From Dusk Til Dawn Enemy Guide (wlakthrough)

From Dusk Til Dawn Enemy Guide

(Ver 1.0)
by Joylock (

Jan 25, 2003
by Alan Chan (

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Since there aren't any other FAQs or Walkthroughs for this game (except for the
official walkthrough on Cryo's homepage), I decided to type this one up just
for the heck of it.

*Major Characters:*
Brad Singleton: A prison guard on the Rising Sun, Brad's arm was chewed off by
the vampires during the initial uprising, but the pastor rescued him and
prevented him from turning in a vampire from his wounds. With only one arm (and
a bloody bone sticking out of the stump of his injured one) Brad's pistol is
useless to him, so he gives it to you. This leaves him pretty much unarmed, and
you'll have to protect him in the game's second level as he leads you past
several security doors. Fortunately, Brad's a very hardy fellow and can
withstand a lot of damage, so babysitting him through the level won't be THAT
hard. Later he helps you out by guiding you by radio from the control room
while you explore the engineering area looking for the mechanics.

Hank Taylor: The Rising Sun's chief mechanic, Hank and his men will join you
early in the game and serve as your backup for the game's first half. He can
easily be recognized by his canary yellow uniform and hat. Hank wields a
double-barreled shotgun, which is more powerful than the normal riotgun but
requires reloading after every two shots.

Kevin Block: The Rising Sun's pastor, and the first friendly human you meet
after the initial outbreak. As a man of God Kevin has the power to create holy
water, as well as to prevent someone from turning into a vampire after being
bitten by one. Kevin himself is unarmed, so you will have to protect him during
the mission to turn the ship's water supply into holy water. Fortunately, Hank
and his mechanics will serve as Kevin's bodyguards, so he's not totally

Coleen Winter: A computer technician aboard the Rising Sun, Coleen joins up
with your group of survivors early on and helps you out by radioing mission
objectives to you. Seth flirts with her quite a bit, but she gets bitten by a
vampire halfway through, forcing you to escort her to the priest before she
vamps out or the vampires kill her.

Bruce Kleinfeld: Seth's weaselly lawyer who botched your trial and got you on
death row in the first place (he still wants his lawyer's fee, though). When
the invasion begins Kleinfeld flees the moment the sirens start going off, but
accidentally drops a taser that Seth finds helpful in busting out of jail. He
joins up with your group of survivors later on begging for help, only to
quickly betray your group to Clarence.

Betty Lou Rodriguez: The gal on the box cover next to Seth's George Clooney
mug, Betty's a U.S. Marine Sargeant (Demolitions) and your partner for the
game's last few levels. She really enjoys bossing you around, she's also pretty
handy in a fight. Betty starts out in full body armor, carrying an assault
rifle, and accompanied by two Marine squadmates. Later on, she doffs her armor
for a blue cameo top with bare midriff, and fights with a magnum revolver that
can kill vamps in a couple of shots.

Marvin: Betty's boyfriend and a fellow marine (presumably one of the two
anonymous marines in Betty's squad), Marvin gets captured after Kleinfeld's
betrayal and ends up being tortured by the vampires. Betty insists that you
help rescue him. Note that he's black, he's a secondary character, and he's in
a horror movie. You guess the chances of him making it out of this mess alive.
After being rescued Marvin is unarmed, so you'll have to protect him during the
brief period you travel together.

The Nurse: Seth rescues a pretty ship's nurse early on, but after vampires
attack and the survivors are scattered Seth will run into her again in a slinky
new form. The requisite pretty virgin who gets turned into a wanton vamp.

Ryan Worden: The ruthless and sadistic warden of the Rising Sun death-row
prison, Worden is a real megalomaniac. In the game's opening cutscene he belts
out a psycho speech intended to intimidate the new inmates, but Clarence
interrupts and guns him down.

Scott Wilson: One of Seth's fellow death-row inmate, Scott Wilson is a wimp and
a blubbering coward. Unfortunately for the population of the Rising Sun, his
meaner brother Clarence has come aboard in order to free him.

Clarence Wilson: The evil, high-voiced nasty behind this whole mess. Like the
Gecko brothers, the Wilson brothers are notorious outlaws. Like Seth, Clarence
is the brains of the operation. Somewhere along the line Clarence got turned
into a vampire, and now he's led a prison uprising and started turning all the
ship's prisoners, staff, and crew into his vampire slaves.


