Elder Scrolls 4 – Oblivion (šifre)

Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion

Update by: patton93
Submitted by: Bojan Novakovic

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of 
the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Result                                                         Code
Toggle God mode                                              - TGM or ToggleGodMode
Advance a level experience                                   - AdvLevel
Advance skill experience                                     - AdvSkill
Kill all                                                     - Killall
Unlocks target object                                        - Unlock
Complete current quest                                       - CompleteQuest
Sets all quest stages                                        - caqs or CompleteAllQuestStages
Modify an actor value. [modpca luck, 10]                     - ModPCA or ModPCAttribute 
Modify the Players Skill. [modpcs Blunt, 10]                 - ModPCS or ModPCSkill 
Does modav XXX (value - getav XXX). [player.forceav luck 25] - ForceAV or ForceActorValue
Gives Player 1000 gold                                       - player.additem 0000000f 1000 
Gives Player 100 lockpicks                                   - player.additem 0000000a "100"
Gives Player 100 skeleton keys                               - player.additem 0000000b "100"
Gives Player 100 repair hammers                              - player.additem 0000000c "100"
Add all spells to player                                     - psb or PlayerSpellBook
Teleport                                                     - COC (location)
Shows more Help commands                                     - Help
All map locations shown                                      - togglemapmarkers
Change your gender                                           - sexchange
Change your birthsign                                        - showbirthsignmenu
Change your class                                            - showclassmenu
Spawn indicated item                                         - additem <[item number]
Get indicated spell                                          - addspell [spell number]
Give all spells to player                                    - psb
Force skill level up                                         - advskill [skill]
Free camera movement                                         - tfc
Kill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted     - kill
Moves to current quest target                                - movetoquesttarget
Quit game immediately                                        - qqq
Set player level                                             - player.setlevel [1-255]
Set all quest stages                                         - completeallqueststages
Set hair color                                               - hairtint [red] [green] [blue]
Spawn indicated item                                         - player.additem [item code] (*1)
Save game                                                    - savegame [filename]
Set fog start and end depths                                 - setfog [start] [end]
Show sign selection screen                                   - showbirthsignmenu
Show class selection screen                                  - showclassmenu
Show quest log                                               - showquestlog
Show current quest log                                       - showquestlog 0
Show completed quest log                                     - showquestlog 1
Show current quest targets                                   - showquesttargets
Show name/race/appearance selection screen                   - showracemenu
Teleport                                                     - player.coc [destination name]
Toggle full help                                             - tfh
Toggle grass                                                 - tg
Toggle NPC conversation subtitles                            - showsubtitle
Toggle AI                                                    - tai
Toggle combat AI                                             - tcai
Toggle no clipping                                           - tcl
Toggle AI detection                                          - tdetect
Toggle debug display                                         - tdt
Toggle leaves                                                - tlv
Toggle menus                                                 - tm
Toggle fog of war                                            - togglefogofwar
Toggle sky                                                   - ts
Toggle trees                                                 - tt
Toggle wireframe                                             - twf
Toggle water                                                 - tws
Window with the full game scene graph                        - ssg

(*1). For example, enter modpcs blade, 10 to increase your blade skill by 10 points; 
it will not set it to 10. Raising your skills in this manner will cause you to 
level up, but will not give you any attribute bonuses when you pick which attributes
you want to increase on the level up screen.

2. For example, enter modpca strength, 10 to increase your strength by 10; it will 
not set it to 10. 

Easy money:
A quick way to make money without going to the trouble of stealing or fighting for it is to join a 
guild. When you join a guild you will have access to a number of guild halls all over Tamriel. It 
seems that the guild has no problem sharing their wealth. You can pick up nearly any item in the 
various guilds without making it a crime, and without labeling your items as stolen. By doing this 
you can just loot the guild halls and sell them to the closest merchant for an easy profit. It is 
not very ethical but quite effective.

When you defeat Caminalda on the Anvil Recommendation quest for the mages guild, search her body for 
gold and her room key for the inn. Use her room key on the upper door in the inn. You will find a 
treasure chest in the back of the room. Open the unlocked chest to get all of the gold that is inside.
Use the following trick to easily complete the "independent thievery" requirements and get easy gold. 
Get a very valuable item such as the skeleton key (from the Nocturnal Daedric Shrine quest). Use the 
"Duplicate items" glitch. Go to any merchant and sell the duplicates. If you sell the items to a 
Thieves Guild fence, you should have the required amount for most of the remaining quests in no time.

Complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests so that you can enter the Arcane University. Get 
five or more Grand Soul Gems and fill them with Grand Souls. Buy a Chameleon spell such as Shroudwalk 
from a mage. Go to the place where you enchant weapons with the following: two rings, one necklace or 
amulet, and any two pieces of armor. Enchant the rings, amulet and armor with the Chameleon effect 
using the Grand Soul Gems. You will get 20% Chameleon for each of the equipment, for a total of 100%. 
Equip them all at once and you will be invisible to everyone. You can now steal directly from people 
and attack anything without fear of retaliation because they cannot see you. Use this to cause mischief 
around towns, finish quests or dungeons without getting in battles, or to defeat an enemy without 
getting hurt. Note: You must wear all the pieces at once to be 100% invisible. You can use any other 
type of equipment as long as there are at least five pieces and all have been enchanted using Grand 
Soul Gems. Some enemies may hit you once, but they will not do so again. 

Unlimited arrows:
For an unlimited source of iron arrows, go to the Bloodworks in the arena. One of the gladiators is 
practicing with his bow on a target. Stand close by. When there are five to ten arrows in the target,
take them before he does. He will just continue shooting when you move out of the way. This is an 
unlimited source of iron arrows, which can be sold to almost any merchant and therefore also makes 
an unlimited source of gold.

When you are at the Inn of Ill Omen, go outside where the man is practicing his archery.He is using 
steel arrows. Go in front of him and pick up the arrows. He will not hit you. He will wait until you 
move out of his way. You will not get into trouble with the guards. You can do this as many times as 

Easy Heavy Armor experience:
Lower the difficulty down to zero. Put on your heavy armor and let a weak monster such as a rat 
pummel you. When your health gets low, heal yourself (this also helps with Restoration). When you 
get strong enough, you can try letting a human hit you. You will level up about every ten to fifty
seconds, depending on how many monsters or people are hitting you.

Save lockpicks:
When you are going on a mission for the Theives Guild, it is much easier to steal keys for all the 
doors from immobile gaurds (or the owners of the building of the place you are robbing) after you 
have leveled up your Sneak skill with the "Easy Sneak level" trick. After you steal the keys you can 
open nearly every key for the building you are in.

Ebony and Umbra Sword:
Go to the Arena and get a few claymores. Then, go directly south of the Imperial Waterfront to a 
place called the Old Bridge. Move west and follow the road until you reach a ruin that starts with 
a "V". Go inside and get past the minor creatures. You will find a girl. This is Umbra. There is one 
broken pillar in the room. Use the bench next to it to jump on top of it, then stand at the edge. 
Use a ranged attack to have her start attacking you. Then, take out the claymore and just start 
hitting her. She has a lot of health and does a lot of damage -- do not fall off the pillar. 
If all goes well you will have full Ebony and an incredible sword without getting touched.

