Empire Earth II (walkthrough)

Empire Earth II


Table of Contents

 1. Legal Junk/ Version History

 2. Foreword

 3. Units
    1. General
       1. Construction
       2. Orders
       3. Grouping
       4. Stance
       5. Formation
       6. Garrisoning Units
       7. Moral and Fevor
    2. Land
       1. Light Infantry
       2. Heavy Infantry
       3. Light Artillery
       4. Heavy Artillery
       5. Light Mounted
       6. Heavy Mounted
       7. Light Tank
       8. Heavy Tank
       9. Citizen
      10. Priest
      11. Medic
      12. Scout
      13. Spy
      14. HERC
      15. Engineer
      16. Ram
      17. Siege Tower
      18. Trade Cart
      19. Mobile Anti-Aircraft
    3. Naval
       1. Galley
       2. Galleon
       3. Fighting Sail
       4. Submarine
       5. Frigate
       6. Destroyer
       7. Battleship
       8. Aircraft Carrier
       9. Merchant Ship
      10. Fishing Ship
      11. Cargo Ship
    4. Air
       1. Fighter
       2. Bomber
       3. Tactical Bomber
       4. Nuclear Bomber
       5. Paratrooper Plane
       6. Helicoptors
       7. Observation Balloon
       8. Satellite

    1. Civilian
       1. Bridge
       2. City Center
       3. University
       4. Farm
       5. House
       6. Market
       7. Road
       8. Warehouse
       9. Temple
    2. Military
       1. Anti-Aircraft
       2. Coastal Defense
       3. Hangar
       4. Airport
       5. Barracks
       6. Fortress
       7. Dock
       8. Stable/ Manufacturing Plant
       9. Outpost
      10. Wall
      11. Palisade
      12. Workshop
      13. Missile Silo
      14. HERC Manufacturing Facility

 5. Resourses and Technology
    1. Epochs
    2. Tech Points, Researching Technology, and Moving Up
    3. Gathering and Using Reasourses

 6. Getting Started
    1. The Map
    2. Geography and Weather
    3. Your Screen
    4. Controls/ Hotkeys

 7. Art of Supremacy Expansion
    1. Native Tribes
    2. Heros

 8. What to do first
 9. Cheats
10. Word of Thanks/ Closing

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1. Legal Junk

This  FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advanced written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide
are owned by the trademark and copyright holders.If you would like to display
this guide on your site, please contact me at the email listed in the Word of
Thanks/ Closing section of this guide.

Copyright 2007 Michael Williams

Sites allowed to host this FAQ:

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Sources for this FAQ were the In-game Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and Gameplay.


  1 (Date Unknown) First installment of the FAQ
1.1 (Date Unknown) Updated hosting sites; Added sections Eight and Nine
1.2 (02/04/06) Updated Section Six with more on the GUI; Fixed Typos
1.3 (07/26/07) Updated Houses blurb; Added section on the Expansion Pack; Added
    3.1.7 Moral and Fevor

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2. Foreword

This FAQ is here to help you beat a single player skirmish game without using
cheat codes. The cheats on this FAQ are NOT be in effect during ANY part of 
this FAQ in which I discuss strategy. 

To jump to a section, hold the control key and press'F'. In the window that
pops up, type the section number. For example, to skip to the HELICOPTERS
section, hold control, 'F' and type in 3.4.6 This means Units (3), Air (4),
Helicopters (6). 

This FAQ lacks a walktrough of the campaign because I'm not skilled at having a
computer dictate to me what to do. If there is anyone out there that has
finished 20% of any campaign, send me a guide to include with the rest of this
FAQ and I will give you full credit. Also if you know any gameplay hints or
something I missed send me an e-mail at the adress at the bottom. And now to
the important stuff.

