Gothic 3 patch 1.08

Gothic 3Piranha Bytes je izbacila još jedan patch za igru Gothic 3, nastavak popularnog Gothic serijala. Ovaj patch podiže Evropsku verziju igre na 1.08, i donosi dosta promena, počevši od tweak-ova pa do mnogih bug fix-eva. Patch je težak 59.5MB i može se preuzeti odavde, a kompletan changelog možete pogledati u nastavku teksta.
– Several crash bugs fixed
– Performance increased
– Combat AI for several monsters improved/simplified (e.g. boar)
– Lots of AI Fixes ( Murderer Reaction from party member fixed, AI comments improved)
– Sleeping NPC's AI reactions improved
– Camera Control: Inverting the X-axis is now saved
– Lensflare/Sun doesn't shine through mountains and buildings anymore
– Rhobar and Zuben are dead after defeating them
– Revolution mechanics improved
– Lester does now talk even when not sitting at the campfire
– Epilogue fixed
– "No mission success after 2 times "not enough gold" fixed
– Vak and Gonzales are now still there after a revolution
– There are now more weapons at traders and in chests
– Annoying NPCs from Faring arena removed
– Story and Missions in Al shedim improved. (Lester,Saturas,Wutras,etc…)
– Snorre's ancestor stone fixed
– All problems of Hogar and the southern Orcs fixed
– Ronar Trading fixed
– Less monsters/Orcs in Nordmar
– Vibald is now carrying explosive arrows
– Bogir dialog fixed
– Osmund dialog fixed
– Crossbow handling improved

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