F.E.A.R. & F.E.A.R. Extraction Point (walkthrough)

F.E.A.R. & F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

Weapon and Enemy Guide:

Last Updated: January 9, 2007
by Alan Chan (joylock @ hotmail.com)

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Purpose of this Guide:
Since the majority of F.E.A.R.'s gameplay revolves around combat, I thought
a detailed weapon and enemy guide could be useful. Hope it helps.

I've also added some info about the new weapons and enemies found in the 
expansion pack to F.E.A.R., Extraction Point.

Be Aware, This Guide Contains moderate *SPOILERS*. Just so you know.

*                                                                             *
*Version History: 1.0: Initial Release                                        *
*                                                                             *
*                 1.1: Some basic edits and editions                          *
*                                                                             *
*                  1.2: Added info on Extraction Point expansion pack         *
*                       Updates to original FEAR section                      *
*                       FINALLY identified each individual Replica type       *
*                                                                             *
*                  1.3: Updated Extraction Point statistics                   *
*                       Some minor updates, completion of data fields         *
*                                                                             *
*                  1.4: Modification of disclaimer                            *
*                       Additional engine details based on further SDK reading*
*                                                                             *

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

- Game Mechanics
- Weapons
    - Melee Attacks
    - Pistol
    - Submachine Gun
    - Combat Shotgun
    - Assault Rifle
    - HV Penetrator
    - ASP Rifle
    - MOD-3 Rocket Launcher
    - Type-7 Particle Weapon
    - MP-50 Repeating Cannon
    - Frag Grenades
    - Proximity Mines
    - Remote Bombs
- Enemies
    - Replica Soldier
    - Replica Sniper
    - Replica Elite Soldier
    - Replica Heavy Armor Soldier
    - Assassin
    - R.E.V.6 Power Armor
    - ATC Security Guard
    - Automated Turret
    - Armacham UAV Flying Drone
    - Nightmare
    - Paxton Fettel
    - Alma
F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
- New Game Mechanics
- New Weapons
    - Type-12 Laser Carbine
    - TG-2A Minigun
    - Deployable Turret
- New Enemies
    - Replica Laser Elite Soldier
    - Replica Heavy Minigun Soldier
    - Deployable Turret
    - R.E.V.8 Leviathan Mech
    - Shadow Creature
- Old Enemies that Reappear in the Expansion
- *BONUS* - Level List

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*Game Mechanics:* 


-  The game's difficulty setting affects two primary factors; the amount of
   damage enemies do, and how effective the AI generally is (with regards to
   various variables such as aim and intelligence). Difficulty does not affect
   the amount of damage enemies can survive.

   On easy difficulty, enemies do 25% damage, and are 50% effective.
   On moderate difficulty, enemies do 65% damage, and are 100% effective.
   On hard difficulty, enemies do 85% damage, and are 125% effective.
   On extreme difficulty, enemies do 120% damage, and are 150% effective.

   Thus, on easy difficulty enemies barely do any damage to you, while 
   on extreme difficulty they do approximately as much damage to you 
   as you do to them with the same weapon.


-  Damage values given are for point-blank shots. Weapons damage decreases
   the further away you are from the enemy (as a result, you'll take much
   less damage if you are shot from a distance than if you are shot up close.)
   The point at which damage begins to drop off with distance differs from
   weapon to weapon (for example, the particle weapon does maximum damage at
   a much further maximum range than the submachine gun).

-  Each blue health booster you acquire increases your total health 5 
   points, up to a maximum of 199 health.

   Each yellow reflex booster you acquire increases your reflexes, giving you
   0.25 additional seconds of SloMo time.

   You can carry a total of 10 health kits at once. Each health kit restores 
   50 health when used.

   Each armor vest restores 35 armor when picked up, up to a maximum 
   of 100.


-  When you start the game, you have a total of 10 seconds of SloMo 
   time, and once your SloMo meter is empty it takes about 25 seconds to
   refill it. If you collect all 20 of the reflex boosters, you'll have a total
   of 15 seconds of SloMo time, and it will take about 40 seconds to
   completely refill an empty reflex meter. (You regain 0.35 seconds of SloMo
   time for every 1 second of real time). 

-  SloMo slows time to about 5 times slower than normal.
   SloMo also doubles your movement speed and rate of fire.
   So, while in SloMo, your character moves and shoots twice as fast,
   as well as perceiving the world at 5 times faster than normal human sight.

-  Interestingly, since SloMo time is 5 times slower than normal, and
   you have 10 to 15 seconds of SloMo, that means that the Pointman's
   SloMo state only really lasts for 2 to 3 seconds of "real time".

-  Time also slows down during the "psychic visions", but to a lesser degree.
   During a vision, time slows down to 3 times slower than normal, but your
   character doesn't move any faster than normal (this accounts for your
   sluggish movements during such events as the nightmare battles and the
   final "showdown" with Alma.

-  In Multiplayer, SloMo slows time to about 2.7 times slower than normal,
   and causes you and your team to move and shoot twice as fast.


-  Headshots do 2.0 times normal damage against Single-Player enemies. 
   Headshots do 1.5 times normal daamge against Multi -Player characters.

-  Enemies take increased damage if they are not yet aware of your presence.
   You can kill an unaware enemy with just a couple shots to the head or
   chest. You can also kill an unaware Heavy Armor with a kick attack,
   although there really aren't many situations in the game that would allow
   you to sneak up on a Heavy Armor.


-  For damage and armor penetration, SP = the damage done in single-
   player when you use the weapon against an enemy, AI = the damage 
   done in single-player when an enemy uses the weapon on you 
   (modified by difficulty level %), and MP = the damage the weapon 
   does in multiplayer.

-  The armor penetration percentage represents how much damage a 
   hit from the weapon does to health instead of armor. If the target is 
   wearing armor, the AP% is the percentage of total damage that is done to 
   health, the remaining percentage is damage done to armor. Once the 
   target runs out of armor, it will take the full damage from its health.

-  You can only carry a total of 3 firearms at once. Personally, I recommend
   carrying a combat shotgun, plus a rapid-fire primary weapon, and a
   long-range weapon for sniping. I.E.

   1) Combat Shotgun
   2) HV Penetrator <-> ASP Rifle <-> Type-7 Particle Weapon
   3) Submachine Gun <-> Assault Rifle

   Towards the end of the game, you can replace the Combat Shotgun with
   the MP-50 Repeating Cannon if you want to have some fun with the cannon.

-  You don't need to bother with reloading your current weapon when you switch
   to using a different weapon. F.E.A.R. conveniently automatically reloads
   your inactive weapons when you switch away from them.
   NOTE: kalika neva informs me that, as of the latest patch, this is no longer

-  The amount of ammo you get from a weapon depends on whether or not you're
   already holding one. If you're already holding a weapon, you get less
   ammo whenever you pick up another one. To get more ammo for rare guns
   like the particle weapon or repeating cannon, one exploit you can do is
   to drop your current weapon before picking up another, then go back and
   pick up your dropped weapon.

Melee Attacks: 
Damage: Punch: 100 
        Rifle Butt: 150 
        Kick: 1000
AI Damage: Melee Attack: 35
Armor Penetration: 0%

Your character, the F.E.A.R. point man, has a wide variety of powerful 
martial arts moves at his disposal. Following the Halo trend, your 
melee attack button is separate from your weapon fire button, so you 
can perform both moves at the same time. Melee attacks are perfectly 
silent, and can be used to take out an enemy without alerting other 
nearby enemies.

The standard melee attack is a basic uppercut if you're unarmed, or a 
hit with the butt of your weapon if you're armed. These attacks are quite 
powerful; two punches or one rifle butt to the face will kill a Replica
soldier (a rifle butt to the face is an instant kill against Replicas,
regardless of how much health they have). Unfortunately, Replica soldiers
have rather strong melee attacks of their own, and can hit you back
while you're busy hitting them. For this reason, it's best not to go
toe-to-toe with them. If a Replica does get too close to you, it's
better just to back away and unload on him with your firearm.

If you're camping a corner, and a Replica runs around it and ends up
running into your face, a swift rifle butt to his face is probably
the best way to take him down. The Replica's melee attacks will
knock your vision around, making it tough to shoot him accurately.

You can also use button combinations to perform 3 different types of 
kicks. These kicks are extremely powerful, and will kill almost any 
enemy with just one hit. These 3 special moves are: 

   Slide Kick: Press forward, then duck, then melee to slide forward 
   along the floor and knock the knees out from under an enemy.

   Jump Kick: Press forward, then jump, then melee in mid-air to leap 
   forward and strike twice with a scissor kick. This attack has a slight 
   homing effect, and will instantly kill any enemy it hits.

   Sweep Kick: Jump straight up into the air and press melee to perform 
   a mid-air sweep kick, killing any enemy standing in front of you. 

Out of all these attacks, the jump kick is probably the most useful and 
the easiest to perform. When you perform the jump kick you'll zoom 
forward several feet, allowing you to hit enemies outside of arm's 
length as long as you're reasonably close to them. Kicks are best 
used to ambush unaware opponents, but you can also use them in 
the heat of combat if the opportunity presents itself. At the same time, 
you want to avoid just charging straight at enemies, because they're 
smart enough to back away from you while shooting you with their 

Kicks are also very effective against Assassins, since they are also 
unarmed and forced to get close to you to attack you.

Unfortunately, melee attacks have no effect on Heavy Armor or Power 
Armor enemies, who are simply too heavily armored to be harmed by 

Full Name: Rakow HP-14 Pistol
Ammo Type: .40 cal
Clip Size: 18 (single) / 36 (double)
Max Ammo: 100 (single) / 200 (double)
Damage: SP: 40 
        MP: 25 
Armor Penetration: SP 30% 
                   MP 27%

You begin the game armed with nothing except this standard sidearm. 
The pistol has decent accuracy and surprisingly high stopping power, 
and with its light weight you can move pretty quickly while carrying it. 
The pistol is semi-automatic; you need to press the fire button to fire 
each shot. The rate of fire is reasonable (comparable to that of the 
HV penetrator), but having to press the fire button for each shot can 
be annoying. The downside of the pistol is that its relatively low clip 
size means you'll have to reload quite often in an extended firefight. 
On the plus side, you can dual-wield a pistol in each hand to double 
your firepower.

Because the rate of fire is less than that of the submachine gun or 
assault rifle, the pistol is less useful as a run-and-gun weapon 
(although it's stability and accuracy means you can use it to run-and-
gun if you really want to). Instead, the pistol is best used to snipe at 
enemies from medium range, leaning around a corner and using aim 
mode to maximize accuracy. The pistol's stopping power is actually 
quite high; it only takes 4-5 bullets to kill a Replica soldier, or
2-3 headshots.

