Everquest II – Lingo Guide (walkthrough)

Everquest II - Lingo Guide

Everquest II Lingo Guide (www.everquest2.com)
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Written by: Nghtmr9999
Next Update - 10/20/06
Version 1.0.0

Important Notice!

My computer died on me
recently, so I am using
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----------[Table of Contents]----------
Section 1 - Introduction.........................(s1in)
Section 2 - Lingo................................(s2lo)
Section 3 - Version History......................(s3vh)
Section 4 - Special Thanks.......................(s4st)
Section 5 - Contact Info/Copyright Info..........(s5ci)

----------[Section 1 - Introduction]----------(s1in)

Hello again! It's me, Nghtmr9999. This time, I have written a guide on the
Everquest II Lingo you might see in the game.

----------[Section 2 - Lingo]----------(s2lo)

For better searching, terms are in alphabetical order.

Term                Meaning
----------          ------------------------------------------------------
AB                  Antonya Bayle. This is a server name, and one of the most 
                    populated servers in the game.    

Add                 People say this when an additional monster attacks the 
                    group. Can be deadly if you get too many.

AE(AOE)             Area of effect. This refers to spells that don't affect 
                    just one target, but many around you.

AF                  Auto Follow. If you need to go afk and your group
                    is traveling, don't stop. Right click on a groupmate
                    and click follow. Just be sure to say "AF on whoever".

AFK                 Away from keyboard. You type this when real life takes
                    over. Be sure you say so in groups or you may come back
                    to a dead pissed off group.

Agi                 Agility. How much armor you can wear, and your avoid.

Agro                The monster's "hate". Attacking and healing builds up hate
                    with a monster. When your hate is the highest, you will
                    get attacked by said monster. If you are a fighter, you
                    should always be at the top of the hate list.

Ant                 Antonica. One of the major zones outside of Qeynos. This
                    is where you will go in your teens.
AQ                  Armor Quest. These are quests that you complete for some
                    shiny new armor.
BB                  Blackburrow. An area filled with lots of heroic gnolls.

BRB                 Be right back. When something happens in real life and
                    you have to leave the game for a minute or two, just let
                    your group know by typing this.

Brt                 Be right there. Basically if you are invited to a group
                    in a dungeon and you are in Qeynos or Freeport (or where-
                    ever). Type this to let them know you are coming.

BSV                 Blood Skull Valley. Raid instance in the south 

BT                  BloodTalon. An epic mob in Antonica. If I recall correctly
                    its a group x2.

Btw                 By the way. Don't know if I can say a lot more.

Buff                Magical Enhancements to armor, weapons, etc. Priests have
                    quite a lot. Be sure to use them all in groups.

CH                  Castleview Hamlet. Starting place for Frogs and High Elfs.
                    A small cozy town in the great city of Qeynos.

CL                  Commonlands. One of the major zones outside the city of
                    Freeport. This is where you will go in your teens.

CoD                 Cove of Decay. Another heroic instance. This is off the
                    Thundering Steppes.

Con                 The color of the monster. Grey, green, blue, white
                    yellow, orange, red.

Conj                Conjuror. One of the mage classes in the game. They
                    summon... things.... and...... stuff.

CP                  Copper Pieces. Think of these as pennies. They don't buy
                    a lot. 100 of them makes a silver.

Cya                 See ya. When you're about to log off, you might say this
                    to a friend you were talking to or your guild.

Ding                Gaining a level. You'll know you've "dinged" when your
                    exp bar goes to 0%, you hear a sound, and you see pretty
                    double-helix things go around your character. In groups
                    you say this when you gain a level, and almost all people
                    will say "grats" "wtg" "gj" etc.

DoF                 Desert of Flames. The first big expansion pack released.
                    It raised the max level to 60, and added a whole desert
                    to explore.

DoT                 Damage over time. Some spells do..."23 damage per second
                    for 15 seconds" or "500 damage over 30 seconds"

DPS                 Damage per second. This is how much damage you can do in
                    the shortest amount of time. If it takes you 15 seconds
                    to take down a white con monster, you have high DPS. If
                    it takes you a minute, you have low DPS.

Drop                Items dropped by an enemy when they die. They can be coin
                    or armor or...just....items.

EF                  East Freeport. A zone in Freeport.

EL                  Enchanted Lands. Another big zone. Take the bell off the
                    Thundering Steppes or Nek Forest (whichever takes you to
                    the right one)

EXP                 Experience. The invisible number. When your exp is equal
                    to or greater than exp needed for the next level, you
                    gain a level.

