Ghost Recon – Desert Siege (walkthrough)

Ghost Recon - Desert Siege 

    A few more words from the author...  
        Again, I've included the text of the briefings because  
        I believe it provides useful information and sets the  
        tone of the missions. Squad members from a previous  
        Stealth at mission each earn a Combat Point and I like  
        to keep least one point ahead of Weapon, ignoring  
        Endurance and Leadership altogether. Why? Because the  
        point of this walkthrough is that no one gets hurt --  
        no body bags or Purple Hearts. My choice of platoon  
        members in both Ghost Recon and Desert Siege is based  
        strictly on the initial Combat Points of each soldier.  
        Feel free, however, to choose whomever you like.  
        Specialist Jodit Haile joins the platoon in Mission 6.  
        Her character may very well be based on Jodit Jemahe,  
        who was wounded and lost her sight in 1990 while 
        fighting in Massawa, Eritrea.  
        March 30, 2003  
    Jedi Writer (aka Ed Hassler)  
    Copyright (c) 2003  
    All rights reserved.  
                   DS MISSION 01 - BURNING SANDS  
Samhar Awraja, Eritrea  
May 16, 2009  
"This is the Horn of Africa, gentlemen. I hope you like it, because we're going 
to be here a while.  
"This is our situation: We're going in as part of a multinational force 
operating at the request of the Eritrean government. It seems that one of the 
ways our friends back in Russia bankrolled their coup was selling surplus 
weapons, cheap. A faction of the Ethiopian military led by a certain Col. 
Tesfaye Wolde was one of their best customers. Once they got their arms, Wolde 
and his supporters made their move, overthrowing the legitimate government and 
then making a push for the Red Sea coast. Right now they own everything on the 
water south of Massawa, and they're rolling up the Eritrean army as they head 
north. We're here to do something about that.  
"In order to leave some kind of infrastructure intact, the Eritrean government 
has also requested that we try to preserve as much of the local architecture as 
possible. That means that your unit is going to be getting a lot of work. Your 
first mission is to secure a radio transmitter on the beach north of Massawa. 
The beach is guarded lightly, but the approach up the bluffs that the station's 
sitting on is another story. Clear the beach first, then work your way up to the 
heights and take that transmitter. Once that's in hand, clear out the machine 
gun nests guarding the beach approaches. If you can, clear the area of all 
hostiles. The troops following you will appreciate it."  
1 - Eliminate Beach Encampment  
2 - Neutralize Machine Guns  
3 - Secure Area Around Radio Tower  
X - Eliminate Main Tent Camp  
ALPHA: Wong, Homes, Kline  
BRAVO: Fuentes, Port  
CHARLIE: Turner  
Charlie packs sniper kit 2 with an M9SD. 
Switch to Charlie, activate night vision, and set a waypoint for both Alpha and 
Bravo on the west side of the small rock on the beach to the NE. Run north, past 
them, to the rock cliff, crouch, follow it a short distance to the point where 
the cliff angles east, and locate and shoot the two enemy standing to the left 
of the north tent -- if you don't see them, start taking out the ones standing 
by the campfire. When they return fire, hit the sand and wait for them to appear.  
When all six are down and objective one is complete, head south halfway to Alpha 
and Bravo's rock (to get on slightly higher ground), crouch, and wait for three 
more to come down the East Approach and into view. If no one shows up, send 
Alpha behind the large rock to the east. Easy.  
Put Alpha and Bravo by the campfire, if you wish, so they can dry their boots. 
Run west along the shore, crouch as you near the West Approach such that you can 
see both walls of the ravine, go prone as you near the level grade of the palms, 
and take out the west machine gunner at the top and the accompanying three 
hostiles from right to left. If you don't get all three, they'll sneak down 
either side of the ravine, so move high enough on your grade to have a clear 
view of its entrance. Next crawl sideways to your right, if necessary, just out 
of sight of the east machine gunner and take out three more -- they, too, will 
try to sneak down the side of the ravine. Crawl sideways to the west and shoot 
the east machine gunner to complete objective two. Too easy.  
Head up the west wall of the West Approach ravine, go prone and poke your head 
over at the top, then pick off the six enemy to the north by the tent camp. A 
seventh, hidden by a rock below the watchtower, tries to sneak up. Move to your 
left, if necessary, and shoot the eighth in the tower to complete the optional 
objective. Way too easy.  
Hike up to the north side of the large rock NE of the tent camp, go prone as you 
approach the valley to the east, and pick off the four hostiles next to the 
radio tower building. If you don't see them, they'll soon come into view as they 
circle it clockwise. Move north a short distance to the mountainside and find 
and kill a fifth on the roof. Run down to the SW corner of the low cut stone 
wall enclosing the radio tower complex, couch, and find a sixth in the open 
doorway of the shed in the SE corner of the complex. Continue east along the 
wall about 15 meters until you spot the small building east of and overlooking 
the complex and shoot three more. If you don't get all of them, retrace your 
steps, stay couched behind the west wall, and pick them off as they head for the 
shed or as appear from behind it.  
Move north along the west wall, to the second breach, then head NE for the shed 
between you and the radio tower building, step around its NW corner and find the 
top of the head of another enemy in a room through the far lighted window of the 
radio tower building. He's crouched, and if you can't see him even when you're 
standing, continue to the open stairway on the west side, go up, open the door, 
enter, stay crouched, pull out your sidearm, find the interior stairway down, 
descend, and nail him around to the right with a leisurely head shot.  
Head back to the building (house?) in the SW corner of the complex, open the 
back door (the one on the north side), and kill the remaining enemy with another 
sidearm slug to the head to end the mission.  
                    DS MISSION 02 - FLAME PILLAR  
Massawa, Eritrea  
May 23, 2009  
"It looks like we have a rush job on our hands. We're making good progress in 
the push for Massawa itself, but the Ethiopian forces have adopted a scorched-
earth policy as they fall back. Their latest target is the refinery complex just 
outside the city, one which Eritrea desperately needs intact. Recon reports that 
the Ethiopians have already leveled part of it, however, and they're in the 
process of planting the charges that will destroy the rest. We can't allow that 
to happen.  
"You'll be approaching the refinery from the south. Move in, secure it, and deal 
with the squad planting the demo charges. We've also heard that some members of 
the refinery staff were taken hostage, back when the invaders thought they were 
going to be operating the refinery themselves and needed expertise on hand. Find 
the survivors still being held hostage and extract them along the rail line that 
links the complex to the main track grid. Again, if you can, eliminate all of 
the enemy forces on site. However, rescuing the hostages and the refinery is 
more important."  
1 - Eliminate Explosives Squad  
2 - Rescue Captive Workers  
3 - Reach Extraction Zone  
X - Eliminate All Enemy Units  
ALPHA: Cohen, Wong, Homes  
BRAVO: Kline, Fuentes  
CHARLIE: Turner  
Cohen joins Alpha; Kline moves to Bravo replacing Port. Specialist Lindy Cohen 
is back -- this time to lead the platoon. Gentlemen, I expect you to accord her 
the utmost respect.  
Nine minutes after the mission begins, the Ethiopians blow up the refinery and 
the mission fails. We have plenty of time to save it.  
