Fallout 2 v2 (walkthrough)

Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Adventure v.1.02d (NA)
Game Guide, revision 2.24 (25 May 2004)

Written by Omkar Namjoshi

homepage: http://falloutnext.cjb.net
e-mail: omk_489@hotmail.com

Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Omkar Namjoshi.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and/or modify this document
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1. Legal Disclaimer
2. About this guide
3. Character Creation Guide
4. Walkthrough
5. Combat Tactics Guide
6. Appendix
7. Credits

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This project was started in early August 2001 to complement my full-length
Fallout game guide. So far, the walkthrough is about 85% complete and has
enough information to beat the entire game (it's 85% because I know I have
missed several things...). There is a complete character creation guide
(yes, with a complete listing for every perk, trait, skill, etc.) as well
as a combat tactics guide. An appendix replete with armor and guns is
present, but regular items (e.g, chems, tools, etc) haven't been added.

The format is largely retained from the version 1.x guide with some distinct
changes. Experience information is given in the first section of the
walkthrough (i.e., before the 'Details' section) as opposed to a seperate
appendix section. Information about guns and NPC's is also given in context,
again eschewing the format of the appendix.

If you have any extra information for the walkthrough or have characters
(please, no hacked ones) that you're willing to share, I would gladly
appreciate your information - your name will go in a 'Credits' section
and the information that you submitted will go in its correct section.

A list of abbreviations and just some stuff that needs to be noted is included
in this section.

xp: Experience (general)
kxp: Experience from kills
NCR: New California Republic
BOS: Brotherhood of Steel; technocrats from Fallout 1

Fallout 2 begins in July 2241, about 80 years after Fallout 1 started.
It shares the same game engine with the original Fallout and, like its
predecessor, is just as engaging, original, and violent.

Unlike Fallout 1, Fallout 2 is a much more "mature" game. Take, for
instance, New Reno. New Reno is filled with self-described pimps and
prostitutes, and your character can even become a porn star. Likewise,
there are many more chances to "score" in Fallout 2 to Fallout 1.
These details make the main plot much more contrived (though it's a lot
better than many of games out there) and also make it lose a lot of its

The plotline begins when the Vault Dweller was exiled from Vault 13 (end-
game movie in Fallout 1). The Vault Dweller was followed by a few other
dwellers, and together, they trudged northward in the wastelands of
North California.

The small group founded a community, Arroyo. It was (and still is) a
primarily agragrian community and is quite primitive, but the villagers
later turned it into a thriving community.

The Vault Dweller vanished from Arroyo and was presumed dead. His daughter
became the Elder of the village. 35 years after the Elder received the
title of Elder, the economy of Arroyo slowly began to deteriorate and
needed the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K) to survive. Your character
was chosen for that role and now has been sent to retrieve the G.E.C.K from
the holy Vault 13.

This walkthrough contains a lot of spoilers; read it only if you're
stuck in a certain part of the game and need some help to get out.

I hope you have as much fun as playing Fallout 2 as I have had. Best of
luck to you, Vault Dweller!

This walkthrough is different in its approach, and a special "highly-tuned"
character is used to maximize effectiveness. The walkthrough will walk you
through in getting the Power Armor early on in the game (or at least after
Vault City), and that is largely responsible for high and low stats featured
in the selected character.

The pre-selected characters can finish the game. Chitsa is the best, as her
intelligence will enable her to finish most of the quests in the game.
Narg is a melee fighter, which is pretty ineffective since virtually all
of the good weapons are ranged attacks. And Mingan, well...a thief-type
is horrible at combat and really isn't great. The character included below
can be considered a heavily modified Chitsa (I used that character as a
base for this one).

Now, here are two very conspicious traits that need to be acknowledged,
though they don't have a big impact on the game:

1. Yes, in Fallout, you can choose whether to be female or male. For the
most part, it really doesn't matter what your gender is, but there
are subtle differences that will be taken in account:

- In the Den, females can screw a bartender in The Hole for $200.
They can also screw Joey, the gangster, (though apparently for
nothing). One major advantage is that females can screw Metzger
to buy Vic for half the price.

- In Modoc, females can marry either Miria or Davin.

- In New Reno, females will have difficulty convincing Stuart to
sign you up for the boxing championships. Also, females can screw
T-Ray (the chop-shop mechanic) to get the car back (he'll steal it)
and screw him again to get upgrades.

- In the Den, males can screw a prostitute, although they have to
pay to get that service done.

- In Modoc, males can only marry Miria.

- In Vault City, it's possible to date Phyllis for experience. Males
can also donate sperm to diversify the genetic base in
Vault City.

- In New Reno, males have to pay the car mechanics to get the car
back without violence. In addition, males are able to screw
Angela, bishop's daughter.

2. Age will also have a slight bearing on what you'll be able to do and
what you won't be. I haven't really had any problems with this, as this
one is more so about personal preference.

Character sheet (used to beat the game):

Gender: Female
Age: 19 years

Primary Skills Traits Tagged Skills
-------------- ------ --------------
Strength: 4 Gifted Small Guns
Perception: 6 Small Frame Melee Weapons
Endurance: 6 Speech
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 10
Luck: 5

Now, here are details about each of the skills and, in some cases, will
describe why the skill levels were chosen for this character.

They're pretty self explanatory, but on the descriptions it tells what
each skill modifies. All skills are important, but try to keep Luck,
Strength, and Perception at least at 4. Characters with Intelligence
values of three or less face a totally different game...the only
options that you'll receive in dialogue are "Ruk" and "Eeg," as
well as the occasional "Yah," "Uh-Huh," and "want morE." The average
level for all skills is 5.

Strength: It modifies carry weight, hit points, weapon handling,
and some weapon skills.

In this case, Strength is set at 4. The Power Armor will
easily offset the penalty from having low strength.

Perception: It modifies some skills and increases accuracy at range.

A Perception of 6 will allow your character to shoot at
decent range. If you take mentats, you will be able to get
the Sniper perk later on.

Endurance: Toughness. It modifies some skills, hit points, and
resistance to poison and radiation.

An Endurance of 6 was simply chosen to offset the hit point
penalties incurred from the low strength.

Charisma: Looks. It modifies speech and barter, as well as NPC reactions.
If you divide it by two and round down, that is the number of
NPC's you can have. It decreases if you get second-level armor

Having a Charisma of 8 will be beneficial for some dialogue
options and will allow your character to have 4 NPC's. If you
get armor implants, it'll go down to 7 or 6, which is still
a respectable level.

Intelligence: It modifies dialogue options (gives you more), skill points
given per level, and 'science' skills. High intelligence is
important and will enable you to complete most of the game's

An Intelligence of 9 won't give every dialogue option, but
will be able (I think) to finish every quest available (although
you'll have to repeat the game many many times; i.e., side
with Hubologists in one game, the Shi in the other, etc.).

Agility: Speed. It modifies many skills, armor class, and action points.
It is one of the most important combat skills.

An Agility of 10 will give you 10 action points, which in turn
will enable you to shoot twice per round, up to 5 with the right
perks and traits.

Luck: It modifies critical chance, some skills, and the outcome of the

A Luck of 5 was chosen - this is "neutral" and will buffer out
most random encounters.

Here is a list of other skills that you'll face. Whenever you create
a character, you have to choose three tag skills. Tagging a secondary
skill gives you an instant 20% bonus for that skill and 2% increase
for each skill point used to increase the tag skill.

Small Guns: The use of rifles, pistols, and various small arms. Be sure
to tag this one, since most combat will take place with small
arms. This skill can be increased by reading the popular
magazine 'Guns and Bullets.'
* This skill was tagged because most of the game's more practical
weapons are small guns. Small guns are composed of a very
diverse group of guns, from the weak pipe-rifle (pea-shooter)
as well as the extremely powerful G11E and M72 guns.
Big Guns: The use of miniguns, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers. This
skill isn't that great because big guns are fairly easy to aim
(with the given strength) and that some small arms are better
than these large weapons. (And even then, energy weapons are
better than all of these...) Don't tag this one, nor should you
really consider building this skill. The only good guns in
this selection include the Bozar, CZ53 "Avenger", and the
Vindicator minigun.
Energy Weapons: The use of all weapons powered by power cells. This one is
good in the endgame. The selection of Energy weapons
includes the strongest single-shot weapon in the game, the
YK42B Pulse Rifle.
Unarmed: The use of fists in combat. This skill helps early on, but it
becomes pretty useless in the midgame. This is useful only in
boxing rounds.
Melee Weapons: The use of knives, sledgehammers, spears, and the like.
* I tagged this because the Super Sledgehammer can be found
early on. It's light and insanely powerful, and can knock
down enemies from a long distance.
Throwing: Use of throwing knives and grenades. Pretty useless, if you ask
me. In the fist place, grenades are hard to find and second, even
with something like 70% skill, grenades suffer from having a relatively
low accuracy to hit your desired target. And grenades are quite
First Aid: Recovers a few hit points. You can increase this skill with
first aid books. It is pretty useless to tag or to build since
you can read books (and that First Aid kits increase your
success with this skill.)
Doctor: Recovers a few more hit points than first aid and you can heal
crippled limbs. I've healed crippled limbs with 45% skill, and a
doctor's bag increases your chance of success with this skill.
You should build this to 90% to research combat implants at Vault
Sneak: The art of moving around without making people notice. I really
haven't found much use for this skill. You can ignore it. Even a
low skill will enable you to assassinate the President in the
end-game. *
Steal: Pretty self explanatory. I didn't have a need to steal from other
characters, so I ignored it. And the chances of success are greatly
enhanced from stealing from the back of the character. *
Lockpick: The art of picking locked doors. Now this is one thief-type skill
that you should pay attention to. Work on this one and build it to
about 65% or so. You won't have to run through the end-game maze
with a skill of 85-90% as well as a decent traps skill.
NOTE: Using lockpicks increases skill by 25%. Using the upgraded
lockpick sets will increase it even more.
Traps: The skill of arming explosives and disarming traps. Not too
important; 50% is adequate for arming explosives and detecting a
few traps. It's also enough to disarm the end-game maze doors.
Science: Covers primarily computers as well as biology, chemistry, physics,
etc. It can be increased by reading 'The Big Book of Science.'
Repair: Covers standard repair techniques. Build to about 60%. It can be
increased by using the tool as well as reading 'Dean's Electronics.'
NOTE: Using a tool increases skill by 25%. A Super Tool Kit will
increase it even more.
Speech: The act of convincing others that you are right. This skill is
second to small guns, and is extremely useful in bullshitting
other people.
* I tagged this one - it enables your character to convince others to
do what you want. You can take a diplomatic end-game approach
with this skill, and will allow you to complete a few quests.
Barter: This skill is used to determine trade prices. Unlike Fallout,
where you would receive good prices, Fallout 2's bargains are
worse - even if you raise the skill to insane levels you'll
be hard-pressed to get good deals.
Gambling: Again, pretty self explanatory. There are more places to gamble
and more things that require lots of money (compared to Fallout),
so you might consider building it up. I passed it.
Outdoors: Practical knowledge of the outdoors. You can read Scout handbooks
to raise this skill. This skill will determine, to a lesser extent,
how far you can travel in a day and what random encounters you'll

* One reader (Prisnr2436@aol.com) has said that he found the Sneak and Steal
skills to be useful. He used the Sneak skill to open lockers that a person
with low sneak would have difficulty opening (i.e., guards are around) and
used the Steal skill to pilfer items from people (i.e., Bozars from the
guards at NCR).

Derived statistics are statistics that are a direct result of the main
statistics, in other words, increase and decrease a skill and see what
happens. NOTE: These are straight out from the Fallout manual.

Hit Points: The number of "life" points. If it goes to zero, so will
Formula : HP = 15 + (2 x EN) + ST. Average is 30.
Armor Class: The higher it is, the harder it is for the enemy to hit
Formula : AC = AG + Armor worn. Average is 5.
Action Points: Determines what you can do during combat. They are
displayed by the green lights in combat.
Formula : AP = 0.5 x AG + 5. Average is 7.
Carry Weight: Mass of how much equipment you can carry, rated in pounds.
You can barter for more equipment than you can carry.
Formula : 25 + (25 x ST). Average is 150 pounds.
Melee Damage: How much extra damage your character does in melee or
unarmed attacks.
Formula : ST - 5, min.1. Average is 1.
Damage Threshold: How much damage your armor can withstand when you
are hit.
Formula : DR = 0 + Armor
Damage Resistance: How much damage your armor can resist when you
are hit. The value given in the character screen
pertains to normal attacks, while the value given
in the inventory screen pertains to different types
of attacks, including normal but also explosive,
fire, laser, and plasma to name some.
Formula : DR = 0% + Armor (Combat Armor has 40% DR)
NPC Slots: How many allied NPC characters that can be in your party.
Formula : NPCS = CH / 2, round down
(A Charisma of 7 will give you 3 NPC slots).
Average is 2 NPC slots.
Poison Resistance: How much poison damage that you can resist.
Formula : PR = 5 x EN. Average is 25%.
Radiation Resistance: How much radiation damage that you can resist.
Radiation can affect any character, and the only
way to get maximum resistance is using RadX.
Formula : RR = 2 x EN + Armor Resistance
(Combat Armor has 30% Resistance).
Average is 10%.
Sequence: Determines who will attack first in combat. Higher is better.
Formula : SQ = 2 x PE. Average is 10.
Healing Rate: How much you can heal in three hours of rest.
Formula : HR = 0.5 x EN, min.1. Average is 1.
Critical Chance: Chance of scoring a critical hit on the opponent. I
think it increases up to 4 times with a hit to the eyes.
Formula : CC = LK. Average is 5%.
* Poison is measured in units; keep it below 25.
* Being 'raidiated' qualifies having a rem count of 75, with 300 or above
being quite serious. A rem count of 5 or higher will bring symptoms of
nausea; a rem count of 75 is quite serious, while a rem count of 300 or
higher is fatal. If you have enough radiation in your body to necessiate
attention, the message 'Radiation' will appear on the screen.

You can choose up to two traits. Traits have both good points and bad points.
Be careful in choosing traits because after you select, there's no going back.
Here is a list:

Fast Metabolism: Your body is much less resistant to poison and radiation,
but it heals faster. Don't take this one: you'll want some
poison resistance and you'll have to take two RadX's to
get complete radiation resistance with or without this
perk (unless you have the Rad Resistance perk or 10
endurance and Power Armor), and that there are plenty of
stimpacks lying around. Don't take this one.
Bruiser: Your strength is increased by two but your actions points are
decreased by two. Not a good one...you'll need all the action
points that you have.
Small Frame: Your agility is increased by one but your carry weight drops
by 30 pounds. It isn't too bad, but the carry weight decrease
hurts in the beginning. It's worth it for the agility increase.
One Hander: You are good with one-handed weapons but are bad with two
handed weapons. Not a good choice, since the best weapons are
two handed.
Finesse: Your normal attacks do 30% less damage but your critical chance is
increased by 10%. Not too bad of a tradeoff, but I didn't tag
this one. And critical damage isn't affected.
Kamikaze: Depletes your armor class to what you are wearing but increases
sequence by 5. It isn't that great because 6 perception is adequate
enough for sequence.
Heavy Handed: Your melee damage is increased by 4 but criticals do 30% less
damage. Good in the beginning, and criticals do heaps of
damage anyway. But it isn't good in the end, where super
mutants and deathclaws lurk around.
Fast Shot: You can't aim, but your total cost is decreased by one. It
isn't a bad tradeoff if you have high critical chance, and is
really really good if you take the perks 'Bonus Ranged Attack,'
'Sniper,' or 'Slayer.' The turbo plasma rifle will cost 2 AP's
to shoot and the super sledgehammer will only cost 1 AP with
those perks. Since most of the aforementioned perks come up in
the end, it is good to pass this one by.
Bloody Mess: You will always see a grosteque death animation whenever you
kill a critter. There really isn't a downside to this, so you
can take this one if you want to.
Jinxed: Everybody makes more critical failures, but so do you! If you have
9 or 10 Luck, you'll make few critical failures. Only take it if
you have 9 or 10 Luck. It happens a lot more to your enemies and
NPC allies rather than yourself.
Good Natured: Your combat skills are decreased by 10%, but speech, doctor,
science, etc. are increased by 15%. Not that great...you'll
need high combat skills while 70% or so in the non-combat
areas will let you go through the game easily.
Chem Reliant: Your addiction rate is increased by 200%, but your withdrawal
rate is only 50%. Some drugs, like RadAway, have a 10%
addiction rate and no withdrawal...so, it isn't worth it.
Chem Resistant: Your addiction rate is 50% of normal, but chems only last
for half as long. Not too bad, since combat doesn't take a
long time on the Fallout clock.
Sex Appeal: To NPC's of the opposite sex, your Charisma is increased by one.
The inverse holds true for NPC's of the same sex.
Skilled: You get 5 extra skill points per level, but you get a perk every
four levels. You'll want those perks as early as possible...they are
quite useful. Pass this one on.
Gifted: All of your primary stats are increased by one, but you get 5 fewer
skill points per level and your secondary skills are lowered by
10%. This is among the best traits, since there are only a few
skills that you really need to work on.

At certain points in the game (after each 3rd level or 4th level with skilled)
you will be able to pick a perk for your character. Perks are different than
traits in that they only offer positive things; obviously, there are many
useless perks and a select few that absolutely shine. After the detailed list
of perks, a short list will follow that will include the "good" perks.

Note that there is a primary statistic level for most perks. You can take
drugs (e.g., Mentats or Buffout) to get perks that you wouldn't normally
get. This is especially useful for Sniper/Slayer as they have fairly high skill

Action Boy: It gives you one extra action point per level.
Requirements: 5 Agility, Level 12
Ranks: 3
Adrenaline Rush: Strength is increased by one if hit points fall below 50%.
Requirements: 1-9 Strength, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Awareness: You get to see a critter's hit points and what weapon they are
carrying. Really good.
Requirements: 5 Perception, Level 3
Ranks: 1
Better Criticals: It enables instant death and increases damage done by all
criticals by 20%.
Requirements: 6 Perception and Luck, 4 Agility, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Bonus HtH Attacks: All hand-to-hand attacks cost one less action point to
Requirements: 6 Agility, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Bonus HtH Damage: All hand-to-hand attacks deal two extra hit points of
damage per level.
Requirements: 6 Agility, 6 Strength, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Bonus Move: It gives you two free action points to move around per level.
Requirements: 5 Agility, Level 6
Ranks: 3
Bonus Ranged Damage: All ranged attacks deal two extra hit points of
damage per level.
Requirements: 6 Agility and Luck, Level 6
Ranks: 2
Bonus Rate of Fire: All attacks (except unarmed) cost one less action
Requirements: 7 Agility, 6 Intelligence, 4 Perception,
Level 9
Ranks: 1
Comprehension: Your character will gain an additional 50% skill points when
reading books like Guns and Bullets, Dean's Electronics, etc.
Requirements: 6 Intelligence, Level 3
Ranks: 1
Cult of Personality: Your reputation is always positive. Great for evil
Requirements: 10 Charisma, Level 12
Ranks: 1
Demolition Expert: Explosives will do more damage and will detonate on time.
Requirements: 4 Agility, 90% Traps, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Dodger: A 5% increase in armor class in addition to armor class bonus when
armor is worn per level.
Requirements: 4 Agility, Level 9
Ranks: 2
Earlier Sequence: It adds two to your sequence per level.
Requirements: 6 Perception, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Educated: Adds two extra skill points whenever you level up per level.
Requirements: 6 Intelligence, Level 6
Ranks: 3
Empathy: Highlights in blue better dialogue choices; highlights in red
for bad dialogue choices.
Requirements: 7 Perception, 5 Intelligence, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Explorer: You'll get more random encounters with this perk.
Requirements: Level 9
Ranks: 1
Faster Healing: Healing rate is increased by one per level.
Requirements: 6 Endurance, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Fortune Finder: You'll find more money in random encounters.
Requirements: 8 Luck, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Gambler: A one-time bonus of 20% to the Gambling skill.
Requirements: 50% Gambling, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Gain Skill: Adds one point to one primary skill.
Requirements: 1-9 in skill, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Ghost: It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the Sneak skill.
Requirements: 60% Sneak, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Harmless: Another one-time bonus, this time a 20% bump to the Steal skill.
Requirements: 50% Steal, 49+ Karma points, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Healer: You heal two to five more hit points when using First Aid
or the Doctor skills per level.
Requirements: 7 Perception, 6 Agility, 5 Intelligence,
40% First Aid, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Heave Ho!: This perk will increase your strength by two for determining
range with thrown weapons per level. It won't affect carry
weight, skills, etc.
Requirements: Level 6
Ranks: 3
Here and Now: Your character gains an additional level instantly.
Requirements: Level 9
Ranks: 1
Karma-Sutra Master: Gives better reactions to NPCs when having sex.
Requirements: 5 Endurance adn Agility, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Karma Beacon: Karma is doubled for the purposes of dialogue.
Requirements: 6 Charisma, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Lifegiver: You will gain four hit points when you gain a level per
Requirements: 4 Endurance, Level 12
Ranks: 3
Living Anatomy: A bonus of 10% to the doctor skill as well as dealing
5 extra points of damage to living creatures. Excellent
Requirements: 60% Doctor, Level 12
Ranks: 1
Master Thief: It's a one-time bonus of 15% to the Lockpick and Steal
Requirements: Level 12
Ranks: 1
Master Trader: You have a 25% discount whenever you purchase or barter
goods from a store or another person.
Requirements: 7 Charisma, 60% Barter, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Medic: It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the First Aid and Doctor skills.
Requirements: Level 12
Ranks: 1
More Criticals: Increases critical chance by 5% per level.
Requirements: 6 Luck, Level 6
Ranks: 3
Mr. Fixit: It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the Repair and Science skills.
Requirements: Level 12
Ranks: 1
Mutate!: It changes one of your traits into something else.
Requirements: Level 9
Ranks: 1
Mysterious Stranger: A stranger comes from time to time to help you out.
Requirements: 4 Luck, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Negotiator: Gives a one-time bonus of 10% to the Speech and Barter skills.
Requirements: 50% Speech, 50% Barter, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Night Vision: It reduces the overall darkness by 10% per level.
Requirements: 6 Perception, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Pathfinder: It reduces your travel time by 25% per level.
Requirements: 6 Endurance, 40% Outdoorsman, Level 6
Ranks: 2
Pickpocket: This perk lets you ignore size and facing modifiers when you
are stealing.
Requirements: 8 Agility, 80% Steal, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Presence: It improves the NPC's reaction by 10% per level.
Requirements: 6 Charisma, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Pyromaniac: Your character will do 5 more damage with flamethrowers.
Requirements: 75% Big Guns, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Quick Pockets: With this perk, one less action point to access the
inventory than normal per level.
Requirements: 5 Agility, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Rad Resistance: It increases your radiation resistance by 15% per
Requirements: 6 Endurance, 4 Intelligence, Level 6
Ranks: 2
Ranger: The Outdoorsman skill is increased by 15%.
Requirements: 6 Perception, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Scout: It increases the size of explorations on the world map by one
square for each direction.
Requirements: 8 Perception, Level 3
Ranks: 1
Scrounger: In a random encounter, it doubles the amount of ammunition
that you find.
Requirements: 8 Luck, Level 9
Ranks: 1
Sharpshooter: It increases your perception for range modifiers only
per level.
Requirements: 7 Perception, 6 Intelligence, Level 6
Ranks: 2
Silent Death: With this perk, you can use the Sneak skill and attack
a critter using a hand-to-hand attack from the back for
double damage.
Requirements: 10 Agility, 80% Sneak, Level 18
Ranks: 1
Silent Running: You can run and sneak at the same time with this perk.
Requirements: 6 Agility, 50% Sneak, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Slayer: A 10-sided dice is rolled. If the number is equal to or below
your luck, you'll get a critical hit with unarmed or melee
weapons. It's really nice and works extremely well with the Super
Sledgehammer, Power Fist, or the Ripper.
Requirements: 8 Strength, 8 Perception, 80% Unarmed, Level 18
Ranks: 1
Smooth Talker: Increases your intelligence by one for dialogue purposes
only per level.
Requirements: 4 Intelligence, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Snakeater: It gives you a 25% increase to your poison resistance.
Requirements: 3 Endurance, Level 6
Ranks: 1
Sniper: Same as Slayer, except it works with ranged weapons. It is great
with aimed shots (using Small Guns) and is really really nice
with burst weapons. (It actually makes the SMG a source of total
Requirements: 8 Perception, 8 Agility, 80% Small Guns, Level 18
Ranks: 1
Speaker: It's a one time bonus of 20% to your Speech and Barter skills.
Requirements: Level 12
Ranks: 1
Strong Back: This perk gives you an increase in carry weight by 50 pounds
per level.
Requirements: 6 Strength, 6 Endurance, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Survivalist: This perk gives you a 20% increase in Outdoorsman for survival
purposes only per level.
Requirements: 6 Endurance, 6 Intelligence, 40% Outdoorsman,
Level 3
Ranks: 3
Swift Learner: Whenever you gain experience, you'll receive 5% more experience
per level of the perk.
Requirements: 4 Intelligence, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Tag: With this perk, you can pick a new tag skill in addition to the ones
you already have.
Requirements: Level 12
Ranks: 1
Thief: Another one-time bonus of 10% to the Lockpick, Sneak, Steal, and
Traps skills.
Requirements: Level 3
Ranks: 1
Toughness: It adds 10% to your general damage resistance per level.
Requirements: 6 Endurance, 6 Luck, Level 3
Ranks: 3
Weapons Handling: It adds 3 to Strength when determining which weapons can be
used (determined by strength).
Requirements: 5 Agility, Level 12
Ranks: 1

Here's a list of the perks that absolutely shine:

- Action Boy (especially if you have 8 oor 9 Agility)
- Awareness
- Better Criticals
- Bonus HtH attacks
- Bonus Move
- Bonus Rate of Fire
- Living Anatomy
- More Criticals
- Mr. Fixit
- Slayer
- Sniper
- Thief

I had a good time with the aforementioned character (used above). The list
is a selection of other good characters:

Gun-Handling Diplomatic Sniper
- ST 4, PE 6, EN 6, CH 7, IN 9, AG 10, LLK 5
Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Energy Weapons, and Speech.
Be sure to work on Energy Weapons and Small Guns early on. Get the Power
Armor early on as well, and in the Brotherhood bunker, get the Pulse
Rifle and Pulse Pistol.

Rounded Sniper
ST 4, PE 6, EN 6, CH 8, IN 8, AG 10, LK 5
Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Speech, and Science. Work on Small
Guns and build Speech to about 125% and Science to 150%. Get the
Power Armor early on for this character.

Killer Sniper
- ST 4, PE 8, EN 5, CH 7, IN 8, AG 10, LLK 5
Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Energy Weapons, and Melee Weapons.
Again, get the Power Armor and the weapons cache early on. This
character will be an absolute bastard in the end game and in combat,
but will suffer slightly in diplomatic affairs and unarmed boxing.

Killer Sniper (second variant)
- ST 6, PE 7, EN 6, CH 6, IN 7, AG 10, LLK 5
Same info as above but will not be dependent on Power Armor. However,
you will need NPC's to survive early on - Sulik, Vic, and perhaps
Cassidy. Getting the second level of the combat implants is not a
good idea (as it will decrease your charisma).

This is the route that is used in this walkthrough:

- Arroyo
* San Francisco / Navarro block (used to get Power Armor)
- Klamath
- The Den
- Modoc / Ghost Farm / The Den
- Vault City / Gecko
* Den (get the car)
- San Francisco / Navarro (now get the PPower Armor if you haven't done so)
- Redding
- Broken Hills
- New Reno / Sierra Army Depot
- Broken Hills (again)
- Raiders / Vault City
- New California Republic / Vault 15
- Vault City (again)
- Vault 13
* Military Base
- Navarro / San Francisco

This walkthrough will include (very early on) information to get the Power Armor.
It won't assume that you have it until you've reached Vault City (however, you
can still complete all of the things mentioned, although it is a lot harder),
but after you've got the car (after that section is covered), the walkthrough
WILL ASSUME that you have it.

