F.E.A.R (walkthrough)

Game: F.E.A.R.
Game`s genre: Modern, Horror First-Person Shooter
Game developer: Monolith Productions
Game publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Game`s date of release: 10/17/2005
Author: Ales Krivic A.K.A. Kemphler
E-mail: maxdemobster@email.si
Guide type: FAQ/Walkthrough
Date started: 12/26/2005
Last updated: 03/19/2006
Current version of the FAQ: 1.6

***Table of contents***
1)Version history
6)Weapons and items
8)FAQ, misc information, general and multi-player tips
10)Copyright information

1)Version history

Ver. 1.0: 12/29/2005
Completed all sections, expect the walkthrough, although they are in a rough

Ver. 1.1: 12/30/2005
Added some more information about Icarus project and ATC, wrote more
information in Walkthrough, Enemies, Characters, Weapons and items, FAQ, misc
information and general tips sections and checked the whole FAQ for grammar
errors, misspelling or incorrect words.

Ver. 1.2: 12/31/2005
Added some more information regarding the Replica clone soldiers, in the Story,
Weapons sections and fully completed the Walkthrough section.

Ver. 1.3: 01/25/2006
Updated FAQ, Weapons and items, Story, Characters, Introduction, Copyright
information, Misc and Credits sections, added Multiplayer section, explained
the important fact relating the Checkpoints in Weapons and items section, added
some more abbreviations, removed some spoilers within the Characters section
(creditet Thomas for that), added spaces after comas and periods (to make the
FAQ more readable) and done some small corrections; authorized the following
websites, to use my FAQs and other work:
- http://www.neoseeker.com
- http://www.supercheats.com
- http://www.cheatchannel.com
- http://www.cheatbook.de

Ver. 1.4: 01/30/2006
Creditet bob3739 for the info about Boosters, updatet FAQ section and added my
third e-mail in Introduction section.

Ver. 1.4.1: 01/30/2006
As I have credited bob3739, I forgot to change the total number of Boosters in
Items section (LOL). Anyway, a have moderated this section and the problem is
now solved.

Ver. 1.5: 02/19/2006
Added the newly discovered locations of Boosters (described within the
Walkthrought section), corrected and added some abbrevations (creditet kriegi2
for that), described on more thing, relating the EVE, that I have recently
discovered and just added 2 tips for the Ghost enemy and 1 in the General tips

Ver. 1.6: 03/19/2006
Reorganisired the Misc section, removed one more spoiler, authorized the
following website, to use my work: http://www.absolutcheats.com and corrected
the whole FAQ with the help of spell checker.


O.K., first off, I am writing FAQ for the first time and come from a foreing
country, so there may be misspelling somewhere, grammar errors or incorrect
words. Second, this FAQ was created for F.E.A.R. game on normal difficulty
mode, so if you will play it on other difficulties, SOME THINGS MAY CHANGE. If
anyone want`s to add something to this FAQ, please, post this on my
e-mail, but you can also contact me at following
e-mails: maxdemobster@yahoo.de , sturmtiger@mail386.com , orion.45@hotmail.com
and you will be credited. Also when you post an e-mail and if you want to be
listed in credits, include your name and e-mail (not necessarily); if you don`t
include this, I will assume that you don`t want to be listed. I won`t submit
any of your e-mail without your permission and will remove it at your request.
And if you have gotten that information from anyone else, CREDIT THEM.
And keep on mind, that wherever are SPOILERS, I have wrote a NOTIFICATION below
the title (i.e. there may be some spoilers in Characters section, so just below
the title, there is a notification).

There will be also many abbreviations in this FAQ, so I will list all of them
ATC - Armacham Technology Corporation
SMG - sub-machine gun (in German language MP - machinenpistole)
AR - assault rifle
RL - rocket launcher
RC - repeating cannon
msg(s) - messeage(s)
HP(s) - healt pack(s)
HB - healt booster
RB - reflex booster
BVP(s) - bullet proof vest(s) ~ armour
FG(s) - fragmentation grenade(s)
FPS - first-person shooter
CQB - close range battles
RemB(s) - remote bomb(s)
SFOD-D - special forces operations detachment-delta
Hind - Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship helicopter
Blackhawk - UH-60 Blackhawk medium - lift utility or assault helicopter
SR - sniper rifle
PW - plasma weapon
Stealh ninja - Icarus stealh assasin soldier
Heavy armor - heavy armor soldier
HLZ - helicopter landing zone
RoF - rate of fire
etc. - et cetera = and so on
F.E.A.R. - first encounter assault reconnaissance
INTERVAL = mission
Enemy(ies), bad guy(s) = most of a time, a will refer Replica soldiers as enemy
or bad guys, because of their great numbers
ATC guy(s) = ATC security
RTS - real-time strategy
DOD - department of defense
Snipers - Replica clone soldiers (elite version, carrying PWs)
EVE - ground combat mech (don`t know the exact meaning)
UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle
UTM - universal transverse mercator
SlowMo - slow motion
LCD - liquid-crystal display
HQ - headquarters

Some people also don`t know the military abbrevations, that are commonly used
in the game, written in this FAQ or used in other FAQs, relating the FPS games
(or are in the name of a weapon, which means the type of amunition), so I will
describe some of them here:
MIA - missing in action
KIA - killed in action
WIA - wounded in action
SitRep - situation report
Medevac - medic evacuation
HV - high-velocity
M (such as M77) - Mark or Model (for US weapons)
G (such as G2A2) - Gewehr (rifle in German language; das Gewerh)
T (such as T7) - Type
A, B, C, E (such as G2A2) - stands for a different version of the weapon
X (such as XM-304A Minigun) - it means, that the weapon is still in the
prototype stages
K (such as MP5K or G36K) - this either means a short version of weapon (i.e.
MP5K; kurtz in German language means short) or a carbine model of the rifle
(i.e. G36K; Karbin in German language)

Note:- there are many spoilers in this story, so think well before you read it
- other information, relating the other projects and events can be found
in Misc section

When Harlan Wade`s daughter, Alma, was born, she looked as a simple girl, but
Harlan and Disler soon discovered that she has great a telepathic abilities.
Before her, an U.S. Department of Defense`s secret project, Perseus, was
undergo. The point of this project was to create a super soldiers, that would
have a telepathic commander (Harlan Wade gave his DNA to create those
soldiers). But if they wanted this, they needed a telephat. And that was Alma.
Harlan then started an ATC secret project, named Origin. Its goal was to
genetically engineer a powerful psychics, possibly for military purposes. It
was also decided early on, that if the prototypes gestated in the womb of a
psychic mother, the results would be more favorable. When Alma was 8 years old,
she was chosen for a mother and was placed in an induced coma,
while pregnant.
When Alma was 15 years old, the first prototype was born. And that was you.
The second prototype was Fettel. When Fettel was 10 years old, an synchronicity
event occurred - even if Alma was in coma, she managed to connect
telepathically with Fettel, which turned him psychotic. He killed then 10
people and after this, ATC decided to shut down the Origin project and to shut
down >> The Vault << - a shielded cell (inside this cell, there was a cyrogenic
freezing), where Alma was kept. But this has also deactivated the life support
systems in that cell and 6 days later, Alma died.
Apparently after some time, Genevive Aristid, a director of ATC and Senator
ordered of re-opening >> The Vault << with a single purpose to test the
abilities of the first prototype. When >> The Vault << was opened, Alma`s
spirit was released. She made a contact with Fettel, who had now an army of
super soldiers (Senator provided him with this soldiers) and immediately began
his bloody rampage, with a goal to hunt down and kill everyone, that was
involved in the Origin project. . .


ATC security: Those guys are employed by ATC with an objective, to destroy all
evidence regarding the ATC illegal activities and to eliminate every potential
human, that may reveal those things to others - that also includes you. They
won`t be so dangerous, just remember to aim for the head and most of them are
armed with SMG or assault rifle, some of them also carry nailgun or shotgun.
They are also equipped with Fragmentation grenades.

Replica clone soldiers: Originating from project Perseus, those soldiers are
designed purely for killing. They are very smart, will not care for themselves
and will work together as a team to bring you down. They are much better than
normal soldiers, especially in their armor, military tactics and body`s
resistance to weapons fire. There are several versions of them, but I will
describe the basic ones:
- Standard version: They don`t posses a great strenght, but they can be
dangerous, when in groups. They carry assault rifles, SMG and shotguns and are
equipped with Fragmentation grenades.
- Elite version: These guys are much difficult and smarter than the previous
ones. You will recognize them by their white mask and orange glowing eyes or
they may also appear with gray masks - but those ones are snipers and will
therefor carry Plasma weapon. The first ones seem to be specialized in heavier
weaponry - they carry RL, RC, nailgun or sometimes also assault rifle.
- Heavy armor soldier: You won`t probably miss those guys - they have a big and
very thick gray armor with blue glowing eyes and carry most of a time nailgun,
some of them also RL or Plasma weapon. I recommend extreme caution for those
ones, because they can quickly kill you, if you aren`t careful. Soften them by
using explosives and then use hit-and-run tactics to defeat them. And don`t try
to use melee or any other similar attacks, because that won`t do anything and
they will also do a melee attack to you - and that hurts a lot.

