Duke Nukem 3D – Atomic Edition (šifre)

Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition

While playing, type any of these codes 
to get the desired effect. 

Code          Effect

dnkroz         God mode
dncornholio    Same as above
dnhyper        Instant steroids!
dnclip         Walk through SOME walls
dnstuff        All keys, ammo, weapons, and items
dnitems        Full armor and all keys
dnkeys         All keys
dnweapons      All weapons and ammo
dndebug        Just shows info, not needed...
dncoords       Display coordinates
dnshowmap      Display entire map
dnunlock       Toggle all doors
dnscotty###    Warp to episode #, level ##
dninventory    All inventory
dnmonsters     Toggle monsters on/off
dncashman      Throw cash when spacebar ispressed
dnending       End episode
dneat          Full health
dnnuk          Full ammo
dnskill #      0-nomonster 1-4 is skill level
dnview         Same as F7
dnrate         Displays frame rate
dncosmo        Displays "Register Cosmo today!"
dnbeta         Displays "Pirates Suck!"
dntime         Displays a message
dntodd         Displays a message

Exploding Pigs 
This trick only works in the 4th episode (Plutonium Pack.) 
If you get behind a pig cop tank you should see an atomic  
symbol. Run into it and press spacebar to make the tank 

God Mode on "Damn I'm Good" Setting 
Start a new game on the "Come Get Some" setting. Next, enter
the god mode code and start a new game in "Damn I'm Good" mode.

Hidden Items: 
On the last level of the third episode, look up and you'll see  
a blimp that says "Duf Beer." If you shoot it with your missle 
launcher, it will explode and lots of ammo, health packs, and 
other helpful items will fall onto the field. 

Multiple Pipebombs: 
To throw multiple pipebombs before detonating, throw a bomb, then 
press 6 and throw another one. Continue to do this until you've 
placed enough. You can now detonate them all. Be sure to get under
cover first. Enough pipebombs can cause a *lot* of damage. 

Night on the Town:
Submitted by:  F. Leighton

After "dncashman - Throw cash when spacebar is pressed", go up to 
the dancing girls in Red Light District. Throw some of those $$ 
bills in the air. The girls will put on a special show!

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