Evil Dead Regeneration (walkthrough)

000.0 - Basic Strategies

- Always keep moving. Simple enough, right? If you stand in one place, you're 
going to be surrounded, making it more difficult to defend yourself.

- Get a lot of practice with the chainsaw in the beginning of the game. It 
deals out a lot more damage than your guns do, and you won't have to worry 
about keeping your distance from enemies.

- Always keep an eye on Sam. During a fight, you'd be surprised how often he 
leaves an enemy vulnerable to a finishing move.

- When you're protecting Sam while he delivers a spirit to Peepers, your main 
goal should be to stay with Sam rather than kill every enemy that attacks. 
You can use the Dodge and Launch to immobilize them for a moment, but after 
that it's best to forget about it and keep up with your buddy. The one 
exception to this rule is when you see a Bloated Deadite running over. 
Obviously, since they'll instantly kill Sam it's best to go out of your way 
to kill them first. 

001.0 - The Cabin - "Dead by dawn."

The game begins with a soliloquy by Ash, who is currently spending his time 
in an asylum. His thoughts drift back to the night he spent in the Knowby 
cabin, which leads into a quick prologue. 

When you finally take control of Ash, a Deadite jumps through the window of 
the cabin and attacks you. Use this time to get familiarized with the 
controls and, if you want to get a head start, experiment with some of the 
chainsaw combos. After attacking it for a while, a green aura will surround 
the Deadite. This is your signal to use a finishing move on it; the game 
slows down and Ash dramatically kills the Deadite. 

After slaying your first Deadite, two more will join the party. This brings 
up another opportunity to learn an important skill: do no get surrounded. 
Ideally, you should only try to attack one Deadite at a time. But this is not 
going to happen; remember, zombies' strengths are in their numbers. However, 
no matter how many are attacking you, try to keep them all in front of you, 
back yourself into a corner if that's what it takes; it's the lesser of two 
evils, you can always attack from the front but you're in trouble if you're 
being ambushed from all directions.

When both of the Deadites have been killed, there's a short cinematic 
recreating the scene in Evil Dead 2 where all of the objects in the cabin 
begin laughing hysterically, driving an already-unstable Ash over the edge. 
After it finishes, the game introduces you to the targeting system (R1) and 
asks you to destroy all of the laughing objects: the deer head, the lamp, the 
clock, the cabinet above the desk, and the bookshelf. Do exactly that. 
Five more Deadites will attack once you've finished the targeting intro. Not 
exactly all at the same time, but every five seconds or so another one will 
appear, regardless of how many are currently in the cabin. Play around with 
the chainsaw some more until you've killed them all. Another familiar 
cinematic will occur afterwards, the evil force will travel through the woods 
and into the cabin, attacking Ash and sending him flying outside. When he 
lands on the ground, he'll have succumbed to the evil inside him and become 
Evil Ash. 

However, you're still going to be attacked by Deadites in this state, but you 
now have the upper hand (if I was funny I could try throwing in a pun here). 
As Evil Ash, you're much more powerful, both your chainsaw and the boomstick 
will literally rip the Deadites to shreds with one hit. 

There are about fifteen to twenty Deadites that will attack you outside, but 
you shouldn't have a problem taking them out. When you've killed the last of 
them, Ash reverts back into his normal self and the level ends.

002.0 - Sunny Meadows Asylum - "Who's laughing now?"

Welcome back to the present. After Ash had finished slaying all of the 
Deadites, it seems that the police stumbled upon the cabin. Not believing his 
story of the Necronomicon and the Deadites, they commit him to Sunny Meadows 

But Ash isn't up the creek without a paddle just yet. His lawyer Sally, 
curious about the authenticity of Ash's story, managed to steal Professor 
Knowby's notebook from the patient's personal effects storage. After meeting 
with Ash and telling him that they see eye-to-eye now, she leaves to try and 
get him out of the asylum. 

However, at the same time, Dr. Reinhard, your psychiatrist, has been 
experimenting with the Necronomicon in his laboratory. He releases the evil, 
which begins terrorizing everyone in the asylum. 

001.1 - Escape from the asylum:

Once you're back at the controls, leave the room and run down the hall. Check 
out some of the cells if you want, you'll see patients and guards being 
slaughtered in classic Evil Dead fashion. At the end of the hall, you'll see 
a security guard get killed and drop his weapon. Pick it up and kill the 
Deadite before it attacks you. Since the pistol isn't very powerful, you 
should strafe around it while shooting to avoid being hit. You can also use 
your other hand (which normally has the chainsaw on it, but at the moment 
you're left with a stump) to uppercut the Deadite and knock him up into the 
air, allowing you to get dozens of free shots in, probably enough to kill it.

After it's dead, return to the lounge and check out the small room to the 
right of the door. Shoot the glass and climb through the window, there's a 
page of the Necronomicon inside (Extra 1). 

Return to the other end of the hall, there's life essence in the small room 
on the right if you need it. Continue down the hallway until you reach a 
locked gate; break the window on your right and climb through into the other 
room. Flip the switch to open the gate. Climb back out and run down to the 
hall, take a right at the end and enter the mess hall. Four Deadites attack, 
use the targeting system to strafe and shoot to avoid being surrounded. When 
the four of them are dead, a fifth Deadite enters the room from the door 
opposite of the one you came in. Kill him and leave through that door, 
there's a save point in this short hallway. 

In the next area, run over to the elevator and press the button to bring it 
up. A cinematic will play showing the evil force entering the room; when it 
ends, it begins taking control of the furniture and hurling it in your 
direction. Hold the targeting button and fire away, after you destroy 
whatever object you've locked on to, it'll automatically switch to a new one. 
After destroying all of the chairs and tables on either side of the room, the 
three doors opposite of the elevators are ripped off of their hinges and 
thrown at you. They take a little more to destroy, but you should have plenty 
of breathing room. 

Now that the doors are gone, enter the bathroom on the left and open the last 
stall to find another page of the Necronomicon (Extra 2). Afterwards, head 
through the middle doorway and up the stairs to the next level. Call the 
elevator again, and a fountain of blood will spray in your face. Four 
Deadites will enter the room afterwards, so kill them and continue through 
the door on the right. Run down the hall; when you reach the end, the floor 
surrounding you will become electrified and the switch is back by the doorway 
you just came from. What luck...

Face the door leading to the mess hall and watch the electricity for a few 
moments. You'll notice that there's a five second window where the floor is 
safe to walk on, albeit one stream of electricity. Memorize the pattern, and 
run back to the beginning of the hallway, jumping over the one current, and 
look to your left. Basically, it's the same procedure here. When the vertical 
currents die, run into the hall and jump over the horizontal streams. Just 
make sure that you jump at the right time, these currents move up and down, 
so wait for it to drop to the floor before jumping. 

As long as you have the patience to figure out the pattern (which isn't that 
complicated in the first place) you should be able to get through this 
without a scratch. And even if you did, there's life essence against the wall 
on the right.

Flip the switch on your left to shut off the electricity; the three corpses 
in the hall will revive and attack you right after. It's a little tricky to 
fight multiple Deadites in such a tight space, but if you can incapacitate a 
few (Dodge and Launch gets the job done pretty well) you should be able to 
take them all out.

Return to the end of the hallway and take a left; a Deadite runs across your 
path; resist the urge to follow it (the door's locked anyway) and take a left 
instead. A few doors down is a short hallway with an elevator at the end, so 
run inside and close the doors behind you. A quick cinematic takes place, and 
you find yourself in the basement afterwards. 

Head down the hallway until you reach a couple of boxes on your left. Three 
possessed Rats will attack you; they're basically a weak version of a Deadite 
so you can treat them the same way. Once you've killed them, take a right and 
follow that hallway until it branches off. There's a save point down the left 
hall, so save your game and continue to the right. Eventually you'll reach a 
pool of water with an electric current running through it. Look to your left, 
there's a corpse being electrocuted; if you press R1, you'll notice that Ash 
aims for the conductors against the wall. Destroy them with your pistol to 
knock out the electricity, allowing you to continue. 

Past the pool of water are three more Rats, so kill them and head to the 
morgue and the end of the hall. There's a small room on the right - the 
patients' belongings storage. Head inside to reclaim your stuff. 


Oh how good it feels to have that chainsaw back. And guess what, you're going 
to need it right about now. After a quick wardrobe change, all of the corpses 
in the morgue rise up and attack you. There are about ten or twelve in all 
and they attack in groups of three or four, very similar to what you 
experienced outside the cabin. Except this time you aren't Evil Ash, so it's 
a little trickier this time. But the ideology remains the same: avoid being 
cornered and get used to the chainsaw. The combos you should be getting good 
at are the Chainsaw Finisher, Dodge and Launch, and Tooth and Lead, as 
they're the most useful ones. 

When all of the enemies are dead, leave the morgue and return to the save 
point. A wooden fence will appear out of nowhere at the end of the hall, not-
so-subtlety hinting that you can destroy wooden barricades with your 
chainsaw. When you reach the save point, you'll notice that there are wooden 
planks covering the door on the left. Break through and continue; at the end, 
enter the small room and climb up the wall at the top of the screen. Use the 
ladder to reach the next level, from there you can wall creep across the 
ledge to the other side (the option automatically appears when you get near 
the edge). 

The door on the other side of the room leads to the main lobby. The area is 
strewn with corpses, but none of them are moving so don't bother being 
cautious. Head over to the set of double doors and leave the asylum.