UAV: Those flying robots are very annoying and maneuverable, but can be easy to
defeat, if you use ambush tactics. They fire a red repeating laser that is
quite powerful, so it is best to hide somewhere and let them come to you. When
they show up, use shotgun or anything else powerful to bring them down quick,
one by one. If you can`t hide, then strafe left and right as much as possible
and use automatic weaponry. Also note, that they have a blue light, that
shines with great magnitude (you can see a blue light reflection on the walls,
when they are near) and they are very loud (basically their engine), so you
won`t probably have problems with spotting them.

EVE: Those mechs are a pain in the neck. They are either equiped with RL or
laser cannon on their both arms and can absorb huge amounts of punishment.
Going to another room won`t do anything, because they will bust trough door in
no time. Staying behind bullet proof windows also won`t work. What about
avoiding it and going to the upper level? He can`t jump up if he has so much
mass. But he also can do that. They also move very fast and loud. I recommend
explosives and the best weapon, that you currently have. And stay far away from
them, because they will punch you for good. In conclusion, it is better to stay
away from them and to destroy, not avoid them.

Ceiling turrets: They are very powerfull, but good thing is, that they are
immobile. Try to find alternate routes to get behind them and use shotgun or
remote bombs on them. Nailgun or RC also work good.

Ghosts: These brown "ghosts" with yellow eyes are creepy and their attack is
quite powerful. They often appear in large numbers and will try to get as close
as possible to you. Nailgun or pistol(s) work the best on them.
Also when they start popping out of nowhere, time will slow, giving you
advantage against them; something like black anti-matter will appear,
indicating their the position of their arrival.

Icarus stealh assassin soldier (Stealh ninja): Originating from yet another
U.S. Department of Defense`s secret project, called Icarus, those >> ninjas <<
are invisible, quick, can leap great distances and have quite powerfull attack.
The good thing is that they have no long range weapons, they will just try to
come close to you and punch you (their punch is powerfull because of the
support of electric current). The best way to defeat them is, that if you
speculate or know where they are, place some mines ahead, select shotgun (for
CQB) or nailgun (for long range) and lure them towards you. If they manage to
get trough the mines or that you even didn`t throw them (i.e. you don`t have no
mines), hit SlowMo and blast them away. Also note, that when they are nearing
you, they won`t be any more invisible. But when they are, look for the outlines
and mirror-like effects to locate them quickly.
If you are experimenced player(!), you can kick or punch them, because it seems
that this also works good at them.

Note:- minor spoilers

(don`t know his name) - (you): This is the main character, that you will play
in the game.

Leo Jankowski: A veteran of F.E.A.R. team. He is doubtful about protagonist`s
skills, as he has been recently transferred to this team.
Later in the game, he speculates, that something is not right with the
protagonist, as he says: >> Like his eyes would look trough you. <<

Rowdy Betters: The boss of F.E.A.R. team. He directs field operatives via the
Hanniball-3 spy satellite and wireless communication equipment. He also relays
other information to teammates.

Jin-Sun Kwon: She is the team`s combat medic and is also in-charge to conduct
the field forensics.

Douglas Holiday: A member of SFOD-D team and a demolition expert. He will help
you troughout the game with anything, that is relating the explosives.

Paxton Fettel: He is the second prototype. He is the reason, why the Origin
program was shut down. Now, he is a powerfull telephatic commander with an army
of super soldiers, willing to fullfil his objectives at any cost - and with his
own specific objective, to kill anyone involved in the Origin project and to
free Alma.

Genevive Aristid: She is a director of ATC and the main person in-charge of
ressurrection of the Origin project.

Norton Mapes: An engineer, employed by ATC. He is very loyal to Genevive and at
first, he seems that he is willing to help, but then, he is actively trying to
stop the protagonist and is destroying the evidence, relating the Origin
project. He was also charged with legal action by Alice Wade for sexual

Harlan Wade: An eldery scientist and the main in-charge for Origin project. He
also gave his DNA for Perseus project, to create that clone soldiers.

Alice Wade: She is daughter of Harlan and also an employee of ATC. He was also
a member of the special taskforce, to anaylize contamination in the South River
Water Purification Plant in which ATC had interest beacuse of the location of
downriver from Origin facility - they feared that it would be traced back to
them, to Auburn district, where somewhere in that place the secret facility is

Aldus Bishop: Another employee of ATC, that would have the same fate as the
other two co-workers, Charles Habbeger and Bill Moody, who were killed
merciless by Fettel, if the protagonist wouldn`t rescue him.

Alma: The very core of this game. She is rather a big mystery, but it is
speculated that she was a victim by a terrible experiment - that is the Origin
project. As a child, she was very attuned to negative emotions, which caused
her to be very disturbed.

Ian Hives: Apparently another ATC employee, that is very loyal to Genevive and
has a high level of clereance.

Marshall Disler: Another scientist and a co-worker of Harlan Wade. He is the
man, that actually figured out, that Alma has a great telephatic abilities.

6)Weapons and items
Note:- TPWYGIF = the place when you get it first
- MC = magazine capacity
- Max AOAC = maximum amount of ammo carried (with the current clip in the
-!(also note that if I say, that a weapon or item is in 1st, 2nd or any other
Checkpoint, that means AFTER you have passed the 1st Checkpoint and not BEFORE
it; what is before the 1st Checkpoint counts as beginning of the level)!

Rakow HP-14 .45 Cal Pistol: A very powerful pistol, but most of a time as a
last resort weapon. It is very effective against ghosts, Replica standard
soldiers and ATC Security. Use it also to destroy the explosive barrels. Also,
aim for the head as much as possible to get a quicker kills. Can be dual-
TPWYGIF: This is the first weapon, that you don`t have to obtain; you start
with it in your inventory, in INTERVAL 01 - Inception:- Point of origin
MC:18;36 - when dual-wielded
Max AOAC:200

Sumak RPL 9mm Sub-Machine Gun: This SMG doesn`t pack much of a punch, but its
hight RoF, stability and magazine capacity makes it a formidable weapon. Use it
at the same enemies as for pistol, but it is also effective on UAVs or even on
Heavy armor.
TPWYGIF: The second and the last weapon, that you start with in your inventory
in INTERVAL 02 - Initiation:- First encounter
Max AOAC:500

Vollmer VK12 12-gauge Combat Shotgun: This is a weapon, that you will have it
from beginning to the very end of its retrieval. Its shots spread out too much,
to be an effective long range weapon, but at the close range, it is deadly - in
short, the ultimate weapon for CQB. It is effective on almost every enemy.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 03 - Escalation:- Heavy resistance, 2nd
Checkpoint, from a dead Replica soldier
Max AOAC:180

Rakow G2A2 5,56mm Assault Rifle: Much better in terms of power, but its primary
drawback is its inaccuracy, if fired fully automatic. Fire in bursts, to
improve you accuracy. I recommend using it at your formidable enemies, for
close to medium range.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 02 - Initiation:- First encounter, 1st
Checkpoint, in an office, where one passage to it is blocked
Max AOAC:450

Baksha ASP 7,62mm Sniper Rifle: This is some sort of sniper rifle, that fires 3
shots in a burst. As with sniper,it has also a scope to zoom in. Use it on
every enemy,that is far from you. The best way to use it is to point the
reticle a little bellow the target`s head - this will ensure that all 3 shots
will hit and a quite possible headshot. Don`t use it in CQB.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 03 - Escalation:- Exeunt omnes, 1st Checkpoint,
in an office where its door are locked by a padlock on the outside, along with
the HB and RemBs
Max AOAC:200

Armacham 10mm HV Penetrator (nailgun): Another weapon, that you will use it a
lot in the game. It is very accurate and quite powerfull. It has tendency to
nail its targets on the wall, which can be very funny (and is the most sure
indicator of their death, when they are pinned to the wall). Use it for enemies
like Replica soldiers, although it is very effective agaist UAVs and on the
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 03 - Escalation:- Heavy resistance, 3dh
Checkpoint, from a dead Heavy armor
Max AOAC:250

Obrego MP50 20mm Repeating Cannon: This is the last weapon that you will find
it and its firepower is to be feared. Large clip capacity, high velocity of the
shot, splash damage are the bright points of this weapon. Save it for the
bigger enemies. The only bad thing is that its ammo is scarce. Beware of that
splash damage - because it can also hurt you and the the fact, that you will
move slow with this weapon.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 08 - Desolation:- Urban decay, 3dh Checkpoint,
near the building, full of snipers, behind the steam vent
Max AOAC:100

