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Empires - Dawn of the Modern World


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v0.2 (10/05/04) - Up to Chapter 4 done on the Admiral Yi 
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strats up yet and all...I went through the very first 
cinematic of everything again and wrote a guide on one, as 
well as got a contribution, but that's about it. 

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Richard Lionheart Campaign

Campaign 1: 1182-1190
COEUR DE LION: The Rise of Richard Lionheart

Prince Richard, a skilled warrior second in line to the 
English throne, is a loyal servant to his father, King 
Henry. But others do not share his boundless allegiance. Now 
the Lionheart must struggle against threats to both himself 
and the Kingdom to expose a conspiracy, quell a rebellion, 
and repel an invading army to defend the lands and honor of 

Chapter 1: Heart of the Empire

October 1182. For 250 years, England has ruled Southern 
France. Richard the Lionheart is appointed by his father, 
the ailing King of England, to govern the area in his name. 
Richard is the second eldest of four brothers. All know that 
the King does not have long to live. 

Situation: The King of England is nearing death, and a new 
French king has ascended the throne: King Philip. Richard's 
elder brother, the heir to the throne, asks Richard to help 
him kill their own father to ascend to the throne, ceding 
Richard Southern France. Richard refuses to accept Prince 
Henry's preposal. Geoffrey and Richard go to Clairvaux to 
defend the area from Henry or other barons' attacks. 

Chapter 1: Continued

Situation: Defend Clairvaux from Prince Henry or Rebel Baron 


Travel to Clairvaux - Geoffrey fears Prince Henry or Rebel 
Barons may attack Clairvaux at any moment. Clairvaux's 
defenses are in disrepair and must be strengthened 

Chapter 2: Two Sides of the Coin

Facing a perilous threat of rebellion, Richard is 
nethertheless forced to turn his attention elsewhere. He 
races to Poitiers... 

Situation: Richard must get into Poitiers before dawn and 
unleash the resistance...and save Eleanor at the same time. 


Find and free Eleanor in the city of Poitiers - Search the 
surrounding area for a way into the walled city. Once 
inside, be careful of the town watch. Curfew is in effect 
and they will try to apprehend you if you are caught. Be 
clever and use your wits to find your way to Eleanor's 

Chapter 3: When Lions Gather

1183. King Henry calls a Royal Court. The royal family 
assembles as Richard and his three brothers travel to the 
place in Caen, Normandy. 

Situation: When Richard refuses to swear an oath of 
allegiance to the new Steward, Prince Henry, Prince Henry 
accuses Richard of high treason by saying Richard was 
plotting to seize to the throne by inciting loyal barons. 
Richard escapes and sets up his defense at Clairvaux, and 
nearly loses until Geoffrey's forces come and supposedly 
save him. 

Chapter 4: The Scourge of Rebellion

Richard escapes the judgment of Prince Henry's forces with 
the courageous help of his brother Geoffrey. But confronted 
by Geoffrey, Richard accepts that he is now a criminal and 

Situation: Though Geoffrey refuses to arrest Richard, 
Richard's situation is still dangerous. Moving towards 
Mirabeau, both Richard and Geoffrey have to gather loyal 
forces to fight Prince Henry. Geoffrey also hopes to tell 
the King the true story of Richard saving the queen. 

Chapter 4: Continued

Situation: Richard must ride to Mirabeau and other areas 
nearby to gather support. 


Bring Richard to the city of Mirabeau - Mirabeau is due 
South of the castle. There Richard should find his troops 
awaiting his arrival. 

Chapter 5: Reversal of Fortune

1185. Devastated by the loss of his brother and bewildered 
by Geoffrey's mysterious disappearance, Richard falls into 
mourning. The Kingdom may soon face an even greater peril. 

Situation: While King Philip of France accuses Richard of 
killing his own brother, Richard prepares for the French 
invasion of English territories. With the English force led 
by Richard nearly down, King Henry's army arrives to finish 
off the French. Geoffrey had reached the king with the 
story...but King Philip dies soon after. 

Chapter 6: Heart of the Lion

1189. News of King Henry's death shocks the empire. The 
unexpected demise of both Prince Henry and King Henry 
suddenly elevates Richard to the throne. But there is no 
time for grief or celebration. Richard's men hear rumors of 
additional French forces secretly amassing nearby at 

Situation: The humble Richard learns from Geoffrey that he 
is now the king and must accordingly, because King Philip 
died from a French assassin's poison. The attack is 
coming...but Richard is offered a peace proposal. 


Bring Richard and Geoffrey to the Abbey St. Gerard to meet 
with King Philip of France. - Richard and Geoffrey must both 
be brought to the monastery. 