One downside to the pistol is that is has quite a kick, so that your
aim will drift upwards after a few shots. This can cause problems if
you're trying to snipe at a distant target with multiple shots.
Ammo for the pistol is uncommon, since your enemies don't carry 
pistols and won't drop ammo for it when killed. However, spare pistols 
can be found lying around various desks and shelves in each level, 
and are relatively common. This allows you to have a decent supply 
of pistol ammo to work with, although pistol ammo does become 
significantly rarer in the game's later levels.

The pistol is a decent starting weapon, and with its high stability and 
accuracy it is useful for ambushing unaware Replicas or picking them 
off from behind cover. At the same time, there are better weapons out 
there, and you may consider upgrading to an HV penetrator for your 
sniping needs once you manage to find one.

Submachine Gun:
Full Name: Sumak RPL Submachine Gun
Ammo Type: 9mm
Clip Size: 50 
Max Ammo: 500
Damage: SP: 15
        AI: 15
        MP: 13 
Armor Penetration: 30%

You automatically acquire a submachine gun just before your first 
combat mission, and it's a decent primary weapon for the game's first 
few levels. Good for medium-range room-clearing, the SMG has a 
VERY high rate of fire and decent accuracy, allowing you to hose down 
enemies with a hail of bullets. The weapon also has a very generous 
clip size and a very quick reload time. It's also very stable, so
running around or firing it won't reduce your accuracy by much.
The big drawback to the SMG is that it has quite a bit of recoil, so 
you won't be able to use it as effectively at longer range due to the 
gun's "kick" constantly throwing your aim upwards.

The SMG's light weight means you can move quite quickly while 
carrying it, and its stability allows you to run-and-gun with it without 
too much loss of accuracy.

Ammo for the SMG is very common in the game's earlier levels, as 
practically every enemy you encounter will be carrying one. Even in 
the game's later levels the SMG is dropped quite often by downed 
enemies. However, the SMG's high rate of fire also means you can 
burn through your ammo quite quickly.

Overall, the SMG is a good, reliable primary weapon, but after the first 
few missions you may want to discard it for some of the game's 
heavier weaponry, and rely on the more accurate and powerful 
assault rifle as your primary weapon instead.

Combat Shotgun: 
Full Name: Vollmer VK-12 Combat Shotgun
Ammo Type: 12-gauge 
Clip Size: 12 
Max Ammo: 180
Damage: SP: 30 x 6
        AI: 15 x 6
        MP: 20 x 6 
Armor Penetration: 30%

One of the best weapons in the game, the shotgun is highly 
recommended no matter what your play style is. Very powerful, 
especially at close range, the shotgun can cut all but the most heavily 
armored foes in half with a single blast. Because of the tight clustering 
of the shotgun blast, it's effective even at medium range, as long as 
you use aim mode to maximize your accuracy. The shotgun also has 
a decent rate of fire and very little recoil. Also, if all 6 pellets hit, the 
shotgun does the most raw damage out of all the game's weapons, 
although the Type-7 particle weapon and MOD-3 rocket launcher 
have much better armor penetration and thus do more health damage 
to armored foes.

The shotgun is quite simple to use, really. When an enemy gets close, 
just point and shoot to blow them away. Even if the first shot doesn't 
kill them outright, it should stagger them, leaving them vulnerable to a 
fatal second shot. You can even use it to pick off foes at medium 
range with aim mode, although since fewer pellets will hit, you may 
need to use 3 or 4 shots to get the job done. A good hit from the 
shotgun can dismember an enemy's limbs or even cut their torso in 
half in a spray of fine red mist.

Ammo for the shotgun is quite plentiful. For every Relica squad you 
encounter, at least one soldier will usually be carrying a shotgun. 
Additionally, shotgun ammo fills up more quickly and drains more 
slowly than the ammo for most of your other weapons (since it takes 
fewer shots to kill an enemy). As a result, you'll probably max out on 
shotgun ammo quickly, and won't ever run low on it unless you use no 
other weapon and are completely wasteful with your shots.

On the whole, the shotgun is an excellent close-quarter combat 
weapon. Since much of the game takes place indoors in cramp 
hallways and office spaces, the shotgun is useful for most firefights. 
You can also use the shotgun as a "relief" weapon when you feel that 
you're running low on ammo for your assault rifle or submachine gun. 
Due to it's versatility and the high availability of its ammo, you should 
always carry a shotgun with you.

Assault Rifle:
Full Name: Rakow G2A2 Assault Rifle
Ammo Type: 5.56mm
Clip Size: 45 
Max Ammo: 450
Damage: SP: 22
        AI: 20
        MP: 20 
Armor Penetration: SP: 40%
                   AI: 30%
                   MP: 40%

The assault rifle has a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and the bullets 
do decent damage. The rate of fire is slightly slower than that of the 
submachine gun (but still very fast), but the assault rifle compensates 
with much reduced recoil, allowing you to fire bursts at long range 
without the weapon's kick interfering with your aim. Overall, the 
assault rifle's accuracy and high rate of fire makes it a great weapon 
for close, medium, or long range combat.

Enemies won't drop assault rifles very often near the beginning of the 
game, but after the first few levels most enemies begin carrying 
assault rifles instead of submachine guns, so ammo for it will be quite 

The assault rifle should be your primary weapon for most of the game. 
It works as both a run-and-gun weapon, as well as a precision 
weapon for picking off enemies at long range using aim mode. It's a 
great and versatile firearm that will see you through the majority of 
firefights you'll be facing.

HV Penetrator:
Full Name: Armacham HV Penetrator
Ammo Type: 10mm spikes
Clip Size: 25 
Max Ammo: 250
Damage: SP: 35
        AI: 25
        MP: 34 
Armor Penetration: 80%

The HV penetrator functions like a full-auto rifle, except instead of 
bullets it fires 10mm metal spikes at high velocity. Essentially, it's a 
rapid-fire nailgun. The penetrator's rate of fire is slightly less than that 
of the submachine gun or assault rifle, but it compensates with much 
improved accuracy. The penetrator is very accurate; if you're standing 
still, it essentially has perfect aim with no weapon inaccuracy. Plus, 
the penetrator has NO recoil whatsoever. This allows you to rapidly put
spike after spike into the exact same spot. The penetrator also has
the cool effect of nailing your enemies to the wall when it kills them.

The penetrator's high accuracy and absence of recoil makes it an 
excellent long-range sniping weapon. The only downside is that it 
does not include a scope, but you can still use the standard zoom to 
target opponents at long range. Unfortunately, the penetrator does not 
work well as a run-and-gun weapon, as the bolts will spray 
inaccurately if you're moving around while firing (this occurs with the 
SMG and assault rifle too, of course, but those weapons compensate 
with a higher rate of fire that allows them to spray an area with 

While the penetrator isn't significantly more powerful than a standard 
firearm, it has a very high armor penetration rate. Each hit will deal 
significant direct damage to an enemy's health rather than being 
absorbed by their armor, allowing you to take down heavily armored 
opponents (such as Replica Elite or Power Armor) more quickly than 
you would with the assault rifle.

Ammo for the penetrator is uncommon, since enemy soldiers rarely 
carry it. Spare penetrators are lying around each level, however, and 
you'll usually be able to find at least one or two penetrators per level. 
Penetrator ammo is thus still somewhat more common than ammo for 
other heavy weapons, such as the ASP rifle or Type-7 particle 
weapon. However, you can burn through ammo pretty quickly with the 
penetrator's high rate of fire.

The HV penetrator makes a decent secondary weapon, but the rarity 
of its ammo means that you won't be able to rely on it as your primary 
firearm. Still, it's good for long-range combat and for sniping enemies, 
particularly if you use SloMo and lean around corners. Just don't use 
it to run-and-gun.

ASP Rifle:
Full Name: Baksha ASP Rifle
Ammo Type: 7.62mm
Clip Size: 30 
Max Ammo: 200
Damage: SP: 50 x 3
        AI: 25 x 3
        MP: 37 x 3 
Armor Penetration: SP: 60%
                   AI: 60%
                   MP: 50%

A high-powered, semi-automatic rifle, the ASP rifle is equipped with a 
sniper scope, and fires in fixed 3-shot bursts with a slight delay 
between bursts (it's quite similar to the Halo 2 battle rifle). The ASP 
has great accuracy, but it also recoils somewhat, causing the rifle to 
climb upward with each shot in a 3-shot burst. At medium range this isn't
too much of a problem, but at long range it can often result in the 2nd and 
3rd bullet passing completely over your target. As a result, the ASP is 
more awkward as a sniper rifle than it should be. When sniping at longer
range, try to aim at the lower portion of the enemy to compensate for
the fact that your aim will climb as each bullet is fired.

The ASP's power is decent, but by no means exceptional. It takes 2 
bursts to the chest to kill most Replica soldiers (1 burst to kill ATC 
security guards), or 2 consecutive bullets to the head. Also, since 
Replicas are pretty quick and constantly on the move, it's actually 
quite difficult to hit them with an ASP burst unless you use SloMo to assist 
your aim. 

The ASP works poorly as a run-and-gun weapon, or for close-range 
combat. The gun's burst-fire and delay between bursts gives it an 
overall low rate of fire, which is not something you want when a 
Replica is in your face just a few feet in front of you. Ammo for the 
ASP is also pretty scarce, so you want to use it wisely with precision 
long-range shots instead of wasting it with close-range spray-and-
pray tactics.

ASP ammo is fairly scarce, even more so than HV penetrator ammo. 
Enemies rarely carry it, and although you will find spare ASP rifles 
laying around, you'll only find them infrequently. Still, there's enough 
ASP ammo in the middle of the game for you to stock up if you don't 
use it too often.

The ASP isn't the ideal sniper weapon, but since it is one of only two 
weapons in the game with a sniper scope, you really don't have that 
much choice when it comes to long-range combat. Overall, the HV 
penetrator is superior to the ASP at long range, but the ASP's scope 
will allow you to target particularly distant enemies. The choice is 

MOD-3 Rocket Launcher:
Full Name: Andra MOD-3 Multi-Rocket Launcher
Ammo Type: rockets
Clip Size: 15 
Max Ammo: 30
Damage: SP: [70 (projectile) + 100 (splash damage)] x 3
        AI: [50 (projectile) + 80 (splash damage)] x 3
        MP: [70 (projectile) + 80 (splash damage)] x 3 
Armor Penetration: 0% (projectile) + 80% (splash damage)

This large rocket launcher fires 3 consecutive rockets for ever press 
of the trigger. The 3 rockets fly in a slight spiral pattern, but
are still highly accurate even at long range. The rockets do lots of
damage and have a good splash damage radius, although not quite as large 
as that from a frag grenade. 

Arguably the most poweful overall weapon in the game, the rocket 
launcher is best reserved for the toughest opponents, such as Heavy 
Armor soldiers or Power Armor. It takes about 8 rockets to bring down 
a Heavy Armor, or 13 Rockets to destroy a Power Armor. The rocket 
launcher is also good for clearing roomfuls of Replica soldiers; 3 
rockets launched into an enclosed space have a good chance of 
killing everything inside. Unfortunately, since you can only hold a 
maximum of 30 rockets at any one time, you can use up your rockets 
pretty damn quickly.

