northerly direction to another cave 
with some giant lizards. Their tongues are useful. Now return back south on 
the beach and up the steps to the west gate of Ardea. In the distance, to the 
northwest past an old shack, you'll see a circle of standing stones where 
Chris is.

He'll teach you about hunting if you kill the 5 shy deer for him, which is a 
difficult task and they are dangerously close to lots of orcs that king Rhobar 
tells you to destroy, much later. Remember to kill all wolves you see and take 
their inventory. Just west of Chris is a cave with lots of bandits and the 
boss Ortega. There's also 5 crates of lamp oil for a quest. See any magic ore 
and iron ore? North of Chris is a cave with 4 lurkers and two chests. Exit the 
lurker cave and SAVE game.

*Now for a long side trip to find Xardas. Make sure you have plenty of healing 
and stamina potions in two of the quick slots so that you can drink on the run 
(Shift+W), when you have to run. Running too long quickly depletes your yellow 
stamina bar. Once you're ready, fron the lurker cave, head NE past the well 
box, then go NNW through the trees and RUN north and downhill a little, and NE 
on down to two bridges and cross them heading due north.

*Stay away from the cliff edge continuing on the hillside NNE through an 
abandoned camp. Head east to the edge, then north through ogres to the snow. 
Continue north to the mountain, then west till you can swing back NE. Stay 
next to the mountain on your left as you continue due north through goblins, 
then stay near the edge and through more goblins, continue NNE, then NE past 
bloody tracks to a lookout tower and orcs. Quickly swing left at two tree 
stumps opposite the tower.

*Head up west and continue following the zig zag trail up the mountain. At 
intersection with ice golem, go right and continue up NE, eventually going 
past another ice golem just south of Xardas' tower. Downstairs and upstairs 
are several scrolls that can be picked up, even though they don't show a 
message. Check out all chests and read all book stands. Upstairs, get 
everything from the table, including a teleport stone. Talk to Xardas on 

Teleport back to Ardea, turn around and head generally northwest (Chris and 
standing stones off to your right) following the road signs, then NW up a long 
steep path to a fork in the path. Take the left and on up NW and talk to Lomar 
on all. If he starts to leave, talk again. Give him the 5 crates of lamp oil. 
Back south towards the three-way intersection, follow the signs on down to 
Cape Dun, eventually moving west to a shack and talk to Jens who'll teach you 
hunting if you give him 10 wolf pelts. Roast some meat at the campfire.

All around the area you'll hear wolves. Kill all you can find, especially the 
ones labeled "Hungry Wolves".


Continue to Cape Dun and talk to Silas just outside the entrance. On the left, 
talk to the Orc Grobok. On the right, around a wagon, get 3 wolf skins.

Back to the town, just inside the gate, talk to Gamal. He sold the paladin 
Wenzels' belongings to Urkrass, and one of his slaves escaped. There's a wolf 
skin behind him. Back out the gate, go left into the woods and find Harek. 
Give him some roasted meat. Tell him that he's coming back with you and he 
says "Maybe we can talk about it." Then you should say, "What can you tell 
me", "Where are you trying to go", "I'll take you out of here." Lead him back 
to Jens, talk to Jens, then talk to Harek.

Back towards the town gate, turn right and go north to climb a hill to a high 
grassy ledge where 3 hungry wolves are hiding. If you still don't get the 
quest success message, the final wolves are probably around the hillside a 
little away from the immediate area. Once all hungry wolves are killed, you 
get a quest message. Go back to the gate and enter. Straight up the street, 
talk to Esiel the alchemist on everything. If you have enough healing plants, 
give them to Esiel. Behind him, on a box, is a wolf skin. On the left two 
guards to Uruk. You need 75 percent respect to see him. Don't go up the side 
steps or the orcs turn against you.

On up on the right, next to a grind wheel, talk to Bufford on all. Next to 
wheel is a wolf skin. Across street, in burned out building, is a wolf skin. 
Another is on the south side of the building. On up behind some boxes, in 
front of a plow, is a wolf skin. Up on right is Urkrass's warehouse. Talk to 
him to get the quest for his shipment. Then buy the chalice from him. Talk to 
Bufford again.

Go back out the gate, go right and travel along the cliff edge to the part 
that sticks out to the south. On the tip of this area, destroy the bandits and 
get the 3 crates of goods. Return them to Urkrass. Cyrus is sitting on a bench 
nearby. Talk to him and give him the bottle of booze. Talk to Deckard, then 
Seruk. If you want, you can go back to the lighthouse at Ardea and get Jack's 
gold. But first you might want a teleport stone for this town so you wouldn't 
have to walk back. For now, talk to Phil who's digging nearby. He wants 3 
bundles of weapons.

You can sneak, Ctrl, into the warehouse side entrance, while Urkass is outside 
looking away, and get the 2 gold goblets, a teleport stone, and a bundle of 
weapons, but you should save first or somehow "make yourself invisible" while 
sneaking! If you manage to do the warehouse without getting caught, you can 
teleport to Ardea, get the gold from Jack at the lighthouse, then teleport 
back to Cape Dun. On up the steep path, turn right into the graveyard area and 
collect several healing plants. The alchemist might want these. Over in the 
other direction, where orcs are, carefully approach and talk to the Orc leader 

After defeating Fadi, talk to him then talk to the Orc boss and get a fight 
with Darmok. Talk to him, then talk to the boss again. By this time, you 
should have at least 75 percent reputation and you can enter the prison and 
talk to Wenzel. Do NOT start the liberation at this time. Outside, next to the 
grinding wheel, is a bundle of weapons. In the tent behind Arokkh is a bundle 
of weapons. Go back down to where Gamal stands just inside the gate. Turn 
right and go down the steep path all the way to the beach.

Head west to the end and turn north to a cave entrance. In the first area, 
over by the second campfire on the ledge are two bundles of weapons. Exit the 
tunnel and go back to town. Go back to the west end and around right and talk 
to Phil the digger, who may be sitting at the campfire. Also, give him the 
three bundles of weapons.

Now return up to the prison and tell Wenzel to start the liberation. Quickly 
mop up the lighthouse area, then rush down and kill Uruk. Remaining opposition 
will run away. If Wenzel survived the fighting, he eventually comes down to 
the gate area. Talk to him and he tells you about his lost sword, another 
quest. Go back up to the arena area to check for anything missed. Go down and 
loot everything in town. Be sure Wenzel is standing at the front gate when you 
talk to him a final time.

Teleport to Reddock, go all the way down and tell Javier that Cape Dun has 
been liberated. Now get back on the long uphill path west of Ardea and 
continue on to the three-way intersection. Take the right path up past glowing 
crystals, then WSW following signs to Montera. Soon, you come to a cave on the 
right with cowardly orcs. After wiping them out, ***don't forget to look for 
magic ore and iron ore. You usually find magic ore in chests.

Continue on the path a short way and talk to Armon.

Continue on the path in a southerly direction, following signs to Montera. You 
come to another cave on the left with a couple of shadow beasts, lots of vials 
and bottles, treasures and chests. 

***See any magic ore and iron ore? Continue along the path and cross a long 
footbridge and talk to Domenik. On both sides of the river, pick all the 
Stoneroot you can possibly find as you go all the way to the waterfall area. 
Stoneroot is usually close to water and swampy areas.

Stoneroot doesn't seem to show in inventory for some strange reason, but 20 
are needed for a quest later on. There's 13 on the south side of the river, 
and 15 on the north side, one of which is behind the large rock just south of 
Domenik. Just east of the falls, go north through the stone arch. Continue 
along the road, past an old house, to a camp on the left. Talk to Arakos, and 
go Orc hunting, follow Arakos. When the 4 orcs are dead, search them to find a 
broken druid stone. Afterwards, be sure the quest is completed by talking 
again to Arakos.

Return south to the camp, go in the cave and talk to Porgan on everything. 
Give him the stone, then give him 20 stone roots. You get the repaired stone. 
Head back northwest past the destroyed Orc patrol, then north. At the 
intersection, go east uphill. When you see a tower in the distance, you soon 
come to some wreckage in the road. On the left behind a wagon, get the gold 
casket, a quest item. Up ahead, on the right, talk to Otis on all but don't 
threaten him. Ask to join. Pick up all the weapon bundles you see. Head east 
around the big rock and left uphill to a tower. Talk to Trano on all and he 
refuses to leave (don't harm him). Go back down past Otis, then NE past the 
shrine on your right, and continue to town and enter the west gate.


Straight up the steps and straight into the tavern. Talk to Basir on 
everything and give him the gold casket.

Exit the tavern, go around right past the well box and up the steps. At the 
next steps, talk to Marik on all and work for him. Again talk on all, ask 
about mercenaries till no options on that are available. Go back down and out 
the west gate. Straight ahead to a small fence at the hill, then left a little 
to find a King's Sorrel. Up on the road, go west through Otis' camp, go east 
around the rock and left up to Trano and tell him Marik is cutting his pay, 
then tell him to leave. Go back down to Otis and talk on everything.

Now NE back into town and talk to Marik, at the first house on the left, about 
mercenaries. Head south through the slave quarters and downhill. Continue 
along the path to a cave just south of Montera. In the cave, destroy all the 
Stray wolves as part of a quest, and get Wenzel's sword lying on the ground. 
At least one of the chests could have a piece of magic ore. Now you could have 
at least 7 pieces if you've been opening all chests.

Exit the cave and go back north towards the south exit. Go into the trees on 
the right and talk to Daryl on all and say you'll think of something to get 
rid of the camp guards. Pick up all bundles of weapons.

Go back up towards south entrance of town.  A guard stands on each side of the 
path. Talk to the one on the east side of the path and ask him to "Help with a 
problem." Stay ahead of him going down the hill. Just as the guard starts back 
in the woods, knock him out (you must let Daryl kill him). While he's knocked 
out, rob his inventory and pick up his weapon. Now Daryl and party makes quick 
work of him. Just watch the fight.

Go back up and ask the guard, on the west side of the path, if he can hunt. 
Again, down at the bottom, when he starts into the woods, knock him out, rob 
him and pick up his weapon and just watch.

When the fight is over, go up to the guard on the west side of the well and 
tell him "Your boss is looking for you." At the bottom, when he starts into 
the woods, knock him out, take his weapon and rob him, and watch the fight.

Go up and talk to the guard, standing next to the stone steps, and say "One of 
the slaves ran away." At the bottom, when he starts into the woods, knock him 
out, take his weapon and rob him, then watch the fight. Finally, you can talk 
to Daryl and get the password that enables you to find out who is the 
undercover man in Montera.

Go up the stone strewn path and enter Montera. Continue on the lower level to 
the west exit and enter the tavern on the right and talk to the Inkeeper.

At the warehouse platform, across from Marik, talk to Sanford on all and get 
the wheat and milk quests. Say the password "Long Live Okara" and agree to 
take a message to Okara. That comes a bit later. Across from Sanford, talk to 
the frightened slave in the abandoned house. Get a teleport stone from the 
table. Don't tell Marik about a traitor, just say that Sanford isn't very fond 
of him, and ask him about the house. Now teleport to Cape Dun and give Wenzel 
his sword. He sometimes can be found on the other end of town. Teleport back 
to Montera, turn around and go to the nearby dairy farm.

Look around and pick up 5 containers of milk. Talk to Dennis and get rewarded 
for the stray wolves you killed in the cave just south of Montera. Go over 
towards the town's wall and head NE on the road towards the wheat farm. First 
you'll come to an old shack on your left. Just inside the fence is a King's 
Sorrel. Continue to the wheat farm. Talk to Rufus and agree to help him 
because he's part of a quest for Okara. Follow him into the woods, then talk 
again and continue to Okara, watch out for the large pack of wolves along the 

Once there, talk again then follow Rufus down to the entrance. Just before the 
entrance guards of Okara, turn left and find a teleport stone on a rock.

For now, the easiest way back to the wheat farm is to teleport to Montera, and 
make you way NE on the road to the wheat farm. Look around and pick up 10 
sacks of wheat. Talk to Elber but don't mention the slave contact. Tell him 
you want to work for him, and ask about everything else. Directly north past 
the glowing crystals, all the way towards the mountain, kill the 7 bandits and 
pick up 5 wheat sacks, actually 6.

Don't even think of going in the nearby cave at this time. It's full of 
goblins, mine crawlers, and dragons. Maybe later. Go back south and talk to 

Go back SW on the road to the west gate and enter. Talk to Marik about Elber 
(don't say anything about the traitor). Talk to Sanford and give the wheat and 
milk. Go talk to Thorek the blacksmith. Go out the south exit to the 
intersection, then eastward on the road that eventually turns south. Along the 
way you come to a large group of bandits on both sides of the road and a cave 
with more bandits. Get em all. Continue south to Domenik's farm and get the 
rent gold from him. Teleport back to Montera and talk to Marik only about 
Domenik. You get to keep the gold.

In the south work area, find Bradley in a shack. Agree to help him with the 
slaves (don't tell him to do it himself, that breaks the quest). Exit, turn 
left and up the steps, then right to a hole where several slaves are digging.

Talk to Osko on all. Talk to Bengerd on all and get a fire chalice. Again talk 
to Bradley, just say you took care of the slaves, anything else breaks the 
quest. Now go talk to Dennis at the dairy farm just out the west gate. Order 
Kelvin back to town and say "Give me one good reason", "Where is this 
treasure", "So what do you want", "I will talk to Dennis". Tell Dennis that 
Kelvin is staying. Talk to Kelvin again about Dennis. You learn about Ashton. 
Now again order Kelvin to work at the temple!

Order Leon back to town and he also wants to make a deal with you. You say 
"What can you offer", and "Ok, what have you got". After agreeing just to get 
the information, order Leon back to the excavations.

Just a little way north of the dairy farm is a small band of rebels. Talk to 
Mason and agree to kill the cows. Pick up the four bundles of weapons. Back at 
the dairy farm, SAVE. Use only your bow and get far enough away that no 
mercenary notices you. With some of the cows, you can hide on the corner of 
buildings out of sight. Once all cows are dead, you get a quest message. Go 
just north and talk to Mason again to get the same password.