Border Watch: Glass and enchanted weapons and armor: 
There is a city called Border Watch, northwest of Leyawin. Everyone there has nice Glass weapons, some 
of which are enchanted. You cannot steal them while they are sleeping, but can steal their armor (mithril). 
The Sheregoth shrine allows you to do a quest here. The Daedric asks you to fulfill a prophesy. Do the 
quest, which include three tasks and your done. After this, go to one of the people's houses. You should 
be about level 15. Have a good sword ready, then go in sneak mode. Hit the person with a sneak attack x6.
Do not stop and they will appear dazed. Once they are dead you can get their items, which are worth a 
lot of gold. Do this repeatedly to any house desired. Do not do it to the shaman unless you are at a 
higher level. Some houses have two people inside. You can sometimes kill one person without the other 
waking up, then kill the other person. 

Rockmilk Cave: Glass armor and weapons: 
Make sure you are at least to level 15 before doing this, as there will be better armor and weapons 
inside. Travel on the west road from Leyawiin and keep walking on the trail until you get to Waters 
Edge (a small town). From Waters Edge, walk northwest until you reach Rockmilk Cave. This cave is 
very close to Waters Edge. Go inside and follow the trails. You will encounter some thieves inside 
the cave. If they do not notice you they will fight each other. You can let them fight or join in and 
have some fun hacking away. They are not difficult if you are leveled up. Go through the cave and you 
will find at least fifteen people inside. Each of them has their own set of Glass, Orcish, Daedric, or 
Elven armor and weapons. You can fill up with items and sell about four times.

You can buy various types of horses. In fact, you even get a free Paint Horse just after the beggining 
at Weynon Priory. This is the weakest and slowest horse of them all. Do not buy any other horse because 
they can be expensive when you are starting out. You can get a horse that is better than all of them for 
free. This is Shadowmere. You can get him after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest "The Purification", 
which is the first quest you get when you start working for Lachance. Simply kill an innocent person 
(preferably a beggar if you are not part of the Thieves Guild) and sleep so that you may begin the Dark 
Brotherhood quests. After a few you will get Shadowmere. He is very fast and has a sizeable amount of HP. 
Shadowmere is black/purple, wears a skull on his forehead, has a bloody handprint on the sides of his 
sadle, and red eyes that glow occasionally at night. He also helps you in battle if you fight near him. 
Best of all, he cannot die or run away. He is considered an important character and will just fall 
unconcious if defeated then will rise again in a few seconds to join the fray. If you happen to lose him, 
you can go to Fort Farragut and he will be there waiting for you. 

There is a broken down fort that is the base for some relatively weak vampires directly south of Chorrol.
The fort is called Fort Carmala, and it is located near Hackdirt, very close to northeast of Weatherleah. 
To reach it, if you have not done the Hackdirt or Weatherleah quests, go to Chorrol. Leave from the south 
gate and move directly south. If you reach the city of Hackdirt, you are near it. Look for a group of 
white rocky ruins. The door to the cave is among the ruins.

When using the hex codes for adding items to the character, you don't need to add in the 
0s in the beginning of the code.
In other words, the cheat to get ten gold would be:

BEFORE - player.additem 000000F 10
AFTER  - player.additem F 10 

General Cheats:
Oblivion Cheats: place number where you want amount at #
-Gold: player.additem 00000F #
-Lockpicks: player.additem 0000000A #
-God Mode: TGM
-Lose Bounty: player.SetCrimeGold 0
-Lose Infamy: player.setPCInfamy 0

Skill Cheats:
-modpcs - skills
-modpca - attributes

Type skill name where 'skill' is, the level you want where 'number' is - same with atrib.

modpcs skill number
modpca atribute number

Prinscreen command


Change the "0" to a "1" and now you can take screenshots via the shift+PrtScn button,
Try without shift if it doesn't work.

Submitted by: Jake Kilend

you get to ablivion by going to Gildfort thier is a flaimeing portle walk into it 
(you will find a teamate fighting off enimiys)

The Purification quest:
On the "The Purification" quest for the Dark Brotherhood, use the following trick to easily 
kill some of the members in the santuary such as Ocheeva and Vincent. First. get your Disposition 
with them as high as possible, then sneak attack them with a dagger. Before they have a time to 
retaliate, propose a yeild. You can attack and yeild repetedly until they are killed. 

Taking Care Of Lex quest: Different weapons:
While doing the ''Taking Care Of Lex" quest for the Thieves Guild you must to scald the paper with 
Lex's seal. Just beside the desk where the seal is, you will see a chest. If you came in the door 
directly behind the chest you will get an Elven longsword, Glass longsword, Orcish helmet, and a 
Mythril sheild. If you came in from the door upstairs you will get an Elven longsword and Dwarven 
greaves. If you came in the exact entrance you cannot open the chest.

Bruma: Escaping from jail:
If you get sent to jail in Bruma, you will be in a cell with another person named Jorundr. 
If you punch him once, the jailer will unlock your cell, kill Jorundr, and leave the cell door open. 
You can now escape from jail by killing the jailer or sneaking out. You can only do this once. Note: 
Jorundr is a character in the "Two Sides of the Coin" quest. If you kill him, you cannot complete 
the quest. Do not kill him until you finish the quest. 

Hint: Leyawin: Horse racing:
You first need to get a black horse (for example, at the stable by Chaydenhall). Go to Leyawin and 
start up the road to the right that does not go to Bruma. Go follow the road for awhile. Ignore the 
small town to your right. Go a little past the town and a woman on a black horse should cut you off. 
Note: This may not work every time. You must be at that location at 6:45 to 7:00 a.m.

Skingrad: Hidden treasure:
Buy the house in Skingrad and the upgrades for it. You should have a deer head mounted in the wall. 
Jump on it and retrieve the note. It should say that the man who is writing it is being sent to the 
prison, but left a clue to his treasure for his loved one. However she never found it. The answer to 
the riddle is an hourglass. Go in the basement of the house. The hourglass can be found at the top of 
a support beam with the garlic hanging from it. Pick it up and you should get about seven flawless 
gems and the Ring Of The Grey.

Skingrad: Song reference:
When you go to Skingrad Castle (where the Lord is the Vampire), follow the lizard woman wearing a 
green tunic. After awhile she will stop and talk to a passerby in the castle. She will start talking 
about some wine she had drank from the nearest wine vender in town. The passerby replies "Yes he is a 
very good friend of mine. He let me drink his wine. It was a mighty fine wine!". These are lyrics to 
the song "Joy To The World" by Three Dog Night.

Nord: Easy kills:
If you selected a Nord as your race, choose The Lover as you star pattern. This makes it extremely 
eay to kill someone. First, get them down a bit in health. Then use The Lover's star pattern ability 
to stun them. while they are stunned, hit them with Nordic Frost. This will kill almbost all enemies 
and works well as a finisher.