Ammo for the rocket launcher is extremely rare, making it the rarest 
weapon in the game. Also, you can't carry much ammo for it either; 
you can only hold a total of 30 rockets, and since each shot uses up 3 
rockets that means even at max ammo you've only got a total of 10 
rocket launcher shots.

Due to the weapon's extreme scarcity, you really shouldn't carry it 
around, as it will just take up space that could be used by a more 
useful weapon. When you find a rocket launcher, pick it up and use it 
for as long as you can, then discard it for another weapon once you 
run out of ammo. The rocket launcher is overkill against most foes, 
and is only really useful against power armor, who aren't common 
enough for you to justify hauling it around with you. Also, the Type-7 
does pretty much the same amount of damage per shot as the rocket 
launcher (although the rocket launcher fires 3 shots at once), but the 
Type-7 is more useful since you can carry a lot more ammo for it.

Type-7 Particle Weapon: 
Full Name: Armacham Type-7 Particle Weapon
Ammo Type: particle beam
Clip Size: 10 
Max Ammo: 100
Damage: SP: 170
        AI: 100
        MP: 150 
Armor Penetration: SP: 80%
                   AI: 70%
                   MP: 0%

The Type-7 particle weapon is the ultimate sniper weapon, as well as 
one of the most powerful firearms in the game. It fires an energy 
beam that travels instantaneously and is powerful enough to sear the 
flesh off anyone it hits, leaving only a charred skeleton. The Type-7 
also has perfect accuracy as long as you're standing still, and is 
equipped with a sniper scope to allow you to target and pick off 
distant foes. One shot from the Type-7 is enough to kill all but the 
toughest enemy soldiers, and it is one of the most effective weapons 
you can use against heavier opponents such as ceiling turrets, Heavy 
Armor soldiers, or Power Armor. With it's high damage and excellent 
armor penetration rate, the Type-7 inflicts the most health damage 
against armored opponents out of all the game's weapons.
There are only a few drawbacks to the Type-7. First, there is a couple 
seconds' delay between each shot, giving the Type-7 the slowest rate 
of fire in the game. Second, the Type-7 has a rather large recoil kick 
after each shot, forcing you to reposition your aim back to its original 
position after every shot. Third, the Type-7 significantly reduces your 
movement speed when you're holding it in your hand. Finally, the 
Type-7 should not be used as a run-and-gun weapon, as moving will 
reduce it's accuracy (which is quite wasteful considering the weapon's 
slow rate of fire and the scarcity of its ammo).

Unfortunately, ammo for the Type-7 is quite rare. Enemies seldom 
carry it, and at least for the middle of the game you won't find ammo 
pickups for it often. However, there's a lot of Type-7 ammo stockpiled 
towards the end of the game, enough to completely max out your 
ammo supply for it if you don't overuse the weapon early on.

Due to its power and accuracy, the Type-7 is a must-have weapon. 
You'll especially want it to deal with some of the high-powered 
enemies you'll be facing towards the end of the game, such as Power 
Armor units or ceiling turrets.

MP-50 Repeating Cannon:
Full Name: Obregon MP-50 Repeating Cannon
Ammo Type: 20mm cannon rounds
Clip Size: 50 
Max Ammo: 100
Damage: SP: 80 (projectile) + 70 (splash damage)
        AI: 40 (projectile) + 40 (splash damage) 
        MP: 30 (projectile) + 70 (splash damage) 
Armor Penetration: SP: 30% (projectile) + 50% (splash damage)
                   AI: 30% (projectile) + 50% (splash damage) 
                   MP: 30% (projectile) + 40% (splash damage)

The largest weapon in the game (with the possible exception of the 
rocket launcher), the MP-50 repeating cannon fires a very damaging 
high-velocity round that detonates and produces a small shockwave 
on impact. To top it off, the cannon has a large clip size and a 
relatively high fully automatic rate of fire comparable to that of the 
pistol. Think of it as a very large machine gun that shoots high-explosive

Very powerful, the MP-50 will slag any human opponent in 1 or 2 
shots. It's also effective against more powerful enemies, such as 
ceiling turrets, UAVs, and even Heavy Armor soldiers. The MP-50 
doesn't do quite as much raw damage as the Type-7 particle weapon, 
but makes up for this with a much faster rate of fire. The cannon does
have some recoil though, so try to avoid full-auto fire as your aim
will be pulled upward by the recoil.

The shockwave from a cannon round impact will also stun any nearby soldiers
for a few seconds, so even if the first shot doesn't kill them, it
will leave them vulnerable to attack from the second shot. Although
powerful, an MP-50 round is sufficiently weaker than a frag grenade
(it usually takes 2 direct hits to kill most standard Replica soldiers).

One drawback to the repeating cannon is that the splash damage radius 
is actually rather small, only a few feet or so. To affect an enemy
your shot will have to land really close to them, and to do maximum damage
to a target you'll need to score a direct hit. Fortunately, this shouldn't
be too difficulty, as the repeating cannon is quite accurate and hits 
instantly. Just don't rely on the splash damage too much if you're trying
to hit an enemy behind cover by firing at the ground near them. 

The repeating cannon also significantly reduces your movement speed when
held, so you'll want to keep it in reserve in your inventory until you
actually need it in a firefight.

The Repeating Cannon doesn't show up until the last 6 levels of the 
game, and even then ammo for it is fairly uncommon. I only found a 
total of 75 shots for the cannon between the point where you first pick 
one up, and the point at the end where you enter the Vault and lose 
all your weapons.

The repeating cannon packs a punch, and is one of the coolest 
weapons in the game to fire. I highly recommend you pick it up, just 
for the fun factor involved. It works well against all enemies, just be 
sure to watch your ammo for it. 

Frag Grenades: 
Full Name: N6A3 Fragmentation Grenade
Max Ammo: 5
Damage: SP: 200
        AI: 100
        MP: 150 
Armor Penetration: 25%

Frag grenades are carried separately from your firearms, and just like 
in Halo you can toss them with a separate key without having to 
switch from your gun. Frag grenades have a decent range, and will 
detonate a couple seconds after being thrown or upon impacting 
against an enemy, whichever comes first. They do lots of damage and 
have a good-sized splash-damage radius; a single blast is powerful 
enough to kill multiple Replica soldiers at once. Instead of the 
standard FPS explosion decal, F.E.A.R. grenades create a cool 
shockwave effect that looks even cooler in SloMo.

Frag grenades are great for clearing rooms or scattering a squad of 
Replica soldiers. Unfortunately, Replica soldiers are quite bright and 
will immediately try to run away as soon as they spot a grenade 
coming for them. They usually don't succeed (especially in confined 
spaces), but they get away often enough that a grenade isn't a 
guaranteed kill. Always be sure to follow up any grenade toss with a 
firearm assault to mop up any survivors.

Grenades are best used against squads of Replica soldiers, instead 
of against single powerful opponents such as Heavy Armors or Power 
Armors. A single grenade can kill multiple Replicas, but won't do 
much noticable damage against a Heavy Armor or Power Armor. In 
fact, you can use all 5 of your frag grenades against a Heavy Armor 
and still not kill it (although it will be seriously weakened). 

Unfortunately, enemies do not drop frag grenades (even though they 
all seem to carry an unlimited supply of them to use against you). 
Instead, you'll find them lying around various areas in the level. Frag 
grenade ammo is uncommon (or at least less common than bullets), 
but there's at least some on every level so you should be able to use 
grenades with relative frequency.

Proximity Mines: 
Full Name: AT-S Proximity Mine
Max Ammo: 5
Damage: SP: 250
        AI: 150
        MP: 150 
Armor Penetration: SP: 100%
                   AI: 40%
                   MP: 40%

Proximity mines are tossed onto the floor in front of you, where they 
activate their motion-sensor mechanism. Once an enemy approaches 
close enough to the mine, it will hop into the air and explode. Mines
are "smart" and can distinguish between friend and foe; thus, you
won't set off your own mines if you run near them. Friendly mines
have a blue light on top (green in the expansion pack), while enemy
mines have a red light. You can even pick your mines back up if you're
not satisfied with where you've placed them.

While decent for setting traps and covering an area, proximity mines 
are strictly a defensive weapon. You really can't throw them far 
enough to use them offensively. On the plus side, Replica soldiers 
tend not to spot them and will usually set them off without realizing it. 
You yourself can detonate enemy mines prematurely by shooting 
them while you're safely outside the blast radius.

Replicas aren't smart enough to detonate mines by shooting them,
but they will sometimes detonate them accidentally with an errant
frag grenade. So, don't rely on them too much to block off a 
group of Replicas from you.

Proximity mines do slightly more damage and have much better 
armor penetration than frag grenades, however they are also 
somewhat rarer than frag grenades. Proximity mines are actually
somewhat decent against heavy opponents due to their higher armor
penetration: 4 direct hits should be sufficient to take down a 
Heavy Armor or Power Armor.

It takes a second or so for a proximity mine to activate after you
throw them. If this is too long for your liking (such as if you've
just tossed one at the feet of your enemy), you can shoot them to make
them blow up sooner.

Remote Bombs:
Full Name: M77 Remote Bomb
Max Ammo: 5
Damage: SP: 250
        MP: 150 
Armor Penetration: SP: 70%
                   MP: 40%

These remote bombs are sticky grenades that adhere to the first 
surface they impact against, whether it be a wall, an object, or an 
enemy. They can then be detonated remotely by you. Remote bombs are
also somewhat more powerful than frag grenades.

When you switch to the remote bombs, you'll put away your weapon 
and equip a remote detonator. The grenade key will toss the sticky 
grenades, while the primary fire button will activate the detonator and 
explode any bombs that you've thrown. The big drawback of remote 
bombs is that you cannot use them and a firearm at the same time,
since your weapon hand is occupied with holding the detonator.

Remote bombs are decent for setting up boobytraps and ambushes, 
but the fact that you can't shoot while using them is a serious 
disadvantage. Remote bombs are also somewhat rarer than standard 
frag grenades.