FD                  Feign Death. A very handy spell. When cast, you "die".
                    Until the area is clear of agro or you get sick of being

FG                  Fallen Gate. A zone with lots of undead. Most heroic.
                    Western Commonlands.

FP                  Freeport. The major city that has numerous smaller parts
                    to it. You go here if you are evil.

Gank                On PvP servers, killing somebody who has almost no chance
                    of winning.

GG                  Good Going. Used as a way of saying congrats on level. Or
                    used sarcastically when someone kills the group.

GM                  Game Master. The all-powerful people who work at SOE.
                    All hail the mighty GMs!

GP                  Gold Pieces. Think of these as $100 bills. 100 silver make
                    one of these, and 100 of these makes a platinum.

Gtg                 Got to go. When you need to leave the game, type gtg. 
                    Followed shortly by "cya or bye". Most people will
                    understand. MOST will.

                    Good to Go. When you are ready for the next monster.

Gusty               Gustfeather. An epic x2 in the Thundering Steppes.

GW                  Guild Wars. A MMORPG (if you could call it that XD). No
                    fee, but I heard it's not fun.

HO                  Heroic Opportunity. Work together as a team, cast the
                    right spells, and you might cause massive damage, or get
                    a nice buff.

HP                  Hitpoints. When they reach 0, you die.

HoT                 Heal over time. Kinda self-explanatory.

Idc                 I dont care. Again, it explains itself.

Idk                 I dont know. Explains itself....

Imo                 In my opinion. When you have an opinion, say  IMO

Inc                 Incoming. Used to let the group know a monster is coming.

Instance            This is when your group has an area all to yourself. So
                    groups can't just come in and kill everything.

Int                 Intelligence. How much mana mages have.

J/k                 Just Kidding. When you say something, but you were
                    kidding, type this.

KK                  Okay. Don't think I have to say more.

L8r                 Later. When you must leave the game for a few hours, be
                    a nice guy. Tell your friends and your guild. They'll say
                    "bye" or "cya" in return.

Lag                 Slow Connection. When the game isn't completely smooth
                    you have lag my good sir. Check your connection. Then
                    blame it on the server hamster.

LD                  Linkdead. When someone crashes from the game. Be nice and
                    wait a few minutes for them. Then find a replacement.

LF                  Looking for. Mainly used when a group needs a certain 

LFG                 Looking for group. If you need to do an instance, or you
                    just want exp, type /lfg in the chat box, and type your
                    message in the chat box.

LFM                 Looking for more. When you just have 2 or 3 and you need
                    more people, just put this in the chat box along with what
                    you are doing.

LFW                 Looking for work. If you want a crafting job, type /lfw
                    to flag yourself, and people will contact you... soon....

Lmao                Laughing my *** off. When something is so funny a "lol"
                    (see below) doesn't do it.

Log                 Signing on or off.

Lol                 Laughing out loud. Used when something is funny.

Lvl                 Level. Your combat/crafting level.

Mana                How much blue you have. Same as MP

MP                  How much blue you have. Same as Mana.

MT                  Mistell. When you send a message to your guild when you
                    meant to send it as a reply, type MT to the person who
                    recieved your message by accident.

                    Main Tank. This is the person in the group that decides
                    what will be pulled, takes all the damage, and keeps the
                    enemies off the group.

Named               A named monster. Any monster with a proper name. None of
                    the "A small gnoll" or "A two-headed orc" type of thing.

Necro               Necromancer. The conjuror's evil counterpart. They
                    summon dead stuff.

Nerf                A class losing power due to balance issues. As you can
                    imagine, this annoys people quite a bit.

NBG                 Need before greed. Basic group manners. If you can't use
                    the item and someone else can and needs it, let them have

NF                  North Freeport. Another zone in Freeport.

NH                  Nettleville Hovel. A part of Qeynos. Humans and cats start

Nj                  Nice Job. Used when a group takes down 6 heroics, or used
                    when someone kills the group.

NK                  Nektulos Forest. A zone that is dark and full of heroics.

Np                  No Problem. When giving something away for free, you
                    usually say this when someone says thx (see below)

NPC                 Non-playing character. A character that is controlled
                    by the game and not by a human.

NQ                  North Qeynos. A zone in the wonderful city of Qeynos

OMG                 Oh my god. Used when something really annoys you.

Ooc                 Out of character. /ooc . This appears in dark green
                    text, and is used to talk in almost all zones.

OOM(OOP)            Out of magic. When your blue is all gone.