...Well, that's the way it would go in a perfect world. But this is the Evil 
Dead, the protagonist has to go through as much pain and suffering as 
possible. Sorry, but you're not getting out of this that easily. 

As you go to leave, the doors slam shut and push you back into the lobby. At 
this point, all of the corpses are resurrected and begin crowding around you; 
hopefully you took my advice back in the morgue and got some quality time 
with your saw. 

I'll admit that it's a little more hectic than anything you've dealt with 
before, but the basic strategies still hold true here. First off, never stay 
in one place at a time. There are about fifteen to twenty Deadites coming 
from all directions, so if you hang around firing from your shotgun or 
swiping with your saw, be prepared to replay this part a few times. The Dodge 
and Launch is a great attack to use because once you've knocked a Deadite 
into the air, you can juggle it and still be moving around the room at the 
same time.  

Besides that, the Whirling Attack comes in handy here for obvious reasons, 
and you can use the Chainsaw Finisher to kill two or three of them at the 
same time (the decapitation swing at the end will kill any number of Deadites 
it comes into contact with). Finally, don't forget to actually kill them; if 
you take too long to kill a vulnerable Deadite they get back up and rejoin 
the fight. 

When you finish with that group, pick up any life essence lying around and 
continue through the door on the right (assuming you're facing the exit); 
head down the hall as all of the doors on the side slam shut. At the end is 
Dr. Reinhard's office, enter it and check out the painting behind his desk. 
On either side of it is a glimmering object, a statue on the left and a globe 
on the right. Push both objects to open up the secret passage behind the 
bookshelf (how many clich‚s can you dump in one scene?). Follow the stairs 
down and run down the hall, there's one accessible room on the right that 
contains another page of the Necronomicon (Extra 3). Keep going down the hall 
until you reach the final save point of the level; continue to the end to 
fight the first boss of the game.

001.2 - Boss: Sparky: 

Remember that corpse that was being electrocuted in the room before the 
morgue? Well, he's a bit livelier than before and he's out to swallow your 

After the cinematic ends, run up to Sparky, hacking away at him with your 
chainsaw until he levitates and electricity begins emitting. When that 
occurs, back up to the other side of the room, but make sure that you're 
standing on a part of the floor that's dry. Sparky will be giving off so much 
electricity that the pools of water will electrocute you if you step in them, 
more than likely killing you.

When he drops back onto the ground, he begins walking towards you. Don't run 
up and attack him with your chainsaw, you'll receive a nice shock if you make 
contact, so don't press your luck. Instead, stay where you are and fire off 
as many rounds from your pistol as possible; it won't do a lot of damage, but 
it will slow him down. If he does get a little too close for comfort, simply 
leap to a nearby patch of dry floor.

When the electric current dies out in both the water and the Deadite, run up 
to it and attack with your chainsaw again; you should be able to knock out a 
good portion of his life bar if you use combos. But when electricity begins 
emitting from his body again, back up and wait for him to use one of three 
attacks. It can send out a shockwave, fire several large blasts of 
electricity at you (similar to the one that Ash avoided in the cinematic), or 
create one or two tiny electric entities that chase you around the room. 

To prepare for any of these attacks, you should keep your distance from the 
Deadite just so that you'll have enough time to react. The shockwave is easy 
enough to avoid, simply jump over it. The blasts of electricity are a little 
more difficult, but still not too much trouble. Begin running back and forth 
across the room when he fires them at you; make sure you're actually running 
and not strafing (which occurs when you're targeting something, you don't 
move fast enough).  

As for the last attack, target each one of the entities that appear and use 
your boomstick against them. Strafe back and forth while backing up to avoid 
getting too close, you can wipe them out with one or two shots each. 

After avoiding his attack, counter with your own. A combination of the Dodge 
and Launch and Chainsaw Finisher works wonders. If you aren't able to kill 
him before he reacts, back up onto a dry part of the floor and repeat the 
same strategies mentioned above. 

003.0 - Sunny Meadows Cemetery - "The things that were and shall be again."

After defeating the boss, Ash explores the rest of Dr. Reinhard's secret 
laboratory. In the room where the good doctor released the evil, the ghost of 
Professor Knowby contacts Ash and brings him up to date: Reinhard has opened 
a number of portals that are allowing the Deadites to travel between their 
world and this one. Ash will have to find these portals and close them, but 
he won't be able to do it by himself. 

But Knowby knows who can help. He introduces Sam, a patient in the asylum 
that Dr. Reinhard was using as a guinea pig for his experiments. He has the 
powers of a Deadite, but his soul remains intact, meaning that his connection 
to the Necronomicon grants him the knowledge of where the portals are and the 
incantations to close them. Despite Ash's uneasiness to what he considers an 
enemy, the two of them leave the asylum and head into the Sunny Meadows 

003.1 - Sunny Meadows Cemetery: 

Notice that the basketball hoop in front of you has a blue ring around it. 
That ring lets you know that you can kick Sam into whatever object it 
surrounds, in this case, the hoop. If you check out the rest of the area, 
you'll notice that there are a few more things you can interact with, a fan 
and a leaf shredder. 

Once you've had enough fun torturing Sam, run over to the window just to the 
right of the basketball hoop. Break the crates in front of it with your 
chainsaw and shoot out the glass, allowing you to climb through. On the other 
side of the room is a switch that cremates the two corpses, as well as 
opening a slot in the retort. Kick Sam into it to destroy the wall behind the 
furnace. Head through and enter the cemetery at the end of the trail; about 
twenty feet in, a group of Skeletons will rise from the ground and attack. 
They're much weaker than the average Deadite so you shouldn't have any 
trouble defeating them, don't even bother with fancy combos, hacking and 
slashing does the trick just fine. 

After the initial four Skeletons are dead, three more groups attack one at a 
time. First another set of four, and two groups of six afterwards. Some of 
them throw projectiles, but they're easy enough to avoid if you strafe. 
Besides that though, it isn't even worth coming up with a definitive strategy 
against them. 

Before continuing through the gate, check out the river behind the mausoleums 
on the left. Enter through the hole in the fence near the crypt where the 
last set of skeletons appear and run to the end, another page of the 
Necronomicon (Extra 4) is hidden there. 

After collecting the page, run through the gate and save your game; continue 
along the trail until you reach the river, the second Necronomicon page of 
the level (Extra 5) is in the river, behind a rock on the left that juts out 
and blocks your view of it. Past that is a stairway blocked by a wooden 
barrier, hack it away with your saw and run down. You'll see a Giant Deadite 
walk through a gate being guarded by two Blocking Deadites. Run up to meet 
them at the bridge and punt Sam at one of them. The vulnerability aura should 
surround the Deadite while Sam's distracting it, so finish it off and focus 
on the other one. Try using the Dodge and Lunch or Jump Slash this time 
around; either attack will lop off a limb, allowing you to attack it freely. 

When they're both dead, run over to the gate that the Giant Deadite went 
through. A cinematic will trigger, Ash and Sam decide that the only way to 
get around the gate is through the small hole down by the river. 
Unfortunately, it's too small for Ash to fit through and Sam's phobia of rats 
and disease creates a bit of a dilemma. To fix the problem, Knowby's ghost 
appears and tells Ash how he can possess Sam.

On the other side of the bridge is a Sam Possession platform. Stand on it and 
press the action button to possess your Deadite pal. As Sam, you have about a 
third of your life, but dying only results in having to restart the puzzle, 
no actual damage is sustained. The only real negative is that you're severely 
limited in the fighting area. Sam has a melee combo and a Spirit Stun 
projectile, but the combo takes too long to complete, so you're basically 
left with the Spirit Stun. 

Anyway, once you become Sam, run over to the right side of the river and 
crawl through the hole. Pass by the Life Upgrade behind the wooden barrier, 
but make a mental note of it. About two-thirds of the way in a couple of Rats 
attack; instead of fighting them, crawl through the small hole on the left 
side of the tunnel, which leads to a ledge right above the Giant Deadite. Get 
near the edge and ride it by pressing triangle when the option appears. 

The Deadite goes into a frenzy and begins running around and swinging its 
arms, obliterating everything that gets in the way. However, you still 
control where the Deadite goes, so head left until you reach the gate 
blocking your path. Press triangle to smash the gate; afterwards, the Deadite 
finally snags Sam and kills him.

So the gates been taken care of, but now you have a very large mass of flesh 
in your way; one that blocks all of your attacks and isn't susceptible to the 
Dodge and Launch or Jump Slash. As Ash, run to the other side of the bridge, 
avoiding the rocks that the Giant Deadite throws your way, and kick Sam onto 
its back. You'll notice that the Deadite's now vulnerable torso is glowing, 
so attack it with the Chainsaw Finisher. When it manages to pick Sam off, he 
kills him and summons a pair of Skeletons. Kill the two of them first, and 
then repeat the above strategy, it should take about three Chainsaw Finishers 
to kill the Giant Deadite.

Continue through the gate and fight the two Deadites that burst out of the 
crypts. Once they're dead, enter the circular area; five Deadites and a 
Blocking Deadite will appear, two of the Deadites are on the roof of the far 
crypt, throwing projectiles at you. 

First things first: kill the Deadites on the roof. They're the most annoying, 
after all. Punt Sam onto one and, instead of simply distracting it, he'll rip 
off its head. While this is happening, fight the Deadites on the ground until 
Sam rejoins you, and kick him into the second Deadite on the roof when he 
does. Finish off the rest of the zombies and continue down the stairs.