Replica Soldier:
Appearance: Clone soldier wearing a helmet, armor vest, and military 
Health: Recon: 100 Fatigues: 130 Urban: 120 Desert: 130 Tactical: 120 
Armor:  Recon:  25 Fatigues:  50 Urban:  50 Desert:  60 Tactical:  75
Weapons Used:  Submachine Gun (Damage: 15, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               Combat Shotgun (Damage: 15 x 6, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               Assault Rifle (Damage: 20, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               HV Penetrator (Damage: 25, Armor Penetration: 80%)
               ASP rifle (Damage: 25, Armor Penetration: 60%)
               Type-7 Particle Weapon (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 70%)
Other Attacks: Rifle Butt (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)
               Frag Grenades (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 25%)


Paxton Fettel's cloned, mind-melded super-soldiers are the basic 
enemy you'll face in F.E.A.R. More than 95% of the game will be 
spent facing off against squad after squad of these guys. Their 
behavior is also more or less the same throughout the game: the 
Replicas you fight towards the end of the game will use the same 
basic moves and tactics as the Replicas from the beginning of the 
game. There are several different uniformed varieties of Replica 
soldier, and they do get slightly tougher as the game progresses, but 
the difference really isn't significant enough to be noticeable. All it 
means is that later Replicas can survive a couple bullets more than 
earlier Replicas. The only exception are the Replica soldiers you fight
in the first few levels, at the waste-water treatment plant. These
"Recon" Replicas are somewhat weaker than average (even more so than
ATC security guards), with lower health, armor, and accuracy than other
Replica soldiers.

Replicas have some of the best A.I. seen in a modern First Person 
Shooter. They act in teams, cover each other, coordinate attacks, and 
can even try to flank and ambush you. They're also faster and much 
more manueverable than the average FPS soldier. They can climb 
ladders, duck under crawlspaces, jump through windows, leap over 
railings, jump down to a lower level, and can basically access every 
area of the level that you can. Moreover, they tend to run around the 
entire level instead of making themselves an easy target by just 
standing still in one spot. If they do stop moving, it'll usually be to take
cover behind an object and lean around the corner to shoot at you.


Replica soldiers are fast and smart. They strafe from cover to cover and fire
while moving, making them harder to hit and allowing them to flank you
from different angles. Replicas are noticeably faster than the average FPS
soldier enemy, and can cover quite a good distance in a short span of time.
When not running around, they like to take cover behind obstacles, then lean
around the corner to shoot at you from behind cover. They can also dive over
obstacles to reach different areas of a level, although this does briefly
leave them open to being shot. Finally, Replicas act as a team, performing
actions such as setting up ambushes and laying down suppression fire for
each other.

Replicas are also quite accurate with their weapons. Unlike many FPS enemies,
you can't expect to run into their line of sight and not get hit, even at
longer range. When fighting Replicas, you NEED to take cover behind something
to avoid getting shot. Simply going toe-to-toe with them using your firearm
and hoping they die before you do is a good way to lose a chunk of your health.
Replicas can injure you if you're standing in their line of sight even if you
kill them, because they will often fire off a few final rounds in their
death spasm.

Finally, instead of merely shooting at you with their firearms, Replicas can
also toss grenades at you to flush you out of cover. Listen carefully to their 
radio chatter. If they scream "grenade, out!", "flush him out!", or "fire in 
the hole!", that's your cue to retreat further away because they're 
about to chuck a grenade at your current position.

Replicas are generally equipped with submachine guns, assault rifles, or
combat shotguns. A few carry HV Penetrators or ASP rifles, and in
the middle of the game you'll find one carrying a Type-7 particle weapon.
Basically, Replicas can use every weapon you can, except for the pistol,
the repeating cannon, and the rocket launcher.


Although there are many different ways for you to fight the Replicas, there
are a few simple strategies for optimum efficiency when fighting them:

The best strategy against Replicas is to lean around a corner and shoot at
them, instead of running into the room guns blazing. This will minimize
your exposed area and protect you from much of their gunfire. To avoid
getting flanked or ambushed, attack from a choke point from which Replicas
are unable to sneak up behind you. If necessary, retreat backwards and let
the Replicas give chase to you, and ambush them when they catch up.

Multiple bullet hits can stagger Replica soldiers, so rapid-fire weapons
such as the submachine gun or assault rifle work well to stop Replicas
from strafing or retreating.

Your SloMo ability is also extremely useful against Replicas, and helps
cancel out their better-than-average speed and manueverability. Use it
liberally, as it regenerates relatively quickly. Also go for headshots when
possible to bring down Replicas more quickly.

Finally, if you want to lure Replicas into an ambush, the flashlight works
well. Replicas that spot a flashlight beam won't immediately go into combat
mode (unless they've already spotted you), but will approach to investigate.


Standard Replica soldiers come in 5 different varieties, although the
difference is largely cosmetic.

RECON: Grey/black cameo uniform with black motorcycle helmet. These are the
first Replicas you fight, appearing throughout the Wastewater
Treatment Plant. They are significantly weaker than the other Replica
soldiers you'll face later in the game, able to take much less damage and
also having slightly worse aim.

FATIGUES: Solid grey uniform with red Night Vision goggles. These Replicas
show up towards the end of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and are
also fought mainly during the first half of ATC Headquarters (although
they make occasional appearances in the later half of ATC HQ also). The
red glow from their Night Vision goggles actually helps you, since it
allows you to spot them in the dark.

URBAN: Grey/black cameo uniform with gas mask. These Replicas are fought at
various locations in the later levels of ATC Headquarters, as well as
in the urban ruins of the Auburn district.

DESERT: Yellow/Brown desert cameo uniform with green Night Vision goggles.
These Replicas are fought in the middle levels of ATC Headquarters. Like the
red NV Replicas, the bright glow from their Night Vision goggles makes them
easy to spot even in the dark. They also appear in the first half of the
Auburn District urban ruins, only wearing black motorcycle helmets instead
of Night Vision goggles. Desert Replicas are slightly tougher than the
previous types encountered, but not significantly so.

TACTICAL: Blue and white uniform with black faceplate helmet, and the code
T114 printed on their armor vests. These Replicas have the coolest uniforms,
IMHO. They appear in the game's opening cutscene as Paxton Fettel's personal
bodyguards, and you'll occasionally fight them inside ATC Headquarters.
They're usually found guarding hostages, such as Aldus Bishop or Alice Wade.
Tactical Replicas are actually quite rare, you'll only face them in a few
encounters in the entire game. They are the best armored standard Replicas
(other than the Elites), but the difference isn't too dramatic.

Replica Sniper:
Appearance: Clone soldier wearing bluish-grey uniform and grey
hockey-style face mask.
Health: 130 
Armor:  50 
Weapons Used:  Type-7 Particle Weapon (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 70%)
Other Attacks: Rifle Butt (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)
               Frag Grenades (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 25%)


Replica snipers only appear in a single section of the game, towards 
the end. You'll engage in a firefight against 10 of them 
while crossing the rooftops of an abandoned tenament area. The 
snipers are equipped with Type-7 particle weapons, and will fire at 
you from the rooftops and windows of the nearby apartment buildings.

Interestingly, Snipers wear the exact same masks as Replica Elite. The
similarity ends there, however, as Snipers can't survive nearly as much
punishment as Elites can.


Because they're equipped with Type-7s, snipers do lots of damage 
and can kill you quite quickly. Snipers are also tough because you'll 
usually won't know where they are until they actually fire at you. 
Fortunately, their aim isn't perfect (in fact it's surprisingly average), 
and you can avoid many of their shots by taking cover in the right spot 
and leaning around the corner to fire at them. 


It's best to use SloMo when fighting the snipers to make it easier for 
you to hit them before they can hit you. You should also fight them by 
counter-sniping them with your own sniper weapon. You really should 
have a Type-7 particle weapon at this point in the game, and it works 
great since it kills each sniper with one shot. If you don't have the 
Type-7, there's a couple of them conveniently laying on the ground 
just before the sniper fight.

Replica Elite Soldier: 
Appearance: Clone soldier wearing black uniform and white hockey-style 
face mask with glowing red eyes. 
Health: 150 
Armor:  100
Weapons Used:  Assault Rifle (Damage: 20, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               HV Penetrator (Damage: 25, Armor Penetration: 80%)
               MP-50 Repeating Cannon (Damage: 40 + 40, AP: 30% + 50%)
Other Attacks: Rifle Butt (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)
               Frag Grenades (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 25%)


Replica Elites are the only variant of standard Replica soldier 
specifically mentioned by name in the game. They only show up at 
the very end of the game, guarding the entrance to the Vault and 
Alma's Sarcophagus. 

Elites are tougher and more heavily armored than any of the previous
Replica soldiers you've faced. Their health and armor are comparable to
your own, and on extreme difficulty they have approximately the same level
of durability as you do. In fact, Elites can survive a direct hit from the
Type-7 particle weapon or MP-50 repeating cannon (although a second hit
will finish them off). Elites can even survive a direct hit from a frag
grenade, although the blast will usually stun them for a few seconds,
allowing you to finish them off with a quick burst of weapons fire.

A few Elites are even equipped with powerful MP-50 repeating cannons, 
which pack a big punch and can shred you if you're not prepared. Be sure
to kill these guys quickly with your best weapon.

There are a total of 16 Replica Elites in the game, 4 of which
are carrying MP-50 Repeating Cannons.


Other than their heavier armor, Replica Elites have the same behavior 
and use the same tactics as any other standard Replica soldier. They 
can still be taken out using the same techniques you've been using 
throughout the game, it just takes a few more shots to do the job. 
Headshots are also very effective against them: an Elite can survive a 
direct hit from the Type-7 particle weapon, but a headshot from that 
weapon will kill them in one hit.

The Vault area where you fight the Elites consists largely of linear 
corridors and very small rooms, so fighting them is actually relatively
quick and straightforward compared to the more dynamic shootouts
from earlier in the game.


Despite their higher health and heavier armor, Elites are still
staggered by gunfire, which allows you to stun them with a rapid-fire
weapon such as the assault rifle or submachine gun. 
As soon as you enter the Vault, you'll lose all your weapons, so 
there's no point in conserving ammo and you can just to go all-out on 
these guys with your best firepower.

Replica Heavy Armor Soldier: 
Appearance: 7-foot tall soldier encased in heavy suit of metal plates,
with glowing blue eye lens. 
Health: 800 
Armor:  400
Weapons Used:  HV Penetrator (Damage: 25, Armor Penetration: 80%)
               Type-7 Particle Weapon (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 70%)
               MOD-3 Rocket Launcher (Damage: 50 + 80, AP: 0 + 80%)
Other Attacks: Rifle Butt (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)


Heavy Armor soldiers are the heavy hitters of the Replica forces. 
Encased in a heavy suit of metal armor, they can soak up 
considerably more damage than a normal Replica soldier can. It takes 
more than a full clip from most of your weapons to kill one. You'll face 
Heavy Armors on a semi-regular basis, and a total of 15 of them
appear throughout the game. 