An asterix (instead of a dash) will indicate that the area is optional.

The car is mainly a convinience issue - it speeds up overland travel. Since
there's no real time limit for completing the game, it is not required.

The military base is just included so that your character can gain experience.

Notable Areas
1) The Temple of Trials
2) Arroyo Village
3) Arroyo Wilderness
4) Arroyo Bridge

Notable Characters
1) Arroyo Elder, leader of your village
2) Klint, the temple guard
3) Hakunin, the village shaman
4) Feargus, your young nephew, whining about well
5) Nagor, your cousin, his dog Smoke is lost
6) Lucas, a warrior, teaches you unarmed skills
7) Jordan, a warrior, teaches you melee skills
8) Aunt Morlis, your aunt, gives you flint
9) Bridge Guard, sharpens your spear
10) Cameron, he'll challenge you to a fight in the temple
11) Smoke, Nagor's dog
- Various townsfolk
- Geckos in wilderness
- Plants in Hakunin's garden

1) Survive through the Temple of Trials. You don't
have to kill all of the critters there.
2) Kill the plants that are invading Hakunin's garden.
3) Find Smoke, Nagor's dog.
4) Fix the Arroyo well.
5) Ask Jordan and Lucas to teach you fighting skills.
6) Ask the Arroyo Bridge Guard to sharpen the spear for you using some flint
from your aunt.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Survive the Temple of Trials: 600 xp
- Kill all of the critters in the Templee: 865 kxp
- Kill the plants of dark soul: 170 kxp
- Kill the plants of dark soul: 100 xp, 2 healing powders
- Fix the well: 100 xp
- Find Smoke for Nagor: 200 xp
- Convince Aunt Morlis to give you flintt: 50 xp

Arroyo is the small community where you start off. You'll need to pass
the Temple of Trials before you set off on your journey to find the
G.E.C.K for the beleagured village.

When you start the game, you'll see your character outside a big building.
Enter the building. This is the Temple of Trials.

The temple of trials is full of giant ants and small radscorpions, which
have 6 and 10 hit points, respectively. Since your goal is to reach the
end, it is not necessary to go and kill every critter that you see. (Mind
you, this does become a bit hard if you choose a diplomatic character
instead of a strong character.)

At the first part of the temple (the foyer), you'll encounter two giant
ants. If you proceed forward and to the north towards the locked door, you
won't have to fight any more ants. However, if you go on the first passage
to your right, there are some more ants lurking around there. In the far
right, there is a pot that has one bag of healing powder. In the first room
to your left, there are two scorpions, but no items. And on the second
passage to your right, there are three scorpions. In the room (it has a
wall dividing the room into two) on the right side, there are some bones.
You can examine them and take a spear. At the end of the first level, there
is a locked door. Simply use your lockpick skill to unlock the door.

When you enter the second part of the temple (the hallway), you'll find
lots of raised plates. Stepping on the raised plate makes a spear shoot out
from the wall. (It is highly unlikely for you to get hit by the spear.) If
you go to the room on your right, you'll see two scorpions and a chest,
which contains a bag of healing powder. When you go to the west by the
chasm, you'll see two to three ants. Kill the ants and get the plastic
explosives. If you go to the right passage past the chasm, you'll see two
giant ants (one in the passage, one in the room to the right). After you
kill them, you can go in the room and take the antidote from the chest. At
the end ofthe hallway, you'll see a metal door. Put the plastic explosives
in your active item slot and set the timer, and then run away from the
door. After the explosives blow up, so will the door. Go through for the
final part of the temple.

When you are in the final level, kill the ants in the first room and then
head east to kill some more critters. In the easternmost room, there is a
healing powder. Take the healing powder, and then go west and then go towards
the northern hall, to the room with a firepit in its center. Talk to Cameron,
the final test of the Temple of Trials. If you have a high speech skill, you
can convince him to not fight you. Otherwise, you have to fight him to leave
the temple. It is not a fight to the death.

If you do decide to fight Cameron, all of your items will be placed in the
chest in the room where you started the final part of the temple. You cannot
use any weapons nor any healing items. After you convince Cameron or you win
the fight, get your items and then open the door. You'll see a short video of
you getting the Vault Suit. Immediately, you'll be transported to the Arroyo
village and you'll also receive some experience.

After you're in the village, go to the elder's tent, which is right next to
you. The elder is wearing brown robes. Talk to the elder and accept the quest
to find Vic and also the G.E.C.K. You'll receive some money and a water flask.
Open the chest behind the elder to get a knife as well as some healing powder.

Next, go to the tent that's directly to the north of the elder's tent. Talk to
Hakunin, the village shaman. Offer to weed his garden (it's to the tent's left).
Go to the garden and kill the spore plants for some experience. Go back to
Hakunin after you've killed the spore plants and he'll give you some healing powders
and will offer to make healing powder for you provided that you give him the
Broc Flower and the Xander Root. You'll also get some experience.

Go to the east of Arroyo and talk to your cousin Nagor, who lost his dog,
Smoke. Offer to find Smoke for Nagor. Next, go south to the head monument
and talk to Lucas. Ask him if he can teach you some unarmed skill, and if
he can, ask him to teach you some. Next, go to the west and repair the damaged
well for a little bit of experience. Go to one of the tents to the east and
find Jordan, who can increase your melee weapons skill.

Now it's time to find Smoke. Head out to the west of Arroyo, into the
wilderness. Smoke is in the western area of the wilderness. After you find
him, return him to Nagor for some experience.

Go to the south of Arroyo, until you reach the great bridge. Talk to the
bridge guard, and ask him about his spear. He'll tell you to go to Aunt Morlis,
who is in the main village, for some flint. Go there, and talk to your aunt
(she's in the southwestern area of the village). Talk to her, and ask her if you
can have some flint. If you get the option, tell her that your journey will be
dangerous and that you need the flint - otherwise, you'll need three healing

After you get the flint, go back to the bridge, and ask the bridge guard to sharpen
the flint for you. After it has been sharpened, leave Arroyo for the south, or for
Klamath (if you don't want some very special armor).

THE QUEST SOUTH (Actually, to San Francisco, then Navarro, back to San Francisco)
Notable Areas
1) San Francisco's China Town
2) Navarro's Gas Station, Base, and Armory

Notable Characters
1) Matt, the Brotherhood of Steel guard at San Francisco
2) Chris, the Gas Station attendant at Navarro
3) The Enclave Guard at Navarro
4) A random Enclave technician
5) Quincy, a maintenance tech
6) Raul, Vertibird maintenance tech
- Shi guards (at San Francisco)
- Enclave Troopers (at Navarro)

1) Go to San Francisco safely. Once you are in San Francisco, save the game.
2) Talk to Matt and accept the quest to find the Vertibird plans. Save the
game after accepting.
3) Go to Navarro safely. Talk to Chris and get the password from him.
4) Enter the Navarro base. Once there, get the Advanced Power Armor, the
Vertibird plans, as well as a Super Sledgehammer and some nifty lockpicks,
as well as some books and the combat armor. Actually, the Power Armor is
the only "necessary" component.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Get the password from Chris: 1500 xp
- Find the Vertibird plans: 3500 xp
- Return the Vertibird plans: 20000 xp, access to all Brotherhood of Steel

The first San Francisco/Navarro block consists of getting the Advanced
Power Armor. The armor will make the game significantly easier. You don't
have to get it immediately, but be sure to get it after finishing the Vault
City / Gecko block (see later sections).

Head south of Arroyo, way down. If you start to see the coast, go east and then
head south until you reach San Francisco. The city is located right next to
the coast. If you find some really hard critters on your way there, be sure to
run away. It might take about four weeks to walk there. San Francisco is
marked as "unknown" on the world map.

Once in San Francisco, go north up the street, and take a left after you see
the boxing ring. Go south and enter the Brotherhood of Steel building. (It has
a guard in metal armor standing next to it.) Talk to the guard, ask why he knows
your name, and then ask who the Brotherhood of Steel is. He'll start talking
about the history of the Brotherhood of Steel and then mention the Enclave.
Offer to infiltrate one of the Enclave's bases at Navarro, and then ask him
how to go about infiltrating the base. The guard will tell you. Head to Navarro
for now.

* Also, if you walk in the various shops - Flying Dragon 8 (on the west side)
and Red 888 Guns (on the eastern side), you can steal a lot of money from the
shopkeepers. People have reported success with only a steal skill of around
30%. You should do this twice - once after entering San Francisco for the first
time, and after getting the Power Armor from Navarro.

After you get in Navarro, talk to Chris, the gas station attendant. Tell him
that you are looking to join the Enclave, and then tell him that you are a new
recruit. Chris will give you the password. Head north to go to the Enclave
installation. (If this doesn't work, load from an earlier save and try it again.)

Once you are there, talk to the guard, and give him the password, which is
Sheepshead. Enter the Enclave, and go to one of the buildings to the north
that has some people in lab coats. Talk to one of those people, and ask him
if he knows where the Vertibird plans are kept.

After you get the info, go to the eastern maintenance building and talk to
Quincy, one of the men in leather armor. Ask him if you can see the Vertibird
plans. He'll ask you who needed them, and then tell him that Raul needed them.
He'll get really angry, but will let you take the plans. While you're at it,
be sure to loot the other lockers for a lot more stuff.

After you get the plans, go to the western maintenance building and talk to
Raul, the Vertibird repairman. Tell him that Quincy wants to see him. Raul
will get really angry at Quincy, and then he'll ask you to look after the
Vertibirds. Offer to do so, and when Raul leaves, loot the lockers to get
more stuff. After you've looted them, go to the basement of the base. There
is an elevator in the northern section of the base.

Once you're in the basement, go south and left, and loot the lockers there. Get
an Advanced Power Armor, but not necessarily the weapons and ammo. Leave the
base, and head back to San Francisco.

When you're in San Francisco, go give the Vertibird plans to the Brotherhood
guard. He'll make copies and give you back the plans, and also will give
you full access to the Brotherhood facilities. You don't have to, but if
you want, take the Power Armor and the Combat Armor from the base. Leave
for Klamath. The walkthrough will be covered as if you didn't get the Power
Armor, but there will be specific things that you can do with the armor, and
those will also be included.

Rough Map

Trapper Town --- Klamath

Notable Areas
1) Downtown
- Buckner's Bar
- Vic's old office
- The Golden Gecko
2) Trapper Town
3) Wilderness
4) Canyon

Notable Characters
1) Aldo, the Klamath greeter
2) Torr, Mrs. Buckner's dimwit son
3) Ardin Buckner, she owns Buckner's
4) Maida Buckner, Ardin's daughter
5) Sulik, an NPC who you can pick up later, he's doing work for the Buckners
6) Smiley, Ardin's boyfriend, he's a trapper
7) Whiskey Bob, the barfly at Buckner's
8) Jon Sullivan, he can give you a boost to melee and unarmed skills
9) Slim, he has the key for Trapper Town
- Townsfolk of Klamath
- Barflys
- Trappers

1) Loot all of the footlockers and shelves for items. You'll need them
to barter for more things in Klamath. Also, attempt to steal from the
miscellaneous characters, especially any money, stimpacks, or weapons/ammo.
Be sure that you also have 10 beers and 10 bottles of booze, for you will
need it later.
2) Help Torr guard the "Moo-Moos" against the "bugmen." Attempt to kill the
Dunton brothers while doing this.
3) Ask John Sullivan to improve your fighting skills.
4) Offer to refuel Whiskey Bob's still.
5) Tell Mrs. Buckner that you will save Smiley, her boyfriend.
6) Kill the Rat-God for Klamath's Trapper Town.
7) Get the fuel injection module for the car (you'll get it in the future).
8) Kill the robot wandering around in Klamath's canyon.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Help Torr guard the Brahmin: 250 xp
- Kill all of the radscorpions: 420 kxp
- Kill the Dunton twins: 80 kxp
- Ask Jon Sullivan to teach you fightingg: 150 xp, 10% bonus to fighting skills
- Refuel Whiskey Bob's still: 100 xp, $550
- Pay for Sulik's damages: 500 xp, Sulikk becomes your NPC
- Kill the robot in Klamath: 200 kxp
- Kill all rats in Trapper Town: 400 kxpp
- Kill all rats in first level: 500 kxp
- Kill the rat god: 300 xp
- Kill all rats in second level: 645 kxpp
- Kill all rats in third level: 590 kxp

Klamath is a small city that is populated by hunters as well as rats. You'll
be able to get your first NPC here. In addition, you'll be able to attempt
a rescue mission as well as eradicate the city's rat infestation.

When you enter Klamath, head to the left and talk to the door-greeter guy.
Give him five dollars and then ask him about what is going around in
town lately. Afterwards, go talk to Torr, the man who isn't wearing a shirt.
(He's also in front of the Buckner building.) Talk to him, and tell him that
you will help him guard the brahmin right now.

You'll be transported to the Brahmin fields in Klamath, where one lone
radscorpion will come and attack you. Kill the radscorpion, and then
head west. Save the game, and attempt to kill the two Dunton brothers using
your sharpened spear. After they are dead, heal, save the game, and then
attack the remaining radscorpions, which are in the southeastern area of the
fields. There are seven radscorpions to kill. After you've killed all of
the radscorpions, head back to Klamath.

Once you're back in Klamath, save the game, and start to steal from the
other citizens of Klamath. Be sure to steal money, weapons, and 10 beers
and 10 bottles of booze. Steal from the person's back, and after each
successful steal, save the game. After you have had enough stealing, make
way to the northeast, and go to a building that has a sign which reads
"Vic's." Go in the building and take everything from the drawers and shelves.
Be sure that you get the radio, the pipe rifle, and the JHP ammo. In the
southeastern corner of Klamath, close to where you entered, there is
a building with a 'Guns and Bullets' magazine in a shelf. Read the magazine
to receive an increase in your small guns skill.

* GUN Information: Pipe Rifle/10mm Pistol
The Pipe Rifle can hold only one 10mm bullet at a time, and its range
and damage aren't anything special. The 10mm differs from the former
in that it offers a 12 bullet magazine rather than the single-shot
Pipe Rifle.

Go back to the Buckner building, and talk to Whiskey Bob. Offer to refuel
the still for him. (You might need to buy him some whiskey while you're at
it.) Head south, until you reach the wilderness. Once you're there, enter
"Sneak" mode. Go to the southwest until you reach a shack. Enter the shack,
pick up the firewood, and put it in the still. After that's finished, leave
for the "civilized" part of Klamath.

After you're in Klamath, talk to Whiskey Bob, and he'll give you $50. With
all of the money and stuff that you have stealed from the denizens, you should
now have more than $350. Talk to Sulik, the guy in the southeastern corner
of the Buckner building. Ask him what's going on, and then ask him if you can
pay for his damages. Offer to pay for them, and then you'll get Sulik in
your party. Also, talk to Ardin, ask her what's wrong, and then offer to find Smiley
(her boyfriend) for her.

* NPC Information: Sulik
First and foremost, Sulik is a fighter. He is skilled with sub-machine
guns and melee weapons, especially the spear and sledgehammer. He's not too
bad at hand-to-hand combat, either. With a super sledgehammer or a powerful
SMG, like the H&K P90C, he's walking death. The only problem is that the
SMG's will become too weak at the end. He's really good to have in the

With Sulik, head to the northwest section of Klamath. Go to the Golden Gecko,
and talk to Jon Sullivan, the guy to the left in the Golden Gecko. Ask him
if he can teach you magic first, and then ask him if he can teach you pugilism.
Afterwards, head to the west of the Golden Gecko to go to the Canyon. Once
in the canyon, kill the robot for some experience. Head back to Klamath, and
then go east for Trapper town.

When you enter trapper town, save the game, and steal from all of the townsfolk
of Trapper Town. Be sure to go and get two gecko pelts and two healing powders
from the westernmost building in Trapper Town.

More importantly, your mission here involves killing the rat god. To kill him,
you have to go to the Blades building and enter through the northwestern entrance.
When you enter through that entrance, you should see an old drawer and a man
wearing a green shirt. Talk to the man, and ask him about Trapper Town. Talk
to him again and ask him if you can have a key to go to the northern areas
of the town. He'll give you the key.

When you get the key, open the locked door, and after you get past the door,
close the door. Go outside, and enter the old guns store. Loot the lockers,
and be sure to get the rubber boots and the 10mm ammo. Give one pair of
boots to Sulik. Afterwards, leave the gun store, and then go to the
western entrance of another building. Tell Sulik to remove his armor and
get the leather jacket from him, and wear it. Kill all of the rats there, and
enter the stairwell that leads to the basement.

After you enter the stairwell, go to the northern room with a desk. Examine
the desk, and get the 10mm ammo. Kill all of the rats in this level, get the
knife on the first easternmost end (it's near the dead body) and a crowbar
in the remins of some bones (it's in the second easternmost end) and take the
ladder that leads to the lower level of the rat caves.

When you're in the second level, kill all of the rats. The rat god will be
there, and he isn't too tough. After all of the rats have been killed, go
to the northeast section of the caves, and climb the ladder that is next
to the bookcase. You're on your way to finding the fuel-injection module.

In this level, kill all of the rats. In the southern corner there's a locker
which contains two stimpacks and 20 dollars. In the southern eastern corner,
there is a dead repair robot. A tool is nearby. Get the tool, and head towards
the locked door on the north side.

Once you are there, examine the shelf and take the dynamite and the crowbar.
Place the dynamite really close to the door, set the timer, and wait until
it detonates. After it detonates, go up the ladder. After you go up, head
south, and examine the broken car on the south. After you get the fuel cell,
head back to Trapper Town, and then to Klamath. Once in Klamath, go to
the Buckner house, and trade for a Leather Armor using spears, meat jerkey,
etc. After you get the leather armor, make sure you have some rubber boots.
Leave Klamath, and head for the Toxic Caves to find Smiley the trapper.

Notable Areas
1) The First Floor
2) The Second Floor

Notable Characters
1) Smiley the Trapper
- Lots of Golden Geckos

1) Kill the Golden Geckos.
2) Find Smiley, the trapper.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Kill all Geckos in Toxic Caves: 1655 kkxp

Once in the Toxic Caves, kill all of the geckos that you see using your spear
and/or the Pipe Rifle. In the first level, there is a room which contains
some boots, stimpacks, and some RadX which is to the south. Go there and
get everything, and then go to the second level. In the second level, there
are a lot of golden geckos. Use the pipe rifle and the spear to finish them.
Smiley is in the easternmost part of the second level of the caves. Talk
to him and tell him that Ardin is waiting for you. He will be a temporary
NPC in your party. Also, there is a locker in the second floor, next to
the elevator, which contains some RadAway's. Save the game after you've
found Smiley, and then steal 10 golden gecko pelts from him. Save after you
have gotten them successfully. Leave the caves for Klamath.

NOTE: The elevator can only be opened with some Electronic Lock Picks, and
you also need to repair the generator that powers the elevator. There
is a Mark II Combat Armor there as well as some powerful weapons and
some 2mm gauss ammo in the basement.

KLAMATH (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Klamath

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Klamath

1) Go back to Klamath to tell Ardin that you found Smiley.
2) Kill the Geckos in the wilderness.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Find Smiley: 1000 xp, $100
- Kill Geckos in Wilderness: 1045 kxp

Once you are in Klamath, talk to Ardin Buckner, and then tell her that you
don't want a reward. She'll give you $100 anyway. Afterwards, talk to Smiley,
ask him if he can tell you the tale of the Gecko, and then ask him how to
skin Geckos. Now, with your newfound knowledge, go to the wilderness, and
kill all of the Geckos there. Be sure you get their pelts. After you have
killed them, leave for the Den.

Rough Map

West Side - East Side

Notable Areas
1) West Side
- Lara's Hideout
- Rebecca's Bar/Casino
- Flick's store
- Tubby's store
- Smitty's home
- The Ghost Home
2) East Side
- The Hole
- Graveyard
- Church
- Metzger's slave pen
- Mom's diner

Notable Characters
1) Rebecca, the owner of the bar/casino
2) Tubby, he owns a store
3) Flick, he "owns" a store
4) Lara, she runs a mercenary camp
5) Fred, he owes Rebecca a good bit of money
6) Joey, the local thug who sells Jet
7) Anna, a ghost who needs to be put to rest
8) The Great Ananias, he lets you look at the Mummy
9) Smitty, he sells you the car later on
10) Frankie, he owns the Hole
11) Metzger, he is the slave owner
12) "Mom," she owns the local diner
13) Stacy, she can tell you the story about Cuddles
14) Tyler, he is the leader of the other mercenary gang
15) The bar patron in the Hole, he screws you if you're female for $200
- Orphaned children that steal your sttuff for Flick (they guard
the entrances to several buildings)
- Drunks in Withdrawal
- Guards
- Slaves
- Slavers

1) First off, go to Rebecca's bar, and ask her for work. She'll ask
you to find Fred and collect $200.
2) After you return Fred's payment, offer to find the book that
Derek borrowed.
3) Go to the east side, and screw the bar patron if you're female.
4) Go to the Slaver's guild, and ask if you can see Vic. Talk to
Metzger afterwards to see if you can buy Vic.
5) Go to Mom's, and ask her for some work. Offer to bring the meal
to Smitty.
6) Go to the Graveyard and search for a book. (This is Rebecca's second
7) Talk to Stacy and ask her to tell you the story about her cat, Cuddles.
8) Now go to Lara's place, and ask her for some mercenary work.
This eventually boils down to eliminating the gang that you might
have seen earlier at the Church.
9) Put Anna, the ghost, to rest.
10) Obtain a sample of Jet.

NOTE: The Orphaned children will steal from you if you walk past them.
Sometimes, they're successful; other times, they aren't. A workaround
is to walk near the children, and then immediately enter combat
mode. Run past the children, and enter the building. You have to do
the same thing (reverse order though) to leave the building safely.

NOTE: Do not attempt to gamble at Rebecca's casino. There is an endless
conversation bug (in other words, it doesn't end) when you talk to
one of the casino patrons.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Pay off Fred's debt for Rebecca: 200 xxp, $100
- Find Rebecca's book: 300 xp, $80
- Learn about Vic being a trader: 200 xpp
- Deliver Smitty's meal: 150 xp, stimpacck
- Ask Tyler if you can enter the church:: 500 xp
- Examine the crates in the church: 500 xp, $200
- Ask Metzger if Lara can attack Tyler: 200 xp, $50
- Find a weakness in Tyler's gang: 200 xxp
- Kill Tyler's gang: 485 kxp, $400
- Give Anna the locket: 250 xp
- Put Anna to rest: 600 xp
- Kill Metzger: 1500 xp, $1000
- Kill Metzger and his slavers: 1000 kxpp
- Free Metzger's slaves: 1250 xp

The Den is a dangerous place and is a safe haven for drug and slave trading.
You'll be able to bust a slaver ring and a small gang here.

When you enter the Den, go a bit to the south, and then enter Rebecca's bar/casino
(see the note above). Talk to Rebecca, and ask her for some work. She'll
tell you to go and find Fred. To find Fred, leave the bar, go south, and
enter the building where there is only one orphaned child. Enter it, and
talk to the drunk-looking guy (description says that he is "a citizen of
the Den"). Tell him that he owes Rebecca $200. He'll ask for $150 in the
process, and tell him that's okay. (He'll give you lots of nice stuff later
on.) Also, enter the door that leads to Flick, the shopkeeper who is wearing
a green shirt. Ask him what he does he do in the Den, and then ask him if
you can trade. After he shows you his wares, don't trade for anything, and
thank him. Talk to him again and ask him to show you his wares. This time,
he has a .44 magnum revolver that you can barter for. Buy that and its
corrosponding ammunition. Use your gecko pelts to trade for that.

* GUN Information: .44 Magnum Revolver
It runs on .44 JHP or FMJ ammunition. The base damage rating is about
12 to 18 hit points, but with targeted shots, you can easily get more
than 70 hit points dealt. Plus, with ten Agility, you can shoot two
aimed shots. It's an excellent small arm. Plus, you can put in a
speed-loader to reduce the reloading cost to one action point.

Afterwards, leave this area, and go to Rebecca to pay her the $200. She'll
split it in half for you. Talk to Rebecca again and offer to find the missing
book for her. The book is in one of four random locations:

(1) - The book is by a trashcan (not on fire) with a car door leaning beside
it. The area is to the south of the graveyard and across the street.

(2) - The book is in the graveyard. It's close by the John Andersen tombstone.

(3) - The book is by some ruins to the east of the Slaver's Guild. The wall
to the north is blocking the book, so you'll have to carefully search
the area.

(4) - The book is in an outhouse close to The Hole. It's beside the toilet.

After you find the book, you can return it to Rebecca for some experience and

Now, it is time to go to the east side. Go there, and if you are female, go
to the Hole. Talk to the male bar patron, and tell him that he can screw
you for $200. If he says he doesn't have enough money, tell him tough luck
and then ask for $200 again (chances are that he might have the money). If
you are male, you can screw a prostitute if you give her some cash (I don't
know what is the point though...).

Go to the Slavers guild which is to the east. Enter there, and the door
guard will start to talk to you. Tell him that you want to see Metzger
or you want to buy some slaves. Afterwards, talk to another guard who
is holding a slave inside the main building. Ask him about Vic, then
ask if you can see him. Beg if the guard won't let you through. If he
lets you through, talk to Vic, tell him that you are going to free him,
and then give him the old radio that you found in Klamath. Afterwards,
go and see Metzger (he's in the center of the northern room). Talk to
him, and ask him if you can buy Vic. He'll sell him for $1000. If you're
female, you can screw Metzger and buy him for half the price. Also, be
sure to steal the shotgun from Metzger.

* GUN Information: 12-gauge Shotgun
Even with its two shell ammo capacity, the shotgun is still a formidable
weapon. It has a decent range and is quite powerful; targeted shots
can deal in excess of 50 hit points.

When you talk to Vic, ask him where did he get the water flasks from
for some easy experience.

* NPC Information: Vic
In the beginning, 'coward' defines Vic, but after you give him some
armor and a decent weapon (like a shotgun or better), he becomes a
whole lot better. Initially, he is inept at combat, but later on, he
is quite formidable. After he maxes out his level, he can use the
Gauss Rifle. In the long run, he is a valuable asset.

Vic can use all small arms, but is horrible at melee combat. His
specialty is the repair skill.

Next, go to Mom's diner and talk to Mom, the owner of the place. Ask her
what's going on in town. She'll hand you a dinner that she wants you to
give to Smitty. Also, talk to Stacy and ask her why is she so sad She'll
mention a cat, and ask if you can hear the story about her cat. You'll
get some experience for listening to the story. Head to the west side
of the Den to return Smitty's meal.

Smitty is in the far west corner of the West Side of the Den. Go talk
to him, and tell him that you have his meal from Mom's. You'll get 150
experience and a stimpack for giving him the meal. If you take a look
at Smitty's lockers, you can get a tool and other miscellaneous items.
The last locker contains a shovel, which will be required for a quest later

Now it is time to do some mercenary work. Go talk to Lara, who is south
of Tubby's store (it's the central building on the western wing of buildings).
Lara is the woman in the second room. Talk to her, and ask her if there
is any work to be done. She wants you to examine some crates in the Church
on the East Side of the Den. Head there.

Once in the East Side, go to the church, and talk to Tyler. Tell him that
Metzger sent you, and he wants you to check some stuff for him. He'll
get pretty antsy, but will let you in. Once there, examine one column of
the crates to find out that they are filled with chemical compounds.
Head back to the West Side.