Switch to Charlie, crouch, move NW along the long low rock by the river, stop 
where the rock angles to the west, and go prone facing north. In your scope 
you'll see a lone tree, rocks on either side, and four enemy -- pick them off 
from left to right and try to prevent any from taking cover behind the rock on 
the left. If two are behind the rock on the left, wait until they walk toward 
the tree. After twenty seconds from your first shot, cease fire and wait a few 
more seconds for a jeep to come into view from behind the rock on the right -- 
if you fire as it comes into view, its occupants are alerted to our presence.  
Scenario One  
If the gunner in the back of the moving vehicle is facing east, they don't know 
Charlie's position: wait until it comes to a halt, shoot the gunner, then the 
driver as he jumps out and either runs for cover or tries to pull a grenade out 
of his pocket. (Or go for the trick two-for-one shot: put a slug in the upper 
right of the driver's head and into the gunner's upper body.)  
Scenario Two  
If the gunner is pointing his weapon at you, they know where you are: take him 
out first as they approach, then the driver as he jumps out. Eliminate any of 
the four on foot you may have previously missed.  
Crouch, move west, face north when you come to the low rock, continue 
sidestepping west, zoom scope, and find the head of the enemy to the right of 
large rock to the NE.  
Run NE to the wall of the refinery, step in and quickly step out of the doorway 
with the open chain link door, move west along the wall halfway to the chain 
link section, stop, and do not move. Shortly thereafter, your threat indicator 
glows as four enemy in various parts of the refinery sense the intrusion, rush 
to investigate, and seeing and hearing nothing, pass from east to west in the 
alley on the other side of the wall, then head north to a gate in the NW corner 
of the refinery complex. It is imperative that you do not move as they pass 
UNLESS you shuffle (move slowly and silently), otherwise they may hear you and... 
well, I don't even want to talk about it. If you dare, peek through the chain 
link section of the wall and watch them leave or play it safe and wait until 
your threat indicator signals their departure.  
Once they're gone, mount your M9SD, head through the open door (you can run 
again), head east then north between the buildings (a building with three large 
plate glass windows is to your right), east again between the building and the 
low twin pipelines to your left, follow the pipelines north, and stop where they 
end. Crouch, head east around the building to your right, move toward the two 
large storage tanks, shuffle silently when you reach the first tank, continue 
east, and notice the large electrical transformer box between the tanks. The 
enemy demo guy is happily whistling and humming to himself while planting a 
charge on the east side of the box -- sneak up and put a silent slug in his head. 
Objective one is complete.  
Silently continue east and head for the near end of the three small tanks lined 
up north-south. Move south along the west side of them, stop between the second 
and third, and wait a few moments for two guards to appear in front of you, 
heading left to right. They don't know where you are but seem to sense something 
is wrong and may appear singly or one behind the other. Confirm their suspicions 
with quick shots to the head -- very quick shots if they're together. Head back 
between the two large tanks, step over the demo guy's corpse, and make for the 
small trailer-like building to the NW -- a third guard stands outside at its NW 
corner. Crouch with your back to the air-conditioning unit and wait for him to 
Head back between the two large tanks, run south toward the large partially open 
double doors, turn west past the doorway though which you entered, crouch, and 
move along the chain link fence toward another transformer box. Keep your back 
against the small section of the fence running east-west, zoom scope, sidestep 
west until you see the head of one of the four enemy you evaded earlier at the 
end of the alley, shoot, and immediately run east for cover behind the corner of 
the familiar building with the three large plate glass windows, turn around, and 
go prone facing the pipeline walkover ramp. Wait for the three remaining enemy 
to follow, then pick them off as they cross the ramp.  
Return to the chain link fence, find the open doorway in the main west wall of 
the refinery complex, go prone inside the doorway, locate the patrol of three up 
the hill to the SW, and pick them off. When they're down, crouch, move outside 
to the end of the low rock pipeline support on your right, wait for a pickup 
truck to appear near the gate to the north, shoot the driver first, then the two 
gunners in the truck bed.  
Three enemy guard the near ravine leading to the extraction zone: head toward 
the pickup, locate them to the west, go prone with an unobstructed view, and 
take them out. Head to the top of the ridge between the pipelines and the road, 
advance until you spot a patrol of two far in the distance, kill them both, then 
head for the now unguarded ravine. Proceed to the railroad tracks, go prone 
facing south on the tracks in front of the derailed tanker car, wait if 
necessary for another patrol of two circling the loading shed at the end of the 
tracks, and pick them off. In a few moments, a third will appear from behind the 
end of the rocky ridge ahead on the left.  
Take a stroll down to the end of the tracks, around the right side of the 
concrete bumper, go prone facing east when you get to the wall, and crawl along 
the wall until you see the machine gunner in the bunker. Shoot him and wait for 
a guard to come to investigate from the large depot building ahead on the left -
- he may disappear for a moment so wait patiently until he comes back into view.  
Head around the NW corner of the depot building, fire a shot through the open 
overhead door into the far wall to distract the remaining enemy guarding the 
hostages, hoof it counterclockwise around the building, go in the door near the 
bunker, crouch, and shoot the unsuspecting guard through the large window on 
your right. The hostages are, of course, saved and the mission ends.  
                    DS MISSION 03 - COLD STEAM  
Southern Denakil Awraja, Eritrea  
May 29, 2009  
"The invasion force is bringing in most of its supplies by rail. Our next goal 
is to put a stop to that. The first step is going to be seizing a depot along 
the main rail line that runs to Djibouti. Normally we'd just take it out with 
air strikes, but they've parked a SAM launcher on the heights above the depot, 
and that needs to be taken out before we can send in the flyboys. We have gotten 
some satellite reconnaissance that tells us there's a tent encampment near the 
SAM site. You need to clear that out as well, otherwise taking out either the 
SAM launcher or the railroad depot is going to be tricky.  
"The final objective is the depot building. Take it as quickly as possible -- we 
believe that there's important intel in there relating to the supply lines for 
the Ethiopian troops. They're sure to try to destroy it once they realize what's 
going on."  
1 - Eliminate Mobile SAM Launcher  
2 - Neutralize Tent Camp  
3 - Secure Depot Buildings  
X - Capture Intelligence Items  
ALPHA: Cohen, Wong, Homes  
BRAVO: Johnson, Fuentes  
CHARLIE: Turner  
Johnson replaces Kline in Bravo and packs demo kit 2 with anti-tank rockets.  
Time is of the essence in first part of this mission -- the enemy may, for no 
apparent reason, foil our attempt to capture the intelligence items -- so make 
sure everyone hustles. Set a waypoint for Charlie south to the cover of the west 
end of the long low rock. Move Alpha to the pass at the east end of the same 
rock, crouch, head down sideways facing west, hit the dirt when you see all 
three enemy in the field (who are walking away and don't notice your presence), 
take out the one in the middle, then the others. Move back up the hill, position 
Alpha prone two meters from the edge of the slope such that everyone is to the 
right of the tree, and order Alpha to hold. Switch to Charlie, crouch, and find 
a prone position near the perimeter wall such that you have a clear view of the 
field below and the pass leading up to the SAM site (not the rocky trail) -- the 
idea is to be as far away from the SAM site as possible. After a minute or so, a 
patrol of four strolls through the pass created by the long low rock farther SW 
and the point of the perimeter cliff to its north (we'll call this "point A" for 
future reference) and walks SE along the far low rock toward the SAM pass. Wait 
until Alpha opens fire, then help pick off the others.  
