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Made some major corrections to my rough draft and tried to get it posted.
Added a section on the bottom labeled. Emails/messages this is where new stuff
Goes, unless I can put it somewhere else.

**Side note**
This guide will not actually show you how to gain "MAX STATS" but will show you
how to gain as close to the max as possible with out drugs or cheats. So try it 


You can find this info pretty easily. All you have to do is hit CTRL+F and that
Will bring up a find list, just type in what section you want and BAM, there
you Go. It moves you right to it. 

2.-About me
6.-Starting stats
9.-Powerarmor locations
10.-Mod chip locations
12.-Credits and thanks

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There are many other reasons to contact me and to not contact me, feel free to
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2.-About me
I am from Minnesota and was born in North Carolina (Like you care), I recently
got married on June 2nd 2003. I have been gaming since I was 8 years old and
have never found a game I could not master. So I spend all my time constantly
gaming and looking for that one challenge, including someone to play against. I
am still surprised that my wife puts up with this, probably because I moved to
another state for her. Any ways, I have created many faqs but I never bothered
to post any. I decided to post this one because I find fall out 2 to be a very
entertaining game. I tend to always try to help people with their problems and
teach people how to be the best at what they do. mainly because I am trying to
find someone who will Finally beat me. I like to game against others. Well now
that Im done with this part (and that is if you read it) here is the faq, use
it for good only... unless you want to use it for evil. I don't care just have
fun with the game.

This faq will cover many things some useful and some, well not so useful, it
is designed for the gamer who wants to get the most out of their character. I
Suggest that you play through the game first as you think best, don't follow
this guide until after you beat the game at least once. that way you can enjoy
your new character even better. Also this guide will give away a lot of spoilers
or parts of the game that would normally be hidden unless you had some kind of
insider tip. So don't get mad if I spoil something for you. with that in mind
continue onward to the guide.

I guess your wondering, now that you are finally here. what is max stats, well
there are seven (7) stats all together: Strength, Perception, Endurance,
Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck. In order to get the maximum stats you
would need 10 points in all. There is to this point no way to get the full 70
with out the use of drugs (I do not recommend drugs in real life, just in the
game), or a cheat that can be found (I won't post this here). But there is a
couple of ways to get your stats VERY close to 70 with out cheating or using
drugs. That is what this guide is all about.

Stats work by determining how your skills improve or start out, how much damage
you can take, how many NPCS you can have and all kinds of stuff. With high
stats you will be a far more efficient killing machine or negotiator. So with
out any more stalling here is the list of stats and what they pretty much
relate too. (Im not going to put what the game says because you can find that
on your own, I will just put my findings)

This will determine how much damage you do with melee weapons and Unarmed
combat. It will also determine how much you can carry. Strength will also help
aid your endurance when gaining HP per level. There are many points in the game
where strength will be useful.

This will determine your hit points (HP) at the start and what you will gain
along with your strength bonus per level. Endurance is not the most important
stat if you get certain perks or have certain skills. But if you like LOTS of
hit points or like to be able to, um, do the nasty (Thats getting it on with
the other gender) then endurance is good. Higher endurance will determine how
long you can do certain things. This is a good skill but can be sacrificed to
make other skills 10.

Do you like seeing things before they see you? do you like being able to hit
these things or shoot them? well then perception is the stat for you. This will
determine your accuracy and help with your reaction (Sequence) rate, that means
you can shoot them first. If you are a gunner then this is good, in fact its
good for melee fighters too. Its just a fun stat to have for it makes combat
That much easier. Also useful for skill relation. This is a skill that works
best at max.

How much people like you. to find out how many NPCS you can have (NPC stands
for non-player character), they help you fight and carry stuff, take your
charisma rating and divide it by 2. An even number will show how many NPCS you
can have. To a max of 5, there are ways to get more but its not easy. There are
also perks and drugs that will help raise this or make it so you can have more
NPCS. This stat is also useful for getting certain dialog options resulting in
more missions.

Those smart guys have more money than you for a reason. This will determine how
many skill points you get per level. Also how many speech options you have
during conversations. An IQ of 4 or less will result In a LARGE part of the
game being sacrificed for stupid humor. So having a HIGH intelligence will be
good. Many skills depend on it. Getting certain missions depend on it, so
Intelligence is by far one of the most important stats.

This is what it takes to not get shot or hit, since it determines your AC when
you don't have armor (AC stands for Armor class in case you did not know). Also
lots of skills depend on it and you will find you can move more with a high
agility. Since it gives you your starting action points and helps with your
sequence rate. So an agility of 10 would result in 10 action points, since
action points are needed to do anything in combat this stat is the best one to
have at max.