Chapter 7: The French King's Gambit

Confident that the invasion has finally been defeated, 
Richard rides to Chinon. Geoffrey, ever-mindful of the 
deceit and cunning ably employed by England's enemies, has 
yet to be convinced that peace is at hand.  

Situation: The French king made a peace with England, but it 
was in fact a fake one. With the Count of Clairvaux 
inflicting heavy damage on the English armies, secretly 
asked by Richard's brother, Prince John, French forces had 
invaded England and seized Le Mans. They also closed in on 
Paris and took Geoffrey and Eleanor hostage. Richard must 
act quick... 


Defeat the French at Le Mans - The French Army at Le Mans 
has treacherously taken John's side. Defeat them there, and 
raze their castle. 

Optional: Claim the 4 Towns to build an army - Visit each 
town to build up Richard's army there. YOu can build troops 
from the buildings in these towns. 

Chapter 8: Bargain & Betrayal

King Richard, more cautious than ever before, wastes no time 
in reorganizing and rallying his remaining forces for the 
inevitable conflict. 

Situation: A French assassin arrives to King Richard telling 
him that he was the one who killed Prince Henry, King Henry, 
and now, Prince Geoffrey. The assassin fails to kill 
Richard, but Richard is now determined to bring down the 
French Army, led by King Philip. The French Army is three 
times their size but must fall to the defensive, fighting 
the bravery of English troops... 


Enter Rouen - The loyal merchant city of Rouen lies to the 
south awaiting your arrival. It will serve as a base of 
operations as you conduct your campaign against King 

Chapter 8: Epilogue

Situation: With Richard's victory, he became the king of the 
largest empire the English would see for six centuries. 
Unwilling to let King Philip take the reins of the Third 
Crusade, he himself went to the Holy Land, fighting Saladin 
until 1199. His victories proved that he deserved his name. 
His prowess on the battlefield has assured that the name, 
Richard Coeur de Lion, will ring forever unforgotten in the 
annals of mankind. 

Admiral Yi Campaign

Campaign 2: 1590-1597
DRAGON FROM THE SEA: Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the Korean 

The brilliant commander, Yi Sun-sin, has been relegated to a 
lonely northern outpost, defending the Korean frontier 
against raiders. But a neglected military has left Korea 
ripe for invasion, and only commander Yi and a few other 
visionary leaders recognize the peril their Kingdom faces. 
When their fears are realized, Yi Sun-sin is made an Admiral 
and given the daunting task of defending against all but 
impossible odds! 

Chapter 1: Omens

1590 AD, Korea's Northeast Province. The Kingdom of Korea is 
peaceful and prosperous. Yi Sun-sin has recently been posted 
as Garrison Commander in the northeast, where border raids 
are on the increase. 

Situation: Organized Manchu raids have been highly 
successful against Korea, because Seoul has given the 
military little suppport in the north. The Korean weapons 
are old, worn-out, and few. Stop the Manchu invasion. 


Save the Village - Destroy the raiding Manchu horde.

Destroy the Eastern Manchu Camp – Destroy the Three War 
Camps of the Eastern Manchu Raiders to ensure M’yongch’o’s 
safety. The village has stables from which you can raise an 

Optional: Unlock the village gate – Commoners are trapped 
between the village gates and need your help. Select the 
gate and use the unlock feature. 

Optional: Trap the drunken men – These men are dangerous to 
you and anyone else that passes by here. Find a way to trap 
them without harming them. 

Strategy (by me):

Okay, to begin the journey, you’ll want to bring your units 
up to the campfire a screen north from where you are now. 
Get the bomb slinger to the campfire so it can be equipped 
with gunpowder, just right click with the bomb slinger onto 
it and you’ll get it. Move forces to just below the gate, 
and Manchu forces will move in to attack the village. Use 
your bomb slinger to aim bombs on the gunpowder 
(right-clicking) on the gunpowder boxes above the gate, and 
you’ll light it afire after two hits, burning down the gate 
along with it so you can rescue them quicker. Use 
attack-move for better control of your units as you charge 
in. Use the martial art ability for maximum effectiveness 
when you pass the middle of town (where the raiders will be 
close to hitting by the time you get there), and while it 
doesn’t matter much if the bomb slinger dies, it’ll be 
better were it alive. Take out all the Manchu horsemen. Take 
them out, it should be easy, but try not to lose too many 
units, as you have less than a dozen of them. You could 
alleviate pressure off of your real army by bomb slinging 
two of the gunpowder boxes to kill the raiders efficiently. 