Non-random Sigil Stones:
While in Sigillum Sanguis (the Sigil Keep at the top of an Oblivion Citadel), save the game while 
standing in front of the Sigil Stone. If the effects of the stone you get are not to your liking, 
load from the point before you grabbed it. The Sigil Stone you get is chosen at random upon removing 

Making Black Soul Gems:
You need an empty Grand Soul Gem and a Soultrap spell. Take these to any of the four Necromancer lairs. 
There will be an altar which will only be active one day of the week. You may need to wait up to six 
game days. Place your gem on the altar when it is active and cast Soul Trap on it. You will now have a 
Black Soul Gem. These are used for capturing the souls of NPCs. One is also required for one of the 
Daedric Quests as a tribute to the shrine.

Easy house:
Go to the city of Anvil and make your way to the inn. Inside is a man whose name starts with a "B". 
He is selling his grandfather's old manor. You can purchase it if you have 5,000 gold, which is very 
cheap considering that most houses are 15,000 gold and are not as good. The house (at first) is ugly 
and haunted. However, after completing the quick quest the house will be fixed up without any additional 

Brindle Home: Strong bow and enchanted arrows:
Go to Brindle Home, north of Skingrad. You will find a man named Torbal The Sufficient. Kill him and 
loot his corpse. You will get a lot of enchanted arrows and the Bow of Blizzards. This is an enchanted 
bow that does 20 points of ice damage. If you equip this bow and the Arrow of the North Winds, which 
does 60 points of damage on its own, you will have a very strong bow. 

Skingrad: Ebony and Glass EQUIPMENT: 
Go northeast of Skingrad's East Gate to find a fort named Fort Wooden Hand. Kill the people in here 
to get the full Ebony armor set and some Glass equipment as well. You can also get some Daedric armor
from the warlord. 

Good armor:
At the beginning of the game after the King's convoy is attacked, quickly take the dead guard's katana 
and armor. This will make slaughtering rats and defeat trolls a lot easier. 

Launch items from chair:
Take a large item and set it on a chair. Then, sit in the chair. You will launch the item across the 
room. Try this watermelons.

Make stolen items authentic:
When you steal items, most of the merchants will not buy them. Use the following trick to authenticate 
them. Get in the jail and escape. Take your items authenticated or pay for your days in jail and you 
will have the items authenticated again. 

Skip the Persuade/Bribe mini game: 
To skip this annoying and expensive game, go to the Arcane University or Frost Crag Spire (if you have 
the download) and make a Charm spell. Set the Magnatude to 100 and the Duration only 2 seconds. This 
will make even the most hateful person in the game have a disposition of about 73 at the lowest, and 
you will never have to bribe again.

People switch beds:
Wait near in a place where there are more than one person is sleeping. They will all get up at the 
same time and may switch beds with each other. They might even walk down to another floor or to the 
other side of the room just to go to another bed.

Walk on lava:
If you are in the Planes Of Oblivion and need to get past something such as lava, get a Walk On Water 
spell and a Health spell. Use the Walk On Water spell then switch to the Health spell and run. 
Note: The Health spell is for your health when you get burnt.

Glitch: Invisible sheep:
North of the Imperial City, on your map there is a road called "The Red Ring Road". Go to where the tail 
of the "G" is in "Ring" on the map to find a farm called "Aleswell". Use a detect life item or spell to 
see that the seemingly empty small pasture actually contains some invisible sheep. If you do not have 
any life detect items, just look closely to see that there actually are sheep. If you kill them they 
become visible again.

Glitch: Floating paintbrushes:
There are paintbrushes stored in random containers at various locations. If you take one out and drop 
it, it will not fall. It will just float in the location you were looking at when you dropped it. You 
can drop them in sets of two or more and use them as steps to reach high places. You can also use them 
as barriers between you and enemies.

Glitch: Main quest:
This trick requires ten to fifteen paintbrushes. they can be found anywhere in the game, particularly in 
boxes, shelves, etc. You can use this glitch even if you have not started the main quest yet. Once you 
acquire the of paintbrushes, go in front of the Temple Of The One in the Imperial City Temple District. 
Climb you way to the top using the "Floating paintbrushes" glitch. Once you are close to the top, jump 
on the roof. You will go through, landing inside The Temple Of The One. You can see everybody else but 
they cannot see you. Walk close to where the door would be if you were inside it normally. You will see 
the top half of the same door you are in front of. Select it to enter the real interior of The Temple Of 
The One. Notice the hole in the ceiling where the light comes down. You will see a red sky. Walk outside 
and and two Oblivion Gates will be opened. Your quest will be updated, stating that Dagon is here and that 
you should talk to Martin. Even if you are not close to completing the main quest this glitch will still 
work. Go inside both of the Oblivion Gates and get the Sigil Stones. Later you will end up crossing over 
Dagon. Kill him then talk to Martin in the Cloud Ruler temple. 

Unlimited arrows:
Enable the tgm code. For an unlimited source of iron arrows, go to the Bloodworks in the arena. One of 
the gladiators is practicing with his bow on a target. Stand close by. When there are five to ten arrows 
in the target, take them before he does. He will just continue shooting when you move out of the way. 
This is an unlimited source of iron arrows, which can be sold to almost any merchant and therefore also 
makes an unlimited source of gold.

Item Codes:
player.additem 1
Use one of the following entries with the 
player.additem code.

CODE     Description   
0002299C ElvenCuirass ARMO Elven Cuirass
0002299D ElvenGreaves ARMO Elven Greaves
0002299E ElvenGauntlets ARMO Elven Gauntlets
0002299F ElvenBoots ARMO Elven Boots
000229A0 ElvenShield ARMO Elven Shield
000229A1 ElvenHelmet ARMO Elven Helmet

000229A2 SteelCuirass ARMO Steel Cuirass
000229A3 SteelGreaves ARMO Steel Greaves
000229A4 SteelHelmet ARMO Steel Helmet
000229A5 SteelBoots ARMO Steel Boots

000229A6 LowerShirt01 CLOT Blacksmith's Apron
000229A7 LowerPants01 CLOT Blacksmith's Pants
000229A8 LowerShoes01 CLOT Rough Leather Shoes
000229A9 LeatherBracer ARMO Leather Bracer
000229AA LowerShirt02 CLOT Dark Green Shirt
000229AB LowerPants02 CLOT Laced Leather Pants
000229AC LowerShoes02 CLOT Stitched Leather Shoes
000229AD MiddleShirt01 CLOT Brown Shirt
000229AE MiddlePants01 CLOT Light Brown Linens
000229AF MiddleShoes01 CLOT Pigskin Shoes
000229B0 UpperShirt01 CLOT Green Brocade Doublet
000229B1 UpperPants01 CLOT Green Silk Garment
000229B2 UpperShoes01 CLOT Green Velvet Shoes

000ADD4E ImperialDragonBootsHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Boots
000ADD50 ImperialDragonCuirassLight ARMO Imperial Dragon Cuirass
000ADD51 ImperialDragonGauntletsHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Gauntlets
000ADD52 ImperialDragonGreavesHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Greaves
000ADDA2 ImperialDragonHelmetHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Helmet
000ADDA3 ImperialDragonBootsLight ARMO Imperial Dragon Boots
000ADDAA ImperialDragonCuirassHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Cuirass