Now go back in town to the slave section and talk to Bradley again.

Talk to Marik about mercenaries, DON'T tell about the traitor. Go to Bradley 
and make sure he's inside the shack. Notice the scroll on the lower right 
corner of the table. Knock Bradley out and quickly get the scroll. Take it to 
Marik. Then take the list back to Bradley and say "Now you have your list 
back." Go back towards Marik, go up the east steps, then north and east to the 
arena area.

If Ashton stops you, just say, you'll pay later. Go behind the arena and to 
the SE corner by the wall. Get everything from the chest. Go back to Marik 
(DON'T tell about traitor) and give him the list.

Now go up the wooden steps on the side of the warehouse and talk to Sobota to 
get a quest about 2 slaves. Inside the smithy Thorek's shop is a slave. Lead 
him away and you'll have to pay a total of 1100, or if you have 5 pieces of 
magic ore, tell Thorek that you don't have the money and he'll want 5 pieces 
of magic ore. Take the slave back to Sobota.

In the arena area, talk to Dan about everything. He sometimes sits in the 
shack. Talk to Ashton on all and pay 500 entry fee. Talk to Dan and knock him 
out in the arena, talk to him once he recovers. You get his slave, who's 
sitting under the roof just north. Lead the slave back to Sobota. Now return 
to the arena area.

Talk to Fedor on all, knock him out in the arena, talk again once he recovers.

Talk to Goose on all and repeat the routine in the arena, talking afterwards.

Defeat Ugo on all and talk after he recovers.

Talk to Ashton and defeat him in the arena. Talk to him once he's up and get 
some experience. Now go report to Marik about mercenaries, but DON'T tell on 
Sanford. Now it's time to head back to Okara, so teleport there.


Okara is a large sinkhole covered by a net. You have to enter on the south 

Go down the tunnel to the worker using a pick. Take the left tunnel to some 
workers and there's some Iron Ore you can get if you have a pick. Go back to 
the intersection and continue left to a large cavern. Take the tunnel to the 
left of the two small rooms. Talk to Roland on all. Exit Okara and teleport 
back to Montera and talk to Sanford.

By now you should have at least 80 reputation, so go to the two guards at 
Varek's castle gate and get permission to enter the courtyard. Through the 
door just south of the entrance is Yorik the weapons dealer. You can deal with 
him if you want. He has a teleport stone. Since you're inside, it's not likely 
any orcs notice if you want to knock out Yorik and take his teleport stone. 
When he wakes up, he won't be angry.

Back out in the courtyard, talk to Kor-Shach and tell him you'll make Folleck 
return to work. Go up the stone steps to the north, go left and up the wood 
steps, on the right, to the top of the tower. Talk to Folleck and say "So this 
tower...." and "They are looking for you" and finally "Were all alone...." 
knock him out.

When he wakes up, order him back to work. Get the bundle of weapons next to 
the chest. Go back down and talk to Kor-Shach.

Now go into the courtroom and talk to Varek, but DON'T say you'll crush Okara. 
Go outside the courtyard and talk to Sanford at the warehouse. He says he'll 
get everyone ready and tells you to kill Varek. When you do, the liberation is 
underway. After it's over, talk to Sanford. Be sure to open everything and get 
all valuables if you want. Outside the throne room, an entrance leads to a 
room under the throne room. Be certain you check all abandoned or burned out 
buildings, because one has a hammer and other items. Another building has two 
bundles of weapons. Dead slaves have pick axes and shovels. Now teleport to 


Go down through the tunnels and tell Roland about the liberation. Now go up to 
the main cavern and talk to Mannig the smithy. Tell him about Rufus if not 
already. Six more people are needed.

Candela and Fraser are in the ruins north from Okara. After exiting Okara, go 
SE down the path and around left to cross the bridge as you continue north. 
Kill the two shadow beasts and take their horns. Continue north to the ruins 
and talk to Candela on everything. He will go to Okara when you tell him to. 
Talk to Fraser on everything and go boar hunting with him, then he agrees to 
go to Okara. 

Owen sits at a campfire across the chasm just south of Okara. Give him some 
booze and send him off to Okara.

Rakus is hiding in a cave some distance south of Okara and NW of Montera. 
There's glowing crystals outside the cave. Help him run out of the cave, then 
go back in and clear it out. Rakus will give you a fire chalice, then he will 
go to Okara.

Randall is at a campfire WSW of Okara and on a flat knoll that's SE of the 
great falls. Help him clear a part of the mine, then go and clear out the rest 
of the mine. He won't leave till every single beast is gone and you mine a few 
ore pockets (if you accidentally hit him during the fighting, he just stands 
there, but the quest is completed when you talk to Mannig). He doesn't want to 
leave the treasure, so offer him 300 gold to leave. Later on, he just shows up 
at Okara.

Before leaving the cave, you can get lots of iron, gold, sulphur, including 
nuggets and lumps lying around, and other items. Make sure you get everything 
you can. There's an iron ore lump on top of a tall stone column (telekinesis 
would help if you stand on the side of the wall).

Kent is hiding in a cave ENE of Okara, and "malicious ripper beasts" block the 
front of the area. Once they're dealt with, you have to threaten him to make 
him go to Okara.

Now go to Okara and talk to Mannig about all of them, then ask him if he needs 
anything else. Give him 5 pieces of iron ore.

Roland should have already told you about the curse on Gotha. In the room next 
to Roland' tunnel, talk to Shawn about everything. Teleport back to Montera 
and take the northeast road, past the wheat farm, a good ways toward Gotha. 
You come to a bunch of orcs on both sides of the road. Don't bother them and 
they leave you alone. Later, once the rebuilding begins, the orcs leave.


Potros is in the shack on the left by the path. Don't talk to him just yet. Go 
on north up the path. The first house on the right is the old smithy building. 
In there is a Gotha teleport stone. At the campfire in the middle of the path, 
go right and enter the cave with lots of undead. At the end of a tunnel is the 
teleport stone to the temple of VENGARD. DON'T go up the final stone steps to 
the castle courtyard, because Gorn will help you with that.

Back down the path, kill all undead you see and check all the empty shacks for 
items and chests. All the way back down to Potros' shack, talk to him but 
DON'T say "I'll show you..... " That should be saved for the last option the 
second time you talk later on. Talk on everything else and pay the 2000 for 
Gorn. Go in the side room and talk to Gorn on all, then when you walk outside, 
he'll lead the way up to the castle's first courtyard.

Quick as possible, kill the demon and take all its inventory that includes an 
Adanos relic, "The Ring of Life." All demons have to be killed before the 
quest "Go demon hunting with Gorn" is completed. Look in all the buildings of 
the first courtyard, and in the second courtyard to the north, for lots of 
items. Once the rebuilding starts later, you're not likely to find very much 
if you ever come back. Go back down and tell Potros about the demon. He 
refuses to believe you defeated the demon. Now you can tell him "I'll show 
you.... "

When he attacks, knock him out and rob his inventory. Quickly look in his 
treasure chest for a second Gotha teleport stone. Now exit the hut and 
teleport back to Okara. Talk to Roland on all. You get 2000 gold and a quest 
to rebuild Gotha. In the room next to Roland's tunnel, talk to Shawn and give 
him 1000 gold to start rebuilding Gotha. If you teleport back to Gotha, you'll 
see it has been occupied by rebels and slaves. If a rebel stops you, tell him 
"Bite me". When he attacks, knock him out.


***This will be the last Myrtana area liberated at this time. In the remaining 
towns of Trelis, Silden, Geldern, and Faring you just build up reputation. 
Doing any of the remaining towns, before building reputation in Varant, causes 
problems. One Orc in Lago and several orcs in Ben Sala will consider you 
hostile and they turn those two towns against you. Total liberation of Myrtana 
will have to wait till after building reputation mostly with Hashishin in all 
of Varant***.

Now teleport to VENGARD Temple. Markus greets you and gives you his chalice. 
Before rushing through to the castle, you have lots of work to do locating and 
killing the five Orc commanders. If any rebels venture out into the fighting, 
try not to accidentally kill any of them in your fury against the orcs. Take 
everyone's inventory and open all chests you can. You need at least 15 saws, 
10 hammers, 20 pickaxes, 20 weapon bundles, 30 bread, and 30 roast meat for 
quests inside the castle area.

Once the five orc commanders are dead, you'll get a message about mission 
success. You will of course have to kill dozens and dozens of other orcs.

There's two paladins you have to escort to the castle. Thordir is at the top 
of a tower south of the castle. Georg is in the next room from where you 
teleported in. When most or all orcs and the five bosses are dead, take Georg 
to Cobryn who's standing in front of the castle gate. Then go get Thordir and 
follow him. Cobryn and the two paladins will reward you when talking to them 
afterwards. Go into the castle and talk to King Rhobar and get a quest to kill 
four Orc leaders and their minions at the southwest area outside the barrier. 
Don't bother any chests where you can be seen.

Go through the north side door of the throne room, go up and turn right and go 
on up to find Karrypto. Show him the chalice that Markus gave you. After 
talking about everything, get the teleport stone from near him. This stone 
takes you just outside the barrier. It is labeled "No one knows where this 
goes to." Near the window is another teleport stone which brings you back to 
the throne room.

Out in the courtyard, Keldron the smith, wants 20 bundles of weapons. Vandorn 
wants 15 saws, 10 hammers, and 20 pickaxes.

Outside the castles' courtyard just north of Cobryn, you'll find Abe. He wants 
30 bread and 30 roast meats.

When you're ready to leave, use the stone labeled "No one knows where this 
goes to" and teleport through the barrier, then head west uphill till you can 
go south and start along the high ground leading south and take out all the 
commanders, at least four, and their warriors. When you get the quest success 
message, teleport to Rhobar and talk to him.

Now teleport to Okara, travel west around side of hill, then northwest past 
the campfire and see Silden in the distance.


Continue straight NW and wade the water to where the Orc guard Brontobb is 
standing. Go around the house on the left and talk to Hatlod, the ship 
builder, on everything to learn his tools are missing. The Satiated Lurker 
(dark grey) is south from town on the other side of the river. Once that one's 
inventory is taken, continue south along the water looking for Stoneroot 
plants. You'll find several of these which are used as quest items much later.

Stoneroots always grow close to water or damp ground. Continue working your 
way around the lake collecting Stoneroot. They don't show in inventory but you 
do have them. Cross the river before getting to the small falls. When you're 
west of town, you'll find two lizards, one is the Constipated Lizard that has 
one of the tools. Return Hatlod's tools. You'll find a blueprint for him much 
later. Head north to the arena, in the middle of town. Go on past the arena on 
the right side and make your way to the north gate.

Outside the town's north gate is a stone circle. Inside there is a teleport 
stone lying on a rock.

***In these remaining towns of Myrtana: Silden, Trelis, Geldern, and Faring 
(done last), build up town reputations till you can see the Orc leaders. Once 
you've built up at least 75 political reputation with orcs in all of Myrtana, 
including Faring, you can see the chief Orc of all Myrtana, who resides in 

***Remember, DON'T liberate this town at this time. Just build reputation here 
and in the remaining towns, then move on to Varant***.

Go back south to the arena and talk to Barrack standing next to the arena. 
Knock out Jarock. While he's out, rush into the east cave and get a bundle of 
weapons in the last room. Go talk to Barrack.

Knock out Jaroll. While he's out, rush into the west cave and get Kadok's 
hammer. Go up and talk to Barrack. Knock out Trompok in the arena, talk to him 
when he wakes up. Talk to Barrack. Just south of the arena, and around to the 
right, talk to Frillock and give him 5 pieces of roasted meat. Northeast, 
uphill to the steps, talk to Denpok about everything. Go back down W and SW, 
talk to Frillock again, then go back up NE and talk to Denpok again.

Just north, at the house with two wagon wheels over the door, talk to Gambal 
the cook. He wants 50 pieces of raw meat. Head west out the gate, continue NW 
towards the great falls and start hunting. If it's not very late, there should 
be several Bison, worth about 4 each, and even rabbits for 1 each. Once you 
have the 50 pieces of raw meat, go back in the town gate and SE uphill, talk 
to Gambal again.

Just north of Gambal is Inog in a house. Accuse him of being a rebel, then 
agree to help him for now. He also needs 5 bundles of weapons. There's some in 
the mill (you might get accused of stealing), and in some of the buildings.

Just SE of Inog's house is a house with skulls over the door. Go in and talk 
to Grompel.

Directly north (at the mountain range shown on your map) in the high woods 
west of the mountain stream, are 3 slaves at a campfire. Kill them with the 
final killing blow. Uphill, to the west of them is a single slave you should 
kill, and back past the three, uphill to the east, is one more slave to kill. 
You'll get a quest success message once all five slaves are dead.

The easiest way to find Anog is to teleport to Silden, then turn around and 
cross the short foot bridge. Head directly northeast to the second woodpile, 
then north to a rebel camp. Continue ENE to the left of the tall standing rock 
to another camp, then NE to a third camp and cross a foot bridge. At the large 
rebel camp, find Anog in the upper most cabin, the leader of the rebels. Talk 
to him on everything.

Tragak camps somewhat to the east of Anog, past some ruins watch out for two 
trolls. Just inside Nordmar, Tragak and orcs might be fighting wolves and 
ripper beasts. Don't kill Tragak because he has to get back to town and 
deliver a message. If he dies, Umbrak will no longer trust you and attack, as 
well as all other orcs in town. Then from now on, any town not visited and 
freed, all towns will be hostile toward you.

Since Tragak has the Goods Delivery on him, you obviously cannot return them 
to Anog. Carefully lead Tragak south towards Okara. Make sure you lead Tragak 
far enough south of the Okara entrance so that the guards don't see him. Then 
west, and northwest past the campfire, continue northwest towards Silden and 
cross the water to the fishermen's area where you first arrived. Then lead 
Tragak roughly north to Grompel. Talk to Grompel, then talk to Tragak. The 
next shack down, talk to Inog.