When you go there, go talk to Lara, and tell her what you saw. She'll give
you $200 and a new quest: ask Metzger if it is okay for Lara and her gang
to guard the church now. Head to Metzger's slave guild. Talk to Metzger
and ask if Lara can attack Tyler's gang. Metzger will say that it is okay.
Go back to the West Side and talk to Lara. She'll give you another quest:
find a weakness in Tyler's gang.

Go back to the church, and talk to Tyler. Ask him what's going on, and
he'll mention that he's going to a party. Tell him that you want him
to have fun. You'll get more experience. Go back to the West Side.
Talk to Lara, and she'll offer you $300 if you go and fight with her
in order to eliminate Tyler's gang. Say yes. The fight isn't that bad,
especially with Metzger's stolen shotgun and the revolver, and is
ridiculously easy with the Power Armor. After you have killed Tyler's
gang, you'll receive $400.

Now, it is time to put a ghost to rest. Go to the building that is
directly south of the one that Lara usually stays. There should
be a ghost there. Talk to the ghost, and ask her what is the matter.
The ghost says that she can't find it. Ask the ghost what is the object,
and then she'll mention that it is a locket. With this newfound knowledge,
go to Mom's diner. Talk to Mom, eat the meal that she offers you, and then
ask her if she knows about the haunted house. She'll mention that a teen
used the house about two years ago whose name is Joey. Thank her, and
head back (sigh) to the West Side.

Joey is the thug wearing a leather jacket. Talk to him, and ask him for
some information. Ask him about the ghost, and then ask about the locket.
Tell him that he stole it, and buy it from him for $50. With the locket,
go back to the building where you found the ghost, and give her the locket.
Talk to her again, and she'll turn into a pile of bones. Pick up the bones
and head to the graveyard. Find the grave marked "Anna Winslow." Dig up
the grave with your shovel, put the bones in there, and then close it up.
(If you were wondering, the grave is in the southeastern area of the

If you have the Advanced Power Armor, you can go and kill Metzger for
a good bit of experience. Loot the corpses to get their pistols and
drugs, for they come in handy when it comes to buying weapons later
on. Also, if you have killed Metzger, go to Rebecca's bar. Tell
Rebecca that the fight was easy, and she'll give you $1000 dollars.
Go to one of the merchants in the West Side of the Den, and see if you
can buy some jet (the merchants might sell it to you for about $60).
Head to Vault City now, but stop in the unknown green area while you're
on your way there.

Rough Map

Rose's Bed and Breakfast
Main Street

Notable Areas
1) Main Street
- Trading Post
- Church
- Slaughterhouse
- Tannery
2) Rose's Bed and Breakfast
- Rose's Bed and Breakfast
- Farrell's house

Notable Characters
1) Jo, the mayor of Modoc
2) Grisham, he owns the slaughterhouse
3) Balthas, he owns the tannery
4) Farrel, Modoc townsperson
5) Cornelius, another Modoc townsperson
6) Rose, she owns a bed-and-breakfast
- Modoc townsfolk
- Traders

1) Offer to find the "Ghost Farm" for Jo.
2) Guard the Brahmin for Grisham.
3) Kill the rats that have invaded Farrel's garden.
4) Find Cornelius' gold watch.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Successfully guard the Brahmin: 600 kxxp, $1000
- Kill the rats in Farrel's garden: 300 xp
- Kill the rats in Farrel's garden: 635 kxp
- Successfully blow up the outhouse: 5000 xp
- Kill the mole rat: 160 kxp
- Return the watch to Farrel: 1500 xp
- Heal Bess: 200 xp

Modoc is a small farming community that is on the verge of death.
A drought has plagued the crop harvest and a new "ghost farm" has
been discovered. You can help forge an alliance between the new
"ghost farm" and Modoc and also help the citizens in their daily
lives. You can also get married here.

When you first come into Modoc, go in the trading post, and talk to the
mayor, Jo. Ask him about Modoc, and then ask him about the G.E.C.K. He'll
say he knows where it is, and he'll present you with a new quest: find the
Ghost Farm. Get the details for the quest, but you do not have to undertake
it at this moment. (By the way, Jo will lie to you and mention that a G.E.C.K
is like a Gecko...you're doing the quest for the rewards and experience.)

You can go to the wooden building to the southeast of Modoc and talk
to Grisham, the owner of the local slaughterhouse. You can offer to
guard his brahmin at night for a $1000. If you do accept the quest,
you have to guard some eight-odd brahmin against ten wild dogs. I have
successfully completed the quest using a combination of a 10mm Pistol
and a .44 Magnum revolver. After you have killed all ten dogs, leave
the field and talk to Grisham to get the money. Also, if you look
at the shelf next to Grisham, there is a first-aid book as well as
some flares. You can steal a shotgun and some shells from also.

Next, go back to the trading post and talk to Jo. Barter some stuff
(pistols, excess ammo, etc.) for some dynamite and a rope. Go to the
well in the central area, and pry open the cover for the well. Use
the rope on the well in order to descend down the well. If you want,
you can optionally go there and find a BB gun and some money (though
if you take those items, you'll lose karma).

Head to the Rose's Bar and Breakfast area, and go to the shack directly
to your right. Talk to Farrel, and ask him about the gold watch. He'll
tell you what happened. (BTW, you'll find it later.) Talk to him
again, ask what he does, and tell him that you would like to help
him get rid of some rats that invaded his garden. I had no problem defeating
them unarmed. (This holds true with or without the armor.)

Now, go back to Rose's Bed and Breakfast, and this time, heal to full health
and save the game. Enter the outhouse (it's a bit north of Farrel's home).
Enter it, and place a stick of dynamite right next to the pile of rocks.
Set the timer to three minutes, and escape from the outhouse. If you placed
the dynamite correctly, this section Modoc should be covered with biological goo,
as well as blowing the outhouse away. Usually, it doesn't work, and sometimes
you end up killing yourself in the process.

After it has been done successfully, save the game, and heal yourself if
you've taken massive damage as a result of the explosion. Enter the outhouse
again, and go inside the cave. Kill the molerat that is guarding Cornelius'
gold watch. Get the gold watch, leave the outhouse, and then give it
to Farrel.

Now it is time to deal with the Ghost Farm. Save the game, and leave Modoc
for the Ghost Farm. If you have a high Doctor skill, you can heal Bess,
the brahmin with the broken leg for some experience before you venture
out to the Ghost Farm. I was successful with 29% Doctor skill.

You can also get married in Modoc. To try, talk to Grisham's children in
his home. It's good for a laugh, but his children are horrible in combat.
It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl; both genders can have either

Notable Areas
1) The farm itself
2) The underground

Notable Characters
1) Vegeir, the leader of the Slags
- Slags
- Slag guards

1) Enter the underground part of the farm.
2) Talk to Vegeir, and give Jo the letter that he has given you.

When you go to the Ghost Farm, you might encounter some Slag guards
in the beginning. Tell them that you will go down with them. If you
don't see any, go to the building to the northeast, and fall down
through the mat to go underground. Talk to one of the guards, ask them
for answers to some questions, and then go to Vegeir with them.

Once you get to Vegeir, tell him that you have some questions, and
then accept the quest to give the letter to Jo. Leave the Ghost
Farm through the entrance to the south of Vegeir. Go to Modoc, and
deliver the letter to Jo. Oh yes, be sure that you examine the bodies
on the stake before you leave.

MODOC (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Modoc

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Modoc

1) Deliver the message to Jo.
2) Find Karl for Jo.

When you enter Modoc, give Jo the letter. Jo will find out about the
Slags, and he will get angry at the Slags for "killing" Karl and for
harboring dead bodies on stakes in the farm. Tell Jo that the bodies
are fake, and you will go and find Karl. Jo will give you a month to
find Karl. Karl is in the Den, in Mom's diner, on the east side. Head
there. Jo will give you thirty-one days to find Karl; otherwise, he and
some Modoc townsfolk will attack the Slags.

THE DEN (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for the Den

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for the Den

1) Find Karl.

Not too much to say here. Go to Mom's diner, and talk to the drunk in
the green shirt. Ask him what is his story, and he'll start to talk
about the ghost farm. Leave for Modoc upon hearing his story.

In the interim, you should see this huge guy in some special type of
Power Armor and two troopers in Advanced Power Armor. They kill this
family of farmers, and tell you to walk away. This is foreshadowing
to what will happen in the future. The big guy is the end-game boss.
He may look hard right now, but the fight will be among the easiest
in the game.

MODOC (yet again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Modoc

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Modoc
2) Laddie, Balthas' dog

1) Talk to Jo about Karl.
2) Talk to Balthas and offer to find his son, Jonny.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Help trade come back to Modoc: 3500 xpp

Go talk to Jo, and tell him about Karl being a drunkard in the Den.
You'll get lots of experience points for Modoc's trade. Go to
the Tannery, and talk to Balthas. Ask him if he is preoccupied with
something, introduce yourself, and then go find Jonny for him. Jonny
is in the ghost farm. Balthas will send Laddie with you to help you
find Jonny.

THE GHOST FARM / MODOC (yet again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for the Ghost Farm / Modoc

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for the Ghost Farm / Modoc

1) Enter the farm through the trapdoor and stairwell in the farm itself.
2) Talk to Vegeir and tell him that the trade went well with Modoc.
3) Find Jonny.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Tell Vegeir about the trade message: AAssault Rifle
- Return Jonny to Modoc: 22500 xp, Combat Leather Jacket

When you get to the ghost farm, enter the underground through the trapdoor
in the actual farm. Talk to Vegeir, and tell him that the trade message
was received well. He'll give you an Assault Rifle and some ammunition.
The Assault Rifle can be upgraded with an extended clip to hold 100 bullets
versus 24. It's okay since it's not too powerful, but the high ammo
capacity and good range make up for its lack of power.

Now, it is time to find Jonny. Head north (while you're still in the
underground), and enter the area next to the underground lake. Laddie
will run up to Jonny. Talk to the little boy, and ask him if his name
is Jonny. He'll say yes, and then tell him that his mom and dad have
sent you to find him. Jonny will then ask you for his dad's name (of
course, answer Balthas). After that, Jonny will be happy. You have to
ask Vegeir if he can come home.

Go to Vegeir and ask him if he can come home. He'll say yes and will
arrange an escort to take you, Jonny, and Laddie to Modoc. When you
get there, talk to Balthas, and he'll give you some new armor. You'll
also receive a good bit of experience as well. Head towards Vault City

Rough Map

City Council
Downtown -- Vault 8

Notable Areas
1) Courtyard
- Happy Harry's store
- Andrew's Clinic
- Bar
- Tenants with their tents
2) Vault City Downtown
- Customs Office
- Repair shop
- Amenities Offices
- Corrections Center
- Servant Allocation building
- Information Center
3) Vault City Vault (Vault 8)
4) Vault City Council

Notable Characters
1) Lynette, Vault City's First Citizen
2) Dr. Troy, the medic of Vault City
3) Lydia, she will buy the beer and booze from you
4) Randall, chief Amenities officer
5) Stark, he heads the guards in Vault City
6) Thomas Moore, an abolitionist and an agent for Mr. Bishop
(you'll find out later)
7) Curtis, the kid who lost his Mr. Nixon doll
8) Amanda, a worried courtyard dweller (her husband is missing)
9) Joshua, Amanda's husband
10) Barkus, he heads the Servant Allocation Center
11) Dr. Andrew, the doctor for the courtyard dwellers
12) Ed, he can tell you about the other cities that surround Vault City
13) Mr. Smith, he needs a plow
14) Skeev, the Customs officer who can give you forgered citizenship
15) Wallace, the chief Customs officer
16) Harry, he owns Happy Harry's
17) Senior Councilman McClure, he's far more levelheaded that Lynette
18) Valerie, she heads the repair shop, she's Vic's daughter
19) Kohl, he heads the Information Services department
- Vault City Citizens
- Vault City Slaves
- Vault City Guards

1) Find and return Mr. Nixon to Curtis. Listen to his conversation
with Mr. Nixon to find the wrench.
2) Help Amanda find Joshua.
3) Fix the broken Autodoc at Dr. Andrew's clinic.
4) Obtain false citizenship papers from Skeev. Turn him later after
you've completed the Gecko quest.
5) Deliver the booze and beer that you had earlier to Lydia.
6) Give the pliers and wrench to Valerie.
7) Buy some items from Randal, the amenities officer.
8) Get the quest from Lynette to take care of Gecko's nuclear plant.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Return Mr. Nixon to Curtis: 100 xp
- Repair Dr. Andrew's Autodoc: 100 xp
- Discover the origin of the water flaskk: 500 xp
- Give the booze and beer to Lydia: 250 xp, $300
- Give Valerie the wrench and pliers: 2550 xp, $50, Super Tool Kit
- Convince Barkus to release Joshua: 5000 xp, $32

Vault City is a large place and perhaps represents a "utopia" in the
Fallout World. It is a highly organized totalitarian society that traces
its roots from the citizens of Vault 8.

Enter Vault City during the day. Head to the north and then take a right
turn when you reach the bar. Go talk to the crying child, and he'll mention
something about losing a Mr. Nixon doll. The doll is in a corner of the
outside wall of the bar, near some old boxes. (It's a box-looking object.)
Pick up the doll and give it to Curtis for some experience. Be sure
to listen to his conversation, and he'll mention a wrench in a rock pile.
Go to the rock pile (which is due east) and examine it upon hearing the
reference to the wrench. You should find a wrench.

Now, head to the tent that is next to you. Talk to the worried woman, and
ask her what is wrong. She'll say that her husband is now in the servant
allocation center and was arrested. Offer to find Joshua for her.

Go a bit north, and enter the clinic, and go to the room with the contraption
(the Auto-Doc) in it. Repair the Auto-Doc using the tool. After it has been
repaired, go a bit south and somewhat west and enter the shack that is
north of the jail. Talk to the man in the green shirt, and ask him about where
he got the flask from and then inquire about Vault 13. He won't know where
he got it from, but you'll receive some experience from digging out that info.

Now go to the tent that is right across from the clinic with a farmer standing
outside. Talk to the farmer, and ask him what he does in Vault City. Ask him
what is the problem, and then offer to buy him a plow. Go to Happy Harry's
store (it has a big happy face on its wall) and talk to Harry. Ask if he is
selling the plow, and buy it from him and be sure to ask him to deliver it
to the Smith's. Go back to the tent next to the clinic, and talk to Mr. Smith.
He'll hand you a Desert Eagle and you'll also receive some experience in
the process. Now, head for Downtown, which is to the north.

When you enter Downtown, go to the right into the Customs building. Talk to
Skeev, the man in the vault suit who is standing in the first room. Ask him
what is this place, and then ask him that you're looking to go into the
Vault, and then ask him about "other ways." He'll say that if you have the
cash, he will go into further detail, which essentially boils down to
forgered citizenship papers. Tell him that you might tell others that he
might be selling citizenship papers, and he'll say that the others won't
believe you. Buy the papers from him, and then make a sarcastic remark
to him. He'll believe you, and then ask him to pay for your silence. He'll
get really angry, and then tell him that "sweet talking" won't help at all.
He'll give you $300. Tell him that you have his silence, and then talk to
the gate guard. Tell him that you are a citizen, and give him your papers.
He'll say that they looked legit, and then tell the guard that you missed meeting
each other. He'll let you through.

Go to the Tap House on the right, and talk to Lydia, the bar owner. Ask her
what's on tap, and then inquire about real alcohol. Tell her that real can't
compare to synthetic alcohol and then give her the alcohol that you have for
$300 and some experience. Next, head on to the maintenance center, and talk
to Valerie, the girl in the metal armor. If you have Vic in your party, there'll
be a lengthy conversation between her and Vic. Anyways, talk to her, and ask
her what this place is. Ask her what does she repair, and then she'll mention
something about missing tools. Offer to help her, and give her some pliers and
a wrench for some experience and $50.

Next, go to the Amenities office (it's to the left to the Repair Shop) and
talk to the man (Randal) in the vault suit. Ask him what is this place, and
then ask him if you can see what is in stock. He'll ask for your citizenship
papers, and give him yours. Everything will work out, so buy a combat shotgun,
some 12 ga. shells, and some books using the money and excess weaponry that you
have. If you have NPC's, and intend to keep them (they'll soon become worthless
later on), you can barter for an SMG to give to Sulik. Now, head to the Corrections
Center, and talk to the man in metal armor. Ask him what some questions, and then
mention something about Patrols. Offer to do some recon work for him, which is
to scout out the eight sectors around Gecko. Leave, and go to the Servant
Allocation center.

* GUN Information: Combat Shotgun
The Combat Shotgun, along with its siblings (Pancor Jackhammer and H&K CAWS),
is among the best all-rounded weapons in the game. Targeted shots deal
a fair amount of damage, up to about 85 hit points, while regular shots
deal between 10 and 30 hit points of damage. There's also a powerful burst
mode, though it is weaker in the combat shotgun than in the other models.

When you get there, talk to the guy in the vault suit. Ask him what is the Servant
Allocation Center, and then tell him that you are looking for Joshua. Tell him
that Joshua has a contagious disease, and then give him some more info. If your
speech skill is above 90%, then he will believe you; otherwise, he won't and
you'll have to buy him out instead. After you get Joshua, head to the Information
Center, which should be to your left. Talk to the the man in the vault suit,
and ask what this place is. Ask him if he has any books or manuals, and he'll
say that the books are being transcribed into an electronic format. Ask him if
all the books are gone, and he'll tell you what might eventually happen to
the information center. Tell him that you like reading a book instead of viewing
text on an electronic screen, and he'll give you some free books. Leave the
building and head outside.

Once outside, go to the left, and you should see a man in green. Talk to him
and accept to take a briefcase to the Bishop family in New Reno. Note that
this is strictly optional. Now, head for the City Council.

Once you reach the Council, head north and a bit towards the left, and enter
the Council building. Go inside, and talk to Lynette, the First Citizen
(she's in the southeastern room). Ask her about the G.E.C.K, and she'll say
that it isn't meant for you. Tell her about the Vault Dweller, and then show
her your jumpsuit and water flask. Ask her if she knows about Vault 13, and
then ask if you can search the computer archives. She'll say that you must
take a Citizenship test (you can only pass with 10 Intelligence and 10 Luck).
Tell her that you will take the test, and she'll mention another way: get rid
of the Ghoulish inhabitants of Gecko. You'll take yet another route to "true"
citizenship, however. Leave Vault City for Gecko.

By the way, there is another NPC in the bar who you can pick up. His name is
Cassidy, and he is like Vic in many respects, but a lot better.

* NPC Information: Cassidy
Cassidy is a good all-around small guns sniper, comparable to the original
Fallout's Tycho. Cassidy can use most two-handed small guns, and is far
better in combat than Vic at this stage in the game. He has heart problems,
so if he takes any drugs other than stimpacks, he can die. He's pretty

Also, be sure to talk to Amanda to get your reward for finding Joshua.

Rough Map

Settlement -- Nuclear Plant

Notable Areas
1) Gecko Settlement
- Harold's office
- The Harp
2) Gecko Nuclear Reactor
3) Gecko Junkyard
- Survival Gear store
- Skeeter's garage

Notable Characters
1) Harold, the old ghoul who has a pseudo-mayorial position
2) Lenny, another NPC whom you can pick up
3) Wooz, he sells Booze at the Harp
4) Jeremy, he's in charge of the parts department
5) Skeeter, he owns the repair shop in the Junkyard
6) Percy, he owns the Survival Gear Locker shop in the Junkyard

1) Offer to find the Hydroelectric Magnetosphere for Gecko.
2) Give Skeeter a three-step plasma transformer from Jeremy.
3) Offer to find Woody the ghoul for Percy.
4) Find a Super Tool Repair Kit for Skeeter.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Give Skeeter the three-step plasma traansformer: 350 xp

Gecko is a community inhabited by ghouls. Its economy relies
on a cranky nuclear reactor that is contaminating the local
water supply, which coincidentally is used by Vault City.

When you enter Gecko, go to a bit to the north and enter the building
which reads "manager's office." Enter the building, and examine the
desk, and take the two clipboards. Also, examine the shelf on the
left hall to find a book about science.

While you're in the building, talk to the ghoul (Harold) who is in the primary
room, beside the desk. Ask him what does he do here, and then he'll mention
that the reactor isn't working well and that he needs a Hydroelectric
Magnetosphere. If you talk to the ghoul on his left (Lenny), you can pick
up another NPC. He can also heal you, if necessary. Head east to the Nuclear

* NPC Information - Lenny
With 129 hit points, Lenny easily is the most durable out of all of the other
NPC's. He can also heal you, for his forte is the Doctor skill. He says that
he can use SMG's and pistols, and he is okay at best with an H&K G11/G11E or
the .223 Pistol. He's not really worth having in the long run, however.

Once in the plant, head a bit to the north and a ways east, and enter the
room with a ghoul behind a room that has lockers. Talk to the ghoul (his
description says that he has a shaved head) and tell him that you have
something to pick up. Ask for a three-step plasma transformer, and give him
the part request form (one of the items on the clipboard) that you found
earlier. Leave the room, and go a bit to the east and enter the room a bit
to the south with a rusted locker. Open it and take the yellow keycard out.
Leave the room, and head to the southern part of the reactor. Put the keycard
in one of your active item slots and open the yellow door. After you get
past that level of security, go to the room with a shelf. Examine the shelf
and get the red key card and put it in your item slot (remove the yellow

Now, make your way to the east and talk to Festus, the ghoul in the
southeasternmost room. Tell him that the reactor isn't running very well,
and then tell him that Vault City is complaining about the groundwater
problem. He'll say that nothing is wrong. Anyways, leave the reactor and
go to the Junkyard, to the north.

When you get there, go to the Survival Gear center, and talk to the
shopkeeper. Ask him what is going on, and he'll mention that his friend
Woody is missing. Offer to find Woody for him. Also, go to the northwest
and enter the big building. Talk to the ghoul there, and he'll offer to
fix up one of your weapons for finding a three-step plasma transformer.
Right now, get the speed loader for the .44 magnum pistol that you might
have; another option is to upgrade the ammo magazine for the assault
rifle. After you've gotten your upgrade, leave for Vault City.

VAULT CITY (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Vault City

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Vault City

1) Go to Valerie and ask for your tools back; she'll also give you a Super
Tool Kit.
2) Go to Stark and tell him that you have scouted the area around Gecko.
3) Go to the City Council and speak with Councilman McClure; he'll offer you
citizenship once you've fixed Gecko's reactor.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Talk to Valerie after delivering the ttools: Super Tool Kit
- Tell Stark that you've scouted the areea around Gecko: 350 xp, $300
- Tell McClure that you need the part foor Gecko: Gecko power plant part

When you go to Vault City, rest until 8:00 AM (unless the time is no later
than 6:00 PM) and enter Downtown. Go in Valerie's repair shop, and pick
up the Super Tool Kit. Next, head to the corrections center and talk to Stark;
tell him that you've scouted the area. He'll give you some money and you'll
receive some experience as well. Go to the City Council to the north.

When you enter the Council, go in the main Council building and talk to
Councilman McClure (he should be in the left wing of the building). Talk
to him, introduce yourself, and ask about the part for Gecko's power plant.
Tell him that Lynette won't make you a citizen even if you fix the power
plant problem. He'll authorize you to pick up something from the Amenities
office. Go to the office and get the part. Leave for Gecko.

GECKO (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Gecko

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Gecko

1) Give Festus the Hy-Mag and convince him to install it.
2) Go to Skeeter and give him the tool kit for the fuel cell controller. Steal
the tool kit from him afterwards.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Tell Festus to fix the reactor: 4250 xxp
(optionally install it yourself manually: 4000 xp)
(optionally install it yourself via computer: 4500 xp)
- Give Skeeter the tool kit: 250 xp, fueel cell controller
- Give Skeeter the second plasma transfoormer: 350 xp, weapons upgrade

When you enter Gecko, go to the nuclear plant and talk to Festus; convince
him to install the Hy-Mag. If your efforts are fruitless, save the game in
a different slot, and enter the nuclear reactor. Go to the red coolant
valve and use the Hy-Mag there. It'll take a few tries to get it to work.
You'll lose a lot of hit points because of the intense radiation there.
If you've got a high enough science skill, you can use the computer terminal
to fix the reactor. This is what you do:

Add a command
List programs
Delete all commands
Execute program

Then choose 'add a command' again and add the following:

1. Amplify plutonium-gamma shield
2. Deharmonize neptunium impeller
3. Calibrate uranium-rod driver
4. Set voltage on saturn-class capicitor
5. Test jupiter-wave compiler
6. Install hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator

Then you end the program and then execute.

After it is successfully installed, save the game. Also, talk to Festus
again, and get the optimization data for Gecko's power plant. You can also
go and talk to the ghoul who handles the storage and barter some ammo for
another 3-step Plasma Transformer.

Also, go to the north end and talk to Skeeter. Give the tool kit to him
for the fuel cell controller. Save the game and successfully steal the
tool kit. Give Skeeter the plasma transformer, and he can upgrade another
one of your weapons. Save, and head for Vault City.

If you've looked closely, there's a working computer in the reactor control
room. You can chat with an Enclave guard (talking head and all) - it's a very
humorous conversation. Here are the steps you'll need to take:

password 2
password 3
password 1
init gen maint seq
load [...]
download [...]
password 3
password 1
password 2
list other stations
Everything's shut down [...]

VAULT CITY (yet again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Vault City

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Vault City

1) Tell Wallace that Skeev was forgering citizenship papers. He'll get
2) Go to the City Council, and McClure will make you a citizen.
3) Talk to Phyllis in the Vault City Vault.
4) Optimize the power-plant data in the Vault.
5) Offer to scout NCR for Stark.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Turn in Skeev to Wallace: Free Day Passs
- Tell McClure that you've fixed the nucclear plant: Citizenship for Vault City
- Tell Phyllis to explore the outside woorld: 300 xp
- Tell Phyllis that radiation can cause sterility or chromosomal damage: 300 xp
- Go out with Phyllis: 300 xp
- Donate sperm to Vault City: 100 xp
- Repair the Vault City ventilation systtem: 100 xp, 50 micro fusion cells
- Use the Vault City Learning Terminal: 350 xp

When you go to Vault City, enter the customs building, and talk to Wallace.
Tell him that Skeev is involved in illegal practices, and show him the
fake citizenship papers. Skeev will be dealt with, and you'll receive a
free day pass. Enter the city afterwards.

Once you get in the city, go to the City Council, and talk to McClure. Tell
him that you have repaired Gecko's Power Plant, and you'll be granted
citizenship for Vault City. Head for the Vault City Vault now.

In the Vault, talk to the woman in the blue jumper. Tell her your name, and
ask about Vault City. Tell her that you've noticed the similarity of
citizens, and encourage her to explore the outside world. If you're male,
you can go out with her for some experience and donate sperm to Vault City
for some more experience. If you have high Intelligence, you can discuss
the pregnancy cycle and tell her about radiation causing sterility and
anomalities among the citizens for even more experience. Save, and enter
the second floor of the Vault.

NOTE: If you examined the computer, and have searched the medical database,
you can get some extremely important information regarding Combat
Implants. With 90% doctor skill, you can access the database. If
you want the implants (which are highly recommended), pump up your
doctor skill.

Once you're there, go to the far right, and fix the rattling vent using
the repair skill for some experience. Also, save the game, and attempt to
lockpick all of the doors in the area.

The main objective is to open the locked door to the southwest (the door
is next to the one whose power couplings are broken). That room has a
Voice Module, which is essential to beating the game. Anyways, attempt
to pick the door, and after you open it, save the game. I know for
a fact that a lockpick skill of 70% or higher will work. Electronic
Lockpicks will also help (they're at the Navarro base). Be sure to loot
everything that you can find, however.