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3. Units

   3.1 General

       3.1.1 Construction
Building a unit is rather quite simple. First decide what you need to build.
Then go to the building where it is created and click on it. A grid-like
section should show up. The colorful squares are units you can build. Click on
the unit you want or press the hotkey (Section 6.4). A bar will appear on the 
bottom of its tab. This is a timer. When full, the unit will be ready to 
deploy. Only one unit can be built at a time in that building, so if you want 
five, click the button five times and wait 'till the bar fills five times. 
Each time a unit is created, it takes away from your resourses (Section 5.4)

       3.1.2 Orders

After a unit has been constructed, you must order them to do something. Most
units are designed to fight but there are units that preform other duties.
For your military units you can tell them to patrol an area by clicking on the
tab and drawing out a path for them with the flags and when you are done right
click. Or you can send them out to patrol by clicking the BINOCULARS tab. In
order to see the entire map as it is at that exact moment, you must have 
overlapping fields of vision all around the map. Or you can see the past if
your units have been to a place but are not their any more. This is called fog
of war and it means that you can't just know what is going on. Anyway, you can
also assign fighting units to move to a position and attack everything on the
way. They can also guard a building or unit by right clicking it with the army
unit selected. The Search and Destroy task sends your unit out to find the
enemy unit of your choice. After they kill that one, they will track down other
units on their own. Finally you can instruct a unit to move to a certain 

       3.1.3 Grouping

Moving single units can be a pain. You really need many units working together
to be effective. In order to do this you have to group them. You can either
drag a box around the units to select more than one TYPE of unit (i.e. machine
gunner and tank) or double click on one of the types of unit that you want.
Double clicking selects all of the clicked on units on the screen. If there is
a group of units or a single unit that you want on hand at all times, select
them/it and press CONTROL + 0-9 (Select one). This puts it on the same number
tab at the top of the screen. To acess the unit(s) later, click the tab. You
can do this with any unit including non-military ones. (Note: All units can
attack and be groups although sending citizens on a raid makes no sense).

       3.1.4 Stance

A unit's stance refers to how a military unit interacts with the enemy. There
are 5 types of stances. They are Cautious, Defend, Hold Position, Aggressive,
and Hold Fire.

Cautious- Flee at first sight of danger. Goal is to stay alive.
Defend- Units will stay in one location and attack all enemys within their LOS
   but will not pursue hostiles.
Hold Position- Only attacks enemys that come right at them. Will not move. Good
   for defending a building.
Aggressive- Unit will attack everything in LOS and will pursue. After battle,
   will stay where battle ended until another order is given.
Hold Fire-Unit will do nothing until you change the command.

       3.1.5 Formation

The way units move. Depends on type of unit. Not really important but units
moving in a mass and not spread out are a target for weapons with splash

       3.1.6 Garrisoning

A garrisoned unit allows a structer to become more productive. Simply select a
unit then right click the building you want it in. To ungarrison any unit,
select the button with the red arrow from the buildign's window. A list of the
units will appear and you can click on the ones you want avalible.

       3.1.7 Moral and Fevor

When you units are in a territiory you control, they recieve bonuses to their
attack points and recieve less damage. This is attributed to the Moral and Fevor
of the units. Having a City Center in the territory provides a small bonus and
each house provides more and more. The higher the Moral and Fevor of units, the
more of a bonus they get. But remember, the enemy is recieving the same bonuses
when you attack on their home ground.
   3.2 Land Units

       3.2.1 Light Infantry

Light Infantry are designed to engage the enemy from farther away and
therefore, have less armor. These units can also convert buildings. They all
require FOOD and WOOD, as well as a changing resourse. Epoch 1-6=TIN Epoch 7-12
=SALTPETER Epoch 13-15=OIL. These units are, BOW MAN, COMPOSITE BOW MAN,
BOMBLET MORTAR. L. Infantry have a bonus against Heavy Infantry and Heavy

       3.2.2 Heavy Infantry

These are the regular troops that in the real world, account for the major mass
of any army. Can also convert buildings. There are two groups of H. Infantry.
Group 1 costs FOOD and GOLD, as well as Epoch 1-4=TIN Epoch 5-6=IRON Epoch
7-12=SALTPETER Epoch 13-15=OIL. The units in group 1 have a bonus against
Light Mounted and Light Artillery and are MACEMAN, SWORDSMAN, MAN AT ARMS,
and MINI GUNNER. These cost WOOD and GOLD as well as Epoch 2-4=TIN Epoch
5-7=IRON Epoch 8-10=SALTPETER Epoch 11-15=OIL. H. Infantry Group 2 receive
bonuses against Light Mounted and Light Artillery.