Prison Guards: You'll find a couple of riotgun wielding human prison guards
attempting to contain the vampires in the game's first few levels. After that,
however, all the prison guards you'll encounter will be vampires (with one
single exception near the end of the game) so after the first few levels feel
free to blow away anything and anyone wearing a uniform.

Mechanics: Hank Taylor's mechanics will serve as your allies for the first half
of the game, providing cover fire with either riotguns or uzis.

U.S. Marines: A small squad of U.S. Marines will help you fight the vamps
towards the end of the game. Covered in body armor and packing automatic
assault rifles, they'll be a big help for the short time they're with you.

Marine Helicopter: A Marine helicopter can be found lobbing grenades at the
vamps on the ship's deck. Not particularly observant, the helicopter is just as
likely to blast you if you stand in the wrong place.


Humans (Prisoners and Prison Guards):
Appearance: Skinny guys in guard uniforms, prisoners in orange jumpsuits
Weapon: Punches
Weakness: Taser
In the game's first level, the first few foes you'll encounter are prison
guards attempting to subdue escaping inmates in the chaos of the prison break,
as well as prisoners who will happily use their new found freedom to kill
anybody they don't like (which apparently includes you). These human foes
attack with weak punchs, and are easily subdued by the taser Kleinfeld dropped.

Human Vampire:
Appearance: Varies
Weapon: Punches
Weakness: Head, Legs
Most of the inmates, guards, and crew of the Rising Sun have been turned into
vampires by Clarence Wilson, and will do their best to kill you. Human vampires
are the weakest of the enemies you'll face, as they are still human in
appearance, not yet mutated into a more powerful vampiric form. Their punching
attacks do minimum damage, but they can be a nuisance if they gang up on you in
groups or together with more powerful vampire types. They come in many shapes
including inmates, guards, mechanics, strippers, stewardesses and nurses. A
single shot to the head will bring them down, allow you to stake them, but if
you're having trouble aiming at their heads you can also blow away their legs
with a few bullets for the same effect. You can also dust them with several
bullets or a shotgun blast to the chest, but why throw away the extra ammo and
the 20 health bonus you get from staking?

Monster Vampire:
Appearance: Tall, naked green demon
Weapon: Claws
Weakness: Heart
This demonic-looking creature is the second stage of vampire mutation. It's
basically a bigger, tougher, faster, meaner version of a human vampire. Besides
the usually charging and punching attacks they're more likely to roll sideways
to avoid your shots, and can sometimes even crawl along the walls. They can be
killed with any weapon, however they take considerably more bullets to kill
than a normal human vampire, and cannot be decapitated or otherwise stunned.
They can, however, be slain by a shot to the heart (although this is fairly
difficult since their hearts are not clearly marked).

Hulk Vampire:
Appearance: Huge muscular green bruiser wearing a small, torn orange prison
Weapon: Fists, shoulder slam
Weakness: Head
This huge, green, eight-foot tall brute is nigh invulnerable. The only way to
harm them is to shoot them in the head, and even then it'll take many, many
bullets to put them down. Even a grenade shot will only knock them down for a
few seconds. They move slowly, but can charge at incredible speeds for short
periods of time when they get close enough to you to use their pounding
attacks. For that reason you should keep as much distance as possible between
you and them.

Prison Guard Vampire:
Appearance: Beefy guy in black guard uniform with chalky white skin and fangs
Weapon: Riotgun
Weakness: Head, Legs
Vamprized prison guards armed with shotguns, which can be nasty at close range.
They have an annoying habit of hiding around corners and behind furniture so
that you can't see them until you've walked right into their line of fire. At
other times they can be spotted by the tell-tale red laser-sight emitted by
their weapon. They have the same weaknesses as a regular human vampire, but
their shots will really mess up your aim if they hit you. Instead of trying to
drop them with a headshot, you'll probably be better off just dusting them with
a couple blasts from your own shotgun.