Heavy Armors are usually found accompanying a squad of Replica 
soldiers into battle. Unlike Replica soldiers, who use advanced tactics 
and are highly manueverable, Heavy Armors tend to just plant 
themselves in one spot and open fire on you. Instead of seeking 
cover, they rely on their armor plating to protect them from your 

They are usually equipped with HV penetrators, but later in the game 
you'll meet one carrying a Type-7 particle weapon, and one equipped 
with a MOD-3 rocket launcher. Their high-end weaponry makes them 
more dangerous than regular Replicas. The Type-7 particle weapon 
and MOD-3 rocket launcher both pack a powerful punch and do lots 
of damage to you. Of the two, the MOD-3 is by far the most dangerous,
due to it's high rate of fire and the fact it shoots 3 rockets per shot.
The HV penetrator does less raw damage, but is still dangerous because
it has a high armor penetration and most of the damage done will be
directly to your health, bypassing the protection of any armor you're

Fortunately, their heavy armor also makes them considerably slower 
than the regular Replica soldiers. Heavy Armors are unable to run and 
are limited to a slow and steady walk. They also aren't particularly 
manueverable, and tend to stay in a single area instead of running all 
over the map like regular Replicas do. They also tend to be defensive, 
generally blocking a corridor or area you need to go through, instead 
of actively pursuing you.


The best way to deal with Heavy Armors is to find cover and wait for 
them to plant themselves in a single spot. Once they do, find a good 
angle on them, lean around a corner, and fire at them. Use the corner 
as cover to avoid the majority of their shots, and unload on them with 
a good weapon. The shotgun works well at close-to-medium range (8 
to 12 shots should be sufficient to kill one), and at further range good 
accurate weapons such as the HV penetrator or ASP rifle are 
preferable (about 25 shots from either will do the trick). In a pinch you 
can use the assault rifle, but it'll take more than 50 bullets to kill them. 
The absolute best weapon against Heavy Armors is the Type-7 
particle weapon, which will bring down a Heavy Armor with 3 
headshots or 6 shots to the body.

Heavy Armors don't move around a lot, so it's fairly easy to score headshots
on them, especially with SloMo on. If you somehow end up facing off against
a Heavy Armor at close range, 4 headshots from the shotgun will bring
it down rather quickly.

When fighting Heavy Armors, it's a good idea to kill off any Replica 
soldiers accompanying them first before concentrating on the Heavy 
Armor itself. You don't want Replicas sneaking up on you while you're 
busy with the Heavy Armor.

Appearance: Ninja wearing black stealth suit, with oversized gloves 
and power-pak on back. 
Health: 200 
Armor:  150
Weapons Used: Melee Punch (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)


These Ninja-like stealth soldiers are perhaps the coolest enemies in 
the game, as well as the rarest. Although you'll be able to spot them 
at several points in the game if you look carefully, you'll only actually 
fight assassins in 2 levels, and there are only a total of 9 of 
them throughout the entire game.


Assassins have very high speed and agility. They constantly run 
around, can leap from level to level, and can escape by shimmying 
into air-vents or even leaping into the ceiling. They can also
roll sideways to evade your shots, and can leap forward and run
on all four limbs for maximum speed. Finally, Assassins can cling to
walls while invisible, and will leap down and charge at you when you get

Notably, they're also equipped with a stealth generator which renders
them almost invisible. There's a slight shimmer that gives their
invisibility cloak away (just like in the movie Predator), but it's much
less noticable than most other similar invisibility effects, especially
when they move around so quickly. 

Assassins are limited to melee attacks, and use hit-and-run tactics. 
They'll rush at you, punch you, then run away using their speed, 
agility, and stealth field to escape from your line of sight. Then, when 
you least expect it, they'll pop out and rush at you again. Like the 
Trigens in Far Cry, Assassins have a much longer reach than they 
appear to; an Assassin can punch you from several feet away. 
Assassins are hard to spot until they're right on top of you; however, 
they tend to disengage their invisibility just before they hit you, and 
being shot will also disrupt their invisibility for several seconds. You 
can also tell an Assassin is about to charge you because they make 
an electrical buzzing sound before beginning an attack run.


Assassins are quite tough to fight without SloMo. They are incredibly 
fast, shooting them won't stun them or slow them down (although it 
does make them visible), and they are somewhat tougher and more 
heavily armored than standard Replica soldiers. However, with 
SloMo, they become rather easy to kill. SloMo essentially cancels out 
their speed advantage, and it also gives you more time to spot them 
coming. The shotgun is an excellent weapon against Assassins, a 
couple close-range blasts will blow them away. In combination with 
SloMo, you can use the shotgun to take Assassins apart easily. Other 
weapons also work on Assassins, provided that you're using SloMo to 
increase your reaction time.

Kung-fu attacks are also surprisingly effective against Assassins. If 
you see one coming at you, rush at it and hit it with a jump kick or 
slide kick to kill the Assassin in one hit. This is probably the best
strategy to fight assassins if you're not using SloMo.

Shooting the environment to kick up a lot of dust also helps against
Assassins, as the clouds of dust cause the shimmering effect of their
stealth field to become highly visible.

R.E.V.6 Power Armor:
Appearance: 7.5-foot tall robotic suit with a rounded egg-shaped 
shield in front and rocket-launchers for arms. 
Health: 1000 
Armor:  1500
Weapons Used: 
            Dual Rocket Launchers (Damage: 30, Armor Pentration: 35%) 
            Dual Laser Guns (Damage: 15, Armor Penetration: 30%)
Other Attacks: Double Arm Smash (Damage: 35 x 2, Armor Penetration: 0%)


The toughest individual enemy in the game, the R.E.V.6 is a Replica 
soldier encased within a compact power armor mech suit. Powerful 
and extremely heavily armored, it takes an enormous amount of 
firepower to bring one down. Fortunately, you generally fight them 
one-on-one, instead of alongside Replica soldiers as well. You'll also 
never fight more than one Power Armor at a time. There are only 
5 Power Armors throughout the entire game.


Power Armors are equipped with a rocket launcher on each arm. 
Each launcher fires a burst of 3 missiles, allowing the Power Armor to 
launch a spread of 6 or 7 missiles at you every couple of seconds. 
Even if you dodge the missiles, you can still be harmed by their 
splash damage if you're fighting in a confined space. Fortunately,
the missiles from a Power Armor do significantly less damage than
those from a regular rocket launcher, although they can still kill
you after several hits. Their splash damage radius is also rather

The missiles from a power armor are actually slow enough to dodge
at medium or long range. The problem is that you usually fight them
in relatively narrow corridors where it's easy to get stuck on a wall
or crate, at which point you'll either get blasted, or get hit by the
rockets' splash damage.

Later in the game, one particular Power Armor is equipped with laser bolt
guns instead of rocket launchers (you'll know him when you see him, as 
he's got an awesome entrance). His attacks do less damage per individual
hit, but he has a higher rate of fire and the laser bolts are much more
difficult to dodge than missiles.

They also have a nasty melee attack which they'll use to smash you if you
get too close to them.

Power Armors tend to be more persistant than Heavy Armors. Despite their
size, they're surprisingly fast; Power Armors are about as fast as a
regular Replica soldier, although unlike Replicas they cannot run. 
They will also usually pursue you throughout a level instead of
standing in one spot firing at you. They can also strafe around while
firing, which makes them slightly harder to hit, although their large
size does somewhat compensate for this.

Fortunately, their path finding routines aren't perfect, and it is possible
for them to get hung up on a door or corner if you run through the level
enough. They also do not seem to be able to manage stairs. In fact, in
all of the Power Armor encounters in the game, it's possible to retreat
to a point where the Power Armor is no longer able to follow you, then
turn around and blast it to death.

Although Power Armors can smash through certain obstacles, such as
concrete barriers or wood doorframes, these actions are semi-scripted,
and they generally cannot smash through environmental objects.


The best way to deal with Power Armor is to use hit-and-run tactics. 
run out from behind a corner, fire at them, then duck back behind the corner 
before they can shoot back. When the Power Armor gets too close, 
retreat backwards to a further corner before the Power Armor can get 
into your line of sight. Try to avoid firing from a position where
there's a wall behind you, or else you'll be injured by their
rockets' splash damage. 

To bring down a Power Armor, it's best to use powerful heavy weapons
such as the MOD-3 rocket launcher or the Type-7 particle weapon. The shotgun
also works, in a pinch. Because the Power Armor's durability is partially
due to its extremely heavy armor, weapons with a high armor penetration
ability (such as the HV penetrator or Type-7 particle weapon) are
particularly effective. Even with your best weapon (a rocket launcher or
particle weapon), it'll take multiple shots to defeat the Power Armor (9 shots
from the particle weapon or 13 rockets), so be patient and careful. The Power
Armor will start shorting out blue arcs of electricity when heavily damaged;
this will let you know that it's almost defeated.

A Power Armor can also be destroyed with 4 proximity mines, due to the
mines' high armor penetration ability. The tricky part is getting close
enough to toss the mines at the Power Armor, since they have such a
limited throwing range.

ATC Security Guard: 
Appearance: Standard security guy wearing blue uniform, kevlar vest, 
and sunglasses. 
Health: 100 
Armor:  40
Weapons Used:  Submachine Gun (Damage: 15, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               Combat Shotgun (Damage: 15 x 6, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               Assault Rifle (Damage: 20, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               HV Penetrator (Damage: 25, Armor Penetration: 80%)
               ASP rifle (Damage: 25, Armor Penetration: 60%)
Other Attacks: Rifle Butt (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)
               Frag Grenades (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 25%)


ATC's private rent-a-cops will impede your progress at a few different 
points in the game, namely in the middle few levels of ATC Headquarters,
and the early levels of the Vault Facility. Being mere humans equipped
with kevlar vests, they're slightly weaker and less armored than the Replica
super-soldiers you're used to. Otherwise, they fight with the same general 
tactics as the Replica troops: they'll seek cover behind objects, lean 
around corners to shoot at you, and use grenades to flush you from 


ATC security guards are less coordinated than Replica soldiers; they
are less able to work as a team, and tend to act more individually
instead of as a coordinated squad. You'll also notice that they communicate
with each other much less than Replica soldiers, and are less likely to give
each other orders or call for the status of other group members. However,
they still call out some basic combat information, such as announcing when
they're about to throw a grenade.


On the whole, ATC security guards can be beaten using the same 
tactics you used against the standard Replica soldiers. In fact, due to 
their slightly weaker stats and lesser tactics, they should be even 
easier to take down.

ATC security guards will fight any Replica forces they encounter, but 
this really only happens at two specific points in the entire game (in 
both cases, the ATC security guards lose badly).

Automated Turret: 
Appearance: A big gun that descends from a pod in the ceiling. 
Health: 500 
Armor:  0
Weapons Used: Turret Gun (Damage: 20, Armor Penetration: 30%)


You'll face several automated ceiling turrets at two points in the game, 
once inside ATC Headquarters and once within the entrance to the 
Vault itself. There are a total of 11 of them in the game.

Automated turrets decend from the ceiling and open fire on you when you
enter their line of sight. They're equipped with a machine gun, have a
very high rate of fire, and can do lots of damage to you very quickly.
Unlike human opponents, who fire in bursts, Turrets will continuously
shoot at your current location once they spot you.