On the northwest side of the arena, just out the north gate, then left into 
the slave area, at or inside a house is Zapotek. Talk to him about everything. 
Agree to kill Grompel for him, and you'll be doing that much later when it's 
time to liberate the town. For now though, go speak with Inog again, then kill 

All the way over on the west side of town, Kadok sits beside the outside steps 
of a large building near the water. Learn about his hammer and give it to him 
if you got it from the arena west cave. Talk about everything, then follow him 
back and talk to Denpok. Brontobb stands guard in the fishermen's section. 
Talk to him on everything. On the back deck of the building north of Hatlod's 
partly built ship, go inside and get Irmak's "Krush Irmak" halberd attached to 
the wall. Around the fishing huts and on the boardwalks, collect at least 8 
barrels of fish.

In the large building near Brontobb, talk to Temmy. Back at Brontobb, go 
directly across the river from him and start killing lurkers till you get the 
mission success message. Across to the fishermen's area and talk to Brontobb 
on everything, then follow him. Talk to Denpok.

Irmak is sleeping in the mill area northwest of the arena. Talk to him on 
everything, then give him his halberd, if you got it from the fishing hut 
wall. Now get him to go into town. Follow him and talk to Denpok.

Gancka stands guard near the north gate at the prisoner's quarters northwest 
of the arena. Talk to him on everything and follow him. Talk to Denpok. Go 
back to the prison camp again to the NW of the arena, and look all around for 
7 bundles of firewood. There's 2 in Zapotek's hut, but he has to be outside 
looking away.

SAVE, or quick save, then walk just in the doorway, then sneak (Ctrl) into the 
hut and get the two bundles of firewood. Also get the fire chalice beside the 
window. Now sneak back out.

Outside the SE gate of the prison camp, get 2 bundles of firewood sitting on a 
pile of lumber. You should now have 11 bundles, 10 are actually needed.

North of the arena, go all the way west to the long wood bridge across the 
water. In the building there, talk to Givess about everything and give him 10 
bundles of firewood and 8 barrels of fish. Now return to the fishing district 
and talk to Temmy again.

Just north of the arena, in the slave quarters, Jerek sits at a campfire. He 
needs 5 bundles of weapons (some in the mill, don't let anyone see you, and 
other buildings of the inner section of town) and 25 roasted meats. If you 
don't have enough, Gambal the cook, east of the arena, will give you 10 
pieces. If you need more, and you don't have any raw meat to roast, go 

Just southwest of Jerek, then west, Quadir is sitting near a long wooden 
bridge. Talk to him on everything. Go across the long bridge, then west up 
between two large boulders.

One of the workers is Bozep. Talk to him and get a delivery of berries for 
Stan. Another worker is usually off by himself. Talk to Will on everything 
till he attacks you. Knock him out, then make him come with you. Lead him back 
across the bridge and talk to Quadir. Now go to the fishing hut, south of the 
arena, and give the berries to Stan. Now back across the bridge in the west 
section, go talk to Bozep to complete the quest.

Pavel stands just inside the north gate. Go with him up to the hunting cabin, 
paying attention to the general direction. Once there, talk to Lukjan about 
everything. Around the building area are 7 crates of pelts, and 1 on top of 
the well box. Talk with Falk, but don't tell him he's a coward. Go snapper 
hunting with him. Afterwards, return to Lukjan's hunting cabin, then head west 
to another hunting cabin and talk to Bram. Go Silver Wolf hunting with him.

Return to town, then to the warehouse on the west end and give the pelt 
delivery to Givess. Now return north to the hunting lodge and give the 1500 
gold to Lukjan. Now return to Silden. In the northwest section of town, just 
NE from the slave quarters, Lars is being held captive in a shack. Talk to him 
on everything. Just south to Zapotek and talk to him. Pay the 300 gold for 

Go talk to Lars again and follow him to an area near the pass. He says it's 
just north, but actually you have to go SE to the rebel camp, then up the 
steep path to the snowy region, then roughly north along the snowy trail, 
which is guarded with all kinds of opposition. But for now, teleport back to 
Silden and get permission to see Umbrak. He will be suspicious of all Moras, 
but won't harm you. Talk about everything, but DON'T say "We will fight..... 
", instead say "What can I do.... " He'll order you to kill Anog, but a quest 
for that is much later.

For now, teleport to Montera. You're at the west gate, so just turn around and 
head WSW on the road. Continue going downhill a long way, continue past a left 
turn. Continue downhill and Trelis will show in the distance.


At the intersection near town, go left and cross a stone arched bridge. Turn 
right and go check the chest, behind the shrine, to get a teleport stone. Go 
to the nearby south gate bridge and talk to Thorus on everything. Just WSW is 
a large pit. As you start down, get the King's Sorrel on the left. Defeat five 
ogres. In the cave is a bundle of weapons.

Back northeast, talk to Thorus again. Head west to intersection. Nearby is a 
destroyed farm. Talk to Kapotth about everything. Just west in a cave are 
three saber-toothed tigers and useful items. Report back east to Kapotth. On 
the north side of the house, among the rubble, is a bundle of weapons.

Go east to the road intersection, then NW and N, cross long wood bridge, just 
past a white tree on left, go west to farm. In the house talk to Torn on 
everything, but no teaching. Kill him, rob his inventory and loot the shack. 
The guards outside don't seem to notice. Back down to the road, then south to 
the wood bridge. On the west side towards the falls, there's 4 or 5 Stoneroots 
on each side of the water, a few somewhat back away from the water.

On the east side of the bridge towards more falls are 2 or 3 Stoneroots on 
each side. Continue south on the road to the ruined farm, talk to Kapotth on 
everything. Back at the road intersection, head east to Trelis' south gate and 
report to Thorus. Go south to an arched stone bridge and go across. Go SE 
through trees to a clearing and notice temple ruins up to the east.

Go there and talk to Tempeck. On the east side of camp are two bundles of 
weapons. Stuck in the wagon, get Milok's sword. Before going down inside the 
ruins, just inside at the end of the left ledge, get Ben's Shovel. Kill the 
temple beast and skeletons as you work your way on down. Talk to Kamak on 
everything and follow him out of the temple. Talk to him again, then talk to 

Go back down NW to the road and west across the arched bridge. North and talk 
with Thorus. Enter Trelis. Ahead near the west wall, talk to Konrad on 
everything and get his fire chalice. Go in the near building, talk to Khabir. 
Somewhere in town Prank will stop you. Say, "Don't you have an alchemist", 
"All right, I'll get you an alchemist", "Why so few potions", "Here is a 
potion." On the east end, talk to Milok the smithy on all and give him his 

Go out the SE gate and left around the town wall. Head NW past the large 
boulders and enter the cave to the NE. In there, around left, are two bundles 
of weapons. Jump down and kill the beasts. Go on outside, head right to the 
hill behind town and go up to the farm. Talk to Peer on all, then talk to Josh 
on all. Finally, talk to Avogadro and DON'T say anything about money, "You're 
no farmer", "Why did you run away", "You're going back...." Follow him to 

Talk to Prank. Follow Avogadro to the lab near the south gate. Talk to him 
about potions. Go talk to Prank again. Get in to see Vak. Talk about 
everything and buy the artifact. Exit, go right and talk to Khabir in the 
building. Exit the SE gate and across the arched bridge there. Go east, and 
northeast to Derec's farm. Talk to Derec and fight the goblins that appear. 
Talk to Derec again, then head north on top of the grass bank between the 
river and cliff.

Go in the goblin cave and get a bundle of weapons in the first room. Two 
bundles of weapons in the second room. Exit and south to Derec and talk to 
him. Talk to Ben, don't anger him, say "Relax kid... " and give him his 
shovel. Head SSW to the temple ruins area and north uphill. Continue NE uphill 
to a camp, in front of a cave, and talk to Steve. Enter the cave nearby, talk 
to Charles and tell him you know where NEMORA is. Go downhill to the temple 
ruins, kill the orcs and get Kamak's inventory.

Go back up and talk to Charles in the cave. Exit and go SE uphill to another 
cave and clear it out. Back down and talk to Steve. Go SE downhill, then NW to 
the road and west across the stone bridge. Head south to Farmon's farm. Talk 
to Farmon on everything. Hengley is actually in the next area you will visit.

At the shack door, sneak inside and rob the chest to complete a mini quest. Go 
back north and cross the stone arched bridge. Continue along the road to the 
intersection, go left and cross the SE bridge, turn right and go around the 
outside of the town wall and uphill to the farm. Tell Peer about Farmon's 

Now go back down and cross the bridge, continue to the intersection, go west 
and cross the bridge, then south to Farmon's farm. Talk to Cole and go with 
him to NEMORA. There's lots of opposition along the way, so do your best to 
keep Cole alive.


Once at NEMORA, talk to Cole. Just upslope on the right of the entrance, 
there's a chest down in front of the large bones. The chest contains a 
teleport stone. Just past the entrance guards, talk to Tyler at the campfire. 
Talk to Finley. Down in the pit area, talk to Kippler. He talks about Kapotth 
that you've already met. In the tunnel first room, talk to Treslott about 
everything. On through the tunnel, don't bother anything but talk to Hengley 
about all and get Farmon's rent.

Exit the tunnel and up out of the pit and out past the exit guards. Go left 
and up towards the large bones, and head west killing all snappers and 
snorting beasts. Look all around the area and find 5 Herbaceous Lobelia. From 
the NEMORA entrance, go downhill to the east and at the farm, kill Kapotth and 
the others. The cow is worth 4 pieces of raw meat.

Teleport to Trelis and go south to Farmon and talk. Teleport back to NEMORA, 
talk to Kippler down in the pit. Go to the first tunnel room and give Treslott 
the 5 Herbaceous Lobelia. Get the fire chalice. Go up out of the pit and go 
immediately left. Take the first right, continue to the outside and talk to 
Russel. Continue south on the ledge and talk to Rendell.

Go on up towards the bones and around left. Climb the rock behind the chest. 
Head ESE directly towards the left edge of the large distant mountain. You 
eventually find Karlen sitting at a camp fire. Talk about everything.

Follow Karlen and you soon come to a tent surrounded by a few beasts. Karlen 
will wait in a grove of trees while you rush in and kill the beasts. One is 
around behind the tent. In the tent, get the "Goods from the desert." Go back 
to Karlen and continue following him and fight lots of bandits.

You eventually arrive where Kurt is. Once he and the bandits are dead, search 
Kurt for the fire chalice. Don't ask Karlen about NEMORA yet, save that option 
for last after he leads you to the edge of the desert. Sometimes, Karlen gets 
sort of lost, so you might have to look a little to relocate him. He 
eventually continues and you arrive at a cliff overlooking the desert. Talk to 
Karlen again to make sure he will go to NEMORA. Go north a little, then on 
down the trail. You eventually arrive just north of Braga.

VARANT: BRAGA. You can talk to the water vender, but don't get involved in 
anything just yet. While in the towns and areas of Varant, trade with everyone 
and buy any magic ore blanks they have. Sometimes, anyone you knock out or 
kill will have magic ore blanks in their inventory. Occasionally you'll find 
magic ore blanks in chests. You'll need 10 magic ore blanks for a quest 
concerning the smithy in Ishtar.

Enter the north gate of town, and talk to Nafalem standing at the biggest 
house in town. Talk about everything, accepting all his quests. Back north a 
bit stands Bernado. Talk on everything and say you want his tribute. When you 
threaten him, he attacks so just knock him out and take his teleport stone. 
When he wakes up, get his tribute and give it to Nafalem. That's it for Braga 
till much later. All you needed for now was the teleport stone.

Now for a long journey side trip for another couple of teleport stones and 
another quest item. From the south side of Braga, head eastward on the sandy 
road to Ben Erai. Just before there, on your left is a cave and an army of 
sandcrawlers including at least 6 "Tough sandcrawlers". SAVE before trying 
this part. Once all sandcrawlers are dead, you get a "Quest success" message 
concerning someone much later.

Once at Ben Erai, don't bother anything and don't go in any of the buildings. 
Go to the dirt ramp that leads up to the mines. At the bottom of the ramp, 
there's a teleport stone lying on a barrel. Continue south then east on the 
sandy road that eventually turns back north. Continue on to Lago and go 
straight up to the open front store. Talk to the doped out Sibur on 
everything. You should have the 5 white wolf pelts to trade for the ship 
blueprints, a side quest item for Hatlod in Silden.

On the northeast side of town, in a patch of Swampweed surrounded by a fence, 
there's a teleport stone. Now teleport back to Braga. Now head south on the 
sandy road quite a way towards Mora Sul.


Once there, walk clockwise around the town and uphill to the south entrance of 
Mora Sul where a Hashishi sits in the middle of the entrance area. The ONLY 
reasons for being here at this time are to become champion in the arena which 
is necessary to be allowed to fight in the arena in Faring (the final town to 
visit) and to pick up a couple of fire chalices.

Go west through town till you see Bandaro, standing opposite Angar the smithy. 
Don't talk at this time. On Bandaro's right is a teleport stone on the table. 
Just WSW stands Felipe the arena boss. Get a fight with a paladin, knock him 
out, and talk to him once he recovers. Talk to Felipe for the next fight with 
Anktos, then Oelk, and finally Angar, talking with each after they recover. 
Felipe gives you the Moon Blade, another quest item. Head ENE back to the east 
exit and straight north a little to Ismael the smithy. Talk to him and give 
him the Moon Blade.

Return straight south to the lower street in town and go west to find Masil 
and talk on all. He has a fire chalice but wants you to do some things. First 
he wants you to take Orknarok to the temple, which has you going somewhere 
else because nobody wants to fool with him. Just lead Orknarok northeast to 
the exit and far enough outside of town where no one can see. Tell him to go 
back to get him out of the party, then quickly kill him.