First order of business is to capture the intelligence items. Order Alpha to 
advance and set a waypoint to your position, then SE along the cliff to point A. 
Crouch, hook around through the pass, head NW hugging the cliff, and from the 
cover of the end of the last low rock, locate the guard shack below next to the 
rail spur -- the guard standing outside is drinking, so you don't have to worry 
about being spotted. Scope along the main tracks for signs of movement -- an 
enemy patrol of four may circle counterclockwise around the depot buildings and 
the storage tanks to the north.  
Scenario 1  
If after a thorough scan you don't see the patrol, shoot the guard outside the 
shack, then the other inside. Order Charlie on recon, switch to Alpha, order 
Alpha on recon and advance at all costs (AAAC), crouch, and follow Charlie's 
route but continue hugging the cliff all the way to a small triangular area due 
east of the northernmost storage tank: you'll know it when you get there -- a 
natural bunker that slopes back toward the cliff. Set waypoints along the cliff 
to this spot for Charlie. Continue NW hugging the cliff, cross west over the 
tracks at the railroad tunnel, then south to the electrical transformer box 
north of the storage tank. Switch to Charlie momentarily (who by now should have 
arrived at the natural bunker), crouch, and scope the depot buildings for any 
signs of the patrol, but ignore the patrol of three in the east side of the 
maintenance building. Switch to Alpha, head south along the west side of the 
storage tanks, onto the west porch of the north depot building, south to the 
other end of the porch, then across the alley to the porch of the south depot 
building. Pause while the rest of the squad catches up, then head east along the 
north porch. Pause again at the door so the platoon follows in your footsteps, 
open the door and go in, turn right and move along the north wall just beyond 
the loft above until you're notified that the intelligence items have been 
captured (completing the optional objective). Move back under the loft and head 
along the east wall by the barrels: don't worry if the three hostiles in the 
loft shout and stop whistling, they won't come down the stairs. Order Alpha to 
engage and hold.  
Switch to Charlie, order Charlie to engage, and scope between the rail cars and 
the south depot building for the patrol of four. You should see either two 
hostiles standing on the far side of the rail cars, or one, barely visible, 
beyond the porch -- shoot whomever you find. (If you see no one, move NW along 
the cliff until you do. Shoot as many as you can, then quickly move back to the 
cover of the natural bunker.) The survivors advance toward you and shortly 
thereafter three guards also advance along the outside west wall of the 
maintenance building, so you're gonna have your hands full. Beware of one of the 
foursome who may crawl across the tracks and sneak toward you using the guard 
shack for cover -- he's hard to spot, so you may want to occasionally check the 
map and move from side to side. To make matters even more interesting, three 
enemy from the loft of the north depot building emerge one-by-one though the 
north door. If you take out the first one soon enough, the others may not follow, 
but we'll deal with them later. Finally, turn your attention to the three in the 
east side of the maintenance building.  
Switch to Alpha, retrace your steps to the spot at which you captured the 
intelligence items, face the corner with the stairs, back up along the wall 
almost to the stacked crates, and send a round from the GL end of your OICW into 
the ceiling above the loft about 4 meters from the south wall to eliminate the 
three guards standing directly below. If Charlie didn't get all three in the 
north depot building, order Alpha to advance and head on over to its south door 
and finish them off to complete objective three.  
Scenario 2  
This is a bit trickier. If you see the patrol walking north along the tracks, 
order Alpha on recon and AAAC and set waypoints for them along the cliff such 
that they will arrive just behind you. When the patrol nears the north storage 
tank, eliminate the two guards in the shack, then order Charlie on recon. Switch 
to Alpha and follow the same procedures as described in Scenario 1 until you 
arrive at the transformer box. The difference now is that the patrol of four 
will be on the move in front of you and will circle around back to the storage 
tanks -- and you don't want to be caught staring at each other in the alley 
between the buildings. Watch the patrol from the cover of the north storage tank 
and when they round the south depot, continue down the west porches of both 
depots. Carefully peek around the corner of the south depot to make sure they're 
out of sight before opening the south door. (If one of your squad is straggling, 
you may want to quickly switch to that soldier and help him get the lead out of 
his pants. Also helpful is briefly switching to Charlie to find out exactly 
where the foursome is, then order Charlie to hold.) Stay crouched, go in the 
south door, and head for the east wall by the barrels -- the enemy in the loft 
are close enough to the wall that they don't see you. Retrieve the intelligence 
items as described above, then follow the walls back and take up a position in 
the SE corner of the building. Push the other two in your squad against the 
south wall so that the open doorway is visible to no one. Order Alpha to engage 
and hold.  
Switch to Charlie, and if there's time, start taking out the foursome as they 
head north along the tracks; otherwise, wait until they arrive at the 
transformer box at the north end of the storage tanks. The only difference is 
that now Charlie needs to be prone having lost the benefit of the cover of the 
natural bunker. While you're waiting, find a comfortable prone position such 
that you can swing your rifle west to the transformer then south and clearly see 
the enemy advancing from the west side of maintenance building.  
The remainder of the action leading to completion of objective three plays out 
the same except that the three guards in the north depot building may decide to 
head out the south door to see what's going on in the south building and Alpha 
will be waiting for them. Or they may head out the south door and try to sneak 
up on you using the guard shack as cover. Likewise, the threesome outside the 
west wall of the maintenance building may not make a frontal assault, but may 
try to sneak up on you in the cover of the rail cars and the guard shack. Lastly, 
once Alpha dispatches the three enemy in the loft of the south depot and you're 
not notified that objective three is complete, one of the enemy may have become 
stuck crawling under one of the rail cars -- he's no threat in this obsessive 
condition and easy to find. This last oddity may also happen in the other 
Scenario 3  
If Charlie sees the foursome somewhere between the south depot building and the 
storage tanks and they've come to a halt, order Charlie on recon and hold. 
Switch to Alpha, order Alpha on recon and AAAC, head SE toward the large rock 
formation separating the SAM site hill, then follow it down to its SW tip 
(you'll be heading toward the tent camp). Cross the dirt road to the other large 
rock formation to the west and watch the movement of the three enemy in the west 
side of the maintenance building (ignore the ones in the east side). Wait until 
they circle clockwise outside the building and disappear around the north end, 
then head west along the cliff and cross the railroad tracks to the west 
perimeter. Head north along the perimeter until you get to the paved road, then 
scope north to see if the original foursome has arrived. If so, wait until they 
disappear between the depot and the large rock to its south, then head for the 
south door and proceed to the intelligence items as described above.  
Switch back to Charlie. If the foursome has not moved, shoot the two guards in 
the shack, shoot the foursome, then run like hell to the natural bunker and 
start taking out the three hostiles advancing from the maintenance building -- 
they may have climbed up to your previous position, so beware of an attack from 
the high ground to the SE.  
You may have noticed at the south end of the railroad tracks that there's a 
rocky trail leading directly up to the tent camp. While it's possible to attack 
and neutralize the camp from this approach, the fighting is up close and 
personal and may result in casualties. I chose, as usual, the safe plan.  
Switch to Charlie, order all squads to engage and AAAC, and set waypoints for 
Alpha back to point A (remember point A?), then NE above the familiar long low 
rock south of the insertion zone, east along the rock, and position them at the 
familiar pass so that Cohen in crouched against the left side of the lone tree. 
