Frontlines Fuel of War v1.1.0 Patch

Frontlines Fuel of War Iz Kaos Studios-a stiže nam patch za Frontlines: Fuel of War naslov. Update podiže verziju igre na 1.1.0 sa čime dodaje PunkBuster anti-cheat sistem, osveženi server pretraživač, ispravku uočenih bug-ova i propusta kao i još mnogo toga drugoga (kompletnu listu pogledati u nastavku teksta).

Frontlines: Fuel of War v1.1.0 US/EU/Asia Pacific Patch (271Mb)

Frontlines: Fuel of War v1.1.0 Patch

New Features

PunkBuster anti-cheat has been added
Spawn Protection – To prevent spawn camping, players will spawn with a few seconds of invulnerability that will end if they perform an action

New Server Browser

Phase 1 of the NEW Server Browser
New streamlined design with easy to use layout
Added text filters for the following categories: Server Name, Player Count, Ping, Map Name & Version Number
Server Name filter will search entire through entire server names for matching criteria
Player filter will default to the minimum number entered. This field also accepts ranges such as 10-40
Ping filter will take the number entered as the max ping allowed. This field also accepts ranges as well
Server Information Box
Added server IP display
Added server name display
Added text clan/server company/message of the day support
Added ability to cancel server search and the server browser will continue to display already pulled servers
Can apply filters to pulled servers
Server browser no longer refreshes when coming back from the server info screens
Enter IP address can now use IP’s with ports and can use alpha characters


Players can no longer stick landmines onto their legs
Invert controls for land vehicles has been fixed
Turrets will no longer continue firing when squad menu is raised
All passengers in a vehicle will see hit notifications
Sentry guns take slightly less damage to destroy
Sentry guns will cause slightly less damage
Sentry guns will no longer respawn after being destroyed (single-player game)
Grenade launcher damage vs infantry has been slightly reduced
Railgun rounds, clips, fire speed and damage radius have been modified, increasing the effectiveness of the weapon
Character Movement Changes
Forced pause which prevented the player from moving when recovering from a jump has been removed
Player will be prevented from jumping immediately after landing for 0.5 seconds (stops the bouncing bunny syndrome)
Multiple fixes should result is much less visible “sliding”, “worming” and “Dolphin” effects from transitioning between crouch to standing, crouch to prone and prone to standing
Sprinting while crouched or prone has been removed
Jumping from and to prone should now be impossible
A minimum timer has been set in between changing positions. (This will prevent crouch/prone spamming)
Character ground speed has been slightly increased, this includes strafe speed
Free fall speed has increased for a more realistic feeling
Single Player: Graveyard – Destroying all tanks will now always advance the frontline properly

User Interface

Action key (E) can now be changed to any key. This key is also used for “Exit Vehicle” functionality and is listed under Infantry controls.
Scoreboard bugs related to double entries and zero point entries fixed
Scoreboard now displays server name, server IP and personal ping
Player can now paste text longer then the max characters set for a text box


Fix for reported ATI X800/X850 user crashes on start up
Vsync default setting is now turned to off, solving some crashes for lower end cards (this is the Maximize Framerate option in the Video- Advanced tab)
Added NULL check to stop players from inputting illegal characters and crashing the game
Systems with the Ageia PhysX card will no longer result in game crashes
Server crash caused by PhysX issue has been addressed


Polish language fixes to load screens and gameplay text


Registry fix to document the running version number and installed SKU (EFIS, E, EG etc). This will allow for improved patch installation detection

Known Issues (to be addressed in a hotfix coming shortly)

Changing keys in the Control options will not check to see if a key is already bound. This is planned to be fixed in a future patch
Punkbuster will kick you off the server if you use the following special characters in your display name: comma, forward slash, or backslash
Effective melee distance to be reduced
When using the pipe character in a server name, text after the pipe will not be shown in the upper right server information window

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