Back in town, return southwest to Masil and inform him that there was a 
problem. When you ask for the fire chalice, he wants you to sell an ore blank 
for him and retrieve three promissory notes. 
Go west and SW to the big round tower and north to where Felipe stands in 
front of the arena. Head north, past the steps, to an open shrine in the right 
and talk to Ramon only about the promissory note. He will just give you the 

Continue north and talk to Ilja and only ask about the promissory note. He 
will accept the ore blank and gives you his note. Continue NE and SE in the 
street to Hector who's sweeping the stone patio on the east side of his 
tavern. If it's night, he is inside somewhere. Buy his note for 1400 gold. Now 
return around town to the arena, and go south to the outer street, then east 
and talk to Masil and give the notes for the fire chalice.

Continue NE to the east exit and go out. Work your way left to the north side 
of Mora Sul. Head northeast across the sand and rubble and soon catch sight of 
some ruins. Continue NE through the ruins and some jackals. Eventually there's 
a tent in the desert. First talk to Yussuf the slave and give him water. He 
tells about the keys for the temple of Mora Sul. He will give you one of the 
keys when you order him to. He tells you about Ilja, Gonzales, and Kirk each 
having a key.

The other Mora Sul temple keys can wait till much later when you return to 
complete Mora Sul. At that time, you'll find out that the Orc leader Kalesch 
also has one of the keys.

Talk to Cruz and follow him. Kill the sandcrawlers, and get the fire chalice 
from the "Injured Sandcrawler".

Now teleport back to Silden and go to the southeast side to the fishermen's 
quarters. Talk to Hatlod and give him the ship plans. Now teleport to NEMORA. 
To the right of the entrance, go up slope and around left to Russel on the 
upper level platform. Talk on everything, give the "Goods from the desert", 
and ask who's boss. Tell Russel about Hengley, then about Charles. Ask how you 
can help. Now teleport to Trelis again.

Just south from the gate bridge, cross the arched bridge, go SE to the temple 
ruins area, and uphill to the left side of the ruins. Go NE up to Charles' 
cave and talk to him. Now teleport back to NEMORA. Go through the cave tunnel 
to Hengley's room and loot it. There's a ring behind the stack of boxes. Go up 
to the second level and talk to Dudley. He needs 10 bundles of weapons.

Finley and Tyler can wait till you're ready to liberate Trelis. Two more towns 
to build up reputation. You should now have 10 of the fire chalices, and the 
next town of Geldern gives you number 11. Milten at the Nordmar Monastery has 
number 12. For now, teleport to Trelis, head west following the signs past the 
intersection, and head north, cross the long wooden bridge, and on up to 


Outside the southern exit, a little to the southwest is a teleport stone on a 
rock near a chest. A little closer to the exit and on the right is a King's 
Sorrel. After entering, go left then right. Up ahead is Lares, standing near 
the drummer. If it's late, he moves around the immediate area. Just wait 
around and he'll show up. Talk to Lares on everything.

Barely south, and east between the two buildings Jared is standing on the 
platform or in the building with the arch over the door. Don't bother any of 
his things. After talking, go back west and north towards the drummer. Lares 
sometimes wanders about. Talk to him, then back to Jared and talk again. Go 
west, then south to the house on the right and talk to Marius on everything.

Go back east a little and out the south gate. Head about WSW uphill, passing 
near three 3 ogres. Just up from there is a board fence around a camp and 
cave. On the south side of the camp is a King's Sorrel. In the cave you'll 
fight a Stone Golem in the first room to the south. All around are gold, 
sulphur, and ore veins you should mine. On a rock is an amulet. In the last 
room, Mazin is digging. After talking to him about everything, on south is one 
last vein.

Exit and go back NE to town. Go east to the building on the left with a banner 
and an awning. Talk to Mirzo on all (later you'll tell Nemrok about him). 
Outside, go west and out the south gate. Back WSW to mine and talk to Mazin. 
Back in town, go east, past the arena, and enter the mine. Pick axe any veins 
not being mined by slaves. A slave completely out of sight of any guards, 
knock out the slave and mine his vein. Near one guard is a dark tunnel. Light 
up a torch and find a fire chalice and a shovel at the end.

You should now have 11 fire chalices.

***After setting up Geldern, and  next Faring, the last one, you'll be making 
the long trek north to the Monastery in Nordmar to bless the chalices. Then 
start returning them to the paladins. Konrad, in Trelis, will be much more 
powerful in helping during that town's liberation.

Exit the mine, go right and uphill. Talk to Hamil, sometimes in his shack. On 
past the arena and south, then west, and north to the front of the temple and 
talk to Nemrok. Enter his service, and work for him. He asks for 50 gold 
nuggets and you should almost have the 50 pieces. Tell on Mirzo. Return south, 
then east to Mirzo. Talk and he attacks. Knock him out and rob his inventory. 
He has a second teleport stone.

Outside, go all the way west to the last house on the left. Talk to Grimbol 
and give 5 pieces of sulphur. North to the house on the right with red carpet. 
Talk to Renwik. Talk to him again to give a King's Sorrel. Outside the back of 
the house, just NE Gunnock sits, sometimes in his shack. Only tell him Torn is 
dead, DON'T insult him, yet. That's useful later. From Gunnock, head just 
south to the warehouse, and go up the outside steps. Talk to Peratur to find 
out he's in league with Hamil. Go tell Nemrok.

Go south, then east to the arena. Talk to Agenak, who sometimes sits in his 
shack. First you fight Dimitar, knock him out and talk to him once he 
recovers. Talk to Agenak again and get a fight with Gembak. Once he recovers 
from the knockout, talk to him and follow him. Gembak might pause 2 or 3 times 
in front of the temple. Continue following Gembak out the north gate to Ivan's 
area. Once Ivan is dead, you must talk to Gembak on the high ledge where Ivan 
originally was.

Now southeast back down to the road and head north. Just northeast down the 
road, is an old mine. Watch out for the stone golem just down the road. In the 
mine, there's two rooms with mine crawlers. Once they're all dead, mine all 
the gold veins you see. In the last room is a Weathered Stone Tablet lying on 
a rock. Back southwest and enter town, head west towards the smithy, then 
south to the last house on the right. Talk to Marius for a reward.

Head east to the arena and talk to Agenak. Knock out Kulak and talk when he 
wakes up. Talk to Agenak and you tell about Mirzo.

Back northwest, then north past Nemrok. Out the north gate. Go left and NW. 
Kill 8 to 10 snappers, some are west on the side of the hill. When all are 
dead, you get a quest message.

At the nearby mine, talk to Sulfock and he gives you 9 lumps of sulphur. 
Outside the mine, look carefully for 6 more lumps of sulphur. On entering the 
cave, look carefully for a lump of sulphur on the right behind some rocks. In 
the first room are at least 6 lumps and several pieces. Pick any veins not 
being worked on. In the second room are several lumps lying around. You might 
find at least 31. 30 are needed for a quest.

Exit the mine and continue north till the road starts down. Continue to a 
chest. On the side of the hill just NW is a King's Sorrel. From the chest in 
the road, go north up slope to the mine with 8 tunnel wolves, 5 outside and 3 
inside. In the mine are veins of gold you should pick, and an amulet on a 
rock. There's all manner of beasts around the mine area and you should kill 
all you can find because later you'll bring four different slaves here for a 

Exit the mine and continue north. Watch out for the three trolls. Continue 
north till you start uphill on a large overhang. Go past a camp, then down 
slope a little, gradually turning west and on up. Keep watching the top of the 
south mountain and see some ruins, your eventual destination. Continue south 
and southeast up the final hill to the old ruins.

There's 4 shadowbeasts. You'll find a shadow scepter and some vials. Back down 
NW a little towards the waterfall, then south to the orcs and talk to Ballock 
on everything. From the camp fire, go NW to a mine with zombies, skeletons, 
and a gargoyle. There's a ring on a glowing coffin.

Just outside the mine entrance, go down NE to a ranger camp. In the hut talk 
to Runak on everything, then kill him. Go back up SW, then SE to Ballock and 
talk. Teleport to Geldern, enter the gate and go east to the area above the 
arena and talk to the "particularly eager slave" and follow him to the wolf 
mine (watch out for any beasts that might have spawned).

Back south to town and to the north side of the arena, talk to the "eager 
slave" and follow him to the wolf mine. He walks really slow and pauses 2 or 3 
times. Now you need two more eager slaves. They are in the mine just SE from 
the arena. They sometimes wander in and out of the mine. They also walk slowly 
and you have to go with them one at a time to make sure they get there.

The first one in the mine is easy to find. Once you get him safely to the wolf 
mine, go back to town and to the SE mine. The fourth eager slave is in the 
short west tunnel beside the really dark tunnel. Once he's safely at the wolf 
mine, the quest is complete.

Now go back south to town. Inside, go south to Gunnock's shack, then to the 
west side and talk to Samuel for a reward concerning the old mine. By now you 
should have more than enough reputation in order to get in to see Grok in the 
temple. Go speak to Nemrok on everything and go in to speak with Grok. You 
shouldn't give him Torn's druid stone, but you can mention the fire mages are 
looking for the fire chalices, and Grok doesn't have one.

Now exit the temple and go over to the west end and talk to Marius in his 
shack. After mentioning you have been in the temple, he says he will aid you 
when you start the revolution. But that will have to wait for a while.

You probably have some remaining quests that are just side quests, most of 
which can probably wait till after Geldern has been liberated. It's up to you 
if you think you can sneak and get it. But save first, if you intend on 
trying. It's not  critical items though, just a side quests.
 They are probably;

Find the first paladin's helmet.
It's in Grimbol's building just west of the south gate. It's in view of the 
other guards, so it is very risky trying to sneak and get it.

The seven ancient rings of the Alchemists:
On a stand in Peratur's room.
On Remwik's table.
On a stand in Marius' building.
On the central stand in the building where Grimbol, one of the two shamans 
there, is.
On a stand in the locked treasure house, west of the north gate.
In Gorock's on the weapon rack to the right, just inside the door.
On a locker in the sleeping quarters over the tavern.

Gold plates for Lares (actually they are gold bowls);
One is on a stand in Grok's throne room.
Five are in the shaman room, just outside the throne room exit.

Liberate Geldern from the orcs. This obviously will be done much later.

TIP: For the ring on Grimbol's stand.
I found out that the ring on Grimbol's stand can be taken from behind of him. 
Stand behind him while he's at the stand. If you stand enough to his left, the 
large post blocks the opposite guard's view, and the one by the door can't see 
through his huge sword. When the ring name is showing, press Ctrl to sneak and 
grab the ring! Maybe there's some way to also sneak when nobody can see, and 
get the other six rings.

Also, if Grimbol is on the other end of the room away from the paladin's lost 
helmet, and looking away from it, you can stand there, sneak and grab the 
helmet. The guards will warn you about sneaking, but won't actually see you 
take the helmet.

For now, it's time to move on.

Teleport to the outside of Vengard, using one of the stones that is labeled 
"No one knows where this goes to." Then head west up hill, following signs to 
Faring. The road eventually turns NW. Off in the distance, on the right, 
you'll see a high arched bridge to cross. Once across, head NW up the trail 
and talk to Mitch. Go troll hunting with him, there's three. Then back NW and 
up the trail. Talk to Rocko. If you buy his ring, he says he really doesn't 
want to let it go and he says, "I have grown really fond of it" (a pun on 
Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of The Rings?) and learn about a cave near a tower.

For right now, enter the nearby cave. Down the right side tunnel at the end is 
a teleport stone and some tools. Exit the cave and go on up to the town.


Inside the gate, near or in the first house on the left you should see Connor. 
He has lots of information at a cost.  On the other side at the store is 
Flint. Learn all you can. The first Orc just standing in the street is Gorok. 
Give him some booze. Next is Wilson nearby. Talk to him about everything. The 
house over on the left, Tom is sitting or walking around. Talk to him. He 
wants Ali's artifact.

Watch for Ali as you go a long way up the path. If you're out of sight of any 
orcs, knock Ali out
and get his key, or with other npcs around, pick pocket the key. Go on up past 
the elite warrior, you eventually get to talk to Mojok. He wants a better 
booze, Nordmar Noggin Fog. Turn right and go past the lumber pile and wagon. 
Clear out the cave. Back down to the warrior at the intersection. Got Ali's 
key yet? Go south up the other path and talk to Gnar and sell Wilson's hide 
for 400 (don't try to get more).

Down in the village, talk to Connor and buy his Nordmar Noggin Fog. Talk to 
Flint and learn
about Tippler. Exit town and on down the path, talk to Rocko, then on down and 
talk to Mitch if he's still there and buy his bottle of Nordmar Noggin Fog. 
Now, back at the stone bridge, go southeast to Tippler's shack in the woods. 
Don't try to buy his booze, it's more interesting to get him the ingredients 
to make Nordmar Noggin Fog. He'll teach you if you get rid of 7 goblins in the 
ruins just southeast. Then back NW and talk to Tippler again.

After this quest is complete, go back NW to town. Go up the steep trail to 
Mojok and give him
some Nordmar Noggin Fog. Go back down to town and talk to Gorok. If you 
pickpocketed Ali's
key, go up the outside stairs of the inn. If nobody is there, get everything 
out of Ali's chest. Loot all the other chests. Gorok may suspect you of 
steeling, but only gives you a warning.

See Tom and give him Ali's artifact.

Talk to Wilson and give him the 400 gold then go lurker hunting with him. 
Follow him down over the hill towards the waterfall. At the bridge, talk to 
him. Run across the bridge and kill as many lurkers as you can. Once all are 
dead, talk to Wilson again. Go back up and talk to Tom again about taking the 
rune stone to Nordmar. You now have about 72 percent respect. Up the trail to 
where the elite warrior is standing at the intersection, turn left from the 
trail and go just NW over to the small arena and talk to Curtis.

In the arena, knock Goran out and talk to him after. Talk to Curtis. Knock 
Moff out in the arena
and talk to him after. Talk to Curtis. Knock out Spike and talk to him after. 
Finally talk to Curtis.

Now you have about 96 percent respect. Go all the way up the trail past Mojok 
and continue going up till you see Rathgar. Talk about everything and give him 
the stone. Agree to go with him. Don't lose sight of him and keep him alive if 
necessary. You'll go through ripper beasts, wooly rhinos, and wolves.

