Gold of the Aztecs (walkthrough)

Gold of the Aztecs

Gold of the Aztec starting hints

Screen 1: 
Press enter to release yourself from your parachute and
walk to the right.

Screen 2: 
Avoid the flying squirrels and the natives that shoot
arrows at you. With the trainer, just walk to the right.

Screen 3: 
Either shoot at the colored snake, or walk right when the
colored snake goes up into the tree.

Screen 4:
Shoot at the skeleton guard's head until his skull is
knocked off. Cross the bridge and when you are just touching the end
of the screen, somersaut forward.

Screen 5: 
Failing to somersault will cause you to touch the bridge
by collapsing it and you'll fall to your death. If you somersaulted,
you should be on the other side. Walk past the flying vulture.

Screen 6: 
Walk past those natives. You'll also see the closed
entrance to the cave but it won't open yet.

Screen 7: 
You'll now see a monkey throwing skulls at you. Walk them
it and the natives.

Screen 8: 
Go past the man being cooked.

Screen 9: 
Go near the stone object with the lever in it's mouth. A
chained panther will attack you. Shoot it and pull the lever. Then
walk to the right a few paces and pick up the gold coins. You should
have 11% of the game completed. Now go back to the stone cave door.
It should be open.

Screen 10: 
(In cave entrance) Go down the ladder and jump across the
gap to the next ladder. (Don't worry the fire and bats will not hurt

Screen 11: 
When you reach the bottom of the ladder, go right and hop
down to the lower ledge. Do this fairly quickly because you are
standing on a trap door. Once on the lower ledge, face left and hop
down to the lower left of the screen. You should be in a stone room.

Screen 12: 
(stone room) Don't bother fiddling around in this room
because it's a trap. But if you want to see yourself drown, just walk
to the altar.

Screen 13: 
When walking right from the stone room, hop across the
gap and grab the vertical rope (2nd from the left) and go down.

Screen 14: 
You'll eventually see a horizontal rope. Grab that or go
right. Align yourself with the skeleton that's also hanging on the
horizontal rope and drop down.

Screen 15: 
You'll see a key on the other side of the wooden bridge.
The bridge is booby-trapped so walk close enough to it until the
bridge support begins to sway. Go left and let the bridge fall. Next,
go down the ladder to the lower ledge. Hop across the gap and get the
key by jumping up. The key will fall and then you can pick it up.
Head back down the ladder.

Screen 16: 
Go right and go down the vertical rope. You you have the
limited invulnerability toggle on, just go down the rope even if it's
too short.
Screen 17: 
Grab on to the horizontal rope and go right.

Screen 18: 
Drop down, go right and pick up the gold ball. Jump up to
grab on to the next horizontal rope and go right.

Screen 19: 
Now here's where I get stuck. I can't grab on to the
leftmost rope without falling off the ledge. If someone knows how,
tell me because there are more ropes later.

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