Eschalon: Book I 1.02 patch

Eshalon: Book INakon samo jednog dana od kad je izašao prvi patch, iz Basilisk Gamesa nam stiže drugi po redu patch za Eschalon: Book I. Ovog puta, patch podiže igru na verziju 1.02, ispravlja još neke bagove i sitnice, a teži kao i prošli 1 mb.Ukoliko niste instalirali 1.01 verziju, sve ispravke iz nje sadrži i ovaj patch, tako da vam nije potrebna. Patch možete skinuti ovde, a changelog pročitati u nastavku teksta. 

Fixes/Changes to version 1.02: [FINAL]
[FIXED]: Blackwater Tavern owner now lets you visit you-know-where more than once.
[FIXED]: Several more map barrier errors and typos.
[FIXED]: Item duplication exploit.
[FIXED]: A bad alchemy mix doesn't send ingredients back to your inventory.
[FIXED]: Game reports Object Condition when damaging objects with fire.
[FIXED]: Options Menu exploit.
[FIXED]: Attacking priest in Blackwater caused crash.
[FIXED]: Armor Imbuing bug
[FIXED]: ToHit Imbuing Bug
[FIXED]: Selling grouped items to an NPC who doesn't have enough money no longer crashes game.
[FIXED]: Pressing Esc in conversation no longer brings up Option Menu upon exiting dialog.
[FIXED]: Crash under very specific deaths (for example, death while in the middle of casting a spell)
[UPDATED]: Several small changes made to the map at end-game to ensure one specific ending works as intended.
[UPDATED]: If no enemies or NPCs are nearby, the held-weight limitation for casting is forgiven.
[BALANCE]: Haste duration has been significantly reduced to limit its overly powerful effects.
[BALANCE]: Several high-level swords have been adjusted (increased damage) to be more appropriately balanced.
[NEW]: Upon drinking a potion, the game will autostack the empty flask on top of the first Empty Flask found in your inventory. If no Empty Flask is found, the system puts it in your hand for you to manually place.

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