At Ejnar's tomb, go in and kill lots of skeletons. Toward the end of the cave 
you'll find more skeletons and Ejnar. He has the helmet that Rathgar 
mentioned. Behind the throne and to the right is a rune altar. Examine it to 
find a rune receptacle.  Exit the cave, go around right till you can climb an 
icy path to the west and find Rathgar and Pedar at a cabin.

***You cannot ask for the rune stone back till you've talked to Kerth at the 
Fire Clan, north of the Monastery. Since you'll be going to the Monastery 
after setting up Faring, you can make the side trip to the Fire Clan to speak 
with Kerth.

Pedar will offer some work for you if you want more experience. When you're 
ready, teleport back to back to Faring.


Talk to Gorok, then go up the path to the elite warrior and turn back south. 
Walk directly up to the castle gate keeper and get permission to enter. Find 
Koraz and ask about everybody. Find Tarok. Sometimes he's dancing near the 
drummer, and if it's dark, he might be sleeping in a hut. Other times he could 
be sitting near the arena. Speak with Tarok and he wants you to prove yourself 
in the Mora Sul arena, which you've already done. Get your knockout bouts 
first with Vigo. Second with Tukash.

Tarok sometimes wonders off, either dancing at the drummer or in one of the 
shacks to the left of
the castle steps leading to Kan.

Third fight with Mortis, and fourth with Rozhov. After all fights, talk to 
Tarok for the reward.

Talk to Zakosh the smithy. If it's dark, he also might be dancing, or sleeping 
in his shack. Since you've already taken care of the three trolls, he'll 
recognize you as a good fighter. He will train you in smithing if you can lift 
the millstone wheel.

Talk to Ur-Gosh at the boiling pot. He too might be dancing, or in his shack 
near the boiling pot. Give him 3 King's Sorrel and he will train you. Since 
you probably don't have 75 reputation with orcs all over Myrtana, you can't 
get in to see Kan. That doesn't matter if you're for the rebels because much 
later you'll get to kill him during the liberation.

***Normally, if you chose side with the orcs and agree to Kan's orders, you 
would be killing the five human leaders King Rhobar, Javier, Roland, Anog, and 
Russel. Then report to Kan for the reward.

***For right now, Faring should not be liberated. First you'll be making the 
long trek northeast of Silden to Nordmar and make your way to the Fire Clan 
(to talk to Kerth and pick up at least one of the two teleport stones there), 
then the Monastery to pick up a teleport stone and bless the chalices. Milten 
there has the last one you're looking for. Make sure you have a ton of healing 
potions and wear your best protective armor and jewelry.

Teleport to Silden, then turn around and cross the short foot bridge. Head 
directly northeast to the second woodpile, then north to a rebel camp. 
Continue ENE to the left of the tall standing rock to another camp, then NE to 
a third camp and cross a foot bridge. At the large rebel camp, find Anog and 
tell him that Umbrak wants him dead, then kill him and his men. Take 
everyone's inventory and the chests.

On the north side of the camp, continue quite a way due east past an Orc 
outpost. Don't bother them, they're harmless. Go up the long mountain trail. 
At the snow, straight ahead east to the snowy path. While traveling throughout 
Nordmar, collect lots of sabre tiger teeth. Some can be used for at least one 
quest much later.

Head down north, swinging around right. At the sign, head down due north on 
the path. At two signs, head down SW towards Hammer Clan. Go past some wood 
cutters and past some ripper beasts, sabre tooths, and wolves to a sign lying 
in the snow. Go NNW on the path, past wooly bison, swing east at the sign to 
the Hammer Clan.

Continue east a good ways. If you see a bunch of goblins with a big guy called 
Ugluz Potbelly, killing him gives and completes a quest at the same time. 
Continue due east to a T intersection with goblins and 2 signs, turn left and 
go north up a long steep path, swinging west on the path and back northwest.

At 2 signs, go north towards Fire Clan and down past ice golems. Continue 
north. At an intersection with 3 piles of sign rocks, follow the sign pointing 
NW to the Fire Clan. Past a troll, go west then up SW, swing around right to 
an intersection, then east.

Cross the bridge and talk to Sivert and say "Foe." He attacks, so only knock 
him out and you get experience and reputation points. Once he wakes up, talk 
about everything. Cross the next bridge. In the shack there, get a teleport 
stone. Back across the bridge, swing right and go uphill. Swing right and left 
and go on up to the big house to the west. Talk to Kerth, sometimes outside 
and sometimes inside sitting. Talk on everything and agree to get the powers 
of the stones. While in the big house, at the shelf on the left of the throne, 
get a teleport stone.

Go back down past Sivert at the first bridge. Continue west a ways, then north 
past orcs on the left. Continue west up a steep path, gradually swinging south 
past a couple of ogres. Continue SE past wolves and up to a wood platform and 
talk to Pyran during the daytime. He sometimes wanders around some. Give him 5 
mana plants if you have them. On up and up the icy steps, talk to Kilian. Back 
down and go up the wood steps.

In the library cave, go right and all the way down to the lower level. In a 
side room, read the Chronicles of Dominance to get the quest to find Akascha's 
tomb.  Exit the room and kill the demon that spawned, and several goblins. 
Read all the books. On one side of the stairs, get a teleport stone from the 

Go all the way back up and outside. If it's night, go left and up the wood 
stairs to the sleeping quarters. Talk to Altus (he's not usually here during 
the daytime) on everything. Exit from the sleeping quarters and down the 
steps. Go up the icy steps and talk to Kilian again. Go on up to Milten and 
talk on everything and get the last chalice. Look at the small burning pot on 
the pedestal and choose "Throw the chalices in the fire." Get the twelve 
chalices that have been blessed. Talk to Milten.

If it's still night, Olivier is one of the chalice owners and he's usually in 
the sleeping quarters. 1.

Teleport to Okara and give Roland his blessed chalice. 2 down.

Now teleport to the Vengard Temple where you first arrived there. Give Markus 
his blessed chalice. Cobryn stands on the steps to the throne room. Georg and 
Thordir are at a campfire beside the steps where Cobryn stands. Go up over the 
courtroom, to the tower, and talk to Karrypto about the chalices.

Teleport to Reddock and give Javier his blessed chalice. 7 down.

Teleport to Cape Dun and give a blessed chalice to Wenzel. 8 down.

Teleport to Nemora and give Karlen a blessed chalice. 9 down.

Teleport to Trelis and give Konrad a blessed chalice. 10 down.

Teleport Mora Sul, then go to Cruz who's still at a tent in the desert NE of 
town. Give him a blessed chalice. 11 down.

The final chalice will have to stay with you because there's a bug in the 

Now teleport to Braga.


***In the towns of Varant, you'll mostly be working to build up at least 75 
reputation with the Hashishin, which will allow you entry into Ishtar.

North of town, talk to Abbas the water vendor and ask for his tribute. His 
chalice is missing. Talk to Tufail and tell him "all right". Follow him a 
little west of town, kill Malir and his bandits. Maybe talk to Tufail again. 
Get the chalice from the chest, and pick up 3 bundles of weapons. Back in 
town, talk to Nafalem on everything. North of town, talk to Abbas. Back in 
town, talk to Jose, who willfully pays his tribute. Tell him about Malir, and 
learn about Taklar.

Talk to Nafalem again. Talk to Luca and say "I suppose I don't have any 
choice." Diego is sitting along the side of Nafalem's house. Go dark snapper 
hunting with him, but he doesn't fight. You can collect at least 12 dark 
snapper skins. Afterwards, talk to Diego to complete his quest.

Kill any jackals in the area, because later you'll be escorting a woman back 
to town.

Go back to town and talk to Luca. Now talk to Nafalem on everything. Taklar is 
directly south a ways from town. After killing him and his men, his inventory 
has a letter. Click it before anything else, then take the rest. In your 
inventory documents section, look at the letter.

***There occasionally seems to be a glitch concerning the letter and its quest 
isn't always activated.

Return to town and talk to Jose. Just south of town, in the first small bit of 
ruins on the left, sits Riordian. Talk on everything till the only option left 
is "I'll accompany you." He leads you south around the side of a mountain, 
through a pack of sand crawlers that needs to be killed. Then through a narrow 
gap in the rocks, past two blood flies to a cave on the right.

Talk to Asaru and say "What exactly do you mean", and "All right let us 
cooperate." talk to Marus and give him 3 bundles of weapons. Talk to Ayitos 
and say "We will attack", then tell him "The fields are now secure." Now talk 
to Aila and slowly lead her back to town. Talk to Nafalem. Go out the south 
gate and back south around the side of the mountain to the dead sand crawlers. 
Through the narrow gap and on SE up to the cave on the right.

Tell Asaru that Aila is back in town. No attacking town, just go ahead and 
kill everyone in the cave and take their inventories. Empty the two chests and 
read the tall stone tablet. Teleport back to Braga and talk to Jose. Now 
teleport to Ben Erai.


You arrive on the west end of town. Remember, don't enter any building unless 
told to by this walkthrough. Go northeast a little and left to talk to Sancho 
on the stone porch. Talk about everything. Instead of teleporting to Lago this 
time, it's best to walk there and kill any jackals along the road. Later, 
you'll take 5 slaves to the mine just southeast outside of Lago. Leave south 
out of Ben Erai and follow the road as it turns west and eventually back 


When you get near Lago, to the right of it you'll see a mine entrance. Go 
there and kill any jackals hanging around. Enter the mine and pickaxe all the 
veins. Exit the mine and go just right to Lago. Fabio usually stands on the 
high wood platform just north of Sibur's store. Talk to Fabio on everything. 
Get an arena fight with Mamuk, who sits under an awning just west of the 
arena. You have to threaten him to make him enter the arena. Knock him out and 
talk afterwards.

Talk to Fabio again and get a fight with Grubuz, the Orc smithy, just south of 
the arena. Go talk to Grubuz and get him to enter the arena. After knocking 
him out, talk to him once he wakes up. Go to the outside of Sibur's store, 
then around behind and west a ways to find Shakyor and his lion at a cave. You 
can talk if you want, but ultimately, just go ahead and kill Shakyor and his 
lion for a quest here and Ben Erai.

Go talk to Fabio about Shakyor and tell about beating Grubuz. You get a 
package of swampweed. Now teleport back to Ben Erai.


Talk to Sancho again on everything. Head northeast past the large metal cage, 
to the large round tent and talk to Vasco on everything and give him a package 
of swampweed. He offers you a shady deal.  If you haven't killed the nearby 
sand crawlers on the first visit quite awhile back, leave town heading 
northwest a bit, then north to the large open area and kill many sand 
crawlers, and several "Really tough sand crawlers", 5 or 6 are in the cave.

When they're all dead, you get a success message. Pick any cactus flowers you 
see in the area. Go back to Vasco at the large round tent and talk to him. Now 
go to Sancho and only tell about the "Vasco's shady deal."

In the southeast part of town, talk to the "Emaciated slave" and lead him and 
4 tired slaves on the road to Lago. The tired slaves know the way, so you and 
the emaciated slave should just follow. If you get ahead of the tired slaves, 
sometimes one of them will start back the other way.


Sometimes one of the tired slaves gets stuck up on the cliff over the mine. 
Just go up there and walk against him some, then go back down to the mine. The 
slave eventually shows up in the mine. Once the 4 tired slaves are in the Lago 
mine working, tell the emaciated slave "Here we are" and  "Get to work now." 
Teleport back to Ben Erai.


Talk to Sancho and report on everything. You get a letter for Sigmor in 
Bakaresh, somewhat later. Just north of Sancho's porch, talk to Lukar on 
everything. Now go tell Sancho everything and what Lukar is up to. SAVE game 
before this next part, it sometimes goes wrong.

Now go talk to Lukar again. He attacks, knock him out and kill him with the 
finishing blow. Rob him. Navaras stands guard on the ramp up to the mine. You 
can't get past him till your reputation is at least 75. When you get 
permission, in the mines you can pick axe several veins, and in a tunnel on 
the top level is another teleport stone.

Eusebio the alchemist, just south of Sancho, will tell you that he needs 10 
cactus flower plants. There's plenty all around the outside of town. Once 
that's taken care of, talk to Campa on everything at his tent just outside of 
town. Tell him about Shakyor. Yespas and his men are just SW from Campa. Kill 
them and tell Campa.

Now head directly south quite a way, past some ruins on the left with 3 ogres. 
You eventually come to some scattered ruins on the side of the hill where 
Hurit and his men are. Kill them. Down hill, just WSW a bit is Sugut's camp at 
an oasis. Inform him about Hurit. Now knock Sugut out, finish him with the 
killing blow and you get a quest message. Rob his inventory and take the ore 
blanks. Keep the ore blanks safe, they're for another quest.

Go back NE a little to Hurit's remains, then north back towards Ben Erai and 
report to Campa. Finally ask if he has anything else. You might now have 100 
percent for Ben Erai.

If you haven't been up to the mine yet, get permission from Navaras on the 
ramp. Mine all unoccupied veins and check out baskets and chests. In the top 
mine tunnel is a second teleport stone. That's it for Ben Erai. Teleport to 


Talk to the "Dismissive Guard" standing in front of the jail and he won't tell 
you anything about the prisoner. Go talk to Sibur at his store near the 
entrance. He doesn't know anything about the prisoner. Go talk to Grubuz the 
smithy about the prisoner. Talk to Rasul just north of the arena. Talk on 
everything and learn about his blood fly problem.

Exit town, go around to your left and go northeast up on the cliff over the 
swampweed garden. You only have to kill 10 blood flies, but there are more. 
There's also 5 or 6 lurkers you should kill and take their inventories. 
Further up on the cliff, in the woods, are several mor lurkers you should kill 
and take their claws and skins. You need to rob at least 10 lurkers.

Go back down to Rasul, the swampweed gardener, and get your reward, a package 
of swampweed. Talk to Mamuk. If it's night, he's in the building in front of 
Fabio. You can eventually get the prisoner's name out of him by giving him 
claws and skins from 10 of the lurkers. Now go and tell Fabio you know the 
prisoner's name and tell him Mamuk told you. Fabio has the key to the jail, 
but you have to get him alone.