Flamethrower Vampire:
Appearance: Mechanic in red and blue coveralls
Weapon: Flamethrower
Weakness: Head, Legs
A vampire mechanic armed with a flamethrower. They move slowly and don't run,
but like all vampire mechanics they can take more damage than an ordinary vamp.
Additionally, they like to set you on fire. While you're on fire, you'll take
continous damage for a few seconds (a very bad thing). Fortunately, their
weapon has a fairly short range and if you keep out of it you can gun them down
unmolested. Unfortunately, this is more easily said than done since they enjoy
ambushing you by hiding around corners. You should back away quickly and try to
bring them down with a single shot to the head.

Riot Vampire:
Appearance: Vampire guard in riot armor with bulletproof shield
Weapon: Submachine gun
Weakness: Head
This nasty vamp is equipped with a rapid fire sub-machine gun that can quickly
make swiss cheese out of your hide, as well as a bullet-deflecting riot shield
to hide behind. These two advantages make them one of the game's most annoying
enemies. Fortunately, you won't be facing many of them until towards the end
when you have access to better weapons. A good weapon to use against them is
the grenade launcher, since their shield is useless against the force of an
explosion. If you haven't got any grenades try shooting them while they're
running, since they apparently can't block your shots unless they're standing

Snake Vampire:
Appearance: Naked, purple vampire with Alien-like banana shaped head
Weapon: Claws, venom spit
Weakness: Legs
A grunt enemy that you'll face in large numbers. They spit poison and also
attack with their claws, but have a really slow rate of fire, slow moving
projectiles, and don't do that much damage. The easiest way to defeat them is
to shoot out their legs then stake them, although they can also be destroyed by
several shots to the chest.

Bat Vampire:
Appearance: Large man-bat
Weapon: Talons
Weakness: Heart
Bat vampires have the wings and face of a bat and the body of a man, and are
capable of gliding towards you for a slashing attack with their clawed feet.
Like the Hulk vampires, they can absorb ridiculous amounts of damage before
turning to dust. They also cannot be stunned, dismembered, or staked.
Fortunately, they can be killed by a single shot to their exposed heart (the
red stain on the left side of their chests). Unfortunately you can only shoot
them when they're on  the ground, as in the air they glide towards you
head-first with their bodies unexposed.

Human Bomb Vampire:
Appearance: Bald, shirtless vamp with beer belly and high-explosive strapped
Weapon: Grenade launcher (!!)
Weakness: Head
Easily the most dangerous vamps you face, even more-so than the bosses, and the
only enemy who can kill  you instantly. The Human Bomb Vampire is armed with
the mighty grenade launcher, and even though their aim isn't perfect, just
being caught in the blast radius of a grenade explosion is normally sufficient
to kill you in one hit. For this reason your best course of action is to kill
them as soon as you see them, before they have a chance to fire (preferably
with either a volley of machine gun fire or a grenade of your own). Be warned,
however, those high-explosives strapped to their chests aren't just for show,
they will explode when the vamp is killed. This conviently wipes out any vamps
near them, but will also kill you if you're standing too close.

Marine Vampire:
Appearance: Helmetless USMC soldier with blue, bald, pointy-earred head
Weapon: Assault rifle
Weakness: Legs
Members of the USMC strike team that have fallen victim to the vampire hordes,
you'll encounter a lot of these guys in the last third of the game. Marine
vamps are especially nasty, being equipped with body armor and a fully
automatic assault rifle. Their aim is deadly accurate at medium and close
range, and their automatic weapons fire will rip away at your health and mess
up your aim. Because their chests are protected by bulletproof body armor, you
need to shoot them in the legs to bring them down (remember to stake them
before they regenerate).

Predator Vampire:
Appearance: Shimmering, vampire-shaped outline
Weapon: Claws
Weakness: Head
The Predator vampire is so named because it uses the same semi-transparent
invisibility trick as the creature from the movie of the same name. Other than
being difficult to see, it uses more or less the same attack pattern as the
Monster vampire, and thus should be killed in the same manner. Fortunately,
unlike the Invisible Vampiress boss you fought in the showers, these creatures
are only translucent rather than completely invisible, so it is possible to see
them as they move around.