This area is basically a repeat of the one before it: three Deadites, a pair 
of Blocking Deadites, and two Deadites on the roof of the crypt. Again, kill 
the Deadites on the roof by punting Sam up to them while you deal with the 
ones on the ground. 

When you're allowed to continue to the next area, face the path opposite the 
gate. It should look familiar; it's the other side of the tunnel that you 
went through as Sam. Check it out; the life essence on the left and the Life 
Upgrade on the right that were blocked before are available to you now. 

Once you've powered up, head back to the main area and continue into the 
cemetery. At the end of the path is a Soul Eater, or Peepers as Ash calls it. 
Knowby appears and tells Ash what he needs to do to proceed: collect three 
souls and "feed" them to the Soul Eater; doing so will cause Peepers to fall 
asleep, allowing Ash and Sam to sneak by. 

If you want, there's a save point through the passage on the left, so save 
your game and return to the area with Peepers. Run through the passage on the 
right and open the gate directly in front of you. The first spirit is 
contained in the funny-looking egg, so hack it open with your saw and press 
triangle to have Sam collect it. 

The most important thing to remember during these "protect Sam" scenarios 
(yes, Peepers will show up a few more times throughout the game) is that you 
have to keep up with Sam no matter what. Sam isn't going to hang around while 
you fight, and without you're helping he'll be no match for even a lone 
Skeleton. The best way to go through is to attack powerful enemies 
(basically, anything more powerful than a Skeleton) with the Dodge and Launch 
or Jump Slash. While they're on the ground, both you and Sam can create some 
distance between you and the enemies. The idea is that once Sam reaches 
Peepers or an area where he can't continue, you can keep more of an eye on 
him while you fight the half-dozen Deadites that have caught up with you. Of 
course, since Skeletons are so weak, feel free to slice them up right then 
and there so that you won't have to worry about it later on. 

But now for a more detailed approach. Follow Sam back onto the path and begin 
climbing up the stairs. A Deadite appears from the ground, and Sam makes a 
quick U-turn and runs down the path to the other entrance (where the save 
point was). Knock the Deadite back and follow Sam; three Skeletons and a 
Deadite appear along the path, so kill the Skeletons with your shotgun (it 
allows you to continue following Sam) and forget about the Deadite for the 
moment. When Sam reaches the main area, kill any enemies that are still after 
you, Sam will occasionally fight alongside, but you shouldn't put him in 
harm's way and risk losing the spirit. After all of the Deadites have been 
killed, stand in front of Peepers and wait for Sam to get into position. Punt 
him into the Soul Eater's mouth to feed him the first spirit. 

There's a short cinematic showing the gate near the save point being 
unblocked, so head over that way to find the next spirit. The cemetery is 
empty for now, so run to the other end and open the gate to find the second 

Instead of writing it out, I've made a little ASCII map of where enemies 
appear. An "S" stands for a Skeleton and the "D" represents a Deadite:

                           |  S            S|           
                           |S     ____     S|           
                      _____|     |    |     |__         
                <- Soul         S|    |  D    Peepers-> 
It's simple enough. You should be able to obliterate all of the Skeletons 
with the Dodge and Launch, and if you're close enough to Sam you can kill the 
one Deadite with the Finisher without falling too far behind. 

In the outskirts of Peepers' area, three Deadites will attack. Run past them 
and head into the main area; from here, kill the three Deadites from before 
on top of another Skeleton and Deadite. Feed Peepers the second soul when 
it's clear. 

The gate in the middle becomes unlocked, so run back to the outer rim and 
head through. There are four Deadites scattered around the first area on the 
roofs of crypts, so punt Sam to finish them off. In the left corner is a 
small gate that leads to a smaller area, which traps you inside while four 
Skeletons attack. Wipe them out and wait for the next batch of enemies, four 
Deadites, to appear. Kill them, and a third round will enter, comprised of 
three Deadites, another two on the roof of the far crypt, and a Blocking 
Deadite. Focus on disarming (no pun intended... well, maybe just a little) 
the Blocking Deadite while Sam tangles with the two on the roof first, and 
then deal with the remaining Deadites. 

When the last group is dead, run down the stairs and through the gate to the 
third soul. Escaping with this one is a little trickier than the others; not 
only is the area larger, which allows more enemies to attack before you can 
reach Peepers, but you also have to deal with a new enemy: a Death Shroud. 

When you first see it, the Shroud is slightly transparent and is completely 
invincible in this state. However, every once in a while the green 
vulnerability aura will surround it, so attack it while you have the chance. 
Also keep in mind that the aura appears whenever it tries to attack; you can 
avoid having to dodge random objects being thrown at you if you can inflict 
enough damage while it prepares to attack.

As you're leaving the area with the soul egg, the Shroud should be 
vulnerable, so shoot it with your shotgun a few times as you're passing by. 
In the third area, there's a Deadite and a Skeleton, so kill the two of them; 
but more importantly, keep an eye on the Death Shroud, there's a good chance 
it's trying to get a sneak attack in while you're distracted. 

The second area is a repeat of the previous one: a Deadite and a Skeleton. 
Kill them both and fend off the Shroud again before continuing up to the 
final part of the cemetery. As Sam passes through the gate connecting the two 
areas, a Blocking Deadite gets in between the two of you; use the Dodge and 
Launch to knock him out of the way. Run back up to Sam, and kill yet another 
Deadite/Skeleton pair, as well as whatever remains of the Blocking Deadite 
and the Death Shroud. 

In the outskirts of the main area, destroy the two Skeletons in front of the 
passage. There are four Skeletons waiting for you and Sam in the area with 
Peepers, followed by five more and a Deadite afterwards. 

When they've all been taken care of, feed Peepers the third and final soul. 
It falls asleep with its mouth open, so head inside to finish the level. 
Sorry, no boss fight this time...

004.0 - The Catacombs - "Someone's in my fruit cellar." 

004.1 - The Catacombs

Run forward until you reach a metal gate. After some in-game dialogue, Sam 
will pull the chain on the right to raise it. Head to your left through 
another gate and follow that path around in a semi-circle, there's a Sam 
Possession at the end. 

As Sam, retrace your steps until you have to take a sharp left, you should 
see a small hole in the right corner. Crawl through and run down the dirt 
decline and fight the Skeleton with your Spirit Stun (you do have a 
punch/kick combo, but it isn't recommended using it). At the bottom of the 
decline is a river with a strong current; so falling in will sweep Sam's 
little body down river and into a set of spikes conveniently placed at the 
end. On the other hand, directly in front of these spikes is another 
Necronomicon page (Extra 6); more than likely you'll have to sacrifice Sam to 
get it, although it is possible to get back onto the shore alive. 

From the original riverbank, look to your left and attack the Skeleton with 
your Spirit Stun. Next, jump to the other side, which causes another Skeleton 
to appear. Destroy it as well and run to the other end of the second bank, 
from here you can jump to the other side to the final riverbank. 

Climb up the dirt incline and wall creep along the ledge. Climb up until you 
reach another crawlspace. Once you're on the other side in the main tunnels 
of the catacombs, run over to the chain that releases the gate and lower it.

Back as Ash, head through the now-open gate and use the Life Upgrade on the 
right (before the circular room). Enter the circular room with the grate 
floor, which collapses under you. Sam runs over to the gate and begins 
raising it with the chain, but as he does groups of Skeletons and Blocking 
Deadites attack both of you. Their numbers are endless, so don't bother 
killing them, just use the Whirlwind and Jump Slash to keep them away from 
Sam. In fact, the only time you should move away from Sam is if any of the 
Skeletons begins throwing projectiles at you, in which case your own survival 
is more important than Sam's. 

When your little buddy does finally manage to raise the gate, run through and 
climb up the broken levels. There's a save point down the hall, and a ladder 
past that. 

In this room, stand on the Sam Possession symbol and take control of your 
partner. As Sam, find the hole in the wall just next to where you're standing 
and crawl through. Make a mental note of the wooden fence blocking a passage 
on the right and continue down the hall until you reach a set of stairs and a 
Deadite. Use a charged up Spirit Stun to immobilize it for a moment; you'll 
see the vulnerability aura surround it, so run up and use your finishing 

The area at the end is littered with broken ledges along the walls, with a 
pair of Deadites throwing projectiles at you. It should look something like 
this (FYI: dots represent the path Sam needs to take):

                       |  . . | . | . . | . . Sam   
                       |_.____|   |_____|   |____   
                       | .                       |  
                       |_._                  ____|  
                       | . |                |____|  
                       | .D|                     |  
                       | . |__     ____      ____|  
                       | . . .|. .|. . |. . . .  |  
                       |______|___|____|____| .D |  
Target both of the Deadites and throw Spirit Stuns before attempting to jump 
to the next ledge. You won't be able to kill them, but it should buy enough 
time to at least reach the first Deadite. When you get there, rip off his 
head and throw another Spirit Stun at its partner before venturing to the 
next platform. 

On the other side, run up the stairs and lower the gate. As Ash, make your 
way to the area with the jumping puzzle, but lucky for you, no new Deadites 
have returned. And as an added bonus, you can use the shorter path to reach 
the other side.