Next up, you’ll want to prepare an attack on the Manchu 
camp. Unfortunately, you don’t have gold on you, so you’ll 
need to get a gold mine. Meanwhile, you’ll also get 
resources and stables to train cavalry out of. Now head 
northwest, and the Korean forces will reach two locked 
gates, which become yours. Unlock them, seeing as you can’t 
get through anyway, and you’ll get the commoners freed. Then 
move up, where you’ll have an objective with the crazy 
drunks. Lure them to the gates, then trap them by locking 
the gates around them as your army marches south past those 
two gates again. Lock the first, then the second. Remember 
that you have commoners now, so keep them out of harm’s way, 
and move everyone northward on the mountain path to the left 
up northward. 

After a drunken dude joins you, you’ll finally be able to 
move west. Move west to the gates, where a guard tries to 
block you from the gate. Use martial arts after he unlocks 
it again and then send your forces rushing through the 
gates. He’ll let you through if one guy passes, and give you 
the gate. Remember to stop by to the northern part of Onsong 
(the village name) and you’ll snag two extra citizens. Use 
all five citizens to build a capitol near the gold and mine 
it, while moving your army eastward from that village, then 
head to that village’s central pagoda. You’ll get another 
two citizens. Send both to the gold, and move your army back 
to the first village. Start building rocket cavalry from the 
three stables, as you’ll now prepare for the counterattack 
on the Manchu forces. Head up the left route when you have 
40 pop and use attack-move, plus martial arts. This’ll get 
you past the initial force with the tower. Regroup, then 
attack through the middle and right paths at the middle 
intersection before the camps to take out both, so that the 
war camps later will not be able to escape. Destroy the 
remainder of the center and right paths, because there is a 
good reason for this. Add in as many cavalry as you need to 
replace your population back to at least 38/40, heal a bit, 
and then prepare the assault on the war camps themselves. If 
you had attacked the main camp earlier, there would have 
been trouble with reinforcements from the middle and right 
paths. Save, then attack from the middle up. Attack-move, 
and make sure to hit the units first, then the towers, then 
the war camps, like you’ve been doing. 40 minutes should 
beat this mission. 

Chapter 2: City of Danger

Five days later, in the capital city of Seoul...

Chapter 3: A Dangerous Homecoming

Admiral Yi Sun-sin moves quickly to strengthen the defenses 
of his home province from ruthless pirates on both land and 
sea. Like the raider attacks in the north, these attacks 
seem to occur precisely where Korea's defenses are weakest. 

Situation: Free Cholla Province from Japanese pirates.


Travel to Hadong - At Hadong Admiral Yi will assume his 

Evacuate at least 10 commoners from Sowon to Hadong – At 
least 10 commoners must reach Hadong alive. Sowon is too 
poorly defended to repel the pirate attack. Save as many 
commoners as you can. 

Protect Hadong’s university – Do not let the pirates destroy 
Hadong’s university. Kill every pirate in Hadong. 

Optional: Research Technologies at the University – 
Technologies can be researched within Hadong’s University.  

Ferry across the river to get to Yosu – Bring your entire 
party to the ferry so you can reach Yosu. There is a ferry 
South of Hadong. 

Do Not leave the Guard alone with the Japanese and Do Not 
leave the Japanese along with the Monk. – The ferry can only 
carry two People at a time and cannot move without a driver. 
All of Admiral Yi’s companions are vital. Admiral Yi is the 
only one keeping them from killing each other. The Guard 
wants to kill the Japanese and the Japanese wants to kill 
the Monk. If let alone they will do just that. 

Prepare Yosu’s defenses – Enter Yosu and prepare its 

Save Yosu - Pirates will arrive in Yosu shortly. Save Yosu. 

Optional: Use the Monk's Bad Karma ability - Although 
peaceful, the Monk is prepared to defend Yosu and his 
friends. Use his Bad Karma ability. 

Destroy the Pirate Stronghold - With the new map, you can 
now launch an attack on the Pirate Stronghold itself. The 
Cholla Province abounds in resources and friendly cities, 
but is also infested with pirates. 

Optional: Rehire military in Yosu's barracks - The Yosu 
military has not been paid in months and will not fight 
unless properly paid. Rehire them in Yosu's barracks. You 
can train citizens and fishing junks to gather resources. 

Optional: Capture the Warlord East of Kal-to Island - The 
Magistrate of Kal-to begs you to capture the nearby Warlord. 
He claims he will supply you generously with resources if 
you oblige. 

Optional: Either hand in the Warlord or keep him for 
yourself - Although the Kalt-o Magistrate offered a large 
ransom for the Warlord, the Warlord has offered you his 
services. Either hand him over in to Kal-to or employ him in 
your military. 