Sometimes your lucky and sometimes your not. Have you ever knew a guy who knew
a guy who won the lottery? Or maybe got struck by lightning. Good luck and bad
luck will play a large part or the game. From criticals to gambling to
encounters. All kinds of stuff. Having a high luck is VERY helpful, while
having a low luck is very funny. And Deadly. Some encounters will only appear
if your luck is at a certain level. So if your following this guide luck is
good, if your trying things out on your own. Try all kinds of different options
for luck, you will probably have lots of fun.

This is how we can get the max stats or close to. There are three traits that
are very useful for getting max stats but there are also other traits that make
the game a lot different. This is about the traits that help with stats so I
will just put the descriptions for them here. But I will list the others and
give some kind of comment. So you know whats there.

Fast metabolism -You heal faster but are weak against radiation and poison
Bruiser (Used in this guide)
Small Frame (Used in this guide)
One hander -Good with one handed weapons, bad with two
Finesse -Really good at getting those critical hits, since you shoot fancy
Kamikaze -This lets you go first but armor does not count for AC purposes
Fast shot -You can't aim but you do get to shoot more
Bloody mess -Things Die very messy
Jinxed -This will make bad things happen to every one
Chem reliant -You need Drugs to function properly
Chem resistant -You can use drugs but they are not as effective
Sex appeal -Good if your a woman, not so if male
skilled -You get perks at levels of 4 instead of 3, but raises skills
Gifted (Used in this guide) 

Small frame: You are not quite as big as the other villagers, but that never
slowed you down. You can't carry as much but you are more agile.
Pros: +1 to agility
Cons: you carry half your normal load weight

Comment: If you want to keep your action points this is good, but if your like
me and carry lots of stuff then this is not for you, pick bruiser instead.
Unless carrying stuff does not bother you. but be warned you will only be able
to carry a max of 185 compared to a max of 275 at a strength of 10. That means
having your NPCs carry stuff using the car and making sure only to take what
you need. This will actually cause problems if you like big guns.

Bruiser: A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but
they will feel it when you do! Your total action points are lowered, but your
strength in increased.

Pros: +2 to strength
Cons: -2 to action points

Comment: even though you lose 2 action points you still get to carry your full
weight allotment. This means that you will be able to carry 275 pounds worth of
stuff when your strength gets to 10. Problem is that your action points will be 
8 when your agility is at 10. That means you get 1 maybe 2 attacks less later
on. But you can fix this with certain perks such as action boy. Take that twice
and your action points will go back to normal. makes it hard early in the game

Gifted: You have more innate abilitys than most, so you have not spent as much
time honing your skills. Your primary statistics are each +1, but you lose -10%
on all skills to start, and receive 5 less skill points per level.

Pros: +1 to all starting stats for a total of 7 stat points extra
Cons: -10% to skills and 5 less skill points per level

Comment: The pros far out weigh the cons on this one. sure your skills are
lowered and you gain less per level. but there are so many ways to raise skills
through out the game that you probably will not even notice this. Also since
this faq is about getting max stats or close to, then this is obviously the
trait to take. Once your stats start getting higher you will notice your skills
increase too, since most skills are determined by what your stats are. This is 
the best trait to get.

6.-Starting stats
Finally this is where it all begins. When you start a new character you will
have the basics set up for you. You get 5 points in every stat Plus 5 points to
Spend how you like. Simple math says 7*5=35+5=40 so you could just max a stat
or two and leave it at that, but you won't... will you? Now if you picked the
trait gifted you will receive +1 point for each stat. That gives +7 all
together. Now you have 47 points to use as you see fit (Can't go lower than 2
now in any stat). Now this is how it all works out, thanks to some other
gamefaq members (Thanked in credits section) I have figured that with certain
perks and some in game items you can raise almost all your stats to their
maximum level.

first off lets put in what you get at the start
35 starting stat points
5 bonus starting points
7 gifted stat points

total 47

Now here is two ways to place out the points in order to make the most of them.
I will put next to them the things we will use to raise them so you see their
final result. I will explain these things later, this one uses the trait

ST: 2 (+4 APA, +2 bruiser, +1 perk, +1 chip) = 10
PE: 8 (+1 chip, +1 perk) = 10
EN: 7 (+1 perk) = 8 
CH: 7 (+1 chip, +1 perk, +1 shades) = 10
IN: 8 (+1 perk, +1 chip) = 10
AG: 9 (+1 perk) = 10
LK: 6 (+2 zeta scan, +1 perk) = 9

total points 47
with bruiser it will be 49 (Make sure to put the points into strength)

5 max stats
1 at 9
1 at 8
but you will lose 2 action points
you could put charisma at 6 that would make it 9 at the end but then you could
put the point into luck making that 10. Since Charisma can be raised with
mentats, you could even go with lowering endurance and use buffouts. Up to you.