Armacham T7 Particle Weapon (plasma gun, weapon): The ultimate sniper weapon.
This weapon is so powerful, that it will burn the targets with elecricity to
their skeletons. Not recommendeed for maneuverable enemies. Also note that if
the enemies are in the same line and if you shoot the nearest, the particle
beam will go trough several other enemies (who are in line) and zap them as
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 06 - Interception:- Unauthorized personnel, 4th
Checkpoint, after you climb the ladder, near the dead scientist, with an
office, filled with toxic gases nearby
Max AOAC:100

Andra MOD3 Multi-Rocket System: Every FPS has a RL - F.E.A.R. is no exception.
This is the most powerful weapon avaible in this game. Unlike other RL, this
doesn`t fire one rocket, but instead it fires 3 small rockets, that will fly in
a spiral pattern to their target, detonating in one massive explosion. Highly
recommended for strong enemies, especially EVEs. Also be aware, that you will
move slow with this weapon.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 06 - Interception:- Sayonara,sucker , 1st
Checkpoint, behind the pipes and the fence, in the room with a lot of ammo,
where 2 soldiers come up the stairs
Max AOAC:30

N6A3 Fragmentation Grenade: The least powerfull explosive. Effective on groups
of soldiers or you can use it on single one. Can be used, while you are
equipped with weapon. You can carry a maximum 5 of these.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 02 - Initiation:- First encounter, 1st
Checkpoint, in the office on the table, before you get the AR

AT-S Proximity Mine: The golden medium of explosives and it is very useful for
setting traps. Can be used, while you are equiped with weapon. You can carry a
maximum 5 of these.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 03 - Escalation:- Heavy resistance, 3dh
Checkpoint, on the tables, before the fight with Heavy armor

M77 Remote Bomb: The most powerfull of explosive and can stick to targets. The
bad thing is that you will have to use detonator to trigger the bomb and
therefor, you will not be able to fire your other weapons, so hide in a safe
place and detonate them. You can carry a maximum 5 of these.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 03 - Escalation:- Bad water, 1st Checkpoint, in
the vents, near the dead engineer and nailgun
Note:- the locations of HBs and RBs are described within the walkthrough; there
is a total number of 22 HBs and 20 RBs in the game

Healt Pack: Instantly increasses your healt for 20. You can carry maximum 10 of
these packs.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 02 - Initiation:- First encounter, 1st
Checkpoint, on the shelve, shortly after you kill you first 2 enemies

Bullet Proof Vest: Gives you a protection agaist the weapons fire by 20 but
will not absorb damage, caused by drowing, falling or being punched by someone.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 02 - Initiation:- First encounter, 1st
Checkpoint, in the same place as the FG

Healt Booster: It boosts your healt to its maximum and permanently increasses
your healt by 5 up to 199 maximum healt.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 01 - Inception:- Point of origin, 1st Checkpoint,
on the table in the room, that is near the door, where Jankowski broke its

Reflex Booster: It boosts your reflexes to the maximum and permanently
increasses your reflexes by a small ammount.
TPWYGIF: Obtained in INTERVAL 02 - Initiation:- First encounter, near the
beginning location, in a warehouse on the box, near the closed gate


INTERVAL 01 - Inception:

- Point of origin: When you get out of the car, go straight and then right.
Break the loose boards with your pistol`s melee attack. Now continue to the
building`s door,where the burning barrel is. Continue until you finally come to
the door, that will fall to the ground, when you try to open them. When you
step into the room, Jankowski will break the glass of the door and you will be
given a new objective, to rendezvous with him.
Go to the room on the right and on the table, you`ll find your first
HB. Now open the big doors and go to the left, jump over the table
and continue to the right until you come to the door, that is
locked. Shoot the padlock and continue to another blocked door. Wait
until Jankowski removes the obstacle and opens the door for you. He
will tell you then to get ready for an assault. When he breaks the
door, he will suddenly disappear and you will begin hallucinating.
Just head for the room, where a dead corpse is lying on the chair,
and then Jankowski will reappear and everything will be normal. You
will be then given new orders to search the area.
Just go up the stairs and continue until you come to a small passage, which
leads to other side of the rooftop. Go trough that path and Feetel will
surprise you and knock you down with an wooden board. After he talks with you,
head to a room, where you have encountered that dead body and the mission will

INTERVAL 02 - Initiation:

-First encounter: After you get out of the Blackhawk helicopter to the ground
via the rope, you will be given objectives to open the front door. Just go to
the right and when you come to a warehouse, before you go up to the stairs, get
inside that room, where the doors are half-opened. Inside you will find your
first RB lying on the box. And now, go back and up to the stairs, and continue
until you find a control switch for the door. Activate it and return to the
location of previous locked door. You will have then a vision of how did those
soldiers die - you couldn`t help them in any way.
Go straight and when you come to the dead end, go right. You will see a dying
engineer and hear a conversation of 2 soldiers. When they kill that next poor
engineer, kick down the first soldier and shoot the barrel to quickly kill the
other one. Go on and in the near room, you will find your first HP lying on the
shelve. Continue up the stairs and be sure to pick up another HP in the office
ahead. When you come to the window, that is blocked by boards, break them and
jump down from the other side of the rooftop. Now prepare for a big fight. Kick
down the first one and wait for the others to come. Then, quickly go to the
right, pick along the way HP and kill the rest of them. Now continue and when
you come to the warehouse, filled with boxes, jump on the nearest box and pick
up the HB. Now surprise the next soldier by kicking him down and shoot the
other 2. Get into the office, pick up the FGs and take care of next 2 guys. Go
on and kill another one, and get around the office, where the bad guy was, to
get to the office, where the passage is blocked. There,you will find AR, BPV
and HP. When you come to a blocked door, go right and get across the shelve.
Pick up the ammo, listen to a msg and activate the switch. This will move the
container to the right, so you can go across it to the other side. But before
you do that, ambush the 2 soldiers, that will come out the door on the other
side. For a next 2 soldiers bellow you, a one good throw of FG will dispatch
them quickly. Now continue and be sure to get to the left office,where you`ll
find BVP and ammo and to the right side a HP on the shelve. Now prepare
yourself for a big fight. Throw a FG or two and kill them all, one by one, and
most important - use SlowMo as much as possible. After the coast is clear, go
right and down the stairs.
Pick an SMG the shelve. Go on and you will again have hallucination. This time
you will see Jankowski wandering around. When you see a fence,you will see a HB
behind it. Just continue and at the first open door turn right and get that HB.
Now return to previous area and follow the path where Jankowski was walking and
you will eventually come to another area, covered with blood. Probably the last
location of the other SFOD-D team (but where is Jankowski`s body?). Go up the
stairs and when you come to a broken window with a hole inside, drop down.
Suddenly, Alma will appear and will try to burn you. Just run to the left and
you will bust trough the window.

INTERVAL 03 - Escalation:

- Infiltration: Everything will be pretty much quiet here, so just continue,
until you get to a big yellow bridge and a water container in the center of
this area. Drop down to the ground, where the boxes are lying, and you will
find a RB. Then go to that office, listen to msg, and activate the switch. The
bridge will rotate for 90 degree. Go across the bridge and get down via the
ladders. The next area will be pretty straight forward, so just continue, where
the next ladder is, don`t forget do pick HB and go up. Kill enemies on the way
until you come to an area with 2 cisterns. Search for a hole in the wall. When
you find it, get into that shaft and get RB. Return, shoot a padlock on the
fence door, go up the ladders, run on the pipes and drop down to the ground.
You can shoot another padlock on the door, to backtrack to any item, that you
may have forgotten. Otherwise, just continue, killing every enemy on the way.
When you come to an area with a lot of pipes, it could get little tricky. Use
cover as much as possible and FG. When you take care of them, climb the ladder,
open the door and continue.
The next door will be blocked, so head left and use laptop. Continue
running in the hallway and you will come to a big door. Another big
fight will occur here. Just use FGs, SLowMo, and AR to dispatch them all. Go on
and when you come to a pool of water, swim into it and climb the ladder. Head
for the area with a little generator, where you saw Alma running around. When
you come there, you will see an opening. Jump into it and you will once again
have a hallucination. After this, the level will end.