Strategy (by me):

Move your army of three westward, where you’ll approach a 
garrison of commoners fighting pirates out. To take out 
these pirates, simply use the commoners to aid in the 
attack. Again, you’ll use attack-move. Defeat all the 
southern pirates, and leave the north alone, instead going 
west through the gate with all your units. Then, lock the 
gate and move your commoners into the transport ASAP at the 
bridge, transferring all you can (hopefully everyone) to 

Next up is a battle in Hadong against pirates. You’ll only 
have a few hwarangs, plus your original three soldiers, so 
hold off at the temple with aid from the university’s ki hap 
and the temple’s zen master ability. Add martial arts and 
you’ll be able to take them on without much trouble. After a 
cut scene with Nongae, you should head south with your three 
men. You’ll soon encounter a monk. Next up is a tricky river 
puzzle. Send the guard and monk first, with the guard coming 
back. Next, bring Yi and the Japanese, with the monk going 
back. Then bring the monk and the guard across the river. 
That way none of them kill each other. Then move your group 
of four further south into Yosu Village. 

Once you reach Yosu village, you must prepare to fend off a 
Japanese pirate attack in the east. Move your monk eastward 
along with your army, and your monk will start converting 
Japanese units. This will help you kill them off faster, 
plus give you some manpower. Build two hwarangs to aid your 
defense. Defeat them and you will then get a map of the 

Now, build as many fishing boats as you can to fish, and 
build a citizen. Once you get more food, make more citizens, 
send 12 on wood, then 12 on gold (grab the island with the 
gold nearby). Use your starting navy to eliminate Japanese 
pirate ships near Yosu, all the way to near the pirate 
stronghold. You'll want to build up your navy before you 
advance on the actual stronghold, however. Once you have 10 
battleships and an army of hwarangs (as well as your initial 
force) filling up to 75 population, it's time to roll. Put 
your army inside those battleships and sail east! 

After you pass by Kal-to, you'll get an objective to storm 
the Warlord stronghold. You'll find it south of the pirate 
base. Do so with battleships hitting the towers and your 
army swarming the fortress to get more ships and more 
troops. Then, send your ships north, killing the demolition 
ships first, then attacking the battleships and the Japanese 
siege weapons, as well as their towers. Use your ships to 
continue slamming the enemy forces near the sea, also 
killing the docks. 

Before you hit the island head-on, use your remaining ships 
to take out all towers and all cavalry/gunners/swordsmen of 
the Japanese that are near the beach. Kill them all, then 
send in your land force. It should make a mincemeat out of 
everything, and your land force will have an easy time 
downing the fortress! Good job! 

Chapter 4: The Coming of the Samurai

The Japanese forces attack with brutal swiftness. They relay 
a message to King Sonjo: Resistance is futile. Lay down your 
arms. Begin immediate preparations to support Japan in its 
planned conquest of China. King Sonjo and his ministers must 
now decide the fate of their nation... 

Situation: The Western party and Eastern party bicker on 
what to do. The West wants to fight on. The East wants to 
surrender. Newly-appointed Prime Minister Yu decides to 
defend fortifications in Korea against Japan. First, Korea 
must hold the Choryong Pass... 


Hold SonSan Castle for as long as you can. - The Japanese 
invasion force is advancing on your castle. You are heavily 
outnumbered and help will not arrive in time to save you. 
The more Japanese troops you kill, the more time Sin Ripa nd 
Won Kyun will have to assemble forces in Choryoung Pass. 

Optional: Raid Japanese camp for citizens. - Killing enemy 
citizens gives you captured citizens to gather gold to build 
more units, or hold onto the gold to help defend the next 

When the gate falls, Sangju Castle will be lost - Most of 
the garrison has always deserted the castle. Use the Fire 
Carts and the innovations available at the Armory that are 
available to defend Sangju to the bitter end. 

Final objective is to retake the two castles.

Strategy (by me):

There isn't much to begin with, except with the bomb 
slingers you should initially attack ground in front of the 
"open" gate. The bombs do major damage to the Japanese and 
none to you, so you should be able to defeat the first 
invasion wave and be ready for the second (losing to it, 
obviously). When the screen switches over to the fire carts, 
upgrade range and fire away. There's no resistance until the 
third wave, but you'd have killed over 200 Japanese by then. 

Once you’ve got control again, head southeast, then east to 
kill some Japanese civilians and you’ll get your own. Grab 
the gold mine and food outside the castle, while your forces 
mow eastward to snatch the shrine to get fire oxen. By now, 
you’ll have money to build more swordsmen. Add those to your 
attacking team and then hit the western castle. You’ll lose 
some army because you are out-ranged, but martial arts will 
make up for the deficiency. Do the same for the other 
castle. Watch out for your heroes’ health bars. When you 
retake both castles, send your forces back to your “home” 
castle and prepare for the counterattack. It should be easy 
to beat if you have added fire carts. Easy. 