Dog Handler:
Appearance: Grinning gangsta in black trenchcoat
Weapon: Pistol, summon phantom dogs
Weakness: Head
A mini-boss like enemy who generally appears by himself, and only on rare
occasions. The Dog Handler attacks with a pistol at close range, but his real
strength is his ability to summon an endless supply of demon dogs to attack
you. The dogs only take a few shots to kill, but will keep appearing until you
kill the dog handler. To top it off the dogs are transparent and can be
difficult to see. The handler himself doesn't move around, but can withstand
more damage than a regular vamp.


Titus Bell:
Appearance: Fat, bald vamp wearing a yellow shirt
Weapon: Flamethrower
Weakness: None
You'll run into a battle between Hank Taylor and Titus Bell at the end of the
engineering section (right after killing your first Bat Vampire). Titus is
armed with a flamethrower, and will use it to cook Hank alive. Start helping
Hank out by killing Titus's helpers. Now shoot Titus in the head with your
pistol to stop him from attacking Hank. Don't unload all your ammo into him,
just shoot him occasionally to stun him and prevent him from killing Hank. You
can't kill Titus with bullets, however if you keep him occupied for a couple of
minutes Hank's mechanics will run him over with a crane. Titus doesn't move
during this battle, so if you stay out of his range you can shoot him without
worrying about being toasted by his flamethrower. An easy fight, it's more of
an interactive cutscene than a real boss battle. On the easier difficulty
levels you can actually sit back and do nothing, Hank will kill the vamps
himself and his mechanics will run Titus over long before Hank dies from

Appearance: Skull-faced vamp in brown trenchcoat
Weapon: Fists
Weakness: Head
This boss vamp moves like the Flash, in a rapid blur. He's understandably fond
of charging attacks and melee slashing. You can neutralize his speed advantage
with rapid-fire weapons such as the Uzi, however, as they stun him and prevent
him from moving/attacking. Even with his super-speed you can still avoid the
majority of his attacks just by dodging around and backing away. Aim for the
head to kill him quicker. While you're busy fighting Nosferatu, the vampire
prisoners on the cell block's upper balcony who are cheering him on will start
leaping down one by one to join the fight. They're not much of a problem, and
in fact can help you out if Nosferatu does do some damage to you since staking
them restores your health. Once you kill Nosferatu, go ahead and finish off any
remaining cheering vampires before they decide to jump down to the lower level.

Invisible Vampiress:
Appearance: Young woman in security guard uniform (invisible)
Weapon: Machine gun
Weakness: Head
You'll find a female security guard sobbing in the showers cradling a machine
gun, and attempt to rescue her. Unfortunately she's been bitten and vampirizes
right before your eyes. To make matters worse, she turns invisible upon turning
undead, and is still equipped with her trusty machine gun. Her very damaging
weapon and invisibility makes her the most annoying boss in the game. She'll
basically fire off  an entire clip of her machine gun in your general
direction, reload, then run to a new spot and do it all over again. You can
hide from her shots using the pillars in the room, but it can be difficult
since you can't see her, making it hard to judge where she'll be shooting from.
She can be tracked by her footsteps in the water or the muzzle flashes from her
machine gun when she opens fire. If you're still having problems finding her,
there's a button next to the shower door than you can press to turn on the
showers, revealing her outline against the falling water. Your best bet is to
use your uzi, since the rapid fire will stun her so she can't more or attack.
Pop out after you hear her reloading and start shooting her. Her weak spot is
her head, and to find it you should move your aim around until she starts
bleeding blood rather than dust. Continue pumping lead into her head, and
you'll know when she's dead after she bursts into flames. If you're STILL
having trouble killing her, you might try kamikazing her with your taser and
hoping she dies before you do.

Nurse Vampiress:
Weapon: None
Weakness: Head
Remember the Nurse who you saved in the last level? Seems the vampires got to
her anyway. Judging by the slinky way she cavorts around and the way her
uniform's been strategically torn to show off her blood-soaked bra and panties,
I'm guessing she's enjoying her new lifestyle. Again, the uzi is your weapon of
choice since you can get in a lot of shots in a short period of time. The nurse
vampiress doesn't attack you directly, but rather hops around the room on top
of tables and computers just out of your reach while dancing suggestively.
Meanwhile, snake vampires will materialize and attack you as long as she's
alive. The nurse's weakness is her head, she will require much fewer bullets to
kill if you shoot her there. There's no real strategy involved for this battle,
just try to keep up with the nurse as she bounces around the room and shoot her
when she stops moving to dance. Unlike other bosses your shots won't stun this
vampiress, so don't expect your attacks to keep her in one place.

