Far Cry 2 v1.02 Patch

Far Cry 2 Hm, verovali ili ne, danas nam stiže još jedan patch. Ovoga puta reč je o Ubisoft kompaniji koja je objavila novi patch v1.02 za fenomenalni FPS naslov Far Cry 2. Update se odnosi na ispravku uočenih propusta (pogledati nastavak teksta) i njega je moguće preuzeti sa ove adrese.



Far Cry 2 v1.02 Patch


– Added triple-header support to the game.
– A widescreen option has been added and can be enabled in the display options menu.
– Fixed certain characters that weren't allowed during profile creation (- . _ ,)


Game options

– In ranked matches, players can now play more than one match on the same host.
– Fixed the direct join by IP functionality.
– Players can now filter the server list using different parameters (ping, PunkBuster, game mode, dedicated, server name, number of players, ranked/unranked).
– It is now possible to conduct a multiplayer match search from the map leader board.
– Added the minimum number of players in the host options.
– Added the player's death count in the scoreboard.
– The host can now set the respawn time in advanced options, for player matches only.
– The host can now set the starting rank of all players in the match, in advanced options, for player matches only.
– The ping system has been improved to display a more accurate result.
– It is now possible to add a clan name to the player’s name through the use_clan_tag console command.
– Added quickmatch to the map download screen.


– The VIP is shown on the scoreboard, for your team only.
– The scoreboard is now displayed by the highest XP points to the lowest.
– The IEDs are now destructible by shooting on them or throwing a grenade close to them.
– The distance from a wounded teammate is now displayed.

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