Make your way to the same rock, but stay on its southern side and stop halfway 
across. Scope up through the pass to the SAM site, find the silhouette of the 
fixed machine gunner in the bunker, and send him a long distance head shot. Now 
-- we've all been waiting for this -- climb up the rocky trail to the SAM site, 
crawl to the top, and take out the three dumbfounded guards. If some escape, 
crawl backwards down the trail a few meters and wait -- one may circle around 
the rock north of the SAM site and try to sneak up on you from either end of the 
trail, but Alpha has you covered either way. If one does manage to sneak up to 
the top of your trail, put a 9mm slug between his eyes when his head appears. 
Set waypoints for Alpha and Bravo to the SAM site, switch to Bravo, and destroy 
the mobile missile launcher to complete objective one.  
Three enemy patrol counterclockwise around the camp and two more stand guard 
near the rocky pass leading down to the railroad tracks. We have the high ground 
and, except for the haze, an unobstructed view. You decide. Well, I can't resist 
a suggestion: Johnson has two more perfectly good rockets. Nuff said.  
                    DS MISSION 04 - QUIET ANGEL  
Tigray Kilil, Ethiopia  
June 4, 2009  
"This one's a little different, gentlemen. We've been tapped to do a good deed. 
As you may know, the coup in Addis Ababa coincided with the worst droughts 
they've had in twenty years. The pictures aren't making the news back home, but 
rest assured that there are a lot of starving people in the interior, on both 
sides of the border. Making it worse, local warlords with ties to the new 
government have taken to hijacking the relief trucks and stealing or destroying 
their contents.  
"As a result, a coalition of international relief agencies has asked for 
military escorts for supply caravans heading for the refugee camps. You'll be 
handling the first run. You'll be escorting a small convoy of four trucks to the 
refugee camp near the western edge of the Denakil desert -- territory that's 
technically across the Ethiopian border. Furthermore, we've spotted a band of 
Ethiopian irregulars sitting across the logical route to the camp. They're most 
likely going to try to disable the trucks and make off with the supplies. 
Preventing that is your mission. Making sure they don't ever bother anyone else 
would be a bonus.  
"The route the convoy will be taking moves through an old riverbed, a perfect 
ambush point. Make sure all of the trucks make it through in one piece. Get up 
to the high ground and take out any of the patrols with rocket launchers who are 
waiting to poach those supplies. If you can wipe out the entire enemy force, so 
much the better, but the most important thing is to get those trucks through the 
riverbed in one piece."  
1 - Secure Rocket Launcher Site 1  
2 - Secure Rocket Launcher Site 2  
3 - Defend All Friendly Trucks  
X - Eliminate All Enemy Units  
ALPHA: Cohen, Wong, Homes  
BRAVO: Munz, Fuentes  
CHARLIE: Ibrahim 
Munz joins Bravo replacing Johnson; Ibrahim replaces Turner in Charlie.  
As soon as the mission begins the convoy starts rolling and if everyone hustles, 
we can be on those trucks and outta here in about ten minutes. The riverbed road 
meanders in the shape of the letter S from the NE to the SW corners of the 
perimeter. For the purpose of describing a location, consider the east-west 
sections of the road as three parts -- north, middle, and south.  
Switch to Bravo and set a waypoint for Charlie up the rocky trail north of the 
insertion zone, then west on the ridge to the three small rocks. Set a series of 
three waypoints for Alpha: up the rocky trail south of the insertion zone, then 
west on the middle section of road to the west tip of the long cliff that forms 
the south edge of the road, then east up the trail between the cliff and the 
rock formation to the entrance of the first trail leading south. As Bravo, take 
the first leg of Alpha's path, then head west to the tip of the rock formation 
east of the NW rocket site, crouch, continue counterclockwise to the east side 
of the first boulder, go prone, and notice the five enemy walking down the short 
pass on the other side the road. Crawl ahead far enough to see the road, wait 
until they descend, then mow them down with Munz's MG3 from far to near, right 
to left -- they try to run back up the pass. When they're down, rise to a crouch. 
(Optionally, use Fuentes and take them all out at once with a rocket-powered 
Switch to Charlie, crouch, move west beyond the three small boulders, take out 
any survivors (you'll see their heads), then swing your sights to the NW rocket 
site on the ridge across the road and take out the enemy rocket guy thus 
completing objective one. Run west along the ridge, go prone at the edge of the 
cliff just beyond the pass, and find the fixed machine gunner against the cliff, 
down on the road, west of the rocket site. Stay prone, locate five more hostiles 
on the rocket site, and pick them off -- if you don't count a total of six 
corpses, crouch and move farther west along the ridge. If you still can't locate 
them, switch to Bravo, continue toward the rock formation, and finish them off.* 
Another possibility is that they may try to advance toward Bravo -- take them 
out or let Bravo do it.  
*Note: If you switched to Bravo to eliminate the last of the six enemy on the NW 
rocket site, set the waypoints now for Charlie, as described below, to save time.  
Switch to Alpha, order all squads to advance, and set a series of waypoints for 
Charlie back to the insertion zone, up the rocky trail to the south, then 
counterclockwise around the perimeter to the east end of the ridge overlooking 
the middle section of road where it bends south. Set waypoints for Bravo down to 
the middle section of the road and park them on the south side in the gentle 
indentation of the cliff about two thirds its length to the east. If Bravo and 
Charlie eliminated the twelve hostiles without undue delay, Alpha should see the 
convoy down on the road rounding the corner and approaching from the west. This 
is good -- we're ahead of schedule.  
As soon as Charlie announces that he has arrived at his destination (or take 
over sooner if you wish), switch to Charlie, go prone at the easternmost edge of 
the ridge, and shoot the patrol of three down on the road to the south, under 
the demolished bridge. Scope the pass at the eastern end of the distant ridge to 
the south and shoot the rocket-toting enemy standing at the SE rocket site to 
complete objective two. Run west to within about six meters of the other end 
your short ridge (Bravo can be seen down on the road, slightly to the west), go 
prone facing south, and notice the demolished building through the trail on the 
ridge across the road: if you see enemy within, hold your fire. Likewise, if you 
see more enemy on the distant SE rocket site ridge to the south, do not disturb 
them yet.  
Switch to Alpha, crouch, hug the rock formation to your left while heading south 
through the short trail. Look around the corner, scope to the left of the partly 
demolished domed tower for enemy near the same demolished building Charlie is 
watching, but before you mow them down, wait for the fixed machine gunner within 
the base of the domed tower to reveal part of his body and shoot him first. 
Immediately switch to Charlie, scope the demolished building, and take out any 
hostiles hiding within. After switching to Bravo in the next maneuver, Alpha 
should be able to handle any survivors -- there are a total of six including the 
fixed machine gunner in these ruins. (Note: Although rocket-powered grenades are 
effective in clearing the ruins including the machine gunner in the tower, using 
them usually alerts the enemy patrol on the south section of road as described 
Switch to Fuentes in Bravo (the convoy should be nearby), order Bravo on recon, 
run east on the road, follow as it curves south under the demolished bridge, 
find the rocky trail on your right, hug the rock to your right as you ascend, 
run past the tree to a point about halfway between the tree and the boulder 
ahead, crouch, then move south to the edge of the cliff, locate the enemy patrol 
of five, and plant a rocket-powered grenade in their midst. The idea is to keep 
a safe distance from the cliff's edge so as not to be spotted by the patrol 
until you engage them. All that remains is a patrol of five on the southernmost 
ridge across the road. When they're down, the optional objective is completed 
and the mission ends successfully.  