Go sleep in Grubuz's bed till midnight, then wait till Fabio goes to bed. SAVE 
now. Go into his house, kill him, and take the key. Someone may accuse you but 
you automatically tell them "No" you don't know anything.

Go to the Jail, open it and go in. Kill Vatras. Make sure he's dead by using 
the killing blow after he's knocked out. You'll get a success message 
connected to a quest in Mora Sul.

Now leave town and head southeast on the road towards Ben Sala. Along the way, 
fight off many zombies.


When you get near Ben Sala, head west towards the big temple and kill more 
mummies and zombies, but don't go all the way to the temple. You'll be 
bringing help from Ben Sala later on. Head back east to Ben Sala, killing all 
opposition in the immediate area of town.

Enter the town's west gate and talk to Enzo the smithy on everything. Talk to 
Giores sitting nearby on everything and learn about his stolen goods. At the 
nearby open front store, get a teleport stone from the table. Head north a bit 
and talk to Daro on everything. In the open front building, talk to Julio on 
everything and learn about Basir, who should have already died in the 
liberation of Montera. And Sugut you've already taken care of far to the WSW.

Go back towards Giores, then east a little, then northeast into the mine 
tunnel, killing zombies and skeletons. In the back of the mine, get 3 heavy 
chests. Mine any veins you see. Exit the mine, go around to your left and east 
uphill killing zombies, and more to the south, then continue NE up to the 
ruins. Kill all undead and restless scouts to get the quest success message. 
Go back to town, then north a good ways to a cave. Kill robbers and pick up 8 
crates of goods.

Return south to town and give the crates to Giores. Give the 3 chests to Enzo. 
Exit town and head around to your left to another mine. Kill zombies outside 
and inside. Before talking to Miguel, mine all veins you see. In a side room 
of the tunnel, pick up 2 crates. Talk to Miguel and ask about crates. He gives 
you a crate. Take Miguel north back to town. Talk to Enzo on everything and 
give him the rest of the crates.

Now talk to Daro on everything. One of the orcs is Dolok. Talk to him on 
everything, then follow him and his two soldiers to the old temple. They only 
help clear the outside and just in the entrance. They finally stand guard 
outside while you work your way down dark passages to the lowest level. Once 
there, kill Yugul the undead mage. Return outside and talk to Dolok. Don't 
forget to clear out the cave in back of the temple.
Further up on the hill, behind the temple, is a fire golem just for 
experience. From the temple, return east to Ben Sala and talk to Daro. Then 
nearby talk to Julio. By now you could be as much as 100 reputation for Ben 
Sala. Time to move on. Exit town and head SW on the road, past the mine, to 
where you can head briefly south, then back NE through a narrow passage 
leading to Bakaresh.


Continue past the guards under an awning. If you see Benito wandering around, 
tell him "I belong to no one." Talk to him on everything. From the guards 
under the awning, continue on and NNW around the wall to a cave on your left. 
Get a teleport stone from Sigmor's chest. The gold is for part of a quest much 
later in Ishtar. Exit the cave and go back right along the wall. Continue 
south on the path and up to the SE entrance area and talk to Silvio on 

On a well box near Silvio is another teleport stone. If you missed Benito, go 
back on the path towards where the guards under the awning is.

Talk to Benito on everything, then go back to Silvio and report. From Silvio, 
east a little, then north to a speaker, then ENE through ruins to a cave. Kill 
at least 10 sandcrawlers to get a success message. Exit the cave and continue 
due NW and talk to Akrabor on everything. Continue WNW down the path to a cave 
on your left. Kill 3 robbers and leader Rosarus. Go back east and talk to 
Akrabor on all.

Return to the south side of town and report all to Silvio. Back north to the 
speaker, then east to Hernando the arena boss. Your first three fights are 
against individuals. The fourth fight is against two guards at the same time. 
After Hernando declares you arena champion, go south to Aschnu, who stands 
near or is sitting on a large stone patio of a building on your right. Talk to 
him on everything, then talk to Carlos nearby. You learn about the ruins 
overrun with beasts.

Continue on SW and talk to Jaffar on everything. Tell him about Nafalem. Go 
just SE and talk to Aldo on everything. Among the ruins south, southeast, and 
east just outside town, find 3 old caskets. One is just southeast of Aldo, 
beside some steps. Another is south of the arena, up some small steps in the 
ruins, and a third one is in a small nook, south of the arena, on the outside 
of the ruins wall.

Kill all lions and jackals till you get the quest success message. Now talk to 
Aldo, and Carlos again. Talk to Aschnu again also. Now go to the speaker, 
Amul, and talk on everything.

Just NW of Amul, go up past the two guards and on through the tunnel. When you 
see Murak the slave, continue past a fighter to a covered walkway, turn right 
and continue north through the room to a guard. Turn left and start going down 
till you reach the bottom level at the treasure room. In the last room, take 
teleport stone and anything else you want. No one will see you since you're 
alone in the room. In the other room, a guard will suspect something, but you 
automatically say "No." Go all the way back up past the guard to the outer 
upper level walkway and continue south across the covered walkway.

Turn right to another covered walkway, and continue into the temple and speak 
with Tizgar on everything to learn about some nomad raiders. Go out to the 
other building and around its walkway and talk to Sigmor on everything and 
give Sancho's letter. Tell about Aldo. On the final choice, say that Aldo is a 

Go back down through the tunnel and to Aldo on the south side of town. When he 
walks south towards the digging slaves and stops, draw your weapon while 
facing him. He warns you, then starts coming towards you. Start backing up to 
the southeast down towards the water outside of town. When he won't follow you 
any further, kill him. No one notices because you're outside of town. Quest 
success "So much for Aldo."

Go back up to town and exit to the south. Head west on the path, then SW past 
the two guards under an awning. Continue SW through the narrow pass and 
continue SW a little way to a large camp at an oasis.

Kill Knut, Redge, Ateras, and everyone else. Rob everyone's inventory, and 
check all baskets and chests. Don't forget the tent off by itself. Head 
northeast back to Bakaresh. If you see Benito along the way, talk to him 
again. Go back up to the temple, cross the other covered walkway, and talk to 
Tizgar on everything. You may now have 100 reputation.

Go back down through town to the south area and talk to Silvio, then maybe 
talk to Benito if you see him. This should be all concerning Bakaresh. Now go 
south out of town. Continue west, then SW back out the narrow passage.

Continue SW on the path, and continue SW through the raider camp you 
destroyed. Continue SW towards some ruins and through a large group of Ogres 
and lurkers. Continue on the path to the right of the ruins and across the 
side of the slope.


Continue towards a large old temple, to the right of it, follow the ditch 
north and you automatically talk to Saturas. He has one of the five temple 
keys. He might give it now, or later after the orcs are done away with. Now 
talk to Wutras on everything. You now have a map showing the location of the 
keys. Go back along the ditch to the central area and you'll see Lester 
digging. Talk to him and he should give you the second key. On the edge of the 
ruins, east of Lester, you'll find Onatas. Talk to him on everything. To back 
to Lester's location, then go SSE to find Pakwan. Talk to him on everything.

Now go back to Lester's location, then NW along the ditch part way and talk to 
Wutras, who often wanders along the ditch. Now go to the large group of tents 
and find Tamkosch the Orc leader. Provoke him till he attacks, then kill him 
with the final blow. Now the nomads start fighting the orcs. Help out and it's 
soon over. Now you have to find the other keys. Just use the ruins map to find 

Once you have all five keys, go to the north side of the temple, inspect the 
door, them open it. Fight many skeletons on your way down the dark passages to 
the lowest level. There, kill an undead priest in one room, and two undead 
priests in the last room. Get the robe relic from the basket. Now go back up 
the NW ditch and talk to Saturas on everything. That should be it for the 
critical quests for Al Shedim. Now teleport to Mora Sul.


If you didn't talk to Kaffu, the water vendor outside of town, you need to do 
so now. Go out the exit area near where you teleported in. Go down the path, 
around left till you can go down some steps on your left. Talk to Kaffu on 
everything. Go back up the steps, back uphill and continue past the town 
entrance. Continue beside the high cliffs on your right and you gradually 
swing west. Just past a bunch of giant lizards, go directly west.

You come to a T-Rex near some wide steps. To the right, on top of the last 
structure to the right you might see someone standing watch. Go between the 
two buildings and go up small steps on your right and kill the three guards. 
Rob all their inventories. Head back east along the cliffs to town, killing 
everything you see, including the group of lizards. You'll be leading a couple 
of women to town at different times some time later.

Back past the town south entrance and on to Kaffu. Talk on everything and 
return his 700 gold. Now go back up into town. Head west a good way through 
town and talk to Bandaro on the right about everything. Agree to kill Yussuf. 
More on that later. Go just W to Felipe the arena boss, then south to the 
slave quarters, and east in the outer street till you see Hamid the merchant. 
Talk to him on everything. Go back west to the arena, then N past Felipe and 
continue north till you find Faesul on your left.

Talk to him on everything. Continue up the street and talk to Ilja. He'll tell 
you about the temple keys, for the excavation to the south. Ask what he wants 
for his key, and agree to get the vase. Don't say anything about Hamid. Say 
"Look again", then say "I want to increase my magic" and you pay just 500 for 
the amulet. Continue east to Hector's tavern on your left. Go inside and talk 
to Kirk on everything, then agree to follow him.

Out in the desert he'll attack you. Kill him and take a temple key from him. 
Continue NW to the tent where Cruz and Yussuf are. First tell Cruz to follow 
you and take him north till the ground lowers and the camp can't be seen. Tell 
Cruz to wait, then go back south to the camp and kill Yussuf. Now return north 
and tell Cruz to go back.

Teleport to town, then go west and talk to Bandaro. Continue west to Felipe 
the arena boss, then south to the slave quarters, then east and talk to Hamid 
on everything and say "All right, I'm in."

Now go up to the central building entrance and talk to Nasib on everything and 
give gifts of 1000 gold, a package of swampweed (from Rasul the gardener in 
Lago), then ask what would Gonzales especially like. Gonzales would like a 
woman. Now leave town out the east exit. The Hashishin sitting there might 
pose a problem later when you lead the women back to town.

Look at your map to see the temple excavation is south of town, but you can't 
go over the cliff. Head SW some till you see the temple in the distance. Go 
towards the temple and go into the excavation and talk to Kalesch the Orc at 
the temple door. Talk about everything and learn about the other temple keys. 
You don't actually have to get rid of the beasts for him. Go back up to the 
east side of the temple excavation and go west up the steps to the right of 
the temple.

In front of a small tent to your right, or somewhere near, stands "The fat 
man". Ask "What's your job." Then say "Faesul wants to keep doing business."

Ask the fat man what he wants. Give 8 endurance potions if you have them. 
Finally threaten the fat man. He attacks, so knock him out, then talk again 
when he wakes up. Go past the cooking pot and head west up the wide avenue 
between the ruins. Mezir is digging on the left side of the avenue. SAVE 
before talking to him because you'll follow him through some very nasty 

Talk to Mezir about Ramirez, then agree to follow him. You'll likely encounter 
several giant lizards. At the chamber, enter it to get a success message. Talk 
to Mezir again and follow him to Murat's oasis. Talk to Mezir a final time. 
Talk to Murat and offer the amulet. (Say nothing) on the first offer, and (Say 
nothing on the second cash offer). Accept Yasmin as payment. Talk to Yasmin.

Now talk to Alima, then talk to Murat, then talk to Alima again. Lead the 
women close to the cliff and back to town. Don't get very far ahead or the 
women will stop. Back in town, go down the slave quarters street and talk to 
Hamid, then talk to Yasmin a final time. Go over to the main building and talk 
to Nasib, then talk to Alima a final time. Continue west and talk to Bandaro. 
Continue west to the arena, then north and talk to Faesul.

At this point you should have 3 Mora Sul temple keys (from Yussuf, Ilja, and 
Kirk). You should now have at least 75 reputation that enables you to speak 
with Gonzales. He has a key. Go talk to Nasib and get permission to go inside. 
First talk to Ningal on everything. Next talk to Gonzales on everything and 
buy his key for 10,000 gold. You now should have 4 temple keys. The temple can 
wait for a while longer.

Right now you need to find Ramirez' killer. Leave Gonzales' building and go to 
the east side of the tent. Find and talk to Ismael the smithy. Ask to see his 
goods so that you can see an ore blank in his inventory and buy it.

Ask Ismael about the ore blanks and pay him 400 gold to learn about Hassan. 
Now exit the town's SE exit and look at your world map to see the temple 
excavation is due south.

Go southwest till you see the temple in the distance. Go along the rim of the 
excavation to the left of the temple. Go down a long set of stone steps and 
straight past the tents. Head west uphill and to the left of the black tent. 
Continue west along the ruin walls till you arrive at a tent. Talk to Hassan 
and threaten him. He attacks, so knock him out and finish him off with the 
killing blow.

Take all his inventory, including the note. Click on the note in your 
inventory to activate the note. Teleport back to town and go inside Gonzales' 
building and talk to Ningal on everything. You learn about Nerusul in Ishtar. 
Remember Julio in Ben Sala wanting to know about his ore shipment? Teleport to 
Ben Sala and go talk to Julio for a reward.

Teleport back to Mora Sul and exit town. Go to the temple excavation entrance 
and tell Kalesch that you have four keys. Refuse his offer and he attacks. 
Knock him out and take his key. Another Orc may attack, so you have no choice 
but to kill him and Kalesch. No other orcs seem to notice. Open the temple 
door and start fighting skeletons as you make your way to the lowest level 
with a couple of undead priests. Be on the lookout for the urn that Ilja 
wants. It has a lot of writing on it.