Go to the third floor, and to the far left. Use the science skill on the
Learning Terminal for some easy experience. Afterwards, make your way
towards the right, and use the computer that is talking. Optimize the
Power Plant disc. Save, go to the corrections center outside of
the Vault, and tell Stark that you'll scout out NCR for him. Now, go
to Gecko.

GECKO (yet again)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Gecko

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Gecko

1) Optimize the nuclear reactor.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Optimize the power plant: 2500 xp

In Gecko, head towards the power plant, and go to the room sealed off by
the red security doors. Use the disc there, and the power plant will be
optimized. Save the game. Now, you can go to the Den to get yourself a
car (this is just a convenience issue...).

THE DEN (if you want the car)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for The Den

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for The Den

1) Free Woody from his "indentured mummy-tude."
2) Optionally get the car.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Free Woody: 1000 xp

When you enter the Den, make your way south to where you found Anna. Go
to the room with a coffin (it's directly to the right). Talk to the
man standing beside the coffin, and ask to see the mummy. Tell him
that the mummy is a ghoul, and scream out Woody's name. He'll run
away, and you'll get some experience. Now, it's time to get your car.

To get the car, go to Smitty's workshop, and tell him that you have
the part to get the car working. He'll charge you $2000 to get the
part installed. Say that you're going to get installed, and then barter the
stuff that you found in Vault City for some money. Install the fuel
injection system for $750.

With your car, get the Power Armor from Navarro. This time, it'll be a lot
easier to get everything (especially with the automobile). You'll need
the armor for Redding. Anyways, head to the Vault City - Gecko block now,
this time with your Power Armor.

The car virtually eliminates overland travel time, and it makes you far
less vulnerable to outside attacks. It also can hold a lot of stuff. It
also eats through micro fusion cells too, even with the fuel injection.

The car can be completely charged with 100 micro fusion cells or 200 small
energy cells. Basically, one micro fusion cell is 1% of energy, while the
small energy cell is 0.5% of energy. The game engine won't round up if
you put in an odd number of small energy cells.

Note that the car is really a convenience issue rather than a necessity.

And again, make sure that you get the Power Armor (if you haven't done so)
from Navarro -- the rest of the game will be significantly easier with it.
The armor will also eliminate the need for NPC's as well.

VAULT CITY (sigh...)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Vault City

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Vault City

1) Open the locked doors on the second floor with the lockpicks from Navarro.
2) Get the schematics for Combat Implants (90%+ Doctor skill).
3) Discuss medicine with Dr. Troy (90%+ Doctor skill).
4) Sell Jet to Dr. Troy (90%+ Doctor skill).

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Get the schematics for the Combat Impllants: 500 xp
- Discuss medicine with Dr. Troy: 5% bonnus to Doctor and First Aid skills
- Sell jet to Dr. Troy: $1000
- Eliminate the radiation through Charliie's system: 100 xp

NOTE: You can only do 2 through 4 with 90% or more Doctor skill. Also, to
sell Dr. Troy jet, this must be the first time you speak with him.

Enter Vault City through the Downtown area, and enter the Vault. Use the
science skill on one of the computers to find out about the implants.
Afterwards, talk to Dr. Troy, and tell him that you're a doctor yourself.
He'll show you around the hospital, and thank him afterwards. He'll ask
if you're a citizen. Tell him no, and then give him the sample of Jet
for $1000. Now, go to the second level, and loot everything. Save, and
head for Gecko now to get the reward for saving Woody.

Also, there's this sick patient with radiation running through his system.
He's in the courtyard. If you decide to go pick up the anti-radiation
drugs from Percy, you can use two RadAway's on the patient to get rid
of the radiation poisioning.

GECKO (sigh...)
Notable Areas
1) See above listing

Notable Characters
1) See above listing

1) Enter Gecko through the junkyard, and tell Percy that you've rescued

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Tell Percy that you've freed Woody: 4 RadAways, 4 RadX's, low prices in
his store

Enter Gecko through the Junkyard, and talk to Percy. He'll give you the
stock of RadAways and RadX's. He'll also offer you very low prices
throughout his store, so it is a good idea to buy some ammo from him.
Now, leave Gecko, and go to Vault City if you want to cure Charlie from
his radiation poisioning. Otherwise, head to Redding.

Rough Map
Mine Offices
Wannamingo Mine -- Downtown

Notable Areas
1) Downtown
- Ascorti's Ace
- Malamute Saloon
- Sheriff's Office
- Painless Doc Johnson's clinic
- Tenants/Houses
2) Wannamingo Mine
3) Mine Offices
- Last Gasp Saloon
- Morningstar Mine Offices
- Kokoweef Mine Offices

Notable Characters
1) Ascorti, Mayor of Redding
2) Athabaska Dick, mine worker addicted to Jet
3) Dangerous Dan McGrew, he owns the Morningstar Mine
4) Marge LeBarge, she owns the Kokoweef Mine
5) Sheriff Marion, he assists Ascorti in running Redding
6) "Painless" Doc Johnson, Redding's Doctor
7) Old Widow Rooney, she forgot to pay the lease for her house
8) Lou, she owns the Malamute Saloon
9) Obidiah Hakeswell, he cut the whore at the Malamute Saloon
10) Frog Morton, a local gang member
- Redding Townsfolk
- Mine Workers

1) Buy the mine deed from Mayor Ascorti for $1000.
2) Kill all of the alien creatures in the mine. Afterwards, sell the mine
back for $2500.
3) Help Widow Rooney pay off her rent.
4) Break the fight at the Malamute saloon.
5) Find the hooker who cut up the whore at the Malamute saloon.
6) Kill Frog Morton and his minions.
7) Sell the excavator chip that you find in the mine to Marge LeBarge.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Pay off Widow Rooney's rent: 1500 xp
- Break up the fight at the Malamute salloon: 1500 xp, $300
- Kill all of the rats: 1340 kxp
- Bring Hakeswell to justice: 1250 xp, $$500
- Kill Frog Morton and his minions: 21755 kxp
- Kill Frog Morton: 3000 xp, $1000
- Kill the Wanamingos in the 1st mine leevel: 6870 kxp
- Kill the Wanamingos in the 2nd mine leevel: 3000 kxp
- Kill the critters in the eastern area of 2nd level: 2190 kxp
- Kill the Wanamingos in the final area of the mines: 1000 kxp
- Kill the Wanamingos in the mine: 3500 xp
- Sell the deed to Ascorti: 1000 xp, $15500 profit
- Sell the excavator chip: 2500 xp, $10000

Redding mines and exports ore for money. There are two main mining
companies in the town - one supports the NCR whilst the other supports
the Bishop crime family.

When you go into Redding, go to the left, and enter the Sheriff's office.
Offer to help him, and he'll tell you to either kick out Widow Rooney or
to pay for her rent. Go to her house (it's a bit to the southwest and
has a brahmin pasture next to it), and talk to Widow Rooney. Tell her
that you are going to pay off her rent ($120). She'll thank you and you'll
get some experience. After you're done, go back to the Sheriff and ask for
another quest. He'll tell you to break up a fight at the Malamute Saloon,
which is a bit to the northwest from the Sheriff's office.

When you get to the Saloon, talk to the loud-mouth female who is fighting.
Tell her to break up the fight, and then that you're looking for some
target practice. Then take her off to jail. You can take both of the miners
to jail, or the Kokoweef miner if you're siding with the Morningstar mine.
After you've broken the fight, talk to the sheriff to get the money,
experience, and a new quest.

NOTE: It's your choice whether to support Dan McGrew or Marge LeBarge. I
sided with LeBarge because she supports the NCR, while McGrew supports
gangsters at New Reno. All of the rewards/experience values are the
same regardless of which person to side with.

After you've gotten the new quest to find the hooker, go to the west side
of Redding. Kill all of the rats there to get some easy experience before
you undertake the Sheriff's quest. Also, while you're there, you can search
around in the desks and shelves for a Scout Handbook, stimpacks, a rope, and
some flares. There's a stick of dynamite in a corpse as well. Now, back to
the quest.

Head to the main section of Redding and then go to the northern area of Redding
(the pathway is between Ascorti's Ace and the Malamute Saloon). Once you are
there, go to the entrance to the left of the Morningstar Mine (which is to the
north end of the area). Talk to the man wearing a cap (description will include
something about a fat belly), and he'll confess immediately that he cut up
the hooker. Ask if he knows about the affair, and then ask about the mistake.
He'll say that she made fun of his mother, and then tell him that he overreacted
but that you're taking him to jail. Tell him that the jury will take everything
into consideration. Then he'll say that he'll come by peacefully, and then
take him into jail. The Sheriff will give you a new quest: kill Frog Morton.

Remember where you went to kill all of the rats? That's exactly where Frog
and his gang are right now, and you won't face the rats (they can become
quite a nuisance). Anyways, use the Combat Shotgun or the .44 Magnum, or
you can even use the Super Sledgehammer that you might have gotten at Navarro
to bring the gang to justice.

Frog has an H&K G11 Caseless Sub-Machine gun that can be pretty devastating.
His guards and thugs have shotguns as well. Having Power Armor really helps
in this area. Be sure to pick up the weapons from the corpses, especially
the G11. Needless to say, Frog's gang has also rigged the mine area. Also,
his three brothers will try to hunt you down (they can be found in random
encounters). Go back to the Sheriff's office to receive your payment.

* GUN Information: H&K G11
The G11 is among the most powerful sub-machine guns, but it is eclipsed
by the G11E. The 'E' has a slightly longer range and damage rates, but
other than that, both weapons share the fifty-round 4.7mm caseless
magazine. It's about as powerful as the .44 revolver in targeted shots,
but it has better penetration than the .44. It's burst shot is quite

While you're there, go to Ascorti's Ace and talk to Mayor Ascorti. Ask
him what does he do here, and then start to inquire about deeds. Ask
about the Wanamingo Mine deed (it's where Frog and the rats were), and
he'll mention that some alien creatures are in the mine. Buy the deed from
him, save the game, and go back to where Frog was. Descend down the mine

Once you're in there, you'll see a white wanamingo. It has 220 hit points
and is the toughest one that you'll face. Other wanamingos have either
120 or 160 hit points and rival some of the strongest creatures that
you'll encounter. Even with your Power Armor, the fight will be quite difficult.
Using targeted shots greatly helps (I hope you've been pumping up Small
Guns or Melee...). The .44 aimed at the eyes works wonders on these guys.
The Combat Shotgun isn't that bad, either, and the Super Sledgehammer
is slightly better. The caseless gun that you found is just as good as
the .44 as well. (By the way, don't burst with it.) Also, be sure to
destroy the eggs in the entrance - that way, the Wanamingos will not

There's also an excavator chip in a digger machine. Examine the machine
to get the chip. The machine is pretty conspicuous, so it shouldn't be
a problem for you to find the chip. After you've killed the wanamingos,
go to the next floor of the mine via the ladder, and in the second
level, go to the southeast to access a new area.

NOTE: There are two excavator chips in the mine, but you can only sell

In this new area, there are two wanamingos and eleven rats. They shouldn't
be too much trouble. Head south after you've cleared out the area. In
this next (and final) part, there are two wanamingos a bit to the south
and a bit to the left. After you've killed them, you should receive a
fair amount of experience for killing all of the wanamingos. Head
south, and climb the ladder to reach the downtown part of Redding.

Once you're there, go talk to Mayor Ascorti and sell the deed. You'll
make $1500 in profits. Now, head to the same place where you caught
the hooker, and this time, head to the Kokoweef mine office (it's
the one to the right of Morningstar; the specific office is the
one a bit to the north of the other Kokoweef office). Talk to Marge
LeBarge, and sell her the excavator chip. Save, and head to Broken
Hills. If you've got $5000 and Combat Armor, you can get the dermal
implant operation at Andrew's clinic in Vault City. It's a good buy.
(And it brings up the normal Advanced Power Armor up to Mark II specs
for damage resistance.)

Rough Map
Uranium Mine
West Side -- East Side

Notable Areas
1) Western Side
- Power Station
- General Store
- Hotel/Bar
- Marcus' Office
2) Eastern Side
- Several houses
- Mine entrance/buildings
- Science building
3) Uranium Mine

Notable Characters
1) Steve, he is the official "greeter" of Broken Hills
2) Marcus, the super-mutant mayor of Broken Hills
3) Zaius, the mine foreman
4) Francine, another super mutant
5) Bill, he gives out caravan assignments
6) Chad, Bill's assistant
7) Seymour, the talking plant
8) The mad scientist, he's working on a plan to make animals
smarter than humans
9) The radscorpion who is smarter than you
10) Eric, the ghoul with a power problem
11) Dan, his spouse has been killed
12) Francis,
- Mine workers
- Broken Hills Townsfolk

1) Perform the jailbreak for Jacob.
2) Tell Marcus that Jacob and his fellow chemists wanted to blow up
the Uranium mine.
3) Offer to find the missing people for free (again, for Marcus).
4) Get the air purifier for Zaius.
5) Plant Seymour, the talking plant, in front of the old ghoul's home.
6) Offer to shovel the brahmin crap for Bill (do this for five days).
7) Tell Dan about his dead wife.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Become an expert excrement expeditor: 500 xp, $500, 5% bonus to speech
- Free the convicts from Jail: 1500 xp
- End the conspiracy against the mutantss: 2500 xp
- Prove that you're just as perceptive aas the radscorpion: 500 xp
- Prove that you're just as agile as thee radscorpion: 500 xp
- Prove that you can beat a scorpion thaat is smarter than you: 500 xp
- Divert more power to Eric's house: 10000 xp
- Kill the ants in the underground area:: 2150 kxp
- Find the missing people: 500 xp
- Inform Dan about his wife: 500 xp
- Tell Francis about the conspiracy agaiinst the mutants: 1000 xp
- Inform Marcus about the missing peoplee: $500 or Scoped Hunting Rifle

Broken Hills is a city formed by an alliance of mutants, ghouls, and
humans. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of animosity between
the mutants and humans, as well as a problem with one of Broken Hills'
air purifiers.

When you enter Broken Hills, head a bit to the south, and go to the
building surrounded bu guards with shotguns. Talk to the man with the
cap, and offer to shovel the brahmin crap for five days. You'll receive
some experience, a bonus to the speech skill, and $500. Afterwards,
head east, and talk to the super mutant wielding a minigun. Ask him
about Broken Hills, and then ask him what's going on in the town. Offer
to find the missing people for free. Save, and head for the jail.

Once in the jail, enter Sneak mode and equip yourself with the lockpicks
that you found in Navarro. Go to the northernmost cell, and while the
mutant is far away (and not facing you), lockpick the door. Open it again
to perform the jailbreak. Talk to the man wearing the cap, and then decline
his offer to blow up the mine. He'll get angry. Leave the building, and
then tell Marcus that the escaped convicts were plotting to blow
up the mine. You'll receive some experience. Head to the east.

Once you're there, head to the northeast and talk to the spore plant in
the farm. Offer to move him to the old ghoul's home for some easy
experience. You'll need a shovel to move him, however (which you should
have from the Den). You'll get some experience. Next, go to the
southeast, and enter the building with the scientist and the radscorpion.
Talk to the scientist, and offer to test your eyes (perception), agility,
and intelligence against the scorpion. You'll get some experience if
you rival the scorpion against the skills. I passed the perception test
with six perception and the agility test with ten agility. To beat
the scorpion, you must have planted the spore plant in front of the ghouls'
home. The plant will tell you a special move that can defeat the radscorpion
in chess. After you beat the scorpion in chess, it'll attack you. Move
away, and then end combat. You'll get a good bit of experience for your

Now go to one of the houses towards the western portion of the east side.
(The house is inhabited by a ghoul.) Talk to the ghoul, and offer to
divert more power to his home. Next, go to the west side, and enter
the power station (which is west of the general store). Use the 'Science'
skill on the computer there to divert power. You'll get some experience
for your efforts. Go back to Eric's home to receive your reward.

Back in the east side, go to the house towards the east of the old
ghoul's home. Talk to the worried man, and he'll mention that his wife
is missing. Offer to find her. (This quest boils down into finding
the missing people.)

To find the missing people, head to the southwest portion of the
eastern side, and enter the small shack. Descend down the sewer hole.
When you're in the underground area, just kill any critters that you
see for some easy experience. The dead people are in the northeastern
area. Also, be sure you examine the body that reads "young Broken Hills
woman," and take the letter. Read the letter, and climb one of the
ladders to go to the surface.

Once you're there, go back to the worried man's house. Tell him that
his wife is dead, and then tell him about how his wife was involved
with the conspiracy to kill all of the mutants. Afterwards, go to
the northwest and into the building next to the mine. Talk to Zaius,
the mine foreman, and ask if there's any work that needs to be done.
He'll ask you to get an air purifier from New Reno.

Now, go to the west side, and talk to Francis (he's in the bar, which
is a bit to the south of Marcus). If you've got a high level of strength
as well as luck, you can arm-wrestle him for some experience and a power
fist. If you lose, you'll be his gimp for the night. Anyways, tell him
about the issue with the note, and tell him to leave afterwards. You'll
receive some experience. Next, talk to Marcus, and tell him about the
missing people. He'll hand you a scoped hunting rifle if you told him
that you would find the missing people for free (or he'll give you $500
if you did it for cash). Head to New Reno for now.

Rough Map


Businesses - 2nd Street - Wright Mansion
Virgin Street
Shop) (Golgotha)

Notable Areas
1) Virgin Street
- The Cat's Paw
- The Desparado
2) 2nd Street
- The Jungle Gym
- Golden Globes
- The Shark Club
- Salvatore's bar
3) Businesses
- Renesco's Pharmacy
- New Reno Arms
- The New Reno Church
4) Wright Mansion

Notable Characters
1) Jules, a drug dealer and "greeter" of New Reno
2) Cody, a little boy who can find your car
3) Big Jesus Mordino, head of the largest mafia family in New Reno
4) Little Jesus Mordino, son of Big Jesus Mordino
5) Ramirez, one of Mordino's men
6) Marjorie Reed, one of the Stables' senior researchers
7) Myron, he does the Jet research for Mordino
8) T-Ray, he owns the Chop Shop
9) The Corsican Brothers, they own the porn studio
10) Salvatore, he heads another mafia family in New Reno
11) Mason, he is Salvatore's assistant and bodyguard
12) Lloyd, he stole some cash from Salvatore
13) Renesco, he owns the pharmacy in New Reno
14) Bishop, he controls the second largest mafia family
15) Angela, Bishop's daughter
16) Mrs. Bishop, Bishop's wife
17) Keith Wright, Wright's son
18) Orville Wright, he controls a liquor business
19) Mrs. Wright, she's wife of Orville
20) Richard, Wright's deceased son
21) Jagged Jimmy J, another drug dealer
22) Eldridge, he owns New Reno Arms
23) Father Tully, the town drunk and preacher
- Prostitutes
- Pimps
- Drug Dealers
- "Mafia men"

1) Help Mordino do three things: give a package to Ramirez, get
the Corsican brother's payment, and kill the Salvatores.
2) Go to Salvatore's bar, but instead of killing Slavatore, do
his quests, and then kill Salvatore.
3) Kill Mordino afterwards.
4) Go to the Shark Club and kill everybody there (Bishop family).
5) Go to the Wright's place and do their quests. Become a "Made Man"
for the Wrights.
6) Give Eldridge the Laser Pistol.
7) Get the air purifier for Broken Hills.
8) Become a boxer.
9) Become a porn star.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Deliver the jet to Ramirez: 500 xp, $1100
- Get a Stables ID from Marjorie: 500 xpp
- Convince Myron that a cure for Jet exiists: 2000 xp
- Ask Cody to lead you to the Chop Shop:: 500 xp
- Get the car without violence: 750 xp
- Get the payment from the Corsican Brotthers: 500 xp, $125
- Kill Lloyd and recover the $1000: 500 xp, $500
- Pay Renesco's tribute to Salvatore: 7550 xp, $250
- Complete the transaction for Salvatoree: 1000 xp, Laser Pistol (latter optional)
- Kill Mr. Salvatore: 500 xp
- Kill the Salvatore family: 1575 kxp
- Kill Salvatore for Mordino: 750 xp, $5500, Leather Armor MKII, M3A1 "Grease
Gun" SMG
- Kill the Mordino family: 4875 kxp
- Use the Pip-Boy linguistics module: 5000 xp, 15% bonus to Speech
- Kill the Bishop family: 5205 kxp
- Find the empty jet canister in the Wriight mansion: 500 xp
- Discover that the jet canister containns radscorpion poisoning: 500 xp
- Find out about Renesco making the jet canister: 1000 xp
- Tell Wright that the Salvatores overdoosed Richard: 2000 xp, $250,
extra items

NOTE: New Reno is a huge sidequest that can take about two to three
hours to finish. It's here mainly for the experience, items,
and the money.

New Reno is a city ridden with corruption, and it is evident by looking
at the streets. Four crime families rule the city. You can pledge
your allegiance to either one of them.

When you go to New Reno, talk to the man in the red shirt. Ask him about
the various families, especially about the Salvatores. Ask about their
"lightbringers," or laser pistols. After that, head to the north, and
enter the Desparado casino. Talk to the man in the leather jacket next
to the bar. Ask who is he, and then tell him that the Mordino family
is a strong force. Afterwards, ask for a hook-up, and Little Jesus will
send you to Big Jesus. He's the aging man in the second floor.

When you get to Big Jesus, approach him carefully and be extremely polite
(he's a mafia family leader, you know). Ask for some work, and then
immediately go to the Stables to deliver the package to Ramirez. Enter
the west wing of the Stables, and deliver the package to the man whose
description reads "Ramirez." If your Science skill is 80% or more, you
can go and talk to the lead researcher, Marjorie, about pharmaceutical
research and jet to get a Stables ID. Afterwards, go down the ladder.

Once you're down the ladder, go down south, and talk to one of the
guards in Metal Armor. If you have the ID, the guard will let you
speak to Myron. If you're female, you can seduce the guard and he'll
let you in whether you have the ID or not. Once you're there, talk
to Myron, and if you have 80% or higher Science skill, you can convince
Myron that there is a cure for Jet. He'll admit that a cure is possible,
but will get really ticked off. Anyways, leave for New Reno. If you
brought your car there, you'll find out that it has been stolen.

* NPC Information: Myron
Myron is the weakest NPC that you can get. Needless to say, he's also
inept at combat, and will stay that way throughout the game. He is
best used as a walking target. Myron tends to hit your own allies
than the enemy, and he can only use two weapons: the Needler pistol
or the Gauss Pistol. Myron is good at science, and he can also make
stimpacks. Also, if you're working for Mordino and have picked him up,
you can't do any of his quests later on.

To get the car back, take off your Power Armor and talk to Cody. Ask him
about the whereabouts of your car, and he'll run off to the New Reno
Chop Shop. When you get there, put on your Power Armor, and talk to
T-Ray, the owner of the chop shop. T-Ray is in his own room in the
corner of the chop shop garage. To get the car back, you either have
to be working for Bishop (you aren't, so don't choose this option), or
you can pay T-Ray $750 or $1000. If you're female, you can screw T-Ray
for the car. Or you can kill T-Ray and his cohorts. If you do choose
the peaceful solution, you'll receive some experience.

T-Ray can also upgrade the car as well. You can pay $300-$500 for them, or,
if you're female, you can screw him for the upgrades. After you get your
car back, you can kill the Chop Shop men for some experience, or just
leave for New Reno.

When you get back to New Reno, talk to Jesus Mordino again, and tell him
that you've delivered the jet to Ramirez. You'll get $100, and a new
quest: get the payment from the Corsican Brothers, owners of the Golden
Globes porn studio. To get the money, go to the porn studio (it's
to the north and a bit to the east, and talk to the man in the leather
jacket. Simply ask for the money and he'll give it to you. Return the
payment to Mordino, and he'll give you half of it. He'll then ask
you to assassinate Salvatore, another crime lord. Before you assassinate
him, do Salvatore's work, and then kill him.

To get to Salvatore, go north of the Desparado, past the New Reno sign,
and enter Salvatore's Bar, and go to the second floor. Once you're
there, talk to Mason (he's the guard with the hot temper), and ask to
see Mr. Salvatore. Be firm, and he'll let you in.

Once you're in Mr. Salvatore's room, talk to Salvatore, and tell him
that his family has strength and is fair. Offer to work for him, and
Salvatore will send you to Mason for details. Once you're there, ask
Mason who is Lloyd, how much he has stolen, where are his whereabouts, etc.
Afterwards, go back to Mordino's Desparado casino, and go to the basement.
In the basement, go south, take a right turn, and then head north to
reach Lloyd (he's next to the tanks). Lockpick the door, and talk to
Lloyd. Ask if he is indeed Pretty Boy Lloyd, and then tell him that you're
here for Salvatore's payment. Ask him to show you where the money is, and
tell him that you're right behind him. You'll be transported into a graveyard
not too far away from New Reno.

When you're in the graveyard, make Lloyd dig up the grave for the money.
He'll groan, and give him a threat. Continue to dig until Lloyd finds a
manhole. Drop the landmine into the grave, and Lloyd will be dead. Walk
over the uncovered grave to enter it, and open the footlocker for the $1000.
Head to Savatore's bar in New Reno. Once you're there, talk to Mason and
tell him that you've found Lloyd. He'll open up the door, and then tell
Mr. Salvatore that you've made an example of Lloyd. Give Mr. Salvatore
the $1000 for some experience. He'll give you a new quest: to collect
$1000 from Renesco, who owns the local Pharmacy. The Pharmacy is in
the commercial row, which is to the west of 2nd Street.

When you're in the Pharmacy, talk to Renesco. Ask him who he is, and then
tell him that you are here to collect Salvatore's tribute. Keep on telling
him that you are his representative, and if he wants proof, give him a
death threat. If he says that he can't pay, ask for a discount at the store.
He'll finally agree, and buy all of his stock for $1. Sell the rest that
you don't need, and then ask him some other questions. Ask if he has
parts for a mine, and then tell him the password that Zaius told you. You'll
get the parts afterwards. Head for Salvatore's bar.

Once you're there, talk to Mason, and tell him that you have the payment.
Give Salvatore $1000 and he'll give you back $250. He'll give you a new
quest, which is to guard a drug transaction that is taking place with
the Enclave. Talk to Mason to go there. If you want, you can ask Salvatore
for a laser pistol, and then get some training from Mason on how to
use it.

When you're there for the transaction, you have two choices: either wait
until the screen says that the transaction is over, or you can kill
the Enclave troopers and the Salvatore guards. Take your pick. If you
do decide to go on a killing spree, you'll have to kill the Salvatores
when you go to their bar in New Reno. It's not too bad because you'll
have to do it anyway for Mordino.

When you go back to Salvatore's bar, talk to Mason, and he'll send
you to Mr. Salvatore. Salvatore will offer to make you a 'Made Man,'
but decline. Instead, kill all of the Salvatores for Mordino. Be
sure that you loot the corpses for Laser Pistols, money, and the like.
The .44 revolver, combat shotgun, or super sledgehammer are the
preferred weapons for this fight. Don't use the laser pistols that you've
found; they're horrible against metal armor.

After that, go to Mordino's Desparado casino, and tell Mordino that
you've killed Salvatore. Decline to join his family, and then kill
him and his cohorts afterwards. Use the same weapons that you used
against the Salvatores for maximum combat performance. Afterwards,
head back to 2nd street, and enter the Shark Club.

The Shark Club is home to the Bishop family, which is by far the
largest and toughest gang fight in New Reno. If you've met Thomas
Moore at Vault City and have offered to give the suitcase to Bishop,
you can supposedly do so here.

In order to complete this, go to the second floor of the Shark
Club and talk to the guards by the stairwell. Tell one of them
that you have a suitcase for Bishop. He'll let you through.
Afterwards, go to Mrs. Bishop and then sleep with her.