If your rocket-powered grenade is off-target and one or more of the patrol 
survives the blast, move north to the latitude of the tree to avoid grenades, go 
prone, eliminate all the enemy on the ridge, crouch, move to the edge of the 
cliff, and shoot the survivors.  
Scenario 1  
The remaining patrol is walking east along their ridge. Go prone, order Bravo to 
advance, and take them out. Some may run behind the boulders for cover, but they 
emerge shortly. Arcing another rocket-powered grenade over the boulders may 
bring them out sooner.  
Scenario 2  
The remaining patrol is nowhere in sight -- they're walking behind the boulders 
to the west end of their ridge to intercept the convoy. Switch to Charlie, order 
Alpha to advance if they're holding, and set a waypoint for Alpha SW to the top 
of the wide pass leading south down to the south section of road. As Charlie, 
crouch, move west a few meters to the corner of your ridge, scope the west end 
of the distant south ridge, and shoot as many as you see. When Alpha arrives at 
their destination, they may take out the remainder. If not, switch to Alpha, 
head down onto the road, run west to the narrow pass leading up to the south 
ridge, ascend, and finish the job. You can also switch to Charlie again and try 
to earn Ibrahim a bronze star.  
                   DS MISSIION 05 - GAMMA DAWN  
Denakil Desert, Ethiopia  
June 11, 2009  
"We have a potentially delicate situation on our hands. Officially, once 
Washington shut down the SR-71, we haven't had a high-speed manned 
reconnaissance aircraft. Unofficially, it's called Aurora and one just went down 
deep in the heart of the Denakil. We need to destroy the wreckage before the 
locals get their hands on it. The last thing we need is for whatever's left of 
our classified aircraft to go on the international auction block, with Col. 
Wolde banging the gavel.  
"The good news is that the region's been blanketed under a sandstorm until 
recently. That means that the Ethiopian troops in the area haven't had a chance 
to salvage the wreckage. Our best estimate is that there are three significant 
chunks of the Aurora left, scattered along the length of a dry riverbed. Find 
them and plant charges on each. They'll be detonated 30 seconds after you plant 
them, so move quickly.  
"You'll also want to take out the Ethiopian outpost nearby. We don't think that 
they've managed to salvage anything, but it never hurts to be sure. Take the 
site and then get out of there. Return to your insertion zone for pickup. 
Assuming the weather stays clear, the choppers will be there in a hurry.  
"There's also a small supply dump in the area. If you can take it without too 
much risk, do it. Be warned, though -- enemy light armor's been spotted in the 
area. It's been immobilized by the storm, but now that the weather's cleared 
you're likely to run into it, and sooner rather than later."  
1 - Place Demo Charges at Crash Sites  
2 - Secure Enemy Base  
3 - Reach Extraction Zone  
X - Secure Supply Depot   
ALPHA: Cohen, Wong, Homes  
BRAVO: Tunney, Fuentes  
CHARLIE: Ibrahim  
Tunney replaces Munz in Bravo and packs demo charges. There's no need to take 
two demos on this mission: the enemy's light armor HQ refers to are nothing but 
a couple of small pickup trucks or old jeeps. Arguably the easiest mission in 
either Ghost Recon or Desert Siege, our lone sniper can move with near impunity 
and neutralize all resistance.  
Switch to Charlie, activate night vision, run east along the south ridge until 
you see the patrol of four in the valley below, go prone, and eliminate them. 
Locate the two enemy guarding the 3rd Aurora fragment on the ridge across the 
valley and take them out. Retrace your steps, crouch to the right of the bridge, 
set waypoints for Bravo east along the ridge, down the steep pass to the valley, 
to a point in the valley about halfway between the 1st Aurora fragment and the 
bridge: shoot the two enemy running down the slope to the north across the 
valley if Alpha doesn't pull the trigger first.  
Next stop: the buildings south of the enemy base. Cross the bridge, approach 
them through the sand from due south, go prone, and shoot the three enemy 
huddled around the burning trash barrel. Run NW to the top of the sand dune due 
west of the NW building (you'll be at the west perimeter of the sector), go 
prone, shoot the machine gunner in the west guard tower of the enemy base, then 
the patrol of three walking back and forth on the main road in front of the base. 
Wait prone to see if three more appear from the breach in the south wall of the 
compound and shoot them as well; if not, head for the breach in the wall at the 
west end of the compound and crouch.  
If the second threesome did not come out, they're patrolling counterclockwise 
within the compound. If you see them emerge from behind the building with the 
lighted windows, wait until they completely circle it before climbing the west 
guard tower. Go prone on the top of the tower and notice through the lighted 
right hand window of the building the lone gunman walking slowly around the room. 
When the patrol of three almost disappears into the darkness to the east, shoot 
him first, then the lone guard by the campfire, then the patrol. Descend from 
the tower, head for the front of the building, and shoot the guard in the east 
guard tower. The remaining hostile in the base is in a room in the back of the 
lighted building -- circle it counterclockwise, past the back door, to the first 
window on the west side, and shoot him in the far room with your silenced M9 to 
complete objective two.  
Last stop: the buildings SE of the enemy base. Head SE out the breach in the 
south wall for the top of the large sand dune between the two groups of 
outbuildings, go prone, and take out a patrol of three on the road behind the 
Although destroying the remains of the Aurora is not necessary to successfully 
complete the mission once all resistance has been neutralized, let's do it 
anyway. Switch to Tunney in Bravo, plant the demo charges at each of the 
fragments, then park Bravo a safe distance from the last one.  
Scenario 1  
Switch to Charlie, run north to the breach in the east wall of the enemy base, 
approach the depot from the west, and locate the three guards outside. They walk 
from the front of the depot to its west side -- find a position where you can 
see them all, go prone, and pick them off. In a few moments, two vehicles 
approach from the main road to the east: one parks in front of the depot and the 
other circles clockwise around it. Shoot the driver of the moving vehicle as it 
circles up behind the building, then the gunner. Crouch, sidestep to your right 
toward the main road, go prone, and pick off the two occupants of the parked 
Three enemy inside the depot are visible through the window on the west side of 
the building -- crouch, zoom scope, and begin circling the depot 
counterclockwise until you spot the first, then continue for the second and 
third. If you can't find the last one, maintain your distance, circle around to 
the east side, and find him through the large window; if he still remains 
elusive, continue around to the back door, open it, and put a 9mm slug through 
his head to complete the optional objective and successfully complete the 
Note: If the moving vehicle escapes, you'll have to search for it -- try the far 
east end of the main road.  
Scenario 2  
If you're craving some unpredictability, switch to Charlie, run east from the 
top of the dune and cross the road leading to the depot -- the vehicles now 
appear at any time, one may try to run you over, and one or both speed to the 
insertion zone where Alpha promptly takes their keys. Otherwise, you're on your 
                    DS MISSION 06 - SPECTRE WIND  
Adi K'eyih, Eritrea  
June 16, 2009  
"Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Ashenafi Abate. He's a local strongman who 
used to be based out of the area east of Wik'ro. However, he's also an old 
friend of Col. Wolde's, and has now set up residence in a ghost town outside of 
Adi K'eyih. He and his command are your target.  
