Frontlines Fuel of War v1.2.0 Patch

Frontlines Fuel of War v1.2.0 PatchPored STALKER-a još jedan naslov dobijo je danas svoje osveženje. Podario nam ga je Kaos Studios izbacivši patch v1.2.0 za igru Frontlines: Fuel of War. Ovaj novi update dodaje nam novu mapu Boneyard, nova vozila, oružja, nove modove i još mnogo toga drugoga (pogledati nastavak teksta).

Frontlines: Fuel of War v1.2.0 US/EU/Asia Pacific Patch (943Mb) Frontlines: Fuel of War v1.2.0 Patch

New Map – Boneyard
New Vehicle – Rocket-Mounted Light Armored Vehicles
New Vehicle – Red Star Transport Heli
New Weapon – Automatic Shotgun
New Game Mode – Conquer (for all original maps as well as Boneyard; future DLC maps will also include Conquer mode)
Server Browser, Phase 2
Update Button – Updates server information for the servers already in cache
Additional Filters – Pure, Ranked, Frontlines, Conquer
Player profile will remember the custom filter selection
Added server count and player count totals
Joystick Support
Server Commander (Dedicated Server Tools)
Configure multiple game options for a dedicated server including loadout, roles and vehicle options
Save setting profiles for each server
Administer player support, including banning and kicking players
Set various map rotations
Watch or chat messages
Restart and stop the dedicated server remotely
Send any server commands through the console

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