       3.2.3 Light Artillery

Basically, this is a unit that hurls a projectile in the air twords its target.
They cost FOOD and GOLD as well as Epoch 1-4=TIN Epoch 5-6=IRON
Epoch 7-10=SALTPETER Epoch 11-14=OIL Epoch 15=URANIUM. They are STONE THROWER,
LAUNCHER, and FUSION CASTER. L. Artillery receive bonuses against Heavy Mounted
and Light Infantry.

       3.2.4 Heavy Artillery

Same as L. Artillery but bigger. Each unit costs WOOD and GOLD as well as
Epoch 2-3=TIN Epoch 4-7=IRON Epoch 8-9=SALTPETER Epoch 10-13=OIL 
Epoch 13-15=URANIUM H. Artillery are good against Heavy Infantry and Light

       3.2.5 LIGHT MOUNTED

Light Infantry on horses. For ranged targets. Cost WOOD and GOLD as well as
Epoch 2-3=TIN Epoch 4-9=IRON Epoch 10-15(Are there still horses?)=SALTPETER.
Bonus against L. Infantry and H. Mounted. Units are MOUNTED SLINGER, MOUNTED
       3.2.6 HEAVY MOUNTED

Heavy Infantry on horses. Close range. Cost FOOD and GOLD as well as
Epoch 2-5=TIN Epoch 6-9=IRON Epoch 10-15(Are there still horses?)=SALTPETER.
Bonus against L. Infantry and Heavy Artillery. Units are MOUNTED INFANTRY,

       3.2.7 LIGHT TANK

Everybody knows what a tank is. Light Tanks cost WOOD and GOLD as well as
Epoch 11-14=OIL Epoch 15=URANIUM. Bonus against L. Artillery and Heavy Mounted.

       3.2.8 HEAVY TANK

Bigger and better than light tanks. Slower too. Cost FOOD and GOLD as well as
Epoch 11-12=OIL Epoch 13-15=URANIUM. Bonus against Light Infantry and Heavy

       3.2.9 CITIZEN

The back bone of you society. They harvest reasourses (Section 5.3), Can be
garrisoned (Section 3.1.6), and build/repair buildings. Cost FOOD.

       3.2.10 PRIEST

Priests are used to convert enemy units and buildings. Cost FOOD and GOLD.

       3.2.11 Medic

Can heal all damaged units but HERCs (Section 3.2.14). Cost FOOD and GOLD.

       3.2.12 SCOUT

A fast unit with a long line of sight. Good for exploring the map. Cost FOOD.

       3.2.13 SPY

A unit that can only be seen by other spys and outposts. Can steal technology 
and sabotage buildings. Costs FOOD and GOLD.

       3.2.14 HERC

There are four types of HERCs. Repair, Light, Heavy, and Electronic Warefare.
   Repair- Used to repair other HERCS. Cost FOOD, GOLD, and URANIUM. The HERA
       repair HERC comes in Epoch 14.
   Light- Small attack HEREC. Costs FOOD, GOLD, And URANIUM. The ARTEMIS light
       HERC comes in Epoch 14.
   Heavy- More firepower than the Light HERC but slower. Costs FOOD, GOLD, and
       URANIUM. The Minotaur HERC comes in Epoch 14.
   Electronic Warefare- This is an anti-aircraft HERC and is invisible to the
       enemy (I think). They cost FOOD, GOLD, and URANIUM

       3.2.15 ENGINEER

Are only avalible in the Campaign. Don't cost anything. Used to build special

       3.2.16 RAM
Used to ram down walls or other buildings. Not usefull for buildings that
fight back because they must touch the building to work. Costs WOOD, GOLD,
and TIN. Units are LIGHT RAM and HEAVY RAM

       3.2.17 SIEGE TOWER

Most usefull to transport units over walls and other defences that would
otherwise have to be knocked down. To use, garrison (3.1.6) units inside and
move up to a wall then click to unload on the otherside. Costs WOOD, GOLD, and
       3.2.18 TRADE CART

Very usefull to make gold if none is avalible. Build a market to use as the
home and then another somewhere else to be be destination. Each time the cart
reaches one of these buildingsa, GOLD is made and added to your toatal. Costs


A mobile unit designed to destroy air units. Costs FOOD, GOLD, and OIL. Bonus
against all aircraft.