Chapter 5: The Dragon Strikes Back

Virtually unopposed at the Choryong Pass, Japanese invaders 
reach Seoul, the Korean capital, in 20 days. Admiral Yi 
refuses to surrender. But he knows the Korean forces are 
outnumbered 10 to 1. 

Situation: The Japanese have continued their advance. A 
major help to the Korean cause would be to stop the Japanese 
navy from bringing in more supplies, but they must construct 
some Turtle ships... 


Transport Kim and the Old Man to Koje island - Take Kim and 
the Old Man to Joje Island using the Korean battleship. Be 
wary of the Japanese! 

Final objective is to destroy the naval forces in the 

Send your ship with Kim and the old man through the Japanese 
ship buildup…you will not get killed. Keep moving, and once 
you land, use your two units to destroy the Japanese pirate 
force and reach the boat builder. 

Chapter 6: Allies and Traitors

King Sonjo flees before the Japanese invasion to the 
northernmost town of Uiju. Only a small river and ancient 
town walls protect him. Desperate for a way to turn the tide 
against the enemy, Prime Minister Yu decides to seek help 
from an unexpected source. 

Situation: Most of Korea is now under Japanese control, 
except for Uiju, the northernmost city. The Koreans must 


Bring the Gray Monk and Minister Yu to Uiju. - The Japanese 
forces at P'Yongyang have extended their camp considerably. 
Watch out for patrols! 

Chapter 7: Korea Divided

1597. Secret negotiations between the Chinese and the 
Japanese drag on for months. Korea's only representative in 
the talks is the Eastern Faction Leader. Prime Minister Yu 
fears the worst for his country... 

Situation: Korea has taken back some territories with Ming 
Chinese help. However, secret negotiations show that Won 
Kyun is a traitor, and a second Japanese invasion 
approaches...but this time, China's soldiers and navy will 
aid Korea. 


Defeat the Japanese fleet. - The Japanese fleet has been 
spotted somewhere North of the Myongyang Straits. 

Chapter 7: Epilogue

Situation: Admiral Yi had gave up his life for Korea. Korea 
had become a respected Asian nation for its brilliant 
victories against Japan. Korea would be colonized by Japan 
in 1905, freed by the US in 1945, and then split between 
North and South to the current day... 

General Patton Campaign

Campaign 3: 1942-1945
BLOOD AND GUTS: Patton's Armored Cavalry

As a graduate of West Point and veteran of World War I, 
George S. Patton had become an accomplished and respected 
military leader. Now a new war has engulfed the world, and 
General Patton is eager to join the fight and do what he was 
born to do. Given a command in North Africa, he must lead 
his green troops against the superb, battle-tested forces of 
Germany. With his keen military mind and superior 
leadership, ol' "Blood and Guts" may get his change to stab 
into the heart of the Third Reich itself! 

Chapter 1: Lighting the Torch

In November 1942, the U.S. and Britain lay plans to assault 
German-occupied North Africa. This will be the staging 
ground for the invasion of Europe. The plan's success rests 
on the shoulders of brave American soldiers and one man 
named General George S. Patton. 

Situation: Patton believes the general hitting Algiers is 
not suited for the job, but he does find out about "unstable 
uranium" Italian scientists are working on. It may fall into 
German hands... 

Chapter 1: Continued

Situation: The Americans must land their forces in Morocco 
and achieve victory within 24 hours. Defeat the Vichy French 
and move on to Casablanca. 


Land on designated beach and take control of Casablanca - 
Land your troops on the designated beach and move them 
inland towards the city. According to Agent Demarco, the 
French have agreed to put down their arms. He reports that 
you shouldn't run into any resistance. 

Take out AA guns in nearby hills -  The French bunkers 
blocking your path are too strong for you to punch through. 
You need to take out the nearby French AA guns so the 
British can send in bombers in to take out the French 

Capture the French Armory, Fortress, and University with 
your Engineer. - Your mission is to take control of the city 
of Casablanca. To do this, there are three key buildings you 
must capture intact. Use your Engineer to capture them. Each 
of the structures has French defenses to impede your 
progress. Simply throwing your men at them may work, but 
there are easier ways of fighting them. Attacking them head 
on is not always the best solution. If all of your 
reinforcements are killed, you will lose. The survival of 
Patton alone is not enough to qualify for victory. 

