Dragon Fable (šifre)

Dragon Fable

Easy money:
Submitted by: RM

Go to Ash. Ask about Amityvale. Go there and go to the far right to where 
meet up with a dog. Skip through the intermission sequence and follow the 
dog to the well. Go down the well. Complete the quest and you will get level 
16 and higher weapons. This can be done about ten times. The member weapons 
can be sold at shops to get money. Repeat this as many times as desired.
If you are level 9 or higher, go to Warlic's portal. Go to the mountains, 
then go to right and enter the quest. Complete the quest and earn money by 
selling weapons.

Easy experience:
Submitted by. RM

Go to the right of town. Then, go to Yulgar's shop. Enter do the mill quest. 
Kill all the Seed Spitters to gain a lot of experience.

Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go there. Go to the right. Keep going 
until you see a sign with a pumpkin on it, and with a pumpkin field in the back.
Go in there. This quest will give you over 2,500 experience points and lots of 

Repeat it as many times as desired.
If you do not have a good energy (electric) weapon, go to Yulgar's shop in 
Falconreach. Buy the static for 6 gold. Then, go back until you get to the part 
with the inn. On the top right of the map, click on "Challenge". You can get a 
lot of experience points by doing this.

Recommended weapon:
Go to Yulgar's Shop. Go to the weapon called "Static". It hits over 10 and only 
costs 6 gold. It is the best cheap weapon for level 4.

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