Submitted by: Haspa

Press [Talk] (default is T) during game play. 
The game will freeze, but has not crashed. 
Enter one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to 
activate the cheat function.

Result                              Code 
Invulnerability                   - god  
Invisibility                      - notarget  
Full                              - ammunition ammo  
All                               - weapons guns 
Full                              - armor armor 
Full                              - health health  
Position mode                     - pos 
All weapons and unlimited ammo    - tears  
Ghost mode                        - poltergeist  
Increase health and reflexes      - gear  
Level skip                        - maphole  
Weapons, full ammo, armor, health - kfa  
Spawn indicated weapon            - gimmegun   
Spawn indicated ammunition        - gimmeammo   
Display build version             - build  

Weapon names:
Use one of the following entries with the gimmegun code to spawn 
the weapon.
Assault rifle    - assault rifle
Cannon           - cannon
Dual pistols     - dual pistols
Frag grenade     - frag grenade
Missile launcher - missile launcher
Nailgun          - nail gun
Pipe bomb        - remote charge
Pistol           - pistol
Plasma railgun   - plasma weapon
Semi-auto rifle  - semi-auto rifle
Shotgun          - shotgun
SMG              - submachinegun
Trip mine        - proximity
No effect        - gimmegun turret 

Ammunition names:
Use one of the following entries with the gimmeammo code to spawn 
the indicated 
ammunition for each weapon.


Submitted by:DIE BAAS

In game press T for the talk option, type in god, and in the right side 
of the screen there will show a (godmode on) line.

Saving Medkits:
Make a mark of some sort to lead you back on some Medkits that you could not 
carry before. If you so happen to run out of your own because of a big fight 
you can find them again. This is useful in Interval 11 with the armies of ghosts 
coming after you. Just make sure that you are able to backtrack to get the 
Medkits you left behind.

Labdog: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division reference:
After the firefight in the gas pipes area near the exit point of the map, there 
will be a gas pipe on fire. Turn the object off in the next room, then return 
to the now extinguished pipe area..There is a semi secret walkway there. Walk 
in, find the ladder, and climb up. You will find a health booster, and there 
is a door on your left. Go into that office. Listen to the song. It is the 
main theme from Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. an anime FPS created by Mololith. 
Look at the dry marker board. It is the same one from an office level from 
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

Defeating Assassin Super Soldiers: 
Because the assassins are difficult to see due to their camouflage and high speed 
running, try using slow-motion. You will notice them immediately once they are 
slowed. After that, let all of your rounds into them.


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