Strategy (by me):

Bring your two transports to the easternmost battleship. The 
Vichy French will FIRE on your transport. Quickly bring them 
to the left. You will now have control of the battleships, 
so use them to eliminate all French battleships in the 
Atlantic before you land in Morocco. Once you destroy the 
two battleships, land. To the direct east (not even a screen 
away) are French forces up a cliff. Kill a few of them after 
using Charge, then head north a screen until you get air 
support. The RAF's spitfires will make mincemeat out of the 
Vichy French air force. Head south to the cliff, then east. 
You will run into a pillbox. Use Charge, and take it out. 
Then there'll be a cinematic in which the UK fails to take 
out three pillboxes with flamethrowers and A-Air guns. After 
killing the French that rush at you from the left, heal, 
regroup, and then Charge up that hill slightly to the 
northwest just above you to take out the A-Airs. Then, the 
British bombers will come and destroy the defenses to 
Casablanca for you. Now fifteen minutes into the mission, 
you'll need to capture the French Armory, Fortress, and 
University with your Engineer. Do not lose all your 
reinforcements at this point...advance slowly. You'll want 
to blow a trail to the northeast objective, not the one 
closest to you. Though you will not be able to take it until 
more reinforcements come, you can lure them back with Patton 
and a tank to your new reinforcements. After you defeat much 
of that force, hit the northeast region itself and it's 
yours, and you've even cleared an area next to the southern 
objective. Remember to watch out for that cliff where the 
artillery and everything fires on your forces in the 
northeast objective. Remember to capture the French Fortress 
with your engineer. Head just north of the southern 
objective and a Moroccan will inform you of a powerful 
anti-tank gun upon a cliff just north of the northwest 
objective. Don't worry about that yet... 
keep destroying everything AROUND the southern objective 
except for the southern part. Move towards the northwest 
objective now, swinging by to kill a portion southwest of it 
until reinforcements come again. Now you are ready to hit 
the southern objective (with a Charge, of course), so bring 
everything to the EAST of the southern objective. Destroy as 
much as you can, just like you did for the northeast 
objective. You will need more reinforcements, so retreat 
when you need to and bring in those reinforcements. The new 
reinforcements should make it a piece of cake....capture the 
building. Now, look to the east of that awesome anti-tank to 
a trail that's NOT in fog of war. You'll want to take this 
path up, but heal and use those two upgrades first. Head up 
the path, kill the several French and the watch tower on the 
path, but save your Charge. You'll need it later. Do NOT 
advance past the watch tower area until you are fully healed 
and can use Charge at any given time. Use it and kill every 
single pilot you can before they can reach their fighter 
planes. Do not let more than one get up in the air. 
Remember, all your troops can die for this mission...but 
hope that 1 or 2 survive along with Patton. Patton should 
move up to above the airport and keep firing at it until 
reinforcements arrive...bring those to the airport region to 
free Patton. By this time, 45 minutes in the game may have 
passed. In any case, when your reinforcements arrive, ignore 
the airport. Use everything you've got (including Patton) to 
attack the anti-tank and destroy it. Remember to use Charge. 
Afterwards, take out the guard tower, the barracks to the 
north, as well as the airport. Use the remaining troops to 
smash through the western portion of the northwest 
objective, then bring in your 2nd to last reinforcement from 
the southeast. This big force should be able to complete the 
objective. Capture the final building and you've won. 

Chapter 2: Hunting The Desert Fox

With Morocco secured, Patton flies to the Supreme 
Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF). 
There he meets with General Eisenhower, the Allied Supreme 

Situation: The Americans must beat Rommel to reaching the 
Italian scientist in Tunisia, even if it means going behind 
enemy lines. 


Bring Capt. O'Reilly to Col. John Waters - Col. John Waters 
is commander of the U.S. 1st Armored Division, based at 
Sidi-Bou-Zid. Sidi-Bou-Zid is on the north-east side of the 
Kasserine Pass. 

Optional: Get briefed by the British 26th Armoured Brigade - 
The British 26th Armoured Commander can give you the latest 
intel for the region. He can be fonud near the main command 

Chapter 3: Operation Husky

The heroic stand by British and American forces stops the 
German advance at Kasserine Pass. But, at what cost? The 
Allies have suffered appalling losses. Patton must rebuild 
his forces, rally his troops and launch an assault on 
Sicily. Can Allied intelligence be trusted? 

Situation: The Allies must invade Sicily. Patton, the 
blitzkrieg guy, favors quick action to Eisenhower and 
everyone else's careful planning and slow advances. 


Bring Patton to La Galite Island - Bring citizens with you 
to La Galite to gather resources in preparation of the 
planned assault on Sicily. 

