Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade v1.044 Patch

Genesis Rising: The Universal CrusadeGenesis Rising, igra domaćeg razvojnog studia, je dobio novu zakrpu! Aktuelna verzija je 1.044 i ispravlja mnoge probleme koji su se javljali sa ATi karticama, kao i memory leak koji je mnogima zadavao glavobolje. Zakrpu možete preuzeti sa ove lokacije, a release log možete pročitati u nastavku teksta.






Stability issues on Windows Vista and XP
Memory leaks
Lapis 2 bonus mission crashes
Overbright effects detected for ATI X-series on both Windows XP and Vista
Mini-map rendering issue on ATI
Few sound related issues
More accessible creep camps in MP matches
Font rendering
Issues with cyrillic fonts
Server migration


Formations added (line, V, scattered)
Game difficulty implemented (easy, normal, hard)
Adjustable game speed (slow, normal, fast)
Control settings added (key settings, mouse sensitivity, etc.)
Video settings features added (anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, subtitles on/off)
New settings in MP match creation enabled (victory conditions, adjustable maintenance limit, etc.)
Skirmish game mode added
Computer player difficulty option added in skirmish and MP game modes
Computer player (A.I.) improved in MP game mode


On Vista systems, you should run the game in XP compatibilty mode. 

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