Retrace the path you followed as Sam until you reach the wooden fence. Smash 
it open with your chainsaw and pick up the Necronomicon page (Extra 7) on the 
other side in the right corner. Head down the stairs to find the last save 
point of the level, with the boss just ahead...

004.2 - Boss: Necromancer Queen

Anyone see the resemblance to the final boss in A Fistful of Boomstick? No, 
it was just me? All right, whatever...

Anyway, the Queen is so large that it can't move around the area. However, it 
still has quite a few attacks to keep you busy, including summoning Skeletons 
in groups of four to prevent you from standing in one place for too long. 

Here's a quick list of its attacks:

- The Queen can summon dozens of spikes created from the earth to rise up 
from under your feet. They only appear one at a time, and once up they only 
last for a few seconds. Also, you can see a change in the ground where one is 
about to appear. However, the real threat here is that since there are so 
many of them, you'll eventually make a mistake and end up standing in the 
wrong place at the wrong time. If you do get hit, the attack immediately 
stops, so you don't have to worry about being bombarded while you're on the 

- The Necromancer can also throw a number of projectiles at you. Since you 
should be targeting the Queen the entire time, you can easily strafe around 
the area and avoid them. 

- As mentioned above, the Queen can summon a group of four Skeletons to run 
around the area attacking you. Forget about them and focus on avoiding the 
Queen's attacks and countering when you can.

- The Queen's final attack is a simple shockwave, similar to Sparky's. The 
only way to avoid it is by jumping. 

Immediately after the cinematic ends, target the Queen and begin firing at it 
with your shotgun. Since the boomstick's range isn't very high, you should 
try to stay within half the length of the room. 

You'll notice that there's a barrier surrounding the Queen at the beginning; 
it's impossible to remove this barrier with any attack, so the only thing you 
can do is strafe around the room until it goes down by itself. When this 
happens, unload as many rounds as you possibly can to inflict damage. 
Eventually the barrier returns, forcing you avoid any attacks it wants to 
throw your way. 

Simply repeat this as many times as necessary. Don't bother attacking the 
Skeletons that are summoned for two reasons. One: it distracts you from 
watching the Queen, and two: they're destroyed whenever a shockwave is 
released anyway.

005.0 - The Woods - "It lives... out in those woods... in the dark."

At the end of the previous level, two important things have happened. Sam has 
closed the first portal and Ash has succumbed to the evil inside of him 
again. Knowby tells Ash that he can probably harness the evil from his 
enemies and control these transformations. 

What does that mean? Well, from here on, you'll notice orange orbs of energy 
floating around when you kill Deadites. When you collect enough, you can 
transform in Evil Ash for a certain amount of time. The vertical meter under 
your life gauge, the rage meter, represents how much energy you have.

005.1 - The Woods

Run up the grassy incline and destroy the wooden barrier with your chainsaw. 
At the very edge, jump across the gap to the other side and check out the 
barrels sitting on the side. Break them open and collect the evil essence 
inside. Just as a side note, there's evil and life essence scattered all 
around the woods, so make sure to look in every little cave and nook that you 

To your right is another wooden fence, so break through it and continue down 
the path until the cinematic triggers. 

When it ends, you're on your back with a Hell Hound about six inches away 
from your face. Tap X to push it off and kill it; by the time you get up 
another three Hounds attack, followed by another pair. Since you can't use 
the Chainsaw Finisher, stick with the Dodge and Launch and the basic Strafe-
And-Shoot strategy. There are a few crates with life essence in them if you 
get hurt at all. 

After the five Hounds, head deeper into the woods, collecting essence from 
crates as you go. You'll notice a raised bridge and a Necronomicon page on 
your right, but unfortunately, you can't get it just yet. There's a climbable 
ledge that leads to the one side in the circular area just ahead, so make a 
mental note of it for later.

In the large clearing, a total of six Hounds, eight Skeletons, and two Lindas 
(your dead girlfriend's skeleton) will attack in small groups. There are 
usually about two or three Hounds and three Skeletons at any given time, so 
you should be able to get through without much trouble. Just focus on the 
Hounds and let Sam fight the Skeletons and Lindas. When they've all been 
killed, jump onto the ledge at the opposite end of the area and walk along 
the log bridge until you reach the cave. Pick up all of the life essence and 
return to the main area; enter the cave to the right of the log and save your 

Past the save point is a Sam Possession. As Sam, crawl through the hole in 
the metal gate and fight the three Skeletons that appear. This can be tricky 
because of being in such a tight space, but as long as you constantly move 
around you should be fine. 

Crawl through the second gate and fight another group of Skeletons, except 
this time you have a Giant Deadite throwing rocks at you as well. It's 
probably a good idea if you don't fight all of them; just break through their 
line and run towards the Bid Deadite. To its right is a small tunnel that 
leads up to the tracks above. Jump onto the Deadite's back and smash your way 
to the metal gate near the cave. Destroy it to complete the puzzle and return 
to your real body.

Back as Ash, head through the now destroyed gate and fight the Giant Deadite. 
There are infinite numbers of Lindas and Skeletons attacking you while you're 
trying to do this, but the Whirlwind attack should keep you safe. And if 
worse comes to worse, transforming into Evil Ash should get the job done.

After the Giant Deadite is down for the count, climb up the side of the hill 
on the left. A cinematic kicks in, and Ash finds a new weapon: the Harpoon 
Gun. With it, you can snag a distant enemy and reel it in, allowing you to 
attack it at close range. You'll realize how handy it can be in a few seconds 

Walk forward towards the mining town, three Deadite Miners appear and begin 
throwing explosives at you. Snag each one with your harpoon and finish it off 
with the boomstick. 

Enter town and fight off another pair of Deadite Miners; continue to the 
bridge and get ready for a new enemy: the Harpy. Since you can't get close 
enough to them, use the harpoon to pick them out of the air and kill all four 
of them off one by one. Once you've dealt with them, a final group consisting 
of one Hound, two Deadite Miners, and one Skeleton will gather around you. 
Fight them in order of how much of a threat they pose, in other words the 
Deadite Miners, the Hound, and finally the Skeleton. 

Afterwards, run back over to the bridge and harpoon the mine cart in front of 
it to reveal a Sam Possession. As Sam, make your way to the other side of the 
crevice by sliding along the pipe under the bridge. From there, climb up the 
ladder on the right and fight off the pairs of Skeletons and Miners. 
Remember, getting caught in the blast of an explosive is an instant death for 
Sam, so be careful if you don't want to repeat any of this. 

When the four of them are deader than before, run over to the large boulder 
at the other end of the area and kick away the support to clear the path for 

Before finishing the level, though, there are a few extras we need to pick 
up. If you remember back to the woods in the area where you first encountered 
the Hounds, there was a raised bridge that prevented you from collecting the 
Necronomicon page. Now that we have the Harpoon Gun, backtrack to the area 
right after the one where the bridge is visible and use the platforms against 
the side to reach the ledge. Lower the bridge and grab the page (Extra 8).

Now return to the mining town. Just past the area where you found the Harpoon 
gun, look to your left and find the raised bridge. Lower it and activate the 
Rage upgrade. 

Once you're finished, head back to the mine cart in front of the Sam 
Possession and climb up to the roof of the building on the left. At the other 
end is another bridge, so lower it and run to the other side. Directly in 
front of you is the entrance to a mine with a mine cart in front of it; 
harpoon the cart to expose a second Necronomicon page (Extra 9).

From the cart, head left and wall creep to the other side. A pair of Harpies, 
a Deadite, and a Skeleton will appear, but killing them shouldn't take too 
much effort with your new Harpoon. Climb down the ladder from before and head 
over to the entrance of the mine. Smash the fence in your way and enter. 

No boss fight this time, sorry. 

006.0 - The Forsaken Mines - "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun."

006.1 - The Mines

Immediately after beginning the level, harpoon the mine cart on your right 
and collect the Necronomicon page (Extra 10). Head down the path into the 
mine until you reach a wide, open area. Four Miners, two on each side of the 
room, and a pair of Blocking Deadites will attack you. Since the Miners are 
infinitely more dangerous than the Blocking Deadites, kick Sam into a 
Blocking Deadite to keep it busy while you harpoon the Miners. Once the four 
of them are out of the picture, attack the Blocking and regular Deadites that 
are still hanging around. 

Continue deeper into the mines until you reach a wooden fence. Destroy it and 
collect the life essence; farther down is another fence with a save point 
behind it. Save your game, and then resume following the tracks. When you 
come across a mine cart, harpoon it and activate the Health upgrade. Past the 
upgrade is another wooden fence, destroy it and fight the two Blocking 
Deadites at the end. 

Forge ahead, eventually you'll find a pair of Deadite on the other side of a 
deep pit. To make things easy, harpoon the two of them before jumping to the 
platforms. Use the wooden planks as miniature bridges, but be careful to 
avoid falling into the crevice when the last plank collapses. Keep that in 
mind later on. At the end of the mineshaft, pull the lever to bring the 
elevator down. Stand on the elevator and harpoon the lever to send it up. 

Across from the lift is another lever. Pull it to turn on the lights, which 
cues the group of six Blocking Deadites and six regular Deadites to come out 
of hiding and gang up on you. The area's large enough that you can move 
around, though, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Just remember to attack the 
Blocking Deadites first, use the Dodge and Launch to incapacitate them all 
and then go back and finish them off.  