- Heavy resistance: Continue left, navigating the shaft until you come out.
Also, don`t forget for the HP. Shortly after you come out, an enemy soldier
will talk with his superiors. You know, what to do with him.
Go on and you will see a vision of Jankowski.
Here, you have to options, where to go. I preffer getting the left way, because
you can then ambush the 2 soldiers with FG and the others won`t be a big
problem. Head to the next door.
Now comes the area, where you will mostly play a game of cat and mouse. Wait
for one soldier, that will talk with superiors about SitRep and start blasting
them away. After you clear this area, head for next one, where a water pump is.
Again, dispatch all enemies. Look for an enemy, who had a shotgun and pick it
up. Finally, it`s time to teach those guys a lesson. And don`t forget for a RB,
that is bellow the pump. Just use ladder and get back.
Open the door and continue to the destroyed bridge. Head left until you finaly
come to a red wheel for a water level control. Use it and backtrack to previous
location. Swim into water, jump on the box and get to the other side of this
Now before you turn around the corner, use the SlowMo and select FG.
One enemy will walk and the other 2 will run on the grateway. Wait for a
moment, where they are close to each other and throw a FG onto them. If your
throw was good, you will eventually kill them all. Dispatch the remaining
enemy. You have again two options, where to go - you can go right on that
grateway or you can just head normaly on the left. I recommend the last one.
Surprise the enemy with a FG, collect the mines, which are on the left, on the
table, and place some of them in your vicinity. Wait for them to come - they
will be blown appart because of this mines and kill the others. Pick up
everything, that you can because next fight will be tough. Do everything you
want with the next guy on the pipes. Carefuly go and place some mines, select
FG and shotgun. Now, a Heavy armor and a 2 soldiers will bust out of the door.
Kill all of them and continue.You will see then 2 enemies running away from you
- just leave them. Go first left and get under the grateway to get HB. Now go
back and head on the path, where those soldiers were. First, shoot that
unstable wheel - it will release fire and prevent the enemy from running so
much around. Then just use SlowMo and shotgun on them. After that, swim into
water and use the wheel to flood the area with water. Also, behind you are
another door. Open them, go left, pick up BVP and nailgun then go to the right
of your previous location to collect shotgun an HP and get back into water.
Collect some goodies from the office, climb that ladder and head on until you
come to the area, where you will have a vision of Fettel talking to Mr.Moody.
Smash the grate and get into the shaft. When you come to the end of it, smash
the the grate and get out. The level will then end.

- Bad water: Go to the ladder and head down. When a small canal is in front of
you, jump down and head right to collect ammo. Then get back up and go to the
office above you. Listen to msg, get ammo and return. Head to the room with
generators. There will be again a small cannal. Use the ladder then navigate
it, when you come to a dead engineer. There will be a HB near it. Backtrack to
the room with generators and continue. When you come to a long hallway, the
both doors in front and behind you will suddenly close and you will have
another hallucination. After this, the door will open. The next door will be
blocked. Look on the left, behind the trash container and you will see a grate.
Smash it, enter the vent and when you come to a dying person, prepare yourself
for an ambush.
They will turn down the lights. Hide behind one crate and kill all incoming
soldiers on the higher ground. Then a 2 soldiers will bust trough the metal
door - just throw a FG or place a mine near. After the fight, continue trough
that blown door, kill the next guy and place a mine next to the window. When
the bad guy will try to bust trough window, it will be blown appart. Take care
of the others. Now go left, up the ladder, smash the grate and crawl in this
vent, until you come to next section of vent, where a nailgun and RemBs are
located. Go on, pick up RB and when you come to the end of the vent, don`t jump
down immediately. 3 guys will show up, unaware of you - give them a nice gift
by throwing one RemB and detonating it, blowing them appart into atoms.
Dispatch the remaining two guys. Go on through the door, from where those 3
guys came from.
4 more bady guys will show up - kill them then go left to a small office -
you`ll find a BVP there. Continue, and when you come to a dead end, crawl into
small passage to the left and jump down. The level will end.

- Exeunt omnes: Just continue, pick a HP along and climb the ladder (don`t
forget for a RB, that is hidden behind the machine, on the left). You will also
see, how the Replica soldier is placing a mines to stop your progress - how
pitiful. Shoot the mines - an electric transfer point will overload and begin
sparking out the electric. Look to the left and destroy the grate. Go through
it and drop down. Now just continue running in this cannals. In front of you,
you will also see a Stealh ninja - hit SlowMo, select nailgun and kill it. If
he manages to run away, don`t bother. He even wouldn`t attack you. This is just
for fun. Now continue until you come to a section of grateways and ladders. 2
soldiers will come and one will wait behind - kill them all. See that ladders?
- climb them, walk on that pipes, get past the old generator and get to that
office, to pick a HB, HP and a nailgun. Now backtrack to a location of where
soldiers came from and pop up the ladder. You will come to a location, where
the electric is sparking,but on the other side. Go left and activate the switch
for high-voltage electric. The electric will stop sparking. Pick a HP along the
way, open the door, get a BVP and use the laptop.
Shoot the padlock on the right, grab a mine on the barrel, then crawl under
those pipes and continue until you come to an office with HB, RemBs and for the
first time, SR. Shoot the padlock on next door to exit and continue down the
stairs. You will hear a soldier talking to his superiors - throw some FGs or
any other explosive and take care of them. Pick up a HP, FG and continue. You
will come to an open area. Before you exit, snipe those 2 guys and head for the
stairs on the opposite side. Quickly kill the enemies, that will come through
the doors and when the Hind comes, throw a FG or snipe the guys, that will jump
out of that helicopter.
Approach the corner silently - you will hear, how the soldiers are setting up
an ambush. Get back to the wall and move slowly to the left. Select SR and
throw a FG to create a chaos among them. Anyone who comes out, snipe it. If it
is near the explosive barrel, shoot the barrel instead the soldier, because the
kill will be more guarantied. Now again move slowly on that yellow stairs and
throw some RemBs near the big doors, because another soldier and a Heavy armor
will bust out. Kill them, pick a 2 HPs on the tables and go on. Go first right
and behind fence, there will be a BVP, head to the next office to grab nailgun,
BVP and FG. Get back and continue down the stairs.
Grab anything that you can, because a major fighting awaits you. Go trough the
window on the left. Now there will be about 3 soldiers, snipe them. A black
truck will come and a lot soldiers will bust out. Use all of your FGs, use the
SR to max, then switch to AR or nailgun to finish the rest of them. After you
finish them all, Rowdy will say that HLZ is clear, the Blackhawk will land and
the mission will end.

INTERVAL 04 - Infiltration:

- LZ is hot: When the Blackhawk delivers you to the destination, it will get
very hot. Your escort, 2 members of SFOD-D team will be dispatched quickly. As
soon as you drop down from helicopter, immediately proceed to the front doors
and kill that 2 guys. Wait for the others to come to you - place a mine near
door or just shoot them. When you feel ready, get
out of that office and kill the rest of them. Proceed to the lower level trough
the door, where that soldiers came from. Head inside.
You will hear a conversation of 2 soldiers, that it is possible that there was
an outbreak and that they have lost contact with rooftop team. Throw a FG or
shoot them, to confirm that fact.
Head down the stairs (don`t forget for HB, it is on the barrel ,down the
stairs, on the your left side), kill another 2 soldiers, continue and just
dispatch all enemies on the way. Go up the stairs and head inside. 3 bad guys
will show up - take care of them and continue. Also, don`t forget to look
behind the box-like generators: there is a RB, lying on the barrel. Continue,
take out that 2 guys on the stairs and proceed to next area. Rowdy, will tell
you, that he is picking up Jankowski signals (>> I am picking up Jankowski
signals! How the f*** did he get here so fast? << - heh, a real hard question)
and you will see his ghost wandering around. Follow that path, where he walked.
When you come to an exit for rooftop, be aware of 3 soldiers, that will come.
Kill them, grab everything you can and drop down trough that broken window. The
level will end.

- Watchers: Just continue, until you come to a laptop in a conference room. Use
it, pick ammo from a dead ATC guy and proceed. Suddenly, Stealh ninja will bust
trough window - leave it, because it will not attack you. Go to the left room
and listen to a msg. Proceed to a main hall with a satellite model hanging from
the ceiling.
Go up the stairs and now you will have the first fighting with Stealh ninjas.
Place a mine near the first door of the office on the left and lure him out. If
you don`t have the mines, just use SlowMo and shotgun. In the next office,
another Stealh ninja will hang on the walls. Take him down, proceed to the next
office, blast him away and listen to the msgs. In the next section of offices,
there will be no enemies, so just head right, where 2 dead ATC guys are and a
lot of ammo plus BVP and HP. Go into that shaft then continue until the ceiling
won`t support your weight and you wil fall down. Go on and two Stealh ninjas
will come. Blast them away and continue to that laptop and use it.
Continue and in the office, where its door are locked, Norton will fall from
the ceiling (funny guy, isn`t he?). Give him a commlink and he will open the
door for you. You will be given new objectives, to locate and disable the local
security system. But before you continue, head left into that destroyed office,
pick up a HP and go into the vent. Pick a RB, then go on, until you find
another HP, SMG and a dead ATC guy. Get out and head to that previous area.
When you come to an big office, listen to msg and continue. You will hear
soldiers talking bellow you near the control room for a security system - kill
as much of them as you can. Proceed to the left, down the stairs, kill all
enemies along the way and get to that room. Replenish yourself with ammo, HPs
and BVPs. Activate the controls and the system will be disabled. You can see in
the monitor, how Norton is running away. You will be given new orders, to
locate and reset the network system.
Proceed to the area, where that last laptop was located, trough the office,
where Norton has fallen. Dispatch the enemies along the way and enter the room
(near the entrance, there is a sign and on it is written >> Server
room <<). Now proceed and activate the control panel in the network room.
Before you do that, look to that wooden door. Place mines or RemBs, so that
when you activate that panel and when 4 enemies come out from that door, they
will be blown appart (I was successful in killing 3 of them; see if you can
kill all of them). Anyway, you will be once again given new order, to locate
and determine the status of a missing SFOD-D recon team. Head trough that
wooden doors. You will run trough the unfinished part of the building and have
a lot of visions and hallucinations. Don`t forget to pick up a HB (it`s on the
upper office, just after you had the hallucination). Just proceed until you
come to a room, filled with blood and 3 skeletons. Apparently, that are the
remnants of the MIA team (horror to its maximum). Anyway Jin and her escort
will come throught the lift. You will be given new order, to continue the
search for Fettel. The friendly soldier will open the doors for you.
Continue and drop down to the lower ground. The mission will end.