Turrets can survive quite a bit of damage, so fighting them with lighter 
weapons is not recommended. You can minimize the damage they do 
by leaning around a corner and firing at them from cover, but their 
high rate of fire will still cause them to hit you several times before you
manage to kill them. If you must fight the Turrets, try to attack with 
SloMo while using a high-impact weapon such as the HV penetrator 
or the ASP rifle.

Fortunately, when you first encounter Turrets, it's possible for you to 
run past them and disable their power source, effectively switching 
them off. Take cover when the Turret appears and starts shooting 
you, locate the power source, then use SloMo to run over to it and 
switch it off.

Later in the game, you'll have access to heavier weaponry, allowing 
you to destroy Turrets much more easily. Use SloMo, lean around a 
corner, and fire at the Turret with your Type-7 particle weapon or MP-
50 repeating cannon. With these weapons you should be able to 
destroy a Turret in 3 or 4 hits, while only taking 2 or 3 hits yourself at

Armacham UAV Flying Drone:
Appearance: Basketball-sized flying metal disc with three metal poles 
sticking out the sides. 
Health: 250 
Armor:  0
Weapons Used: Laser Gun (Damage: 10, Armor Penetration: 30%)


Several of these small, flying robots will attack you at two separate 
points in the game: near the end of ATC Headquarters, and near the 
end of the Vault entrance. There are a total of 15 of them in the

UAVs hover through the air searching for you. They will pursue you
once they spot you, and attack with a series of rapid-fire laser bolts.
You'll know a UAV is about to appear because they make a sound like a
pistol shot when they are deployed, and they are also easily spotted
since they emitted a blue glow that reflects off walls and ceilings.


UAVs float slowly through the air when searching for a target, but
they can increase their air speed to about the same speed as a soldier
runs once they spot you. They can actually be quite fast once they start
chasing you, but their flight pattern is usually quite regular, so they're
normally relatively easy to target. They also generally do not try to
fly right up to you, instead preferring to hover several feet away while
shooting at you.

The UAV's laser weapon does very little damage (on normal difficulty, 
each hit only does between 2 to 4 damage to you), but has a very 
high rate of fire and is quite difficult to avoid. When you fight a UAV, 
you can expect to be hit several times before winning. Like turrets, 
UAVs fire continuously instead of in bursts.

One advantage UAVs have over soldiers is their ability to fly. This is
most apparent inside ATC Headquarters. Instead of pursuing you
down a hallway, UAVs will often try to flank you by flying
outside, coming into the building through a window, and coming up
behind you.


UAVs are slightly more durable than Replica soldiers, but you can still 
beat them with your basic weapons. Lean around a corner, use 
SloMo, and shoot them with your weapon of choice to destroy them. 

Going toe-to-toe with a UAV isn't recommended. Although their lasers
don't do much damage, the many individual hits can knock your vision
around, making it difficult to properly target the UAV with your weapon.
Use cover to minimize being hit by their weapon.

Long range weapons such as the assault rifle or HV penetrator are 
preferred, since fewer of their shots will hit you at longer range.
If a UAV manages to get close to you, 2 shotgun blasts should bring
it down.

If you like the shotgun, you can also try to lure UAVs around corners,
then blast them to pieces with 2 shotgun blasts.

Appearance: Black, mummified-looking humanoid torso flying through 
the air. 
Health: 35 
Armor:  0
Weapons Used: Nightmare Attack (Damage 40, Armor Penetration: 0%)


These ghost-like creatures are the final enemies you face, and replace
the Replica soldiers as your main enemies in the last couple of levels at
the very end of the game. Unlike Replicas, Nightmare behavior is quite simple.
They fly straight at you and explode when they collide with you, doing 
damage. Nightmares move quite fast and attack in swarms, but fortunately
they're very fragile and can be destroyed with a single pistol shot.

Nightmares actually appear at several points throughout the game
during the psychic vision sequences, but they only attack you in large
numbers in the game's last two levels, after Alma is freed from
her Sarcophagus.


Nightmares attack in groups of several at once, tearing through into reality 
through black portals that suddenly appear in the air. Fortunately, for 
most Nightmare encounters the game will automatically slow down once 
they begin to show up. This will alert you that you're about to be 
attacked, and also makes it easier to target and shoot Nightmares before 
they can reach you. Once you exit the Vault, Nightmare attacks will no 
longer slow down time, so you'll have to engage your SloMo 
whenever Nightmares start attacking to help you against them. They are
actually quite fast, so you'll want the extra edge SloMo gives you
against them.


Any weapon works well on Nightmares, but the pistol or HV penetrator are 
both particular effective. Both have a decent rate of fire and kill Nightmares
with a single shot. The pistol bullets can even travel through multiple 
Nightmares with one shot. However, the HV penetrator is slightly better, 
due to its higher rate of fire and larger clip size. 

Paxton Fettel:
Appearance: Creepy thin man wearing a dark blue uniform with orange vest.
Health: N/A
Armor:  N/A
Weapons Used: N/A

Fettel is the psychic commander of the Replica forces and the main antagonist
of the game, and after chasing him from level to level you'll finally come
face-to-face with him at the beginning of the 2nd-to-last level, The Vault.
Strangely, the moment you confront Fettel, all your weapons simply disappear
and you end up with nothing except a pistol. That's alright, the pistol is
all you'll need to kill the Nightmares that Fettel sends at you.

The encounter with Fettel is actually more of a scripted sequence than an
actual fight. You'll be standing in the middle of a huge, black void, with
fires burning everywhere. Fettel will periodically appear somewhere around you,
give a short speech, then unleash a couple Nightmares to attack you. 

The key is that the Nightmares always appear where Fettel is standing, so
be sure to spin around looking for him whenever he teleports. That way,
you'll spot the Nightmares as soon as they appear, and can shoot them before 
they can get near you.

If Fettel's yammering annoys you, you can shoot him once to get him to vanish
and release the Nightmares immedietely.

After he teleports around 4 times, you'll be transported to a vision of
Fettel's prison cell, with Fettel himself kneeling on the floor in front
of you with a smug grin on his face. He just sits there staring at you, so
put a bullet in him to end the encounter.

Appearance: If you don't know, you probably shouldn't be reading 
Health: 420
Armor:  0
Weapons Used: Touch of Death (Damage: 10,000, Armor Penetration: 0%)

The final encounter with Alma is more of an interactive cutscene than 
an actual fight, but she IS an in-game character and she CAN kill you. 

Basically, during the final psychic vision, Alma will make three 
appearances. For her first two appearances, she is easily avoided by
backing away from her, and she will disappear on her own anyway 
after a few seconds. The third and final appearance is the real 

Once Alma kills the doctor, spin around to look down the corridor, and 
you should see Alma appear at the very end and begin to approach 
you. You need to shoot her 11 times with the pistol before she can 
reach you, or else she'll touch you and you'll die messily. There is NO 
margin for error here. If you shoot too slowly or mess up and try to 
reload in the middle, you'll run out of time and die. Even if you do it 
right, the 11th shot will hit Alma just as she begins reaching for you. 
Once Alma is "defeated", the final cutscene will play and (after a short 
non-combat sequence) the game will end.

P.S.: And no, Kung-fu does not work on Alma, so don't even try. She's 
just too fast. In fact, Alma moves at normal speed even during SloMo events.


 ____________      ____________      ___________       ___________
|            |    |            |    |                |           
|    ________|    |    ________|    |    ____    |    |    ____    |
|   |             |   |             |   |    |   |    |   |    |   |
|   |________     |   |________     |   |____|   |    |   |____|   |
|            |    |            |    |            |    |            |
|    ________|    |    ________|    |    ____    |    |    _    __/
|   |             |   |             |   |    |   |    |   |    
|   |          __ |   |________  __ |   |    |   | __ |   |        __
|   |         |  ||            ||  ||   |    |   ||  ||   |       |  |
|___|         |__||____________||__||___|    |___||__||___|    ___|__|


*New Game Mechanics*

-  When you start the game, your health and reflex levels have been reduced
   to their default levels, cancelling out all those booster shots you picked
   up in the original F.E.A.R. (guess that helicopter crash must have really
   taken it out of the Pointman). There are health and reflex boosters hidden
   throughout the new levels of the expansion pack. I found 11 health boosters
   and 7 reflex boosters by the end of the game, for a total of 155 health.
   It's possible I may have missed a few boosters, see my Booster Location
   FAQ for more details.

-  F.E.A.R. Extraction Point brings back the age old traditional of crate 
   smashing! Dr. Freeman would be proud. Watch out for specially labeled
   crates, as there are goodies inside you can collect by bashing the crate
   like a pinata. Crates marked "Danger" or "Explosives" have weapons in them
   (don't worry about bashing them, they won't explode), while crates marked
   "Property of Armachem Corporation" generally have health or reflex boosters

-  Red metal ammo boxes contain frag grenades. Some are open already, but
   some need to be bashed open with your melee attack or nudged open by
   walking against them.

-  Watch out for green fuel cylinders. These don't explode instantly when
   shot. Instead, they rocket around the room for a few seconds before
   exploding. The fact that they fly around the room before blowing up makes
   them rather unpredictable, so don't try to use them offensively if you're
   in the same room.

-  Don't take cover behind cars. Cars explode.

-  Doug Holiday, the Delta Force Leader, will help you out in a few firefights
   throughout the game. He's armed with an assault rifle, has pretty good aim,
   gives the Replicas something else to shoot at, and appears to be invincible,
   so he proves to be quite useful in the brief periods of time that he travels
   with you.

-  As the SDK for the expansion pack content has not yet been released, the
   enemy health and weapon damage stats given here are based on my own
   calculations, rather than from looking at the game's script files. Most
   should be accurate, but a ?? indicates I'm guessing because of an inability
   to confirm a specific number.

*New Weapons*

Laser Carbine: 
Full Name: Type-12 Laser Carbine
Ammo Type: laser beam
Clip Size: 60 
Max Ammo: 600
Damage: SP: 20
        AI: 12
        MP: N/A
Armor Penetration: SP: 45% ??
                   AI: 40%
                   MP: N/A

A rather exotic rifle, the laser carbine fires a sustained red laser beam
that cuts anything it comes into contact with. One or two seconds of
contact with the beam will slice a Replica soldier neatly in half. Instead of
using conventional ammo rounds, the laser simply drains energy continously as
long as you keep it on. The laser's "rate of fire" is extremely high,
allowing you to do a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.

The laser carbine has perfect accuracy and no recoil, even when you're
running, which makes it excellent in terms of pinpoint precision.
Unfortunately, although quite fast, the beam doesn't travel instantly (it's
much like a Star Trek phaser), and the weapon zoom is limited, significantly
reducing the laser's effectiveness at longer range. The laser carbine also
reduces your movement rate somewhat more than the assault rifle or shotgun.