The Captain:
Appearance: Green, shirtless, hairless vamp
Weapon: Cuisinart arm (CD launcher)
Weakness: Head
The Captain of the ship is, rather oddly, located in the ship's Kitchen. His
arm's apparently been replaced with a cuisinart (think Ash from Evil Dead, only
with mint green skin). His cuisinart arm apparently acts as a CD launcher; it's
pretty damaging, very accurate, and the discs bounce around the room even if
they miss you the first time. Fortunately he has a slower rate of fire and thus
isn't nearly as annoying as the shower girl or the final boss. The Captain is
also assisted by two vampire cooks armed with cleavers, but they're actually
not all that aggressive and will wander around aimlessly ignoring you unless
you run right into their faces. The Captain's attack is actually pretty
dangerous, but like all other firearm-wielding bosses you can stun him by
shooting him repeatedly in the head. Using the kitchen counters as cover, you
should empty your assault rifle into the Captain's head until he
disintergrates, then finish off the cooks with the same method. Alternatively,
you can destroy the whole sorry lot of them with a couple of well aimed
grenades. At this point in the game you're pretty powerful, making this the
easiest boss in the game, it's actually quite possible to breeze past this guy
without realizing he's supposed to BE a boss.

Scott Wilson:
Appearance: Huge, extremely muscular brute with dog-like face, tattoos, and a
Weapon: Twin fire axes
Weakness: Grenades
The blubbering coward from the game's intro has been transformed by his
vampiric brother into a hulking mass of muscles and teeth armed with two nasty
fire axes. When the battle starts Scott will be assisted by several vamps, but
Betty will make short work of them with her magnum revolver, leaving you to
take on Scott mano-a-mano. Scott's attacks are similar to a hulk vampire, he
starts out moving slowly but will occasionally charge you at high speed. The
problem is he's totally invulnerable to bullets, CDs, wooden arrows, and most
of your other projectiles. Fortunately, he IS vulnerable to grenade explosions.
Blast him with a grenade when you're sure you're out of the blast radius. The
explosion should knock him down temporarily, and when he gets up again he'll
start to charge at you. Scott's invincible during his charging animation, so
just dodge his attack and shoot him again when he slows down. Four or five
shots should be sufficient to kill him. Be careful not to launch grenades near
the corner of the room where Betty is standing, because you WILL lose if she
dies. Apparently if you run out of grenades Betty will give you a couple if you
poke her with the action button.

Clarence Wilson:
Appearance: Chalk skinned, thin, bald vamp with a goatee wearing a black
captain's uniform (stolen from the naked green guy a few levels earlier).
Weapon: Pistol
Weakness: Sunlight
You'll fight the master vampire Clarence Wilson in the Rising Sun's control
room. Clarence starts out this battle assisted by his vampiress harem
consisting of three ex-nurses. Unlike the regular ex-nurse vampiresses you've
faced, these have more health. Also, one of them breaths fire (VERY annoying),
and another spits venom. To top it all off Clarence is a devil with his pistol,
firing as fast as a sub-machine gun and hitting you with deadly accuracy. Also
if you try to attack him you'll quickly find he's completely invulnerable, even
to grenades. Ignore Clarence (who thankfully doesn't move), and run to the back
half of the control room behind the dividing wall so he won't be able to shoot
at you. The three vampiresses should follow you, so shoot them in the head with
you assault rifle until they disintegrate. At this point Clarence will lower
the shutters to block out the rising sun, and after a minute or two an endless
supply of snake vampires will start dropping down from the ventilation
openings. Blow away the shutters with your assault rifle to let in the
sunlight. If you fire from the safety of the back half of the control room
Clarence won't even be able to attack you while you're doing this. As you start
to destroy the shutters, Clarence will float around to avoid the sunlight,
eventually retreating to the corner of the control room. Once you've destroyed
all the shutters, go ahead and shoot Clarence a couple of times and the ending
cinematic will play and you will have won the game.

Copyright 2003 Alan Chan

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