INTERVAL 05 - Extraction:

- Bishop: You have once again two options where to get; I recommend the right
way, going into the vents, because you will better surprise the enemy. At the
end of the vent, kick the grate one time. The enemies will begin
investigating. Wait for that 2 soldiers on higher ground, that they are close
to each other, hit the grate once more, throw a FG into those two and kill the
others. Now in one office, there will be a blinking red light on the phone -
listen to that msg and continue to the other office and listen again to another
Continue blasting away everything, that is alive and when you come to a big
office with a lot of ammo around, you will hear a civilian, calling for a help.
Head inside that room and you will see Bishop, wired to the explosives. Give
him a comm-link and you will be given new objectives, to rendezvous with the
demolition team on the lifts section. Continue heading there.
Oh yeah. . .now comes the hard part. The enemy was apparently messing with the
security system and has boxed you in (closed all exits). Wait for the lifts to
come by and kill all enemy, including a Heavy armor (experiment with different
ways, like placing traps etc.). When the coast ist clear, the team will come
out of the lift. Douglas will blow the wall and create an exit. Lead the team
back to that Bishop guy. Suddenly, a fire alarm will be triggered. You will
have to go investigate the cause of a fire alarm. If you don`t know, where to
go, the friendly soldier will show you. You can also orientate by those
flashing orange lights.
When you come to a section for going up the stairs and forward into the
offices, go to the second way first. In the farthest office, you will find
shotgun, BVP and HB. Backtrack and go up the stairs, listen to a msg in first
upper office on the right and continue to that security room for fire alarm.
Deactivate it and get into the newly open lift. When you get up, the lift will
stop. Exit it and jump on the barrel and boards, then get into the shaft. When
you get out of it, exit the room, where there is a pool of dead bodies bellow
you and use laptop.
Now go right and search for the location, where the windows are removed from
the wall. Get out, walk at the edge of the building (be careful not to fall
down!) and when you come to another similar area with windows removed, get into
that room. Now this next section will be very hard, because there will be a LOT
of enemies. Go on, kill everyone, then drop down to a main hall, continue and
again, kill them all (frequently use FGs, nailgun and AR, shoot the explosive
barrel for better kills, use cover - don`t let them flank you and keep a cool
head in the firefight; the good thing is that there is a lot of ammo, BVPs and
HPs littered around the place). You will eventually come to an area with two
lifts. See that yellow light on the higher ground - that is the RB. To get it,
go left, up the stairs, pick a HP and ammo on the way and get that RB.
Backtrack then go right, on those wooden boards and when you come to exit`s
obstacle, jump over it. The level will end.

- Blindside: You will see how the soldiers are shooting at the helicopter. Try
to sneak at these two and kill the others fast. Continue and kill the next 3 (a
lot of enemies here on the rooftop will have SR, so get close to them to
quickly defeat them). Head inside and finish those enemies (I recommend luring
them outside, because the place has a little space to fight). Continue heading
to a room, with a radio transmitting the news and get to that lift.
You will see how did the ATC guys assassinated Bishop. So, the ATC wants to
cover their tracks and wants to keep everyone his mouths shut up. Teach them a
lesson, by annihilating them all. First, pick the snipers and everyone else
that comes with the SR. Then, go into that building, kill all ATC guys (also
explore area for ammo,. . .) and head for the rooftop. Then go right, wait for
the door to open, throw a FG to kill those 2 and jump down. No one messes with
Now head inside and kill the next two ATC guys. Drop down on that vent. It will
collapse and you will fall a long way down. You will be given orders to get to
the surface. Get out of the water and go to that fence door. Shoot the padlock
and the pipe will explode, sending out a huge blast and fire wave. Get back to
the water to avoid being killed. Now go out of the water and go up to the newly
created path by a broken grateway and proceed (don`t forget for a RB, that was
behind the fence, where the pipe exploded, in the right side).
Go left into that small passage, and when you come out, pick a HP one the left,
if you need to then go right. The bridge will collapse. Get bellow the
grateway, where you are standing and get into that passage. The next open door
will be blocked by fire, so go left, bellow the grateway, into the shaft. Get
out and use that wheel for high-pressure gas pipe. The fire will stop venting
now. Go left, climb the ladder, go into the vent and you will find a HB there.
Backtrack to the wheel. Remember that ladders, that were as well blocked by
fire? Climb them up and you will have a vision of Jankowski (this guy actively
wants to scare you). The elevator is offline, so go right into a room with a
canal. The boxes are blocking the entrance to the next section of this canal,
so use that red wheel. This will flood the canal with water. Swim to the other
side of it and use that switch, to divert power to the elevator. If you shoot
the padlock on the fence door, you still won`t be able to open them, so go left
and jump into a room, where that canal is.
Head for the elevator, but prepare for a fight. 2 soldiers and a Heavy armor
will head out. Deal with them then ride the elevator up. The level will end.

INTERVAL 06 - Interception:

- Sayonara,sucker: You will hear soldiers talking about Norton. Kill them, head
inside the Shipping office, grab BVP and ammo and continue to the locked,
bullet proof glass-like doors. Head left, into a research lab and up the
stairs. You will come to two elevators and Norton, hiding behind the sofa and
with a cactus on his head?! (this guy is more a clown than an engineer).
After checkpoint, go to the right office and you will see a dead scientist,
hanging from a vent. Listen to a msg and pick up HB. Backtrack to the area,
just after the checkpoint. You will come to a large lab with 3 soldiers
inspecting. Quickly kill them and in the next section of lab, throw a RemB and
detonate it. If you were lucky, you will kill about 6 of them. If anyone has
survived, shoot him. Continue to the next door, that will open and you will see
2 enemies coming up the stairs. Kill them both. This lab has a lot of
ammunition (apparently, this science lab was converted to an ammo storage
room). Be sure to look behind the pipes and fence for RL.
Go on, kill the 2 soldiers and use the laptop. Continue, watch for the 3
soldiers on the higher ground, drop down, go to the security room and use the
control panel. Also listen to a msg.
I`m pretty sure, that you have remembered the glass doors, that were locked:
you could also saw a RB in the nearby office. That doors are open now and you
can get that RB , lying on the shelve. Now remember the Norton and that two
elevators? Head for that area. Apparently, he doesn`t wish you going with him,
so go trough that door, on the left side of that elevator, then climb up in
this elevator shaft. When you see a grate, carefully walk to it and smash the
grate. Drop down to a lower section of vent and the level will end.