After that, leave the room, and disarm (use the traps skill) on
the various safes and then raid them. Leave and talk to Mr. Bishop
and give him the suitcase. He'll give you some money and then will
send you on a mission to kill Westin, one of NCR's most prominent
citizens, except that you'll have to make it seem like an accidental
murder. Save the game and leave for NCR.

Once you're in NCR, go to Westin's Ranch (be sure you talk to the
guard so that you can go through). Tell Westin that Bishop sent
you. Westin will offer you some money (probably so that you won't
kill him). In any case, take the money and go back to NCR. When
you're there, you can then slaughter the Bishop family.

Head to the second floor of the Shark Club. If you have 6 Perception
and/or Intelligence, take some mentats.

When you're there, go to the room towards your left and talk to the
lady in the dress. She's Bishop's wife. Ask her about the Garden
of Eden creation kit, and if you want, about her family. Afterwards,
tell her that you're going, and then offer to have drinks with her
in her room. Then embrace her. (Yes, I know...you'll get some experience
later...and perhaps a new karmic trait...) And then have sex with
her afterwards (regardless of your character's gender).

After your encounter, ask her if she is from Vault City. She'll say
that she is. Ask her more about Vault City, until you get some info
about the Pip-Boy linguistics module. She'll tell you the combination
of the safe. Afterwards, leave, and then use the lockpick skill on
the locker in Mrs. Bishop's room. Get the Pip-Boy module as well as
the stimpacks and the cash. Use the module for some experience and
a bonus to your speech skill. Next, leave the room and head to the
northernmost room, and attempt to lockpick the safe (which will
probably blow up). A guard will come out, but kill him and then
examine the safe's contents. Take out the raider map, the holodisc,
and the .44 magnum ammo and some cash. Go on a killing spree and
kill all of Bishop's men on all of the floors. Afterwards, save,
and head to the Wright mansion, which is to the east of 2nd street.
Be sure to read the map before you go there.

The Wright mansion is located to the south. Enter there, and talk
to Keith Wright. Ask who he is, and then ask if you can be hired
for some jobs. He'll allow you to talk with his dad, Mr. Wright.

Once you're in Wright's room, talk to him, and ask him for a job.
Offer to find what happened to Richard, Wright's deceased son, but
don't tell him about jet's addictive nature if you do have that dialogue
option. Ask if there are any leads. Go talk to Keith afterwards and ask
about Richard. He'll tell you about Richard's room. Afterwards, go to
Richard's room, which is to the northwest (but south to the room where the
woman [Mrs. Wright] is). Examine the shelf closest to the entrance, and
you'll find an empty jet canister. You'll also receive some experience.
Leave the mansion, and head to 2nd Street.

When you're in 2nd Street, head south and talk to the man wearing
a red shirt. After he finishes talking to you, ask if he knows about
Wright's son getting posioned by jet. Show him the canister, and he'll tell
you that it has radscorpion poisioning in it. He'll tell you to talk to
Renesco and Jules. You'll get some experience for getting this tip. Head
to Renesco's pharmacy for now.

When you're there, talk to Renesco, and ask if he sold jet to Wright's
son. He'll say no, and then show him the canister and ask him if he knows
anything about the radscorpion venom in it. He'll say that the Salvatores
asked him to make jet loaded with radscorpion venom. You'll get some
experience. Head to the Wright Mansion.

Once you're there, talk to Orville Wright, and tell him that his son
was poisoned. Tell him that the jet was used as a cover, and then tell
him that the Salvatores did that so that the Wright family and the Mordino
family would attempt to kill each other. Afterwards, tell him that you've
killed the Salvatores, and then he'll give you a new quest: To find the
Sierra Army Depot and to go in there. Leave New Reno, and head to the Sierra
Army Depot. You don't need to bring the car there.

Rough Map

Base Electricity Terminal

Notable Areas
1) The Sierra Base

Notable Characters
1) SkyNet, the security control computer and the NPC
2) Private Dobbs, the stored cadaver

1) Kill the robotic guards guarding the base.
2) Disable the main power.
3) Find a way into the army base. Optionally raid the base.
(Raiding isn't covered in this FAQ, BTW)
4) Get SkyNet, the robotic NPC.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Kill the robot guards: 1400 kxp
- Disable the security on the first flooor: 200 xp
- Disable the shock plates on the secondd floor: 200 xp
- Install the brain in Skynet: 500 xp
- Kill the robotic guards in the first llevel: 2300 kxp

Sierra Army Depot is chock full of a lot of good stuff that you can get
your hands on. Unfortunately, it is also heavily guarded.

When you go in the depot, take out all of the robotic guns using the
super sledgehammer or the combat shotgun. You'll get a good bit of
experience. There are also heaps of corpses by the base; one near the
west has a sniper rifle nearby.

* GUN Information: Sniper Rifle
The Sniper Rifle has good damage ratings, excellent penetration, and
extreme range at high accuracy. It uses .223 rounds with a six ammo
magazine. The only drawbacks are that it has a fairly high action point
cost: 7 action points for an aimed shot. It's a really good small arm that
has no peer in sniping (until you get the M72).

To get inside the base, go to the west, and use the traps skill on the locked
door that leads to the bunker. Alternatively, you can just attempt to open
it and lose a lot of hit points in the process. To open the door, use the
MKII Electronic Lockpicks that you found at Navarro. After you've opened the
door, go and take out the 75 mm shell in the ammo crate (it's a bit heavy at
40 pounds). There are also three small ammo crates; open them using the same
process that you used to open the door to the bunker (substitute the regular
lockpick set instead of the electronic lockpicks this time). The crates contain
some frag grenades and various types of ammo.

Leave the bunker, and go east to a building south of the power generators.
Again, you'll find that the entrance is heavily laden with traps. Use the
shell on the artillery, and fire it to blow a hole large enough to enter
in the base. If you search around the tool benches, you can find some flares,
stimpacks, a medkit, and a sledgehammer. After you blow the entrance, go
into the manhole near the power generators. Use the switch to knock power
down to 50% (it disables some security features). Enter the base afterwards.

When you enter the base, access the computer, and then hack the computer
to crash the security program. You're now free to explore level one. Be sure
to pick up any extra ammo that you need and also get a combat armor. If you go
to the southeast, to the medical lab, you can get some stimpacks, some first
aid books, and an intelligence enhancement module. (The module can be used by
the Brotherhood's medical computer, which is located at the bunker that Matt
was guarding.) Also, there's this interesting item called Dixon's Eye; you
have to use it on the retinal scanner on Level 1 if you want to access the
other areas. It's only good if you want to explore the depths of the base.

If you did get Dixon's eye, go to the elevator and use it on the retinal
scanner. The elevator will open. Go to level 2, and use Dixon's eye (again)
on the retinal scanner there. If you want to explore, go to the southeast
and hack into the computer there. Be sure that you disable the shock plates.
Past the guarded area, there is some ammo, as well as some batons and some
armor. If you want, get the combat armor in order to get the implants.

There's also an NPC that you can get in the base. A robotic one at that,
too. It's name is Skynet. To get him, make sure that you have 150% Science
skill (a lot never hurts...I think the minimum is 127%). (The Science skill
is used to get the Cybernetic brain). Go to the third level, using Dixon's
eye, and go to the room towards the northeast. Find Clifton's eye, and go
back to the elevator. There is another retinal scanner to the left; use
Clifton's eye there. Go to the fourth floor. Once you're there, follow
the hall on the right-hand side and go to the northernmost room.

You'll be in the biomedical storage laboratory now. If you want to get a
Red Ryder LE BB gun, choose the retrieve option, and then retrieve a
cadaver. Private Dobbs will be taken out; he'll talk to you but then will
suddenly melt down. Access the computer again and choose the 'Retrieve' option.
Choose the brain (the best one available) and make the necessary adjustments
to retrieve the brain. If your Science skill is high enough, you will be able
to get the Cybernetic Brain, which is a must if you want a good NPC. After
you've gotten the brain, go back to the third level, and go to the northwest
room (it has a robotic body in a nearby storage room). Go to the storage room
and scout around the medical table. There should be some bio-med gel. Pick it
up and use it on the robotic body. Also, use the brain on the robotic body.
After you're done, save the game, and head back to the first level.

Once you're back in the first level, go and use the retinal scanner without
the eyes. The security system will be activated and robots will come and
attack you. Kill the robots and get a motivation device from the robots
that look like they have a brain. After you've gotten the motivation device,
use Dixon's eye to gain access again and go to the third level. Go back
to where the robot body was, and install the motivation unit. Go to the
console next to the robot and activate SkyNet. After Skynet has been
activated, the robot will deactivate all security measures in the third
level (and successive levels of the base if you take it there).

* NPC Info: Skynet
Skynet is the most powerful robotic NPC in the game. He's pretty good
at science skills and also is about as good as Cassidy when it comes to
small arms. In addition to that, this guy can heal itself in one shot.
It can't use armor, but then again, its exterior skin is about as strong
as Metal Armor. You can also modify its combat options to whatever setting
you wish (except for the drugs part).

Anyways, you've done enough for now. Go to the stables in New Reno.

NEW RENO (The Stables...again)
Notable Areas
1) See above section

Notable Characters
1) See above section

1) Kill everyone in the stables except for the slaves and Myron.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Kill the Mordinos in the Stables: 23000 kxp
- Become a Made Man for the Wrights: 10000 xp, hook-ups at the weapon
store and Cat's Paw
- Defeat your first challenger in the riing: 500 xp
- " " second " " " " : 750 xp
- " " third " " " " : 1000 xp
- Become the New Reno boxing champion: 22500 xp
- Become a porn star: 1500 xp
- Sell Eldridge the Laser Pistol: 500 xpp, $1500

Go in the Stables, and kill everyone there. Be sure that you get the extra
cash, etc. After you kill them, enter New Reno through the East Side. Go to
the Wright mansion, and tell Orville that you've finished his quests. He'll ask
if you can become a Wright Made Man. Accept his offer, and then go and become a
Made Man. Now it's time to become a boxer and a porn star. Note that the two
require specific primary skill requirements -- if you've got Power Armor and
decent endurance, then you'll have no problem getting into the boxing ring.
In order to become a porn star, you'll need 8 strength, 8 endurance, 8 charisma,
and (I think) 8 agility.

To become a boxer, go to 2nd street, and go to the Jungle Gym. Talk to Stuart,
the little guy standing in front of the ring. Tell him that you want to become
a boxer, and he'll register you and give you boxing gloves. You also get to
pick your own name as well. Pretty much, just try to knock out all of the boxers.
You'll also get to win a good bit of money as well. Now, you're going to become
a porn star.

To become a porn star, take some Buffouts if your Endurance is less than
six. Afterwards, talk to the Corsican Brother, and ask for some jobs. He'll
give you a job offer, and then tell him the price of your movies. Choose
your name afterwards, and then you'll become a star...a big, bright, shining
star. (I love the way the game puts it...) You'll also receive some experience

Go to Virgin Street (or wherever you left your car), and pick up one of the
laser pistols from your trunk. Go to New Reno Arms in the commercial row
in the late morning, and sell Eldridge your pistol for about $1500 and some
experience. If you didn't get a Voice Recognition Module from the Vault City
Vault, you can buy one from Eldridge for $1500 (choose the dialogue about
the special item).

Now, leave for Broken Hills to install the air purifier.

Notable Areas
1) See above listing for Broken Hills

Notable Characters
1) See above listing for Broken Hills

1) Fix the mine's air purifier.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Fix the air purifier: 1500 xp, Combat Shotgun
- Kill the critters in the mine: 1440 kxxp
- Find the secret chamber in the mine: 11000 xp
- Uncover the "obscure reference to pop culture": 500 xp

Enter Broken Hills, and go straight to the mine to fix the air purifier.
Be sure to tell Zaius that you have the purifier to fix the mine. (Oh yes,
be sure to have the purifier with you too.) The mine contains posionous
gases, so you need to either have Power Armor, Dermal Impact Armor, or
Salvatore's oxygen apparatus with you. Since you have Power Armor, everything
will be okay.

Go in and kill all of the critters in the mine. The purifier is in the
northeastern section of the mine. Simply use the parts there to fix the
air purifier. After you've fixed it, talk to Zaius to get your reward. Also,
if you want, Marcus can join you as an NPC.

Also, in the mine, if you go directly to the east and through the wall, you
will meet this airplane pilot. When you go there, the pilot will wake up.
Ask him who is he, and he'll leave afterwards. You'll get a good bit of
experience for finding him.

* NPC Information: Marcus
Marcus is the strong Super Mutant from Broken Hills (he is also the mayor
of the town). Marcus is a good shot with any big gun and can also use
power fists and other unarmed weapons. He is extremely deadly with the
Pulse Rifle - which is also in the Brotherhood bunker. The bad thing is
that he can't wear armor. He has lots of hit points, but the fact that he
can't wear armor hurts him in the end game.

Head for Vault City. Leave the car there, and walk by foot towards the
Raider Base. There is a bug which can (and probably will) make the car
permanantly dissapear.

Rough Map

/ - ladder
Cave -- Raider camp
Radscorpion lair (trap)

Notable Areas
1) Entrance to the camp
2) The Raider camp
3) Raider camp exitway

Notable Characters
1) "Shadow Who Walks" (part of a removed quest)
2) Raider Leaders (clad in combat armor)
- Raiders
- Radscorpions

1) Enter the camp WITHOUT YOUR CAR (if you have it).
2) Descend down the ladder to find the camp.
3) Kill all of the raiders.
4) Find the three dog tags and open up the safe. Get the account books.
5) Leave the base through the left - watch out for various traps that
can lead you to the radscorpion lair.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Find the raider base: 500 xp
- Kill the raiders: 1950 kxp
- Kill the radscorpions: 3030 kxp
- Break the raider's strength: 2000 xp

This is the secret Raider hideout. It is heavily guarded and is laden
with traps. Be sure to leave your car in a nearby area (Broken Hills
or Vault City) as there is a bug which will cause your car to permanantly

When you enter the raider camp, descend down the ladder and then kill
all of the raiders. It's pretty easy, especially with powered armor.

Your main goal should be to open the locked safe to the northeast. You need
to find three dog tags, which are in footlockers and in lockers. Search
the lone (foot)lockers near the beds to get the dog tags. The lockers can
be a bit difficult to open (I tried it successfully with 60% lockpick
skill and the extended lockpick set). Get the dog tags and the money. After
you have all three tags, open the safe (choose the option for opening the
safe using the numbers on the tags). When you open it, be sure to take the
account book. Take anything else that you might need from it as well.

Exit the raider camp to the left. The exit is heavily trapped and also is
blocked by two locked doors. After you've gone through the camp, you'll be
in a cave that is heavily trapped. Either run through the left or go a bit
to the north (towards the manhole with a ladder) and then towards the left.
If you descend down the ladder, you can find lots of radscorpions. Also,
you can find a few items hidden in some bones (check the southern areas
of the caves). Leave the camp for Vault City.

VAULT CITY (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above section for Vault City

Notable Characters
1) See above section for Vault City

1) Tell Sark that you've killed the raiders.
2) Talk to Dr. Troy about the jet antidote (if you didn't sell him jet),
or if you've sold him the jet, pick it up if he has made it. Otherwise
talk to him about the antidote.
3) Bring the account books and Bishop's holodisc to Lynette. Also, tell
her that you've wiped them out.
4) Give the jet antidote to Painless Doc Johnson in Redding.
5) Head to NCR afterwards.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Notify Lynette that you've killed the Raiders: 1000 xp. $1000
- Prove to Lynette that Bishop hired thee Raiders: 2500 xp
- Deliver the jet antidote to Painless DDoc Johnson (in Redding): 2500 xp

Enter the downtown area in Vault City, and begin by either informing Dr.
Troy about the jet antidote or picking it up. After that's done, go tell
Sark that the raiders have been killed (ask him what he does, ask about
raiders afterwards, and then keep pressing him for a job and then tell him
that you've killed them). He'll tell you to tell Lynette about that.

Go to the Central Council, and talk to Lynette. Tell her that you've
killed the raiders, and then tell her that Bishop and the NCR were behind
the conspiracy to force Vault City to join the NCR (New California
Republic). Accept the quest to tell Westin about the raiders. Save the
game and leave for NCR. If you did get the jet antidote, make a quick trip
to Redding and give it to Painless Doc Johnson for some experience. Ask if
he can answer some questions, and then tell him about the jet antidote.

NCR (New California Republic)
Rough Map

Westin's - Downtown
Ranch |
Notable Areas
1) Bazaar
- Buster's Weapon Shop
- Slave Pen
- Rawhide Bar & Saloon
- Junkyard
2) Downtown
- Gun Store
- Sheriff's office
- Repair Shop
- NCR Rangers' Office
- Small Bar
3) Government Complex
- President's and Vice President's Offices
4) Westin's Ranch

Notable Characters
1) Doofus, he can watch your car
2) Buster, he sells good weapons at absurdly high prices
3) Ratch, he runs the junkyard
4) Mira, she operates the Rawhide saloon
5) Merk, a gangster
6) Lenny, a barfly who is also a super mutant
7) Sheriff Dumont, he's the head of the NCR Police
8) Deputy Karl, a junior member of the police (he can tell you about the
9) Felix, the ranch foreman
10) Westin, he runs the ranch
11) Dr. Henry, he can give you the mutagenic serum
12) Dorothy, she runs NCR's power plant
13) Toto, Dorothy's robotic assistant
14) Jack, the crazed cop who wants to blow up the power plant
15) Vortis, he owns the slave pen
16) Elise, she heads the NCR Rangers
17) Gond, a member of the Rangers (he's a super-mutant)
18) Feargus, a member of the council and a spy for another band of raiders
19) Gunther, President Tandi's aide
20) President Tandi, leader of the NCR
- Police Officers
- NCR citizens
- Slavers and Slaves (in bazaar)

1) Get the supercharger (blower) enhancement for the car, if you want to.
2) Help Westin take care of the Brahmin. Also, expose the conspiracy
between NCR and New Reno.
3) Get the mutagenic serum from Dr. Henry and test it on Lenny.
4) Talk Jack out of blowing the power plant.
5) Offer to kill Vortis and his fellow slavers for the Rangers. Also, be
sure to free the slaves.
6) Inject the serum into Lenny. Kill Merk and Mira if they do decide to
attack you.
7) Offer to find the computer parts for President Tandi.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Guard the brahmin: 1000 xp, $200
- Tell Westin about the NCR-New Reno connspiracy: 2000 xp
- Talk Jack out of blowing the power plaant: 6000 xp, books
- Inject the serum into Lenny: 1000 xp, Robo-dog
- Kill the slavers: 1595 kxp
- Join the NCR Rangers: 3000 xp

The former Shady Sands, the present-day NCR holds little in common
with its older incarnation. It constantly seeks to increase its
influence and territory in the Fallout world.

When you enter NCR, rest until the morning (the city is closed until
morning; if you have high charisma and karma, you can enter the city at
night). There should be a man walking around by your car; if you want, you
can ask him to guard your car for $5. It's a really low amount of money for
your piece of mind (however, I doubt that he really does watch it). Also,
holster your weapons (tell your NPC's to do the same). NCR is a fine
example of a Police State.

If you go to the northeast, there should be a junkyard with a robed figure
standing next to several junky cars. You can talk to Ratch (he's the man
in the robes), and you can also ask him to upgrade your car (a blower) for
$1000. The blower (actually a supercharger) can make your car go somewhat
faster. Enter the city for now.

When you're there, go to the south, and take a left in the first
intersection that you see. Talk to the police officer standing next to the
intersection (he's Sheriff Dumont; "graying hair" is in his discription).
Ask him for work to do, and he'll give you some jobs that are available to

Go to the west until you reach an electronic gate with a cop standing
behind it. Talk to the cop, and tell him that you have business to conduct
with Westin about Vault City. He'll let you in. Once you're in the ranch,
talk to Felix, and tell him that Sheriff Dumont told you to come in for
some jobs. He'll allow you to come and talk to Westin. Once you're there,
tell Winston that you're here for a job and that the Sheriff told you to
come and talk to him about it personally. He'll tell you to watch his
brahmin. Accept it, and then talk to Felix for he will direct you to the
brahmin's grazing area. A few talking deathclaws will come, but will leave
once they see you.

If you do take the job, a few talking Deathclaws will come. When
they see you, they will leave. It's a particularly easy quest to do. You'll
get $200 and some experience. Before you leave, talk to him again, and tell
him about the NCR-New Reno conspiracy. Leave the ranch to get some more
work within NCR.

When you get back, go to the east, and enter the small building that is
next to the intersection (southwest corner, actually), and talk to the man
in the lab coat. Tell him that you are the Chosen One, and ask him about
Cyber-Genetics. He'll describe the field for you, and then he'll ask you to
inject some serum into a super mutant. Accept it, and then put the serum in
Lenny. Save this for later. Oh yes, save the game for the next part.

If you go further to the east, you'll see a woman standing next to a
robot. Talk to the woman, and she'll mention that Jack (a cop) wants to
blow up the power plant. Tell her to lead you to the plant. Once you get
there, immediately talk to Jack. The conversation path is somewhat
difficult, so here it is: (I did this with 9 Intelligence; it might work
with 7 -- also, some of the text is modified slightly)

- OFJ (Officer Jack): Stay back! I've goot a bomb!
- You: Don't do it...there's always a beetter solution.
- OFJ: Yeah, sure...what would you know about this?
- You: Nothing. I don't know crap about your problems. You should tell me.
- OFJ: What is this - some kind of a triick? ...
- You: Who wants to kill you?
- OFJ: That damn bitch Mira...she wants to kill me.
- You: Who the hell's Mira?
- OFJ: Like I said, my ex...she's still trying to screw me.
- You: Whoa...that's unfair.
- OFJ: No kidding. Now folks are going tto listen to me.
- You: Look. Think this through. Blow upp this place...She wins, you lose.
- OFJ: You really think so?
- You: Yes, Jack. It is true.
- OFJ: I don't know.
- You: Now's your big chance. Stand her down.
- OFJ: You're right...this wasn't the grreatest plan anyway...

Afterwards, you'll receive a lot of experience and get some books as well.
Now, head for the NCR Rangers building, which is directly to the south of
the power plant (the building where you first saw Dorothy and Toto; they
were standing outside).

When you enter the building, go talk to the woman clad in combat armor.
Ask her what she does, and then tell her that you think slavers are the
scum of the earth. Tell her that you want to join, and she'll tell you to
free the slaves held up in the slave pen in the bazaar. Accept the quest.
Also, if you go to the right and examine the table, you can get a map which
you can sell for $500. Save, and head for the bazaar.

Once you're there, put the serum in your active item slot. Go to the bar,
and inject the serum into Lenny. Also, if Merk is hiding out there, you'll
enter combat mode. Kill Merk. Mira also might join the fight as well; kill
her if she does. Head for the slave pen now. Once you're there, talk to
the man wearing a cap. Offer to find him the NCR Rangers map for $500 (this
is strictly optional, mind you...also, you won't get negative karma for
doing that). After you get the payment, you can talk to the man wearing the
metal armor for some information. Afterwards, kill all of the slavers. Head
back for the NCR Rangers office.

Once you're back in the NCR Rangers office, talk to Elise, and tell her
that you've freed the slaves. You'll get some experience. If you want the
robo-dog as your NPC, go back to the building with the man in the lab coat.
Tell him that the serum killed the mutant, and he'll give you the cyberdog.
If you want the dog, talk to it and it'll follow you.

* NPC Information: Robo-Dog
The robo dog isn't that great, and I've never tried it out. It's not
really worth having in your NPC slot when there are better NPC's out

Go to the council hall, which is to the south. Once you're there, enter the
building that is towards the right of the statue. Talk to the man wearing
the cap, and tell him that you're here to see Tandi because of a job. (If
you don't get the choice, you can talk to Sheriff Dumont and ask him for
some honest work). Once you're in the building, talk to the man wearing the
suit, and tell him that you're here to see Tandi. He'll allow you to go

Go and talk to Tandi (she's in the building a bit towards the north). Tell
her that you have a way with words, and offer to find her the computer
parts in Vault 15. You can optionally ask her some questions to familiarize
yourself with NCR and its surrounding areas. Leave NCR for Vault 15. Also,
if you're getting the supercharger enhancement, talk to the junkyard man
before you leave.

Rough Map

Squat ---- Vault Entrance

Notable Areas
1) The Squat
2) Vault 15

Notable Characters
1) Rebecca, a squatter whose daughter has been kidnapped
2) Zeke, the leader of the squatters
3) Darion, the leader of the Khan Raiders (they've taken refuge in
Vault 15)
4) Chrissy, Rebecca's daughter who has been kidnapped by the raiders
5) Dalia, a squatter who is standing guard
6) Doc Jones, he's Darion's personal physician who is also being held
prisoner by the raiders
- Squatters
- Raiders

1) Offer to find Chrissy for Rebecca.
2) Kill the raiders who are holding Chrissy hostage.
3) Make an offer with Zeke so that NCR can annex the Squat. In return,
offer to kill the raiders who are currently living inside Vault 15.
4) Find the electronic parts in Vault 15. Also, be sure to raid it - there
are lots of useful weapons and items in there. Fix the generator in
the second level for some experience.
5) Access the computer in the Vault Library (third floor) to find Vault 13.
6) Disable the forcefield from the third level (if you've fixed the
generator), and access Darion's computer.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Kill the raiders that are holding Chrissy hostage: 510 kxp
- Return Chrissy safely to Rebecca: 2500 xp
- Fix the generator: 3000 xp
- Kill Darion: 6000 xp
- Kill the raiders in the third level: 22350 kxp
- Kill the raiders in the second level: 1800 kxp
- Kill the raiders in the first level: 11350 kxp

The Vault 15 area is home to a few squatters who rely on Darian, the
Vault 15 raider leader, for support. Darian is the only surviving
Khan Raider; his followers have occupied and renovated the vault.
NCR seeks to annex it.

When you enter Vault 15, you'll enter in a small village known as the
Squat. Everybody there will refuse to talk to you except for one woman
whose daughter has been kidnapped. (She's towards the northeast from the
man who is wearing a blue shirt. Also, "older woman" is in her description.)
Talk to her, and tell her that you can go to a private location. Ask her
questions about the squatters, Vault 15, etc. and then ask her to tell you
her problem. Offer to find her daughter, and then leave for the northeast.

You'll find a guard on the way there. Her name is Dalia; tell her that a
young child's life is at stake. She'll allow you to go through.

Once you're in the east (the entrance to Vault 15), talk to the gun guards
and kill both of them. Take the key from the corpse of the male guard and
open the door where Chrissy is being held. Rescue her, and go back to the
Squat. When you're back in the squat, talk to Rebecca (Chrissy's mom).
(She's inside the tent.) Rebecca will talk to Chrissy, and then will give
you and Zeke the inside scoop of Darion. She'll send you to talk with Zeke.
Zeke is in the building towards the northeast.

When you talk to Zeke, ask him what he intends to do with the raiders.
Make him an offer to join the NCR, and then tell him the deal's advantages.
He'll agree, and then he'll give you a new quest: kill the raiders that are
living inside Vault 15. Also, ask him where is Vault 15 so that he can give
you a red key card which can open the door that leads to the vault. Save
the game and head there.

Once you're in the entrance of Vault 15, use the keycard on the elevator
door. Enter the vault. When you enter it, a raider will immediately spot
you and will start talking to you. Tell her that you're new here and that
your name is Pat. She'll believe you. Go in the first floor through the
entrance in the cavern, and then go to the doctor if you need healing.
You can also get some information about Darion from the doctor. Head for
the second floor and raid it; do the same for the third. In the second
level, towards the left, there is a broken generator. First, use the
science skill on it to find the problem, and the use the repair skill to
repair the generator for a lot of experience. Also, there's a room to the
north which contains a .223 Pistol, some ammo, and some stimpacks. Be sure
that you get the pistol.