000CA152 UniqueWeapHatred WEAP Battleaxe of Hatred
000CA153 UniqueStaffApotheosis WEAP Apotheosis
000CA154 UniqueWeapAcid WEAP Akavari Sunderblade
000CA155 UniqueWeapAkavari WEAP Akavari Warblade
000CA156 UniqueWeapBlindness WEAP Bow of Infliction
000CA157 UniqueClubSubmission WEAP Truncheon of Submission
000CA158 UniqueWeaponKorbansSaber WEAP Captain Kordan's Saber
000CA159 UniqueWeapCleaver WEAP Destarine's Cleaver

0001FED0 EmperorGauntlets ARMO Emperor's Gauntlets
0001FED1 EmperorGreaves ARMO Emperor's Greaves
0001FED2 EmperorHelmet ARMO Emperor's Helmet
0001FECE EmperorBoots ARMO Emperor's Boots

0000552C EnchClothingRobeShieldGrand CLOT Aegis Robe
0000552D EnchClothingPantsFortifyMagicka CLOT Fortify Magicka Pants
00005530 EnchClothingShirtlShield CLOT Vest of Warding
00005519 EnchClothingRobeShieldPetty CLOT Robe of Deflection
0000551C EnchClothingRobeShieldLesser CLOT Robe of Warding
00005527 EnchClothingRobeShieldCommon CLOT Robe of Protection
00005529 EnchClothingRobeShieldGreater CLOT Robe of Defense

00048981 EnchClothingPantsAcrobatics CLOT Acrobatics Pants
00048982 EnchClothingShirtlLightArmor CLOT Light Armor Vest
00048983 EnchClothingShirtMarksman CLOT Marksman Quilted Doublet
00048984 EnchClothingShirtMerchantile CLOT Mercantile Black Outfit
00048985 EnchClothingShirtSecurity CLOT Security Russet Felt Shirt
00048986 EnchClothingShoesSneak CLOT Sneak Blue Suede Shoes
00048987 EnchClothingShirtSpeechcraft CLOT Speechcraft Green Brocade Doublet
00048989 EnchClothingShirtResistDisease CLOT Resist Disease Burgundy Linen Shirt
0004898A EnchClothingPantsResistFire CLOT Resist Fire Burgundy Linens
0004898B EnchClothingShirtResistNormalWeapons CLOT Resist Normal Weapons Quilted Doublet
0004898C EnchClothingShirtResistPoison CLOT Resist Poison Blue & Green Outfit
0004898F EnchClothingShoesWaterwalking CLOT Waterwalking Gold Trimmed Shoes
00048990 EnchClothingRobeChameleon CLOT Lesser Chameleon Robe
00048991 EnchClothingShoesFeather CLOT Feather Shoes
00048992 EnchClothingPantsFortifyFatigue CLOT Fortify Fatigue Pants

000CA10F UniqueDwarvenCuirassJuggernaut ARMO Dondoran's Juggernaut
000CA110 UniqueElvenCuirassLegacy ARMO Birthright of Astalon
000CA111 UniqueChainBootsMerchant ARMO Boots of the Swift Merchant
000CA112 UniqueFurGreavesMonkey ARMO Monkeypants
000CA113 UniqueGlassBootsQuicksilver ARMO Quicksilver Boots
000CA114 UniqueSteelGauntletsRasheedasSpecial ARMO Rasheda's Special
000CA116 UniqueAkavariShieldTowerOfTheNine ARMO Tower of the Nine
000CA117 UniqueAkavariCuirassApocalypse ARMO Aegis of the Apocalypse
000CA118 UniqueEbonyGauntetsAtronach ARMO Hands of the Atronach
000CA119 UniqueDwarvenHelmDelver ARMO Helm of the Deep Delver
000CA11A UniqueIronGauntletsDrunkard ARMO Fists of the Drunkard
000CA11B UniqueOrcishHelmFerocity ARMO Helm of Ferocity
000CA11C UniqueOrcishGaunletsHunger ARMO Gauntlets of Gluttony
000CA11D UniqueScrollSacrifice BOOK Chronicle of Sacrifice
000CA11E UniqueScrollPurileBanter BOOK Document of Purile Banter
000CA11F UniqueScrollFireNexus BOOK Annal of the Fire Nexus
000CA120 UniqueScrollStorms BOOK Stormrider Scroll
000CA121 UniqueClothingHoodDruid CLOT Cowl of the Druid
000CA122 UniqueClothingShirtArtisan CLOT Apron of the Master Artisan
000CA123 UniqueClothingShirtBard CLOT Vest of the Bard
000CA124 UniqueClothingHoodSeer CLOT Veil of the Seer
000CA125 UniqueClothingPantsSilverTongues CLOT Imperial Breeches
000CA126 UniqueRingTransmuter CLOT Ring of Transmutation
000CA127 UniqueClothingRobeCreativity CLOT Robe of Creativity
000CA128 UniqueRingWortcraft CLOT Ring of Wortcraft
000CA129 UniqueClothingHoodGatherer CLOT Mantle of the Woodsman
000CA12A UniqueRingUnseen CLOT Spectre Ring
000CA12B UniqueClothingBootsAthlete CLOT Nistor's Boots
000CA12C UniqueClothingHoodDiplomat CLOT Councilor's Hood

0018AE4B ImperialPalaceBoots ARMO Imperial Watch Boots
0018AE4C ImperialPalaceCuirass ARMO Imperial Watch Cuirass
0018AE4D ImperialPalaceGauntlets ARMO Imperial Watch Gauntlets
0018AE4E ImperialPalaceGreaves ARMO Imperial Watch Greaves
0018AE4F ImperialPalaceHelmet ARMO Imperial Watch Helmet

0002C212 EnchDaedricHelmetDetectLife ARMO Inquisitor's Helmet
0002C214 EnchDaedricGauntletsDetectLife ARMO Inquisitor's Gauntlets
0002C215 EnchDaedricBootsFeather ARMO Boots of the Thrall
0002C217 EnchDaedricGauntletsFortStrength ARMO Gauntlets of Brutality
0002C218 EnchDaedricCuirassFortEndurance ARMO Cuirass of Fortitude
0002C21A EnchDaedricGreavesFortFatigue ARMO Deathmarch Greaves
0002C21B EnchDaedricCuirassFortHealth ARMO Cuirass of the Undefeated
0002C21D EnchDaedricGauntletsFortArmorer ARMO Warforger's Gauntlets
0002C21E EnchDaedricBootsFortAthletics ARMO Boots of the Taskmaster
0002C220 EnchDaedricShieldFortBlock ARMO Dwarvenskin Shield
0002C221 EnchDaedricGauntletsFortHandtoHand ARMO Gauntlets of Punishment
0002C223 EnchDaedricCuirassFortHeavyArmor ARMO Cuirass of the Blood Legion
0002C224 EnchDaedricGauntletsLight ARMO Moonshadow Gauntlets
0002C226 EnchDaedricShieldLight ARMO Moonshadow Shield
0002C227 EnchDaedricShieldReflectDamage ARMO Shield of Vengence
0002C228 EnchDaedricShieldReflectSpell ARMO Shield of Animus
0002C229 EnchDaedricGreavesResistFire ARMO Flamewalker Greaves
0002C233 EnchDaedricGauntletsResistFrost ARMO Nordslayer Gauntlets
0002C235 EnchDaedricHelmetResistMagicka ARMO Mageslayer's Helmet
0002C239 EnchDaedricGreavesResistParalysis ARMO Slavemaster's Greaves
0002C23B EnchDaedricCuirassResistPoison ARMO Cuirass of the Pit Viper
0002C23F EnchDaedricBootsResistShock ARMO Boots of the Storm
0002C244 EnchDaedricShieldShield ARMO Monolithic Shield
0002C245 EnchDaedricShieldShockShield ARMO Stormlord's Shield
0002C247 EnchDaedricGreavesSpellAbsorption ARMO Magebane Greaves
0002C24E EnchDaedricHelmetWaterbreathing ARMO Helmet of the Flood