"As the Ethiopian troops fall back, they're leaving something behind: land mines. 
Not only do they slow our advance, it's highly unlikely that we're going to find 
and detonate them all, and that means they're going to be providing unpleasant 
surprises for the local populace for years to come.  
"Your first priority is to recover the maps of the minefields that are being 
laid. Abate's in charge of this section of the project, and he's keeping them in 
his field HQ in a box canyon northeast of the town. On the opposite end of town 
is a motor pool tucked into a junkyard. You'll want to disable all of the 
vehicles there as well. Then you get to go after the big prize: Abate himself.  
"If Abate's not in the field HQ, he'll be in a house he's commandeered, on a 
hill just outside of what's left of the town. He's dug in there, with a trench 
network defending it, and his troops are positioned all through the wreckage. 
You're going to go in there and drag him out. Once you've got Abate in hand, 
head for the pickup point. It's located in the ridges to the south of town."  
1 - Retrieve Map of Minefields  
2 - Neutralize Vehicle Pool  
3 - Capture Warlord  
4 - Reach Extraction Zone  
ALPHA: Cohen, Homes, Haile  
BRAVO: Tunney, Wong  
CHARLIE: Ibrahim  
Wong moves to Bravo replacing Fuentes; Haile joins Alpha; Tunney packs anti-tank 
rockets. Yes, I know gentlemen, Jodit Haile is not much more a kid, but she's 
been fighting here since she was twelve years old, knows the terrain like the 
back of her hand, packs a wallop with a PKM, and more than anything else wants 
peace in her country. You won't regret it.  
As soon as the mission begins, order all squads on recon and advance at all 
costs (AAAC), set waypoints for Charlie SE up the steep trail, then east about 
ten meters (just beyond the dark shaded portion of the map) into the narrow 
ravine along the north perimeter, and set his view arc facing west.  
Ignore the enemy down in the west end of the town, run up the same trail, crouch 
at the top, and notice the enemy patrol of three, ahead, walking east through 
the ravine. Follow them (it's easy to stay relatively close), Charlie announces 
that he has arrived, then plant a rocket-powered grenade in their midst as they 
reach the bottom. Move down the ravine along the left rock cliff, go prone about 
ten meters from the bottom, order all squads on hold and engage, and shoot the 
six enemy who approach one-at-a-time, the last three of which appear from around 
the rock cliff to the right. Shoot them on sight -- some have grenades. 
(Normally all six enemy attack the bottom of the ravine, but Charlie is guarding 
the top just in case.)  
A jeep drives up and parks west of the HQ compound: if you see it, venture out 
of the ravine, go prone, and take out its occupants, driver first, then the 
gunner. If not, it's hiding behind the far boulder. Move to the cover of the 
near boulder and shoot the guard standing next to the far boulder. If the jeep 
still doesn't appear, move back to the ravine and let Charlie snipe them later.  
Switch to Charlie, order all squads to advance and engage, climb to the top of 
the ravine, locate the patrol of three on the long trail on the ridge to the SW 
(they may be down in the area between the ridge and the road), go prone, and 
shoot them. Move a few meters SE to the top of the trail leading down to the 
town and find and shoot three more patrolling the area between the west end of 
the town and the hill of the warlord's villa. Crawl a few meters down the trail 
toward the town and shoot the enemy sniper in the lower bunker on the warlord 
hill. Scope the far side of the cluster of buildings below, find the jeep, shoot 
the driver first, then the gunner.  
Crouch, head east on the trail overlooking the town, find the jeep parked by the 
enemy HQ, and shoot the driver first, then the gunner. (If you don't see the 
vehicle from your current position, it's parked farther north and it's view is 
obstructed by the large rock formation to the east.) Continue on the trail, step 
sideways facing south as you approach the end of the low rocky wall to your 
right, and shoot the driver of the pickup truck parked directly south among the 
shacks but do not try for the gunner yet -- at this close range he will see you 
and fire first.  
Retrace your steps west to the point at which the low rock wall begins, go prone, 
and shoot the fixed machine gunner in the upper bunker on the warlord hill. 
Three enemy behind and to the right of the bunker stand guarding the warlord's 
villa and if you can see one of them through the haze, shoot him and the others 
will follow; otherwise, head south down the previous trail (that's where we're 
headed regardless) and take them out. Move counterclockwise around the boulder 
at the bottom of the trail, then south between the corrugated shack and the 
concrete block foundation, go prone facing south, zoom scope, peek around the 
far end of the shack, and shoot the gunner in the driverless pickup truck. This 
part of the town is now clear, so if the jeep near the enemy HQ was not 
previously visible, take it out now -- driver first, then the gunner. If you 
like, take out your M9SD and shoot the tires of the vehicles.  
Climb up to the west side of the upper bunker on the warlord hill, locate the 
bunker on the west side of the hill, crouch, and maneuver into a position where 
you can shoot the unsuspecting gunner within. Approach the front windowless wall 
of the villa from the NW, step around the corner, and notice two windows: the 
guy with the olive drab shirt swaying to the music is Ashenafi Abate, so don't 
shoot him. Instead, fire a shot through the left window to break the glass, then 
step back behind the wall -- he's armed and will not surrender while he still 
has a bodyguard.  
Circle the hill clockwise and low enough so as not to be seen from either window, 
head for the south tip of the narrow boomerang-shaped rock formation separating 
the town, then east to the rusty corrugated shack, and find and shoot the guard 
patrolling behind the HQ (if Alpha has not already taken him out). Head south to 
the tip of the rock outcropping on the SE perimeter, scope for the remaining 
bunker to the left of the warlord's villa, and send him greetings from the USA 
Special Forces.  
The only thing now between us and the map is a guard huddled in the NE corner of 
the HQ shack -- the building with the antenna on the roof -- and you can do it 
several ways: a) Switch to Alpha, go in the door and shoot him; b) Switch to 
Alpha, go around behind the HQ, and shoot the glass out of the back window 
followed by a grenade; c) As Charlie, move clockwise around the rock outcropping 
and shoot him in the head through the south window. Grab the map and objective 
one is complete.  
Order all squads on advance and engage and set waypoints for Alpha and Bravo to 
meet at the lower bunker north of the villa. Head for the east side of the villa, 
move to its NE, and while it's easier to step to the right and shoot the 
bodyguard through the broken window, I chose to creep silently to the window 
(shuffle) and pop him in the head with the M9SD. Uh, be sure to kill the guy in 
the camo shirt. When he's down, Abate drops his AK-47 and shrugs with a sigh of 
Open the door, go in and capture Abate by bumping him, and... what the hell... 
will you take a look at this. Big screen projection TV, surround sound, major 
appliances from Sears. But wait, there's more. Marble countertops, Kohler bath 
fixtures, towels from the Holiday Inn. Pass off the fat sweaty warlord to Alpha. 
Objective three is complete.  
The enemy in the junkyard are expecting us to approach along the trail to the 
north, so we're gonna come in from the south. Run SW from the villa, across the 
road, to the large rock outcropping west of the extraction zone, and notice the 
fixed machine gunner and guard in front of the garage by the junked cars and a 
third patrolling directly to the west. Take them out in the order of your choice, 
then a fourth who appears from behind the boulder in front of and to the right 
of the garage.  
