Enter The Matrix Hacker Guide (walkthrough)

Enter The Matrix Hacker Guide

After extensive play on the hacking system in Enter The Matrix for the 
PC, we have come up with what is our guide to getting everything from 
the hacking system. We *think* this is all that there is to it, maybe we 
missed a few things, but I believe we cover pretty much everything 
(there might be other paths to the same goal, for example). So, lets get 

First, load the hacking system with a saved game of yours. It doesn't 
matter where you are up to in the saved game, as the hacking module is 
completely independent to the ingame. After following the prompts 
regarding virus checks and the likes, you should be at a command prompt on 
the A: drive.

Take note, the commands in this hacking system are not identical to 
your typical DOS commands. The structure itself revolves around the 'DIR' 
command, which lists directories and even executes programs when 
needed. You basically don't move at all within the system, so the DOS 'CD' 
command is non existent. What happens is you list directories with the 
'DIR' command, get the path to the desired programs, then execute it. It 
is a little time consuming at times but relatively easy to get used to.

Anyway, we should now be at a command prompt. Lets do a 'DIR' command 
to start, by typing DIR and pressing enter.

It will list three folders, 'System', 'Tools' and 'Text'. Lets jump to 
the Text folder, by typing:


You should now see a list of the contents of Text. These are some very 
important files, so lets open them one by one. To do this, we will use 
the 'READ' command. Lets start with Notez.txt


Note that full paths are essential. The DIR command isn't actually 
taking you into the Text folder, it is simply listing the contents so you 
can see what path is needed to open files.

NOTEZ.TXT is, for the most part, useless, however make sure to take 
note of the last line before the end-of-file. "Changed VIRTUAL Drive 
Password to: FROZENFISH". Make sure to keep a note of this password, and 
make sure to note it is something to do with a VIRTUAL DRIVE, as there are 
a few passwords. Open all the text files, some contain clues and useful 
info, but the only real important file is the NOTEZ.TXT file.

Now we need to DIR the SYSTEM folder on A:. It should list a few 
executables. The one you want is LOGIN.

Now that we have discovered the LOGIN file, you only need to type 
"LOGIN" when we use it rather than having to do any full paths. Go ahead and 
type LOGIN and press enter.

You should be prompted with a username field. It says to type in GUEST, 
but we want full access, so instead type in "FREEMIND". It will tell 
you that we now have access to Drive B:, and there will be a few messages 
from Morpheus. Type "Y" to listen to them and then enter in the numbers 
to hear each recording. They're all relatively useless, but a cool 
little addon nonetheless.

Now we can access B:, filled with media like map, car, gun and id info. 
It also has the FMV folder for watching movies, and a tools folder. 
Right now, we want the Tools folder.


It will now ask for a 5 digit binary code. This code varies from time 
to time, so firstly type in:


It may work, it may not. It will give you clues about how close you 
are, telling you how many digits are correct, and how many are in their 
correct places. It can only be 1's and 0's, so you'll get it eventually.

Once successful, you will have access to some new tools. These include 
VIEW and PLAY, which view IMG files and play FMV's. These are not a 
part of the completion in hacking, but if you ever wanted to watch an 
ingame movie on demand, PLAY can do it. However, you may notice typing PLAY 
{MOVIE FILE} and pressing enter does not work, you must type the 

(e.g.) PLAY B:FMV11.FMV

Then you must HIGHLIGHT (don't select it) the "enter" key on the 
onscreen keyboard (that means you must highlight the enter key on the screen 
using your direction buttons), once highlighted press CTRL on your 
physical keyboard and it should play.

Now we have access to something called VIRTUAL. This is the virtual 
drive access program. Type VIRTUAL, and you will be prompted with a 
password. Remember it? it was FROZENFISH, from NOTEZ.TXT. Type FROZENFISH in 
and continue.

A fake dialing scene will load up, and you will be taken to a puzzle 
game. This is tricky initially, and you probably won't get it the first 
go. Keep trying though, every time you fail load VIRTUAL back up and try 
again. There are two solutions, BLUE and RED. If you get BLUE, you will 
be denied access and will have to use TRACEKILL to kill a tracer 
detecting a security breach. If you get the RED puzzle, you will be given 
access to virtual. Neither the RED or BLUE puzzle solution represent the 
color red or blue, you just have to use luck. If you get blue, don't 
worry, kill the tracer then start VIRTUAL again and try a different 
looking puzzle solution.

