FIFA Manager 08 patch

Fifa Manager 08Novi patch za FIFA Manager 08 je stigao. Update sadrži punu databazu, a dobra stvar je to što ćete nakon update-ovanja igre moći da nastavite igranje sa snimljenih pozicija. Patch koji sadrži i sve ispravke koje je doneo prvi patch, možete skinuti odavde . Changelog pročitajte u nastavku teksta.


New Features

– full 3D match AI update
– battery status display for laptops in the main menu
– additional scout screen links in the email system

Plus one surprise feature!

Bug Fixes and Polishing

– correct calculation of the club prestige after promotion/relegation
– script error in the English Regional National league resolved
– crash leaving the staff members screen fixed
– problem with "Player salaries are paid multiple times" is resolved
– crash clicking on player of the Reserve team in the promises screen fixed
– it is now possible to cancel loans (finance section)
– Confed Cup final crash fixed
– crash fixed after saving while only managing a national team
– possible crash at game start with a CaC team in France fixed
– rare mini map crash in the club facilities fixed
– updated club facilities: construction and maintenance costs
– budgets are now rounded
– Bulgarian / Romanian players are now EU players
– CaC youth teams can now get promoted (also in already existing save games)
– Editor: pseudonyms are now sorted correctly (before Update 2 the last name was used for the sorting)
– Editor: players in the “Contract Running Out” list are now sorted by rating (it’s very interesting to see which players you can sign on a free transfer)

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