Here is the second one. This one uses small frame.

ST: 4 (+4 APA, , +1 perk, +1 chip) = 10
PE: 8 (+1 chip, +1 perk) = 10
EN: 7 (+1 perk) = 8 
CH: 5 (+1 chip, +1 perk, +1 shades) = 8
IN: 8 (+1 perk, +1 chip) = 10
AG: 8 (+1 perk, +1 small frame) = 10
LK: 7 (+2 zeta scan, +1 perk) = 10

Total 47
with small frame it will be 48 (make sure to put the points into agility)

5 max stats
2 at 8
you can mentat your charisma to 10 for npc gaining and buffout for endurance.
but neither really need to be much higher than 8. since for some reason things
work better if they are an even number. Even though you will not lose action
points you will not be able to carry as much as you normally would. I hate
that, Since I tend to carry close to 195 pounds worth of stuff with me all the

Now here is what will raise your stats and the grand total of points. This will
explain what those things next to each stat means. 

Advanced Power armor gives you +4 to strength

Bruiser gives +2 to strength

Small frame gives +1 to agility

Each stat has a perk that gives +1 to it up to a max of 10

There are 4 modular chips that will raise 4 stats up by 1 to a max of 10.

There is 2 different pairs of mirrored sunglasses that will give +1 to
charisma, one is in Golgotha (You will get the karma marking of grave robber
for this one, thats bad) and the other is held by Mr.Salvators guard Mason. You
have to kill him to get them so this one will just make you have to go through
a huge fight. Problem is they use laser guns so make sure your strong enough
here. You can only where 1 at a time since you would look stupid with two on.

There are two different areas where you can get Zeta scans that will either
raise or lower a stat or two by 2 points. You can get only 1 of the two scans.

I suggest saving before trying and reload if you get the bad result.

The one at NCR gives +2 luck, or -1 luck
The one in San Fran gives +1 Luck & Int, or -1 luck

Both will give you 2 extra stat points, so depending on how you want your stats
to be, choose wisely. I always go for the one in NCR since I don't know of many 
ways to raise luck.

So all together with the starting and the added points here is the total.
35 starting
5 extra 
7 Gifted
2 or 1 Depending on trait
2 Zeta scan
1 Mirrored sunglasses
4 Advanced power armor
7 Level up perks
4 modular chips

Total 67 or 66 depending on your trait. Now thats just 3 short of 70. So as you
see unless some one figures out another way this is it. Scroll down for more
info on what to choose and where to find things in order to get these points.

Every time you gain 3 levels you will get something every one loves called
perks. It will be every 4 levels if you choose the skilled trait (You better
not if your following this faq). Perks will help boost certain things like,
stats (YAY!), skills, combat abilitys and non-combat abilitys. There are many
perks. I will not list them all. for a full list check the other faqs on
gamefaqs. There are many good ones. Such as the "PERKS FAQ By: whitechocobo666"
if you want more info on perks check that one out. As for my faq, I will just
list the perks I find the most useful and when to get them. There are certain
requirements to get some perks, I will not list them all or even explain how
to get them. Thats too much info to put in and too much work. But if you find
one of your stats is not high enough for the perk then you can use one of the
many drugs in the game. Save before you use it that way if you get addicted you
can reload and try again. Here are some of the drugs used for stat increasing.

Buffout - 2 strength, 3 endurance, 2 agility.
Mentats - 2 perception, 1 charisma, 2 intelligence.
Jet - 2 AP, 1 perception.

Each one can be used two times for the increase after that its kind of
pointless. I think there are more drugs but Im not sure what all of them do.
these are the ones I find the most useful. After about a day or a couple of
hours your character will go into withdrawals and some of your stats will drop
for a day or two, Be warned.

To start out you can't get stat increasing perks until level 12. That means
that it will take a little time to get max stats or close to max stats but you
can make your self very powerful on the way there. So until then these are
some good perks to pick to get the best effects. I will list them by level and
explain what they are sort of.

Level 3
Awareness: You can see what weapons the enemys have and there HP, good so you
know who to shoot or avoid first.