* GUN Information: .223 Pistol
This is the second most powerful pistol in the game (second to the PPK12
Gauss Pistol) and is ranked 4th out of all small arms for raw damage. It
is an extremely powerful weapon with really good penetration. Its only
drawbacks include low range/poor accuracy (common to most pistols) and
a five-round magazine. Like its name suggests, this weapon uses the .223
FMJ round.

The computer parts for NCR are in the storage shed of Level 3 (it's in one
of the rusty lockers towards the south). There should be a super stimpack
in one of the lockers as well. If you go to the library (the room to the
left; it has a good computer), you can access the working computer to find
the location of Vault 13. If you've restored power, there will be another
computer in the room towards the right of the library that you'll need to
access. Use it to disable the force fields in the 1st level. Save the game.
Kill the raiders in the third level. After you've killed them, access the
computer in Darion's chamber using the science skill. You will find out
that one of the congressmen in NCR is a spy working for Darion. Also, on
a corpse of one of the raiders (the one guarding the room next to the
library) is an H&K P90c, one of the best burst-mode weapons available.

* GUN Information: H&K P90c
The P90c is an awesome sub-machine gun that dishes out good damage using
the common and cheap 10mm round. It does decent damage because of the
12-round burst mode and also because of the 10mm's size. With the right
perks and traits, you can use burst mode three times per turn (fast shot,
1x action boy, and bonus rate of fire). It stands second to the superior
H&K G11 series SMGs. It has a 24-round magazine, but middling range.

Also, this particular SMG is loaded with 9mm ammo, but you have to reload
it with 10mm ammo. You can shoot with the 9mm rounds while they're still
in the gun.

Go in the second level, and do the same, killing all the raiders. Do the
same for the first level. After you've killed the raiders, leave the vault
via the ladder, and then tell Zeke that you've killed the raiders. He'll
send a courier to NCR so that the group can join the Republic. Leave for

NCR (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above section for NCR

Notable Characters
1) See above section for NCR

1) Tell Tandi about the Vault 15 situation and also about the NCR spy.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Retrieve the computer parts and allow Vault 15 to be annexed by the
NCR: 5000 xp, $6000
- Tell Gunther that Feargus is a spy: 40000 xp, $4000

Enter NCR unarmed and in the council area. Go speak with Gunther and tell
him that you're ready to report on the situation of Vault 15. Afterwards,
go and speak with Tandi. Tell her that you have the parts and that the
Squatters are willing to negotiate with Tandi to join the NCR. Also, tell
her about the spy in the NCR congress. Be sure to pick up your reward from
Gunther. Now, it's time to go to Vault City.

VAULT CITY (yet again)
Notable Areas
1) See above section for Vault City

Notable Characters
1) See above section for Vault City

1) Tell Sark that you've scouted the route to NCR.
2) Deliver Westin's holodisc to Lynette.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Tell Sark that you've scouted out NCR:: 750 xp, $500, Motion Sensor
- Deliver the holodisc to Lynette: 1500 xp, H&K G11, two frag grenades

When you enter Vault City, go to the Corrections Center and speak with
Sark. Ask him for some recon work, and then tell him that you've scouted
the route to NCR. Afterwards, go to the City Council and tell Lynette that
you've delivered the holodisc to Westin. Give her the holodisc that Westin
gave you, and she'll direct you to Randal for the reward. Save the game.
You'll be heading for Vault 13 next.

Notable Areas
1) Cavern
2) First Level (medical building)
3) Second Level (living quarters)
4) Third Level (computer systems, hatchery)

Notable Characters
1) Gruthar, leader of the talking Deathclaws
2) Joseph, the resident physician
3) Matt, a prisoner (he broke in the hatchery)
4) Valdis, he guards the entryway to the hatchery and mainframe
5) Kerith, the deathclaw mother
6) Jim, he has been hired to fix the computer
- Deathclaws
- Humans

1) Enter the Vault with the voice recognition module. If you don't have it,
either search for it in Vault City (it's covered in the above sections)
or buy it from Eldridge for $1500.
2) Fix the computer using the recognition module on the third floor.
3) Get the Navigation Computer parts.
4) Get the G.E.C.K. for Arroyo.

Quest Experience/Reward Table
- Enter Vault 13: 2000 xp, Arroyo is capptured*
- Help Gunthar fix the computer: 5000 xpp , G.E.C.K. (if you didn't take it
- Get the G.E.C.K.: 4000 xp

Vault 13 is home to the G.E.C.K., the item that your village needs. It is
also home to a group of talking deathclaws. The deathclaws can mimick
human speech and are highly intelligent, but are just as good in combat as
their less-intelligent kin.

when you get there, use the computer to open the door, and then enter Vault 13.

When you're in the vault, open the door and talk to the deathclaw standing
ahead of you. Talk to him, and ask him about the local brahmin raids. He
will apologize, and then will ask you to fix their computer (it cannot
understand voice commands) so that their raids will stop. Offer to fix it
for him. If you're hurt, then go talk to the doctor in the medical
facility. There's not much to do in the second floor.

If you go to the third floor, you can meet Dalia again and another lady.
The mainframe terminal (the one which you have to repair) is in this room,
as is the G.E.C.K. and the Navigation Computer parts. If you go to the left
and into the library, you can pick up another NPC by the name of Goris.

* NPC Information: Goris
Goris is a formidable NPC. Even if he cannot wear armor, his tough skin
is equivalent to combat armor or so. He also can't use weapons, but he
can get about 40 hit points of damage with his claw. The bad thing is
that he leaves you in two weeks because he fears his pack is in trouble.
He's a good addition to have within that timeframe. But after he leaves,
you can go back to Vault 13 to recruit him again.*

Now it's time to fix the computer. Go to the right, and examine the
terminal next to the mainframe. Open it up, and then install the voice
module. Also, go in the storage shed (the room with lockers) and use the
lockpicks to open the locker on the right wall that is closest to the
south. It contains the Navigation Computer parts. If you want, you can get
the G.E.C.K. (it's in the locker on the northern wall, towards the left),
but Gunthar will give it to you if you fix the computer. If you go and look
at the other lockers, you will find some medical equipment, but that's it.
Head for the first level, and tell Gunthar that you have fixed the
computer. You will receive lots of experience, plus the G.E.C.K. Leave for
Arroyo for a massive suprise.

* When you enter Vault 13, the Enclave will come and take away the village
dwellers of Arroyo. The sole survivor will be Hakunin, and he'll give you
the location of Navarro (you already have it). If you've spoken with
Goris, you can get a good bit of information about the Enclave and what
they have done. In fact, that group is the remenant of the U.S.
Government and it has regulated the construction of the Vaults.

Also, the Enclave will come (again) into Vault 13 two weeks from the day you
enter it. Of course, the group will kill everybody except for Goris. Even if
you defeat the Enclave within the two-week period, they will still come. If you
do enter the vault after the deathclaws are dead but before the Enclave is destroyed,
you will get a bad ending for Vault 13 (as opposed to no ending at all).

If you want to recruit Goris again, speak with Goris - he'll tell you to see
the video showing the encounter between Horrigan and Gruthar. After you see
it, Goris will join you again.

ARROYO (again)
Notable Areas
1) See above section for Arroyo.

Notable Characters
1) See above section for Arroyo.

1) Talk to Hakunin once you arrive.

When you enter Arroyo, Hakunin will immediately start to talk with you.
It turns out that the same group (the Enclave) that took the Vault 13
citizens to the island military base have done the same for Arroyo.

Hakunin will mention that the tribesmen have been taken to Navarro, a
satellite Enclave base. (They were there for a brief amount of time before
being sent to the main Enclave base in the Pacific Ocean.) You've already
been there to get the powered armor and the Vertibird plans.

If you want to get a lot of experience points, go to the Military Base,
which is sandwiched between San Francisco and Vault 13. Yep, it's the same
military base where the vats were in the original Fallout, except this time
it has been destroyed. The Enclave went there to get the remaining amounts
of the FEV virus. If you want to skip the military base, go to San
Francisco. The Military Base will be covered next.

Notable Areas
1) Outside of the Military Base (tents)
2) The Military Base
- Level 1 (entrance)
- Level 2 (armory/med lab)
- Level 3 (holding area)
- Level 4 (F.E.V vats)

Notable Characters
1) Grundel, the first Super Mutant who you will face
2) Melchoir, the final Super Mutant who you will face (he can throw
random critters at you, the toughest being the deathclaws)
- Radiated Rats
- Super Mutants
- Super Duper Mutants
- Melchoir's Pets (deathclaws, fire gecckos, nasty floaters without
poisoning ability, mutated mole rats)
- Dead Enclave troopers

1) Kill the dogs when you enter the base. Wait until a dog attacks.
2) Enter the military base.
3) Kill everything in the base. Be sure to raid it.
4) Repair the generator in the first level (needed to operate the lights
and the elevator).

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Kill the dogs that are lurking outsidee: 660 kxp
- Open the Military Base: 5000 xp
- Fix the generator in the first level: 1500 xp
- Kill all of the enemies in the first llevel: 1320 kxp
- " " " " " " " second " : 6250 kxp
- " " " " " " " third " : 4365 kxp
- Kill Melchoir and all of his pets in tthe fourth level: 11565 kxp

This is the ruins of the old Military Base in the original Fallout. It has
been destroyed twice, once by your character's ancestor and again by the

In the beginning, you will be surrounded by several wolves. Kill them using
your melee weapons. Afterwards, scout the tents, and be sure to read the map
of San Francisco if you don't know where it is. You'll find some energy cells
and some rockets. You can also get a holodisc from one of the footlockers in
one of the tents; there are five of them and are scattered throughout the base.
The discs will tell you how the Enclave obtained the F.E.V.

To enter the base, walk up to the mine cart, and towards the south, you'll see
a pole. Pick up the pole (it's pretty heavy) and place it on the cart. Go to
the north and enter the shack there (you'll need to pick the lock to enter it).
Take one stick of dynamite and place it on the cart without setting the timer.
Push the cart to blow up the pile of rocks in order to create an entrance to
the base. Enter it.

When you enter the base, you'll see two corpses of Enclave troopers. If you
examine them, you can find some plasma grenades, melee energy weapons, radios,
and a holodisc on one of them. Head towards the left and kill all of the rats
that you see there. Also, fix the generator using a combination of the Science
and Repair skills for some experience.

Be sure to explore the depths of the first level and be sure to kill every
critter that you can find. After you're done, head to the second level. The second
level is a lot like the first, except that all of the enemies are super mutants
weilding heavy weaponry. You should be able to take them out with ease, especially
if you have the powered armor from Navarro. If you scout around, you can find
several energy weapons, lots of health equipment (including six super stimpacks),
and even a suit of the standard T-51b powered armor. This suit is older and isn't
as good as the one that you should be wearing. If you don't have powered armor yet,
be sure to put this suit on. Also, examine the corpses of the Enclave troopers to
get some more grenades as well as the holodisc.

Go to the third level, and kill all of the super mutants there, and examine the
corpses of the Enclave troopers. Again, you'll find the same thing. The mutants
in the third level are a bit tougher than the previous ones that you've faced,
particularly in that they have energy weapons rather than conventional weapons.
After you've killed the final batch of mutants, head to the fourth level, and
save the game.

The fourth level will be the one of the hardest levels in the game, not to
mention the military base itself. Melchoir guards this part of the military
base. He's surrounded by the remains of the F.E.V virus (I think), and can
throw grenades which evolve into deathclaws, fire geckos, floaters, and
mutated molerats. If you want a quick victory, kill Melchoir immediately using
your most powerful weapon. Otherwise, start killing his critters until he runs
out to maximize your experience points.

The footlocker holds the PPK12 Gauss Pistol, an extremely powerful firearm, as
well as a holodisc (the latter item could be in Melchoir's corpse, I don't
remember). Get the gun and leave the base for Navarro.

* GUN Information: PPK12 Gauss Pistol
The Gauss Pistol is the most powerful pistol in the game and has
penetration equal to that of the more powerful pulse-based weapons. The
only drawback is the relative scarcity of 2mm EC ammo in the Fallout 2
world (save for the Enclave main base). It can do about two times the
damage that the .223 pistol can muster, and is an excellent weapon for
killing literally anything. The extremely powerful M72 is the only small
arm that is more powerful than this weapon.

NAVARRO (again - but covered in a completely different way above)
Notable Areas
1) The Gas Station
2) Military Installation
3) Underground Base

Notable Characters
1) Chris, the gas station attendant (you might have killed him)
2) Raul, Vertibird mechanic
3) Quincy, mechanic
4) Sergeant Granit, he controls the guard activities
5) Base Commander, she is in charge of the base
6) Dr. Schreber, the base medic (he cannot heal you)
7) Cookie, the Navarro cook (good source for gossip)
8) K-9, a robotic NPC that is a dog
9) Xarn, a deathclaw who is about to be terminated by the Enclave.
- Enclave troopers (powered armor)
- Enclave troopers (combat armor)
- Mechanics
- Scientists and Technicians

1) Kill Chris if you haven't done so.
2) Don't worry about the vertibird plans; if you followed the walkthrough
up until this point, you should have them. Check the above section if
you still haven't gotten them.
3) Get the FOB from the base commander.
4) Save Xarn the deathclaw. Alternatively, you can kill him for a bit
more experience than what you would get for saving him. Or you can do
5) Fix K-9.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Kill Chris: 1500 xp
- Kill Chris: 300 kxp
- Retrieve the Vertibird plans: 3500 xp
- Retrieve the Tanker FOB: 3500 xp
- Kill Doctor Schreber: 1000 xp
- Kill Doctor Schreber: 125 kxp
- Save Xarn: 1500 xp
- Kill Xarn: 500 xp
- Kill Xarn: 1200 kxp

If you have followed this walkthrough so far, you should know the procedure
on how to enter Navarro. Navarro is heavily guarded by several Enclave
guards clad in powered armor. There are four ways into the heavily-guarded
base. Also, if you have NPC's, you should leave them in the entrance of
the base, but if they're wearing Power Armor, then they can tag along
with you (the grunts there will think that they are Enclave troopers).

The first entrance is in the old gas station. To enter Navarro from there,
you have to kill Chris, the gas station attendant. The entrance leads to
the subterranean portion of the Navarro complex. The second entrance is
located to the west, and you'll have to enter an air vent to access that
area. Also, a blue pass key is needed for the door to open (it can be found
in the Gecko power plant). The third method requires you to go talk to Matt,
the Brotherhood of Steel member in San Francisco. Tell Matt that you would
like to find the vertibird plans, and then ask him how to go about infiltrating
the base. After you've done that, talk to Chris, and ask if you can join the
Enclave. He'll give you the password, Sheepshead, which you'll have to give
to the gate guard. The last option, of course, is to enter the base through
the front and assault it. After you've gotten the password from Chris, be
sure to kill him in one turn.

The primary objectives in this area are to acquire the vertibird plans as
well as a key fob. To get the vertibird plans, go to the above-ground part
of the base, and start asking Navarro technicians about the Vertibird plans.
After you've received information about their whereabouts, go to the right
maintenance wing (the one with the diesel truck in front of it). Talk to
Quincy (the mechanic) by the lockers. Ask if you can see the plans, and
then tell him that Raul sent you. He'll get angry, but will allow you to
look at the plans and, as an added bonus, all of the other items in the
rest of the lockers. If he bugs you about authorization, use the 'Sneak'
skill and lockpick the lockers to obtain their contents. After you've
retrieved the plans, make way to the left maintenance wing (the one with
the vertibird parked in front). Talk to Raul, the mechanic there, and tell
him the incriminating stuff that Quincy has mentioned. Raul will go and
beat up Quincy, and you're free to examine the loot stashed within the
lockers here. You may already have found the vertibird plans if you've followed
the walkthrough to get the Advanced Power Armor.

To retrieve the key fob, go and talk to Cookie, the cook in the mess area
(it's a building a bit to the left of the road). Ask him about the base, and
also, how to go to the Enclave area. He'll mention something about a FOB.
Go to the subterranean portion of the base, and there should be a hallway
leading to a room with the Base Commander in Power Armor. Talk to the
commander's guard, and tell him that you need to get the FOB for security
reasons. He'll let you in. Once you're in the room, talk to the Commander.
The Commander will tell you where the FOB is located. Retrieve it.

Finally, you can also save or kill (or even both) Xarn, a deathclaw. He's
one of the intelligent deathclaws belongs to the same species as his
bretheren in Vault 13. Go to the base medical lab, which is located to the
southwest of the underground portion of the base. Talk to the doctor there,
and ask him about his profession, etc. After he mentions deathclaws, ask if
you can kill the one being held up in Navarro. He'll accept your offer.
Close the door to the medical lab (stay inside, though), and use a weapon
that can kill the doctor in one shot (he doesn't have armor and has 45 hit
points). After you kill him, examine his desk and take out the blue pass key
(if you have one from the nuclear plant in Gecko, you don't have to take it).
Enter the deathclaw chamber and tell the deathclaw that you'll free him (or
that you'll kill him). If you want to free him, use the key card on the
locked door. If you want to do both (at the expense of losing karma points),
open the locked door and then kill him. Alternatively, you can tell him that
you'll save him and then go on a killing spree in Navarro - the deathclaw
will join the fight with you, and he'll be on your side.

You probably have noticed a robo-dog in the medical lab. It should be disabled,
and it will need a motivator unit for it to work. The robo-dog is pretty much
the same as the other one in NCR, so you can pass this NPC up. But if you
do want it, go to the vertibird garage (overworld) and examine the lockers for
the motivation unit. There's an electric motor there also that looks similar
to the motivation unit, but it will not work. After you get the motivation
unit, use it on the robo-dog for some experience and a new NPC. Mind you, he's
the only NPC that can traverse Navarro base that doesn't have to wear Power
Armor. Save, and head for San Francisco.

Rough Map

Seaport /
| /
| /
Chinatown -- Shi Temple

Notable Areas
1) Chinatown
- Businesses (Flying Dragon 8; Dr. Fung's office)
- Boxing Ring
- The Dragon's and Lo Pan's training centers
2) Shi Temple
- Computer rooms
- Emperor's Throne Room
3) Hubologists
4) Seaport
- Oil Tanker

Notable Characters
1) The Dragon, one of the icons of the Shi
2) Lo Pan, another icon of the Shi
3) Dr. Fung, Chinatown's doctor
4) Lao Chou, owner of the Flying Dragon 8 store
5) Matt, the Brotherhood of Steel guard
6) Ken Lee, the Emperor's advisor
7) Dr. Wong Yi Tze, the Shi's leading researcher
8) AHS-7, the Hubologist who handles matters involving new recruits
9) AHS-9, the leader of the Hubologists
10) Juan Cruz and Vikki Goldman, two porn stars who are ardent believers
in Hubology
11) Chip, the tanker vagrant who sold his spleen
12) Badger, the vagrant who lost his girlfriend (also the resident computer
13) Marc, a vagrant who describes himself as "a resident smart-ass"
14) Suze, Badger's girlfriend
15) Captain Ron Meyers, a former Enclave technician, now captain of the
Poseidon oil tanker
- Shi
- Shi guards
- Hubologists
- Tanker vagrants

1) Help the Dragon kill Lo Pan.
2) Defeat Lo Pan's fighters (for experience) under the guise of helping him.
Then kill him in the ring.
3) If you haven't done so, give the vertibird plans to the Brotherhood.
4) Give the vertibird plans to the Shi.
5) Offer to kill the Hubologists for the Shi.
6) Get the Zeta-scan at the Hubologists, and then kill them.
7) Find Badger's girlfriend, and kill the creatures that infested the oil
8) Retrieve Chip's spleen.
9) Make the oil tanker suitable for travel (install the Navigation Computer
parts, transfer fuel).
10) Go to the Enclave base.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Defeat the Dragon's fighters: 8000 xp
- Defeat Lo Pan's fighters: 8000 xp
- Give the Vertibird plans to the Shi: 55000 xp
- Kill the Hubologists: 8300 kxp
- Kill AHS-9 for the Shi: 5000 xp
- Kill the critters in the underground llevel of the tanker: 10500 kxp
- Return Suze to Badger: 5000 xp
- Use the FOB to access the navigation ccomputer room: 2000 xp
- Fix the navigation computer: 2000 xp
- Convince Dr. Wong to return Chip's splleen: 2000 xp
- Direct fuel to the oil tanker: 5000 xpp
- Help Chip get his spleen replaced: 30000 xp

San Francisco is undergoing a new renaissance era. It's heavily populated
by the Shi people as well as religious fanatics. Here, you'll be
able to finally access the Enclave Oil Rig, the last destination your
character will face.

When you enter San Francisco, make your way to the north. You should see a
boxing ring. (When you enter San Francisco for the first time, you should
see two men fighting each other in a boxing ring. The barechested man is
the Dragon; the other is Lo Pan.) Go a bit to the right and then go to the
north, and enter the Dragon's training center. Talk to the Dragon, and ask
him who he was fighting. Then tell him that he must triumph, and then tell
him that you are the person capable of taking out Lo Pan. The Dragon will
offer you a test of skills, namely, defeating his fighters. Tell the Dragon
that his offer is fair, and then take the test. You'll have to defeat
several fighters in an ascending order of difficulty; the last one will have
around 150 hit points or so. Also, you'll be healed after each fight. After
you've defeated the fighters, then go to Lo Pan's training center (directly
to the left of the Dragon's center). Talk to Lo Pan, and ask him who he was
fighting. Tell him that the Shi are sheep, and then tell him that you can
take out the Dragon. He'll offer you a test which is exactly the same as the
one that the Dragon offered you. Tell him that it is fair, and then take the
test. Again, defeat his fighters, and then tell Lo Pan that you are going to
fight him.

Lo Pan is somewhat easier than some of the Dragon's and even his own fighters.
If you don't finish off Lo Pan quickly, he'll pull out a .223 pistol and then
start to attack you. But then again, it is easy to inflict critical damage
on him. Unfortunately, you will not receive any experience for defeating him.
After you've killed him, go to the Shi temple, which is directly to the

NOTE: The way that the fights are scripted is extremely buggy. For instance,
if you hit your opponent just once, you will win the fight, but the
challenger will remain in the ring, and will attack you in the next
fight. It can get hectic at times, especially when there are several
fighters in the ring (all are allied against you). However, the fights
can linger on until death - and if you end combat there, you'll be
stuck inside the ring.

It's also advisable not to save the game during combat; you are more
prone to being stuck in the ring.

When you're in the Shi temple, go through the hall, and enter the Emperor's
room. Talk to Ken Lee, the Emperor's advisor (he's the man wearing the lab
coat). Ask him if you can see the Emperor, and then give him your name. He'll
ask for you to go to Navarro and get the Vertibird plans (which you already
have) and give them to Dr. Wong Yi Tze (he's in the computer room that's close
to the throne room; he is described as a rotund Shi man). You'll receive a
good bit of experience for your efforts.

NOTE: If you haven't delivered the vertibird plans to the Brotherhood, do
so before delivering them to the Shi - Matt, the BOS soldier, has the
foresight to make duplicates (unlike the Shi). After you've given the
plans to the BOS, give them to the Shi afterwards.

After you've delivered the plans to the Shi, go back to Ken Lee. He'll give
you a new quest, namely, the death of the Hubologist leader AHS-9. Head for
the Hubologists' hideout now.

Once you reach the hideout, descend down the stairwell, and talk to AHS-7.
Tell him that you're interested in joining the Hubologists, and he'll
direct you to the auditorium where you'll hear a speech by Juan Cruz and
Vikki Goldman. Talk to them, and tell them that you're willing to join the
Hubologists. They'll give you a holodisc about Hubology. You can read it
to get an idea of what it's about.

Now, you can get a Zeta-scan from AHS-7. After the scan is complete, tell
him that you want to use your ability for the Hub, your ability for the
Great Wheel, etc. AHS-7 will ask you to kill Badger, one of the tanker
vagrants. Refuse his offer, and AHS-7 will leave. If done properly, the
scan should increase your luck by one at the detriment of some karma points.
You might have seen a man wearing a tuxedo - this is AHS-9. (He's sort of
close to the auditorium, albeit in a different room.) Go and kill him, and
then, eliminate the rest of the Hubologists. After you've killed them, go
back to the Shi temple. Tell Ken Lee that you've killed AHS-9. You'll be
granted access to speak with the Emperor (by the way, the emperor is a
computer). Head for the oil rig now.

When you reach the oil rig, go talk to Chip, the man whose description tells
that he is in considerable pain. Talk to him and offer to find his spleen.
Afterwards, enter the room with computers in it. This room is also occupied
by Badger, a vagrant in leather armor. Save the game, and enter the ladder
that leads downstairs. Kill all of the critters down there. After you've
killed them, go through the room that requires the FOB and install the
navigation computer parts into the navigation computer. After that, go back
to where the critters were, and find Badger's girlfriend (she's in the
northeast quadrant of that area). Return her to Badger. After you've
returned her to Badger, go downstairs again, but this time, go near the
forklift. There is a door a bit to the left of the forklift that is
controlled by the FOB; go to the door and open it up using the FOB that you
got from Navarro. Enter the room, and climb the ladder; use the computer
parts on the computer on the right hand side. Leave that area, and head back
to Badger's computer room. From there, head to the tankers' bridge (it's
located to the right; climb up the stairs to access it).

When you get to the bridge, talk to the captain. Ask him about the ship,
and he'll tell you that it needs fuel to make the trip to the Enclave base.
After that, leave the tanker for Chinatown.

Once you're back in Chinatown, go to the Flying Dragon 8 store (it has a
brahmin pasture behind it) and talk to Lao Chou. Ask him for some info,
and then tell him that you're looking for a spleen. He'll tell you that
he sold it to Dr. Wong (the researcher at the Shi temple). Go to Dr. Wong,
and ask him about the spleen. He will tell you that he wants to eat it (the
rest is a Silence of the Lambs plug). Tell him that he has to substitute
the spleen for a liver, and then, tell him that it is indeed a human spleen.
He'll tell you that he'll give Chip back his spleen within a day.

At the Shi temple, you also have to direct fuel along a pipeline to the oil
tanker. Go to the Emperor computer, and go into the chemistry database. Choose
the fuel option, and direct the fuel to the oil tanker. After you've directed
the fuel, go to Chinatown, and talk to Dr. Fung. Tell him that you have a
friend who needs help with a spleen. Dr. Fung will charge you $1000. Pay
him. Leave for the Brotherhood of Steel building, and heal yourself there.
After you've healed yourself, go back to the oil tanker, and tell Chip the
good news about his spleen. He'll tell you that he'll be back within a day.
After Chip leaves, rest for one day to receive your reward. You'll get some
experience points and some information about the lost Arroyo villagers.
At this point, make sure that you drop your NPC's off in the ship, and also
make sure that you are wearing some form of Power Armor. (You can get a suit
from the Brotherhood of Steel building or at Lao Chou's store if you still
need one; you should be wearing the other Power Armor that you got in

Save the game, and head to the bridge. Access the computer, and tell the
ship to "go." You're on your way to the Enclave base, the final area of the

Rough Map

| |
| |
| (via emergency exit)
|---Prison |
| |
| |
Storage/Shock Room |
| |
| |
Presidential Quarters---|
Nuclear Reactor

Notable Areas
1) Entrance
2) Barracks/Armory
- Equipment lockers at the right side
3) Prison, mini-Armory
- Equipment lockers to the northwest
- Prison cells to the southeast
4) Storage/Shock Room
- Storage areas on both left and right sides
- Maze with electrified flooring; serves as a defense
5) President's Room
- President's chamber
- Vice President's chamber
- Curling's chamber
- Situation/War Rooms
6) Control Room
- Computer rooms
- Reactor housing
- Reactor control computers

Notable Characters
1) Martin Frobisher, the leader of Vault 13, imprisoned
2) The Arroyo village Elder, now incarcerated
3) President Dick Richardson, President of the U.S.A
4) Vice President Bird, a video-game incarnation of Dan Quayle
5) Dr. Curling, head of the "Project"
6) Tom Murray, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission
7) The President's secretary, an incarnation of Monica Lewinsky
8) Sergeant Granite, Enclave defector who will help you take down Horrigan
9) Frank Horrigan, mutated Secret Service Agent, also the end-boss
- Enclave citizens
- Enclave scientists
- Enclave guards
- Vault 13 prisoners
- Arroyo prisoners

1) Access the computer in the entrance, and read the report concerning the
nuclear power plant.
2) Go to the Barracks, and get the plastic explosives and 2mm EC ammo.
3) Talk to Frobisher and the village Elder.
4) In the storage area, get the Advanced Power Armor MK II, the M72 Gauss
Rifle and, if you haven't done so yet, the G.E.C.K.
5) Survive the shock room.
6) Kill President Dick Richardson and retrieve his Presidential pass key.
7) Release the F.E.V into the Enclave air system.
8) Blow up or disable the computers that control the nuclear reactor.