In the last room on the bottom level, get the relic from a basket. Go back 
outside and help the orcs defeat all the undead all around the temple 
excavation. Go back north to Mora Sul, go to Ilja and give him the urn you 
found. You should already have killed Vatras in Lago, and Riordian after he 
led you to Asaru's cave due west of Braga. Now for the rest of the water 

Leave town and go to your right. Go along the cliffs and eventually west 
towards Murat's oasis. At the skeleton remains of a huge beast, head as 
straight west as possible through the ruins and find Sanuyem. Talk to him and 
follow him to a cave where Merdarion is. First talk to Sanuyem. You can talk 
to Merdarion, but all you need to do is just kill Merdarion.

To the far southwest of Braga, or directly north of Ishtar you'll find 
Nefarius at a small camp. Lead him directly north till you're out of sight of 
the camp then kill him. Sometimes there's a bug in the game where you can't 
kill him normally, so you'll have to cheat and kill him.

Cronos is at a cave NNW of Murat's oasis. Cronos is fairly easy to kill.

Saturas is still at the far end of the NW trench of the Al Shedim ruins. Myxir 
is at his tent just SE of Saturas. Now that all 7 water mages are dead, 
teleport back to Mora Sul and talk to Gonzales on everything. Now that you 
probably have Hashishin reputation in the 90's, you can take the shortest 
route and head directly west, from the west side of Mora Sul, till you get 
near Ishtar.


You enter Ishtar on the north side by going south up a steep hill to the 
entrance. There's a teleport stone on the table to the left of the entrance 
guards. Just inside the entrance, go down the ramp to your right and Nerusul 
is in the open front house with wooden steps. Surus is also there. Don't 
bother the chest or the guards will attack.

Make sure your back is to the open front and Nerusul is toward the back wall 
when you talk to him (if he's backed up to the outside when you fight him, the 
other npc's will attack you). Refuse any gold offer from Nerusul, instead tell 
him that he will pay with his blood. Nerusul will attack, so just knock him 
out and kill him with the finishing blow. Take his inventory. If Ugrasal is 
talking to three guards outside, talk to him.

If he's not there, cross under the main walkway and up the nearby steps to the 
balcony where three guards stand and talk to Ugrasal. Now go back up to the 
main walkway, go SW on the main walkway a short distance, then down north into 
a slave section. Talk to Delazar, in his house, about Nerusul. Since there's 
only slaves outside, they don't mind if you want to knock out Delazar and take 
his teleport stone. When he wakes up, he's not mad at you.

Back up on the main walkway, go on into the castle. Talk to Zuben on 
everything. Go past the throne right or left into the womens' bedroom. 
Continue west into Zubens' bedroom. There's a teleport stone for the throne 
room, lying by the bed but a guard is near on the other side of a screen.

Just go ahead and take the teleport stone. The guard will attack, knock him 
out and he will leave you alone. Go back out the north exit and talk to Asam 
on everything. Head downhill directly north. You eventually meet three 
killers. After killing them, take all their inventories. The elite killer had 
a note. Click on it in your documents section to activate it.

Go back up to the camp and continue directly north on the upper plateau to 
another camp and talk to Zarkos on everything. He attacks, knock him out and 
kill him with the finishing blow. The other fighters won't bother you.

Teleport to Mora Sul and talk to Ningal, in the main building, on everything 
about Nerusul. Teleport to Ben Sala and talk to Julio about everything. Now 
teleport to Lago on a matter that concerns someone in Ishtar. Go to Rasul the 
swampweed gardener. Stand close to him and face him while your back is to the 
waterfall and lake. Knock him out and take his 5 packages of swampweed.

Now teleport back to the Ishtar and give Asam his bowl. Find Ugrasal, either 
on the south balcony or north of the main walkway. Talk to Ugrasal about the 
note. Go to Surus, in the open front house north of the main walkway, talk and 
knock him out, then kill him for the success message. Now tell Ugrasal about 

Go into the throne room and talk to Zuben on everything, and ask to be tested. 
Out near the town exit, go down the south ramp to Kasim and his pipe under the 
awning. Get a fight with Makas and knock him out. When Makas wakes up, talk on 
all to get a quest helping Kafa at the wells.

The second fight is with Musan. When he wakes up, talk about everything and 
learn about rotten beasts.

The third fight is with Emet, it takes him awhile to get there. After he wakes 
up from his knockout, talk on everything and give him a packet of swampweed. 
Talk about test again to get rewarded. Talk to Kasim a final time about 

Just southwest of the arena is Sven the smithy. Talk to him on everything and 
give him 10 magical ore blanks. Just on the north side of the main walkway, 
talk to Muntasir on everything.

Check your quest log to see if Zuben has given you the task of a tribute from 
three mages in Bakaresh. Teleport there and go to Amul the speaker in the 
north of town and get his tribute. Go up the tunnel to the temple area. Go 
across the covered walkway, go right and across another walkway to the temple. 
Get a tribute from Tizgar. Go back across and around the big tower and ask 
Sigmor for his tribute. He says to get it from his chest in a cave (you should 
have already been there), the cave was to the left of the big structure before 
entering town.

Teleport back to Ishtar and turn in the tributes to Zuben.

Now it's time to go rotten beast hunting. Leave town and head north past the 
sign, then NW to the first camp, and continue directly north quite a way on 
the upper plateau. Continue through the camp where you killed Zarkos. Once 
you're in a clear area of sand, head west through trees, then SW through a 
mountain pass. Lions will start to show up. Kill any you see. You'll go 
through a valley of giant bones and dead trees. You soon find a cave on your 

Some lions are named Rotten Beast. One is outside the cave, and 4 or 5 more 
are in the cave. You need 5 rotten beasts. Once you have them, teleport back 
to town. On the south side of the main walkway, give the rotten beasts to 

Leave town again, north past the sign, and head northwest to the first camp, 
talk to Giacomo on everything. Then go uphill to the other camp and talk to 
Kafa on everything. 5 jackals appear, so kill them. Talk to Kafa again and 7 
more appear at the lower well. Hurry and kill them before they harm the 
slaves. After the killing, talk to Giacomo on everything. Now go talk to Kafa 
on everything.

Head west up the hill, killing all jackals you see. One pack leader is inside 
a cave to your right. Two pack leaders wander around, often a good ways south 
of the cave area, even as far south as the great body of water. Once you kill 
all three pack leaders, you get the success message. Go back north and NE to 
the two wells and talk to Kafa and Giacomo.

Return to town and talk to Makas on the south side of the main walkway. Now go 
talk to Ugrasal again. By now you could have as much as 100 reputation in 
Ishtar. Go talk to Zuben and tell about Xardas if you've been there before. 
Tell him you have the 5 relics of Adanos. He'll give you his Staff and tell 
you to go to the temple shrine in Bakaresh and destroy the artifacts. Don't do 
it, yet. First you want to get set up for the other two endings so you can 
make a special save that will enable you to experience all three endings.

Right now, you have the remaining towns in Myrtana to liberate, then you still 
have most of Nordmar to complete. Hopefully you have been to Xardas before. 
Teleport there and tell him you have the 5 relics. He gives you a Focus Stone 
and instructs you to go to the furnace in Nordmar and destroy the relics. Not 
yet though. One more area to set up and the remaining towns of Myrtana to 

Finally, the liberation of the remaining towns in Myrtana. Teleport to Nemora.


In Nemora, SAVE before talking to Finley. You don't always have the option for 
ordering Tyler to come with you.

Pick up Finley and he says don't forget Tyler. Talk to Tyler and tell him to 
follow you. Follow Finley east to the woods near Trelis. Finley says he will 
wait till you're ready. Tell Tyler to wait. Enter Trelis and talk to Konrad 
and give him his blessed chalice if not already and make sure you asked him to 
help. He should have already said that when you start, he'll start helping.

Then go back out and tell Tyler to follow, and tell Finley to attack. Once 
it's all over, be sure to loot the town. In the castle basement are piles of 
stuff. Now find and talk to Tyler, Finley, and Konrad. Go out the SE gate, 
then around left and up to Josh's farm north of town and talk to Peer. 
Teleport to Silden.


Grompel is in a shack south of Denpok. Speak to Grompel about everything. 
After Grompel
leads you away from town and across the bridge, quickly kill him before he 
crosses back over the
bridge. Now report back to Zapotek. Now go attack Umbrak and the liberation 
fighting will
begin. After it's all over, be sure to search all around for all you can find, 
especially bundles of


Teleport to Geldern and start fighting. Marius and his following will 
automatically help. Once the fighting is over, be sure to check out the 
treasure room just left of the north gate. Also the treasure room under 
Grimbol's building in the SW of town. You can still collect the 6 gold plates 
and 7 alchemists rings to complete those quests. Talk to everyone about 
Geldern being free, especially Marius.


When you look at your log page L, on the lower left is reputation with 
different factions. If you don't have 75 with orcs (all previous areas 
combined), you cannot get permission to see Kan. But since this is the final 
area with reputation buildup for all Myrtana towns, go ahead and kill the two 
guards in front of Kan's building. Once most all enemies in Faring are dead, 
the rest will run away and the liberation was a success. Be sure to check out 
the treasury on the south end of the courtyard and all other chests, because 
once the town is repopulated, most everything will have been looted.

Teleport to Rhobar's throne room and inform him that all of Myrtana is free 
and tell him you have the 5 artifacts. Now teleport to the Fire Clan.

Before doing anything else, you'll first be going after the teleport stones 
for the Wolf Clan and the Hammer Clan. From where you teleported into the Fire 
Clan, turn around and go back down, past Sivert, and cross the bridge. Be sure 
you've been collecting all the saber tiger teeth. You need at least 10 for a 
later quest.

At the bottom of the broken branches and hanging ice icicles, head south and 
southeast a short way, then east uphill, and continue east downhill. 
Eventually pass a troll, the path swings south past standing stones and a 
cabin on your right. Continue up to three piles of stones with signs. One pile 
has two signs. Follow the one pointing to the south path, past ice golems, 
goblins, continue on up past another ice golem and wooly rhinos.

At two signs, head east for the Hammer Clan, then SE downhill to a Y 
intersection. Head left to signs for the Hammer Clan and Wolf Clan. Go SW then 
W towards the Wolf Clan and continue west. Pass the old cabin on your right 
and up south through woolly bison to the sign lying in the snow. It points in 
the wrong direction. Head up SW on the path, continue around left past the 
wood cutters and follow the path around and up north to a sign.

Continue up NE to a bridge. Across it, don't bother any golems or wolves in 
the Wolf Clan. Garik will probably stop you. Talk to him on everything. 
Continue on up to the Clan. Go to the northwest side where Rune stands near 
the steps to his warehouse. Talk to Rune on everything. Get at least 5 hams 
from the warehouse. In there is a teleport stone in a locked chest. Back on 
the southeast side of the Clan, leave back down past Garik and cross the 

Head down SW back to the wood cutters. Talk to Corwyn on everything. Give the 
other four woodcutters some ham. On the path again, continue south, west, 
north and northeast to the sign lying in the snow. Head north to the old 
cabin, then east and northeast to the two road signs. Follow the Hammer Clan 
sign south and east, then NE to two signs. Head north and cross the bridge.

Up in the lower camp, continue up west and NW. Don't talk to Hauke yet, just 
continue on up to the main building on the east side. It has wide steps in 
front. Talk to Tjalf if you want, but it's not important right now. In the 
building, get a teleport stone from the dining table. Now teleport back to the 
Fire Clan.


From where you teleport in, go back down to the nearest bridge. Go across and 
talk to Kaelin on 
everything. Follow him and destroy a camp of orcs, then talk to him again to 
complete the quest. 
Teleport back to the Fire Clan and straight ahead to Thorald's house. 
Sometimes he's outside at 
his grind wheel. Talk on everything. Later you can use him to help clear the 
Hammer Clan mine.

Teleport to the Hammer Clan, then go a little NE and talk to Hauke on 
everything. Follow him to a mine. Inside, kill the mine crawler, then talk to 
Volkar. Outside, talk to Hauke again. Teleport to the Hammer Clan again, go NE 
into the next section, then SE to find Stejnar and buy armor from him. Find 
and talk to Ketil on everything and give him 12 buffalo hides if you have 
them. Talk to Ugolf on everything. Teleport to the Wolf Clan. At the top 
level, talk to Grim on all.

Find and talk to Hogar on everything, then go with him. Follow him back to the 
bridge leading up to the Clan. Head down past the woodcutters. Follow the 
road, and NW to an old cabin. Go into the woods behind and talk to Jorn on 
everything. Talk to Lisk on everything. Jensgar sometimes sits very close to 
Jorn and it's difficult to select him. Talk to Jensgar on everything. If you 
don't have all the proper hides, there's plenty around the area.

Once you turn over the hides, two of the three will go with you, but just tell 
them to go to the meeting point. Teleport back to the Fire Clan and give the 
armor to Thorald. He will not go to the meeting point even if you tell him. He 
will only follow you when you tell him to come with you. Don't use him right 
now. If you should talk to Lee, don't give him a teleport stone because he 
wants to kill King Rhobar. In the upper most area of the clan, Kalan the 
smithy will teach you if you have your own hammer and 30 pieces of raw ore.

Teleport back to the Hammer Clan. Down at the mine entrance area, talk to Reto 
on everything. 
Talk to Mort on everything and ask him to lead you to the Fire Clan. Once you 
follow him there, tell him to wait. Talk to Thorald and tell him to follow 
you. Go talk to Mort and tell him to lead you to the lower mine entrance. Once 
there, there should be 5 in your party. Tell each party member to attack. You 
have the option of giving each potions, especially during pauses in the Orc 

After telling everyone to attack, head into the mine entrance and fight your 
way up to the top entrance. Once enough mine orcs are dead, the rest will run 
away. Outside the upper entrance, talk to Reto. There's more to do elsewhere 
before using the mine furnace, if that's the ending you want. For now though, 
the main objective is to liberate Nordmar by killing the rest of the main Orc 
camps and their leaders, and of course completing the ancestor tombs for stat 

Before liberating Nordmar, you can do some more quests remaining in the three 
clans and even do some quests in the monastery to build your experience more. 
The ancestor tombs and Orc camps have plenty of action. It's entirely up to 
you. If you feel that you have well enough stats, then teleport to the Fire 
Clan and continue following this walkthrough.