Level 6
Quick Pockets: Some people say this perk is useless others say its VERY good, I
like it since it takes 2 action points to reload a gun but with this perk it
takes 2 points to open your inventory. That means you can reload your gun and
use stim packs and pull out a different gun or what ever you want. Normally it
takes 4 points to go into your inventory during battle so this is good.

Level 9
Better Criticals: One point of getting high stats is to take things out faster.
well with better criticals you do just that. you get better critical hits so
you can get one hit kills easier, especially if you aim for the eyes. You can
also knock out your enemy if you aim for the head or groin, when they are prone
(Lying down or out cold) you get a 95% chance to hit them no matter what. since 
they will not dodge (Can't if your knocked out). Its also good for making
things stop attacking by going for the arms or making them stop moving by going
for the legs. Useful if you want to run from a swarm of nasty things.

Level 12
(This level you can start getting the stat raising perks, I would also say it
is the best level by far to get too in the game since you can get the most
useful perks here)

These perks will raise what ever stat you pick the perk for by +1 as long as
you are under 10. Very good and the whole point of this faq.

Gain Strength	
Gain Endurance		
Gain Perception		
Gain Charisma		
Gain Agility		
Gain Intelligence	
Gain Luck		

These perks are good for making sure you do that extra damage or survive that
extra shot

Living Anatomy: gives + 5 to base damage and +10% to doctor, very good

Lifegiver: This perk will make up for your low endurance early on also since it
gives you +4 to HP every level you could possible get your HP to VERY high
numbers. That means staying alive longer, but if you already have endurance at
what you like and don't care about HP right away I suggest taking the stat
increasing perk. (Obviously you should since thats why I made this)

Tag!: Tag is also good because you can tag an extra skill and pull out the stat
points that the perk gives you and raise another skill, since it doubles what
ever you already got in it.(Might have been fixed in one of the patches) also
useful for getting science up to 150% so you can get Skynet. One of the points
for tagging a skill is making your character better at it, so if you just
absolutely need that doctor skill or science skill raised this is good.

Action Boy: Take it twice to get you up to 10 for action points. That is if you
took Bruiser for the +2 in strength. If you chose the small frame route then
take a stat up perk instead. since all this does is give +1 to action points
its not really needed right away.

Level 15
Bonus Rate of Fire: Well I think making it take 1 less action point to fire a
gun is good, that means one extra burst shot or two called shots or even a free
reload. either way its good unless you want to wait and take one of the stat
gaining perks. Probably wiser to take the stat perk

Level 18
This level gains no actual perks, not that I know of any ways, its good to
take one of the perks from the earlier levels here. A stat gaining perk or one
of the combat perks.

Level 24
Slayer:	Well if you get up close and personal a lot take this perk, makes it so
you get criticals with every melee hit... some times you might get a regular
hit but this puts your critical rate at 95% with a successful luck roll.

Sniper:	I like this perk, I like it a lot. why? Because it makes your critical
rate 95% with a successful Shot and as long as you make a successful luck role
(Luck will be high if you take the right stuff). So lets say you shoot a guy in 
the eyes. well normally if you don't get a critical he just gets hurt, with a
critical he could be blinded making it hard for him to hit you also making most
bad guys run away, or with a better critical he could DIE. That is good.

So thats the perks. Now its on to skills. The things that perks make better.

This is what makes a character great. The skills of a character can be raised
through many different ways. Books, level up skill points, in game training.
All kinds of things. I could go into great detail here as to what skills do but
I will just list them instead. Along with the preferred skills to tag. This is
just my suggestion mind you. you don't have to take these skills, you could go
for a sneaky character or a thief or a doctor. I pick these three for combat
and dialog reasons. Just so you know Intelligence will determine how many skill
points you get per level up. Most skills need a certain stat to determine what
they are going to be, those skills will raise as you gain levels and put points
into them or raise its related stat. Hence why max stats are good.

These are the skills I always tag
Small guns: (most good weapons are small guns like the gausse Rifle)
Unarmed: (There are some areas where you have to fight unarmed, like in New
Reno or San Francisco)
Speech: (This will help you get quests and allow you to talk your way out of
some fights, very useful early on and even better later)

These are all the skills and their formulas along with a small comment.