0003633F GlassHelmet ARMO Glass Helmet
00036340 GlassGauntlets ARMO Glass Gauntlets
00036341 GlassBoots ARMO Glass Boots
00036342 GlassGreaves ARMO Glass Greaves
00036343 GlassCuirass ARMO Glass Cuirass
00036344 GlassShield ARMO Glass Shield
00036345 DwarvenHelmet ARMO Dwarven Helmet
00036346 DwarvenGauntlets ARMO Dwarven Gauntlets
00036347 DwarvenBoots ARMO Dwarven Boots
00036348 DwarvenGreaves ARMO Dwarven Greaves
00036349 DwarvenCuirass ARMO Dwarven Cuirass
0003634A DwarvenShield ARMO Dwarven Shield
0003634B OrcishHelmet ARMO Orcish Helmet
0003634C OrcishGauntlets ARMO Orcish Gauntlets
0003634D OrcishBoots ARMO Orcish Boots
0003634E OrcishGreaves ARMO Orcish Greaves
0003634F OrcishCuirass ARMO Orcish Cuirass
00036350 OrcishShield ARMO Orcish Shield
00036351 EbonyHelmet ARMO Ebony Helmet
00036352 EbonyGauntlets ARMO Ebony Gauntlets
00036353 EbonyBoots ARMO Ebony Boots
00036354 EbonyGreaves ARMO Ebony Greaves
00036355 EnchEbonyCuirassResistPoison ARMO Viperbane Cuirass
00036356 EbonyShield ARMO Ebony Shield
00036357 DaedricHelmet ARMO Daedric Helmet
00036358 DaedricGauntlets ARMO Daedric Gauntlets
00036359 DaedricBoots ARMO Daedric Boots
0003635A DaedricGreaves ARMO Daedric Greaves
0003635B DaedricCuirass ARMO Daedric Cuirass
0003635C DaedricShield ARMO Daedric Shield

000977BC ArenaChainmailHelmet ARMO Chainmail Helmet
000977BD ArenaOrcishShield ARMO Orcish Shield
000977BE ArenaFurShield ARMO Fur Shield
000977BF ArenaLeatherShield ARMO Leather Shield
000977C0 ArenaMithrilShield ARMO Mithril Shield
000977C1 ArenaElvenShield ARMO Elven Shield
000977C2 ArenaSteelShield ARMO Steel Shield
000977C3 ArenaSteelLongsword WEAP Steel Longsword
000977C4 ArenaSilverMace WEAP Silver Mace
000977C5 ArenaSilverShortsword WEAP Silver Shortsword
000977C6 ArenaIronBow WEAP Iron Bow
000977C7 ArenaSilverLongsword WEAP Silver Longsword
000977C8 ArenaIronWarAxe WEAP Iron War Axe
000977C9 ArenaAkaviriLongSword WEAP Akaviri Katana
000977CA ArenaDwarvenClaymore WEAP Dwarven Claymore
000977CB ArenaGlassWarHammer WEAP Glass Warhammer
000977CC ArenaElvenBow WEAP Elven Bow
000977CD ArenaElvenLongSword WEAP Elven Long Sword
000977CE ArenaEbonyMace WEAP Ebony Mace
000977CF ArenaEbonyWarAxe WEAP Ebony War Axe
000977D0 ArenaEbonyBow WEAP Ebony Bow
000977D1 ArenaIronLongsword WEAP Iron Longsword
000977D2 ArenaSilverBattleAxe WEAP Silver BattleAxe

00098417 EnchRingResistDiseaseJadeTopaz CLOT Ring of Fortitude
00098418 EnchRingResistDiseaseJadeRuby CLOT Grand Ring of Fortitude
00098419 EnchRingResistFireBrass CLOT Base Ring of Firewalking
0009841A EnchRingResistFireBrassPearl CLOT Ring of Firewalking
0009841B EnchRingResistFireBrassTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Firewalking
0009841C EnchRingResistFrostSilver CLOT Base Ring of the North
0009841D EnchRingResistFrostSilverRuby CLOT Ring of the North
0009841E EnchRingResistFrostSilverSapphire CLOT Grand Ring of the North
0009841F EnchRingResistMagickaEbony CLOT Base Ring of Nihilism
00098420 EnchRingResistMagickaEbonyEmerald CLOT Ring of Nihilism
00098421 EnchRingResistMagickaEbonyDiamond CLOT Grand Ring of Nihilism
00098422 EnchRingResistNormalWeaponsGold CLOT Base Ring of Steelskin
00098423 EnchRingResistNormalWeaponsGoldSapphire CLOT Ring of Steelskin
00098424 EnchRingResistNormalWeaponsGoldEmerald CLOT Grand Ring of Steelskin
00098425 EnchRingResistParalysisJadeSapphire CLOT Base Ring of Freedom
00098426 EnchRingResistParalysisSilverSapphire CLOT Ring of Freedom
00098427 EnchRingResistParalysisGoldSapphire CLOT Grand Ring of Freedom
00098428 EnchRingResistPoisonSilverEmerald CLOT Base Ring of the Viper
00098429 EnchRingResistPoisonGoldEmerald CLOT Ring of the Viper
0009842A EnchRingResistPoisonEbonyEmerald CLOT Grand Ring of the Viper
0009842B EnchRingResistShockCopper CLOT Base Ring of Storms
0009842C EnchRingResistShockCopperPearl CLOT Ring of Storms
0009842D EnchRingResistShockCopperTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Storms
00098437 EnchRingShieldCopper CLOT Base Ring of Aegis
00098438 EnchRingShieldCopperPearl CLOT Ring of Aegis
00098439 EnchRingShieldCopperTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Aegis
0009843A EnchRingShockShieldCopper CLOT Base Ring of Shock Shield
0009843B EnchRingShockShieldCopperPearl CLOT Ring of Shock Shield
0009843C EnchRingShockShieldCopperTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Shock Shield
0009843D EnchAmuletSpellAbsorptionCopper CLOT Base Amulet of Absorption
0009843E EnchAmuletSpellAbsorptionSilver CLOT Amulet of Absorption
0009843F EnchAmuletSpellAbsorptionJeweled CLOT Grand Amulet of Absorption
00098440 EnchNecklaceWaterbreathingCopper CLOT Base Necklace of the Sea
00098441 EnchNecklaceWaterbreathingSilver CLOT Grand Necklace of the Sea
00098442 EnchNecklaceWaterbreathingJeweled CLOT Necklace of the Sea
00098443 EnchNecklaceWaterwalkingBronze CLOT Base Necklace of Seawalking
00098444 EnchNecklaceWaterwalkingJade CLOT Necklace of Seawalking
00098445 EnchNecklaceWaterwalkingGold CLOT Grand Necklace of Seawalking
00098446 EnchRingofPerfection CLOT Ring of Perfection
00098447 EnchRingofStamina CLOT Ring of Stamina
00098448 EnchRingofWar CLOT Ring of War
00098449 EnchRingofTreachery CLOT Ring of Treachery
0009844A EnchRingofWizardry CLOT Ring of Wizardry
0009844B EnchRingMundane CLOT Mundane Ring
0009844C EnchRingFlame CLOT Flame Ring
0009844D EnchRingFrost CLOT Frost Ring
0009844E EnchRingStorm CLOT Storm Ring
0009844F EnchRingofVitality CLOT Ring of Vitality
00098450 EnchRingElemental CLOT Elemental Ring
00098452 EnchNecklaceofSwords CLOT Necklace of Swords
00098453 EnchAmuletofAxes CLOT Amulet of Axes
00098454 EnchRingSorcerers CLOT Sorcerer's Ring
00098455 EnchRingofThieves CLOT Ring of Thieves
00098456 EnchRingofSkimming CLOT Ring of Skimming
00098457 EnchAcrobatsAmulet CLOT Acrobat's Amulet
00098458 EnchRingoftheIronFist CLOT Ring of the Iron Fist
0009845B EnchAmuletReflectSpellJade CLOT Amulet of Reflection
0009845C EnchAmuletReflectSpellGold CLOT Grand Amulet of Reflection
0009845D EnchRingResistDiseaseJade CLOT Base Ring of Fortitude