- Unauthorized personnel: Navigate the shaft, go out and continue, until you
come to that Norton guy (now, he is behind the bullet proof glass). He will
activate the turrer - destroy it (OK, this wacky guy is getting very annoying -
what is enough is enough!). Remember the tube, when you were in the vent, that
was blocking the way to the other side? Backtrack to that place and jump trough
that hole nearby.
Continue and watch for a next turret - destroy it, but a better way is to shoot
the padlock on the fence door, open them, head inside and activate the switch.
That will shut down the power to the local systems, along with that turret. Now
continue, use laptop and you will come once again, for the x-time to a
location, where to go. A better way is to go left, so that you can go bellow
that turret and destroy it. Continue into the vent, where you will come to
another turret to deal with. This is also easier way, rather that continuing
down the hallway and coming to the same room, but bad position for you and a
more favorable for turret. Go on until you come to another destroy-or-
deactivate situation, but a little more tricky. Hide behind the crates and use
SloMo to get into that opening. After this, continue and you will come to an
office, that has a broken door. And Norton will again manage to escape -
afterall, he is not so stupid. Go right.
Now you will come to another turret, but weird thing is that it will not
activate. See that turret on the other side? This is a trap. Continue and when
they activate, immediately run to the right trough that door. Listen to a msg,
then go on both sides of the vents, to destroy the turrets. Continue heading,
go into another vent (don`t forget for a HP, that is in the right way, when you
enter the vent), go left, climb the ladder and exit the room.
When you spot 2 enemies, dropping down from the rooftop, quickly kill them both
and the next 3, that will come to investigate the source of gunshots. Don`t
forget for a RB, that is on the table.
You will hear gunshots - kill that soldier, that was firing in the turret and
the others, that will come. Now go to the next elevator. You can`t go up, but
place a mines or RemBs in the front of it. Now head inside that office and
activate the panel. The level will go down along with EVE. Run out of that
office, pull out RL and destroy it. Also check the near offices for HPs, ammo
and RL. Ride the elevator up and continue heading to a red ladder. Climb it and
head inside the vent. At the end, exit it and since the door to the next office
are locked because of presence of a toxic substance inside it, go to the next
ladder and climb it. Turn to your back, smash the grates and pick up a PW. Now
backtrack and just proceed until you exit the vent. Pick a HB and listen to
msgs then activate the ventilator`s panel to clean the area of gases and open
the doors. Use the laptop, grab the goodies and proceed.
Head into the next office and use the turret control panel - kill all bad guys,
pick up a HB and exit the office, proceed to that location, where you killed
soldiers with turret, kill some more of the enemy, continue, snipe the next 3
with the PW and head to the upper area. When you come to the closed door, turn
right and jump down. The level will end.

- Afterimage: Just continue. Look for a bullet proof window - see that RB? That
is the area, where you need to go. Along the way, pick up goodies, listen to
the msg in the near office, also go to the left office to pick up a HB and
finally pick up that RB, when you get there. Now proceed trough that door and
you will have a vision of Fettel (he and his glorious thinking. . .). Continue,
until you will have a hallucination and after it, go left. Just continue,
killing ATC guys along the way and using the laptop in one of the offices. You
will see then a firefight between ATC and Replica soldiers - Replica will of
course win (they are much better, all things considered). While they may be a
pro, you are the master. So stock yourself with ammo and kill the bad guys,
including the Heavy armor.
Rowdy will tell you, that Fettel may be looking for Alice, so you will be given
the orders to locate her. Continue downstairs and snipe the bad guys. When you
come to a small windows, watch for a 2 snipers. Snipe them with your PW.
Continue, listen to a msg in one of the nearest office (also grab the explosive
there), proceed and dispatch the next squad, including the Heavy armor. Now
head for the balcony, snipe those 2 soldiers in the lower ground, jump down and
prepare for a hard fight. First off, kill those next 2 soldiers and then take a
few shots at that EVE with a PW, then wait for him to come closer, use SlowMo,
pull out the heaviest weapon and destroy it. Now continue, watch for a sniper,
turn right and head inside (you can go right to grab some goodies). Now they
will turn down the lights and attack you. Kill those soldiers (take advantage
of that small window - you can kill some of them, before they get in this
hall). Continue, kill the next two soldiers, head in security office, to grab
some goodies, break one of those windows and jump out. The mission will end.

INTERVAL 07 - Redirect:

- Alice Wade: There will be no enemies for a while. . .break one of those
windows, head inside and explore, if you want, but your main destination is the
elevator. When you find it, go up, explore the offices, listen to a msg, use
the laptop and get into the office of Alice Wade. Listen to msgs and you will
be given new orders to get to the office of Harlan Wade. Now get back to the
elevator and it will collapse. Get up via the ladders and carefully walk to the
other side until you come to a door (you can go right and climb the ladder to
get some RemBs and a BVP). Head inside.
Listen to a msg then eliminate 4 bad guys in main hall and the next 3, that
will come, when you get up the stairs. Kill then any enemy along the way in the
office section. Break the window, head inside, use the laptop then kill the
next 2 enemies. When you come to a security room, use first the turret control
panel (the farthest one) - kill all bad guys, then use the door`s control
panel, to override the security. Go to that area, where you killed enemies with
the turret.
Head first left. You will also see a dead SFOD-D member. Get back to a previous
location and prepare for a big fight. Kill all enemy, including the Heavy
armor. Now head to the next area. Watch out for enemies on higher place - it is
not advisable to fight them here. So proceed (don`t forget for a RB in the
right office), watch out for two soldiers, that will try to kill you and defeat
the other enemy. Go on and the next office`s window will be blocked-throw a FG
inside and quickly go to the left to take care of them. Now prepare for another
big fight. This area can be a little tricky, because they have places to hide
and you don`t have that. So throw any explosive, wait for one to come and kill
first the normal soldiers, to isolate the Heavy armor. Then take care of him.
Pick a HB in a nearby conference room. Kill the next two soldiers. Now this
next enemy can be little hard to defeat, albeit it is Heavy armor - he will be
equipped with PW. If you got any RemBs left, now would be a good time to use
them. In case you don`t have them, throw any other explosive or lean around the
corner and use the PW. If he will be knocked out, quickly run to him and blast
him with a shotgun - he will die then quickly. Otherwise, choose whatever
tactic you prefer. Now continue to next office and you will find Alice there.
Give her a comm-link then upload that UTM codes, that Alice has mentioned. You
will be then given orders, to escort her to a rooftop. Also, listen to msgs.
Now head back to that elevator. Remember that office, that its window is
blocked? Select a PW and snipe the 3 bad guys, that will come out-the blocked
window will have enought space to look in tha small opening and also to cover
you from enemy fire. Now go into that elevator and Alice will activate it. But
more buttons will be highlighted, despite Alice didn`t press them. That means
only one thing - more soldiers to deal with. At each stop, zap them with PW or
just rush out with your shotgun (a total 3 stops will be there, when you will
have to deal out with soldiers and don`t forget for goodies). In 4th stop, the
power will go out and the elevator will stop (I guess Alma has her fingers in
this). Anyway, go to that office and you will see Alma and then, Alice will
disappear. The elevator will be offline, so press that panel and go to the
previous locked door. Open the next door, head up the stairs. There will be 5
soldiers to deal with, 3 on the main hall and 2 on the higher ground. After
that, continue up the stairs and open that wooden doors - head inside. Just
continue and when you come to a grate, smash it and head inside the vent. The
level will end.

- Flight: Exit the vent and you will see Alice. Now, you will see Blackhawk
incoming, but will be shot down by an enemy Hind. When the soldiers will drop
out of the Hind, zap them with PW and continue trough now blasted metal doors.
Head to the area, where that soldiers were and go inside the building.
Kill those next 2 soldiers and ambush the ones, that will come out of the
elevator. Now continue heading down the floor and ambush the next 2 soldiers,
that will come from the next elevator as well. Go trought that wooden doors.
Now continue, until you see Alice running away (and what are those blue
fireflies, that are flying around?). Anyway, pick up a HB from the right, in
the receiving room and listen to msgs from the left office. Continue, until you
come to a room with laptop.
Use the laptop and continue. Soon, you will discover, what those blue fireflies
were - destroy those two UAVs and continue, until you come to another UAV.
Destroy it and head inside that office. Another UAV will show up. Go out
through the window and another 2 UAVs will show up - my advice is to quickly go
to that door and lure them inside to destroy them both. Continue and in a
conference room, another UAV will appear. Take care of him, continue, kill the
3 soldiers, that will drop down from the rooftop and destroy yet another UAV.
Continue, listen to radio`s broadcasting. Go left.
Take care of 3 soldiers, coming up the stairs and go down to next open door
(for 2 HPs, go to the door 8 and for a RB head completely down, near the door
4). Listen to msgs (this is apparently an office of Genevive) and continue,
until you hear soldiers talking. Carefully walk and the wall on the left will
open-now kill all enemy soldiers. Now continue and the enemy will shut down the
power, preventing you to go to the elevator (and also lights will go down).
Kill them all, use the laptop in the office and search for the room, where a
switch for a local power is located. Inside is also another soldier, waiting
for you - you know what to do with him. Now activate the switch, go into the
elevator and activate it. You will come to an underground section of garage.
You will hear Alice`s car getting out of garage (she is quite stubborn, isn`t
she?). Anyway ,you will have to get to the rooftop, to the HLZ for pickup.
Along the way, there will be an amazing number of soldiers (4 of them in floor
G3, about 6 on G2 and 5 on G1, including the Heavy armor) - use cover, try to
kill more of them with a single action (like throwing FG into a crowd of
people) and grab anything on the way.
Where you come to a door near the sign G1, open them, go up the stairs and exit
to the rooftop. The mission will end.

