Full Throttle FAQ (walkthrough)

Full Throttle FAQ

Full Throttle
By Exodist
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Title: Full Throttle
Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: PC
Release: 1995
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 16KB
Document version: 1.0 - FINAL
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (Gamefaqs.com)
Document written: Started 24th July, latest version 24th July
Document © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for Full Throttle, the PC version, made by LucasArts in 1995.






Welcome to my guide for yet another SCUMM game. Not many left now if your
reading this. Full Throttle is one of the best SCUMM game, but like DOTT and SM,
it's really short. They suddenly got too short, Monkey Island wasn't bad, and
neither was Indiana Jones. Never mind, they are excellent games anyway, so you
will love it, and possibly play it again. This SCUMM game has it all though,
humour, easy interface, great story, characters, graphics, music and is fun
through out the whole thing. Even though its based on a gang of bikers, your
more or less sure to love this game.




Right then, straight onto the guide. READ the instruction manual to learn all
about how to play this game, thats what its for. If you don't have one, its
pretty easy to figure out anyways. Lets begin then!


After the awesome introduction, you will just see a dumpster. Right click on the
little lid on the right to punch through it, and get yourself out of the bin.
Walk to the right, and try opening the door. It is locked. Try getting on your
bike, and you have no keys. Kick the door down, and go inside the bar. Talk to
the guy there, then grab him. He will give you your bike keys. Go outside, and
get on your bike. After the cut-scene, your on your very first fighting part.
Basically, just move to the right, and start tapping the left mouse button, or
enter, which ever button you prefer to press. Once you have finished, and have
punched him off his bike, watch the following cut-scene.


Once you wake up, select all the talking options to Maureen, then leave. You
will need some Front Forks, some Gas, and her Welding Torch before you can leave
this place. Pick up the HOSE and the GAS CAN, then leave. The woman will talk to
you, say whatever, then leave to the left. Head over to that trailer you can see
near the junk yard. Bang the door three times, then kick it. Walk inside, and
open the cabinet just above the sofa. Take the LOCK PICK, then open the
refrigerator and take the meat. Now, walk onto that small pad next to you, and
it will take you downstairs. Pick up the TORCH from the table, and Ben will
return it to Maureen. Now, you need some gas. Head over to the gas tower, and
unlock the gate with the lock pick. Take the lock with you, and head over to the
tower. Try to climb the ladder, and an alarm will go off. Walk over to the dark
in the background, and behind a little silo. Once the guards have gone up the
ladder, head over to their little flying machine. Use the GAS CAN with the gas
tank on the back of the vehicle, then use the HOSE with it too. Suck on the
HOSE to get your gas. Now you just need some new Forks. head over to the big
building near the trailer, the junk yard. Use the LOCK with the door, before
climbing over the wall using the chain. Now, jump off the wall, and head towards
the pile of junk. Look at it, then pick the forks up. Suddenly, a vicious dog
jumps out after you. When it goes away, jump back down and go to the right. Put
the MEAT inside the blue car right next to you, then head back. Climp up into
the crane tower, and pull the left level down three times. Push the button to
the right, then push the left lever up three times to trap the dog. Now, return
back to the pile of junk. After the cut-scene, go back to the gas tower, and
touch the ladder.


After the long cut-scene, check out the hut. There's nobody here, try going back
to the crime scene. Because of the road blocks, you need to head somewhere else.
At the long road at the top leading to the road block, go the opposite way
instead and you will arrive at the Kick Stand. After watching the news, talk to
Emmet, if you keep saying that you can do that, he will let you play the knife
game, and yes, you can stab yourself. It's pretty amusing too. Ask for a lift,
but he will tell you to get lost. Go outside, and to the dumpsters to find
Miranda. After you have the FAKE ID CARD, go inside the bar and give it to Emmet
and he will take you to the Mink Farm. After the cut-scene, go inside the small
building, and pick up the pillow, then pick up the TYRE IRON. Use it with the
lock on the chest, and take the hose. Watch the cool cut-scene that follows.