Switch to Tunney in Bravo, run to Charlie's position, then straight west (man, 
that late afternoon sun is bright) to the high ground south of the vehicle pool, 
and destroy the tank to complete objective two and successfully complete the 
                    DS MISSION 07 - SUBTLE KEEP  
Akale Guzay Awraja, Eritrea  
June 22, 2009  
"I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we have a re-
formed column of Eritrean infantry advancing along one of the major north-south 
roads from Asmara to Adigrat. The bad news is that the Ethiopian commander in 
the region is a damn sight more efficient than your friend Abate and has 
prepared an unpleasant surprise along their route. He's got a roadblock thrown 
up across the route, with his troops dug in on both sides of it and holding a 
fortified position on the heights west of the road. Furthermore, he's parked his 
men right next to a field hospital, which means you'll be doing this without air 
support. The last thing we need is all the cable news networks showing endless 
re-runs of us accidentally blowing a hospital to smithereens.  
"You need to take that roadblock. To do that, you're going to need to clear out 
the trenches on either side of the road leading up the obstruction, and take out 
the encampment on the heights as well. If they've got any vehicle support, 
neutralize it. Then proceed along the road to the west. Don't worry about 
stragglers. The troops coming in behind you will handle the mop-up work."  
1 - Neutralize Roadblock and Snipers  
2 - Secure Compound  
3 - Neutralize All Enemy Vehicles  
4 - Reach Extraction Zone  
ALPHA: Cohen, Homes, Haile  
BRAVO: Wong, Fuentes  
CHARLIE: Ibrahim  
Fuentes replaces Tunney.  
Switch to -- who else? -- Charlie and shoot the enemy in the four nearest 
elevated bunkers along the road: one on the opposite side and three on your side. 
Run east along the cliff to the bunker ridge on your side (we'll call this the 
perimeter side) of the road, but crouch as you approach the first of the three 
now-vacant bunkers -- they're catching on fast -- and from the cover of its near 
end, take out the guard in the distant bunker farther to the south on the other 
side (we'll call this the interior side) of the road. As long as we're bunker 
hopping, continue SE along the ridge, down to the road, hug the cliff as you 
approach the last pair of bunkers on the perimeter side, and take out the enemy 
in the near bunker -- the one next door to the south is unoccupied. (The far 
bunker on the interior side of the road is unoccupied as well.)  
Kindly disabuse yourself of the notion that it would be fun to get to one of 
those bunkers and start picking off the road crew -- Charlie will get creamed. 
Ditto for a position on the low north end of the ridge leading to the bunkers. 
Instead, go prone facing south in the thin grass in the angle of the cliff just 
north of the trail leading to the bunkers on the perimeter side of the road, 
wait until most of the nine hostiles congregate in the middle of the road behind 
the vehicles and crates, then fire away. Shoot whoever fires back, then pick 
them off as they scurry for or emerge from cover. Distance is the sniper's 
friend. Two more vehicles drive up from the south and park behind the roadblock 
-- a jeep on the left and a pickup truck on the right, the latter blocked from 
Charlie's view by the low cliff on the interior side of the road -- so when 
there's a lull in the action, take out, as always, the driver of the jeep first, 
then the gunner. Scope from side to side or zoom to half power occasionally to 
make sure no one is sneaking toward you along either of the cliffs.  
Depending on their proximity when Charlie launches his assault, three enemy 
patrolling up on the sandy area NW of the roadblock may join the fray. They 
descend one of the two short ravines behind the interior side bunkers then the 
steep trail leading to the road, so keep an eye in this direction. Be aware also 
that they may hear Charlie's shots when neutralizing the pickup truck and the 
remaining bunker as described below.  
When all is quiet, crouch, move south the twenty meters along your cliff to the 
beginning of trail on your left, go prone again, zoom scope and focus on the 
bunker across the road, crawl up the trail sideways until the rifle and arms of 
the guard within are visible, then quickly peek left and take him out with a 
surprise head shot to complete objective one. (Shooting his arms a few times 
also works.) Continue crawling left if necessary until you can see and eliminate 
the occupants of the pickup truck thus completing objective three.  
Alternate tactic: If the pickup gang is visible before the guard in the bunker, 
take them out first. Crawl a short distance to the right for safety, crouch, 
cross the road, pull out your M9SD, head south along the interior cliff, move 
silently (shuffle) as you approach the steep trail leading up to the bunker, 
activate night vision (you won't be able to see with the sun in your eyes), 
cross the opening of the trail, ascend in the cover of the triangular side of 
the trail, and put a silent 9mm slug between his unsuspecting eyes.  
Road kill count excluding the two bunker boys: two in the jeep, three in the 
truck, twelve on foot -- nine if the trio from the area to the NW didn't show.  
Head up the steep trail to the bunker then south past the second bunker to the 
far ravine and go prone in the ravine where the thin grass becomes sand. Let's 
assume the trio in question above did not show up. They patrol clockwise around 
the demolished building ahead -- wait until they turn right at the far end of 
the building and pick them off. Another three patrolling near the thatched huts 
south of the road near the extraction zone run up the wide pass and appear from 
around the far end of the large rock formation to your left. A pair patrols to 
the left of the fixed machine gunner straight ahead and another pair patrols 
behind and to his right -- take them out in whatever order they appear.  
Set waypoints for both Alpha and Bravo SE a little over halfway down the road, 
then NW up the long ridge on the interior side of the road to the mouth of the 
pass leading up to the compound area. Run NW along the rock formation on your 
right, separating the sandy compound area from the road to the NE, crouch at the 
boulder (Alpha and Bravo should be coming up behind you), sidestep north and 
find and shoot the fixed machine gunner in one of the shallow trenches north of 
the compound.  
The idea now is to get Alpha to the middle of the south wall and Bravo to the 
middle of the north wall of the compound without being spotted by the remaining 
patrol of three who run frantically on the steep sandy slope farther west. Order 
all squads on AAAC. Set waypoints for Alpha at coordinates due south of your 
boulder and due east of the south wall of the building, then to the middle of 
the south wall. Set waypoints for Bravo at coordinates due south of your boulder 
and due east of the north wall, then to the middle of the north wall. As Charlie, 
head west for the other trench, go prone at its west end, wait for your squads 
to get into position, then wait patiently for the patrol to appear to the SW 
beyond the tufts of grass.  
Why all the elaborate prep work? The patrol of three are a wily and highly 
unpredictable bunch -- if Charlie doesn't get all of them they'll run or crawl 
for cover behind any of the three partial walls around the compound including 
the one north of the fixed machine gun. Usually they head for the far side of 
the J-shaped wall SE of the building and may crawl to the NW corner of the 
building. Use Charlie to ferret out survivors: start by circling 
counterclockwise around the north wall, then head west to the far boulder, down 
the steep sandy slope, then up behind the J-shaped wall. Furthermore, two 
hostiles somewhere in the building may try to escape out either door but we will 
be waiting. If they don't come out, well, you know what to do. When they're down, 
there's no need to get to the extraction zone, objective two is completed, and 
the mission ends successfully.  
               DS MISSION 08 - TORN BANNER  
Mereb Wenz crossing, near Adi Kwala, Eritrea  
June 25, 2009  
"This, gentlemen, is it. We've pushed the Ethiopian forces back across the 
border, and we've been in contact with the legitimate government in exile. With 
any luck, they'll be back in power shortly, and we can wrap this up.  