Unfortunately, one major downside to the laser carbine is that it doesn't seem
to "stagger" Replica soldiers. They'll flinch in pain when hit, but will still
be able to strafe around while being shot. This forces you to constantly track
their movements with your weapon to keep the beam focused on them. Thus,
successfully using the laser requires a very high degree of precision. Because
of this, the laser is best used in conjunction with SloMo rather than on its

Overall, the laser is best for medium-range engagements. It doesn't
pack the one-hit-kill punch of the shotgun, nor does it stagger enemies
like the assault rifle or submachine gun, but it has excellent accuracy
and does very rapid gradual damage. The fact it has perfect accuracy even when
you're moving makes it a good weapon for those who like to run-and-gun.

Like the game's other heavy weapons, ammo for the laser carbine is rather
uncommon. In fact, only 5 enemies throughout the entire game carry a laser
carbine for you to pick up after you kill them. This isn't even enough ammo
to reach your maximum carrying capacity. The scarcity of ammo for this gun,
coupled with how quickly it drains ammo, means you won't have much
opportunity to actually use it in the game.

On the whole, the laser carbine is a fun weapon, so feel free to use it while
you've got it. Just be prepared to switch to another gun when you run out
of ammo for the laser.

Full Name: TG-2A Minigun
Ammo Type: minigun rounds
Clip Size: 900
Max Ammo: 900
Damage: SP: 18
        AI: 15
        MP: N/A
Armor Penetration: SP: 30 or 40% ??
                   AI: 30%
                   MP: N/A

As you would expect, the minigun sprays out bullets at an insane rate of fire.
You can use it to cut down enemies en mass, or just to really smash up a room.
This weapon is great for creating chaos in an enclosed area.

Unlike many other FPS miniguns, the TG-2A minigun has almost no spin-up time.
It'll immedietely start spitting lead the moment you hold down the fire
button, with only a barely noticable split second delay. It also has a high
ammo capacity, and you'll never need to reload because it can hold its entire
ammo store in a single clip.

The minigun's high rate of fire and suppression fire effect make it great
against the game's melee enemies, such as Shadow Creatures and Assassins.
Just camp with your back to the wall, and mow down the baddies as soon
as you spot them.

The downside of the minigun is that it becomes inaccurate with distance, and
as a result you really won't be able to target enemies with it at long range.
The minigun also slows down your movement rate to a crawl, so it's best
to fire it from cover rather than trying to dodge around with it out in the

One of the biggest drawbacks of the minigun is the scarcity of ammo for
it. There are only about 6 miniguns for you to get ammo from throughout
the entire game, and 4 of them only show up in the game's last few levels.
On the plus side, each minigun gives you a large amount of ammo
(350 bullets). Instead of stockpiling minigun ammo, it's probably best
to use the minigun when you get it, then discard it for another weapon
when you run out of ammo.

Deployable Turret:
Full Name: AP-5 Deployable Turret
Max Ammo: 3
Health: 200
Damage: SP: 35
        AI: 10
        MP: N/A
Armor Penetration: SP: ??
                   AI: 35%
                   MP: N/A

A new type of grenade that appears in Extraction Point, the deployable turret
is much like a proximity mine in that you toss it in front of you. It can
stick to the floor or even to the walls. The device contains a single small
automatic turret gun that will lock onto and fire upon any enemies that pass
near it. Turrets have decent durability, and can take several hits from
enemy fire before being destroyed.

Turrets have a good rate of fire and do decent damage, especially if you
set up multiple turrets together so that they can concentrate their firepower.
Turrets also serve as a good distraction; They give the enemy something to
shoot at that isn't you, and you can often nail enemy soldiers with your own
gun while they're distracted fighting the turrets.

Turrets don't work well in wide-open areas, as enemies can just snipe them
from long range. You'll want to set them up around corners, behind objects,
or in cul-de-sacs. Be sure to set them up in such a way that they'll ambush
any enemies running through an area you want to defend.

Although somewhat uncommon, you'll actually find several stockpiles of
deployable turrets lying around throughout the game. Obviously, the level
designers wanted you to have some fun with them.

*New Enemies*

Replica Laser Elite Soldier: 
Appearance: Clone soldier wearing steel helmet and steel plate armor over
black body suit.
Health: 150
Armor:  100
Weapons Used:  Laser Carbine (Damage: 12, Armor Penetration: 40%)
               Combat Shotgun (Damage: 15 x 6, Armor Penetration: 30%)
               Assault Rifle (Damage: 20, Armor Penetration: 30%)
Other Attacks: Rifle Butt (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)
               Frag Grenades (Damage: 100, Armor Penetration: 25%)


You'll face a new type of Replica soldier in Extraction Point. The Replica
Laser Elite is so-named because they are the only enemy in the game that
carries the new Laser Carbine weapon into combat. However, only 5 Laser Elites
throughout the entire game are actually equipped with a Laser Carbine.
Most carry standard firearms, such as the assault rifle or shotgun.

Laser Elite wear a steel helmet and steel plate armor, this outfit looks like
a scaled-down version of the metal armor worn by the Heavy Armor soldiers.
Like Replica Elite, Laser Elite are significantly tougher than normal, and
can survive a direct hit from a frag grenade or the Type-7 particle weapon.


Laser Elites are rather rare for most of the game; usually, you'll only
find one of them in an area, assisting a squad of regular Replicas. You'll
also fight a few squads of them in the game's last few levels, within the
Auburn Memorial Hospital. Like Replica Elites, Laser Elites have somewhat
better health and armor than standard Replica soldiers, but otherwise behave
more or less the same as the other Replicas.

Laser Elites equipped with laser carbines are quite dangerous, but the
threat from their laser beams can be significantly reduced by constant
moving and use of cover. Sustained fire from a laser can be damaging, but
a glancing blow actually doesn't do much damage at all. If you keep moving,
Laser Elite are often unable to keep a laser beam continously trained on you.


The same strategies you use against normal Replica soldiers work fine
against Laser Elite. Just watch out for the ones who are carrying laser
carbines, and be sure to take them down first if possible. Also be aware
that Laser Elite can survive somewhat more damage than normal, so don't
rely on one-hit-kill weapons such as the Type-7 particle weapon or
frag grenades when fighting them.

Deployable Turret:
Appearance: Mine-like pod on floor, with a small turret gun sticking out.
Health: 200
Armor:  0
Weapons Used: Turret Gun (Damage: 10, Armor Penetration: 35%)


As you proceed through the game, you'll find that the Replica forces have
positioned deployable turrets of their own at various points throughout
the levels. Enemy deployable turrets generally appear on their own, or
in pairs. They can be positioned on the walls or on the floor. Although
small and easy to miss, you can spot them by the bright red light that they
have on top.

Oddly, these enemies are rather rare. In fact, you'll only face 5 of them
throughout the entire game.


Once a deployable turret spots you, it will open fire with its small
portable turret gun. Turrets have decent durability, and it takes several
bullets to destroy one. 

The good news about enemy turrets is that their targeting system seems to
be proximity-based rather than vision-based. Turrets usually won't spot you
instantly when you run into their line of sight; instead, they only notice
you when you get too close to them or start shooting at them.

Turrets also don't do much damage individually, although they do have a 
high rate of fire, and the damage from several of them shooting you at
once can really add up.


Turrets can be destroyed with several bullets from the submachine gun or
assault rifle. The only difficulty is that they're such small targets it's
easy to miss a few shots. It's best to fire at them while leaning around an
object to protect yourself from their return fire.

You can also take out turrets by lobbing a grenade near them. If multiple
turrets are grouped closely together, a grenade can even destroy several
of them at once.

Replica Heavy Minigun Soldier:
Appearance: 7-foot tall soldier encased in heavy suit of metal plates,
with glowing red eye lens.
Health: 900
Armor:  500
Weapons Used:  Minigun (Damage: 15, Armor Penetration: 30%)
Other Attacks: Rifle Butt (Damage: 35, Armor Penetration: 0%)


The Replica Heavy Minigunner is best described as a Heavy Armor with an
attitude. Heavy Minigunners wear a similar heavy metal suit as those worn
by Heavy Armors, the difference being that Heavy Minigunners lack the square
metal shoulder plates seen on the Heavy Armors. Instead, Heavy Minigunners
carry a TG-2A minigun in one hand and a large metal shield in the other.

The minigun's rate of fire is deadly; a few seconds of sustained fire can
kill you. You'll want to avoid ever getting into a Heavy Minigunner's direct
line of sight. Heavy Minigunners can also use their large metal shield to
block your shots, protecting them from damage. The minigun/shield combination
gives Heavy Minigunners both excellent offensive and defensive capabilities.

Heavy Minigunners are sometimes encountered alone, and sometimes accompanied
by a few Replica soldiers. If the Minigunner does have an escort, you'll
want to retreat and lure the Replica soldiers away so you can dispose
of them before facing the Minigunner himself.

Exceptionally nasty, these bruisers are thankfully also quite rare. There are
only a total of 5 of them in the entire game, 3 of which don't appear until
the last few levels inside Auburn Memorial Hospital. In fact, a
Heavy Minigunner will be the final opponent standing between you and the
Extraction Point.


Heavy Minigunners behave similarly to Heavy Armor soldiers. They walk 
relatively slowly, and their movements are rather simple when compared to the
advanced tactics used by regular Replica soldiers. Essentially, they walk
towards you while blasting you with their minigun. Minigunners fire
continously, and won't stop shooting until you either get out of their
line of fire or die.

Heavy Minigunners are slightly more aggressive than Heavy Armor soldiers,
in that they are more likely to pursue you around corners instead of simply
crouching down and camping a single spot.

One thing to note about Heavy Minigunners is that their shield doesn't provide
perfect protection. It does reduce the damage they take, but repeated bullet
hits to the shield will still do some damage to the Minigunner.


These guys are probably the toughest enemies to fight. They can cut you to
pieces with a few seconds of sustained fire, while deflecting your own attacks
with their large shields. The best ways to take them out is either with
precision weapons or explosives.

If you have a very accurate weapon such as the Type-7 particle weapon or
the HV penetrator, you can use SloMo while leaning around a corner to
score precision headshots on the Heavy Minigunner, while being protected
from the majority of their bullets. Attack from as long a range as possible
so that at least some of their shots will miss.

You can also use explosives to take down a Heavy Minigunner, as their shields
cannot block splash damage. However, since they have a lot of health and
armor, you'll use up quite a few explosives to get the job done. Grenades
and mines are slightly rarer in Extraction Point than they were in the
original FEAR, so you'll want to use them wisely.

Finally, if you have a high-powered weapon such as the laser carbine or the
minigun, you can just keep blasting the Minigunner; eventually, he'll go
down from the sheer level of firepower you're blasting him with.

One final trick that might work is to lure the Heavy Minigunner to a corner,
so that it's left arm (holding the minigun) is blocked by the wall. This
should allow you to empty your assault rifle into the Heavy Minigunner's head,
while it's weapon is out-of-sight and thus unable to shoot at you.