All of the way on the other side is a lever that opens the door on the right. 
As soon as you open it, a Hell Hounds jumps out and attacks you. Fight it off 
and enter the room it was in, there's a save point there. Pull the lever next 
to the door on the opposite side to enter the main area of the mines; your 
good friend Peepers has reappeared, so you're going to have to feed it 
another group of souls. 

The only enemies in the area (for now) are a pair of Miners and a pair of 
Blocking Deadites. Harpoon all of them from the entrance to make short work 
of them and run over to Peepers. To the right of the Soul Eater is a ladder 
that leads up to a catwalk divided into a "Y". The right path collapses as 
you get near it, so take the longer route around the border of the area. 
Falling rocks result in this route collapsing as well, but the gap is small 
enough to jump over. At the end, wall creep to the other side and continue 
along that route; jump over one more break in the walkway to reach the first 

Once Sam has the soul, a Harpy appears, so harpoon it quickly before it gets 
the chance to attack your undead pal. Sam takes the left catwalk and jumps 
down to the lower level; follow him down and take a left, there's a Blocking 
Deadite standing in your way. Either harpoon it or use the Dodge and Launch, 
and then catch up to Sam, who should be nearing the lowest level by now where 
a pair of Harpies and a Blocking Deadite are waiting. Kill the Harpies and 
incapacitate the Blocking Deadites, and then head over to the ladder on the 
right. Stand in front of Peepers and feed him the first soul. 

Assuming that you're facing Peepers, there's a mineshaft to your right that's 
been unsealed. Head inside and destroy the fences that are in your way and 
find the Sam Possession just before the main area of the mineshaft. Since the 
area ahead is filled with poison gas, possess Sam to explore it and find a 
way to get rid of it. 

The lower level contains three walkways in a "Z" shape, with each connecting 
point containing a Deadite. Use a charged Spirit Stun on them from afar and 
finish each one off as you reach it. At the other end, climb up the ladder on 
the right and kill the Deadite at the top. The walkway on this level leads to 
the soul egg and a Necronomicon page (Extra 11), so grab the extra and return 
to the other side. Climb up the crates across from the walkway and crawl 
along the pipe that you can jump up to at the top; there are a few open 
sections that give off electricity at times, so wait for the current to stop 
before crossing it. It's a pretty simple trap to avoid as long as you're 
patient enough. 

On the other side, flip the switch to turn the fan on, which gets rid of the 

Back as Ash, follow the same path that you took as Sam and find the second 
soul. If you didn't do it as Sam, don't forget to grab the Necronomicon page 
(Extra 11). 

Sam captures the soul and runs back to the ladder, so follow after him. A 
Blocking Deadite is guarding it, so use the Dodge and Launch and jump down to 
the bottom level. There's a Deadite right in front of you, so knock it out of 
the way and continue. A Harpy appears in between the second and third 
walkway, so quickly harpoon it and catch up to Sam, who's currently being 
attacked by a pair of Deadites on the other side of the crevice. There's 
another Deadite near the Sam Possession as well, but that shouldn't be too 
much of a problem. 

Back in the main area with Peepers, two Blocking Deadites attack you. Harpoon 
both of them and climb up to the main walkway on the left. Harpies and 
Blocking Deadites will be attacking you from all sides, but your Harpoon Gun 
should be enough to keep Sam safe. Feed Peepers the second soul after you 
finish off the last of the Deadites. 

To the left of the entrance you original came through is a second mineshaft, 
which becomes accessible after feeding Peepers his second soul. Head inside 
and kill the two Blocking Deadites who attack. It seems that there's been a 
cave-in near the entrance to the next area, preventing Ash from continuing. 
Luckily, harpooning the mine cart in front of the rocks reveals a Sam 
Possession, and there just happens to be a small hole in the pile of rocks 
for your little buddy to crawl through. 

As Sam, enter the area and immediately charge up your Spirit Stun. There are 
five Miners scattered around the area, as shown by the map below: 
                      |      x x      |       |     
                      |___   _________|       |     
                      |  / /                  |     
                      | / /                   |     
                      |/_/_ __________ ___    |     
                      ||_SE_|_________|_x_|   |     
                      |                | |    |     
                      |________________| |____|     
                      |              x x      |     
                      |___Sam ________________|     
Target the barrels near the first two Miners and hurl a Spirit Stun to blow 
it up, taking the two Deadites with it. Afterwards, stun the third Miner, the 
one on the platform, and rip off its head. Pass by the soul egg on the second 
platform and destroy the barrels near the other two Miners to kill them as 

Climb up the ladder behind the last two Miners and stand in front of the 
conveyor belt. There are several traps, including rock crushers and spikes 
that you have to avoid. The area should look something like this: 
                                Start|     |                    
                                     |  |  |                    
                                     |  V  |                    
             >              |_|                     <           
             >     ->        _          ->          <           
             >______________| |_____________________<           
                / /                                             
             >          |_|   |_|    |_|         |     |        
             >     ->    _     _      _    ->    |     |        
             >__________| |___| |____| |_________|  |  |        
                                                 |  V  |        
 Legend:                                         |     |        
  >  <  ^^^^^               |_|                  |^^^^^|        
  >  <  ^^^^^  - Spikes      _  - Rock Crusher   |^^^^^|        
  >  <                      | |                  |  |  |        
                                                 |  V  |        
  ->  |  - Direction of conveyor belt            |_____|        
      V                                         _________       
                                              /    End         
When you first get on the conveyor belt, don't run with it. Stand in one 
place and allow it to take you down towards the spikes. Running presents too 
much of a chance that you'll accidentally go too far and jump too late, 
spending you into the spikes. After reaching the second belt, you'll be 
fighting against it, so the only way to get anywhere is by jumping. As you 
start getting close to the rock crusher, stop jumping and run in place. Wait 
for it to smash together, and then jump past it. 

The third conveyor belt is a little trickier. You have to jump just far 
enough to pass by the first rock crusher, but not too far that you land right 
in between the second one. Afterwards, wait until the second one to close, 
and then proceed to the next. 

The fourth conveyor belt is basically the same as the first one, so jump over 
the spikes and onto the ledge overlooking the entrance of the mineshaft. In 
the corner is a detonator set up to destroy the fallen rocks. Push it down to 
clear the path. 

Like before, since Sam has cleared the path of any enemies, simply run over 
to the soul egg and capture it. Sam will run back to entrance and be attacked 
by a Blocking and normal Deadite, as well as a Miner on the ledge where the 
detonator was. And remember, there's also the Death Shroud to fend off. 

Obviously, kill the Miner first. After harpooning the Miner, Dodge and Launch 
the Blocking Deadite and use the Tooth and Lead on the normal Deadite. Sam 
should be long gone by now, so make sure the Death Shroud isn't trying to get 
a cheap shot in and follow after him. There's a pair of Deadites near the Sam 
Possession, but you shouldn't bother fighting them unless they're attacking 

The main area is surprisingly empty. In fact, you should only run into one or 
two Deadites on your way to Peepers. Climb up the ladder next to Peepers and 
feed it the final soul.

006.2 - Boss: Ultra Miner 

The Ultra Miner is basically a very large, very powerful Blocking Deadite. It 
has a pair of hammers that it uses a few different ways. For one, it can slam 
the ground and create a shockwave to knock you on your back. Like the other 
two bosses, it can be easily jumped over. 

The next three attacks are fairly similar, as they'll all quick melee 
attacks. Ultra Miner can perform a one-two-three combo, a whirlwind similar 
to your own, and finally, smash the two hammers together. 

Its final attack is both helpful and dangerous at the same time. The Miner 
kneels down and begins slamming the ground, causing rocks on the ceiling to 
fall to the ground. Obviously, should these rocks land on your head, except 
to take some damage. However, in this state, the Miner is utterly vulnerable, 
so running up and introducing it to your chainsaw wouldn't be a bad idea. 

However, if you're smart, you won't have to deal with any of these attacks. 
Why, you ask? Well, the Miner only uses these attacks when you get too close, 
and you really don't need to get very close to it. 

The best strategy to use against Ultra Miner is to strafe around in circles, 
shooting it with your boomstick. To speed up the process, transform into Evil 
Ash to knock down his life gauge fairly quickly. Of course, should Ultra 
Miner perform the fourth attack, feel free to use your chainsaw. 

007.0 - Port Turnham Shipyard - "Hail he who comes from the sky!"

007.1 - The Shipyard 

Leave the tracks and enter the shipyard, to your left is a container. Harpoon 
the back of it and wade through the boxes that fall out. On the other side, 
explore all of the containers; assuming that the container you entered 
through is on your right, the only two that contain enemies are the far left 
one and the middle-right container. The rest contain life essence, so kill 
the rats in the container on the left, and then open the other one. A Hell 
Hound jumps out and pins you to the ground; after fighting it off, four 
Blocking Deadites and two Miners attack you. As before, kill the Miners first 
and then worry about the rest, you can use the explosive barrels to your 

When the entire groups is deader than before, another Miner blasts its way 
into the area, so harpoon it and introduce it to the boomstick. Pick up any 
of the life essence if you need to, and then head through the container that 
the Miner destroyed. 

Our good friend Peepers is back again, which means that the rest of the level 
is another search for souls. To Peepers' left is a group of barrels, shoot 
them to destroy the wall and create a path for you. 