Once you have accessed red, Neo will greet you and V: will be 
accessible. Lets do that now:


You will see Tools and Root folders. Root is protected, so you will 
need to go into V:TOOLS and run "ROOTSEARCH.EXE". It will find the 
password, apply it, and allow access to V:ROOT.

Now lets check our V:ROOT:


There will be MAIL and PORTKEY. First, lets run MAIL by simply typing 
MAIL and pressing enter.

It will ask for the password you just got from ROOTSEARCH, which was 
"THISISNOTREAL". Type this in and enter to enter the MAIL program.

It will ask if you want to read the emails, type "Y" and press enter.

It will now give you a list of numbers to dial. Write these down for 
easy access, as we need to use the DIAL command which takes up window 
space, making you go back to the mail program if you want the numbers 
again. Lets dial the first number:

DIAL 0019495550112

It will be a bad number.

Now lets do the second number:

DIAL 0017145550187

....No Connection. Lovely.

DIAL 0012135550142

Ah, finally. Morpheus will tell you Trinity will contact you soon. It 
is really quite the opposite, but regardless, lets try the final number.

DIAL 0013105550111

This is Trinity, telling you to use "Code 942". This is important, as 
we will use this next.

Now we have checked out all the mail, lets see V:ROOT again.

You will notice PORTKEY, run it and see the syntax code for it. It 
states you must type the port to open after PORTKEY. Although Trinity 
didn't make it very clear, 942 is our number. So lets type:


You're screen will fill with text, and Trinity will start to type. She 
will ask if you have been having any problems with the system. Type 

She will then ask if you know how to access the RAM drive. Type "N".

She will then proceed to say the system is being monitored and give you 
CRACK.EXE. She will then say you must type CRACK 8RAM. So, after you 
are dropped back to the command line, lets do that.


The Drive RAM: is now available. Lets check it out.


We have a few new folders. First, lets open PROG.

If you have finished the game (or maybe just past a certain part in the 
game, not sure about this), you will have SWORD.DSK in this folder. If 
this is a brand new saved game file, you won't, so this won't apply to 
you. Don't worry, it isn't anything critical, it just enabled the use 
of a sword in the game. To enable the sword, type:


The sword is now active.

Otherwise, lets check out the other contents of TRINITY. We have 
READBIO and HANDSHAKE. READBIO just reads the BIO inside the BIO folder, 
which will change depending which character this saved game is in. Now, 
type in HANDSHAKE.

You should connect to the Logos ship. Sparks will begin to type. Follow 
the conversation. He will say you sent him a file. He will then say it 
is corrupting the system, and it is a trojan. Uh oh, did you screw the 
Logos? Sparks will ask you to open EMP.EXE and save the logos, but 
before we do this, lets check out the Logos drive.


You will see SPARKS and ART. This is nothing but an extra. Inside the 
SPARKS folder is the EMP program, which we won't execute yet. First, you 
can use the VIEW command to check out some artwork from the ART folder. 
Make sure to give it a go, there are some pretty cool images in there.

Once you're done with the art, type EMP. You will find out Sparks was 
only kidding around and you didn't do anything to the logos at all. 
Damn, I always wanted to see that weasel squirm. Oh well.

After this, Sparks will play a message from Neo telling you to "follow 
the white rabbit", which surely means follow your commercial instinct 
and buy the next version of the game, or something. After this, Sparks 
will disconnect you from the system totally and you will exit hacking 
completely. Save it if you wish so you don't have to do this all over 
again to access artwork and the likes.


There is no official way to play as Morpheus, Neo or any other 
character besides the two default in the PC version. Unlike the console 
versions, the PC version does not appear to have a multiplayer mode even after 
Sparks tells you he has given you a gift.

Although cheats are enabled via the hacking system, we decided not to 
cover them in this guide. If you want a list of all the cheats, click 

This should be the hacking system in full. I am sure that is it, but 
hey who knows, maybe I missed something. If you have any extra info, 
please let me know and I'll be sure to update this guide. 

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