Genesis Rising intervju

Genesis RisingFiringSquad je objavio intervju sa Goranom Milisavljevićem iz Metamorf-a. Intervju je o nadolazećem Space RTS-u po imenu Genesis Rising, a release date igre je planiran za prvu četvrtinu 2007 godine. Deo intervjua možete pogledati ispod, a ceo intervju možete pogledati ovde.

FiringSquad: What will the single player campaigns and missions be like?

Goran Milisavljevic: The single player campaign will feature approximately 30 linked levels. We have a variety of missions. We want to keep the players on their feet, without constantly repeating the same tasks over and over again. Each mission will have a specific task.

FiringSquad: What is the combat like in the game?

Goran Milisavljevic: The combat is a mix between classic strategy combat and RPG-style clashes. The players will do a lot of micro management during battles, making the most of their units. Also you completely change the unit's abilities in an ongoing battle.

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