Inside the warehouse, destroy the crates blocking your way to uncover a save 
point. Past that is the loading dock, flip the switch on your right to raise 
the one gate and head outside. On the docks, six Bloated Deadites will attack 
you in groups of two. These Deadites are different then any other enemies 
you've encountered so far; rather than fighting, Bloated Deadites run up to 
you and explode, releasing toxic gas that poisons you. Obviously, you'll want 
to stay as far away from these things as possible, so lose your short-range 
shotgun in exchange for the pistol and fire away. It takes about a half of a 
clip, but you should be able to get rid of each group with plenty of 
breathing room. 

After the Bloated Deadites are dead, run over to the water and jump onto the 
barges docked there. A cinematic will take place when you step on the 
farthest one, and Ash will obtain the Bomb-Lance, more commonly known as a 
rocket launcher. Use the Lance to destroy the cracked wall across from the 
barge, and harpoon the crate at the end to continue through. 

About a third of the way down this area, groups of Bloated Deadites will jump 
out of the crates at the end of the room and run at you. Even though it's 
tempting to use your new Lance, the reload time is too long to be able to 
attack all four Deadites. Stick with your pistol and unload clip after clip. 

Once the initial group of four is dead, three more groups of Bloated Deadites 
will attack from the crates in sets of three, four, and one respectively. 
Afterwards, the two crates on either side of you open and a Bloated Deadites 
appear from each one. If you haven't destroyed them already, run past the 
explosive barrels and lure the Bloated Deadites near them for a quick kill. 
When both of them are dead, check out the container on the left (facing away 
from the entrance) for another page of the Necronomicon (Extra 12).   

Destroy the wall on the right with the Lance and walk down the dock to the 
fenced-in area on the left, which contains the first soul. Standing in your 
way is a Giant Deadite, three Miners, and an infinite number of Blocking 
Deadites. Two of the three Miners, the two on the roof to be specific, also 
respawn, but at a much slower rate than the Blocking Deadites do. 

Kick Sam over to the one Miner that's alone, and then incapacitate the 
Blocking Deadites, but don't kill them. Afterwards, kill the two Miners on 
the roof with your pistol or the Lance, and then attack the Giant Deadite as 
Evil Ash. If the Blocking Deadites try to give you a hard time, use the 
Whirlwind to knock them away. Keep in mind that if you don't manage to kill 
the Giant before it throws Sam off of its back, the two Miners on the roof 
might have reappeared, so watch out for them.

When the Giant Deadite hits the floor, enter the gated area and capture the 
first soul. Sam begins to run into the warehouse you came through, but turns 
around when a Bloated Deadite jumps out from the water. Remember, if a single 
Bloated Deadite gets close enough to Sam and explodes, he'll instantly be 
killed and you'll have to start over, so protect Sam like there's no 

Kill the Bloated Deadite and follow after Sam, who climbs up a ladder on the 
opposite of the area. Jump down from the crates and you reenter the area 
where you first found the Lance, a pair of Bloated Deadites appear from the 
water; kill them while strafing over to the entrance of the warehouse. When 
Sam reaches the gate, a third Bloated Deadite blocks his path. Sam is smart 
enough (or craven enough, take your pick) to run away, which gives you the 
time to kill it without having to worry about losing the soul. 

Sam enters the warehouse after you've killed the previous Deadite, and runs 
all of the way back to Peepers, where four Blocking and three regular 
Deadites are waiting. Even such a large group should be a relief compared to 
the Bloated Deadites, so kill them the same way you have before and feed 
Peepers its first soul. 

Head over to the opposite end of the shipyard until you reach a trailer, 
which is almost perpendicular to your path, and fight the three Miners that 
appear on top of it. To the right of this trailer is a weak gate, so destroy 
it with your Lance; there's a pair of Blocking Deadites, a Deadite Miner, and 
an average Deadite waiting for you on the other side, with another Blocking 
Deadite and a Miner appear afterwards. In this lot, head over to the last 
pair of trailers and find the Necronomicon page (Extra 14) being guarded by 
three Blocking Deadites that quickly try to surround you. Strafe backwards 
and Dodge and Launch each one of them to avoid sustaining injury. 

Near the entrance of the lot is a red building with a walkway alongside of it 
that leads to the docks. There's a Large Deadite with a pair of Deadites at 
the end of the extremely cramped dock, so do your best to fight them without 
accidentally taking a swim. Your best bet is to transform into Evil Ash. 

Behind the Large Deadite is a tower and a bunch of crates concealing a Sam 
Possession. As Sam, climb up the tower's ladder and perform a hand over hand 
along the cable under the crane. Drop down onto the girders and "mess with 
the rope" to drop them. The fallen girders create a bridge between the two 
docks for Ash. 

Do exactly that: cross the bridge of girders and run over to the barge on the 
left. Slash the soul egg with your saw and get ready to run after Sam. 

The first Deadite to attack you is a Bloated Deadite next to the ladder. Fire 
a dozen rounds from your pistol while you run backwards and up to the walkway 
against the red building. Near the end of the walkway, a second Bloated 
Deadite appears right in front of Sam. Be prepared to kill it instantly, you 
only have a small window of opportunity to keep your partner in one piece. 

Back in the lot, a pair of Deadites and a Blocking Deadite take turns swiping 
at Sam as he runs by. Take a leaf out of his book, blow right past them and 
keep close to Sam. In the area with the trailer, a Bloated Deadite and two 
average Deadites will attack from all sides; don't pay any attention to 
anything except the Bloated Deadite, a rocket from your Lance should do the 
trick. Continue back to Peepers and fight any enemies that follow you there, 
and then feed it your second soul. 

Return to the trailer again, but this time take a left. The small building 
was previously blocked off, but now it's open. Inside is a Sam Possession, so 
take over Sam's body and crawl through the hole in the corner opposite the 
door. Follow the alley, killing the two or three Deadites that jump out of 
the sewer grates. When it opens up into the area with all of the warehouses, 
two Deadites, one a Miner on the roof and the other normal, attack you. Kill 
the Miner by hitting the barrel next to it with a Spirit Stun. 

Raise the forklift and use it to get up to the roof. Run across the warehouse 
and perform a hand over hand until you're directly over the Large Deadite. 
Ride it all the way back to the beginning of the area and smash the fuel tank 
to destroy the wall.     

As Ash, head through the now-destroyed wall and enter the warehouse opposite 
of the forklift. The gate closes behind you and three Miners, four Blocking 
Deadites, and five regular Deadites appear on both the lower level and the 
crates above you. Use your Harpoon to snag the Miners while Sam distracts the 
rest, and use the Whirlwind attack to keep any enemies off your back.  

Climb up the crates and head through the doorway at the top. Follow the 
walkway until you pass the building on your left; there's a short path that 
leads around to the back with a Necronomicon page (Extra 13) at the end. 
After picking it up, continue to the end of the walkway and down to the soul 

After Sam captures the soul, a Death Shroud appears and scares Sam away. But 
instead of running back up to the warehouse, he runs down to the open lot 
below. The Death Shroud blocks your path, forcing you to retreat and provide 
Sam with protection from the walkway. 

When Sam reaches the middle of the lot, Death imprisons him while groups of 
Bloated Deadites climb up from the sewers. Since your Lance is to slow to 
reload and the boomstick's range is low, stick to your pistol during this 

There are three sewer grates: one at the lower left, one about halfway up in 
the center, and the last one in the far left corner. Since only one Deadite 
appears from each sewer grate at a time, you'll want to focus on the Deadite 
that's closest to Sam (i.e. - the Deadites farthest to the right). 

Group 1 - Three Bloated Deadites, one from each sewer grate. 

Group 2 - Two Bloated Deadites, one on the left and the other in the middle. 

Group 3 - Two Bloated Deadites, one on the left and the other on the right. 

After killing the first three groups of Deadites, the Death Shroud appears 
and tries to hit you with a blast of energy. The best way to fight it off 
before it can attack is to fire a rocket from your Lance, and then switch to 
your pistol and finish it off.  

Two more groups of Bloated Deadites attack after the intermission with the 
Death Shroud. 

Group 4 - Three Bloated Deadites, one from each sewer grate. 

Group 5 - Three Bloated Deadites, one from each sewer grate. 

When the fifth and last group of Deadites have been killed, Ash jumps over 
the railing and meets up with Sam. Run back to the destroyed fuel tank and 
head to Peepers. You'll encounter three Blocking Deadites along the way, but 
it shouldn't be too much trouble dealing with them. 

007.2 - Boss: Chomper

Chomper has always reminded me of the Dodongos from the Legend of Zelda. It's 
a very large, lizard-like beast with a scorpion's tail that it uses to 
attack. And, as you'll quickly find out, it's invulnerable to all of your 
weapons. Well, that's how it seems at first... 

In terms of offense, Chomper is really lacking. His three attacks include: 
charging at you, whipping it's tail in a circle, and impaling the ground in 
front of it with it's tail. 

All of them are a joke to avoid, a quick jump or strafe in any direction will 
work; but it's the third attack, the tail impale, that you should focus on. 
You'll notice that when it's tail smashes into the ground, it gets stuck and 
Chomper just sits around for a few seconds before it can wiggle itself free. 

Seeing a boss completely immobilized should set off bells that this is your 
opportunity to attack. Of course, you'll get the same results with your 
chainsaw that you did with any of the ranged weapons. So what to do? 

Remember what I said about Chomper resembling a Dodongo? Well, we all know 
that Dodongos dislike smoke, or bombs in that case. But Ash doesn't have a 
bomb; he has a rocket launcher, which works just as well. 