"There's just one detail left to take care of: Colonel Tesfaye Wolde. Wolde has 
decided that the best way to salvage the current situation is to ride out with 
whatever armor he's got left in an effort to rally the troops personally. I'll 
leave the wisdom of that particular approach for you to judge, but you can't 
fault the man's guts.  
"In any case, the column he's riding with is moving north. We're expecting it to 
hit a bridge over the Mereb Wenz at approximately 1100 hours, and you're going 
to be there to greet it.  
"The column will be moving over a bridge that crosses a gorge near a series of 
waterfalls. You'll be going in downstream, near a broad, shallow ford guarded by 
a few customs buildings. You'll want to secure that crossing immediately, then 
move into position to take out the tanks. The bridge is probably the best place 
to bottle them up, and you'll definitely want to take out the infantry holding 
it before the armor gets there. If not, they'll link up and you'll be in a world 
of hurt. One more thing: The last of their SAM launchers is guarding the bridge 
as well. It's positioned to the west of the crossing, along the route the tanks 
are going to follow. Take it out and we can end this once and for all."  
1 - Secure Secondary Crossing  
2 - Neutralize Mobile SAM Launcher  
3 - Stop Tank Column  
4 - Neutralize Bridge Defenders  
ALPHA: Cohen, Wong, Homes  
BRAVO: Tunney, Haile  
CHARLIE: Ibrahim  
Tunney replaces Fuentes in Bravo; Wong moves to Alpha; Haile moves to Bravo. HQ 
has it backwards -- we have less than two minutes to kill the first tank in the 
column before it crosses the bridge -- the infantry guarding it and the 
secondary crossing can wait. Bravo needs to hustle.  
As the mission begins, an enemy pickup truck, followed shortly by two on foot, 
rolls down the dirt trail from the tent camp in the SE quadrant of the sector 
and heads for the secondary crossing -- if our platoon remains at the insertion 
zone, we'll get annihilated.  
Switch to Bravo, set waypoints for Alpha and Charlie to the east side of the 
rock formation south of the insertion zone, and order Bravo on recon and advance 
at all costs (AAAC). Run like hell west to the cover of the right side of the 
boulder (there's a dead bush in front of it) on the bank of the river, wait for 
Haile to catch up, and go prone -- the pickup truck passes directly behind you. 
Let the truck pass, crouch as it continues to the crossing, move north along the 
bank to the point where it becomes marshy, hook left into the river, move 
upstream to the south, look back to make sure Haile has followed you into the 
river, then run. Run up the steep rocky trail on your right, keep to your left 
near the edge of the trail as you ascend, and crouch near the top when you see 
the stone guardhouse across the gorge. Ignore the enemy guarding the bridge and 
watch as the enemy tank column approaches the bridge from the left. Wait until 
the lead tank is almost to the middle of the bridge, then move forward and take 
it out with a rocket before it reaches the other side -- make damn sure you're 
forward enough so that your rocket doesn't slam into the end of your ledge! 
Don't hang around to watch the armor explode -- pull the trigger and immediately 
head back down to the bottom of the trail, check the point at which you splashed 
into the river, and shoot the hostile(s) if any. Switch to Haile in Bravo, take 
cover behind the boulder such that you can see partway up, and order Bravo on 
hold and engage.  
Enemy infantry guarding the bridge climb the near rocky trail on the north side 
of the gorge (see map), hook clockwise around the small round rock formation, 
and take up a position on the ridge where Bravo destroyed the tank. The 
situation is very fluid: They may or may not descend your trail and attack Bravo; 
there may be none or as many as ten; some may descend while others do not; they 
may pursue singly or in pairs; there may be a minute or more delay between 
attacks. Wait patiently to see if any show up and mow them down with your PKM as 
they round the last bend in the trail. If your threat indicator glows but the 
enemy remains hidden up the trail, move out sideways into middle of the river 
such that Haile can see farther up the trail, take him/them out, and wait to see 
if there are any more. Move back to the cover of the boulder as you were before 
and when all is quiet take a deep breath and relax.  
Switch to Charlie, run toward the secondary crossing, go prone at a safe 
distance on the north side of the road where you can see the pickup truck, pick 
off the enemy patrolling near the building -- there are four on foot including 
any Bravo may have killed after destroying the lead tank -- then eliminate the 
three in the truck for a total of seven. Head SW up the dirt trail until you see 
the remaining bridge defenders standing at the top of Bravo's trail, go prone, 
and pick them off thus completing objective four.  
Warning: even though you've been notified that the bridge defenders have been 
neutralized, there may yet be more enemy on the same ridge near the small round 
rock formation.  
Continue up the dirt trail and carefully check the top of the ridge across the 
gorge from various points. When you're sure all hostiles on the ridge are dead, 
set waypoints for Alpha to the group of small boulders and bushes about forty 
meters north of the tent camp such that they have a clear view of the steep 
rocky trail leading down to the tank road. Continue SW along the edge of your 
ridge, find enemy down on the flat ground north of the bridge, and shoot them 
when Alpha announces they've arrived at their destination. Check also for enemy 
hiding behind the tanks. Move carefully up to the west edge of your ridge 
overlooking the bridge and check for hostiles directly below. Alpha will 
eliminate any that try to climb the trail leading up to the tent camp. Scope the 
visible portion of the distant ridge in the SW quadrant of the sector: three 
enemy patrol from end to end. If you see and shoot two, the third may head south, 
then east across the rope suspension bridge. Order Charlie to hold.  
Switch to Bravo, order Bravo to advance, ascend the rocky trail, finish off the 
two remaining tanks, then move around the small round rock formation on your 
right and crouch on its east side.  
Switch to Charlie, scope again along the distant ridge to the west, then to its 
north end for the patrol trying to sneak up on you. If they don't show, set 
waypoints for Alpha down the rocky trail near the tent camp, over the suspension 
bridge, north along the distant ridge, and find and eliminate them -- the total 
body count is twelve including the six bridge defenders, three other enemy in 
the area of the bridge, and the patrol on the distant ridge. Follow Alpha down 
the rocky trail, then head across the bridge, up the short rocky trail near 
Bravo, and find a comfortable spot to watch the north entrance of Alpha's ridge. 
Set a final waypoint for Alpha among the small boulders at the north end of the 
delta-shaped entrance.  
Move counterclockwise around the larger round rock formation to the south, keep 
low, and go prone and crawl to the edge overlooking the SAM site. Take out the 
two fixed machine gunners in the bunkers below then the patrol of three, but if 
they start firing, crawl backwards for cover, and let Alpha take them out as 
they advance or switch back and forth between Charlie and Alpha as necessary. As 
Charlie, move to the center of your ridge, find another pickup truck (looks like 
it has engine problems and is smoking) parked farther west up the secondary 
crossing road, and take out the three occupants. Order Alpha on AAAC and set a 
waypoint for them at the tip of the perimeter, about twenty-five meters west of 
the mobile SAM launcher.  
Switch to Bravo, hike along the tank road to the SAM site, and destroy the armor. 
The remaining unseen defender across the road to the north is eliminated by 
Alpha as he runs toward the SAM site.  
The last three enemy of the mission and the campaign are holed up in the 
secondary crossing building. One of them can and will fire at you through the 
west-facing window. As a gesture of triumph, I chose Haile to go in through the 
front door and finish them off.

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