INTERVAL 08 - Desolation:

- Urban decay: After the Blackhawk gets hits and you land, you will be given
order to eliminate enemy patrols, because the other 2 members of your team were
hurt and need an medevac. Exit the current room.
Get to the place, where an exit is blocked by wooden boards - smash them and
get on.
Now the best way is to surprise the enemy - do it quick (this enemy patrol
includes Heavy armor). Grab the ammo, scatered around and drop down. Continue,
dispatch the next patrol (also, go left, up the stairs, created from trash and
you will come to a room, containing BVP, HP, nailgun and RB). Backtrack and
continue. When you hear an EVE walking above you, stop. Look to that half-
blocked door and throw any mines and RemBs, that you have left. Now approach
them slowly and when the EVE busts down, detonate RemBs (and with them also
mines) into one massive explosion. If it wasn`t destroyed (but was hurt badly),
run away, until he stops chasing you. Then approach him, lean around the corner
and blast him away with shotgun. Crawl under that half-blocked door and
Shoot the 2 enemies on the left and zap the 4 snipers on the right. Continue,
jump to the other side of the building and stop. Pull out your PW and carefully
look around. On the rooftop on the left, there are two snipers and in the
opposite building of you, there are 6 snipers. After you take care of them
(don`t forget for a RC behind one of those steam vents), kill the next 3
enemies, that will come out and continue. Kill the next 3 enemies, pick a HB in
a bathroom, dispatch all enemies on the balconies, proceed and jump out of the
window. The level will end.

- Point of entry: Continue and take care of the next 2 enemies, patrolling the
area. The truck will come out - ambush the enemies, that will come out. Break
the boards on the window and continue.
An another truck will bust trough the door - ambush and kill the enemies,
coming out of the truck. Now take care of all enemies in the courtyard (take
extreme caution on the Heavy armor - he is equipped with RL). Grab anything you
can and get past the roadblock.
Now another truck will try to run you down - immediately go right. When he
stops and the doors opens - throw a FG or two to kill soldiers. Now continue,
blast away the next two bad guys, ambush the next ones, that will try to climb
over the wooden palisade and continue.
Climb up, break the window and head to another truck, trying to run you down-
situation. Go back and it will fall to that big construction site and explode
(those Replica guys wants desperately you dead - something big is ahead!).
Anyway, enter that factory, enter the shaft, near that old machinery and
Now this area is a tricky one - kill all enemies on higher ground (watch your
back!), climb up, drop to a wooden floor, then drop into that little hole on
the(also,head more right and you`ll find RB, shotgun and HP). Proceed, getting
past the truck.
Prepare for a big fight - kill the 2 bad guys and a Heavy armor and in the next
office, another Heavy armor will block its doors with shelve - kill him as well
and the other guys (take advantage of an explosive barrels near the first Heavy
armor). Just continue and dispatch all enemies on the way (don`t forget for
that RL). You will also have the vision of Jankowski.
Continue, kill that two soldiers, stock up your ammo and proceed until you come
to a blocked doors on the right. Head left into the hallway.
In the next are, 2 Stealh ninjas will bust out of the window. Continue and
along the way, 2 more Stealh ninjas will come. You know, what to do with them.
Proceed to the next area.
You will see, how are the ATC guys battling the EVE. I suggest taking out RC or
anything powerful and destroy it. Then go downstairs, kill another EVE (if the
situation is too hot, get back to the garage) and get into the next building.
There will be 8 ATC guys. When you clean the area, activate the blue button on
the wall, enter and search the area for a HB. Enter the elevator and you will
have hallucination. After this, the mission will end.

INTERVAL 09 - Incursion:

- Lapdog: Destroy the two turrets and search for the ladder, that is leading to
a shaft. Navigate it to get to the other side of the locked door.
Just continue cleaning the place of ATC guys. You will see, how Norton is
wiping out the hard-drive. Head right, kill all of ATC guys, use the laptop,
climb the ladder on the right, walk on the pipes and you will come to an area,
where Norton was (use crates and explosive barrels to your advantage).
Continue, killing everything, that is alive. You will come to an area with
turret - destroy it, pick up a RB and RC and continue until you will see, how
the barrels will explode and block the entrance (you can also flank that turret
by going into that shaft and coming to it behind). Go left, destroy yet another
turret and continue killing all ATC guys on the way (use the same tactics as
before). You will eventually come to an area, where they will close all
entrances, so go to the left.
You will see an ATC guy placing a mines - quickly shoot the mines to blow him
apart and kill the next two guys. Now there will be another mine - carefully go
to the right, climb the ladder and pick a HB and AR, if you want. Backtrack and
shoot the mine (this will release the fire - that is why a told you to be
careful: the entrance would be blocked) and continue killing some more ATC
guys. Climb the ladder and you wil come to the area, beyond the locked doors.
Look for a small passage behind the pipes, navigate the shaft and drop to the
lower section. The level will end.

- Bypass: Exit the vent and you will see Harlan talking to Norton - he will
shoot him then. Go to their location and Norton will tell that you must divert
power to the Vault doors. Go down the hallway and go left or right - you will
end at the same location. Take care of 2 soldiers and another 2 that will come.
Now go right and head to the power diverting section - activate the both
panels. Remember the locked door, after you defeated the last 2 bad guys? Go
Continue, until you come to next 3 soldiers - defeat them, use the laptop,
climb the ladder, duck under the pipes and head into the vent. Navigate and
exit it. Go first right and climb the ladder and proceed until you get a RB.
Backtrack then go left from a previous location. You will come to a large area
of big pipes with 4 soldiers. Take care of them and since the main doors are
locked, head downstairs. You will come to another power diverting room. Press
the nearest panel, go downstairs and to the farthest ladder. Activate the
panel-that will move the crate away and it won`t block the transfer point any
more. Now use the last panel and backtrack to a previous location of locked
doors (don`t forget to use laptop near that crate).
Destroy the 3 UAVs and continue. When you come to a blocked doors, search for a
grate the navigate the vent and exit it. Look to this machinery in this room -
the right one will have less barrels - hop on one of these and continue to the
last power diverting room. Press the panel to open the machinery, now continue
heading to the upper level to press the last panel (on the way, listen to msg).
After you`ve done this enter the newly open door (and don`t forget for a HB -
it is on the left, down the stairs, when you first enter this room).
Continue, kill the 2 soldiers and shortly after this, you will have a vision of
Fettel and Alice. Head for the Vault entrance and destroy 3 UAVs. Use the
elevator to get down - the mission will end.

INTERVAL 10 - Revelation:
Note: WARNING - I have little spoiled this level and the next fight, so don`t
look this part of the walkthrough, if you don`t want to know the spoilers
(don`t say then, I didn`t warn you!).

- The Vault: Just continue right until you will see Fettel - you will have once
again hallucination. Pay attention to where Fettel is and kill every ghost-
because that is the direction, where they will come. After you are taken to
Fettel`s cell, send a bullet to his head and kill him once and for all.
Proceed, use the laptop along the way. Then go to the elevator, ride it up and
you will see Harlan releasing Alma. Of course she will kill him. You will have
another hallucination. Continue.
Now you will see Alma for a brief moment and then you will have hallucination -
kill all ghosts. You will taken back to a real world, but a pack of ghosts will
appear and attack you - apparently, Alma has now a power to summon them here -
interesting. Just go on until you come to an energy pylons - you will have to
deal with 2 packs of ghosts along the way. Get to the elevator.
Head right, hit the panel to expose the four cores and shoot each of them to
sabotage the energy pylons. The place will beginning to blow up. Get trough the
nearest door and proceed, until you find another elevator. Activate it and the
(you will have to deal with one pack of ghosts). Now get to the another
elevator and deal with another pack of ghosts.

INTERVAL 11 - Retaliation:

- Ground zero: Just proceed heading to the room with an old generators - there
will be about 7 packs of ghosts to deal with and note, that they will come from
a different directions (also don`t forget for a HB, when you get to a room,
full of boxes).
Now prepare for a big fight - grab any goodies and drop down. Waves upon waves
of ghosts will come - defeat them all and go to the lower ground trough that
newly open holes.
Continue, watch for the left side, because two ghosts will come out and now, in
the hallway, the last pack of the ghosts will come after you - defeat them. In
the next hallway, you will have the last hallucination and the fight with Alma-
shoot her, wherever she shows up (you will also see, from where the protagonist
comes - his origin actually). Anyway, go to the elevator, ride it up and jump
out of the window. Walk for a little while on the road, then a massive nuclear
explosion will erupt, sending that Origin facility to hell. You will be knocked
unconscious and the mission will end.

INTERVAL 12 - Epilogue:
- Aftermath: This last level is actually the ending cut scene - enjoy. After
that, the credits will roll (watch them to their end!).

Congratulations! You have just beaten the game!