Quest Experience/Reward Table:
- Enter the Enclave : 15000 xp
- Complete the shock room maze: 2500 xp
- Kill President Richardson: 110 kxp
- Convince Curling to release F.E.V intoo the air: 5000 xp
- Convince Murray to disable the nuclearr reactor: 12500 xp
- Blow up the computers that control thee reactor: 10000 xp
- Get Sergeant Granit's help in killing Horrigan: 1500 xp
- Kill Frank Horrigan: 10000 kxp

This is the final destination in the game. Like Navarro, the Enclave
oil rig is heavily guarded by both guards in Power Armor as well as
robots. Be sure that you and your NPC's are clad in some type of Power
Armor before entering.

When you enter the base, access the computer towards the southwest side.
Login as one of the users it lists, and download the security status for
the nuclear reactor. After you've gotten the status, go towards the right,
and enter the barracks/armory.

Once you're in the armory, go in the hallway, and follow it until you reach
its end. You should see a room with bunk beds that is guarded by guards who
are wearing an older design of Power Armor. Raid the lockers on the northern
side for some 2mm EC ammo. The ammo is needed for the M72 Gauss Rifle. After
you've gotten the ammo, head for the armory, which is located a bit towards
the north. You should get some plastic explosives from here. After you've
gotten the necessary items, leave this room and head back to the entrance.
Now, you have to go to the detention cells.

Go through the hall in this new area, and then take a right to enter the
detention cells. The prisoners from Arroyo and Vault 13 are being held here.
You can talk to the Elder of the village as well as Martin Frobisher (the
leader of Vault 13) to get an idea of what's going on. Afterwards, go down
the stairwell to go through a corridor to reach the President.

The corridor is essentially a very powerful defense mechanism; the floor,
which is electrified, can deal up to 10 damage to you. When you enter the
maze, you'll have to use the terminals to open and close doors. An ASCII
map about the maze as well as the order has been provided below:

A - B - C Order to get through the maze:
| | |
1 - D - E - F - 2 B, A, D, equipment runs (1 and 2), E, F, B, C,
| | | A, G, H, I, (leave the corridor)
G - H - I

where A-I are the respective terminals, 1 and 2 denote equipment rooms. In
room #1, you can get the M72 Gauss Rifle as well as the Advanced Power Armor
MK II. In the second equipment room, you can get the G.E.C.K (if you've
forgotten it) as well as various healing items and weapons.

* GUN Information: M72 Gauss Rifle
This weapon is the strongest small gun in the game and also is one of the
strongest weapons (second only to the Pulse Rifle). It can deal about 30
hit points of normal damage on Enclave troopers and can go over 150 hit
points on critical hits. It's a superior weapon that is a must have to
get. The Enclave base is chock full of 2mm EC ammo, which is extremely
rare in the Fallout world.

After you've completed the maze, head to the Presidential Quarters. Once
you're there, go through the hallway until you reach the vice president's
office (he's in a suit). You can talk to him, and his conversation is
reminiscent of Dan Quayle (actually, virtually everything he says is one
thing that Quayle had already said at one point). The President's room can
be accessed by going through the door with the President's seal on it. Once
you are in there, close the door and enter 'Sneak' mode. If you want, you
can talk to the President and find out about the "project" and a brief
history about World War III. The main objective here is to kill him - arm
yourself with the M72 and shoot him in the head (or anywhere, for that
matter, as long as he is dead - and in one shot). After you've killed him,
get the presidential pass key from his corpse. Now, there are two easy routes
that you can take to beat the game.

* ROUTE ONE: Convince Dr. Curling to release the F.E.V in the Enclave

To complete the game this way, go to Dr. Curling's office, which is to the
far left of the Presidential Quarters (his description will read that he
is a very tired man). Talk to him, and tell him that you're from Arroyo.
He'll mention that you have to go back to the detention cell, but you have
to tell him that he is wrong. Tell him about saving thousands of lives,
and then he'll mention that he's going to restore "real humans" to the
wasteland. Tell him that you're human, and then ask him how your DNA is
different. He'll start to discuss the "project," but then, you'll have to
cut him off by telling him that you are just as human as he is or that
change is the one universal constant. Let him think about his decision,
and then allow him to vaccinate you from the F.E.V. He'll release the F.E.V
in the Enclave compound, which will kill all civilians and scientists
(save for Dr. Curling, Tom Murray, the President, and the Vice President).
After he has released the F.E.V, rest for 10 minutes, and then climb the
stairwell to the nuclear power plant. Once you're there, go to the three
computers on the right side (they're close to the mainframe). Detonate
the plastic explosives there.


Go to the nuclear reactor room, and head towards the southern computer
complex. There should be a nicely furnished office with a guard standing
beside it and Tom Murray (he's in a lab coat) standing by his desk. Talk
to Murray, and tell him that you need him to shut down the reactor. He'll
resist; threaten him. He'll offer to shut it down for you. After he shuts
it down, leave the area.

There will be a 10 minute timer before critical meltdown. Leave the compound
by going back to the Presidential Quarters, and by taking the emergency
stairwell (it's in the southern area). The stairwell will lead you to the
barracks. Once you're there, leave the barracks for the entrance.

When you get to the entrance, you'll see an Enclave troop squadron. Talk to
their leader, Sergeant Granite, and tell him that you're leaving to get back
to your people. He'll mention that Frank Horrigan is guarding the area and
preventing anybody from leaving. Granite will then go on to say that he's
an extremely tough guy. He'll say that he pities you. Tell him about the
situation with the nuclear reactor. Offer to give the squadron refuge in
your ship for their aid in taking down Horrigan. After you've enlisted their
aid, run towards the southern end of the Enclave. Go to the computer and
put in the presidential passkey. Activate the counter-insurgency protocol,
and the robotic turrets will start to hit Frank Horrigan. Hit Horrigan with
your Gauss rifle; Granite's squadron has a Pulse Rifle, a Gauss Pistol, a
Turbo Plasma Rifle, and a Gatling Laser cannon. This will be a very easy
fight for you, especially since you have the counter-insurgency protocol
installed. Horrigan's suit will cause his torso to split from the rest of
his body after it has sustained 999 hit points of damage. If you talk to
him, he'll suicide. Leave the compound to finish the game.

The endings will vary depending on the quests that you've chosen. If you've
followed this route, this is what will happen:

- The Dwellers from Vault 13 and Arroyo create a community together using
the G.E.C.K.

- Slavery has been eradicated from the DDen because of Metzger's and
Mordino's death.

- Modoc becomes a strong farming villagee.

- Vault City, now free from the raiders and the N.C.R, captures Gecko
because of the optimized nuclear reactor there. The ghouls are now treated
as slaves by Vault City.

- New Reno is controlled by the Wright ffamily. They destroy more than half
of the town by killing the remaining crime families.

- Myron dies about a year after you desttroyed the Enclave.

- Broken Hills disbands because the urannium supply is extinguished.

- Redding is now annexed by N.C.R becausse you sold the mine chip to Marge
LaBarge, a prominent N.C.R supporter. Redding also becomes far more
productive because jet has been virtually eliminated from that town.

- N.C.R fully annexes Vault 15 because oof your support.

- The Shi build a new empire in the San Francisco bay area after the
death of the Hubologists.

Like the original guide, here is a section that gives information about
general combat tactics, plus a boss guide.

The type of ammunition used will change the amount of damage dealt to
the target. JHP is always the superior choice, followed by FMJ. Forget
AP ammo. AP is, in the first place, more expensive, and although it
does penetrate a bit more than JHP ammo, it deals very little damage.
It's useless against anything - JHP is always superior. Shotgun Shells
deal good damage regardless of the target used, and FMJ is like a
'neutral' ammo - it works okay on both armored and non-armored targets.
It doesn't suffer nearly the damage penalty of AP ammo, but it penetrates
far better than JHP. 7.62mm and .45 caliber ammo are effective only on
lighlty armored targets. Caseless ammo is generally pretty good in
penetration but quality degrades as the armor is stronger; the EC
ammo used in Gauss weapons has excellent penetration. Generally speaking,
even the strongest "normal" weapons deal little damage to heavily armored
targets, with the notable exceptions being the Bozar and guns that run on
either caseless or EC ammo.

As for energy weapons, their real effectiveness depends on the type of
weapon used. For instance, laser weapons aren't as effective as plasma
weapons on armored targets. Plasma is good against anything except for
Tesla armor. The Pulse-weapons use a different technology and is
very effective against every type of armor - in the game engine, I
think no type of armor can effectively block this type of attack.

In addition, for burst weapons, armor modifiers are added to each
bullet. I.e, if you use the burst mode on a SMG to fire 10 rounds,
the armor will absorb damage from each bullet and then will add up
the unabsorbed damage to give the total damage dealt, as opposed to
the total damage being calculated and then being reduced.
Consider combat armor, which has a damage threshold of 8 hit points
and a damage resistance of 60% against laser attacks. (8 hp/60%)

The way armor works is like this: if you are wearing combat armor
and somebody hits you with a laser rifle, you will receive x amount
less. Say that if you're wearing the Vault 13 jumper, which has
no protection whatsoever, and the enemy uses the laser rifle and hits
you for 42 hit points of damage.

Take the same situation with combat armor on. The armor will naturally
deflect 8 hit points of damage because of the damage threshold. Now
only 34 hit points remain. The armor can resist 60% of that damage.
Multiplying 34 by 60% will give you 20.4, and rounding that down
will give you 20. You'll only take 20 hit points of damage with the
armor instead of 42.

- You can cripple your foe at five pointts if you score a critical while
aiming at their legs, arms, or eyes. If you cripple your foe's legs,
he or she will have a hard time walking around. If you cripple one of
the enemy's arms, then he or she won't be able to use two-handed weapons
(and of course, if you cripple both of them, then the enemy will have to
resort to unarmed attacks). If you cripple your opponent's eyes, then he
or she will suffer from reduced Perception levels.

- Aiming for the eyes usually gives a hiigh critical chance and does gobs of
damage. Also, on male NPC's, hitting them in the groin makes them fall

- Always use the right weapon for the joob. For lightly armored targets,
you should attack unarmed or with a melee weapon that doesn't consume
ammo. For "regular" targets (i.e., most humans and super mutants) use
regular shots, and use targeted and/or burst shots if possible and if
effective. For armored humans and critters, use powerful weapons that
have good penetration (like the PPK12/M72, G11(e), Vindicator, Plasma
Rifles, and the YK42B ).

- Also use the right ammo for the job ass well. AP ammo might seem to be
better than JHP ammo while hitting armored targets, but the game engine
always gives lots of negative modifiers to damage with AP ammo. AP ammo
penetrates better than JHP ammo, but always use JHP. It's the best type.
FMJ isn't that bad either. The only exceptions to the rule seem to be
AP and Explosive rockets, which to me seem to deal about the same amount
of damage.

- You can give your shots "up close and personal." This works well
for most targets. With regular-strength burst weapons, like the M3A1
or MP9, you should get about 60-70 hit points of damage, whilst with
the G11(e), you should get about 150 plus hit points of damage.

- Burst shots have a wide area of effectt. If an ally is in the middle, you
might want to not do a burst shot. Here is an example of the
"burst cone:"

X (you)
/ |
/ |||
/ |||||
/ |||||||
Area of effect

This is why giving the shots "up close and personal" deals gobs of
damage. The shots saturate the target with bullets, dealing an immense
amount of damage. If you attack multiple characters at range with
a burst shot, then both will get hit.

- If the target is heavily armored, don''t use burst shots. You will see
this happen to you when you get Power Armor and the Enclave guards
are showering you with bullets from Gatling Lasers, Avenger Miniguns,
and Vindicators.

- The Hunting Rifle is a sniping weapon that you'll encounter early on.
It's not terribly bad in the beginning but it will be easily outgunned
by other weapons. The FN-FAL with night sight as well as the Assault
Rifle (extended magazine) make for decent midrange weapons. The Sniper
Rifle, however, is an excellent sniping weapon - long range coupled
with extremely good accuracy. At the endgame, the M72 is an absolute

When you go to Sierra Army Depot, get the Sniper Rifle from there. It's
in one of the corpses. And in the Enclave, get the M72.

- You can use the burst Shotguns for shoort distance sniping, such as fighting
unarmed or melee-weapon using mutants or humans. It is the best weapon
for mid armored targets, and is excellent for short range control. It
works well in conjunction with Power Armor and is effective against many

A Pancor Jackhammer, Combat Shotgun, or H&K CAWS work pretty nicely and
deal good damage with targeted shots.

- If you have a high energy weapons skilll, get a Plasma Rifle. No armor can
withstand Plasma damge well. I got 132 hp on an eye shot on a Deathclaw
once. The Turbo Plasma Rifle only costs 4 AP's for a single shot!

Even better, get a Pulse Rifle. This type of attack is literally unstoppable
and deals about 70 damage to, yes, Armored Enclave troopers! Just imagine
how it would be with targeted shots!

- If you have good guns skill, then go ffor aimed shots if possible. You'll
deal more damage from the shot.

- If you use long-range weapons, you'll get a negative modifier if you are
attacking critters at really close range. This is an issue with the
Fallout combat engine.

- If you have a sledgehammer, use the weeapon against unarmed critters. Aim
for the legs. After they have been crippled, you can score aimed shots to
the head and eyes easily. Rippers work just as well.

- A Super Sledgehammer in conjunction wiith Power Armor can literally kill
anything (before the Enclave, though). Aimed shots will routinely deal
about 60 hit points to humans and super mutants; to the armored aliens
it will deal about 35 or so.

- Give NPC's the right weapon as well ass good armor. Also, do not let them
have the best weapons (unless you're deficient in any skills) - e.g.,
keep the M72 for yourself and give shotguns to Vic and Cassidy.

- Be careful about letting NPC's burst. Sometimes their shots can hurt you
as well.

- At the endgame, NPC's are really not rrequired and are not recommended to
have (they pose problems at Navarro as well as the Enclave). Also, some
NPC's (like Marcus, Skynet, Goris, the dogs) cannot wear armor and thus
are suceptible to major damage in the endgame.

* If you are going to Navarro and Enclave (and are going to walk around
the base), you must give your NPC's some form of Power Armor. Here
is a laydown of where you can get Power Armor (4 sets!):

- You: Advanced Power Armor at Navarro
- Sulik: Power Armor at Military Base
- Vic: Power Armor at the Brotherhood bunker in San Francisco
- Cassidy: Power Armor at Flying Dragon 8 (absurdly expensive)

- If you have NPC's during the endgame, Sulik, Vic, and Cassidy should be
in your party. Give Vic and Cassidy hardened versions of Power Armor and
let Sulik have your old suit of Advanced Power Armor once you find the
Advanced Power Armor MK-II variant. Also, be sure to give Sulik the
G11e SMG and give Vic and Cassidy M72 rifles.

Some of the more difficult fights are described in detail here. Major
fights, like the Hubologists, are extremely easy, so there's no need
to go and describe them in detail.

- The Rat God
Enemies: various rats
Where: Klamath Mall in Trapper Town
Hit points: 40 (?)
Armor: Fur
Weapon: Claws
Number: Lots
Difficulty: Easy

This fight is not that hard if you have Sulik with you. Use melee
weapons to take out the regular rats and use the pipe rifle to
kill the Rat-God.

- Gecko Fights
Enemies: Geckos and Golden Geckos
Where: Toxic Caves
Hit points: 25 - 65
Armor: Thick skin
Weapon: Claws and teeth
Number: About 8 or 9
Difficulty: Depends if you have the Power Armor

Generally, a good tactic for these guys is to use the 10mm Pistol and
aim for the legs to cripple them (you have been pumping up small
guns, haven't you?) and let Sulik do the up-close and personal melee
attacks. You'll need several stimpacks for this battle to go well.
Having armor isn't a bad idea (if you can afford it).

If you have Power Armor, you can just go in and poke them with your
spear, or better yet, the Super Sledgehammer. The bad thing about
the Power Armor is that the geckos will run away from you when they
see you wearing it.

- Metzger the Slaver
Where: The Den
Hit points: 35-50 (I'm not sure...)
Armor: Leather Armor
Weapon: Shotgun
Allies: Several slavers clad in leather armor and armed with 10mm
Pistols; about 30-40 hit points
Difficulty: Depends on when you fight him...can range to extremely
difficult to extremely easy

You should kill Metzger after you've completed the Vault City/Gecko
block or have gotten the Power Armor. It's entirely possible to kill
him when you're in the Den. It's extremely difficult if you choose
the last option.

If you have chosen the last option, make sure that you have stolen
Metzger's shotgun and his allies' stimpacks, ammo, etc. Let Sulik
strike with the sledgehammer and let Vic have the pipe rifle or
10mm Pistol. Arm yourself with the .44 Magnum (if you have it) as
well as Metzger's Shotgun. Keep on aiming at the eyes or at the
hands or even the legs.

If you have completed Vault City / Gecko and still haven't gotten
the Power Armor, this fight will be quite easy. Give Sulik the
sledgehammer and give Vic and Cassidy Combat Shotguns. Arm yourself
with that arm as well. Make sure that every member of your team
has some type of armor on (make sure that you have combat armor; let
the others have metal armor or leather armor mk 2).

If you have the Power Armor, you can just go in the compound early
on with guns blazing. You might suffer minor damage due to critical
hits, but that's about it.

- Frog Morton
Where: Redding
Hit Points: 70-100 (I think)
Armor: Leather Jacket
Weapon: H&K G11 (!)
Allies: Several cronies that are a bit tougher than him; have
Leather Armor MKII and shotguns; same amount of hit
Difficulty: Medium

You don't need Power Armor for this fight, but it sure helps.
The shotguns have enough penetration to deal a few hit points of
damage against you (with Power Armor and implants), and so does
Frog's G11 sub-machine gun. Use targeted shots to the hands to
eliminate their weapon handling skills, and then use targeted shots
to their head or eyes.

When you enter Frog's compound, be sure to kill him first. If
he bursts "up close and personal," you can suffer a good deal of

- "Mother" Wanamingo (the white one)
Where: Redding
Hit points: 220
Armor: Unknown; equivalent to Combat Armor MKII
Weapon: Tentacles and teeth
Allies: Several "normal" Wanamingos; attack is same; armor is
slightly weaker; 120 or 160 hit points
Difficulty: Medium

Make sure that you have Power Armor when you're here; also, make
sure that you've got the .44 Magnum and Super Sledgehammer when
you're here. Use the .44 Magnum at the eyes on the white Wanamingo.
After she has been killed, use the Super Sledgehammer to knock
out the other Wanamingos, and then go for targeted shots to the
eyes. A Combat Shotgun will deal more damage to the Wanamingos
if you aren't able to score that many criticals; however, the .44
Magnum's criticals are a bit stronger. This fight is a lot like
the deathclaw fight in Fallout 1, but a bit easier.

- New Reno Crime Fights
Enemies: Crime Family guards
Where: New Reno
Hit Points: 70-100
Armor: Leather-based or Metal Armor
Weapon: Sub-machine guns (all), burst-mode shotguns (Bishop's
private guards), Laser Pistols (Salvatores)
Number: 100's
Difficulty: Easy (Power Armor), Hard (without armor)

You should be wearing Power Armor and be equipped with a Combat
Shotgun. You should also have about 300-400 shells with you if
you plan on using that weapon alone.

Just go up to the crime boss after you've finished his quests
and then attack him. His guards will attack you; finish the
guards off, and then attack the crime boss. After you've
wiped out the guards, you can end combat mode and get SMG's and
ammo from the Guards' corpses. You can use the SMG's in burst
mode (up close and personal) when you encounter the next wave
of guards. Don't use the leather pistols against the Salvatore's
metal armor, however - the armor will reflect the lasers.

- Military Base
Enemies: Radiated rats, Super Mutants, and Melchoir
Where: Military Base
Hit points: 20-30 (rats), 110-130 (Super Mutants)
Armor: Fur (rats), thick skin (green Super Mutants), armor
that's equal to Metal Armor MKII (normal attacks)
(black Super Mutants)
Weapon: Teeth and claws (rats), Miniguns, Flamethrowers, Laser
Rifles, Plasma Rifles, and Power Fists (Super Mutants)
Number: Lots of them, about 25-30
Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Again, you will absolutely need the Power Armor for this fight.

The first level is pretty easy; you can clear everything using only
the Super Sledgehammer. Ditto for the second level.

The third level is where you will meet Super Duper Mutants, but
they aren't much harder than their bretheren. You can knock them
out using the Super Sledgehammer and a gun in conjunction.

The fourth level can be easy to hard, depending on when you kill
Melchoir. He's a Super Mutant with 130 hit points and a laser
rifle; the case behind him holds a PPK12 Gauss Pistol. He also has
special grenades that can evolve into Deathclaws, Fire Geckos, Floaters,
and Mutated Mole Rats. If you let him throw all of his grenades, you
will be awarded with a grand total of more than 10,000 xp for just
that fight alone. If you kill him early, you might face two deathclaws
in addition to Melchoir. Use the Super Sledgehammer and targeted shots
for maximum damage.

- The Tanker (underground)
Enemies: An alliance consisting of Floaters, Centaurs, and Aliens
Where: The bottommost level of the Oil Tanker in San Francisco
Hit points: 120 (Aliens) to 200 (Nasty Floaters and Tough Centaurs)
Armor: Varies; Centaurs have the weakest, Aliens are in the middle,
Floaters have the strongest
Weapon: Tentacles (Aliens), Teeth (Centaurs), and some appendage
Number: I think 20
Difficulty: Easy

By this time, you should be strong enough to take them on. Just use
targeted shots with strong weapons or the Super Sledgehammer. Like
the other fights, you should be wearing (rather, you will be) Power
Armor. Watch out when they corner you and start knocking you down.

- Frank Horrigan
Where: Enclave
Hit points: 999
Armor: Modified Advanced Power Armor; designed to fit a Super
Mutant and substantially stronger
Weapon: Burst-mode plasma gun (subpar) or a special blade (pretty
Allies: Can include: 7 Turrets, 3 Enclave troopers and 7
Turrets, or just 3 Enclave troopers
Allies: 4 Enclave troopers, 7 Turrets, or both
Difficulty: Easy to Hard

Ally description
75 hit points
Metal Plating
Heavy Minigun (.223 ammo, quite powerful)

Enclave Troopers
200 hit points
Advanced Power Armor
Gatling Laser, Turbo Plasma Rifle, PPK12 Gauss Pistol, and YK42B
Pulse Rifle

Before you go to fight Horrigan, make sure that you have the Presidential
Pass Key and the M72 Gauss Rifle. Destroy the reactor. After you've
done that, leave the Enclave and go back to where you started. You'll
see some guards in Power Armor waiting for you. Talk to the leader
of the squardon and convince him to join you. He'll accept. After you've
done that, run towards the south and use the computer terminal on the
south east corner. Activate the counter-insurgency protocol using the
Presidential Pass Key. Watch Horrigan die afterwards... (actually, talk
to him to watch his head pop off)

The fight will be slightly more difficult if you didn't enlist the
troopers' help (all but the squadron leader will attack you) and
a lot more difficult without the Presidential Pass Key (the turrets
will attack you as well, and the penetration afforded by their ammo
is excellent). I've seen the turrets do about 300+ hp with criticals.

The Appendix is more or less a "super-reference" source that contains
full lists for virtually every item in Fallout and gives info on
various critters and humans in the game. It also features info about
allied NPC's and random encounters.

1. Allied NPC's with commentaries
2. NPC's, also with commentaries
3. Armor
4. Weapons (seperate sections)
- Small Guns
- Big Guns
- Energy Weapons
- Melee
- Throwing Weapons
- Unarmed
5. Chemicals
6. Various Items
7. Random Encounters

NOTE: Damage ratings for guns are given per bullet. If you're using
a burst mode shot, then multiply the damage per bullet for
finding the total damage dealt.

This is a listing which covers all of the NPC's that you'll be allied
with at different parts during the game. A few of the more prominent
ones were covered in the context of the walkthrough.

NPC's also will level up randomly (this happens when you level up), and
when they do, hit points, action points, and melee damage often increase.

All statistics are base-level statistics. Summaries are provided for
the respective character's pros and cons as well as info for getting
them. In addition, the NPC's are seperated into three categories: Good NPC's,
Bad NPC's, and temporary NPC's.

Good NPC's
Hit points: 85 hp
Carry weight: 200 lbs
Melee damage: 6 hp
Action points: 9
Skills: Melee weapons
Weapons: Unarmed/Melee (esp. Super Sledgehammer), SMG's

Sulik is a powerful melee fighter who will be well worth having in
the long run. He can be found at Klamath, and can be recruited by
paying the Buckner family $350 or by rescuing Smiley.

Sulik is good with a powerful SMG and the Super Sledgehammer. He's
quite powerful with the H&K P90c combined with decent armor. Also,
he's quite a ballsy fighter.

Hit points: 70 hp
Carry weight: 150 lbs
Melee damage: 1 hp
Action points: 8
Skills: Repair
Weapons: Rifles, Shotguns

Vic is a decent long-range fighter with good gun skills (initially,
not so, but good later on...) He can be found at the Den and can
be recruited by buying him from Metzger or by killing him.

Initially, Vic isn't that great of a fighter, but after he levels
up, he will be able to use the M72 Gauss Rifle. He's not a bad shot
with shotguns and sniper rifles as well.

Hit points: 80 hp
Carry weight: 175 lbs
Melee damage: 1 hp
Action points: 8
Skills: Small Guns
Weapons: Melee, all Small Guns

Cassidy is a lot like Tycho from Fallout 1 or, if you will, a supercharged
Vic. You can talk him into joining your group in the bar in the Vault
City courtyard.

Cassidy is a great shot with any small arm. Give him shotguns early on.
At the end, give him the Sniper Rifle or the M72 Gauss Rifle (if Vic is
in your party as well, give Cassidy the M72) or the PPK12 Gauss Pistol.
He's an excellent fighter to have.

Cassidy has heart trouble and can only use stimpacks as drugs. He cannot
use Buffouts, Mentats, or any other drug like that. However, in his
combat setup screen, you can choose to have him use all types of drugs.

Hit points: 130 hp
Carry weight: 275 lbs
Melee damage: 10
Action points: 9
Skills: Big Guns
Weapons: Unarmed, Big Guns, Big Energy Weapons

Marcus is the super-mutant sheriff of Broken Hills. If you solve every
quest in Broken Hills, you can get him into your party.