   3.3 Naval Units

       3.3.1 Galley

Small ship with average attack strength from a forward mounted gun. The Galley
can carry a small number of units onboard. Costs WOOD as well as Epoch 1-4=TIN,
Epoch 5+=IRON. Units are GALLEY, TIRREME, and DECAREME.

       3.3.2 Galleon

A larger version of the Galley but with no unit storage. Fires full broadside.
(Ship turns and many cannons fire from the side rather than one from the front)
Costs FOOD and GOLD as well as Epoch 6-9=IRON, Epoch 10+=SALTPETER. Bonus
against Fighting Sail. Units are GALLEASS, CARRAK, and GALLEON.

       3.3.3 Fighting Sail

Fighting Sail are early types of battle ships that are designed to fight as the
head of a sea battle. They cost WOOD and GOLD as well as Epoch 6-9=IRON, Epoch
10+=SALTPETER. Receive bonus against Frigate. Units are CAEAVEL, SHIP OF THE

       3.3.4 Submarine

Naval units that can attack from underwater as well as on the surface. Cost
WOOD, GOLD, and OIL. Bonus against Battelships. Units are SUBMARINE and ATTACK

       3.3.5 Frigate

Small ship most usefull for escort duty. Does moderate damage. Cost WOOD and
GOLD as well as Epoch 6-9=IRON Epoch 10+=SALTPETER. Bonus against Galleon.

       3.3.6 Destroyer

A ship that can attack land, sea, and air targets. This unit can & will attack
everything (If you tell it to). Costs WOOD and GOLD as well as Epoch 11-14=OIL
Epoch 15=URANIUM. Bonus against Submarines. Units are DESTROYER, SENSOR

       3.3.7 Battleship

The big mother of all ships, but you're gonna have to pay alot. Costs WOOD and
GOLD as well as Epoch 11-14=OIL Epoch 15=URANIUM, Bonus aginst Destroyers.

       3.3.8 Aircraft Carrier

A special ship that can garrison aircraft and transport them across the sea.
But the only way that the ship acually attacks is anti-aricraft. Costs WOOD and
GOLD as well as Epoch 11-13=OIL Epoch 14+=URANIUM. Units are AIRCRAFT CARRIER

       3.3.9 Merchant Ship

A Trading Cart (3.2.18) on water. Costs WOOD and GOLD. Units are TRADING GALLEY

       3.3.10 Fishing Ship

Ship that fishes and then returns to the dock where you get food added to your
resources. Costs WOOD and GOLD. Units are FISHING GALLEY, WHALING SHIP,

       3.3.11 Cargo Ship

Used to move land units across water. Costs WOOD. Units are CARGO SHIP and

   3.4 Air Units

       3.4.1 Fighter

Designed to take out all enemy airborn craft. Costs WOOD and GOLD as well as
Epoch 11-12=OIL Epoch 13+=URANIUM. Bonus against Bombers and Tactical Bombers.

       3.4.2 Bomber

Airplane used to attack ground units and buildings. Costs sames as Fighter

       3.4.3 Tactical Bomber

Does 1/2 the damage of the regular bomber but is faster. Costs WOOD and GOLD as
well as Epoch 11-13=OIL Epoch 14+=URANIUM. Units are TRI-PLANE, DIVE BOMBER,

       3.4.4 Nuclear Bomber

Does 12 times the damage of the regular bomber (24 times the tactical) but can
only deliver one bomb. Costs WOOD and GOLD as well as Epoch 12-13=OIL Epoch

       3.4.5 Paratrooper Plane

A plane that comes with 15 troops already inside it. Simply designate a drop
point and the plane will fly in and drop the units and then disapear. Costs

       3.4.6 Helicopters

There are 3 types of heilcoptors: Missile, Gun, and Transport.
   Missile- Has many rockets for Air to Ground attack. Costs WOOD, GOLD, and 
       OIL. Bonus against Light Artillery and Heavy Mounted. Units are MISSILE
   Gun- Fires radioactive shells at ground targets to destroy them. Costs WOOD,
       GOLD, and URANIUM. Bonus against Light Infantry and Heavy Artillery.
   Transport- Used to transport land units. Costs FOOD, GOLD, and OIL. Units

       3.4.7 Observation Ballon

Used as a sort of Scout (3.2.12) in the air. Can only be seen by outposts and
only attacked by fighters. Cost FOOD, GOLD, and OIL. Units are OBSERVATION

       3.4.8 Satellite

A high-tech Observation Balloon (3.4.7). Cost WOOD, GOLD, and URANIUM. Units

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

4. Buildings

   4.1 Civilian Buildings

       4.1.1 Bridge

Used to cross rivers. Cost STONE and GOLD.