Strategy (by theverymadcow):

1. Build a couple of Americans so your gold mine and food 
patch are both have 6 men on them. Put a few on the chickens 
if you want. 
2. Build a couple ambulances and Vickers Machine Gun Teams 
to assist your defenders. 
3. Start building Tanks (around 8 or 10 will be pretty good) 
and Engineers (at least 2, recommended more, if you can 
guard them well 3 or 4 will probably be enough, but I 
recommend 5+). 
4. Build an armory.
5. Build a settlement near the forest just south of your 
base. Put 5-10 men on woodcutting. 
6. With your armory, research Tactical Training (attack) and 
apply it to your tanks. 
7. Group Patton, Your Tanks, and Your Engineers together. I 
will refer to this as your forces for the rest of the 
8. Send them east, past the first line of enemy troops. DO 
NOT FIGHT THE ENEMY TROOPS YET. Get them around the airport 
or so. 
9. Use your engineers to take over a couple of airports. 
Take over at least two, you can kill the rest if you want, 
or take them over also. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE OVER AT LEAST 
10. You can now go back and fight the enemies. Your computer 
defense will do this for you, but it’s best that they don’t 
die and you can easily take them out with your tanks. If you 
did this before you took over/destroyed the airports, the 
bombers from the airports would of bombed you. Now you don’t 
have to worry about it. While you’re here, make sure you 
destroy the enemy barracks and fortress. 
11. There should be a building just past the airports. It is 
a zeppelin factory. It will have a zeppelin hanging over it, 
and I believe it is labeled as a zeppelin factory or 
something like that. Bring an engineer next to it; he will 
enter the building. After a short wait he will announce he 
is done and you will get a zeppelin, which is actually very 
strong (1000 attack, 1800 HP) 
12. Build a fortress and put your ambulances and machine gun 
teams in it. If you have a good amount of food (maybe 1500 
plus) you can put the Americans in too, or put them on 
woodcutting, or have them build a settlement by the gold 
mine near the airports you just captured and start mining on 
13. When you try to approach the next line of defense, 
Patton will say there are lots of artillery behind them and 
you can’t break through, or something like that. The next 
line has lots of AA guns, so you can’t use any planes from 
the airports. Instead, take your zeppelin up north (on the 
water at the very top of the map) and send him over east a 
little so he is north and a little east of the artillery. 
Now send him south and start bombing the artillery. You may 
run into a few rouge infantry, you can bomb them if you 
want, but you don’t have to kill all of them. Remember, you 
have 1800 HP and you recover HP over time. After killing all 
the artillery, send the zeppelin back the way it came. Keep 
it near the airports as occasionally the computer might send 
an infantryman towards them which it can easily kill, and 
you aren’t going to want to put up a serious force their. 
14. Use your forces to now safely kill off all the enemies 
defending the next line. If Patton gets injured, or any of 
the other tanks, you can send him back to get healed by one 
of your engineers, or you can let one of the Allied Defense 
engineers do it. Also, make sure you destroy the fortress 
that will be just west of the north side of their line. It 
should be labeled, and won’t be too hard to kill. 
15. Using your airports, start building B-29’s. You don’t 
need a lot, but the more you use the faster you will win and 
you won’t need much wood or gold after this. 
16. Build a university.
17. Research the speed upgrade at your armory, as well as 
another Patriotism classified project at your University. 
18. Build some tanks and a couple of engineers (build plenty 
of tanks, there is really no reason not too and if your 
force isn’t strong enough you might have to rebuild your 
forces or you even may lose Patton, 5-10 new tanks and 3 
engineers will be more than enough, but since you aren’t 
going to need to build anything for the rest of the game, 
put plenty of resources into this). 
19. Put the speed upgrade on your B-29’s.
20. Begin bombing the city where the docks are. Don’t let 
your planes go near the docks, there are too many AA guns 
there for them to handle. Just stick to bombing the 
scattered Pillboxes and AA guns in the city. Make sure your 
using the regular bombers you captured at the airport AND 
your B-29s. Don’t worry about the AA guns, they aren’t 
concentrated enough in the city to take out your planes 
21. Add your engineers and tanks to your forces.
22. After you have finished bombing a path to the docks so 
there are no enemy forces left between you and the enemy 
defenses concentrated right near the docks bring your 
zeppelin and your forces near the docks. Have your forces 
attack the undefended AA guns first, the have them attack 
the defended ones. You can use Patriotism as needed here. 
Try not to get in a battle with the enemy land troops, 
except the snipers. After clearing the AA guns defending the 
German Defense and the snipers, send your forces back out. 
23. Using your zeppelin, bomb the German Defense Tanks and 
Pillboxes. Don’t worry about the AA guns out of your way; 
you don’t need to kill them to win. After killing all the 
German Defense stuff near the docks, you will win. Now you 
just need to watch a couple of cutscenes. 