R.E.V.8 Leviathan Mech Walker
Appearance: 10-foot tall Mech walker with box-like body and two rocket
launchers for arms, somewhat similar in appearance to ED-209 from Robocop.
Health: 2500
Armor:  2500
Weapons Used:
            Dual Rocket Launchers (Damage: 30, Armor Pentration: 35%) 
Other Attacks: Double Arm Smash (Damage: 35 x 2, Armor Penetration: 0%)


This huge mech robot is easily the most powerful, heavily armored unit in the
game. The R.E.V.8 Leviathan is the big brother of the R.E.V.6 Power Armor from
the original F.E.A.R.; larger, tougher, and just plain meaner. Exceptionally
hardy, the Leviathan can survive approximately 3 times as much damage as the
smaller Power Armor, requirely an insane amount of firepower to bring down (it
takes 2 to 3 clips of MOD-3 rocket launcher fire to kill one!). In fact, the
Leviathan's durability is equivalent to that of many FPS end bosses.

Like the R.E.V.6, the R.E.V.8 is equipped with a pair of rocket launchers that
serve as its arms. Each launcher fires a spread of 3 rockets each, allowing
the Leviathan to fire a total of 6 or 7 rockets simultaneously. Fortunately,
just like the rockets fired by the Power Armor, the Leviathan's rockets
are weaker than expected, and require several direct hits to kill you.
The large garage area in which you fight them also provides lots of room
to dodge their shots.

You'll only fight 2 Leviathans in the entire game. Both appear in the same
level, the Parking Garage. The good news is that you fight them one at a
time, instead of both at once. A 3rd Leviathan is also encountered in the
parking garage, but is destroyed by a lucky shot from a Delta Force soldier
with a rocket launcher.


Leviathans stomp towards you while firing a barrage of rockets in your
direction. They knock aside obstacles and can even smash through concrete
pillars to get to you. Fortunately, they don't seem to be able to pursue you to
a different level of the garage, so you can use the garage ramps as cover
to retreat from their attacks. In fact, if you leave their line of sight,
Leviathans will sometimes return to their original position instead of
trying to pursue you.

Leviathans move at a generally leisurely pace, although they are by
no means slow. They also occasionally charge through the concrete pillars in
the garage, smashing them. These actions are pre-scripted, and Leviathans
cannot generally destroy the environment. They can, however, knock
aside large objects, such as cars or concrete blocks.


Because of the incredible amount of firepower needed to destroy a Leviathan,
your options for fighting one are fairly limited. It takes about 2 to 3 clips
worth of MOD-3 rocket launcher fire to bring one down. Fortunately, rocket
launcher ammo is incredibly common in the Parking Garage, with scattered ammo
crates containing 2 or 3 rocket launchers each.

The best strategy to take out a Leviathan is to take cover in the garage
ramp leading up to a higher level. Strafe out, fire at the Leviathan with
your rocket launcher, then strafe back behind cover to avoid the
Leviathan's counter-attack. When the Leviathan gets too close, retreat
back up to the upper level. The Leviathan won't follow you up the ramp,
so you can blast it from the top of the ramp and dodge behind cover to
avoid its attacks.

You can also take out a Leviathan by circle strafing around it while 
shooting it with the shotgun, but this method is more desperate and less
reliable. Be sure to use SloMo as long as you have it to help avoid
the Leviathan's attacks. You'll take several rocket hits and use up
some medikits, but will eventually bust the Leviathan after a few
dozen shotgun blasts.

The path of least resistance is also a viable option. You don't need to
actually kill the Leviathans to proceed through the level, so if you don't
feel like fighting them you can always quickly run past them and proceed
to a lower level of the Parking Garage which they hopefully won't follow
you to.

Shadow Creature:
Appearance: Hunched, nearly invisible corpse-like creature with glowing red
eyes and sharp claws.
Health: 300
Armor:  0
Weapons Used: Melee Punch (Damage: 20, Armor Penetration: 0%)


These supernatural enemies will attack you on a couple occasions;
once in the middle of the game, and two or three times during the last
couple of levels. Fast, vicious, and nearly invisible, they can be
quite un-nerving to fight. They are also highly similar to the Assassins
from the original F.E.A.R.

Shadow creatures generally attack you in blood-covered rooms, usually in
groups of 4 or 5 at a time. You'll fight a total of 17 of them throughout
the game.

Oddly enough, you'll witness shadow creatures killing off Replica soldiers
off-screen in the game's first couple of levels, and you'll find a pair of
shadow creatures fighting with a couple Laser Elite Replicas inside the
Auburn Memorial Hospital, making it unclearly exactly whose side they're on.


Shadow creatures are nearly invisible. Like Assassins, there is a slight
shimmering effect that gives them away, but it can be hard to spot sometimes,
especially in the dark. Unlike Assassins, shadow creatures never "decloak",
because invisibility is their natural state. On the plus side, these creatures
have glowing red eyes that are always visible. You can always spot them by the
movement of their glowing red eyes. They also become slightly less invisible
when you shoot them.

In combat, shadow creatures behavior pretty much like Assassins. They run
very quickly, and fight with hit-and-run tactics. They rush up to you, slash
you with their claws, then run away out of your line of sight, only to
return and attack you again several seconds later. The main difference
between shadow creatures and Assassins is that shadow creatures stay on
the floor, instead of leaping into the ceiling or up to a higher level.

The areas you fight shadow creatures in are usually cluttered with loose
objects and debris, and the creatures will often send the objects flying
around as they rush through them. You can use this to track their position
in the room.


Overall, the same strategy you use against Assassins will work against shadow
creatures as well. Use SloMo to slow them down enough for you to draw a
bead on them, then blast them a couple times with the shotgun to dissolve them
into ash. A single close-range shotgun blast to the head will dust them, so try
to go for headshots if you're able. If you see them coming at you from long
range, blast them with your assault rifle, aiming for the head as they get
closer. Shadow creatures can survive about as much damage as Assassins.

Since shadow creatures attack you in groups of several at a time, you might
run out of SloMo while fighting them. If this happens, use martial arts kicks
to kill any creatures that attack you while you wait for your SloMo to recover.

The new expansion pack weapons (the laser carbine or minigun) are both very
helpful against shadow creatures due to their high rate of fire, and can cut
the creatures down quite quickly. Of the two, the minigun is preferable as
the spread of the bullets means you won't need to use as much precision.

Deployable turrets can also be useful against shadow creatures, since the
turrets can spot the creatures even through their semi-invisible state. The
turrets won't kill the creatures by themselves, but will weaken them as well
as help you determine their location.


Replica Soldiers: Your old buddies the Replica soldiers are once again the
main opponents you'll face throughout the game. Their A.I. has been slightly
tweaked to make them more intelligent, but overall their behavior is still
more or less the same as it was in the original F.E.A.R. One interesting
thing to note is that the Replica squads in Extraction Point are more diverse;
instead of consisting of Replicas of only one uniform type, it's not unusual
to find a Replica squad composed of different Replicas wearing different
uniforms. Most Replicas carry submachine guns, assault rifles, or shotguns,
but you'll face a few squads where every single Replica in the squad
carries a HV Penetrator or an ASP rifle. One Replica towards the end of the
game is even equipped with a Type-7 particle weapon.

Replica Elite Soldiers: Replica Elite appear as a regular enemy in Extraction
Point, mixed in with the other Replica soldiers. You'll face them throughout
the game. They no longer carry special weapons such as the Repeating Cannon,
but still have somewhat better health and armor than other Replica troops.
They also seem to carry shotguns more frequently than the other Replica types.

Replica Heavy Armor Soldiers: There are a total of 8 Heavy Armor soldiers in
Extraction Point, most of whom show up in the final few levels. Ammo is a bit
scarcer in Extraction Point than it was in the original F.E.A.R., so remember
that the most efficient way to kill a Heavy Armor is 4 shotgun blasts to the
face at close range (using SloMo and cover to reduce the odds of getting shot,
of course). If you can't get up close safely, headshots from the HV Penetrator
or Type-7 particle weapon also work well. Of the 8 Heavy Armors, most are
equipped with HV Penetrators, although 1 carries a Type-7 particle weapon
and 1 carries a MOD-3 rocket launcher. The Heavy Armor with the rocket
launcher is the greatest threat, since he can kill you in just 2 or 3 hits.
The best way to deal with him is to use SloMo to dodge his shots, get close
to him, and blast him in the face with your shotgun.

Assassins: The ever-so-cool Assassins make an encore appearance in Extraction
Point, but they're still just as rare as they were in the original game.
You'll encounter Assassins on two seperate occasions in Extraction Point, and
just like in the original F.E.A.R. there are a total of only 9 of them
in the entire game. The Assassin encounters in Extraction Point are slightly
more difficult, because each group will attack you all at once instead of
one or two at a time like they did in the original. The old tactic of using
SloMo while shooting them a couple times with the shotgun still works, but you
can expect to get overwhelmed and take a few hits in the process. If you have
the minigun, you can try making a stand with it and mowing down everything
that tries to get close to you.

R.E.V.6 Power Armors: You'll face a total of 3 R.E.V.6 Power Armors in
Extraction Point. Fortunately, each Power Armor is encountered solo, instead
of accompanied by additional enemies. Unlike the original F.E.A.R., where
most Power Armor fights took place in a series of narrow corridors, the Power
Armor fights in Extraction Point take place in wide open areas (a
courtyard, a subway plaza, and a parking lot) which give the Power Armor
lots of room to manuever around, while leaving you rather exposed to
their attacks. Scattered objects such as crates and pillars provide some
minimum cover, but to survive each fight you'll need to take out the
Power Armor as fast as possible. Helpfully, there's usually a MOD-3
rocket launcher laying around somewhere near the Power Armor, which
you can use to destroy the Power Armor relatively easily.

Nightmare: Alma's ghosts also appear on a few occasions, usually during an
attack by teenage Alma or Paxton Fettel against you. Be sure to activate SloMo
as soon as they appear, as you'll need it to cancel out their fast speed. A
couple shots from the assault rifle should pop each Nightmare, and with its
high rate of fire the assault rifle is probably the best weapon to use against
them (although really any standard weapon with a high rate of fire will do

*Level List:*

And as a bonus, here's a list of the game's levels, to tide your curiously
until someone actually writes a walkthrough for it.

Interval 01 - Contamination
  - Aftermath
  - Metastasis
Interval 02 - Flight
  - Ambush
  - Holiday
  - Desolation
Interval 03 - Descent
  - Terminus
  - Orange Line
  - The L
Interval 04 - Malice
  - Leviathan
Interval 05 - Extraction Point
  - Malignancy
  - Dark Heart
Interval 06 - Epilogue
  - Epilogue

Copyright 2006 Alan Chan

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