       4.1.2 City Center

The heart of your cities. Can make Citizens (3.2.9) and Scouts (3.2.13).
Cost STONE and WOOD. Only 1 per territory.

       4.1.3 University

Garrison three citizens in these and you get Technology Points. Cost STONE and
WOOD. Only 1 per territory.

       4.1.4 Farm

Give an unlimited supply of food. Cost WOOD.

       4.1.5 House

Raise your population limit, give reasourse bonuses and build moral and fevor
(3.1.7) Cost STONE and WOOD. Only 6 per territory.

       4.1.6 Market

Used to buy and sell resources Every time a trade is made, you recieve gold.
Can make Trade Carts (3.2.18). Cost WOOD and GOLD. Only 1 per territory.

       4.1.7 Road

Make all units travel faster when they walk on it. Cost STONE.

       4.1.8 Warehouse

A place to store resources. Cost WOOD.

       4.1.9 Temple

Garrison two priests here to get technology points. Can make priests (3.2.10).
Costs STONE. Only 1 per territory.

   4.2 Military Buildings

       4.2.1 Air Defence

A big gun that only attacks Air Units. Costs STONE and GOLD. Only 7 per

       4.2.2 Coastal Defence

A big gun that only attacks Naval Units. Costs STONE and GOLD. Only 7 per

       4.2.3 Hangar

Produces and repairs rotary wing aircraft (helicoptors). Can make Missile 
Helicoptors, Gun Helicoptors, and Transport Helicoptors (all 3.4.6).
Costs STONE and GOLD.

       4.2.4 Airport

Makes and fixes all fixed wing aircraft (airplanes). Can make Fighters (3.4.1),
Bombers (3.4.2), Tactical Bombers (3.4.3), Nuclear Bombers (3.4.4), and
Paratrooper Planes (3.4.5). Costs STONE and GOLD

       4.2.5 Barraks

Produces all land Infantry units. Can make Light (3.2.1) and Heavy (3.2.2)
Infantry. Costs WOOD

       4.2.6 Fortress

Building where you can garrison any land unit. This heals the units and gives
the Fortress more attack strength. Costs WOOD and STONE. Only 2 per territory.

       4.2.7 Dock

Place for ships and boats. Can make Galley (3.3.1), Galleon (3.3.2), Fighting 
Sail (3.3.3), Submarines (3.3.4), Frigates (3.3.5), Destroyers (3.3.6),
Battleships (3.3.7), Aircraft Carriers (3.3.8), Merchant Ships (3.3.9),
Fishing Ships (3.3.10), and Cargo Ships (3.3.11).

       4.2.8 Stable/ Manufacturing Plant

At Epoch 11 this building changes its name from Stable to Manufacturing Plant
and begins to make Tanks. From Epoch 2-10 it can make Light (3.1.5) and Heavy
(3.1.6) Mounted. Then in Epoch 11, it makes Light (3.1.7) and Heavy (3.1.8)

       4.2.9 Outpost

A building that can attack land and naval units but is far more effective when
fighting land. It can also forcast the weather if you have a certain number of
them on the map. You need 4 for Epochs 1-5, 6 for Epochs 6-10, and 8 for Epochs
11-15. Only 7 per territory.

       4.2.10 Wall

There are three types of wall sections: Regular, Gate, and Wall Tower. All cost
   Regular- Standard wall, keeps out invaders until they knock it down.
   Gate- Allows your units to pass in and out of the wall when UNLOCKED. When
       LOCKED, no units can enter/ exit. Click on section of regular wall to 
   Wall Tower- Shoots back at all units in its Line of Sight. Click on a raised
       section of wall to make.

       4.2.11 Palisade

A weaker type of wall (4.2.10) with no wall towers. Costs WOOD.

       4.2.12 Workshop

Makes the biggest of land units. Can make Light (3.2.3) and Heavy (3.2.4)
Artillery. Costs STONE.

       4.2.13 Missile Silo

Makes ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) that are expensive but pack
a giagantic punch. Costs STONE and OIL.