00038510 BlackwoodCuirass ARMO Blackwood Cuirass
00038511 BlackwoodGauntlets ARMO Blackwood Gauntlets
00038512 BlackwoodGreaves ARMO Blackwood Greaves
00038513 BlackwoodHelmet ARMO Blackwood Helmet
00038514 BlackwoodBoots ARMO Blackwood Boots

000387A6 EnchElvenWarhammerAbsFatigue WEAP Warhammer of Siphoning
000387A7 EnchElvenMaceAbsFatigue WEAP Mace of Siphoning
000387A8 EnchEbonyMaceAbsHealth WEAP Mace of Feeding
000387A9 EnchEbonyWarhammerAbsHealth WEAP Warhammer of Feeding
000387AA EnchSilverDaggerAbsMagicka WEAP Dagger of Depletion
000387AB EnchSilverShortswordAbsMagicka WEAP Shortsword of Depletion
000387AC EnchSilverLongswordAbsMagicka WEAP Longsword of Depletion
000387AD EnchSilverMaceAbsMagicka WEAP Mace of Depletion
000387AE EnchSilverBattleaxeAbsMagicka WEAP Battle Axe of Depletion
000387AF EnchSilverWaraxeAbsMagicka WEAP War Axe of Depletion
000387B0 EnchSilverWarhammerAbsMagicka WEAP Warhammer of Depletion
000387B1 EnchIronMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Weight
000387B2 EnchIronWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Weight
000387B3 EnchSteelWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Strain
000387B4 EnchSteelMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Strain
000387B5 EnchDwarvenWarhammerBurden WEAP Akaviri Warhammer Burden
000387B6 EnchDwarvenMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Burden
000387B7 EnchElvenMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Overload
000387B8 EnchElvenWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Overload
000387B9 EnchGlassWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Encumbrance
000387BA EnchGlassMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Encumbrance
000387BB EnchEbonyWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Excess
000387BC EnchEbonyMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Excess
000387BD EnchDaedricWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Deadweight
000387BE EnchDaedricMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Deadweight

000389E6 EnchDwarvenDaggerDamIntelligence WEAP Dagger of Enfeeblement
000389E7 EnchDwarvenShortswordDamSpeed WEAP Shortsword of Enfeeblement
000389E8 EnchDwarvenLongswordDamAgility WEAP Longsword of Enfeeblement
000389E9 EnchDwarvenMaceDamWillpower WEAP Mace of Enfeeblement
000389EA EnchDwarvenWarhammerDamStrength WEAP Warhammer of Enfeeblement
000389EB EnchDwarvenWaraxeDamLuck WEAP War Axe of Enfeeblement

0003A856 WeapSteelBattleAxeFine WEAP Fine Steel Battle Axe
0003A857 WeapSteelBowFine WEAP Fine Steel Bow
0003A858 WeapSteelClaymoreFine WEAP Fine Steel Claymore
0003A859 WeapSteelDaggerFine WEAP Fine Steel Dagger
0003A85A WeapSteelLongswordFine WEAP Fine Steel Longsword
0003A85B WeapSteelMaceFine WEAP Fine Steel Mace
0003A85C WeapSteelShortswordFine WEAP Fine Steel Shortsword
0003A85D WeapSteelWarAxeFine WEAP Fine Steel War Axe
0003A85E WeapSteelWarhammerFine WEAP Fine Steel Warhammer
0003A85F WeapIronBattleAxeFine WEAP Fine Iron Battle Axe
0003A860 WeapIronBowFine WEAP Fine Iron Bow
0003A861 WeapIronClaymoreFine WEAP Fine Iron Claymore
0003A862 WeapIronDaggerFine WEAP Fine Iron Dagger
0003A863 WeapIronLongswordFine WEAP Fine Iron Longsword
0003A864 WeapIronMaceFine WEAP Fine Iron Mace
0003A865 WeapIronShortswordFine WEAP Fine Iron Shortsword
0003A866 WeapIronWarAxeFine WEAP Fine Iron War Axe
0003A867 WeapIronWarhammerFine WEAP Fine Iron Warhammer

