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Fifa 2007

Submitted by: Gautam Kaviraj

here's how to earn some easy money in the manager mode

play a season in the manager mode.........then at the point where it's the 
last match of the season---> 
1) save and backup the career..and then play the last will 
proceed to the next season!!

2) Now as soon as the new season starts.....go to the transfer market....
go to the Search Players all leagues...all teams... all 
players(available for transfer and others as well) when the search 
results display, highlight(select) the price coloumn and sort by ascending..
Now you will find a lotta players with 0 Transfer Fee (free transfer players)
purchase all the players with stats of 80 and above!! 

3)once you sign these can either keep them or re-sell them for 
a good amount of money!! usually players with stats of 80 and above and ages 
between 20 and 30 transfer for atleast 10 million (i sold Nilmar for 76 Million
, Rooney for 90 Million and Ronaldinho for 102 Million....and bought them back 
on free transfers within the next 2-3 transfer windows)

4)In case you do not get good players...use the backup save game..replay 
the last match of the previous season and then the player lists will be 
regenrated again!!

Submitted by: Gautam Kaviraj

Free Kick Model of this game is an improved version of the One In 
FIFA WC '06!!All you need to do is get the hang of it , then its all 
downhill from there!Here's a few Tips : 
1.When taking a free kick Towards the post nearer to you--> 
Before taking the kick press the direction arrow for just an instant
(this helps with the angle).......use the down arrow + nearer post's 
direction(left or right) and tap the shoot button gently.... 
Once u get the hang of it.... you'll score each and every time!!

Now use the up arrow plus the direction of the farther post(Left or Right)
and press shoot till the shot-meter is as close to full as possible..and 
just when the kick is being released tap the direction button... once you 
master this you'll get almost all the kicks in the goal!!

Press the Trigger Run/Tactics Changer Button along with the Shoot Button 
this will take a grounded powerful kick....although u'll need to practice 
this a bit !!

Move your player a bit in the direction opposite to the one you intend 
taking the kick in....... Now Press Lob/Slide Button + Shoot + direction 
arrow(without up or down)and let the shot-meter fill just a little more 
than half and Shoot

So Take some time and get set with your controller..fter that. HAPPY SCORING!! 

Easy goals:
If you have the ball and are outside the area but not on your half, you can 
check on the map how far the keeper is off his line. Normally he is about 
two meters. You can lob him easily if you get the power correct.

Easy unlockable points:
Advance through the game modes and select Tournament mode. Select any cup 
tournament, as they tend to be shorter. Select the highest rated team or 
replace a team in the tournament with a highly rated team from another 
league. Advance to Tournament Central and quick sim all the games until 
you have won the tournament. You will be awarded unlockable points to spend.

Easy money:
No matter what team you are in Manager mode, buy the best free agents in 
the transfer market. Sell them during the same transfer market window so 
you do not have to pay the high salary. Because they are free to you, once 
you sell them you can get the added millions to your bank account.

Easy win:
Play with the 3-4-3 combination. You will hardly lose any matches, even if 
you quicksim them.
Manager mode:
When starting a new Manager mode, select Arsenal. Remove some of the players 
that you think will not play in your lineup. You will always succeed. 
Always refresh the contract with a salary much lower than he gets. 
Do not to go too low or the deal between you and the player will fail.

Submitted by: Saikat_Roy

This is more of a hint actually.It is a way of making about an extra 
5-20 million $ in the manager mode.
During the transfer season go to the transfer window and check if a 
player is available with an overall performance above or around 
75-85(verrrry rarely they are above 85) and transfer it to your club. 
Once the Transfer completes and they are successfully with your team 
put the suckers on the Club Transfer List & save the Game and do a 
quick sim.Eventually a club will buy the player & you'll have about 
$5-20 million without spending a penny.Game on!


This is not a cheat but it is a hint which could help you out to score a 
fantastic goal in your gameplay.

Here's how to score a "GOAL" from the corner without any assistance from 
the players. Only u need to do is just follow these steps:

1) During the gameplay when you get a chance to take a corner kick, first 
of all try to adjust the camera angle by using your directional key's(i.e. 
Left or Right). No matter from whichever side you are taking the kick.

2) Now adjust the camera angle in such a way that except the goal post every 
other player is visible to you (This means you make the camera angle--start
from the Goal keeper & to the rest of the players). Make sure while you adjust 
the camera,sometimes you might see a slight view of the near post. However it 
doesn't makes any much difference in the angle.

3) When you have set the camera angle keep on holding the "DOWN ARROW" key 
and tap "SHOOT"(press 'D') + NEAR POST DIRECTION KEY(i.e. Left or Right) 
gently & simultaneously at once. So,that you can power a shot & let the 
power indicator bar be filled upto 58-68 %(a bit more than half).
As soon as you shoot the ball now keep on holding only the arrow keys i.e.
"DOWN ARROW + NEAR POST DIRECTION KEY. This will make the ball "SWING" and 
bend towards the goal post.
Hence, there you achieved a "SUPERB GOAL" in your game.

For such type of goals. You need to practice this for a couple of times...
----- This also depends on the quality of players you have choosen for a 
corner kick. so, you need to select players such as 'BECKHAM','F.LAMPARD' 
e.t.c..which can give u good overall performance.

I Scored very first goal from F.Lampard(Chealsea).
That was an absolutely 'FANTASTIC' goal.

Note: when u have adjust the camera angle don't press the direction keys 
(i.e. Left or Right )or else your camera angle gets roatated and you can't 
get the perfect shoot. please be very accurate.
So, then keep on" SCORING GOALS".
--if any question email: 

Submitted by:**PRATIK TAMBE**.

Here, are some tricks i have brought to you which i found during the gameplay. 
I suggest u to apply these tricks at your gameplay,bcoz they might help you to 
make your game easy & reliable.

The following are the "TRICKS" i have been explained in suitable manner:

-This Trick is used when u r taking a wing play likely, for eg:- 
When you are going from left to right,press the right button of your directional 
key's and lightly tap the cross button-i.e.(A).

- This Trick is used to lift the ball & shoot when u are 1 on 1 with 
Goal keeper.For eg:-When you are going from left to right,let go of the right 
directional key and press shift + up + left + down simultaneously & hence u will 
able to perform this trick.

- This Trick is used to beat the defender mostly when u play at world 
class level.For eg:-When you are going from left to right,let go of right 
directional key & press up--then--left--and--down qiuckly to perform it.

- This Trick is used to make a lane change so that u can easily
move forward without been tackled by your enemy.For eg:- When you are going from 
left to right, let go of the right directional key and just press shift + up then 
down .u can do it vice-versa also.

Try to practice these tricks couple of times then only u will get a hang of it.
--If any question E-mail:- 


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