       4.2.14 HERC Manufacturing Facility

Very advanced building. Can make HERCs (3.2.14). Costs STONE.

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

5. Resources and Technology

   5.1 Epochs

Empire Earth II is broken into 15 unique ages or epochs. These epochs go from
very primitave to cuting edge. Each one brings upgrades and more advanced
weapons to destroy your enemys. The epochs are listed below along with the time
span they represent.

Epoch #     Name          Time Period (Approx)
  1         Stone         10,000 BC - 5,000 BC
  2         Copper        5,000 BC  - 2,500 BC
  3         Bronze        2,500 BC  - 1,000 BC
  4         Iron          1,000 BC  - 400 AD
  5         Dark          400 AD    - 800 AD
  6         Middle        800 AD    - 1,300 AD
  7         Rennaissance  1,300 AD  - 1,500 AD
  8         Imperial      1,500 AD  - 1,650 AD
  9         Enlightenment 1,650 AD  - 1,800 AD
 10         Industrial    1,800 AD  - 1,900 AD
 11         Modern        1,900 AD  - 1,940 AD
 12         Atomic        1,940 AD  - 1,980 AD
 13         Digital       1,980 AD  - 2,030 AD
 14         Genetic       2,030 AD  - 2,130 AD
 15         Syenthetic    2,130 AD  - 2,230 AD

   5.2 Tech Points, Researching Technology, and Moving Up

These are generated at Universities (4.1.3) and Temples (4.1.9). You can also
get them by trading with an ally who is at a higer epoch than you. When you
have enough of them, you can research diffrent epoch unique technologies. You
need more points per technology each epoch. After any 6 technologies have been
researched, you can advance to the next epoch by clicking on the epoch symbol
at the top of the screen.

   5.3 Gathering and Using Reasourses

To gather resources, simply select between 1 and 6 citizens (only 1 for Farms)
and right click on a mineral deposit or tree. OIL and URANIUM both require
special buildings to be built and garrisoned on top of them.

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

6. Getting Started

   6.1 The Map

The map is the field you fight over in order to win whatever game you are
playing. You can customize it on the main Skirmish options menu. The really
important things thought are elevation/ terrain, rivers, and forestation. This
is because the terrain decides if land units (3.2) can cross a section of map.
All mountains and cliffs are impassible to land units. Rivers are too shallow
for all ships and require bridges to be crossed by land units. And most land
units are too big to move through forest and even if they can, it impairs their
Line Of Sight.

   6.2 Weather

Yes, there is weather that affects your strategy in Empire Earth II. Bad storms
in all three of the climates (Temperate, Arid, and Tropical) severly hamper
unit movement and sight and lightning can damage airborn units. But bad storms
don't occur all year round. Seasons come and go and bring diffrent types of
weather. To perdict weather, you must have a certain number of Outposts (4.2.9)
on the map. Weather can also be turned off on the main options page when you
start a game.

   6.3 Your Screen

To describe the main gameplay screen for you, I will divide it up into 3
sections. The Left Screen, Mid-Screen, and Right Screen. On the Left Screen
there are 3 main features to take advantage of. On the very top is the unit
control group bar. This is used to mark units you will be returning to control
often. It is sorta like the favorites list you use for websites. To add a unit
or group of units to it, select the units and left-click on the box you want
them under. Then you can quickly return to them if they are being attacked.
Directly below that is the mini map and the common task buttons. The most
important are FLARE and IDLE CITIZEN. FLARE calls all of the units not hostile
twords you to the spot of the flare, and idle citizen selects any citizen who
isn't doing anything. Then to the right of the mini-map there are a couple of
buttons that are your crown points, the citizen manager, war plans, diplomacy,
and tech tree. These all help you manage your civilization and cordinate with
your allies to attack. In the center of these is your region power.
  In the Mid-Screen section You have the main selection screen. Here the
controls for buildings or units that are selected will show up. This is where
most of your command outside asside war is done. On the top of the screen you
have the epoch button which you click to advance epochs when you have enough
tech points.
  On the Right Screen you have the resource bar which tells you how many of
each resource you curently have. Also, if you choose to enable it, the PIP
window will show up next to the reasourse bar. It allows you to keep an eye
on other units or parts of the map while you work somewhere else. Then you have
the game options and pause buttons on the top. Yes that was alot but depending
on the way you play, you may never need some of these buttons.