0003B3FF EnchElvenBattleAxeAbsFatigue WEAP Battle Axe of Siphoning
0003B400 EnchElvenWarAxeAbsFatigue WEAP War Axe of Siphoning
0003B401 EnchEbonyWarAxeAbsHealth WEAP War Axe of Feeding
0003B402 EnchEbonyBattleAxeAbsHealth WEAP Battle Axe of Feeding
0003B403 EnchDaedricBattleAxeAbsMagicka WEAP Battle Axe of Transmogrify
0003B404 EnchDaedricMaceAbsMagicka WEAP Mace of Transmogrify
0003B405 EnchDaedricWarAxeAbsMagicka WEAP War Axe of Transmogrify
0003B406 EnchDaedricWarHammerAbsMagicka WEAP Warhammer of Transmogrify
0003B407 EnchDwarvenBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Decay
0003B408 EnchDwarvenWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Decay
0003B409 EnchElvenWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Dissolution
0003B40A EnchElvenBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Dissolution
0003B40B EnchGlassWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Fracturing
0003B40C EnchDaedricBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Putrification
0003B40D EnchDaedricWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Putrification
0003B40E EnchEbonyBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Rending
0003B40F EnchEbonyWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Rending
0001C6CD WeapIronClaymore WEAP Iron Claymore
0001C6CE IronHelmet ARMO Iron Helmet
0001C6CF IronBoots ARMO Iron Boots
0001C6D0 IronGreaves ARMO Iron Greaves
0001C6D1 IronCuirass ARMO Iron Cuirass
0001C6D2 IronGauntlets ARMO Iron Gauntlets
0001C6D3 ChainmailCuirass ARMO Chainmail Cuirass
0001C6D4 ChainmailBoots ARMO Chainmail Boots
0001C6D5 ChainmailGreaves ARMO Chainmail Greaves
0001C6D6 ChainmailGauntlets ARMO Chainmail Gauntlets
0001C6D7 ChainmailHelmet ARMO Chainmail Helmet
0001C6D8 SteelGauntlets ARMO Steel Gauntlets
0003CCFE EnchEbonyClaymoreTempest WEAP Tempest
0003CCFF EnchDwarvenBattleAxeHazards WEAP Axe of Hazards
0003CD01 EnchElvenClaymoreImmolator WEAP Immolator
0003CD02 EnchGlassShortswordWounding WEAP Sword of Wounding
0003CD04 EnchElvenBowDragonsBow WEAP Dragon's Bow
0003CD05 EnchGlassClaymoreBoreal WEAP Boreal
0003CD06 EnchElvenBowBlizzard WEAP Blizzard Bow
0003CD07 EnchSilverWarAxeGhost WEAP Ghost Axe
0003CD08 EnchElvenBowStorm WEAP Storm Bow
0003D7B7 EnchDwarvenDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Fragments
0003D7B8 EnchDwarvenClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Fragments
0003D7B9 EnchDwarvenLongSwordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Fragments
0003D7BA EnchDwarvenShortSwordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Fragments
0003D7BB EnchElvenClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Brittleness
0003D7BC EnchElvenDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Brittleness
0003D7BD EnchElvenLongSwordDisWeapon WEAP Long Sword of Brittleness
0003D7BE EnchElvenShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Brittleness
0003D7BF EnchGlassClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Fracturing
0003D7C0 EnchGlassDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Fracturing
0003D7C1 EnchGlassLongswordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Fracturing
0003D7C2 EnchGlassShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Fracturing
0003D7C3 EnchEbonyClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Shattering
0003D7C4 EnchEbonyDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Shattering
0003D7C5 EnchEbonyLongswordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Shattering
0003D7C6 EnchEbonyShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Shattering
0003D7C7 EnchDaedricClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Disintegration
0003D7C8 EnchDaedricDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Disintegration
0003D7C9 EnchDaedricLongswordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Disintegration
0003D7CA EnchDaedricShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Disintegration
0003D7CB EnchSilverBattleAxeDispel WEAP Battle Axe of Dispel
0003D7CC EnchSilverClaymoreDispel WEAP Claymore of Dispel
0003D7CD EnchSilverDaggerDispel WEAP Dagger of Dispel
0003D7CE EnchSilverLongswordDispel WEAP Longsword of Dispel
0003D7CF EnchSilverMaceDispel WEAP Mace of Dispel
0003D7D0 EnchSilverShortswordDispel WEAP Shortsword of Dispel
0003D7D1 EnchSilverWarAxeDispel WEAP War Axe of Dispel
0003D7D2 EnchSilverWarhammerDispel WEAP Warhammer of Dispel
0003D7D3 EnchSteelBattleAxeDraEndurance WEAP Battle Axe of Diminishing
0003D7D4 EnchSteelDaggerDraIntelligence WEAP Dagger of Diminishing
0003D7D5 EnchSteelLongswordDraAgility WEAP Longsword of Diminishing
0003D7D6 EnchSteelMaceDraWillpower WEAP Mace of Diminishing
0003D7D7 EnchSteelShortswordDraSpeed WEAP Shortsword of Diminishing
0003D7D8 EnchSteelWarAxeDraLuck WEAP War Axe of Diminishing
0003D7D9 EnchSteelWarhammerDraStrength WEAP Warhammer of Diminishing
0003D7DA EnchIronClaymoreDraFatigue WEAP Claymore of Weariness
0003D7DB EnchIronDaggerDraFatigue WEAP Dagger of Weariness
0003D7DC EnchIronLongswordDraFatigue WEAP Longsword of Weariness
0003D7DD EnchIronShortswordDraFatigue WEAP Shortsword of Weariness
0003D7DE EnchDwarvenClaymoreDraHealth WEAP Claymore of Pain
0003D7DF EnchDwarvenDaggerDraHealth WEAP Dagger of Pain
0003D7E0 EnchDwarvenLongSwordDraHealth WEAP Longsword of Pain
0003D7E1 EnchDwarvenShortSwordDraHealth WEAP Shortsword of Pain
0003D7E2 EnchSilverBattleAxeDraMagicka WEAP Battle Axe of Sapping
0003D7E3 EnchSilverClaymoreDraMagicka WEAP Claymore of Sapping
0003D7E4 EnchSilverDaggerDraMagicka WEAP Dagger of Sapping
0003D7E5 EnchSilverLongswordDraMagicka WEAP Longsword of Sapping
0003D7E6 EnchSilverMaceDraMagicka WEAP Mace of Sapping
0003D7E7 EnchSilverShortswordDraMagicka WEAP Shortsword of Sapping
0003D7E8 EnchElvenClaymoreDraMagicka WEAP Claymore of Depletion
0003D7E9 EnchElvenDaggerDraMagicka WEAP Dagger of Depletion
0003D7EA EnchElvenLongSwordDraMagicka WEAP Long Sword of Depletion
0003D7EB EnchElvenShortswordDraMagicka WEAP Shortsword of Depletion
0003DAE7 EnchIronBattleAxeEmber WEAP Battle Axe of Embers