Small guns:    Base:5% +(4xAG)     Comment: Good weapons here
Big guns:      Base:0% +(2xAG)     Comment: Great for burst fire
Energy weapons:Base:0% +(2xAG)     Comment: Does nice damage
Unarmed:       Base:30%+(2x(AG+ST))Comment: Can be raised by in game npcs
Melee weapons: Base:20%+(2x(AG+ST))Comment: Good for causing knockback 
Throwing:      Base:0% +(4xAG)     Comment: useful but not needed
First aid:     Base:0% +(2x(PE+IN))Comment: Doctor is better
Doctor:        Base:5% +(PE+IN)    Comment: will heal crippled limbs 
Sneak:         Base:5% +(3xAG)     Comment: Helps to steal and assassinate
Lockpick:      Base:10%+(PE+AG)    Comment: Lots of stuff is locked up
Steal:         Base:0% +(3xAG)     Comment: save before then reload if you fail
Traps:         Base:10%+(PE+AG)    Comment: Not many traps in game
Science:       Base:0% +(4xIN)	   Comment: get this to 149% for Skynet
Repair:        Base:0% +(3xIN)     Comment: Vic Uses repair
Speech:        Base:0% +(5xCH)     Comment: Important for non combat situations
Barter:        Base:0% +(4xCH)     Comment: Just sell more stuff to get cash
Gambling:      Base:0% +(5xLK)     Comment: If high enough you never lose
Outdoorsman:   Base:0% +(2x(EN+IN))Comment: Determines your encounter rate

There are certain skills that I find the most useful, here they are.

Doctor, Science, Steal, Lockpick, Small guns, speech. Using these skills you
can gets lots of extra missions.

9.-Powerarmor locations
There are a few sets of armor that are good to have in the fallout world. Among
these are the power armors. Powerarmor not only gives you a huge damage
resistance and increase your ac, but they also provide you with a strength
bonus too. That is good and part of how you gain the highest stats you can. So
for the armor sets and locations here you go.

All power armor and advanced power armor has at least 1 extra upgrade. In San
Francisco at the Hubologists there is a guy named Crocket. He will upgrade a
power armor and make it a hardened power armor. He can only do this twice and
it will cost you 10,000 for each set. Unless you threaten him with his life,
then he will do it for free. Problem there is fights tend to happen shortly

Power armor 1: Gives +3 to strength
Can be found at Military base second level. past all the mutants in a locker.
Bottom right room. This armor is not one of the easiest to get but it works if
you can get it. Very useful for your npcs if you have another set but good if
its your first, just not easy to get, try using sneak.

Power armor 2: Gives +3 to strength
Can be found at San Francisco in the brotherhood of steel fort. problem with
this armor is, like the others it needs to be upgraded to be stronger and by
time your able to get this one you would or should have found the Advanced.
This is more for your npcs if you want them.

Power armor 3: Gives +3 to strength (They all do except advanced obviously)
Can be found at the Enclave. This one is way out of your way. By the time you
get this one your should already have Advanced power armor or Advanced power
armor MKII. This one is basically there just so you can bring one back to your

Advanced power armor: Gives +4 to strength (This one will make it possible to
get max stats)
Can be found at Navarro. when you get to Navarro you can take one of two ways
in. I will leave that up to you to figure out. But if you have regular power
armor they will tell you to get the advanced power armor at the armory. if you
don't then you will be told to get your suit there anyways. Basically they want
you to have the armor. To find it go into the base, go down to the basement
part and go to the top left room. Thats the Armory, there you will find the
armor and some weapons.

Advanced power armor MKII: Gives +4 to strength and better ac then the Advanced
power armor.
Can be found at the enclave. This armor is by far the best armor in the game,
it gives major defense to both ballistic and energy attacks. It gives the
strength bonus also. problem is you find it when your at the enclave. Thats the
end of the game. If you save your other armors you can give them to your npcs.

There you go, I think there might be more but I have not found them.

10.-Mod chip locations
There are 4 modular chips that will give you stat upgrades. The chips can be
used by the super computer in the brother hood of steel base at San Francisco.
Here are the four chip locations and what they do. As far as I know no other
faq has this info, so I made my self feel all warm and fuzzy when I typed this

1. Blue memory chip: +1 Charisma
Found in the Navarro armory

2. Green Memory chip: +1 Perception
Found at the military base. Its in a locker on the 3rd floor right before all
the mutants.

3. Yellow memory chip: +1 Intelligence (Wish I had one of these)
Found in the Sierra medical lab. Thats the south East room on the first floor.
You have to get the wright family to accept you to find the base so your going
to have to make a trip to New Reno first.

4. Red memory chip: +1 Strength
This one is found in Vault city on the second floor of their vault. Funny thing
about this room is its behind a door that needs someone with a strength on 8 to 
open. Crazy I know, but if you use buffout or jet you can raise your strength
up to open the door.