Marcus starts out with the Minigun, but you should upgrade it to
a Plasma Rifle, Turbo Plasma Rifle, or a Pulse Rifle as soon as possible.
He will make an excellent shot with the aforementioned weapons.

Marcus cannot wear armor, but his inherent protection is about the same
as Metal Armor or so. It will become one of his weak points as you approach
the endgame.

Hit points: 125 hp
Carry weight: 225 lbs
Melee damage: 23
Action points: 11
Skills: Unarmed
Weapons: Claw

Goris is the deathclaw scholar whom you have seen at Vault 13. Talk
to him so that he can join your party.

Goris is an extremely powerful melee fighter. His deathclaw claw
deals tremendous amounts of damage. His skin is about as tough as
Combat Armor. However, he cannot use other weapons, nor can he use

Goris will leave your party after two weeks (the Enclave kills the
deathclaws in Vault 13 two weeks after you have visited the vault).
but you can get him back by visiting Vault 13 again and recruiting

Hit points: 115 hp
Carry weight: 225 lbs
Melee damage: 8 hp
Action points: 10
Skills: Science (depends on brain)
Weapons: All rifles/shotguns and unarmed (again, depends on

Skynet is said by some to be amongst the best NPC's. Indeed, it is
very effective. It will join you if you repair it at the Sierra
Army Depot.

Skynet is as good as Cassidy when it comes to small arms. It can use
all sorts of rifles and shotguns "out of the box" (without leveling
up), including the M72 Gauss Rifle. The robot can also heal itself
in one shot (not in combat, though) and its metal exterior is about
as strong as Metal Armor. In addition, it can perform science skills
for you. Note that the armor will become a big detriment at the end.

The above can be said if Skynet is equipped with a cybernetic brain;
if you give it an abnormal brain, monkey brain, or a regular brain,
it will not be as good in combat, nor will it be as good when it comes
to Science. You can end up with a robot that refuses to fight. But
in the end, it's worth a lot.

Bad NPC's
Hit points: 126 hp
Carry weight: 125 lbs
Melee damage: 1 hp
Action points: 7
Skills: Doctor
Weapons: SMG's only

Lenny is probably the best out of the worst NPC's here. You can get
him to join you if you talk to him at Gecko. He's one of the ghouls
from Necropolis.

Lenny is a decent shot with sub-machine guns. He also has a lot of
hit points. But otherwise, he's only average. And he's not that much
of a help in the early game (if you find the G11(e) SMG, then the
story can change quite rapidly). You can get him if you want to, but
it isn't strongly recommended. He can also wear armor.

- K-9
Hit points: 127 hp
Carry weight: n/a
Melee damage: 16 hp
Action points: 14
Skills: Unarmed
Weapons: Teeth

K-9 is the best out of the three canine NPC's. He's the strongest
and deals the most damage. He can be found in Navarro.

K-9 isn't recommended because his melee attack, although powerful,
might be weak by the time most players reach Navarro. His armor
also is about as tough as metal armor, and that serves as a major
detractor at the end.

Hit points: 98 hp
Carry weight: n/a
Melee damage: 14 hp
Action points: 15
Skills: Unarmed
Weapons: Teeth

Yep, the only NPC that made it back from the Fallout world to the
Fallout 2 world. He's not that great, and it takes a special
encounter (Cafe of Broken Dreams) to get him. To get him, remove
your armor and walk up to him.

Dogmeat is a lot like K-9. He has one more action point but
ultimately does less damage and is more prone to getting killed.
You shouldn't get him, except for nostalgia purposes.

Hit ponts: 97 hp
Carry weight: n/a
Melee damage: 10 hp
Action points: 9
Skills: Unarmed
Weapons: Teeth

Similar to appearance to K-9, the Cyber Dog is a flaccid underling
compared to its big brother. You can get it at NCR if you inject
mutagenic serum into a super mutant.

The Cyber Dog literally pales in comparison to its other canine
comrades. It's slightly tougher than Dogmeat (has armor) but has
a low amount of action points (for a dog) and deals little damage.
This one is definately not worth having.

Hit points: 70 hp
Carry weight: n/a
Melee damage: 1 hp
Action points: 8
Skills: Science
Weapons: Needler Pistol, PPK12 Gauss Rifle

Myron is Mordino's chief scientist. He created the drug Jet. Simply
talk to him and ask him to join you if you want him in your
party. He can be quite annoying if you have a male character, or
can be quite hilarious if you have a female character.

Myron is pretty good at Science (but then again, so is Skynet, and
he's infinetely better in combat). Unfortunately, he is inept
when it comes to combat. He can only use two weapons and has a
higher chance of hitting your allies than hitting the enemy. Again,
pass this guy on.

Hit points: 35 hp
Carry weight: 100 lbs (Miria) / 125 lbs (Davin)
Melee damage: 1 hp
Action points: 7
Skills: Unarmed
Weapons: Knives, SMG's (Miria) / Knives, Pistols (Davin)

Miria and Davin, brother and sister, the children of Grisham. You
can get married to them, but that will (yes, will) make you a widower.
You can make money by selling them to Vault City, but that will make
you a widower as well. You can divorce your spouse at New Reno. That
will change your karmic title to divorced (bit better than widower),
though your spouse will be dead after he/she runs away.

If you have a male character, you can marry only Miria. You can
marry either Miria or Davin with a female.

Their statistics are horrible. With only 35 hit points, they are the
weakest NPC's in the game. They're somewhat better than Myron when
it comes to combat, but then again, not by much. Do yourself a big
favor by passing these NPC's up.

Temporary NPC's (noninclusive of caravan guards)
Hit points: 14
Armor: Fur
Weapon: Teeth

This dog will travel with you in Klamath if you give it some jerky.

Hit points: 50
Armor: Leather Armor
Weapon: Knife (?)

Smiley is the trapper whom you rescue at the Toxic Caves. He'll follow
you around after you find him. When you leave the Toxic Caves, he will
stop following you and head directly to Klamath.

Hit points: 20
Armor: Fur
Weapon: Teeth

If you offer to find Balthas' missing son, Jonny, his dog, Laddie, will
follow you around until you find him. The dog is in Modoc.

Hit points: 35
Armor: Skin
Weapon: Teeth (??)

Bessie is the injured cow in Modoc. If you heal her, she'll follow you
around in Modoc.

Hit points: 250
Armor: Tough skin
Weapon: Claw

Xarn is the powerful deathclaw who is incarcerated in Navarro. If you
offer to free him, and then attack the Enclave guards, Xarn will assist
you in their defeat. But then again, it isn't wise to launch a military
campaign in Navarro.

Hit points: 200 (each)
Armor: Advanced Power Armor Mark II (each)
Weapon: Pulse Rifle (1), Gauss Pistol (2), Turbo Plasma Rifle (3),
Gatling Laser (4)

The crack troopers are by far the most powerful human NPC's. They're
part of an elite Enclave squadron that protects Frank Horrigan (the
leader of the troop, however, shows enmity towards Horrigan). After
you blow up the nuclear reactor control computers and go to the first
level, you can talk the squadron leader, Sergeant Granite, into killing
Horrigan. He'll accept.

Hit points: 75 (each)
Armor: Metal exterior
Weapon: Minigun, .233 FMJ magazine as opposed to 5mm AP/JHP

These guns are the most effective fighting force against Horrigan.
They can be activated by using the presidential passkey and choosing
the counter-insurgency option. The option can only be activated if
the nuclear reactor control computers are disabled.

The guns are fixed to the ground, but deal about 20-50 hp to
Horrigan per gun. In addition, if the guns score critical hits, the
damage dealt is extremely high.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 0 hp / 20% Explosion: 0 hp / 20%
Laser: 0 hp / 20% Plasma: 0 hp / 10%
Fire: 0 hp / 10%
Weight: 5 lbs
Armor class: 8
Selling price: $250
First seen: Sulik has one; merchants in Klamath sell it

Damage Resistance
Normal: 2 hp / 30% Explosion: 0 hp / 20%
Laser: 0 hp / 20% Plasma: 0 hp / 10%
Fire: 2 hp / 25%
Weight: 7 lbs
Armor class: 20
Selling price: $1000
First seen: Balthas will give it to you if you find his son.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 2 hp / 25% Explosion: 0 hp / 20%
Laser: 0 hp / 20% Plasma: 0 hp / 10%
Fire: 0 hp / 20%
Weight: 8 lbs
Armor class: 15
Selling price: $700
First seen: Merchants in Klamath sell it

Damage Resistance
Normal: 3 hp / 25% Explosion: 1 hp / 25%
Laser: 1 hp / 20% Plasma: 1 hp / 10%
Fire: 1 hp / 25%
Weight: 8 lbs
Armor class: 20
Selling price: $1000
First seen: Balthas has one suit; Vault City Amenities office has

Damage Resistance
Normal: 4 hp / 30% Explosion: 4 hp / 25%
Laser: 6 hp / 75% Plasma: 4 hp / 20%
Fire: 4 hp / 10%
Weight: 35 lbs
Armor class: 10
Selling price: $1100
First seen: Vault City (the Vault as well as the Amenities
Office) has some suits

Damage Resistance
Normal: 4 hp / 35% Explosion: 4 hp / 30%
Laser: 7 hp / 80% Plasma: 4 hp / 25%
Fire: 4 hp / 15%
Weight: 35 lbs
Armor class: 15
Selling price: $1900
First seen: Amenities Office, Vault City

Damage Resistance
Normal: 4 hp / 20% Explosion: 4 hp / 20%
Laser: 19 hp / 90% Plasma: 10 hp / 80%
Fire: 4 hp / 10%
Weight: 35 lbs
Armor class: 15
Selling price: $4500
First seen: The Flying Dragon 8 store in Chinatown sometimes
stocks this item

Damage Resistance
Normal: 5 hp / 40% Explosion: 6 hp / 40%
Laser: 8 hp / 60% Plasma: 4 hp / 50%
Fire: 4 hp / 30%
Weight: 20 lbs
Armor class: 20
Selling price: $6500
First seen: The Vault City Vault has (I think) one suit
* This armor is required to get the combat implant upgrade.
Combat implants increase your damage resistance irrespective
of the armor that you're wearing, if any.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 6 hp / 40% Explosion: 9 hp / 45%
Laser: 6 hp / 65% Plasma: 5 hp / 50%
Fire: 5 hp / 35%
Weight: 20 lbs
Armor class: 25
Selling price: $8000
First seen: The elevator in the Toxic Caves leads to an
army depot. Amongst other things, you can
find this suit here.
* Special attributes as per Combat Armor.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 8 hp / 40% Explosion: 8 hp / 40%
Laser: 8 hp / 70% Plasma: 7 hp / 60%
Fire: 7 hp / 50%
Weight: 25 lbs
Armor class: 20
Selling price: $4800
First seen: The Brotherhood building in San Francisco has
one of these suits.
* Special attributes as per Combat Armor.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 0 hp / 20% Explosion: 0 hp / 20%
Laser: 0 hp / 20% Plasma: 0 hp / 10%
Fire: 0 hp / 10%
Weight: 5 lbs
Armor class: 8
Selling price: $90
First seen: The Golden Globes porn studio has one of these
lying around in the set.
* Marcus will make a special comment if you talk to him
for the first time while wearing the robes.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 5 hp / 40% Explosion: 6 hp / 40%
Laser: 8 hp / 60% Plasma: 4 hp / 50%
Fire: 4 hp / 30%
Weight: 5 lbs
Armor class: 20
Selling price: $5
First seen: Take them from the Bridge Guard (found in a special
random encounter)
* Special attributes as per the COC robes.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 12 hp / 40% Explosion: 20 hp / 50%
Laser: 18 hp / 80% Plasma: 10 hp / 40%
Fire: 12 hp / 60%
Weight: 42 lbs
Armor class: 25
Selling price: $12500
First seen: Depending on how you play the game, you'll either
see it first in the Military Base, the Brotherhood
Armory, or the Flying Dragon 8 store
* Power Armor increases your strength by 3 if worn. Also, you'll
be immune to the toxic gases in the Broken Hills mine if
you wear it. In addition, the Enclave guards will think that
you're one of them if you're wearing this armor.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 13 hp / 50% Explosion: 20 hp / 60%
Laser: 19 hp / 90% Plasma: 13 hp / 50%
Fire: 14 hp / 70%
Weight: 50 lbs
Armor class: 25
Selling price: $15000
First seen: Nowhere. You'll need to get Crocket (the scientist
at the Hubologists) to upgrade the standard issue
Power Armor to the Hardened specs.
* Special attributes as per Power Armor.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 15 hp / 55% Explosion: 20 hp / 65%
Laser: 19 hp / 90% Plasma: 15 hp / 60%
Fire: 16 hp / 70%
Weight: 45 lbs
Armor class: 30
Selling price: $20000
First seen: The Navarro armory has the Advanced Power Armor. This
is the only suit of this armor in the game.
* The Advanced Power Armors increase strength by 4 if worn. Other
special attributes as per Power Armor.

Damage Resistance
Normal: 18 hp / 60% Explosion: 20 hp / 70%
Laser: 19 hp / 90% Plasma: 18 hp / 60%
Fire: 16 hp / 70%
Weight: 50 lbs
Armor class: 35
Selling price: $25000
First seen: Like the Advanced Power Armor, there is only one suit
of this armor in the Fallout world. It can be found
in the electrified maze in the Enclave Oil Rig.
* Special attributes as per Advanced Power Armor.


1. Colt 6520 10mm Pistol
Damage: 5-12 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 10mm JHP/AP ammo, 12 round magazine
Weight: 3 lbs
Range: 25 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $250

2. Desert Eagle .44
Damage: 10-16 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: .44 caliber JHP/FMJ ammo, 8 round magazine
Weight: 7 lbs
Range: 25 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $800
Upgrades: Extended magazine, upgrades ammo capacity to
20 rounds

3. .44 Magnum Revolver
Damage: 12-18 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5)
Ammo: .44 caliber JHP/FMJ ammo, 6 round magazine
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 15 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $600
Upgrades: Speed loader, reduces reload cost to 1 AP

4. 14mm Pistol
Damage: 12-22 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 14mm AP ammo, 6 round magazine
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 24 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $1100

5. Needler Pistol
Damage: 12-24 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: HN/AP Needler ammo, 10 (?) round magazine
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 24 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $2200

6. Mauser M/96 Pistol
Damage: 5-10 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 9mm ball, 7 round magazine
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 22 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $1500

7. .223 Pistol
Damage: 20-30 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: .223 FMJ ammo, 5 round magazine
Weight: 7 lbs
Range: 30 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $3500

8. PPK12 Gauss Pistol
Damage: 22-32 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 2mm EC ammo, 12 round magazine
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 50 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $5250


1. MP9 10mm SMG
Damage: 5-12 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 10-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 10mm JHP/AP ammo, 30 round magazine
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 25
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $1000

2. Thompson SMG (Tommy Gun)
Damage: 3-20 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 10-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: .45 caliber ammo, 50 round magazine
Weight: 7 lbs
Range: 32 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $1100

3. M3A1 SMG (Grease Gun)
Damage: 10-20 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 8-round burst
Action points: 4 (5), 5
Ammo: .45 caliber ammo, 30 round magazine
Weight: 7 lbs
Range: 20 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $1750

4. H&K P90c SMG
Damage: 12-16 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 12-round burst
Action points: 4 (5), 5
Ammo: 10mm JHP/AP ammo, 24 round magazine
Weight: 8 lbs
Range: 30 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $2500
* The gun in Vault 15 is loaded with 9mm ammo, but
will reload with 10mm ammo. It's a bug.

5. H&K G11 SMG
Damage: 10-20 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 5-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 4.7mm caseless ammo, 50 round magazine
Weight: 8 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $6500

6. H&K G11E SMG
Damage: 13-23 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 7-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 4.7mm caseless ammo, 50 round magazine
Weight: 8 lbs
Range: 40 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $8000


1. Winchester "Widowmaker" Shotgun
Damage: 12-22 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 12 gauge shells, two chambers for two shells
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 14 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $800

2. Sawed-off Shotgun
Damage: 12-24 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 12 gauge shells, two chambers for two shells
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 7 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $800

3. Winchester "City-Killer" Combat Shotgun
Damage: 15-25 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 3-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 12 gauge shells, 12 round magazine
Weight: 10 lbs
Range: 22 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $2750

4. H&K CAWS (Close Assault Weapons System)
Damage: 15-25 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 5-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 12 gauge shells, 10 round magazine
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 30 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $4750

5. Pancor Jackhammer
Damage: 19-28 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 5-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 12 gauge shells, 10 round magazine
Weight: 12 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $5500


1. Red Ryder BB Gun
Damage: 1-3 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: BB ammo, 100 round magazine
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 32 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $200

2. Pipe Rifle
Damage: 5-12 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 10mm JHP/AP ammo, 1 round magazine
Weight: 10 lbs
Range: 25 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $200

3. Colt Hunting Rifle
Damage: 8-20 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: .223 FMJ ammo, 10 round magazine
Weight: 9 lbs
Range: 40 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $1000
Upgrades: Sight scope, increases accuracy

4. AK-112 Assault Rifle
Damage: 8-16 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 8-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 5mm JHP/AP ammo, 24 round magazine
Weight: 10 lbs
Range: 45 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $1300
Upgrades: Extended magazine, upgrades ammo capacity
to 100 rounds

5. DKS-501 Sniper Rifle
Damage: 14-34 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 6 (7)
Ammo: .223 FMJ ammo, 6 round magazine
Weight: 8 lbs
Range: 50 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $2200

Damage: 9-18 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 10-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 7.62mm ammo, 20 round magazine
Weight: 9 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $2200
Upgrades: Night scope, improves accuracy in dimly lit

7. XL70E3
Damage: 12-19 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed), 8-round burst
Action points: 5 (6), 6
Ammo: 5mm JHP/AP ammo, 20 round magazine
Weight: 9 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $3000

8. Red Ryder LE BB Gun
Damage: 25 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: BB ammo, 100 round magazine
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 32 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $3500

9. M72 Gauss Rifle
Damage: 32-43 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: 2mm EC ammo, 20 round magazine
Weight: 10 lbs
Range: 50 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $8250

1. Flamethrower
Damage: 45-90 hp (flame)
Shoot modes: Flame Burst (uses 1 fuel pack)
Action points: 6
Ammo: Flamethrower fuel, capacity for 5 fuel packs
Weight: 18 lbs
Range: 5 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $2000
Upgrades: The upgrade will improve penetration, resulting
in more damage. It'll also require new fuel,
Flamethrower fuel MK-II (blue package).

2. Rockwell Rocket Launcher
Damage: 35-100 hp
Shoot modes: Single shot only
Action points: 6
Ammo: HE or AP rocket, capacity for one rocket
Weight: 15 lbs
Range: 40 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $2300

3. M60
Damage: 18-26 hp
Shoot modes: 10-round burst
Action points: 6
Ammo: 7.62mm ammo, 50 round magazine
Weight: 23 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 7
Selling price: $2300

4. Light Support Weapon
Damage: 20-30 hp
Shoot modes: 10-round burst
Action points: 6
Ammo: .223 FMJ ammo, 30 round magazine
Weight: 20 lbs
Range: 40 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $3750

5. Bozar
Damage: 25-35 hp
Shoot modes: 15-round burst
Action points: 6
Ammo: .223 FMJ ammo, 30 round magazine
Weight: 20 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $5250

6. Rockwell CZ53 Minigun
Damage: 7-11 hp
Shoot modeS: 40-round burst
Action points: 6
Ammo: 5mm JHP/AP ammo, 120 round magazine
Weight: 28 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 7
Selling price: $3800

7. Rockwell CZ53 "Avenger" Minigun
Damage: 10-14 hp
Shoot modes: 40-round burst
Action points: 6
Ammo: 5mm JHP/AP ammo, 120 round magazine
Weight: 28 lbs
Range: 40 hexes
Min. Strength: 7
Selling price: $5500

8. Vindicator Minigun
Damage: 14-19 hp
Shoot modes: 25-round burst
Action points: 6
Ammo: 4.7 mm caseless ammo, 100 round magazine
Weight: 28 lbs
Range: 30 hexes
Min. Strength: 7
Selling price: $15250

ENERGY WEAPONS (small/large weapons)

1. Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol
Damage: 10-22 hp (laser)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: Small Energy Cell, capacity for 12 cells
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 35 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $1400
Upgrades: Magneto Laser Pistol, improves penetration

2. Glock 86 Plasma Pistol
Damage: 15-35 hp (plasma)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: Small Energy Cell, capacity for 16 cells
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 20 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $2750
Upgrades: Extended capacity, increases battery capacity
to 32 cells

3. YK32 Pulse Pistol
Damage: 32-46 hp (pulse)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5)
Ammo: Small Energy Cell, capacity for 5 cells
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 15 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $12500

4. Solar Scorcher
Damage: 20-60 hp (laser)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5)
Ammo: Solar energy, needs well-lit area to operate;
6 shot storage capacity -- no ammo needed
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 20 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $2000

5. Alien Blaster
Damage: 30-80 hp (pulse)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5)
Ammo: Small Energy Cell, capacity for 30 cells
Weight: 2 lbs
Range: 10 hexes
Min. Strength: 2
Selling price: $10000


1. Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle
Damage: 25-50 hp (laser)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell, capacity for 12 cells
Weight: 12 lbs
Range: 45 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $5000
Upgrades: Extended Charge upgrade, upgrades battery
capacity to 24

2. H&K L30 Gatling Laser
Damage: 20-40 hp (laser)
Shoot modes: 10 laser ray burst
Action points: 6
Ammo: Micro Fusio Cell, capacity for 30 cells (three
shots on full charge)
Weight: 24 lbs
Range: 40 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $7500

3. Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle
Damage: 35-60 hp (plasma)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell, capacity for 10 cells
Weight: 12 lbs
Range: 25 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $4000
Upgrades: Turbo Plasma Rifle - decreases AP cost by one,
increases damage by about 5 hp and increases
range by 10 hexes

4. YK42B Pulse Rifle
Damage: 54-78 hp (pulse)
Shoot modes: Single (aimed)
Action points: 5 (6)
Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell, capacity for 10 cells
Weight: 9 lbs
Range: 30 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $17500

Unarmed Weapons
- All unarmed weapons require 3 action points (4 aimed)
and have a range of one hex. In addition, the strength
requirement is only 1.

1. Boxing Gloves
Damage: 1 hp
Weight: 5 lbs
Selling price: $250
* These are used for the New Reno boxing championships.

2. Plated Boxing Gloves
Damage: 2-3 hp
Weight: 10 lbs
Selling price: $300
* Ditto for regular Boxing Gloves. Note that you'll need
to find them before you begin boxing (they can be found
in the basement of Bishop's Shark Club).

3. Brass Knuckles
Damage: 2-5 hp
Weight: 1 lbs
Selling price: $60

4. Spiked Knuckles
Damage: 4-10 hp
Weight: 1 lbs
Selling price: $250

5. Power Fist
Damage: 12-24 hp
Ammo: Small Energy Cell, capacity for 25 cells
Weight: 10 lbs
Selling price: $1800
Upgrades: Mega Power Fist - significantly boosts

Melee Weapons
- Melee weapons don't have an ammo requirement with the notable
exception of the cattle prod and the viroblade. In addition,
some high-damage melee weapons have a high tendency to knock
over opponents.

1. Switchblade
Damage: 2-5 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 3 (4)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: 1
Selling price: $50

2. Wrench
Damage: 3-6 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 3 (4) (?)
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $65
* Quest Item in Vault City

3. Knife
Damage: 1-6 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 3 (4)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: 2
Selling price: $40

4. Police Baton
Damage: 1-6 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4)
Weight: 3 lbs
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $30

5. Crowbar
Damage: 3-10 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5)
Weight: 5 lbs
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $65
* Can be used to open locked doors

6. Sledgehammer
Damage: 4-9 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5), 5 (6)
Weight: 12 lbs
Range 2 hexes
Min. Strength: 6
Selling price: $120

7. Combat Knife
Damage: 3-15 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 3 (4)
Weight: 2 lbs
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: 2
Selling price: $165

8. Wakizashi Blade
Damage: 4-13 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 3 (4)
Weight: 3 lbs
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: ?
Selling price: $200

9. "Little Jesus"
Damage: 5-19 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 3 (4)
Weight: 3 lbs
Range: 1 hex
Min. Strength: 2
Selling price: $200

10. Louisville Slugger
Damage: 12-32 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 3 (4)
Weight: 4 lbs
Min. Strength: 2
Selling price: ?

11. Super Sledgehammer
Damage: 18-36 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 4 (5)
Weight: 12 lbs
Min. Strength: 5
Selling price: $3750

12. Viroblade Ripper
Damage: 15-35 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5), 4 (5)
Weight: 5 lbs
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $900

13. Wattz Cattle Prod
Damage: 12-21 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Thrust (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5), 4 (5)
Weight: 3 lbs
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $600
Upgrades: Super Cattle Prod, doubles damage dealt

Thrown Weapons

1. Plant Spike
Damage: 1-2 hp
Action points: 4 (5)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 8
Min. Strength: 1
Selling price: $5

2. Fragmentation Grenade
Damage: 20-35 hp
Action points: 4 (5)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 15 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $150

3. Pulse Grenade
Damage: 100-150 hp
Action points: 4 (5)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 15 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $250
Special: Can only affect mechanical units

4. Plasma Grenade
Damage: 40-90 hp
Action points: 4 (5)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 15 hexes
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $300

5. Molotov Cocktail
Damage: 8-20 hp
Action points: 5 (6)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 12 hexes
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $50

Melee/Thrown (dual usage) Weapons

1. Rock
Damage: 1-4 hp
Attack modes: Swing (aimed), Throw (aimed)
Action points: 3 (4), 5 (6)
Weight: 1 lb
Range: 1 hex (melee), depends on strength (thrown)
Min. Strength: 1
Selling price: $0

2. Wooden Pole
Damage: 2-4 hp
Attack modes: Thrust (aimed), Throw (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5), 5 (6)
Weight: 3
Range: 2 hexes (melee), depends on strength (thrown)
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $5

3. Spear
Damage: 3-13 hp
Attack modes: Thrust (aimed), Throw (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5), 6 (7)
Weight: 4 lbs
Range: 2 hexes (melee), depends on strength (thrown)
Min. Strength: 4
Selling price: $80
Upgrades: Sharpened Spear; get flint from Aunt Morlis to sharpen
the spear (higher damage dealt)

4. Throwing Knife
Damage: 3-6 hp
Attack modes: Thrust (aimed), Throw (aimed)
Action points: 4 (5), 5 (6)
Weight: 1 lbs
Range: 1 hex (melee), depends on strenght (thrown)
Min. Strength: 3
Selling price: $100

- Any web-sites hosting this text-based walkthrough.
- Yahoo! GeoCities for hosting the Fallout-Next website.

- Taylor Keating (taykj@hotmail.com) forr giving info about
the Bishop family's quests in New Reno.
- Ken Blair (kablair@directvinternet.com) for giving info about
finding Rebecca's book.
- Florian Austin (nevry@mn.rr.com) for the Enclave guard/computer info at the
Gecko power plant.
- "Noot Sack" (nootsack@hotmail.com) for information pertaining to Miria and
- Shane Anderson (DragonKatt@msn.com) for information pertaining to Goris.
- Devon Morrison (prisnr2436@aol.com) for tips on the character creation guide.
- Jonathan Wronski (jonwranger@aol.com) for info pertaining to the installation
of the hy-mag via reactor terminal
- John Waters (johnwaters84@earthlink.net) for correcting some minor typos.
- Craig Woodward (ctwoodward@hotmail.com) for adding information on stealing
from the San Francisco shopkeepers.

- No Mutants Allowed
- http://www.nma-fallout.com
- Per Jorner's Fallout 2 Walkthrough
- http://user.tninet.se/~jyg699a/fallout2.html

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