8)FAQ, misc information, general and multiplayer tips
Note: Q - question; A - answer

1.)Q: Why is the game running slow; the game constantly crashes?
A: The graphics technology for F.E.A.R. is so advanced, that it will need at
least those system specifications:

- Windows(R) XP, x64 or 2000 with latest service pack installed
- DirectX(R) 9.0c August Edition (Included) or higher
- Pentium(R) 4 1.7 GHz or equivalent processor
- 512MB RAM or more
- 64MB GeForce(TM) 4 Ti or Radeon(R) 9000 video card
- Monitor that can display in 4:3 aspect ratio
- 5.0 GB free hard drive space for installation
- Additional hard drive space for a swap file and saved game files
- DVD-ROM drive
- 16-bit DirectX(R) 9.0 compliant sound card with support for EAX(TM) 2.0
- Broadband or LAN connection for multiplayer games
- Mouse
- Keyboard

In order to play the game at the recommended resolution, detail and
performance levels, your computer should meet or exceed the following

- Pentium(R) 4 3.0 GHz or equivalent processor
- 1 GB RAM
- 256 MB Radeon(R) 9800 Pro, GeForce(TM) 6600 or equivalent DirectX(R) 9
compliant video card with hardware T&L and pixel shader 2.0 support
- Sound Blaster(R) X-Fi(TM) series sound card


- ATI(TM):

Catalyst(TM) Drivers (Windows(R) 2000/XP): v5.8

- Radeon(R) 9000 Series
- Radeon(R) 9500 Series
- Radeon(R) 9600 Series
- Radeon(R) 9700 Series
- Radeon(R) 9800 Series
- Radeon(R) X600 Series
- Radeon(R) X700 Series
- Radeon(R) X800 Series
- Radeon(R) X850 Series


ForceWare(TM) Drivers (Windows(R) 2000/XP): v77.77

- GeForce(TM) 4 Ti Series
- GeForce(TM) FX 5900 Series
- GeForce(TM) 6600 Series
- GeForce(TM) 6800 Series
- GeForce(TM) 7800 Series

You may also need to turn your setings down for a better perfomance.
If you are still having problems, go to this sites:
- http://www.ati.com/support/driver.html - ATI
- http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/ - Creative
- http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp - NVIDIA(R)
- http://www.turtlebeach.com/site/support/ftp.asp - Turtle Beach
- http://www.windrivers.com - most recommended site for driver updates

Note also, that in multi-player games, it is recommended, that whoever hosts
the game, it must have at least minimum specifications achived for this game or
else, it will be poor perfomance of the game for both the hoster and all
clients, connected to its server.

2.)Q: Will there be a sequel to this game?
A: It is very possible, but it will take some time for Monolith Productions
to make one.

3.)Q: I have read your FAQ, but I still didn`t find the information, that I am
looking for!
A: Try finding it at the following websites:
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F.E.A.R. - basic information about the game
- http://www.whatisfear.com - multilanguage site (standard option is English
- http://www.lith.com - Monolith Productions
- http://www.sierra.com - Sierra Entertainment
- http://www.gameoftheyear.com/uk - OFFICIAL SITE
- http://www.vugames-europe.com - general information
- http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/fear/ - GameSpy source of information

4.)Q: Should change the game standard keyboard settings?
A: The settings are set both optimal and very easy to use. However, if you
don`t like that configuration, feel free to change it, whatever suits your

5.)Q: Who the heck are you?
A: I`m a hardcore FPS gamer, that has been on GameFAQs for a little while.

6.)Q: Will you make more FAQs? And for what games?
A: Certainly. Expect FAQs for the games like Half-Life 2, DOOM 3,. . .in
short, for FPS. But I will also try to make some of them for space-simulations
and RTS games.
Note:- moderate spoilers

Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) was founded in 1964 and has since become
a leading aerospace and defense contractor, with revenues approaching 8 billion
dollars and over 60.000 employees worldwide. The company specializes in
satellite technologies, ground-based communication and advance weapon systems
but was involved in numerous other secret projects, such as the Origin or
Icarus project.

The Auburn district was bought out by ATC from the government in `50s. The
company was not interested, what was on the property, but what was under it-and
that was an underground military complex. Located in the vicinity of
Rammelmeier industrial compound (as stated by UTM coordinates from Harlan
Wade`s laptop), it has been converted to Origin facility. This place was
deserted nowadays, because of the water contamination; but since the near river
flows to South River Wastewater Treatment Plant, they sent soldiers, to
eliminate the plant`s personel, since that this flow could be traced back to
Origin facility.

Project Icarus started in year 1973 and it concetrated on bioengineering-to be
more specific, healt issues relating the microgravity (bone density, loss of
muscle mass, body flexibility,. . .); this program was later shut down in a
favor of Perseus project, which was funded by DOD.

Fettel`s second synchronicity event (his mutiny in Armacham HQ) has actually
attracted the F.E.A.R. team, to respond to this crisis.

When Senator realized, that Fettel has gone out of control, he has given a
proposal to Genevive, that under the guise, that she was taken as a prisoner of
Fettel, he had a reason to sent in his special forces (SFOD-D) to eliminate
Fettel. But that plan has failed and so Genevive instructed the ATC Security to
eleminate every outsider or those, who wouldn`t like to shut their mouth up, so
that they would have time, to remove the present crisis.
- if your healt is bellow certain treshold, it will regenerate to its full (the
speed and ammount of that depends on the game`s difficulty); holding still will
also speed up the process (note: full is to the 100 points of your healt)
- just every weapon in the game is different: learn their pros and cons, such
as for RoF, stability, mowement penalty, magazine capacity, relative power etc.
- try to sneak up to the enemy: unsuspecting enemies are easier to kill
- melee attacks, various kicks and punches are a great way to save your ammo,
but be careful, when dealing with multiple enemies
- make traps: RemBs and mines are a great way to do that
- set up ambushes: find a safe place then lure the enemy towards you; for CQB,
select shotgun and for long ranges either a PW or SR
- use the SlowMo feature as much as possible: it is essential to your survival
- explore the current area: you may find ammo and other stuff lying in various
- HBs and RBs are a great way to improve yourself and to fare better against
the enemy: try to find as much of them as you can
- KZZA News on radios, telephone voice-mail msgs and laptops are a great source
of keeping you informed of the current situation and understanding the story
- experiment with different methods of defeating your enemies: some may be good
for certain situations, while the others are insufficient on that situations
- if you`r having problem with beating the game, turn down the difficulty and
vice versa, if the game is too easy for you
- don`t forget for flashlight: it is a great source to lighten the area, but be
aware though, that if enemy sees the flashlight beam, it will know, that
someone is nearby and will alert others
- listen to enemy conversations: i.e. if enemy says: >> He wiped out the whole
squad. << or >> I need reinforcements, now! <<, this is a sign, that only one
or two enemies are left to finish them all, etc.
- ALWAYS SAVE THE GAME(!), so that if you die, you can go to a last quick save,
autosave or last checkpoint(the last two save automaticly)
- AIM for the head, since this is the location, where it hurts the most
- PW, RC and nailgun will have LCD ammo counter attached to them, so that it
makes easier for you to watch your ammo
- look for a specific three lights in the game: if the light is blue, then a HB
is nearby, if it is yellow then RB and a red blipping light will indicate a
msg, that was not read; also if the laptops were not yet used, they will have a
blue-white background, with a sign ALIENWARE1 and if they were used, then a
brown-red background with a padlock sign in the center
- enemy, especially the Replica soldiers will work as a team: watch for the
suppressing fire, the sentences they say, like: >> Flush him out! << (that
means, that they will throw a FG to you) and don`t get flanked by them:
therefor, watch your back
- prioritize enemies, based on their danger - isolate the more danger ones or
kill them first: both ways have their pros and cons - experiment with both ways
- be smart about the use of HPs - don`t use them, when you have only 1 point of
damage, but when you are badly injured or injured for 20 or more points of your
- in the game,you will only be able to carry 3 weapons at a time, besides the
three type of explosives: it is best to have a weapon for CQB (like shogun), a
weapon for longe ranges, sniper (like PW) and a powerfull, wide area effect
weapon (like RL or RC); there may be other combinations, especially in the
first levels of the game - such as pistols or nailgun for tactical purposes,
shotgun or SMG for CQB and AR or SR for long ranges (note: SMG and AR are also
excellent weapons for supressive fire against the enemy)
- don`t underestimate the enemies: some of them may look weak or slow, but are
even more deadly, than the others
- when a truck will try to run you down or some other >> killing << events will
endanger you, time will slow, alowing you to avoid this danger much more
quickly: however, even with this help, you will have to find a safe place ASAP
- hide in the shadows and stay out of big battles: this tactic will help you to
avoid been killed too much and to kill the others much easily (i.e. if they are
- in the weapons selection menu, choose the weapon, that you are the most
familiar with and later, pick up as much of other powefull weapons as you can
- kicking, melee attacks and punches are a great way to sneak behind people and
to kill them much more silenty
- every dead player will drop down a HP and ammo: don`t forget to check for
that in its vicinity, after you`ve fraged him
- the weapon`s specifications are even more important here - learn them!


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