But how are we supposed to pry Chomper's mouth open? It's pretty simple, 
actually. Sure, its body is protected, but what about it's tail? That's 
right, Chomper's tail is its Achilles Heel; take a swing with your chainsaw 
to send it howling in pain. While it's in this state, fire a rocket into its 
mouth and watch that life gauge plummet. Thankfully, it only takes four 
rockets to kill Chomper. 

008.0 - The Swamps - "This is my BOOMSTICK!"

Check out the blast door directly in front of you. That's where the next 
portal is, but unfortunately for you there doesn't seem to be any way to get 
inside. If only you could set off an explosion from the inside, but that 
would require some type of weapon that could literally throw a flame... 

Where would a weapon like this be found? In the adjacent swamps, of course! 

008.1 - The Swamps 

Break through the wooden gate to the right of the blast doors and follow the 
path into the first open area. After a quick cinematic, three Harpies and a 
pair of Deadites attack you. You'll notice that these Harpies are a little 
tougher than the ones you've previously encountered; you might have to 
harpoon them twice before they finally go down. 

After the five of them are dead, a group consisting of two Deadites on the 
roof of the sewer on your left and three Blocking Deadites appear. Harpoon 
the Deadites while Sam takes care of the rest like you've done every other 
time. Afterwards, a pair of Bloated Deadites destroy the pipe that runs 
through the small island in the center of the area. Switch to your Pistol or 
Lance and kill them, but be prepared for the second pair that appear after 

If you took any damage from either group of enemies, explore the sewer on the 
left for some life essence in crates. If you head through the destroyed 
portion of the pipe, you'll find a save point inside of a sewer, so save your 
game. If you keep going right you'll reach a ladder at the end, but the gate 
at the top is locked. However, there's another ladder leaning against the 
opposite side of the center island, so climb up and find the Sam Possession 
on it. 

As Sam, use the hand-over-hand technique to pass over the gate that Ash can't 
get through, make sure to watch out for the electricity that sparks every 
once in a while. Drop down and wade through the muck and water until a pair 
of Bloated Deadites rise up. Immediately charge up a Spirit Stun and hurl it 
in their direction, you should stun both of them first before actually 
killing them. When they're dead, continue through the swamps, five more 
Bloated Deadites will appear in two groups of three and two respectively, but 
you should have enough room to back up if you have to.

At the end of the swamp is a barn with a Giant Deadite in front of it, 
accompanied by dozens of rats. There's a small hole in the far right corner, 
so disregard all of the enemies and make a break for that hole. Climb 
through, and you'll end up directly above the Giant. Jump on its back and 
ride it back to the beginning of the level, but don't forget to pick up the 
Necronomicon page (Extra 15) first, it's under the pile of garbage nearest 
the entrance to the barn area. After collecting it, return to the red fence 
and destroy it. 

Back as Ash, retrace the path you took as Sam and kill the Giant Deadite 
standing in front of the small gate on the right. There are four Bloated 
Deadites also hanging around the area, so take them out first. 

Head through the sewer pipe and turn the handle to open the opposite gate. 
Climb onto the island in the center of the area and jump across the gap in 
the bridge; behind some crates is a health upgrade. Pick it up and jump back 
down to the ground, just left of the ladder is a weak wall just begging to be 
blown up. Do so and enter the sewer, at the very end is another page of the 
Necronomicon (Extra 16). 

Now that we've picked up the upgrades and extras, run over to the building on 
the left that says "Port Turnham Fuel Storage" on it. Destroy the one side of 
the building with your Lance and enter inside to trigger a cinematic where 
Ash finds a flamethrower. 

We have what we need to blast our way through to the portal, so it's time to 
leave the swamps. If you remember back to the beginning of the level, there 
was a ladder that lead up to a locked gate near a save point. That gate 
happens to be on the opposite side of this area from the fuel storage 
building, so head that way to get out. A pair of Deadites and three Blocking 
Deadites will try to stop you, so kill them before jumping down in the sewer 
and returning to the first area. 

Run over to the path that leads back to the beach, be prepared to fight your 
way through. The first group consists of two Deadites; the second, a pair of 
Blocking Deadites; and the third, a single Blocking Deadite and a pair of 
Bloated Deadites. Once all three groups have been wiped out, continue down 
the path and kill the lone Blocking Deadite at the end. 

Back in front of the blast door, light your good buddy Sam on fire and punt 
him through the small ventilation shaft. The result is a very satisfying 
explosion that succeeds in destroying the blast door. Enter inside to 
complete the level.

009.0 - Port Turnham - "Who wants some?"

009.1 - Port Turnham 

After climbing out of the town's sewers, head past all of the abandoned cars 
and fight off the Hell Hound that appears. There are also two Incendiary 
Deadites on the walkways on either side of the street, so quickly harpoon 
them after killing the Hound. Continue down the street and fight the three 
Hell Hounds and the Incendiary Deadite; if you check out the alley on the 
right and destroy the crate near the ladder, you'll find another Necronomicon 
page (Extra 17). 

Down the street is a Large Deadite with two Blocking Deadite minions 
protecting an alley. Do the same thing you've been doing - incapacitate the 
Blocking Deadites and then go for the Large Deadite. 

Once it's dead, head down the alley and find the first soul egg on the left. 
Capture the soul and leave through the exit in the far right corner; you'll 
be attacked by a Hell Hound and knocked on your back, so fight it off and 
follow Sam to the entrance to the museum. Our good friend Peepers is waiting 
for you there, so feed him the soul. 

There's a save point just left of the museum stairs, so save your game and 
retrace your steps back to the beginning of the level. The corner building 
that was previously blocked off by a barrier has opened, inside is a Sam 

As Sam, run over to the alley where you picked up the Necronomicon page and 
climb up the ladder; there's a Deadite waiting on the scaffold, so charge up 
a Spirit Stun and strafe into view and immediately throw it. Perform a hand-
over-hand on the banner and cross the street to the scaffolds on the opposite 
side. Head right and wall creep to the next set of walkways, and follow those 
down the street and into the alley on the left. The water underneath you is 
electrified, so use the scaffold to pass over it until you can walk on dry 
ground. Flip the switch against the wall on the right to disable the 
electricity, there are some rats running around the area, but don't even 
bother fighting them. 

When you retake control of Ash, head down the alley you just came from and 
find the second soul egg in the very back. Capture the soul and begin running 
towards the museum, a pair of Blocking Deadites will attack you in the bend 
of the alley, nothing a quick Dodge and Launch can't handle. There's another 
Blocking Deadite in the street between the two alleys, as well as three more 
in the second alley that connects you to the museum. You'll probably be a few 
seconds behind Sam, so by the time you catch up to him in the museum alley 
he'll be trying to fight one of the Blocking Deadites. Rescue him and 
continue up to the museum, the last stand against you is a pair of Harpies, 
so harpoon them before killing any enemies that decided to follow you. 
Afterwards, feed Peepers the second soul and save your game. 

Now, I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking the same thing. The 
level's been pretty bland so far; but don't worry, it gets much more 
interesting from here on. 

Return once again to beginning of the level. The barrier around the hardware 
store across the street has been lifted, so head inside and collect an 
upgraded chainsaw. Groovy. 

The new chainsaw has a blade that's powerful enough to cut through the 
Blocking Deadites' defenses, which is good because about eight to ten of them 
storm the hardware store right after the cinematic ends. You can treat them 
like regular Deadites now. 

Once the pack of Blocking Deadites have been killed, the barrier in front of 
the entrance to the stairway dissipates. Run up and find the Sam Possession. 

Near the top of the stairs is a small hole, so crawl through it to enter the 
alley behind the hardware store. Perform a hand-over-hand on the cable and 
drop down onto the balcony on the opposite side. Wall creep to the far end 
and ride the Large Deadite. Near the hardware store is a large fuel tank like 
the one in the shipyards, so destroy it to blow a hole in the side of the 

With the creation of this new path, Ash can now enter the alley and proceed, 
the exit to the alley is at the far end where the Large Deadite was. In this 
new part of town, you'll be attacked by a half-dozen Deadite Mutants. These 
creatures are for all intended purposes strong Deadites, with one exception. 
One of their attacks includes vomiting acid on you, which acts similar to 
electricity by quickly draining your life gauge for as long as you stand in 
it. Because of this, you'll want to keep your distance from them, the best 
strategy is to strafe around them and unload rounds from your shotgun. Of 
course, when they attack in groups, you might just have you get your hands 
dirty, just be cautious about it. 

There's a save point on your left (assuming that you're facing away from the 
alley), so save your game and head down the street. A large pool of water has 
collected in the intersection, and thanks to the down power lines, it's 

There's a short alley on your right with a ladder leading up to the roof of a 
small building. From here, you can shoot both of the power boxes on either 
side of the area, and don't forget to activate the Rage up on the roof while 
you're up here. 

When the electricity's gone, climb back down and cross the pool of water. 
Continue down the street until you reach the docks. According to Sam, the 
final soul egg is inside the garage, but the gate's locked. As Sam tries to 
change that, groups that consist of two Harpies, two Mutants, and 
occasionally a Bloated Deadite will attack you, so do your best to fend them 
off and protect Sam. Your main concern should be the Harpies, their thorn 
attack will drain your life significantly since you're bound to be hit by 
dozens of them at a time. 