Omw                 On My Way. When you are coming to meet the group wherever
                    they are.

Pally               Paladin. A healing-tanking machine!

PF                  Permafrost. Another zone off the docks. Go to Nek or TS.
                    Also a server name.

PST                 Please Send Tell. When a person wants to talk in private
                    with /tell.

PvE                 Player VS Environment. You VS monsters.

PvP                 Player VS Player. You VS another player.

QH                  Qeynos Harbor. Another zone in Qeynos. You get to the
                    desert from here. That is if you bought the Desert of
                    Flames pack.

Rdy                 Ready. When you are ready for the next monster.

Reroll              Remaking your character and starting brand new. If you
                    hate how your character turned out, make a new one!

Res                 Resurrect. This is a priest spell that brings you back to

Respec              Re-choosing your trait abilities. If your talents aren't
                    working out, pay some money and redo them.

Rev                 Revive. This is NOT the priests spell. This means you
                    come back to life at a camp.

RL                  Real life. You know.... the world outside the game? Don't
                    know what I'm talking about? Hrm... okay.

Rooted              Mage spell that chains a monster down. Makes it easier
                    to take monsters down, since they can't hit you.

Rov                 Ruins of Varsoon. This is an area off the Thundering
                    Steppes. This is south-eastern-ish TS.

RV                  Rivervale. A zone off the Enchanted Lands. Has some 
                    nice trees and areas to explore.

SC                  Starcrest Commune. Another starting zone in Qeynos. For
                    Erudites, you start here!

SF                  South Freeport. Part of Freeport... blah..blah...blah

SH                  Stormhold. A graveyard area in eastern Antonica. Heroics

SK                  Shadowknight. The paladin's evil twin.

Soe                 Sony Online Entertainment. The creators of the game.

SP                  Silver Pieces. Think of these as $5 bills. They make you
                    kinda rich, but not very.

SQ                  South Qeynos. Zone in Qeynos. South of North Qeynos

Sry                 Sorry. (gasps) You've done something bad! Say this, it
                    will make things all better; at least I think it will....

Sta                 Stamina. The higher this is, the more health you have.

Str                 Strength. How much damage you do with weps. As you can
                    imagine, with warriors this needs to be high.

Swashy              Swashbuckler. A class that has some pretty nice DPS.

Tank                A warrior made to take the damage and keep people alive.
                    These guys depend on their gear, and are expensive to

Thx                 Thanks. When somebody does something nice in real life
                    you usually say thanks right? Same goes for the game.

TS                  Thundering Steepes. Big zone off Antonica. Heroics are
                    numerous, but there are solo monsters too.

Ty                  Thank You. Nuff' said.

WC                  Wailing Caves. Area off the Commonlands. North CL to be
                    more precise.

WF                  West Freeport. Freeport Zone. Don't need to say another

Wis                 Wisdom. How much mana a priest has and how well the heal.

Wizzy               Wizard. A mage class that has some very good DPS.

WoW                 World of Warcraft. Shhhh this is the game I'm playing now.
                    But keep that a secret.

WTB                 Want to buy. When you need something, type WTB .

WTF                 What the ****. Used when you are REALLY angry.

WTG                 Way to go. Commonly used when someone dings.

WTH                 What the hell. Used when your slightly angry.

WTS                 Want to sell. When you're selling something, type WTS 

WTT                 Want to Trade. When you want to trade one item for

WW                  Willow Wood. Starting zone for Half Elfs in Qeynos.

XP                  Experience. See EXP. They're simillar.

Xroads              Crossroads. Place in the Commonlands where evils can buy
                    or sell or whatever. If you are good, the guards will
                    attack you on sight!

Zerker              Berserker. Fighter class. Nice damage, nice DPS. But relys
                    on armor.

----------[Section 3 - Version History]----------(s3vh)

V1.0.0 (7/22/06) - Whole guide written and ready for corrections.

----------[Section 4 - Special Thanks]----------(s4st)

SoE - For making this game
All the sites that are currently hosting my guide

And a very special thanks to you, for reading my guide.

----------[Section 5 - Copyright Info/Contact Info]----------(s5ci)

The following sites have my permission to publish my guide

Copyright 2006 - Nghtmr9999

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

DO E-mail me about...
-Your Lingo
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-Concerns about my guide (anything inappropriate)
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DO NOT E-mail me about...
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-Viruses. I have excellent virus software. So don't waste your time.
-Attachments. I wont open them from you. So once again don't try.

Repeated violations of the above will result in your e-mail address getting

Well, thats it. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide.

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