You will be riding on the highway. Go onto the old mine road, I think you just
press one of the mouse buttons to get off when the path to the old mine road
comes up. You will find the old leader of the Pole Cats. After talking to him,
you need to find the entrance to the Cavefish hideout. Basically, you need to
keep on fighting to get loads of weapons, so you can eventually beat every one,
and get the things you need. Basically, just keep riding until you fight some
one. Now, you need to get these items: The Chain, Chainsaw, Cavefish Goggles,
Mace, 2X4 and a booster. To beat the Cavefish, use a 2X4. Once you have all of
these items, it can take time. Right click to put the goggles on, and wait until
in the bottom left corner of the screen it says CAVE. Press both mouse buttons,
just in case, and you will be inside the cave fish hideout! Head through, until
you find the ramp. Push it, then hook it up with your bike, and ride back an
area. Here, don't carry on, instead get off your bike, and push the ramp off,
destroying the dots. Now, when the cavefish come out, they all crash. Now that
you have the ramp, there's one more thing you need. Head to where Ripburgers
men crashed, and use the TYRE IRON with thier car. Use the HOVER DEVICE with
your bike, then go to the ramp, and jump across.


Now that you have found the Corley Motors factory, you can continue. Head down
the road, and to the little shop. Look at the shirt, and pick up the RABBIT.
Now, leave, and get on your bike. Place the mouse cursor to the far left edge,
and a little yellow arrow pointing up will appear. You will arrive at a mine
field. And there's only thing to do. Use the RABBIT with it, and it will march
out into the field, and blow up. Pick up the BATTERY that it drops, and go back
to the shop. Use it with that little remote controlled car to get the old geezer
away. Take the BOX OF RABBITS, and go back to the field. Now, just set them all
off, but pick them all back up. Repeat this until you have an inventory full of
RABBITS. Let one of them off, then get a box, so you have loads of RABBITS. Go
back to the mine field, and set them all off. Where ever the box set them off,
stand infront of it, and let the RABBITS off so all of them are going in the
same direction. Once all of them have been blown up, in a straight line, go
across and you will arrive at the hideout. Say the lines "Let me go, or else..."
then "I'll call you names." ending with "Diapered Dynamo." and then Maureen will
develop the film, and set you free. Now its time to fake your deaths. OK, at the
derby, you will be wanting to do some things. OR, if your using SCUMMVM (I don't
know if it works this way without using SCUMMVM) press esc and you can skip the
derby. Anyways, if you do it properly, you will be needing to get a head on
collision with Maureen. The best way, is to try and jump off the ramp to the
left and onto the orange car. Bash it all the way UNDER the ramp to the right,
and then go over and try to land ontop of the blue car. Because the blue car was
guarding Maureen, you couldn't get to her. Now you can, bash straight into her.
Once you get control, run across the wall to the left, and set it on fire. Then,
run across the blue car and into the fire.


You will need to get inside Corleys Motors. Head round to the back, and you will
see some kind of vent sticking out infront of a part of the path. Kick the
FOURTH rock away from that, on the bottom, and if you get it right, the secret
entrance will open up. Make sure all those green things are black first. Enter.
Now, head over to the safe in the floor, and type in the code 154492, and it
will unlock once you press the button. Take the VIDEO TAPE and KEY CARD. Now,
go through the door to the right, and through the first door. In here, listen to
the speech. Exit, and go through the left door. After this, go back into the
hallway, and through the first door. Now, quickly use the left lever, then the
right lever, then use the right lever again. This should wreck all the stuff.
Whilst that woman man thing is in there, go into the second room, and use the
PHOTOS with easel, and the VIDEO TAPE film reel.


OK, open the grill, then open the panel above the grill. When Ripburger gets his
cane out to close it, grab it, and use it with the fan in the grill. Now, go
through, and use the TYRE IRON with one of the pipes. After the cut-scene, go
up the ladder, and press the green button. Now enter Take off, Post take off,
gear, raise gear and the plane should stop on the edge of the bridge. After the
next cut-scene, enter the truck, and press the red button underneath the screen.
Go for Main Menu, Defence Menu, Machine Guns, Control, System off and then
Ripburger will fall to his death. Go back inside the plane, walk to the left and
use your bike. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing Full Throttle! Enjoy the ending, put
the game away and play it another time because this was just too short.




There aren't many items in Full Throttle. Then again, there isn't MUCH to Full
Throttle at all. Anyways, this is a list of all the items, and where you can
get them from. They appear in the rough order that you will get them in.

