Elder Scrolls 4 – Shivering Isles (šifre)

Elder Scrolls 4 - Shivering Isles

Submitted by: boneK

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. 
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function. 

Note: Original codes from the "Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion" may also be used. 

Spawn indicated item player.additem [item code] [amount]  

Item codes:
Use the following entries with the player.additem code.

Item                       Code 
Amber                    - 00016568 
Amber Arrows Matrix      - 00016CF1  
Amber Boots Matrix       - 00016561  
Amber Bow Matrix         - 00016CF2  
Amber Cuirass Matrix     - 00016562  
Amber Gauntlets Matrix   - 00016560  
Amber Greaves Matrix     - 0001657F  
Amber Hammer Matrix      - 00016CF3  
Amber Helmet Matrix      - 0001657E  
Amber Mace Matrix        - 0001F3E8  
Amber Shield Matrix      - 0001657D  
Amber Sword Matrix       - 00016CF4  
Blind Watcher's Eye      - 0004340E  
Dagger of Friendship     - 00081E65  
Deformed Swamp Tentacle  - 00043410  
Diadem of Euphoria       - 0007B6B1  
Din's Ashes              - 00081E61  
Hound's Tooth Key        - 00081E63  
Madness Arrows Matrix    - 0001F3D5  
Madness Axe Matrix       - 0001F3EE  
Madness Boots Matrix     - 0001F3D6  
Madness Bow Matrix       - 0001F3D4  
Madness Claymore Matrix  - 0001F3D3  
Madness Cuirass Matrix   - 0001F3D3  
Madness Gauntlets Matrix - 0001F3D2  
Madness Greaves Matrix   - 0001F3D1  
Madness Helmet Matrix    - 0001F3CF  
Madness Ore              - 00012D33  
Madness Shield Matrix    - 0001F3CE  
Madness Sword Matrix     - 0001F3CD  
Mixing Bowl              - 00081E6E  
Mute Screaming Maw       - 00081E9A  
Nerveshatter             - 0007E09D  
Pelvis of Pelagius       - 0006D0F3  
Ring of Disrobing        - 00081E68  
Shadowrend (Axe)         - 0009535E  
Shadowrend (Sword)       - 00095360  
Sheogorath-Shaped Amber  - 00078977  
Soul Tomato              - 00081E60  
Two-Headed Coin          - 00081E5E

Death Decree:
Somewhere near Dunroot Burrow upon a hilltop are a couple slabs of 
stone. On those slabs of stone is a dead person, with a Potion of 
Nighteye nearby, some skeletons, and a note. The note is called 
"Death Decree". Pick it up and read it. It says that a man named 
"Robert Wisnewski" was sentenced to death by Sheogorath. Robert 
Wisnewski is on the Bethesda staff list. The reason for his death 
sentence was for trying to grow a beard (in which you cannot have 
a beard except for Sheogorath in Elder Scrolls). 

Evidence chest:
At the southern most point of the Shivering Isles, south of Madgod's Beet, 
is a cave called Corpserot Prison. Inside at the very beginning of the 
cave, you will find the evidence chest. It is in both Mania and Dementia. 
Note: On your map, Corpserot Prison is called Corpserot Passage.

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