After about thirty seconds to a minute (or two groups of enemies in more 
relative terms), Sam manages to unlock the garage, except all that does is 
release the Large Deadite hiding inside. And of course, the groups of Harpies 
and Mutants continue attacking for as long as the Large Deadite remains 
alive. Obviously, you'll want to end this as quickly as possible, so 
transform into Evil Ash before kicking Sam into the Large Deadite; with the 
extra power, you should be able to kill it before it can throw Sam off. 

Kill any of the remaining enemies and check out the dock on the right side of 
the garage, at the very end is the last Necronomicon page (Extra 18) of the 
level. Afterwards, depending on the amount of life you have remaining, you 
might want to consider going back to the alley and saving your game, just in 
case. If you think you're fine, then head inside the garage and capture the 
third and final soul. 

Three Mutants and a Death Shroud will attack you just outside of the garage, 
so kill them before continuing; it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and juggle 
the Mutants to pick up some extra life. When the four are dead, continue back 
to the alley and fight the three Mutants that attack you along the way, one 
near the pool of water and the other two in front of the alley.  

At the end of the alley where the destroyed fuel tank is, about fifteen to 
twenty Skeletons will attack you in groups of three or four. As they jump 
down from the rooftop, they'll catch fire; while this doesn't really affect 
their attacks at all, you'll obviously want to avoid coming into contact with 
them. Besides that, however, treat them the same way you would any other 
Skeletons; I prefer to stand just in front of Sam and fire at them with the 
pistol, with a few swipes from the chainsaw if they get to close. 

Afterwards, head through the hardware store and back to where the level 
began. A pair of Hell Hounds attack you here, so kill them and follow after 
Sam. In the museum alley, a Mutant will jump out from the sewer directly in 
front of Sam, so make sure you're right there to take care of it. The area 
around the museum is surprisingly absent of enemies, so simply run over to 
Peepers and feed it the last soul. Head inside the museum to complete the 

010.0 - The Temple - "Hail to the king, baby."

Things don't exactly goes as planned; but then again, does it ever? Instead 
of closing the portal, Ash and Sam get sucked inside and end up in the 
Deadite realm. Knowby appears and tells the pair that the only way to save 
Sally and the rest of the world is by finding Reinhard and destroying him. 

Easy enough, right? 

010.1 - The Temple 

Immediately turn right and follow that path until you reach the edge of a 
cliff, the first Necronomicon page (Extra 19) of the level is sitting there. 

Now return to the beginning and head left, wall creep to the other side of 
the ledge and climb up the broken portion of the wall. From here, jump to the 
entrance of the temple. 

The door behind you closes, and the one in front is locked. You'll notice 
that there are two unlit torches on either side of the room, so try igniting 
them with your flamethrower. When both are lit, the door opens, allowing you 
to continue. 

In this large open area, dozens of Red Skeletons appear from the opposite 
side of the area and hurl fireballs at you. They appear twice in a row, and 
then twice more each time you climb one of the sets of stairs on either side 
of the room. Besides the fire, they are too much different from regular 
Skeletons, so go wild killing them. 

During the kill fest, you might notice that on either side of the door are 
two large torches like the ones in the previous room. And it just so happens 
that the stairs on each side of the room ends directly under these torches. 
Run up one of these stairs and harpoon the torches to lower them, and then 
ignite it. Repeat this with the second torch to open the door. 

The next area is a single, circular platform that surrounds another large 
torch. About ten Red Skeletons attack you right in front of the door, as well 
as a Mummy and a Death Shroud. Kill them all, harpooning the Death Shroud 
when it solidifies is a great way to quickly knock them out of action, and 
proceed around the room; when you reach the next door, the same group of 
enemies appears. Defeat them again and head over to the stairs leading up to 
the torch. The same group (minus the Death Shroud) appears one more time to 
try and stop you, but taking them all out shouldn't be a problem. 

When the last of them are dead, Sam will run up the stairs and crouch down. 
Light him on fire with your flamethrower and kick him into the torch to open 
the door where the second group of enemies attacked you. The small room 
contains three torches, but only two of them are open. Light those first, and 
then the third after lifting up the lid. That last torch raises the set of 
stairs for a short period of time, so quickly run up and head onto the 
parapet outside (don't bother fighting the Red Skeletons). 

There's a save point on the right, but you'll want to kill the Harpy flying 
around first. Afterwards, head down the outer wall, fighting two groups 
consisting of a pair of Mummies and a Harpy by the collapsed stairs. Past the 
stairs, a single Mummy and a Harpy attack. Kill them and enter the arena, 
make sure to smash the pots near the entrance for some last minute life 

The arena can be a bit hectic, but you just have to remember to keep moving 
at all times. At any one time, there will be two or three Mummies (about 
fifteen total) standing on the pillars around the area throwing fireballs at 
you. At the same time, groups of four Red Skeletons (about fifteen total) and 
a Harpy (six total) will be attacking you from all different directions. 

Obviously, the first thing to do is to snag the Harpy and kill it. After 
that, harpoon each of the Mummies (punting Sam up onto one works too); you 
don't have to immediately kill them, just bring them down to the lower level 
so you can deal with them easily later on. From there, it's a hack-and-slash 
fest (use Evil Ash if you're low on life) until the next group of Harpies and 
Mummies appear. Repeat this over and over until the next wave appears. 

What's the next wave, you ask? It's not as bad as the previous one simply 
because there aren't as many of them, but it can be tricky because Mutants 
are thrown into the mix. There are four Mutants along with a dozen Red 
Skeletons, so kill the Mutants and then focus on the Skeletons. 

That wasn't so bad, was it? 

When the last of the enemies have been killed, a set of stairs rise up, 
allowing you to leave. However, just before entering the next room, take a 
left or right and run along the arena wall until you're directly above the 
entrance, the last Necronomicon page (Extra 20) is there.

The next area is another circular room, directly in front of the entrance a 
group of two Mummies and a Death Shroud will attack. Harpoon the Death Shroud 
first and kill the Mummies after like before, and run over to the next door. 
Two Mummies will attack midway, and then two more near the door. Light the 
torches and head into the hall with the river of blood. 

Head to the opposite end of the hall and light the torches; run outside and 
pass under the blood waterfall and enter a similar hall. Four Mutants and two 
Harpies will attack you, so punt Sam into the Mutants while you focus on 
harpooning the Harpies. Light the torches at the end near the door and enter 
the stairway. There's a save point at the bottom, so save your game and run 
up, which leads to a third circular area. You'll fight a Death Shroud and a 
Mutant first, followed by four Mutants separated into three groups, with 
another pair of Mutants and a Death Shroud at the end. By now, you should be 
able to kill these things in your sleep, so I won't go into it. 

Light the torches and enter the next room. There's another timed torch that 
needs to be opened before being lit; it raises two sets of stairs on either 
side of the room, each of which leads to a regular torch that needs to be lit 
to open the next door. On top of that, a pair of Mutants are running around 
the room attacking you. Since you're on a time limit, ignore the Mutants and 
simply run up both stairs and light the torches. If you run out of time and 
the stairs collapse, you'll have to start over. 

Head outside and follow the outer wall until you reach another timed torch. 
Ignite it and quickly run up the stairs, the very last part of the stairway 
is the one that is affected by the torch. This is the final area before 
Reinhard; it's divided into two parts, with a large torch on either side. But 
before worrying about that, let's deal with the problem at hand: three 
Mutants and a pair of Harpies. Once you've killed them, harpoon the torch to 
lower it. Afterwards, light Sam on fire with your flamethrower and punt him 
up into it. 

With the torch on this side lit, run back down the stairs to the timed torch. 
Behind it is a small ledge that leads to the other side, so wall creep across 
and repeat the same strategy. When both torches are lit, stairs appear next 
to the wall dividing the area. Climb up onto the river of blood and enter the 
final room at the top...

010.2 - Boss: Reinhard 

Reinhard, like anyone obsessed over the Necronomicon, fuses with it to 
increase his power. He becomes a big, scary monster, but it's basically just 
a front, he doesn't put up much of a fight. 

The good doctor has four different attacks. He can: 

- Teleporting from wherever he is and reappearing directly next to you, 
attacking with a quick uppercut. To avoid being caught, always keep moving 
and side step away when he disappears.  

- A shockwave, just like every other boss. Jump to avoid it. 

- If you get too close to Reinhard, he'll grab you with one hand and beat you 
into a bloody mess with the other. You really shouldn't ever get close enough 
to Reinhard for him to perform this attack, though. 

- A blood wave. Basically, two or three (it switches each time) streams of 
blood are sent in your direction. When he begins using this attack, back up 
so you have enough time to position yourself so they'll miss you. 

The only real trick to fighting Reinhard is that you always want to have him 
targeted to keep track of where he is and what he's doing. Besides that, 
simply transform into Evil Ash and strafe around him, firing your shotgun. If 
you run out of rage and can't transform, switch to your Lance. 

After taking enough abuse, Reinhard will run over to the podium where the 
Necronomicon is resting and absorb more power from it, which refills his life 
gauge. To disrupt this, target the Necronomicon and punt Sam onto it. 

Without the ability to heal himself, Reinhard's pretty much done for. Simply 
continue hitting him with shotgun rounds or rockets until he's had enough. 

Congratulations on completing Evil Dead: Regeneration. Sit back, watch the 
extras you collected along the way, and remember: Shop smart, shop S-Mart!

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