You can get this item by going inside Kick Stand, and grabbing the bartender, he
will give you your keys back.

You can get this item inside Maureens Garage, its in the corner near the exit.

You can get this item inside Maureens Garage, its in the corner near the exit.

At the Trailer in Melonweed, open the cabinet above the sofa to find the LOCK

Open the refrigerator at the Trailer in Melonweed, its inside.

Inside the Trailer at Melonweed, step on that light coloured pad and it will go
down, the TORCH is on the table.

To get this, go over to the gas tower at Melonweed, use the LOCK PICK with the
lock, and the LOCK will drop to the floor.

You get it once you get the Gas, Torch and Forks returned to Maureen.

You get it off Maranda, at the Kick Stand, she is hiding inside the dumpster

You find this under the pillow at the Mink Farm.

When the cavefish blow up Emmet, his truck with all the FERTILIZER will be on a
part of the highway.

You can get this weapon from a biker on the Old Mine road.

You can get this weapon from a biker on the Old Mine road.

You can get this weapon from a biker on the Old Mine road.

You can get this weapon from a biker on the Old Mine road.

You can get this item by defeating one of the Cavefish on the Old Mine Road.

When Ripburgers men crash their blue car on the highway, use your TYRE IRON with
it to get the HOVER EQUIPMENT.

Found at the shop infront of the Destruction Derby.

Use the RABBIT with the mine field in front of the Vultures hideout, and it will
blow up, and the BATTERY will fly out. 

Found at the shop infront of the Destruction Derby, see the walkthrough for more
details on getting it.

Maureen will give them to you once you enter the Vultures hideout.

Found inside the safe at Corleys Office, the number is 154492.

Found inside the safe at Corleys Office, the number is 154492.

When you open the grill on the truck, then open the panel, Ripburger sticks his
cane out to close the panel, quickly grab it.




Q. How do I get my keys back!?

A. Grab the bartender and he will give them back to you.

Q. When fighting, is there a way I can skip it?

A. Yes, press left shift + V to win. If that doesnt work, look on gamefaqs.

Q. How do I steal that ramp from the Cavefish?

A. Basically, when you put it on your bike, go back a screen, then take it off
and Ben will push it over those yellow dots, and they will break off, and as
the Cave fish follow them, they just crash.

Q. How do I even find the base?

A. When you beat a cavefish, you get their goggles. Use them, and when CAVE
comes up in the bottom left of the screen, press the right mouse button and you
should find the cave.

Q. Im stuck on the Destruction Derby, any cheats to skip it?

A. Yeah, if your using SCUMMVM, I just pressed esc and it came up "Are you sure
you want to win the Destruction Derby?" so do that. Obviously you should be
playing it properly and NOT cheating.

Q. What do I say to the Vultures once they capture me!?

A. Say the lines "Let me go, or else..."
then "I'll call you names." ending with "Diapered Dynamo." and then Maureen will
develop the film, and set you free.

Q. How do I find out the combination to the safe at Corleys office without using
your guide?

A. Look at all of the motorbike parts when Maureen is looking for them, and the
code is on one of them.

Q. Is most of this game watching cut-scenes?

A. Quite a lot of it is, but there is a lot of gameplay. It's not as bad as
Metal Gear Solid is sometimes though.

Q. Is Full Throttle easy?

A. Yeah, very easy.

Q. Is Full Throttle short?

A. Yeah, nearly as short as Loom, I dont know why SCUMM games have suddenly got
really short.

Q. Is this a good SCUMM game?

A. Its one of the best, but the length lets it down a bit.

Q. How do I play the knife game?

A. Keep saying "I could do that." to Emmet at the Kick Stand, and eventually he
will let you try. Its only good for getting your hand injured badly.




1.0 - FINAL version for gamefaqs, as the whole of the guide is completed. I
have nothing more to add, all the items are in, walkthrough, crappy FAQ, you
don't need any more to complete Full Throttle. But you could most probably do
this game yourself without too much trouble.




Well, I hope you found this guide of use to you, and I do hope you enjoyed what
was Full Throttle which was a very good SCUMM game. Hope you see me at my 
next guide, whatever it will be, most probably Monkey Island 3, im not sure, I
don't have The Dig, yet...

This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for Full Throttle, the original 1995 version on PC.


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