Once back in the Fire Clan, down in the middle area, Leif is near the 
campfire. Talk to him on everything and go hunting with him. Be sure to 
collect all the sabre teeth you can because Leif would like to have 10 sabre 
teeth. He can teach about hunting. After the fighting, Leif will stand in a 
certain spot till you talk to him. Then, from where Leif was standing, 
Baldar's tomb is just NE as shown on your tomb map.

To get there though, start by going ESE, past a troll, follow the bloody 
tracks ENE to a cave and kill the shadow beast. Get the ancestor stone from 
its inventory. Go back to the tomb and clear it out, then use the stone on the 
altar in the last room.

Just SW of the tomb is an Orc camp. Make sure you kill the leader as soon as 
possible, then the others. Go east to the road signs, then south past two ice 
golems, head SE through a small goblin camp to the Orc camp and kill the 
leader and the others till they run away. In the camp area, to the right of a 
steep upgrade, is a narrow path leading to some orcs hiding in a cave behind 
some wood posts.

Leave the camp back to the road. Go back north to the signs in the road, then 
up the steep ESE hill directly to two large trees, then southwest to the 
bridge and cross. Continue west to the cliff side, then south directly towards 
a large hanging ice cycle. To your right is Berek's tomb. To your left are 
some orcs performing a ceremony. Kill the demon and boss, and the rest. Get 
the ancestor stone from the corpse on the altar.

Go across to the tomb and clear it out, then use the stone on the altar. 
Outside, go back down north a ways and east back across the bridge and 
continue east to the road. Go north to three Orc guards, then NE downhill to 
another Orc camp. Kill the leader and the others. Outside the camp, go NE to 
the road, continue NE on the road, then east on the road past a troll, and 
goblins, to a group of orcs in front of Akascha's tomb.

There's a small board fence and a few Orc warriors and shamens up in front of 
the tomb. One of the shamen has a key stone which looks like a fat rock in 
inventory. The key stone is for a secret treasure in Akascha's throne room.

In the throne room, after killing everyone and Akascha, take the "Divine Ring 
of Magic" from him. If you have a torch, use it to see better and over in the 
right area of the throne and against the wall, you'll find a sort of rock 
altar or lock. Use the key stone to open a large amount of coins and such.

Back out in the road, go back west and follow the sign south towards the 
Hammer Clan. Past ice golems, on uphill, follow Hammer Clan sign east on the 
road. Continue south part way down, then head east past sabre tooth tigers, 
then east up a short steep grade to Snore's tomb. Inside, an Orc shaman has 
the ancestor stone. There's also one lying in front of the throne in the first 
room. Use a stone on the altar in the last room.

Head south from Snore's tomb to the road. Go SE through a foggy area, to lots 
of goblins and kill all of them for a quest message. Now go ENE along a narrow 
ledge. At an intersection, Xardas is up to the NE if you haven't been there 
already. At the intersection, go down SW and make a left turn, and up NE to 
another Orc camp. Hurry NE over to the main area of the camp and kill the Orc 
leader as soon as possible, then the others. There's a cave in the area with a 
couple of giant mine crawlers.

Just south of camp, head west back up the switch back trail to the 
intersection just south of Xardas. Continue up west to the previous goblin 
camp, then NW down through the foggy area. Continue NNW some distance, 
gradually heading west past bloody tracks and a cave on your right, till you 
can head south past the Hammer Clan sign to a goblin camp and wolves, then 
east to a cabin.

On the cliff above the cabin, head east, then south a good way through the 
forest to Ejnar's tomb area and go up the icy slope to Pedar's cabin and get 
the ancestor stone from Rathgar by telling him "Kerth sent me." Go down to the 
tomb and use the stone on the altar. Now teleport with the stone labeled "No 
one knows where it goes." Cross the bridge and go up the wooden ramp. 

Continue northeast and north along the barrier of Vengard and cliff edges. At 
the snow, head NW to the mountain side, then go to your left along the 
mountain side quite a way till you arrive at Angir's tomb. Talk to Osmund on 
everything and follow him SW to the orcs. Go quickly to the shaman's tent on 
the west side and kill him. Take the ancestor stone from him.

After all the fighting, talk to Osmund to complete the quest. Go back NE and 
clear out the tomb, then use the stone at the altar in back.

Teleport to the Fire Clan, go up to the main building and talk to Kerth on 
everything to get quest success for all the tombs and for liberating Nordmar. 
Now make a special save so that you can try all three endings which are "For 
Ennos", "For Beliar", and "Destroy the five Relics" (the Xardas ending).

DESTROY THE FIVE RELICS (for Xardas path).

Teleport to the Hammer Clan. Go downhill one level and enter the mine. Go down 
the inside a long way to the furnace and talk to it. Now teleport to Xardas 
and talk on everything. Then teleport to Zuben's palace, talk to him, then 
kill him. Now teleport to King Rhobar, talk, then kill him. Finally, teleport 
to Xardas, talk, follow him and try to keep up. At first he doesn't wait. At 
your destination, talk to Xardas, then activate, and open the gate.


Teleport to the great temple of Beliar in Bakaresh. Go over to the temple and 
talk to the shrine. Teleport to Zuben's palace, talk to him, then kill him. 
Teleport to Rhobar's throne room, talk to him, then kill him. Teleport to 
Xardas, talk to him, then kill him (he's really tough). Teleport back to the 
Bakaresh temple, go to the shrine and talk to it.


Teleport to the monastery, go up the ice steps and past Kilian. Go on up to 
the shrine and destroy the artifacts and talk to the shrine. Teleport to 
Zuben's palace, talk, then kill him. Teleport to King Rhobar's throne room and 
report the news. Finally, teleport back to the monastery, go up to the shrine 
and talk to it.


If you are siding with the humans, most of these should not be done because 
your reputation with
the orcs is not important in order to liberate towns. After building town 
reputations to at least 75
and if you side with the orcs, do all of them possible but you only need 75 to 
see Kan in Faring.

Destroy the rebel camp Reddock. (Uruk in Cape Dun). +7

A plague of bandits in the coastal region. +1
Destroy the rebel underground in Cape Dun (Phil) +2

Eliminate the rebel positions around Montera. +3
Yorik needs old weapons (20 bundles). +3
Make Folleck go back to work in the castle yard. +1
Do away with Sanford. +3

Destroy Vengard, the capital of the humans. +7

The warlord Umbrak wants Anog the rebel leader dead. +7
Kill the undercover rebel (Inog). +3
Kill the slaves who escaped from Silden (5). +1
Inog secretly helps slaves escape (tell Zapotek) +1

Improve your reputation in Silden (when town reputation is 75, ask Denpok 
permission). +1
A delivery from Nordmar (given by Grompel). +1

Vak needs fifty thousand gold coins for the Hashishin. +7

Destroy the rebel camp Nemora (Trelis orc leader gives this). +7

The orc shaman Grok wants all the fire chalices. +7
Discover the secret of the Druid Runak. +2
Kill the Druid Runak (Ballock give this). +4
Kill the Druid Torn (Gunack gives this). +4
Kill the unholy mercenary Ivan. +2

Break the last resistance of the Morras!
Kan, the leader of the orcs in Faring castle, tells you that it's up to you to 
finalize the orcs' victory
by killing all rebel leaders. If you decide to help him, kill Javier in 
Reddock, Roland in Okara,
Russel in Nemora, Anog near Silden and king Rhobar himself. Now, return to Kan 
to receive the
orcs' highest commendations. +7

Forging in Faring.
Talk to Zakosh the blacksmith in Faring castle. Once completing the Kill the 
three trolls in the
hills near Faring, task for him, ask him if he would be willing to train your 
smithing skills. He is,
if you can prove that you're strong enough. He wants you to lift the millstone 
lying in the
courtyard to prove your worth. You'll require 250 strength for doing so. Once 
succeeding, Zakosh
will train you. +1

Defeat Vigo, Tukash, Mortis, and Rozhov in the arena. +8

Bring Ur-Gosh three king's sorrel plants. +2

Total. 92 of which you only need 75 in order to see Kan, leader of all world 
orcs, in Faring.


Main story.

Kill King Rhobar. +5

Cape Dun.

Take Harek the slave back to Gamal.
Gamal the hashishin tells you of Harek, a run-away slave, whom you're supposed 
to recapture. Leave Cape Dun through the main gate and turn left immediately. 
At the end of the palisade, turn left again. Shortly, you'll run into Harek. 
He'll follow you to Gamal without second thoughts. +1


Basir wants his gold casket.
Basir the hashishin in the tavern of Montera lost his wares in a rebel ambush. 
You are supposed to retrieve his casket for him. Leave Monetra through the 
west gate and follow the path past the decayed tower and the rebel camp. The 
remains of Basir's caravan are lying right at the fork, including the casket. 

Sobota wants Dan's slave back.
The hashishin wants Dan's slave back. After defeating Dan in the arena, you'll 
be given the slave as a price and you'll be able to return him to Sobota. +1

Sobota wants Thorek's slave back.
The slave is being held in Thorek's smithy. Simply talk to the slave and 
request him to follow you to Sobota. Thorek is not overly pleased with that 
decision though. It is, however, possible, to buy out the slave by talking to 
him and completing the Thorek wants magic ore for his smithy. By using a 
different dialog option, it's also possible to simply buy the slave for a 
total of 1100 gold coins. +1


Kill Grompel.
You can attack Grompel inside his hut without anybody interfering. Killing him 
there doesn't work that way, though. Therefore, provoke him by attacking and 
lure him out of the town to take him out without interference. Even more 
subtle, you could also wait until you receive the Grompel knows the way to the 
rebels at the Nordmar pass, quest, during which it is even more easier to 
dispatch him. Zapotek will reward you. +1

Quadir's hunt for a new Silden slave.
The Hashishin wants to get hold of new slaves for Silden. He gives you the 
task to retrieve a new slave from the woods. There's a small rebel camp to the 
west, where you'll find Will. "Convince" him to go to Silden with your sword. 
Quadir will reward you. +1


A lesson in hospitality.
Tizgar, the mage inside the temple of Bakaresh, wants you to take care of the 
nomads in the oasis between Bakaresh and Mora Sul. Kill them all to complete 
the quest. Afterwards, visit Tizgar for your reward. +20

Ben Erai.

An unexpected message for Sigmor in Bakaresh.
After escorting the slaves into the Lago tunnel, Sancho will be very pleased. 
Therefore he'll give you a recommendatory letter for Bakaresh. Once arriving 
there, give it to Sigmor, the dark mage. This is not entirely trivial though, 
as you'll have to get to him first. He's inside the temple and you'll only be 
allowed to enter after gaining a reputation of 75% in Bakaresh. +15


Tribute from Braga.
Nafalem wants you to bring the Braga traders' tributes to him. You won't get 
Bernado's tribute without beating him up first. Jose is willing to pay. Luca 
is out of gold, but offers you a trade: a Hashishin armor for settling his 
debt. That's 500 gold out of your own pocket. A good deal. Abbas doesn't have 
any gold either, but he was supposed to bring a chalice to Nafalem. When 
finding the chalice, the debt is settled.

The chalice can be found during the Chalice of the water vendors, quest. So 
only Tufail's left, who doesn't have any gold either. But he's offering you to 
help cleaning out a nearby desert raiders' cave to gather the money. In the 
end, you'll have to pay Tufail's debt of 800 gold coins from your own pocket 
to Nafalem. +10


Bounty hunting, Shakyor and the desert lion.
Fabio in Lago wants you to make out and kill the raider who freed the slaves 
from Lago. He's talking about Shakyor, who is located just a few feet to the 
east of the town next to a cave. After he and his lion are dead, you can 
collect the bounty from Fabio. Campa in Ben Erai will also reward you. +4

Mora Sul.

Kill all water mages.
After having been allowed to chat with Gonzales, he'll tell you about his 
small water mage problem. You're supposed to take the mages out for him: 
Saturas and Myxir at the temple of Al Shedim, Cronos in the Varant desert, 
Merdarion at the nomads to the north west, Nefarius to the north west of the 
desert, Riordian south of Braga and Vatras, who is locked up in Lago. Once 
having completed your killing spree, return to Gonzales for your reward. +4

Kill Saturas, head of all water mages.
Saturas can be found in the northern parts of the ruins of Al Shedim, studying 
ancient stone tablets. You can ambush him without expecting much resistance. 

Vatras is locked up in a cell in Lago. Fabio has got the key. You'll have to 
take him out to retrieve it. Either execute Vatras where he stands or escort 
him to Hurit first. +3

Myxir is standing in front of his tent in the northern parts of the ruin 
fields of Al Shedim. As he's on his own, he is an easy target. +3

When first meeting him, Riordian is on his own, sitting next to a path south 
of Braga. However, during the course of a quest it's possible to escort him to 
Asaru, the nomad leader. He won't be that easy to defeat there, as the nomads 
will come to his aid. +3

Merdarion is with a band of nomads inside a cave north west of Mora Sul near 
the border of the ruin fields. As he's on his own in a secluded part of the 
cave system, killing him does not pose a real problem. +3

Nefarius can be found in a camp to the very north west of Varant. You should 
not attack him there, though, as there are a few nomads hiding out with him. 
Accept his quest first, instead, so that he'll travel into a distant cave with 
you, where you can take him out with no interference. +3

Cronos is located outside a cave north-north-west of the oasis between 
Bakaresh and Mora Sul. Defeating him is not particularly hard, since he is on 
his own. +3

After discovering Ramirez' remains during the Ramirez the missing Hashishi, 
quest, report your findings to Ningal in Gonzales' house. He will give you the 
task to find the man who killed Ramirez. Your only lead is, that Ramirez had 
something to do with ore blanks. So, talk to everybody dealing with ore blanks 
as well. Masil and Mezir don't have anything of interest to tell. Ismael the 
blacksmith will be able to remember a name for 400 gold: Hassan. He can be 
found in the south western parts of the Mora Sul ruin fields. He'll attack 
after provoking him. Once he's unconscious, you'll find a note in his 
inventory. Show it to Ningal to complete the quest. +15

Total 100.

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