Gothic 3 Ponovo zlatan

Gothic 3Malo kasnimo sa objavljivanjem ove vesti: 

Liezen, Österreich, 26th of September 2006; Thousands of fans have been shocked after the message: ?Gothic 3 is not gold anymore?. Rumours about delays, current situation of development and quality problems circulated trough the community and fans became much more nervous each day. JoWooD Productions, Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes attach great importance to on a very good quality which suits the expectations of the fans. Due to this reason the version has been optimized till the last second. Now it?s done: Gothic 3 is ready and in production. The game will be released on the 13th of October.

Dakle, rad na igri je završen, Gothic 3 je ponovo navukao zlatno runo i poslat je na umnožavanje. 

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