0003DAE9 EnchIronBowEmber WEAP Bow of Embers
0003DAEA EnchIronClaymoreEmber WEAP Claymore of Embers
0003DAEB EnchIronDaggerEmber WEAP Dagger of Embers
0003DAEC EnchIronLongswordEmber WEAP Longsword of Embers
0003DAED EnchIronMaceEmber WEAP Mace of Embers
0003DAEE EnchIronShortswordEmber WEAP Shortsword of Embers
0003DAEF EnchIronWarAxeEmber WEAP War Axe of Embers
0003DAF0 EnchIronWarhammerEmber WEAP Warhammer of Embers
0003DAF1 EnchSteelBattleAxeEmber WEAP Quality Battle Axe Ember
0003DAF2 EnchSteelBowEmber WEAP Bow of Burning
0003DAF3 EnchSteelClaymoreEmber WEAP Claymore of Burning
0003DAF4 EnchSteelDaggerEmber WEAP Dagger of Burning
0003DAF5 EnchSteelLongswordEmber WEAP Longsword of Burning
0003DAF6 EnchSteelMaceEmber WEAP Mace of Burning
0003DAF7 EnchSteelShortswordEmber WEAP Shortsword of Burning
0003DAF8 EnchSteelWarAxeEmber WEAP War Axe of Burning
0003DAF9 EnchSteelWarhammerEmber WEAP Warhammer of Burning
0003DAFA EnchDwarvenBattleAxeFlame WEAP Battle Axe of Scorching
0003DAFB EnchDwarvenBowFlame WEAP Bow of Scorching
0003DAFC EnchDwarvenClaymoreFlame WEAP Claymore of Scorching
0003DAFD EnchDwarvenDaggerFlame WEAP Dagger of Scorching
0003DAFE EnchDwarvenLongSwordFlame WEAP Longsword of Scorching
0003DAFF EnchDwarvenMaceFlame WEAP Mace of Scorching
0003DB00 EnchDwarvenShortSwordFlame WEAP Shortsword of Scorching
0003DB01 EnchDwarvenWarAxeFlame WEAP War Axe of Scorching
0003DB02 EnchDwarvenWarHammerFlame WEAP Warhammer of Scorching
0003DB03 EnchElvenBattleAxeBlaze WEAP Battle Axe of Flames
0003DB04 EnchElvenBowBlaze WEAP Bow of Flames
0003DB05 EnchElvenClaymoreBlaze WEAP Claymore of Flames
0003DB06 EnchElvenDaggerBlaze WEAP Dagger of Flames
0003DB07 EnchElvenLongSwordBlaze WEAP Long Sword of Flames
0003DB08 EnchElvenMaceBlaze WEAP Mace of Flames
0003DB09 EnchElvenShortswordBlaze WEAP Shortsword of Flames
0003DB0A EnchElvenWarAxeBlaze WEAP War Axe of Flames
0003DB0B EnchElvenWarHammerBlaze WEAP Warhammer of Flames
0003DB0C EnchGlassBattleAxeBlaze WEAP Battle Axe of Fire
0003DB0D EnchGlassBowBlaze WEAP Bow of Fire
0003DB0E EnchGlassClaymoreBlaze WEAP Claymore of Fire
0003DB0F EnchGlassDaggerBlaze WEAP Dagger of Fire
0001DA82 ElfPonytail HAIR Windbound
0003DB10 EnchGlassLongswordBlaze WEAP Longsword of Fire
0001DA83 ElfBraid HAIR Wind Braids
0003DB11 EnchGlassMaceBlaze WEAP Mace of Fire
0003DB12 EnchGlassShortswordBlaze WEAP Shortsword of Fire
0003DB13 EnchGlassWarAxeBlaze WEAP War Axe of Fire
0003DB14 EnchGlassWarHammerBlaze WEAP Warhammer of Fire
0003DB15 EnchEbonyBattleAxeScorch WEAP Battle Axe of the Blaze
0003DB16 EnchEbonyBowScorch WEAP Bow of the Blaze
0003DB17 EnchEbonyClaymoreScorch WEAP Claymore of the Blaze
0003DB18 EnchEbonyDaggerScorch WEAP Dagger of the Blaze
0003DB19 EnchEbonyLongswordScorch WEAP Longsword of the Blaze
0003DB1A EnchEbonyMaceScorch WEAP Mace of the Blaze
0003DB1B EnchEbonyShortswordScorch WEAP Shortsword of the Blaze
0003DB1C EnchEbonyWarAxeScorch WEAP War Axe of the Blaze
0003DB1D EnchEbonyWarHammerScorch WEAP Warhammer of the Blaze
0003DB1E EnchDaedricBattleAxeScorch WEAP Battle Axe of the Inferno
0003DB1F EnchDaedricBowScorch WEAP Bow of the Inferno
0003DB20 EnchDaedricClaymoreScorch WEAP Claymore of the Inferno
0003DB21 EnchDaedricDaggerScorch WEAP Dagger of the Inferno
0003DB22 EnchDaedricLongswordScorch WEAP Longsword of the Inferno
0003DB23 EnchDaedricMaceScorch WEAP Mace of the Inferno
0003DB24 EnchDaedricShortswordScorch WEAP Shortsword of the Inferno
0003DB25 EnchDaedricWarAxeScorch WEAP War Axe of the Inferno
0003DB26 EnchDaedricWarHammerScorch WEAP Warhammer of the Inferno
0003DB73 EnchIronClaymoreShiver WEAP Claymore of Frost
0003DB74 EnchIronDaggerShiver WEAP Dagger of Frost
0003DB75 EnchIronLongswordShiver WEAP Longsword of Frost
0003DB76 EnchIronMaceShiver WEAP Mace of Frost
0003DB77 EnchIronShortswordShiver WEAP Shortsword of Frost
0003DB78 EnchIronWarAxeShiver WEAP War Axe of Frost
0003DB79 EnchIronWarhammerShiver WEAP Warhammer of Frost
0003DB7A EnchSteelBattleAxeShiver WEAP Quality Battle Axe Shiver
0003DB7B EnchSteelBowShiver WEAP Bow of Numbing
0003DB7C EnchSteelClaymoreShiver WEAP Claymore of Numbing
0003DB7D EnchSteelDaggerShiver WEAP Dagger of Numbing
0003DB7E EnchSteelLongswordShiver WEAP Longsword of Numbing
0003DB7F EnchSteelMaceShiver WEAP Mace of Numbing
0003DB80 EnchSteelShortswordShiver WEAP Shortsword of Numbing
0003DB81 EnchSteelWarAxeShiver WEAP War Axe of Numbing
0003DB82 EnchSteelWarhammerShiver WEAP Warhammer of Numbing
0003DB8F EnchIronBattleAxeShiver WEAP Battle Axe of Frost
0003E9AE Dremora2KynvalGreaves ARMO Dremora Kynval Greaves
0003E9AF Dremora3KynreeveBoots ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Boots
0003E9B0 Dremora3KynreeveCuirass ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Cuirass
0003E9B1 Dremora3KynreeveGreaves ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Greaves
0003E9B2 Dremora3KynreeveShield ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Shield
0003E9B3 Dremora4KynmarcherBoots ARMO Dremora Kynmarcher Boots
0003E9B4 Dremora4KynmarcherCuirass ARMO Dremora Kynmarcher Cuirass
0003E9B5 Dremora4KynmarcherGreaves ARMO Dremora Kynmarcher Greaves
0003E9B6 Dremora5MarkynazBoots ARMO Dremora Markynaz Boots
0003E9B7 Dremora5MarkynazCuirass ARMO Dremora Markynaz Cuirass
0003E9B8 Dremora5MarkynazGreaves ARMO Dremora Markynaz Greaves
0003E9B9 Dremora0ChurlBoots ARMO Dremora Churl Boots
0003E9BA Dremora1CaitiffBoots ARMO Dremora Caitiff Boots
0003E9BB Dremora2KynvalBoots ARMO Dremora Kynval Boots
0003E9BC Dremora0ChurlGreaves ARMO Dremora Churl Greaves
0003E9BD Dremora0ChurlCuirass ARMO Dremora Churl Cuirass
0003E9BE Dremora1CaitiffCuirass ARMO Dremora Caitiff Cuirass
0003E9BF Dremora1CaitiffGreaves ARMO Dremora Caitiff Greaves
0003E9C0 Dremora1CaitiffShield ARMO Dremora Caitiff Shield
0003E9C1 Dremora2KynvalCuirass ARMO Dremora Kynval Cuirass
0003E9C2 DremoraMace WEAP Dremora Mace
0003E9C3 DremoraLongSword WEAP Dremora Longsword
0003E9C4 DremoraClaymore WEAP Dremora Claymore

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