Chapter 4: The Messina Gauntlet

Montgomery's British forces push north along the east coast 
of Sicily cutting through staunch German resistance. The 
objective: Messina. US troops are ordered to provide 
support. But, Patton has other plans. 

Situation: In this trench warfare-type mission, the Allies 
must take out four German defensive lines to take Messina in 
24 hours to catch the Great Inquisitor. 


Secure Messina's Docks - We have 24 hours to reach Messina 
and secure the docks before the Great Inquisitor escapes. 
Eliminate the German Guard resistance near the docks to 
secure Messina. 

Chapter 4: Continued

Situation: Captain O'Reilly's team is paratrooped in a 
farming area outside Rome, but when they secretly enter 
Rome, Demarco traps them without Patton knowing...who thinks 
O'Reilly joined the Germans. Eisenhower relieves Patton of 
comamnd, who is furious at Eisenhower's slow moves. 

Chapter 5: The Longest Day

June 6th, 1944. D-Day. The Allies prepare to assault 
Hitler's Fortress Europe. The invasion plan assumes 10,000 
casualties on the beaches of Normandy... 

Situation: Patton wants to help in D-Day, but Eisenhower 
refuses to let him. Nethertheless, he'll be in a part of 
D-Day, which will be a slaughterfest if the Allies don't 
time the invasion effectively... 


Capture 2 of 3 German HQs - The German HQ's directing the 
beach defenses need to be captured (by damaging them enough 
or using an Engineer) to push the Germans out of the area. 
Once you capture an HQ you must be prepared to fight off 
counterattacks in that area until you can secure two 

** Your GI's have the "Charge" ability. Make sure to use it 
when storming the beach! 

** Only a limited number of battleships are available at one 

** A limited number of Rangers can be purchased at a time as 
they are a specialized soldier than can scale cliffs and 
call in artillery strikes! Be forewarned, they do not have 
stealth ability during the invasion!! ** 

** Each beach has an easier way to capture it. Some baches 
will require a different set of units to take! 

Do not run out of troops - If you lose too many men during 
the invasion, it will be considered a failure and the 
landings will be ceased. 

Chapter 6: Murder in a Time of War

The Allies secure a precarious foothold in France. Within 
days, Allied intelligence delivers an urgent message to 
Patton. A deadly plan is about to be unleashed. Who, or 
what, is the target? 

Situation: Eisenhower asks Patton to command the U.S. 3rd 
Army, to take risks and turn the war around for the Allies 
after the Allies were stalled down in Normandy for a month. 
The French Resistance informs Patton of an assassination 
attempt on an Allied leader, and that a "reliable agent" 
named Demarco has told the Resistance to strike against the 
conspirators first. Instead, the French resistance kills 
conspirators that were planning to assassinate Hitler, 
thanks to Demarco. 

Chapter 7: Final Verdict

The Allies repulse numerous German counter-attacks. Normandy 
remains firmly under Allied control. The Operation succeeds 
under the command of General Patton. Advance troops of the 
American and British armies suddenly find themselves trapped 
along the coast, exposed to enemy artillery night and day. 

The Allies are suffering terrible losses...

Situation: The Americans must break out of the Normandy 
pocket deep into France... 


The breakout will begin when Patton boards his tank. - 
Patton can inspect the allied troops and the battlefield 
before the invasion commences. The breakout starts when 
Patton boards his tank. To board, bring Patton to his tank 
and select the tank. 

Chapter 7: Epilogue

Germany surrendered to the Allies on May 8th, 1945. Although 
Japan held out for four more months, General Patton did not 
transfer to the Pacific theater, despite requesting the 
assignment from Eisenhower. He died in December 21 of the 
same year from a car accident, and said, "This is a helluva 
way to die." Under his command, the world respected the 
ability of the American soldier. This legacy would never be 

Contacts, Copyrights, Credits

Credits go to:

- GameFaqs for hosting this guide

- theverymadcow for a strategy for the 3rd mission of the 
Patton Campaign 

- Readers, for reading this guide!

Guide Created By: YoyoYoshi


Advance Wars Revolution ( http://www.awrev.com )
Yoyo Revolution ( http://www.yoyorevolution.com )

Copyrighted 2004-2006, YoyoYoshi. All rights reserved. No 
part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in 
any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, 
photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written 
permission of YoyoYoshi. Should you do anything of the kind, 
you will be sued, and you will lose. Good day. 


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