   6.4 Controls/ Hotkeys

These are the controls you will use to quickly do tasks. They are organized
into sections for convience.

View Controls

Zoom In/Out     Scroll Wheel
Rotate View     CTRL + L./R. Arrow Key
Scroll View     Arrow Keys or Mouse
Quick Scroll    SHIFT + Arrow Keys

Building Hotkeys

City Center     C
Barracks        B
Outpost         O
Palsides        P
Wall            W
Farm            J
University      U
Market          E
Warehouse       V
Temple          T
Road            R
Bridge          CTRL + R
Fortress        F
Airport         A
Hangar          CTRL + A
Dock            D
Factory         M
HERC Manu...    CTRL + S

Targeting and Grouping

Form a control group     CTRL + (0-9)
Find Idle Citizen        COMMA
Find Idle Military       PERIOD
Citizen Manager          TAB
Garrison Unit            G
Ungarrison Unit          U

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

7. Art of Supremacy Expansion Pack

There are many things new in the first expansion pack to Empire Earth II. Here
I have highlighted some of the changes that I think most change the game.

   1. Native Tribes
The addition of Native Tribes can give you another advantage over your enemies.
Each tribe brings with it an advantage such as faster building or building
resistance. While one can never know which bonus a tribe will bring, it is
always worth trying to take a tribe under your control.

To get a native tribe to help out, one must first place a Hero or Leader unit
within the tribes native territory. Once this is done, the tribe will be
unlocked in the treaty screen. Simply offer a decent ammount of reasourses
(between 200 and 800 for each) and the tribe will either agree or counter your

Once the tribe agrees to alliance with you, their land will become yours.
However, you can't destroy their buildings or units and building on the land has
the same limitations as normal. This makes the territiory most useful as a
warning territory or buffer against attacks as the natives will help you fight
off attackers.

   2. Heros

In the heat of battle, some units stand out from the rest. These units that do
well will be upgraded to Hero status. The unit will become much larger on the
screen and recieve a small bonus to its stats. The best bonus that heros get is
the ability to "Command" an army. Each hero gets an option to form an army by
selecting all the units wanted in the army and then click the form army button.
This will give a small bonus to all units in the army and a larger one to all
the units that are the same as the hero unit.

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

8. What to Do First

This section is a basic list of things that need to be accomplished FAST in
order to be sucessful. (NOTE: These strategies worked for me and the way I play
and I don't gurantee any results.)

Gather all nearby resources- You will need them to lead a sucessful war effort.
Defend yourself- Place walls or palisides on the borders you share with enemys
   Also beef up your in territory defences with outposts and Anti Air. If the
   enemy catches you unprotected, it will be hard to build such defecnces
   during an attack.
Explore everything- Know as much of the surrounding land as possible, maybe you
   don't need that wall because the cliff will stop the other armies.
Create more citizens- just harvesting resourses should use up all your orginal
   citizens and you WILL need more.
Build basic military buildings/troops- Have troops patrol the borders or
   explore while you fortify.

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

9. Cheats

For those of you that must have them, they are listed in group according to
what they do. They aren't case sensitive


   Loot                    Adds 10,000 of each resource
   Give tech               Adds 50 tech points
   Taxes                   Subtract 100 of each resource


   Convert                 Converts selected unit
   Play God                Your units and buildings take no damage
   Punish                  Selected unit takes 20 damage
   Recharge Me             Recharges special power meter
   Sea Monkeys             Instant Building

Map/ Game

   Idontcheat              Disable Cheats
   Icheat                  Enable Cheats
   Toggle Fog              Fog of War On/ Off

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

10. Word of Thanks/ Closing

So far, the only thanks I have are to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia,
and the Empire Earth in game encyclopedia. The cheats section came off of
GameFAQs and were posted orginally by those listed below. Also to all the sites
that host this guide. By combining these sources and fixing some things that I
have found from experience, I have gotten all of this information into a
readable form.  If you think anything you saw here was wrong come up with proof
and contact me via email at mikepilot12@gmail.com.

Cheats Section: vteckickedinyo, Miroku_of_Nite1, and Dr4c0

Assorted Tips and Fixes: DIGITAL_CHILD


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