There, all 4 chips. There is a cheat that makes it so you can duplicate items.
If you don't mind cheating you could use it to adjust your stats and make copys
of the chips to gain the last 3 missing points. I have not tested this so if
someone wants to confirm this, that would be cool.

Don't randomly kill people until you have talked to the entire town or area.
You might end up kiling the one guy who would make it possible for you to
finish that quest.

Every time you gain a perk after level 24 your basically choosing from the
perks already listed. so thats when you can start building up your character to
be the ultimate fighting machine. problem is at level 24 your strong enough to
take on the enclave so there is no point to keep gaining levels, unless your
trying to gain max stats or all the perks.

After you beat the enclave you can go to vault city and talk to the master
computer and you will be told where you can gain 20,000 xp any time you choose.
there is also the priest in New Reno who will give you a book that will make
your skills go to 300% and give you 10,000 xp every time you read it. so if you
don't have max stats by then this is a good time to get them.

Most skills will work at 60% for there intended purpose but to get the best
effect from them build the skill higher. The best thing to do is max the skill
out but only some need to be really high for there best effects. (I put a note
of this up in the skills part)

Save often and have a backup save. You never know when you will make a stupid
decision or the game will glitch or you will die, or something horrible.

Some times leaving your NPCs behind will get you into a place a lot easier. also
people will give you different reactions depending on who your with.

Don't worry about money or conserving ammo. Lots of things will die at your
feet and you can just sell the stuff they leave. just make sure you have a
spare gun ready in case your favorite one runs out.

Don't use too many chemicals since all of them have addiction rates (Not sure
about stimpacks but I know radaway gets you addicted).

12. Credits and Thanks
First off I would like to thank my wife. For she let me waist all kinds of time
to make this, so thanks.

Second I would like to thank Gamefaqs for being around since 1995 and letting
me join for free in 2000, I have been coming to this sight for a long
time now and its about time I do more than just post on the message boards.

Third off I would like to thank The good people who made Fallout 2, Black Isle
and Interplay. Since without them I would never had a reason to make this

Also I would like to thank every one on the fall out 2 message boards for your
help in figuring out some stuff that I could have done on my own but did not
want too.

Mainly I would like to thank these specific Gamefaq members for responding to
my posts or giving me some kind of motivation. either from having a faq of
their own making me want to join their ranks or giving me some kind of feedback
during my message board postings.

Perfect Zeratul Who suggested using small frame, making it so I have another
option in my guide for max stats.

TG Gau, DariusTriplet, PrattDaBard and Mentat Addict for helping me figure out
the starting points and the max points you can get in the game. even if they
did not realize it they helped. 

whitechocobo666 Since I mentioned his "PERKS FAQ By: whitechocobo666", I
figured it was easier to do this than post every thing my self. I was only
interested in posting what I used from my game.

RyanFialcowitz for sending me the message about another way for the stats.

If you feel I should post your name feel free to point it out. but
you must also point out what you did for me. Im not into giving people credit
for something they did not do.


This message was posted on the boards in gamefaqs. Ifigure I will just put the
Post here that way if it gets pushed off the boards it will still be saved.

From: RyanFialcowitz | Posted: 12/20/2004 2:55:06 AM | Message Detail
I took a quick look at your guide and thought I could help you out a
bit. Your method had tens in all but two attributes. It is in fact
quite possible to get 10 in ALL attributes without cheating and without
the use of drugs. It does however require the abuse of the Pariah Dog.
Let us go through it together. You must start with Bruiser and Gifted.

Strength 4 (+4 Advanced Power Armour, +1 Memory Module, +1 Perk.)

Perception 8 (+1 Memory Module, +1 Perk.)

Endurance 9 (+1 Perk.)

Charisma 8 (+1 Memory Module, +1 Perk.)

Intellegnce 8 (+1 Memory Module, +1 Perk.)

Agility 9 (+1 Perk.)

Luck 3 (+2 Zeta Scan, +1 Perk, +4 Killing Pariah Dog.)

This puts all stats at ten. The only really hard part is finding the
Pariah Dog and getting him to follow you without his lowering your
luck. This CAN be done, I repeat, this CAN be done. When you get him to
follow you and you luck has NOT gone down when you kill him it will
raise your luck. The exact mechanism that keeps him from lowering your
luck is unknown to me but I and many others have done it on numerous

I hope this helps your cause.

-Ryan P. Fialcowitz

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